Ransom (2017) s03e03 Episode Script


1 KENT: Mr.
Han, my proposal won't just benefit my business here in America but will expand the profits of Han Overseas, making you very rich.
I assumed that would go without saying, Mr.
But I have other offers to consider from those I've done business with before.
And while I am impressed with what you have accomplished without me, I do not know you.
Yeah, well let's grab some dogs, some brews, take in a Mariners game, and we'll fix that.
I bet you were a big Suzuki fan back in the day.
Thomas Kent didn't come from money, Mr.
He grew up on the streets, scratching and clawing for everything he has now.
And while you were born into a family of honor, Thomas Kent had to earn his.
Which means he has a lot more to lose than you do.
Your girlfriend can be quite persuasive, Mr.
Yeah, that-that she is.
(BRIEFCASE CLICKS) In honor of our new partnership.
(QUIETLY): Okay.
A toast.
(WHISPERING): Did you see that watch? What do you think, half a mil? Damn, did Kent look happy.
Hope you got some sleep last night 'cause you are so not getting any tonight.
(WHISPERING): Okay, what are you doing here? What do you mean? Kent called and asked for me.
You-you need to go home.
See little man.
- That's crazy.
I can't do that.
- I'm serious, Nic.
Just go, okay? Now that things have gone Kent's way, - he won't care.
- Yes, he will.
This is my job.
KENT: Ladies? Ready to celebrate? (LAUGHS SOFTLY) - Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Thank you for tonight.
It was nothing, I just spoke the truth.
You're amazing, you know that? (CHUCKLES): Thank you.
Good night.
Good night.
- What? - I'm serious, just meet me at the car, okay? (GRUNTS) (PANTING) (ENGINE STARTS) Come on, Nicky.
Come on, come on, come on.
Nicky, come on.
Come on.
(GASPS) Where is it? (TIRES SCREECHING) No one steals from me.
If she doesn't bring it back, you're dead.
(GUNSHOTS) (ALARM BUZZES) How'd you find it? Got a kick, right? Yeah, definitely.
Just, uh, hard to decide.
You got some sort of security issue? Yeah, something like that.
That one's got a lot of stopping power, if that's what you're looking for.
(PHONE RINGING, VIBRATING) Eric, what's up? ERIC (OVER PHONE): You busy? Running errands.
Why? We got a job.
Okay, see you in ten.
I'll take it.
Discretion Escorts takes a modern approach to a business that has, for too long, seen women as objects.
At Discretion, we aim to empower our escorts and provide the most discerning clients with elite women.
Elite how? Educated, charming, responsible.
And all coming out of the environment that we create here of openness and trust.
Well, that's, that's quite the sales pitch, but I don't think you brought us all the way out here to give it.
It's not a sales pitch, Mr.
Beaumont, it's the truth.
But you're right.
Last night, two of my top escorts were hired for a function.
One of them, Sasha Levant, I can't get in touch with.
And the other? I received this this morning.
Hi, Sash.
I'm having a great time here.
And we'd both love it if you could find the time to join us.
Her name's Nicole, and she's obviously being coerced.
- By whom? - Thomas Kent.
Owns a chain of pharmacies, uh, Northwest Drugs, up and down the coast.
Never had an issue with him before, but this morning, he called and accused Sasha of stealing a watch from him last night.
Which doesn't make sense, because Sasha doesn't need to steal with all the money she makes here.
He told me not to call the police.
And then he sent me that to show Sasha.
Did Kent hire Nicole and Sasha often? Mm, Kent just hired Nicole last night because he had to entertain guests.
Sasha's the only girl that he hires for himself.
Oh, when he called for her last night though, she was already booked, but then she canceled to see him.
It was strange because Sasha's never canceled a booking.
So Kent liked her.
We provide the girlfriend experience here.
Discreet encounters for men and women looking for human connection.
Our clients often fall for our escorts.
And you care about them.
Very much so.
And I'm willing to pay any fee.
Please, just get my girls back safe.
OLIVER: Unless Sasha was a complete slob, it looks like someone's been here before us.
in international relations from Queen Anne's University.
- Huh.
- Sasha was well-educated.
Why did she become an escort? Um, maybe to afford stuff like this.
This is a Haute Couture evening dress worth about ten grand.
Ten grand? I think I chose the wrong profession.
Oh, you really didn't.
Discretion seems like they operate on another level of safety, but when I was with the NYPD, I'd see escorts turn up beaten or worse every week.
Yeah, good point.
- Nicole's son? - Ah, could be.
ZARA: So, if Nicole's kidnapped and Sasha's M.
, who's looking after the kid? MAN (OVER INTERCOM): Name? Eric Beaumont.
I'm here to speak with Thomas Kent about a watch.
Wait there.
(DOOR OPENS) Got to say, usually I'm happy when my guests are clean.
But it sucks that he didn't find something on you.
You mean the watch? Look, Mr.
Kent, I want to get you what you want.
To do that though, I need to see Nicole.
To ensure us that she's still safe.
Safe? Why wouldn't she be safe? She's my guest.
Nicole? Come say hello to these good people.
Come on, you scared I'm gonna bite? Close the gap here, sweetie.
Have a seat.
(CLEARS THROAT) So, these folks are worried about you, - but you're okay, aren't you? - Hmm.
I'm sorry, I didn't hear you.
Yes, I'm okay.
And you're free to come and go as you please? Yes.
Nicole, I know he's forcing you to be here.
All you got to do is say the word and you can leave with us; you don't have to play his game.
I'm good.
A place like this must be covered by, uh, theft insurance, no? Yeah, you know, the watch was given to me as a gift, last night.
And it has, uh, sentimental value, so I'm not interested in having it replaced or covered.
- You just received the watch last night? - Okay look.
You're so worried about Nicole being stuck here.
I am sure that she would be more than happy to leave if the watch were to come back in my possession by say, 7:00 tonight.
7:00 p.
? Mm-hmm.
How can we trust Nicole will leave at 7:00? Because these girls aren't worth keeping.
I mean, sure they they look good and they smell nice, but at the end of the day, they're just whores and liars.
I mean (CHUCKLES) They wouldn't even exist if I didn't pay for them.
Not worth keeping.
That's right.
(SNIFFS) Not even Sasha? Come on.
You have until 7:00.
I think Kent lost sight of the fact that his relationship with Sasha was a transaction and not real.
Yeah, he seemed embarrassed.
Betrayed almost.
Kent said he just received the watch last night.
Sasha cancelled the booking to be with him.
- Uncharacteristically.
- Mm-hmm.
It's like she knew that Kent was gonna be given that watch.
Yeah, meaning she planned to steal it.
Which means somehow she knew that he'd be given it last night.
- Plus, I mean, Sasha makes good money.
- (PHONE RINGING) Doesn't make sense for her to steal.
Yeah, unless the watch is more than just a watch.
Oliver, what'd you find? OLIVER: A photo of Nicole, Sasha and what looks to be Nicole's son.
It was geotagged to Nicole's condo.
We're headed there now.
Since Nicole has a son, she would have needed a babysitter last night.
ERIC: And if Nicole's kidnapped.
And Sasha might be concerned about what the babysitter's gonna think when Nicole doesn't show up to relieve her of her duties.
Meet you here? - Send the address.
Yes? - Hi.
I'm Oliver Yates, this Zara Hallam.
- Hi.
We work for Crisis Resolution.
I-Is there a crisis? Maybe.
We're, uh, looking for a woman named Sasha Levant.
Sasha? I haven't talked with her since they left for work last night.
Are you Zak's babysitter? Nicole was supposed to come home this morning, but she called and said she was running late what? We both know Nicole couldn't have called you this morning.
But someone must have.
Otherwise, you'd be a lot more concerned than you are that she hasn't shown up yet.
Zak looks sleepy.
Do you want to go put him down for a nap and maybe we can talk? I'll be right back.
Who are you? Whoa! Whoa whoa (GASPS) (PANTING) Sasha! (GASPS) Sasha Sasha! Hey, hey, hey.
- We're not here to hurt you.
- You're with him, aren't you? - You're with Kent.
- No, no.
No, we're not.
My name is Eric Beaumont, I'm a negotiator.
- This is Cynthia Walker.
- Your boss, Janelle, hired us.
Yeah, we know you're scared for Nicole, okay? We also know that you stole the watch from Kent.
You cancelled a date to make sure you were Kent last night.
How did you know he was gonna be gifted the watch? I I don't know.
Was it for somebody else? It doesn't matter, okay? I can't give it back, it is my only way out.
Only way out of what? The escort world? Okay, I can't-can't talk about this.
Will you just Come on, just let me go.
If you don't let us to help, we have to call the police.
You have the one thing that Kent wants.
No No, please.
Please (STAMMERS) Why don't you want us to call the police? Because this is their fault.
You're working for them.
- A confidential informant? - I'm I'm so sorry, Janelle, I didn't have a choice.
Working for the police.
I got stopped on my way home from a party and they found coke in my purse.
Coke? But we test you, like every month.
- How the - It wasn't mine, okay? I don't know how it got in there.
The coke, it was in separate bags, so So the cops charged you with intent to traffic.
Why didn't you come to me? I could have helped.
That's what I'm here for.
I know.
But the police said that if I told anyone they'd prosecute me.
Look, all I care about is just getting Nicole back.
Me too.
I'm sorry this happened to you.
Anything you need.
SASHA: It's my fault Nicole's kidnapped.
I got her into this business.
Sasha, Nicole wouldn't have been kidnapped if as a CI, you weren't forced to steal a watch.
The detective in charge, Peterson, promised to drop the charges if I worked as a CI to bring Kent down.
Why do they want to bring Kent down? I-I don't know.
I had to report on things I saw when I was with him.
People he met, things he did.
I just never knew why.
What was last night's job about? Peterson got word that Kent was meeting with Zhang Han.
Some guy from Hong Kong.
He said that at some point, Han would give Kent a gift.
He didn't know what and that I needed to steal it.
And that was the watch.
But you never gave it to Peterson.
I told him I couldn't hand it over until he got Nicole out of there.
But he said he couldn't save Nicole because it would jeopardize something bigger.
ZARA: So, are you going to tell me what happened back there? What do you mean? You know what I mean.
With Sasha and the gun? You disarmed her like a pro.
I believe in Cri/Res's policy of nonviolence as much as anybody.
But the people we go up against? - They don't.
- Yeah, but that's always been the case.
Why now? I don't know, maybe I-I just got tired of feeling like a sitting duck.
Zara, these people, they-they hold zero value for human life.
So what? You're now taking self-defense classes so you can beat up bad guys? I took a class and it wasn't to beat up bad guys.
I'm trying to protect myself, okay? ERIC: Oliver, did you Trying to protect us.
Pull info on Sasha's handler at Seattle PD? Sure did.
Here you go.
Take a look.
Detective Gary Peterson.
Mid-40's, Seattle PD since his 20's.
Highly decorated.
And took a six month leave of absence last year after his son died.
- A grief-fueled cop could be dangerous.
- Hmm.
Yeah, let's look into that.
- I'm gonna go pay him a visit.
- Someone like Peterson won't share information on a covert operation.
I don't expect him to share.
I expect him trade.
Okay, Zara, Cynthia.
Kent had dinner with a Zhang Han last night.
We need to know what Kent's into, so dig up what you can on Han.
- And me? - You're gonna take Sasha.
Get her to get you the watch.
See if you can figure out why it's so important to Kent.
Escorting an escort, I can do that.
Hey, I'm Detective Peterson.
What can I do you for? Eric Beaumont, private negotiator.
A woman, Nicole Bell, has been kidnapped and I was hired to help get her back I think, I think you're aware of this.
Why would I be aware of that? Because Sasha Levant told you.
You know her.
Confidential informant working a case for you? Where is she? Well, I can tell you that, but first, I need to know why bringing down the owner of a chain pharmacy's so important you're willing to risk Nicole's life in order to do it.
You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into.
I could arrest you right now on obstruction of justice.
Yeah, but if you did that you'd never get your hands on what Sasha stole from Thomas Kent.
Look, I'm-I'm not trying to be difficult, Detective.
You have information I want and I have information you want.
Let's, let's help each other out here.
(KNOCKING) Sasha, are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine, uh, everything is fine.
I'm just, I'm just here for a sec.
- Where's Zak? - He's sleeping.
Last time you were with this man, you had a gun on him.
Are you sure everything is okay? Please, Marta, just Just give us a minute, okay? Please? That's it? Okay great.
I just want to help.
I-I can't give this to the cops until I know is Nicole safe.
This watch, I-it represents her life.
- I know.
- Your buddy's talking to Peterson.
Trying to get information to help free Nicole.
Peterson doesn't care about Nicole.
But Eric does and he's the best negotiator in the world.
He knows how to give people what they want.
Sounds a bit like being an escort.
(PHONE LINE TRILLING) MAN (ON PHONE): Seattle Police Department.
Now, let me get this straight.
So I tell you what this is all about, and you help me to get in touch with Sasha? Well, I can't make her come to you, but I will help you get what you need.
It's what my company does.
We're, uh We're pretty good at it.
(CELL PHONE RINGING) Yeah, Peterson.
She said what? Great.
Yes, thank you.
(SNAPS FINGERS) Let's get them over there right away? Good news? I appreciate your offer to help, but I think we'll keep this in-house after all.
And just to make sure you stay out of our way, I'm gonna hold you here for 24 hours.
You know, for questioning.
Jong Han.
No criminal record.
No warrants out for his arrest.
- No suspicious associates.
- Mm.
And as the number two shipping magnate in Hong Kong, he's worth over $800 million.
What does his company ship? It looks like mostly auto parts.
- Mainly to North America.
- Mm.
So, why would a Chinese exporter of auto parts be meeting with an American owner of a chain of pharmacies? Hmm.
What? What is it? There's a microchip inside.
A microchip? For what? For, like, Wi-Fi.
Don't mind us.
- Just off to the park.
- Okay.
Bye, Zak.
Have fun, sweetie.
This watch is set to receive messages.
Wait a second.
This is not a watch at all.
It's a communication device.
That's why Kent wants it back by 7:00 p.
He's expecting information to be sent to him then.
We gotta get this back to Eric.
MAN (SHOUTING): Hey, I'm talking to you! Come on, let's go! You, out of there, right now! All right, everybody, move, move, move.
Sasha, we gotta go.
OFFICER (SHOUTING): Police! Let me see your hands! PETERSON: Where is it? Where's the what? PETERSON: The watch.
So, you don't know where it is? And Sasha won't tell you? Sorry, Detective, I-I truly don't know where it is.
Well, you better hope she gives it up.
Because it's not just Nicole's life on the line here.
What do you mean? I'm sure you're aware North America is in the midst - of a fentanyl epidemic.
- Yeah.
Thomas Kent is the number-one distributor of fentanyl in the state of Washington.
It's a pain inhibitor used in the hospitals under extreme supervision.
Only now it's getting sold on the streets.
Jong Han owns the fentanyl trade in China.
He and Kent have reached a deal that would see Jong supply Kent with huge amounts of the drug.
Han has used lavish gifts to close his past deals.
Which is why we believe the watch Sasha stole contains the location and time this exchange will take place tonight.
OLIVER: But it doesn't have the information you want on it.
- Not yet.
- What are you talking about? Well, the watch is essentially a communication device set to receive messages.
And considering Kent wants it back by 7:00, it stands to reason that's when the information that you're looking for will be sent.
- Where is it? I'm working on it.
Things are moving in the right direction.
KENT: No, I don't need things to move in the right direction.
I need you to tell me I'm gonna have my watch by 7:00.
- Or what? - KENT: Or what? - Say hello to Mr.
- Hello? Nicole, are you okay? Or those are gonna be the last words Nicole ever says.
You know, if Kent doesn't get that watch back soon, he'll have to tell Han.
Deal will be off, you won't have a deal to bust.
OLIVER: Let us talk to Sasha, find out where the watch is, and take it back to Kent.
ERIC: Sasha's never gonna tell you where it is.
You've broken too many promises.
She doesn't trust you.
SASHA: He's listening? Uh, yes, he is.
But you need to trust me.
You tell us where the watch is I tell you where it is right now, and Peterson knows.
I said I can't give it to the cops until she's safe.
Okay, and she will be.
You don't know that.
You can't trust him.
It's not just Peterson you don't trust, is it? It's Eric, too.
Why? Um Sasha, my whole job is based on trust.
Um, with clients, with kidnappers.
The whole It's also based on something else, though, isn't it? Providing the girlfriend experience requires a talent for emotional manipulation.
I get close to my clients, make them trust me.
Say what they want to hear, be what they want me to be.
Make them feel like I am their best friend.
I've been told you have a similar set of skills.
So, how can I trust that your priority is Nicole? Sasha.
You make a great point.
But you can trust me.
And if you want to get out of this room and save Nicole, you're gonna have to.
Now, here's the truth.
We have to let Peterson in on this, but we've convinced him to let us take the watch back to Kent in exchange for Nicole.
This is on our terms here, all right; we're running the show.
(WHISPERING): I promise.
(WHISPERS INAUDIBLY) We've got to release him, but follow Beaumont wherever he goes.
I want to make sure I'm not getting screwed here.
(GRUNTS) - Oh.
You get used to it after having three kids.
- You never wanted any? - No.
Right now, I'd have to say I'm good with that decision.
Let me tell you, a lot nicer than finding corn - and plastic army men.
- (CHUCKLES) PETERSON: If this works, any message Kent receives on the watch, we'll see.
(WATCH CHIMES) Mirroring worked.
We're ready.
I'm done now, right? You said this was my last job.
I want you to tell me I'm finished.
We'll talk about this after.
No, I want something in writing.
I said we'll talk after.
You're lying.
You never keep your word.
All right, listen, Sasha's tested monthly for drugs at Discretion.
They've never found anything in her system.
Your point? We both know those drugs were planted by someone who wanted to bring Kent down.
And if Internal Affairs knew about it, I'm sure they'd love to investigate.
You're blowing smoke, Beaumont.
Interesting that you didn't deny it.
We're gonna get you out, but we need maximum leverage in order to do that, and we don't have it yet.
We need to focus on Nicole.
You're a prick.
Sorry you feel that way.
Until this is wrapped up, you're just too valuable a tool to simply let go.
CYNTHIA: 6:59.
Cutting it close.
Well, at least we're cutting it.
I take it you have my watch? I take it you've got Nicole? (SIGHS) (CHIMING) We've got it.
We all good? It's a pleasure doing business with you, Mr.
KENT: She's all yours.
Change of plans.
Change of plans? My boy here tells me that the same car passed by three times outside since you've arrived.
So, you were followed.
What, you think we're trying to set you up? I don't know, you tell me.
We just want Nicole back.
We're not trying to do anything else.
Yeah I'd love to believe that you wouldn't do anything to put her life in jeopardy, but (CHUCKLES) I can't be stupid.
Meaning what, exactly? Okay, if 11:00 comes and goes without incident, she can leave.
But if not If not she might just have to stick around.
What'd he say.
Oh, man We need to talk to Peterson.
Just got a message from Eric.
You got to hold off on the raid.
What are you talking about? Kent and Han are meeting at 9:00.
Kent's holding Nicole until after that.
If you go in there, he'll kill her.
You need to hold off.
I can't.
This is our shot.
We can raid Kent's after to get Nicole.
That will be too late.
Nicole will be dead.
I'm sorry.
And I'm sorry for Nicole if the worst ends up happening.
Hopefully, we can avoid that.
But the raid is happening at 9:00.
PETERSON: All right, listen up.
We get one shot.
So, we don't move until we see Kent, Han and the shipment.
Let's take our positions.
- Let's roll! - Hey, eyes up, everyone.
- Let's go.
- Moving out.
SASHA: What no, if-if Petersen raids the deal, Nicole is dead.
OLIVER: (STAMMERS) Sasha, I know, I-I need you to calm down.
No, the only person who's allowed to tell me to calm down is my mother.
Okay, fair enough.
I'm just saying it's not over.
Oliver's right, we still have time.
We need a new plan.
We have to keep Nicole alive and find a way for Peterson to get his fentanyl.
Since we can't change Petersen's mind, we'll have to work on Kent.
You have an idea? Yeah.
- Sasha.
- Oh, Nicole.
Oh, my gosh, thank God you're okay.
I was so worried about you.
He didn't hurt you, he didn't touch you okay.
- No.
- Sit.
Look who we have here.
Love of my life.
Please Thomas, you-you have to let Nicole go.
Okay? She had nothing to do with this You lied to me.
Baby, I'm sorry, but there was nothing I could do.
You are still lying to me.
No, I'm not.
Please, Thomas.
Look, I know how you felt about me.
You have to believe I felt the same way, too, and I-I still do, but it was either work with the police - or go to jail.
- If you loved me, you would have picked jail.
But then I wouldn't have been able to help you.
The cops know that your deal is going down at 9:00 and they know where.
You still have time to call Han and change the location.
I'm telling you this because I love you, so you don't get arrested.
So we can start over.
Hey, you remember when you took me to New York? Central Park.
The shows, the hotel.
I mean, we can do that again.
We can do that forever.
Please, Thomas, I love you.
Okay, you can go.
Sash Hey, hey.
If you love me, we're doing this together.
Yeah, of course.
(LAUGHS): Of course.
PETERSON: What the hell? Go, now! (SIRENS WAILING, TIRES SCREECHING) - Freeze! - Do not move! Right where you are! - Whoa, whoa.
- What the hell are you doing? You just compromised an official investigation.
The location of the fentanyl exchange has switched.
What the hell are you talking about? How do you We know because we're the ones that got Kent to switch it.
Stand down.
She convinced him to switch location.
Eric has eyes on Kent now.
He'll track him to the new location.
Are you guys out of your mind? I could arrest you right here.
Couldn't let the raid happen and risk losing Nicole, we told you that.
And I told you this is about more than Nicole.
Believe me, Detective, we know, all right? And we understand.
But this war on Kent, on fentanyl, it's not a war, is it? It's personal.
It's a vendetta.
It's about your son.
My son has nothing to do with this.
We know fentanyl took your son, Detective.
And we are truly sorry.
He was just a kid.
Smoked weed with his buddies sometimes, you know? What kid his age doesn't do that? He wasn't an addict, but the fentanyl made my son a victim.
Kent has no regard for human life.
To him, it's expendable.
But you do understand you're treating Sasha and Nicole the same way, right? You planted coke on Sasha.
You called her a tool.
But you made her a tool.
You're treating them like their lives are expendable, but they're not.
Just like your son's wasn't.
You're letting Kent get away with this.
We can get you the new location, Detective.
If you let Sasha go.
No more C.
(CLEARS THROAT) Son of a bitch.
What did you do? Nothing.
I didn't Everybody take it easy.
Kent, hold on.
- Hold - Shut up! Did you betray me again? It's called the girlfriend experience.
Did you forget that? It's not real.
ERIC: Kent, Kent, Kent, you're right.
Sasha did betray you.
I swear to God, I'll put a bullet in her.
Is that really what's important to you right now? Now, if I'm correct, there is a massive shipment of fentanyl arriving via Jong Han's men in five minutes.
The cops and DEA are gonna be here in eight minutes.
So, as far as I'm concerned, you have two options.
You call them off, or I kill her.
I think you should listen to the options.
Option A, you kill everyone.
Me, Cynthia, Sasha, in time to get the fentanyl, then engage in a shootout with law enforcement, a shootout you cannot win.
(SNIFFS) - (GRUNTS) No, no, no.
- (GUNSHOT) - (SCREAMS) - Hey.
Option B, you kill none of us.
You get in the car and drive off scot-free with a five-minute head start on the police.
Okay, let's go.
Let's go.
- (PANTING): Nicole.
SASHA: Oh, you, too.
It's Han's men.
Everybody in the car.
Come on, come on.
Come on.
- Go, go, go! Move! Everybody, move! - Everybody, eyes up.
- Open it.
You! Freeze.
You, stand just stand there.
- Stand there! - (INDISTINCT SHOUTING) OFFICER: Here we go.
Now, we're looking for Thomas Kent.
Let's go, let's go, let's go.
You heard him.
Let's move out.
Okay, let's go.
Come on.
You're done.
You're letting me go? OFFICER: Move it out, move it out.
(BOTH LAUGH) NICOLE: Did you miss Mommy? SASHA: Sasha missed your mommy, too.
ERIC: Feels good.
Kid getting his mom back.
- Definitely.
- Yeah.
CYNTHIA: And Sasha not working for the police really opens up her life, so she can make her own decisions again.
(EXHALES) So, what now? You know, now that you don't have to live a double life.
(LAUGHS SOFTLY) Who knows? Maybe go back to Discretion? Maybe try to use that degree I worked and paid for? Yeah? Yeah.
Though I'd probably have to leave Seattle to do it.
So then we leave.
Zak and I could use a change of scenery.
Really? OLIVER: Okay, we're gonna take off.
Um, you guys good? Yeah, yeah.
We're great.
Thank you.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
ERIC: Take care, guys.
Hey, buddy.
- What's going on? - Huh? Case is over.
Brain no longer needed.
Yeah, sorry, I just, um, zoned out for a second.
I have a question for you.
Well, you know that feeling you said you had sometimes, like, we're sitting ducks and how you want to protect yourself and us? Was that about Maxine? What are you talking about? Oliver.
The woman you loved was forced to kill a man in order to save you.
If anything can conjure up - feelings of helplessness - Have you been reading Psychology Today in your spare time? Hmm? Okay, fine.
I was just looking out.
I appreciate it.
I'm fine.