Ransom (2017) s03e05 Episode Script

Life and Limb

1 ANNA: Terrible.
Try "giraffe.
" G-I-R-A-F - F-E? - Nice.
[LAUGHS] [ANNA SPUTTERS] If I get one more, can I have 30 minutes of extra screen time? Maybe 15 if you get this one.
I-Is naughty one of those weird ones? Um, you think about it.
I'll be right back.
[BEEPS] [BEEPS] It says there's naughty like being bad and knotty like having a lot of knots.
I can spell both now, though.
So basically, I win.
[BEEPS] That's odd.
MAN [OVER PHONE]: Don't make a sound.
What? [GASPS, EXHALES] [PANTING] - Where is he? - I have him.
You're going to do exactly what I say.
And only what I say, starting with no police.
I'll be in touch.
[LINE CLICKS] [SOBS] KATE: It was one of those old houses.
The chimneys are wide and it was the middle of winter, so I figured the flue would be open.
- So you climbed down a chimney.
- Mm-hmm.
Of course you did.
Covered in soot, shot at but it worked.
- Seven arrests.
- All in a day's work.
Yeah, when you're FBI.
So how's your conference? A-Are you speaking? Or are you just attending? I'm speaking.
- Oh.
- Mm-hmm.
"Sexual Sadism in Serial Killers.
" Fun weekend, right? I'm gonna need a big run after this session.
It's how I get out of my head when work gets too dark.
There are some great running paths in the city.
Oh, yeah? It's my first time here.
I could use a tour guide.
Okay, note to self: Beaumont's just not that into you.
- Oh, I didn't mean to - No, it's fine.
We worked together, professional chemistry was good.
Thought I'd see if it was good in other areas.
It wasn't a proposal.
We're fine.
- Drink your beer.
- Okay.
So what's your thing when you've got a messed up case you can't shake? How do you handle the stress? I've learned to deal with it.
I, um, compartmentalize well.
- Hmm.
Uh - Duty calls.
I'll get the check.
- Yeah, I get it.
No, please.
My treat.
- Really? - Yeah.
MAN: Here, here's your proof of life.
[SOBBING QUIETLY] Thank you for sending that.
Now we can move forward.
If you promise that Gabriel won't be hurt, his parents are willing to pay.
MAN: I don't want to hurt him.
ERIC: Well, we appreciate that.
What is it that you do want? Do you have a pen? I want you to get this exactly right.
Give me a second.
[TAPS KEYBOARD] Tone's up, anxiety's down.
This guy likes getting down to business.
- [TAPS KEYBOARD] - Okay, yeah.
I got one.
I want $282,000 in $50 bills in a black carry-on size suitcase.
- [TAPS KEYBOARD] - What's up? Pull up the file.
Check the voice print.
You know, that's, uh, that's an awfully specific number.
Any special reason? It doesn't matter to you.
Get it together.
I'll call back in eight hours.
[LINE CLICKS, BEEPS] - What are you looking up? - What is going on? One second, please.
MAN [RECORDED]: I want $282,000.
Get it in $50 bills and put it in - a black carry-on size suitcase.
- Amazing.
The voice print matches.
He's back.
Uh, the voice that you just heard was from a, a separate recording.
Six years ago.
We've dealt with this kidnapper before.
- Did you get the kid back? - Absolutely, we did.
- Okay.
- And what are you afraid to tell us? The kidnapper mutilated the boy.
Cut off his finger.
[SOBS] CYNTHIA: Same victim profile as the previous case? - ERIC: Another boy.
Also ten years old.
- You made a deal? After the money drop, we were waiting for word.
Then the doorbell rang, and he was just standing there with his missing finger.
Hand bandaged.
He'd been dropped off at the end of his street.
[SNIFFLES] Why did I let myself get so distracted? How stupid was that? A man walked right by me.
Why didn't that worry me? It is not your fault.
It's theirs.
Why didn't you catch this guy? Because the deal I made to get the boy back meant letting the kidnapper go.
I'm sorry, how's that? ERIC: I have one focus when I'm on a job.
Save the victim.
To do the work that I do, I-I have to prioritize saving lives over catching criminals.
I create trust.
Sometimes with awful people and I follow through because it means bringing innocent victims home safely.
So you let them go? I know you need someone to blame right now.
But I promise you, what you want is a negotiator who will put Gabriel's safety above everything else.
Including catching his kidnapper.
I believe I can bring him home in one piece if you'll work with me.
[SNIFFLES] OLIVER: So, what's the plan? We need to build a profile of the kidnapper from the previous case and this one.
Zara, I want you and Oliver to go check out the grocery store.
You think he was following them? Maybe.
Find out what you can without tipping anyone off that there was a kidnapping.
- Okay? - All right.
What about us? We're gonna go see Tommy and Molly Parker.
The first victim and his mother.
Tommy might be able to give us some insight into who we're dealing with to strengthen our position when the kidnapper calls back.
- Okay.
- It's a bit of a drive.
We'll be back before the next call.
Did you ever figure out why the kidnapper took Tommy's finger? We were never sure.
It wasn't sadistic.
Tommy was unconscious during the amputation.
Was it an intimidation tactic? No, no.
It could have been a trophy or a punishment.
I don't know.
We have eight hours to find out.
Gabriel's not coming home mutilated.
There's some kind of adhesive in there.
It's definitely rigged to cause a distraction.
So, stating the obvious this is a rough one.
We've never dealt with the same person twice.
I knew someday it would happen.
And I always figured I could handle it.
But a kidnapper who mutilates ten-year-olds? The difference between theory and practice is a feeling in your stomach.
I feel like I want to throw up.
Well, our protocol is correct.
We do what it takes to save lives.
If we don't honor our deals, people could die.
Yeah, it doesn't make it easy.
No, it doesn't.
Hey, man.
Uh, can I ask you something? Dude, we know it's broken.
We're working on it.
Not the issue.
[SIGHS] My car got dinged in here yesterday.
Did you see anybody loitering - around 4:00, 4:30? - No, but you can file a report.
Oh, no.
That'll take too long.
Look the truth is I'm pretty sure it was my crazy ex.
If I could just get proof that he smashed up my car, like the security tape or something, it would really help with the restraining order.
OLIVER: Okay, so there they are.
- That guy? - Yeah.
He's been hovering around them.
My manager's shift starts in ten minutes.
- You need to be done.
- Come here.
Have you seen this guy before? In the red coat? Yeah, we hate that guy.
For, like, three, four weeks, he'd come in, same day, same time, and just hang out.
And you said same day, same time? Yeah, uh, Fridays, 4:00-ish.
You guys have two minutes, okay? Am I wrong, or did Anna say they go grocery shopping around 4:00 on Fridays? Yeah, after school, for the weekend.
So he was stalking them.
Probably tampered with the pay station as they were checking out and waited to take Gabriel.
This wasn't random.
This kid was targeted.
You know I'll always be grateful to you for bringing him home.
But I I don't think it's a good idea to stir up his memories.
He's still struggling.
He barely eats, he barely sleeps.
He won't talk about it.
Six years of therapy and he still has nightmares.
I stepped away from him for all of ten seconds in that parking lot, and it ruined his entire life.
ERIC: Tommy can help us ensure that what happened to him doesn't happen again.
Wait here.
Eric, does Tommy have a brother? He did.
His twin passed away.
This family's been through a lot.
[MUSIC PLAYING OVER TV] I asked you to turn that off.
No, it's okay.
Let him play.
It's fine.
Everybody does that.
I'm sorry, um I'm Eric Beaumont.
This is my colleague, Cynthia Walker.
Do you remember me? Yeah.
Kind of.
Your mom told you another boy has been kidnapped? Do you mind telling us what the kidnapper was like? [MUSIC STOPS] He was friendly.
We played video games.
Were they violent games? No.
He was old-school.
Saving princesses, collecting coins.
He got mad when he couldn't get all the coins.
Was that the only time he got mad? No.
I moved a chair closer to the TV.
He yelled, told me not to move anything.
ERIC: Was that right before he hurt you? No, he calmed down.
He was in a good mood.
Then he left for a while.
Came back with a strawberry milkshake.
What happened next? I don't know.
I felt sleepy.
Then I woke up.
I felt how bad it hurt.
I looked down, and He was in a good mood before he went for the milkshake, so we can rule out the idea that he was punishing Tommy.
Trophy theory might still work.
The wound was properly treated.
What? I don't understand how you're so matter-of-fact about this.
I have to be matter-of-fact about this.
If I start doubting my choices, I'm no good to Gabriel.
- Can I say something? - Course.
We can't let this guy go again.
We do whatever we have to do to save Gabriel.
We're talking about a violent serial offender - who targets children.
- It's hard, and probably harder for you - For me? - You're new.
Our policies are still theoretical.
Right, so maybe that means I have fresh eyes.
You do, and sometimes that's valuable, but right now, I need you to trust me, okay? - OLIVER: Hey.
- ERIC: You found something? - ZARA: A couple of things.
First off, Gabriel wasn't a random victim.
The kidnapper was stalking him at that store every Friday.
- He was targeted.
- What's your read? - He's a planner.
- Mm-hmm.
Patient, meticulous, self-disciplined.
20 minutes till he calls back.
You guys keep on the CCTV.
I'm gonna talk to the parents.
If these kids are being targeted, figuring out what connects them might tell us what's driving this guy.
ERIC: What about extracurriculars? Is Gabriel enrolled in any programs? Soccer.
He has two left feet.
He, um [CLEARS THROAT] Plays basketball, too.
He's better at that.
Was the other boy sporty? Tommy was more of an introvert.
Uh, when's Gabriel's birthday? - October 15.
- I'm sorry, how long are we supposed to play 20 Questions? Is any of this actually helping? Okay.
Let's, uh, let's come at this the other way.
Unique things about the previous victim, Tommy.
Life-threatening allergies? - No.
- Exceptionally high IQ? No.
I mean, he's bright, but he's normal.
I don't suppose Gabriel had a twin? He was supposed to.
Our other baby died in utero.
T-minus 30 seconds to the call.
Um, will you excuse me? I think I got something.
Both kids lost a twin.
- What does that mean? - I don't know, but [COMPUTER RINGING] I guess we can add punctual to the profile.
Thanks for calling back.
MAN: Do you have the exact amount? We do.
MAN: Drive to Creek Road alone at 8:00 p.
There's a sign covered in graffiti five kilometers east of Ridge Lane.
Leave the money, or the kid dies.
ERIC: All right, first, we need to talk.
We never got properly introduced.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
We crossed paths six years ago.
MAN: I remember.
You followed instructions well.
ERIC: And we'll do the same again.
MAN: Good.
I like a man of his word.
We need you to promise us something.
We're gonna give you your money, but you have to guarantee us that, this time, the boy comes home in one piece.
Do we have a deal? MAN: It's not up to me.
ZARA: "It's not up to me"? Maybe he has an accomplice? If he does, the other guy's the decision maker.
Wait a second.
He keeps looking behind him on the video.
It's possible he's exchanging looks with someone.
If there are two suspects, we need to speak to the one in charge.
I have a friend in the RCMP.
She's local.
She might be able to help.
ERIC: Okay.
Talk to her off the record.
Find out if there are other cases, and if any involve two suspects working together.
You two, go to the hospital where Gabriel was born.
See if anyone there recognizes the guy from the grocery store.
Only family and medical personnel would know about the twin who died in utero.
- What are you gonna do? - I'm going for a run.
- Nothing, huh? - No.
Thank you.
Any luck on your floor? - Nothing.
- I'm striking out, too.
Can we talk about the elephant in the room? - That he went for a run? - In the middle of a case.
And I don't need to be a profiler to read his stress levels today.
Yeah, well, heavy lies the crown.
Wait a second.
White male, right height, might be him.
Well, you said that about the last guy, but yeah.
It's worth a shot.
Follow my lead.
Zara Za Um, excuse me? Hi.
Can I ask you a favor? My husband just got a clean bill of health and well, could you take our picture? I've been cleaning.
I don't think you want me touching your phone.
Oh, we have three kids.
Germs do not scare us.
Germs galore.
Cheese! [CAMERA CLICKS] ZARA: Thank you! Thank you so much.
[QUIETLY]: Creepy.
I knew this app would come in handy.
Yeah, well, we still don't know if that's our guy.
I know how we can find out.
Cynthia Walker, as I live and breathe.
[LAUGHS] It's been a long time, Angela.
- Oh, you look great.
- So do you.
I'm sorry to reach out for a favor.
Oh, please, do you have any idea how many classes you pulled me through in school? I owe you one.
Sorry I couldn't e-mail them.
Didn't want to leave a trace on the server.
I appreciate you going the extra mile.
So what'd you find? - Four cases across Ontario.
- Four? Yeah.
They were kept out of the press because of copycats.
- And all four lost a finger? - Yeah.
And you really think that this guy is active again? We don't know, but we're doing as much research as we can on his M.
In these four cases, was there any sign that there was more than one kidnapper? Um, not that I read.
RCMP working theory is that we're dealing with a single operator.
Well, thanks.
- I appreciate it.
- Hey.
If he's taken another child, we want to know.
We could help.
Thanks, Angela.
We'll talk soon.
- I got your message.
- Thanks for calling back.
No problem.
I just finished the Sexual Sadism panel, and I'm about to run my legs off.
I didn't think I'd hear from you again.
I put your details through our database and I got nothing.
I don't think your guy works cross-border.
Oh, it was worth a shot.
Are you okay? I'm running.
Taking a page out of my book.
Rough case? [PANTING] I did something six years ago that's causing a lot of pain, and I might have to do it again.
It's making me question choices - I'm usually certain of.
- Yeah.
Well, self-doubt sucks.
- You up for advice? - Sure.
What I know is, when you've been doing this job for a while, all that experience turns into instinct.
GIRL: Don't step on the crack, you'll break your mother's back.
[ECHOING]: Step on the line, you'll break your mother's spine.
KATE: So I'd say if you can't trust your mind, trust your gut.
What are your instincts telling you? Thanks, Kate.
I needed that.
I got to go.
I had a case years ago, before your time, with a guy who was terrified of stepping on a subway grate.
He was obsessive-compulsive.
He's constantly looking at the ground behind him like he dropped something.
You're right.
H-He's not looking at someone.
It's-it's compulsive checking.
Tommy also talked about an irrational obsession with getting the coins in the game, and he said that he got mad when he moved the furniture.
Well, that definitely fits the guy we just met.
He was very concerned with germs.
We think the kidnapper is obsessive-compulsive.
When he said "It's not up to me," he meant it's up to the compulsion.
There were four other kids.
Every one of them lost a finger.
This case happened after Tommy, and before Gabriel.
There is a child out there who wouldn't have been mutilated if you'd called the police six years ago.
I can't let this change anything.
- Are you kidding me? - I can't take an option off the table that would save his life.
No, what you can't do is accept the fact that maybe you made the wrong call.
- Okay, that's not fair.
- Not fair? Why don't you go see Tommy, who still can't sleep at night, and ask him what's not fair? Hey.
Um, the guy at the hospital, I ran his picture through facial recognition and I got a name: Devin Atkins.
I then went through the personnel listing at the hospital where Tommy Parker's twin died.
He worked there.
That connects them.
He's our guy.
That confirms he's targeting boys with deceased twins.
The question is why.
Eric, we have a name.
The police can get to him in minutes.
Anything goes wrong and the kidnapper kills Gabriel.
We can't keep arguing.
The ransom drop is in an hour.
Do you know what else I read in those reports? The kids said the kidnapper came back with a suitcase right before he drugged them.
Eric, he gets the ransom, then he cuts off the finger.
So paying the ransom is the trigger.
If we pay, he cuts Gabriel's finger off, and if we don't Devin could follow through with his threat.
And Gabriel dies.
SEAN: And you're sure? To get our son back alive, we have to let this sicko mutilate him? We've profiled this kidnapper as obsessive-compulsive, which means he will do the same thing each time.
Getting the money, then cutting off the finger, then releasing the victim.
Pay the ransom.
Take a beat.
Take a breath.
What did they say? They want us to pay the ransom, but we're not doing that.
Since when do we go against the client's wishes? We'll go to the drop, we'll bring the money, but we're not leaving it there and waiting for the kid to come back permanently damaged.
We don't know what he does if his ritual gets interrupted.
Compulsions are not rational.
I'll take that risk.
We have something.
We got a hit on the twin angle.
Devin lost his twin brother in a farming accident when he was ten.
ERIC: That childhood trauma is driving him.
We should find a relative, get details.
ZARA: Way ahead of you.
I got an address for his father, Hank Atkins.
All right, you two go to him.
Get me something I can use before I go face-to-face with Devin, okay? We can't rule out an accomplice.
We need eyes on the house.
- Okay.
I'm on it.
- Cynthia.
I need to know that you're with us.
The truth? I'm standing here thinking that if the police were to surround his place, get him into custody, this could be over in a matter of minutes.
Gabriel would be safe.
I um, I just wanted to let you know that I made fresh coffee.
That's great.
We'll be right out.
Would you just give us a minute, please? You know what I'm thinking? I'm thinking about a 13-year-old named Hannah, whose kidnapper wanted all of $20,000 and a getaway car.
Her dad begged my FBI supervisor to walk away and let him pay.
Instead, they knocked down the front door and Hannah got a bullet to the head.
I'm thinking about a lot of Hannahs.
Way too many.
[EXHALES] It's almost 8:00.
Well, hopefully, Eric can buy some time.
Atkins? Not if you're selling something.
OLIVER: I know your son, Devin.
He's not doing so well, and we're trying to help him out.
So, what's wrong? Can we come in and talk? It's time.
I'm outside Devin's house, but nothing on this end.
You? - Nothing yet.
False alarm.
Something's not right.
This guy made the last call the exact second he said he would.
Well, so where is he, then? [BEEPS] OLIVER: Mr.
Atkins, um, we're worried that Devin hasn't fully recovered from losing his brother.
Can you tell us what happened back then? That was two decades ago.
True, but, um, trauma can linger.
So, uh, how do you know Devin? OLIVER: That's a long story.
You know, whiskey's my drink, too.
Do you mind if I join you? Yeah, sure.
Grab a glass.
[GLASSES CLINK] You know, I was pretty horrified to hear it was a farming accident.
I've got three kids, and I'm always telling them not to run out onto the street.
But it must be a thousand times harder on a farm.
You have no idea.
My ten-year-olds took the tractor for a joyride.
They knew better.
Devin said it was an accident.
"We hit a bump, Dad.
" Ben fell out of the bucket.
And Devin drove straight over his rib cage.
Oh, something's changed.
HANK: H-He never made it to the hospital.
OLIVER: And how did Devin handle that? How do you think? He fell apart.
- [GUN CLICKS] - DEVIN: You weren't supposed to be here.
You were supposed to leave the money and go.
All right, Devin? I'm Eric Beaumont.
You can-you can put the gun down.
Let's not do anything rash.
- Where's my money? - It's right here.
It-it's in the car.
But we need to talk.
- That wasn't the deal.
- I can't let you hurt Gabriel.
I don't think you want to, either.
I know something happened when you were just a boy Shut up.
You think you know me? Get the money.
[QUIETLY]: Okay.
HANK: I could barely work.
You know, it should have been a good year, but, uh we lost 300K.
Well, I don't suppose that was 282,000, was it? Yeah, that, uh, that rings a bell.
- How did you know? - Wild guess.
Well, anyway, we got through it.
I made Devin atone, and we all moved on.
What does "made him atone" mean? [WHISPERS]: Oliver.
Did you cut off his finger? Is that how you all moved on? You know I think it's time for you people to leave.
I know you lost someone when you were a kid.
Shut up.
I know you need help.
I said shut up! You have no idea what we need! We? - [GUNSHOT] - [AIR HISSING] - [GUNSHOT] - Eric.
CYNTHIA: Eric? Eric.
He shot out my tires and took the money.
He's on his way to mutilate him.
Are you okay? Yeah, I'm not worried about my head.
Tell me what you got.
Okay, I think Devin's got a condition called "repetition compulsion.
" Sometimes compulsive people repeat a major trauma over and over, reenacting it.
Devin was driving the tractor that accidentally killed his twin brother.
His father blamed him for the death, cut off his finger to punish him, and told him that's how to move on.
More evidence of repetition, the family farm lost $282,000 that year, which Devin's father also blames him for.
Same price as the ransom.
So he's identifying with the surviving twins.
He's projecting his guilt onto other boys who've lost a twin.
That's why he said that.
He used the word, uh, "we," as in twins like himself.
And he'll probably amputate their fingers - in the same place it happened to him.
- [PHONE RINGING] The family farm.
CYNTHIA: Are you okay? ERIC: Yeah, no, I'm fine.
Devin came and went.
I'm following him along Bennett Road.
That's not far from where we are.
ERIC: Okay, Cynthia, stay with him, but hang back.
We think he may be going to the family farm.
We're on our way.
[TRUCK DOOR OPENS, CLOSES] [ZIPPER OPENS] Can I go home soon? Very soon.
After a sleep.
Here, I bought you this strawberry milkshake.
[SLURPING] I saw him go inside a minute ago.
Do you want some backup in there? It's probably better that I talk to him one-on-one.
- Get out! - I can't I I can't do that, Devin.
I know you think you're helping these twins to move on, but you're not.
I'm doing this for him.
Remember Tommy Parker? You didn't help him, Devin.
He never blamed himself for his brother's death.
He wasn't suffering for that, but he is suffering now.
He's traumatized from being mutilated.
And so are you.
I know your father blamed you.
Made you atone by cutting off your finger.
But I had to atone.
No, your father was wrong.
You were two boys playing.
It was it was a horrible accident, but you were an innocent boy, just like Gabriel here.
I'm not innocent now.
But you can atone now by letting Gabriel go, and turning yourself in.
I feel weird.
- Okay - Stop! Devin, you know I'm not gonna let you do this.
I don't want to kill you.
You've never killed anyone.
You don't want to start now.
But I will do it.
What if you didn't have to turn yourself in? Huh? What if I let you walk away from here? I can't.
It's in my head.
- I need to finish this.
- No, you don't.
To cut off his finger, you're gonna have to kill me.
That's not a part of your compulsion.
The pattern's already broken, Devin.
You can still walk away from this.
What did you do? It wasn't me.
I didn't call them.
- This is not good.
- [SIRENS APPROACHING] - Hey - What did you do?! It's not me.
Make them go, or I'll kill him.
- [SIREN CHIRPS] - Roger that.
Captain, please, our negotiator needs more time in there.
The man in there is mentally ill.
He doesn't want to hurt anybody.
Shooting him should be an absolute last resort.
It always is, but we are here to get that boy out alive.
Have you got the kidnapper's phone number yet? You said you'd get me out of here! Yeah, but it's too late for that.
But you put down that gun, I will do everything I can to help you get into a psychiatric facility, where you can be a patient rather than a prisoner.
Doctors can help you.
SNIPER [OVER COMM]: Line of sight clear.
Only fire on sudden movement.
- WOMAN: Go around the back.
- MAN: You, too.
Ready? I didn't mean to make this worse.
I gave them Devin Atkins' name.
It's just, I-I heard you talking about how easily this could all be over.
I thought that they would just arrest him.
DEVIN: You really think it can get better? I do, but you need to put down the gun.
Don't take a step, don't toss it, don't make any big moves.
Just drop it.
Are you okay? Yeah.
Just one of those days.
Yeah, I hear you.
ERIC: I just need to confer with my team, if you don't mind.
Copy that.
What did they say? No guarantees, but they think Gabriel's gonna be okay.
A few inches to the right, and that bullet would have killed him, too.
The ER doctors confirmed what the paramedics said.
Gabriel's gonna recover.
Thank God for that.
The parents told me they made the call because they overheard us arguing.
I'm sorry.
That's on me.
It's on both of us.
No one had to get hurt tonight.
Devin didn't need to die.
We got lucky with Gabriel.
I see that.
Do you? I need to understand that you know why we do what we do.
Even if it means letting someone like Devin walk away.
Look, Eric, after what happened tonight, I I get it.
I'm with you.
Can I ask you something? Does it ever get any easier? Yeah, I didn't think so.
- Hey.
- Glad you're still in town.
Your advice really helped, and I-I wanted to thank you.
Can we get real for a second? 'Cause I'm getting a little whiplash over here.
First you said yes when I asked you out Friday night, only to seem uninterested.
Then you reached out to me and opened up.
Now you called and asked me out for drinks, but you just want to say thank you.
I didn't say "just.
" Oh.
I'm better at work than I am at this.
[LAUGHS] So, facing off with violent criminals is your comfort zone.
It's not something I lead with, but If this is you doing that thing where you lay the foundation so you can say you warned me later No, this is me realizing I'm glad I've got a lot of travel points, and saying next time, - I can do the traveling.
- Hmm.
If you're up for it.
What are your instincts telling you?