Ransom (2017) s03e01 Episode Script


1 Damien Delaine? What's this about, Damien? Delaine's taken my daughter.
- Evie.
- I'll negotiate with Eric and only Eric.
When am I getting out of here? Damien, even if you get everything you want from this, I want you to know that I am coming for you.
Call it my lifelong passion.
He's all yours.
Should you see Eric Beaumont again, please tell him I was wrong about him.
Hello? Eric.
Hmm? Yeah? Settle a bet for us.
That client that we had in New Jersey, right when Oliver and I first joined Cri/Res, what kind of car did he drive? New Jersey? Ronald somebody.
- Uh, he took his boss hostage.
- Yeah.
- Ronald Dorsey.
- Dorsey.
- That's it.
- Yeah, okay, okay, so, Cutlass or LeBaron? Le Sorry, buddy, it was a Cutlass.
- You know it was a Cutlass.
- Oh, I like my steak medium rare.
- Never take the bet.
- See, I wish Cynthia was here to see your face right now Yeah, well, I reached out, she said something came up.
Wait, is that - who I think it is? - Yeah.
Yeah, it is.
Uh, will you excuse me? Damn, that's like the Butch and Sundance - of the negotiating world right there.
- Hey.
Good to see you.
- Hey, Laurent.
- Hi.
- Zara Hallam, Oliver Yates.
- Hey.
- Laurent Combalbert, Marwan Mery.
- Nice to meet you.
- Oh, we know.
- Very nice to meet you all.
Very nice to meet you, too.
Eric says you're the best at what you do.
Well, we follow a pretty high standard, based mostly off your work.
Yeah, yeah.
You are too kind.
Well, we'll let you get back to your meal.
- Okay, nice to meet you guys.
- Thanks - Enjoy yours.
- Thank you.
- Huh.
- Well, how do you like that for a lovely little coinkidink, huh? Those two in the same restaurant as Cri/Res.
No coinkidink.
I recommended it.
You knew they were in town? They flew here to see me.
Who? A bachelor party we didn't know about, or? They, uh they want to buy Cri/Res.
You're not considering selling.
Are you? Oh, we have a client in Cincinnati with 24 hours to live.
I'm gonna get the check, okay? Sir, pardon me.
When I came home this morning, the door was unlocked, and I found my husband dead.
I gave him CPR.
I tried to help him.
I found this in the tub.
It's it's my name, Dawn.
And you think this is a threat on your life? A couple of days ago, we received a call from a blocked number.
Said they wanted $500,000 by this Sunday, or they'd kill Rob.
Rob just thought it was another hollow threat, more hate mail to throw on the pile.
So we ignored it.
Hate mail? It's okay, you can tell us.
Six months ago, my husband and I were leaving the market in Over-the-Rhine, and a young man came at us in the parking lot.
I think he'd been following us.
He was really angry, getting in our face.
I was terrified.
I just knew something bad was gonna happen.
He wound up shot.
Wait, I remember this.
You're talking about Andre Miller.
Rob wasn't trying to kill him, he was just trying to stop him.
Anyways, we were questioned by the police and released, so you can imagine the uproar in the media.
There usually is when an unarmed black man gets shot to death and the state decides not to prosecute.
It was self-defense.
The uproar forced the prosecutor - to convene a grand jury.
- Right.
After Rob was released, things only got worse.
We had death threats, the trolls online.
I mean, I can't even tell you.
The call asking for the money, did they tell you how to contact them? No.
They just said, um, to drop the money off in Jacksonville Park in a trash bin at the entrance.
Paying off a murderer goes against my grain, Mr.
But Rob's dead, and the stone says I'm next.
How much can you afford to pay? Rob hired high-priced lawyers to prepare a defense in case the grand jury indicted him, so that wiped out our savings, but, um, my mother has some money I would say close to $150K.
All right, well, we'll see what we can do.
What did you tell the police? Police? When you found your husband, you called the police.
No, the extortion call was very clear.
They said no police.
Cynthia? - Call the police? - Uh-huh.
No, they said no police.
They were very clear.
This is a crime scene, Mrs.
Eastman, and tampering with one is also a crime.
I will deal with the police.
Dawn, why don't you show me where your plastic bags are.
We should put that stone in one.
Yeah, I'm on it.
Quickly and carefully as you can.
- So the rock was used to lure Rob in.
- Mm-hmm.
Force him to reach into the electrified water.
How'd Dawn take it out without electrocuting herself as well? It must have shorted when Rob died.
These wires lead out through this window.
There must be a power source outside somewhere.
You're right.
This is an active murder scene.
We have to get out of here.
The truth is, that phone call could have come from a number of people.
I mean, we received hundreds of death threats.
Whoever did this to you doesn't just want to harm you.
They want you to know that your life's in danger, to see you suffer in fear.
Well, if I had to point the finger at someone it would be NJay.
Found these in the bathroom.
Thank you.
It's early-onset osteoporosis.
- Who's this NJay? - NJay is the leader of the 64 Disciples.
It's a gang.
He was very vocal after they didn't indict, calling us out every chance he could.
Is there anyone else that jumps out as a possible threat? Um I mean, there is there is one.
It's - I just don't think - Dawn.
We need to be sure we're negotiating with the right person.
Andre's father.
He made threats outside the courthouse.
He said, "If you hurt a man's child, you deserve to die.
" We'll look into it.
Eric? Eric.
Zara, get me everything you can on NJay, what kinds of activities his gang is involved in.
I need to know with whom I'm having the pleasure before I walk in there - and offer him a bag of cash.
- Eric, we need to talk.
And go back through the 64 Disciples' history.
See if they've ever done something this elaborate to kill someone.
Electrocution seems a little left field for a gang.
- Eric.
- Yeah, I need you two to check in with Andre Miller's father.
See if these threats were just an emotional response to what happened or something more.
I think Dawn's holding something back.
There's-there's something she's not telling us.
Eric, hold up.
We've told the police about the threat to Dawn's life.
- They put a man inside.
- She's being protected now.
Do we really still need to be here? Putting a police officer inside might not do it.
Whoever planned this, they must have known it would be harder to kill Dawn after killing Rob.
And they still made the threat.
That shows confidence.
Well, Eric has a point either the killer doesn't know she's being protected - or has a way of killing her anyway.
- Exactly.
We can't just walk away when someone is out there - taking justice into their own hands.
- Justice? You want to talk about justice? Andre Miller was shot dead with no trial.
So, what are you saying, Oliver? You want off the case? Just leave them to get on with it? Eye for an eye? Is that it? I'll talk to Andre's family.
But first you got to tell us what's really going on.
You hired me for just this sort of thing, and your metrics are telling me that you're the one hiding something.
And you're actually considering selling Cri/Res.
Last summer in Budapest when we when we caught Damien in that in that power plant, I didn't call the police.
- What are you talking about? - You said the police took Delaine into custody.
I know.
I lied.
Truth is, instead of calling the police, I called Viktor Volynets, a man I knew wanted Delaine dead.
I didn't want Delaine going back to prison.
Been there before and didn't stop him.
After what he'd done to Nathalie and Evie I didn't want him to live.
So, you called the person who would, um get rid of him no questions asked? And now you don't know if you can live with it.
I'm gonna have to live with it.
I'm I'm living with it.
But I can't lead with it.
My core belief is nonviolence.
I betrayed myself.
I betrayed you.
That's why I'm no longer considering selling Cri/Res.
I'm doing it.
One minute you're looking at the breakfast menu, thinking Belgian waffles.
The next minute your boss is confessing to murder and selling the company.
Well, I didn't leave The Hague to work for two guys I don't know.
I left to work with Eric.
Though I can't imagine the hell he's going through.
The man negotiates for a living, and yet this is not up for discussion? It's ridiculous.
So, I was just chatting with a couple uniforms.
They said police were called three times because neighbors heard shouting at Dawn and Rob's and feared domestic violence.
- Rob was never charged? - No.
There's something else Dawn neglected to tell us.
This is a background check.
She was signing a lease on her own place, due to move out next week.
- Because of the domestic violence.
- Mm-hmm.
Seems like an easy jump.
- What about Andre's dad? - No priors.
Not even a speeding ticket.
He worked as a building superintendent, which means he could have dabbled in electrical work, - so there's that.
- Hmm.
- What about NJay? - Real name Norman James.
The 64 Disciples started out moving guns, selling drugs, but in the last five years, they've moved into more legitimate business.
Six Laundromats, a nightclub, and a restaurant set to open next month.
Well, that's a lot to risk on an extortion racket.
- Agreed.
- Apparently, these surveillance photos were key evidence for the grand jury.
Is that NJay? Yeah, it says here, Andre visited him when he was doing time in Grenville Correctional.
- I guess they were tight.
- When was this taken? The day before Andre was shot.
So, he may have been involved in the gang.
Anything's possible.
Well, I'm off to meet Eric.
NJay's at his nightclub.
Catch you later.
Hey, Zara? We need to talk about Eric.
Nothing to talk about.
Look Delaine tried to destroy his daughter.
Yeah, and Eric got Delaine killed and didn't tell us.
That's a problem.
Well, he told us now.
And he told us he's selling Cri/Res.
Once Eric's decided something, there's no changing his mind.
- Yeah, I know.
- Well, then you also know it's a waste of time to talk about it.
I've got to go.
Ridin' with the ruler Hello.
You folks lost? No.
Tiny Steve, it's cool.
They're here for me.
Well, then you must be NJay.
Eric Beaumont, Zara Hallam.
You say that like it means something.
We just want a moment of your time.
Watch where you ash Hope you don't mind.
Old habits.
Hard to shake, huh? So, why don't you tell me why you here, then? Well, you don't remember making a call to Dawn Eastman and Rob Cooper? I remember two racists getting away with murder.
I remember a whole lot of folks upset.
I remember the police teargassing folks in the streets.
But I make a lot of phone calls, so you're gonna have to be a little more specific.
Oh, they received a call demanding money - in exchange for their safety.
- Hmm.
And you think that was me? Andre was a part of your operation.
It's not surprising that you would want to avenge his death.
He hung around here, but he wasn't one of mine.
Well, you know that, your gang knows that, but across this city, the people in the community the ones aching for justice for Andre they don't know that.
And they might be looking to you to get that justice.
Let's say I did.
Let's say hypothetically, I thought it was only right that they pay some kind of reparations to the community that they robbed.
How would we, uh, - move forward? - Well, hypothetically, we'd arrange a time and place to drop the money.
But first we'd need assurances that Dawn would be safe once the money was accepted.
Just Dawn? Rob doesn't need assurances? Okay, NJay, don't play with us.
Play? Rob was electrocuted last night.
He's dead.
That's news to you? Yeah.
Real shame.
So, let's say I wanted to get this deal done.
How quickly could we do that? Well, there is an issue with the money.
Dawn only has access to $150,000.
It's a damn sight less than a half a mil.
But I'm feeling generous.
Why don't y'all get them racks together, and we'll meet? We need assurances.
This community doesn't need any more death.
They had enough to last 50 lifetimes.
That's why I moved my concerns to legitimate business so I can give back to the community rather than take from it.
But every now and then, I remember the kind of man I had to be to take hold of this operation, and I start to miss him.
So if I were you, I'd stop trying to negotiate, and I'd go get them racks together.
Did you see the look on his face when he found out that Rob was dead? Well, he did seem genuinely surprised.
He issued the extortion demand, but he didn't kill Rob.
So, why pay him if he's not the killer? Oh, because I'm betting he knows who is.
And right before we hand over the money, he's gonna tell us, but we need to move fast.
All right.
Are you okay? Am I okay? No, I'm not okay.
I'm so mad at you right now, I could knock your teeth out.
Zara, I know I should have told you what We put our lives on the line for this team, for you, because we have absolute trust in you.
- And I violated that trust, I know.
- You did more than that.
You've thrown away your life's work, all because you couldn't trust any of one us enough to tell us the truth before you made a terrible, terrible mistake.
My heart's broken, Eric, for you and for me.
We're so sorry about the loss of your son, Mrs.
How-how long ago did your husband suffer his stroke? Uh, five months ago.
- Hmm.
- Doctors say he may not walk again, but we're hoping his speech will return.
Yeah, the stress of what happened to Andre we think that's what caused it.
I tried to get him to see someone, you know, to talk it through.
He just kept putting it off.
- His meds can't be cheap.
- Mm.
I-I work at the pharmacy at Grocery Palace.
My insurance covers most of it, and the staff gets a pretty good discount.
Um listen it hasn't been in the media yet, but it will be soon.
Rob Cooper was murdered last night.
- By who? - We don't know.
And there's still a threat on Dawn Eastman's life.
Are you are you working for her? Yes, ma'am.
Well, let me tell you something about your employer.
Everything she said to that grand jury was a pack of lies.
Your son didn't menace Rob Cooper and Dawn Eastman outside the supermarket? Of course not.
They knew each other.
- Who did? - Andre and Dawn.
She would shop at the Grocery Palace, and he would pick me up every night.
He didn't want me taking that bus.
They would chat sometimes.
I mean they were friendly.
Why was Andre there that night? He was picking up some supper for us.
I was tired, and I-I didn't want to cook, and, well, Carl he likes that ham they do at the counter there.
The grand jury decision seemed to hinge on the fact that Andre had gang affiliations.
In this neighborhood, you're either with the 64 Disciples - or you're against them.
- Hmm.
But that don't make Andre a part of his gang.
In the case files, we found a surveillance photo of NJay and Andre talking.
Andre had what looked to be an envelope of cash.
That Andre had finally logged in enough hours to be a journeyman carpenter, and NJay he was so proud of him that he decided to let him do the framing at his new restaurant.
That's all.
What'd the D.
say when they heard this? I was never asked.
We just spoke with Jasmine Miller.
Her husband Carl had a stroke.
Makes him an unlikely suspect.
Miller mentioned that you shop where she works.
Um that you met Andre there, were friendly with him.
Sure, I've met him before, but that doesn't mean we were friendly.
Yeah, she said she saw you two talking.
She said he used to help you load your groceries in the car.
Sounds friendly to me.
You need to tell us the truth now.
I gave my testimony.
Officer Callahan.
Uh, could you give us a minute, please? Thank you.
Andre Miller didn't menace you, did he? Dawn.
You lied to protect your husband.
But he can't hurt you anymore.
Back off, okay? Andre, go back inside.
Hey! Shut up! Andre was just trying to protect me.
Once, when we spoke at the Grocery Palace, he noticed a bruise on my collarbone.
I tried to lie.
Blame it on the osteoporosis, but he knew the difference.
Hey! Hands off her.
Dawn, you all right? - Back off, okay? - Andre, go back inside.
It didn't take much to provoke Rob's temper.
- Okay, just shut up! - Look, look.
- I don't want no trouble, okay? - You shut up, too.
Andre told Rob he was going to call the police, and when he pulled out his phone Rob shot him.
In cold blood.
Why did you lie? Rob put the gun to my head, said he would kill me.
I know Andre was a good man.
He was just trying to help me, but I-I thought if I said anything It's too late now.
Oh, it's never too late for the truth, Ms.
If I tell the police that I lied on the stand to cover up Andre's murder that's perjury.
I could go to jail.
We have to be at the drop with NJay in 45 minutes.
Telling the truth carries a cost.
But, Dawn, you have paid a much higher price all these months with the guilt and the shame and the fear.
You won't have to anymore.
I'll do it.
Yeah, we got you on the drone.
The police have taken Dawn into custody, so she should be safe there.
Okay, good.
Now let's just hope NJay can give us the killer's name.
Commander, it's Callahan.
I've got something for you.
Okay, here they come.
We got your money.
All right.
Give it to your man there.
Tell him to bring it over.
You want Oliver to bring it over? All things being equal.
Which they aren't.
There's no rush, man.
We know you didn't kill Rob Cooper, NJay.
Look, I didn't come here to talk, just bring me my money.
But we think you know who did.
Now, you can have the money, all right? You can take all the money.
Just tell us who.
We'd like to go talk to them.
You've got company.
Eric! Talk, huh? This isn't us.
Officer Callahan must have alerted them.
Put the gun down.
Get back! Commander, tell your men to back off.
Accepting that money was culpability.
So you put your man with us as a spy? Put him there to do his job.
Put the weapon down now.
Put it down, NJay.
- You lied to me.
- Put your gun down! Put it down! Man, I put this gun down, they kill me.
They don't need a reason.
Okay, we have a drone.
We're recording this entire thing.
The last thing the city needs is another shooting.
Now tell your men to stand down.
Get your man out of the way.
It's a police matter.
Man, get back or he's dead.
Not another step forward! Yo, I'm serious.
- Get back or I kill him.
- Okay, okay, listen.
You said they don't need a reason, but don't give them one, okay? Hand me the gun.
Hand me the gun and I'll protect you.
How you gonna protect me, huh? The only way they kill you is if they kill me first.
Tell your men to stand down.
Soon as NJay puts his weapon down.
I won't let them shoot you.
I'm gonna grab the gun now, okay, NJay? I'm gonna grab the gun now.
I'm grabbing the gun.
I got this.
I got it.
Hands! Hands behind your back.
Norman James, you're under arrest for the murder of Robert Cooper.
Suspect in custody.
A rock in a bathtub rigged for electrocution.
Doesn't really sound like a street gang's M.
Not true.
We get real sophisticated sometimes.
So it was you, then? I'm just saying maybe you don't want to let your biases blind you.
I saw how you reacted when we told you about Rob's murder.
You had no idea.
Who was it, NJay? Man, just 'cause you saved my life don't mean we're friends.
Cameras are off, all right? Sound, too.
You guys must think I'm brand-new, huh? It's true.
Mm-hmm? How would I know that? Did I lie to you when we had guns pointed at us? No, I didn't.
We don't want anyone else to get hurt.
I think you're protecting someone.
Someone you care about.
So much so, you're willing to take the fall for a murder you didn't commit.
No, you don't know nothing about it.
Just tell us who it is, man.
I tried to do that other thing.
I was trying to go legit.
Then do the right thing now.
Do not go down for this, my man, do not.
I should've done it.
I should've just killed that son of a bitch when she asked me.
Who asked you? I'm sorry, Jasmine.
Truly sorry for everything you've had to endure.
But it's over.
What's over? NJay told us everything.
How you came to him after the grand jury.
Asked for justice for Andre.
Your son was unfairly associated with his gang.
You figured he owed you.
But NJay didn't want to make Rob Cooper a martyr.
So he offered to get you money from them, but you didn't want money.
You wanted him dead.
Like your son.
I don't know what you're talking about.
Sure you do.
Your husband had the tools.
I'm sure you learned enough from him over the years to rig the electrical box at Dawn's to kill Rob.
Man, you're crazy.
Trust me, I understand.
The law didn't punish the man who killed your son.
The system failed you.
But that doesn't mean we get to take the law into our own hands.
They murdered my boy.
Don't tell me what I don't get to do.
He was in that parking lot because of me.
- He's dead because of me.
- No.
No, he's dead because of Rob Cooper.
And he didn't get justice because of Dawn Eastman.
Dawn's admitted everything, that she perjured herself.
She's in custody.
It's over.
It's not over.
And I'm getting justice.
That woman is gonna die tonight.
Go ahead, Eric.
The threat on Dawn is still alive.
Jasmine says it's gonna happen tonight.
Now, she might have someone on the inside, she might have someone coming to the police station, I don't know.
We just need to make sure that Dawn is safe.
We're on it.
We'll call you back.
- What's going on? - Threat on Dawn's life.
Do you have a secure room we can put her in? Yeah.
Callahan, put her in a holding cell.
You need to tell us how you're planning to kill Dawn.
I don't get it.
She's in protective custody.
No one can get to her.
Well, we're missing something.
I'm a parent, Mrs.
Like you, I couldn't protect my child from a terrible evil.
You can't forgive yourself.
I know how that can drive you to hate, to want vengeance so much that you you kill a man.
And you're telling me you wouldn't seek revenge on the man who hurt your child? I did take revenge.
I killed the man who hurt my daughter.
At first, felt great, wonderful to know that the man who hurt my family suffered.
But now Now I feel empty.
And you know why? Because revenge is not justice.
Revenge is being consumed by the same hate that killed your son.
It's the same.
Andre was trying to help Dawn Eastman, Mrs.
She was being assaulted by her husband, and he was trying to save her.
Do you think he would want you to kill the woman he died trying to protect? I saw her file at the pharmacy.
And she takes those pills every Tuesday night after supper.
All I had to do was replace them with beta-lactam antibiotics.
She's allergic.
Eric? The pills, Dawn's pills they will kill her.
That medicine don't let her take it.
Callahan! Callahan, plea the keys.
We need that door open now.
Go, go, go! Dawn! Hurry! It's those pills.
She can't take those pills.
Hey, Dawn! Wait, wait! So, what now? - Are you gonna take me to jail? - No.
I'm in I'm in no position to judge you.
What you do is your decision.
What are you doing? Where are you going? I'm flying back to Budapest tonight to confess to the murder of Damien Delaine.
- Eric.
What? - Wait, what? You do understand that Hungary's planning on reinstating the death penalty? If Mrs.
Miller has the courage to take responsibility for what she did, then I should, too.
So, this is goodbye? You all have jobs with Laurent and Marwan if you want 'em.
They only wanted Cri/Res because of you, because of how talented you all are.
They've agreed to let you run the team, Oliver.
I don't want to run the team, not like this.
Well I hope you reconsider.
Cri/Res needs you, man.
You know, you always see so much, Eric.
Maybe too much.
But this time you're making a mistake.
Decision's made.
Damien Delaine spent 17 years in prison, plotting how to destroy you and your family.
Eric, if ever a homicide was justified Oliver, don't even.
I knew it was wrong.
I could have followed my own protocol a protocol I've had thousands of our clients follow but I wanted him dead.
After all these years preaching nonviolence.
When I made that call to kill Delaine I got to go.
- Please understand.
- Eric, you have saved thousands of lives.
If you stay at Cri/Res, you will save more.
Are you gonna let Delaine take that away from you, too? He already has.
Sit down.
I said sit down.
What have you done? This was our last chance.
You've condemned us all.
No, Damien.
Only you.
Beaumont? You said you had information about Damien Delaine's death.
I killed him.
You killed him? I left Delaine tied to a chair right here, and then I made a call to a man who I knew would do it.
And so, then, you didn't actually kill this man Delaine.
I placed a call that I knew would lead to his death.
In any jurisdiction, that's as good as pulling the trigger.
Beaumont, the men who did this are now rotting in prison.
Okay, you're missing my point.
I think you're missing the point.
The case is already closed.
I came here to turn myself in.
For what? Owning a cell phone? I could have called the police.
I could have called you guys, I could have called the Feds.
I could have called my mother.
Instead, I called a man who I knew would kill him.
Do you understand? Go home, Mr.
Be thankful things turned out in your favor.
What are you doing here? You think I'd let you come all this way by yourself? Hmm? A woman is going to jail for the same crime I committed for taking justice into her own hands and I get to walk away? You took responsibility, Eric.
That's all you or anyone else can ever do.
And you didn't ask for it, but you got a second chance.
I'm not saying that what you did was right.
And we can't undo the past.
None of us can.
But the world needs Eric Beaumont to keep saving lives.
British family on vacation.
Their son was taken.
What do I tell them? Ooh, ooh, ooh Ooh, ooh, ooh.