Ransom (2017) s03e04 Episode Script

It's a Ravenzo

1 Sorry, miss, but you forgot your My bag.
It's not just a bag.
It's a Ravenzo.
MAN: It's a beautiful bag.
- WOMAN: Bravo.
- Buona sera.
I am Sandro Ravenzo.
And welcome to the launch of our new Ravenzo bag.
The Ravenzo name, it has survived the Great Depression, two World Wars, 2008, and one marriage to an American.
[LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] My mother, Francesca.
- Mm.
- Eh Of course, I would be remiss if I did not thank my sister Giulia.
- [APPLAUSE] - WOMAN: Bravo.
Thank you all for coming.
And remember, you touch it, you buy it.
Yes? - [LAUGHTER, APPLAUSE] - WOMAN: Good job.
See you later.
Get a hold of yourself.
What are you talking about? Don't embarrass me tonight, please.
And where have you been spending your nights, Fiona? Give me the valet ticket.
Sandro, go after her.
Fiona, wait.
- Fiona.
- How can you stand there and praise this ugly family? What are you saying? Would it matter? [VEHICLE APPROACHING] [CAR DOOR CLOSES] [TIRES SCREECHING] Hate to disappoint you, Yates, but there doesn't seem to be any severed heads in Cynthia's closet.
- Sculptures.
- Mm-hmm.
No family photos.
No evidence of any life outside of this stuff.
What does that tell you? That she's been burned by nosy coworkers before.
Come on, Zara.
Don't you think Cynthia's - being a little evasive? - No.
Every time we hang out, she bails early.
It's been eight months.
I feel like I barely know her.
I'm not being nosy.
I think she's hiding something.
Count me out of the "Who Is Cynthia Walker?" sweepstakes.
You're on your own.
All right, you guys, let's eat.
Escabèche snapper, braised lamb shank, topped with crispy fried shallots and parsnips beurre blanc finished by Eric.
Well, come on.
I-I whisked.
I didn't I didn't finish anything.
I can't do any of this.
I'll take that as a compliment.
Well, where did you learn to cook? Oh, I just pick things up here and there.
Must have been a big change, - moving back to Montreal.
- How so? You know, having all your family and friends so close again.
Oh, well, actually, my parents were immigrants, and they died when I was young, so it's just me.
Just you.
I'd like to make a toast.
My house, my toast.
Uh, but I was gonna toast This is not a negotiation, Beaumont.
Zip it.
[LAUGHS]: All right, glasses up.
[SIGHS] So, to finally cooking for you lovely people.
When you live alone as long as I have, you forget how nice this is.
How nice what is? Family.
To Cri/Res.
To Cri/Res.
To family.
- Welcome.
- Thank you.
- - [BIRDS CHIRPING] Fiona, I have left you 25 messages.
Would you please, please pick up the phone? Please.
Ferma! Ferma la macchina! Fiona! Fiona! MAN: It is in the best interest to not screw us around.
We won't be lied to.
Okay, no one's screwing you around.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
I was hired by the Ravenzos to negotiate on their behalf.
Now, before we begin, I need proof that Fiona Ravenzo is still alive.
SANDRO: Oh, dio mio.
Give me back my wife.
- Animale.
I will kill you.
- Oliver? CYNTHIA: Mr.
Ravenzo, expressing emotion gives the kidnappers leverage.
We will get your wife back, but you need to stay calm.
It helps knowing that Fiona's alive and relatively well.
Enough talk.
How much is the Ravenzo woman worth to you? Well, we're prepared to offer you a substantial sum.
It should be here [QUIETLY]: One million, three hours.
very soon.
We have 250,000 euro to offer.
The Ravenzo family is worth a fortune, and you're offering me scraps? No, sir.
Maybe I should just shoot her right now.
Maybe I should just empty my gun on her head.
Emotionally, this guy's all over the place, Eric.
He has a beta personality.
He'll respond to an alpha.
250,000 was my offer.
You want to negotiate, fine.
Let's negotiate.
But you make one more threat, and you won't see a dime.
We want a serious offer.
It'll take some time, but I may be able to get that number up to a half a million.
We'll call back.
[PHONE RINGING, VIBRATING] Zara, what have you got? ZARA: Skid marks indicate Fiona was going very fast before she went off the road.
It's a miracle anyone survived.
Yeah, she had quite the cut to her head.
Okay, I'll work fast.
Zara, negotiating in Italy is illegal, so if the police show up, you Just make an excuse and get out of here.
Got it.
I'll call back when I have something.
That car crash bother anyone else? Well, it's a risky way to kidnap someone.
Fiona could've been killed.
And the kidnappers didn't come at us with a fixed number.
That's also new.
So what does that tell us? They're making it up as they go.
I don't think they intended to kidnap her.
Might have been a crime of opportunity.
Driving along, find a crashed car, rich woman inside.
What about that call? What did you pick up? Well, the fact that he kept making threats and cutting you off implied a deep sense of insecurity.
Like fear of failure? Answering to someone important? That, or he's way out of his element.
Hey, Zara.
You're on speaker.
ZARA: Hey, I found some deep tire marks.
Not from Sandro's car, but on the other side of a blind hill.
Something big, maybe a dump truck? I'm guessing the kidnappers parked here knowing Fiona would come this way.
Okay, so they were planning something, but what? Looks like she swerved to avoid them and went off the road.
- That's when they collected her.
- ZARA: Also the ransom note was right where Sandro said it would be, but he failed to mention it was written on the back of one of his speeding tickets.
Okay, that doesn't sound planned.
And the seat belt on the passenger side was cut, Eric.
Tampered with before the crash.
If she was sitting where she was supposed to be, she'd be dead.
She's only alive because she was driving.
Okay, so whoever took Fiona approached the car expecting to find her in the passenger seat.
Now, when they found her alive and figured out who she was, they scribbled a note on the only piece of paper they could find and took her for ransom instead.
Instead of what? Instead of killing her.
These men were hired as assassins.
Parla inglese? What are you doing here? I was driving by, and I saw the car.
Wanted to make sure no one was trapped inside.
Was there? No.
I hope you didn't touch anything.
Don't worry, I know the drill.
I used to be a cop like you.
New York.
A cop, huh? NYPD Blue.
[LAUGHS] Something like that.
You sure you were just driving by? Am I free to go, signora? For now.
[CAR DOOR OPENS] You know, it would seem, Mr.
Ravenzo, that someone put a hit out on your wife.
What? I don't understand.
Passenger seat belt on your car was cut.
Someone tried to kill her and make it look like an accident.
Then why was she taken? Well, the assassins didn't know who their target was.
When they did, they decided to cash in on the Ravenzo name.
It was a crime of opportunity.
Uh, are you sure that your sister's coming? I called her, sent her a text.
- Giulia is, uh - My daughter has an A-type personality.
It's impossible to get her to stop doing the things she loves, and she loves her work.
Ever since she was little, she She has been a heartless bitch.
FRANCESCA: Sandro is head of marketing, but Giulia is the chief operations officer.
And you're CEO? I've taken a step back with age.
It's Giulia's company now.
Uh, Mr.
Ravenzo, I-I know this is hard, but I have to ask.
Who would want your wife dead? I have no idea.
Fiona is well-liked, a philanthropist.
She spent more time with our factory workers than the fashion elite.
She is kind.
That someone would try to kill her, doesn't make sense.
Who's Roberto Ferrucci? Why do you ask? I found a restraining order online.
It was filed by Fiona against a Roberto Ferrucci.
FRANCESCA: Roberto was our old designer.
A hothead like all artists, but not a killer.
Well, a restraining order isn't easy to get.
You know, someone had to think the threat was real, including a judge.
Roberto worked for our company for years.
He became infatuated with Fiona.
He stalked her, made inappropriate comments.
After several warnings, I had him fired.
He made threats.
This is why the restraining order.
Is it just me, or did Sandro seem nervous about us talking to his old buddy, Roberto? Yeah, I caught that, too.
Find him.
If we can prove he's involved, we might be able to leverage it with the kidnappers.
See if you can track down Fiona's life insurance policy.
It'd be good to see who stands to gain from her death - and by how much.
- Okay.
Oh, and, um, by the way, a cop turned up at the crash site.
Good chance they'll be by here soon.
Well, we better get our stories straight.
My mother does the same thing when she's worried.
[CHUCKLES] I have been through a lot.
Was widowed young.
This is just the next thing.
Francesca, the police found Sandro's car.
It's only a matter of time before they start asking questions.
The police will not hear about Fiona from me.
Is this your father? That is the man who give us all of this, my grandfather.
We were [SPEAKS ITALIAN] Dirt poor.
Something the old money of Florence never let my father forget.
You must understand, Mr.
Beaumont, our name was all we had.
My father vowed we would never give it up, even when I was married.
There is much in a name.
Something my children have not yet realized.
Ah, Lorenzo.
[SPEAKS ITALIAN] Third time in two months Sandro has crashed the car.
Francesca, the way he treats you.
I'm a police officer.
It is getting harder to look the other way.
- This is the last time.
- Of course.
It's always the last time.
And you are? Eric Beaumont.
Uh, I'm a negotiator.
Negotiator? The Ravenzos have business that's extremely time-sensitive.
My team flew in to guide them through it.
You flew in? Big shot, huh? Just a helping hand.
Okay, well, I'm gonna leave you to it.
Ferrucci, we just want to ask you - a couple of questions.
- No, I'm on my way to a meeting and have no desire to ruin my day by talking about that damn Ravenzo.
Capisce? Well, someone tried to kill Fiona Ravenzo, and since there's a restraining order out against you, I think that makes you a solid suspect.
Capisce? What? We just want to know where you were last night.
[LAUGHING]: No, no, no.
You should be looking at Sandro.
He and Fiona are always fighting.
Protecting the precious Ravenzo name is his only priority.
That a weasel like him could steal a woman from me.
- Wait, steal? - Yes.
Fiona was my girlfriend first.
Then Sandro somehow seduced her away.
I'm not surprised he neglected to mention that part.
When you said Sandro's only priority was to protect the Ravenzo name, what'd you mean by that? Okay, enough.
I got to go.
- I'm done talking to - Listen, Roberto.
Out of my way.
How about you give us a call if your blood pressure drops and you suddenly remember something? KIDNAPPER: Do you have the money? We were able to get the half million euros discussed.
Now, if you give us the location, we'll make the KIDNAPPER: Half million is not enough.
It was enough earlier.
What's changed? I think she's worth more.
Unless you have a better offer, I hang up.
You have to give us more time.
No more time.
We are done.
I can get you one million euros.
Finally a serious offer.
Stay by the phone.
Wait for our call.
[BEEP] Does it bother you that we keep going up in price in this negotiation? We usually talk them down.
But they said, "Unless you have a better offer.
" So? So whoever paid these men to kill Fiona are still in play.
The kidnappers are taking offers from both sides.
We're in a bidding war.
And whoever pays the most money first, gets Fiona.
Dead or alive.
ZARA: Sandro, where's your mother? Lying down.
The stress of this thing is too much.
Your sister? Fiona isn't made of leather, so don't count on Giulia being here.
How much money can you get quickly? You just promised them a million.
They may have already received a better offer.
You really believe someone would pay over a million euro to kill my wife? I don't know, but we have to be prepared to bid until their revenue stream is exhausted.
- So how much can you get? - I'll talk to the bank.
Thank you.
What's happening with Roberto? He blew us off, threatened us, then he sent us a text.
It says, "You want the truth? Here's a time and a place to meet.
" You don't like the look of the place, you don't go in.
We're about preserving lives, our own included.
Any luck with Fiona's life insurance? Waiting for a call.
Pay Giulia a visit in the meantime.
See why she hasn't been with the family in this time of need.
Something tells me this isn't your garden variety family feuding.
What about you? I think it's time to come clean to the police.
[BELL CHIMING] That's why they are so expensive, Ms.
Handcrafted by real artisans.
The mark of true Italian quality.
They're lovely.
I'm very sorry for not coming by.
I can only imagine what Sandro must be going through.
But we have put everything in this new bag, and someone has to oversee the deliveries.
Fiona's kidnapping could not have come at a worse time.
Please, don't mistake my devotion for the Ravenzo legacy as a lack of concern for my brother's wife.
What should I mistake it as? My mother and Sandro are on the board of the company.
They have fancy titles, but if I left everything to them, the company would fall to ruin.
I'm busy.
Is that a crime? No.
I guess the optics just aren't great.
If I didn't know better, I'd think Sandro and Fiona have been fighting for months.
A week ago, I was working late and I went out for a meal.
I saw Fiona and her ex, Roberto.
Whispering, talking close.
Throw a rock, and you will hit 20 women that dreamed of marrying my brother, marry my family, but not Fiona.
Fiona resented us.
So what are you suggesting? I think Fiona has conspired with Roberto to kidnap herself.
But if she was unhappy, she could have just left.
Why take the risk? The family money's tied up in a trust.
If she divorces my brother, she gets nothing.
Everyone else wants what we have.
Why should she be so different? [SPEAKING ITALIAN] MAN: What are you doing? [INDISTINCT ARGUMENT] MAN: What are you doing? CYNTHIA: Are you sure this is where Roberto said to meet? [COUGHS] Yep.
This is it.
Hello? If this is Roberto's idea of a date, I'm starting to see why Fiona left him.
According to Google Maps, this was a Ravenzo factory.
Press release said it burned down a month ago.
Threatened the launch of the new bag.
Timing of that smells an awful lot like arson.
Fire makes a bag more exclusive, aka more expensive.
- You really want one, huh? - [LAUGHING]: Oh, that.
First time I saw a Ravenzo, it was in a celebrity magazine.
I was about eight.
I was obsessed.
So where is he? [COUGHS] - Cynthia.
- What? Oh.
- [FLIES BUZZING] - Looks like a bull or an ox or some - [GROANS] - [COUGHS] Shine your light right here.
Looks like some sort of sacrifice.
- Okay, let's go.
[COUGHING] Peace offering.
That's not going to be enough.
A negotiator of kidnappings.
I wasn't entirely truthful when you visited the Ravenzos earlier.
You don't say.
Fiona's been taken.
Fiona is a good woman.
Too good for a man like Sandro.
You know the Ravenzos well, don't you? Everyone in Italy knows the Ravenzos well.
When you came by the house, I noticed a closeness between you and Francesca.
Maternal, even.
The Ravenzos took my family in after World War II.
When everyone was starving and destitute, the Ravenzos gave my grandparents work, a place to live.
And when my parents died, Francesca took me in and raised me alongside her own children.
The woman is a saint.
But I was alive for the Brigate Rosse.
I watched as they extorted the privileged of our country for ransom.
Held our government hostage.
This type of negotiation was banned for a reason.
But you've seen my website.
You know what I can do.
With your help, we can ensure this stays out of the press.
Nobody knows except my team, the Ravenzos and you.
Hypothetically, if I were to look the other way what other way would I look? I need you to do full forensics on Sandro's car.
Fingerprints, DNA, the works, and if this was a hit, now it's an auction for Fiona's life.
If we lose the bid, identifying the kidnappers, tracking them down, may be the only way for us to bring Fiona back alive.
I'll call you when it's ready.
Okay, thank you.
If you in any way take advantage of Francesca Ravenzo, being arrested for negotiating ransom will be the least of your problems.
How much did you get? None.
The million I got earlier emptied the family trust.
There is no more.
Well, I find it hard to believe the Ravenzo fashion empire What, do you think we are made of money? Huh? Is that it? This new bag, the overhead, the deliveries, you have no idea.
Ravenzo Luxury Goods is worth a fortune.
I mean, the name alone could sell for what? Half a billion.
What's going on, Sandro? Where's the money? I lost it.
I kept thinking I could win it back and refill the trust before anyone noticed, but I kept losing, and no bank will touch me now.
You think it's me.
[PHONE RINGING] You think I did this to my wife.
I love Fiona.
I have to take this.
OLIVER [OVER PHONE]: Roberto was a no-show, so we decided to knock for him at his shop.
And? He's dead.
CYNTHIA: Suicide.
Either that or a murder made to look like one.
Anyway, police are on their way.
Okay, get back here when you're done.
Get me a statement.
What's going on there? Were you able to track down a life insurance policy? Yeah.
Ten million euros.
To who? The Ravenzo family trust.
Well, Giulia's finally arrived.
She's in the study, working.
Francesca and Sandro are in the kitchen.
Do we really think one of the Ravenzos is trying to have Fiona killed? ERIC: Her insurance pays ten million to the Ravenzo family trust.
Nothing else makes sense.
So if the Ravenzos are our clients, that means we're in a bidding war against ourselves.
Yeah, it looks that way.
So? Which Ravenzo is it? Well, I don't see Francesca risking her son's life just to kill his wife.
My vote's for Giulia.
This is the first time she's been to the house since Fiona was taken.
CYNTHIA: If the factory fire was arson, we can assume that Roberto knew that's why he led us there but what if Fiona knew as well? Giulia showed me a photograph of Fiona and Roberto together.
Now, she thought they were having an affair, but what if he was telling her what he found out? That's when she confronted Giulia, Giulia puts a hit out on Fiona to shut her up about the arson.
Makes you wonder what else these people are capable of.
We're sure that Roberto wasn't a suicide, right? Nah, nah.
Right when he's about to blow the whistle on the Ravenzos for burning down their own factory, he takes his own life? That's too coincidental.
If we're gonna accuse the people picking up our tab of murder, I'd really like to be certain.
Okay, head to the police station.
See if you can get eyes on that forensics report from the cop that you met.
Marmoldo didn't come through? He practically threatened to kill me if I touched a hair on Francesca's head.
Now, if he catches on that we're about to accuse a member of her family, we may never see that report.
It's our only contingency if we get outbid.
- I'll be in touch.
- Thanks.
What about that dead ox? On the way to interview the man that purchased it now.
Let me know what you find, if it has anything to do with Giulia Ravenzo.
I am very interested to see how she behaves during the next call.
Please, a woman's life is at stake.
I can't talk to you.
I'm working.
But you did buy the ox, right? Look, I have the invoice.
I don't want any trouble.
Just tell me why you killed that ox, and I will leave.
I don't have papers.
My family, they depend on me.
Look, this woman's life's at stake.
You know Fiona, don't you? She's kind.
Not like the other Ravenzos.
Someone's trying to kill her, Gogo.
Just tell me what you know, it could save her life.
Time's up.
How much can you do? We don't have any more money.
- Then we are done.
- Why? Because you received a better offer from whoever hired you to kill Fiona? What's the number? One and a quarter million euros.
How much of that money do you think you'll live to spend? I am not interested in what-ifs.
I'm interested in getting paid.
He's serious, Eric.
We need to make an offer, or he's gonna kill Fiona.
Well, we don't have anything to offer.
Do we? Giulia, aiutami.
Aiutarti? - Sì.
- Sì? Like you helped the company? But Fiona didn't do that.
I did.
Look at this.
How do you know Fiona isn't behind this herself? How dare you? Are you really going to let her die? I screwed up.
But don't punish Fiona for my mistakes, please.
Giulia, I got to give him an answer.
I will do anything you ask.
I will get the money.
Tell them 1.
5 million euros, and not a penny more.
5 million euro.
You won't do better.
We accept.
- [EXHALES] - There is a phone under a white rock about a hundred yards down the road.
Drive north with the money, and we will give you further directions.
[PHONE RINGING] Anything? ZARA [OVER PHONE]: Hey, Eric, I'm here with Elisa.
No fingerprints in the report, no DNA, no trace.
Zara, check and see if there's any mention of the tampered seat belt.
Hang on.
No mention of the seat belt, either.
Yes, there is.
I filled out the report myself.
This is not my work.
This is a fake.
Who faked the report? Station Inspector Lorenzo Marmoldo.
I must insist I take over.
- Inspector Marmoldo, I don't understand - I know it is not ideal, but it would be better for me.
My career.
You understand.
I think we both know your career - is in enough trouble already.
- Excuse me? Been right under my nose since I got here, but now I see.
It wasn't Giulia.
I know what you and Francesca are up to.
I have no idea what you are insinuating.
I'm insinuating that Francesca didn't raise you like a son.
She raised you like an attack dog.
You think she'd risk her own blood to kill Roberto? Fiona? Start the fire? [LAUGHS SOFTLY] I'm going to collect Fiona Ravenzo and bring her back home.
If I were you, I would not be here when I get back.
Here you go.
The phone the kidnappers left for us.
What's up? Where's the money? Lorenzo has it.
And unless we can wrestle the leash from Francesca, he's gonna kill Fiona and the kidnappers.
No loose ends.
OLIVER: You're positive it's Francesca and Lorenzo? Lorenzo's sure risking a lot to help her.
The Ravenzos took his family in.
They raised him like a son.
I mean, he was a he was a nobody who became part of one of the greatest dynasties in this country.
A feeling of indebtedness is a very strong motivator.
It's possible Lorenzo would do anything to please Francesca.
CYNTHIA: The Nguni migrant who bought the ox I got him to talk.
The Ravenzos burned a lot more than bags in that fire.
Any word? About the conspiracy to commit murder? Excuse me? You burned the factory down.
You put the hit out on Fiona, had Lorenzo kill Roberto, and now he's gone to finish the job on Fiona.
- I mean, is that it? - Uh, Mr.
Beaumont, what are you saying? That night you saw Roberto and Fiona talking, he was telling her about the arson, how Lorenzo burned down the factory for the insurance money.
Fiona confronted you, and that's why you tried to have her killed.
Why would my mother do something I spoke to a man named Gogo.
Two of your Nguni migrant workers died in that fire.
They were his cousins.
We found Gogo because he sacrificed an ox at the factory.
It's a Nguni tradition.
You said it yourself, Sandro.
Fiona spent more time with the factory workers than the fashion elite.
She was friends with them.
You knew she'd never keep quiet about it, so you tried to have her killed.
Only problem was, she took Sandro's car at the launch, drove herself home.
She didn't die in the crash, like you planned, did she? - [SPEAKS ITALIAN] - Shut up! Mr.
Beaumont, I don't know what you are talking about, but if Lorenzo is, as you say he is, a bad apple, you have already run out of time.
Unless Zara can track him on my cell phone.
Put it in the bag with the money.
- We're two minutes behind him.
- [SPEAKS ITALIAN] All right, tell us when you've caught up to him.
Copy that.
[PANTING] Sorry, Eric.
Looks like Lorenzo didn't want anyone to follow him.
Lorenzo has always been a smart boy.
Smarter than most.
You told me the workers were removed.
Why didn't you move the migrants like we agreed? They could have said something to the insurance company.
CYNTHIA: They were no threat to you.
They were in this country illegally.
They didn't want any trouble.
You didn't have them moved because you didn't see them as people.
You saw them as an acceptable loss.
ERIC: There's only one way out of this, Francesca.
I know the hold you have over Lorenzo.
Only you can call him off, so do it.
What? No.
[GUNS CLICKING] Drop the money.
It's good.
Where is she? She is in the building.
What the hell is this? - [GUN FIRES] - [YELLS] Mama.
Was I an acceptable loss? I was supposed to be driving this car.
However, it worked out.
We planned it so you'd live.
So be grateful, because you have done nothing but take, take and take your entire life.
It was time to get back.
All we have ever done was try to please you.
But you prefer Lorenzo, the gardener's son.
Lorenzo is loyal.
He knows the value of our name.
You value nothing.
Fiona wanted to leave.
She begged me.
She begged! She was going to destroy everything, everything this family has worked to build for over a century.
We survived Mussolini, the Communists, Berlusconi, and I was supposed to sit back and watch as that American puttana you let in tore everything down? My father entrusted his name and this company to me.
ERIC: And there is still a chance to save the Ravenzo name.
CYNTHIA: No one has to know about Giulia, that she knew that the migrants were squatting there.
She was told that they were moved, and she believed you.
OLIVER: And we don't need to tell anyone she was involved with the arson.
ERIC: Call it off.
There's still time.
LORENZO: Fiona, I'm here! Let's get you home.
[PANTING] ERIC: If the Ravenzo name is all you care about, call Lorenzo off.
He will only listen to you.
Do it.
Or help me, God, I will turn this company to ash myself.
[GRUNTS] Roberto told me you started the factory fire that killed those migrants.
[GRUNTING] ERIC: If you kill Sandro's wife, the entire Ravenzo empire is gone.
Overnight, like it never existed.
Now, you pick up that phone, and you call Lorenzo, Now.
- [PHONE RINGING] - Please.
Let Fiona go.
What are you talking about? We are exposed.
My children have turned on me.
That's what I get for being kind to them.
Let Fiona go.
It will only make things worse to kill her now.
What will happen to you? I will go to jail.
I will die there.
[EXHALES] [PANTING] I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I let you down.
It's all right, Lorenzo.
It is I who failed my father by trusting any of you.
[SLAMS PHONE ON TABLE] I'm sorry I never told you what I found out.
Don't be sorry.
You were worried I wouldn't have done anything.
You were probably right.
I'm going to get help.
The drinking, the gambling, I'm done with all this.
I want to start over.
ZARA: Lorenzo's been taken into custody.
Everything Francesca was trying to protect, she destroyed.
Well, it's a misconception: We don't bury our secrets when we die.
They bury us when we're alive.
Uh, listen, Cynthia.
I wanted to apologize.
- For what? - For being skeptical.
You know, Cri/Res has always been a family, just like you said in your toast, and when you didn't seem interested in being part of that family, I kind of got my back up.
I want us to be straight with each other.
Cri/Res is all that matters, and you're a big part of that.
Thanks, Oliver.
And I got you this from Sandro.
[LAUGHS]: You didn't.
No way.
You know, call it an olive branch.
What do you say? I say, in light of what we now know about the Ravenzos, - I'd settle for a handshake.
- Mm.
I don't blame you.
- All right.
- Thank you.
[SIGHS] [LIGHTER CLICKING] Happy birthday, sis.
I thought I'd never see you again.
Look at you.
Who else knows you're here?