Ransom (2017) s03e07 Episode Script


Natasha, please.
Bravo! [SPEAKS RUSSIAN] Tatiana.
The Presnensky Ballet is truly blessed to have such prodigious talent.
But there can be only one prima.
You will have my decision in the morning.
Good luck.
Those chaîné turns were flawless.
And you were so out of breath at the end.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] [GUN CLICKS] [GASPS] [SHOUTING IN RUSSIAN] MIKE: Man, they've added a lot of new stuff.
What do you think? One of everything? Babe.
Oh, s-sorry, I'm just checking in with the sitter.
It's bath time, and Cody and Amy are helping.
Wish you were there? Yeah.
I'm gone so much that when I'm home, I just want to be with them every second.
[LAUGHS] What? Nothing.
[STAMMERS] Do you want to order something to eat or nosh on this delicious piece of chopped liver? I'm being terrible, aren't I? You haven't nodded off yet, so as far - as date night's concerned, I'd say - Oh, God.
[CHUCKLES]: we're doing better than usual.
I get it.
You're juggling a lot of things, between the kids and your other husband.
Will you quit calling him that? Eric does get to spend more time with you than I do.
Oh, Mike, come on.
That's the job.
Eric is my boss.
You're my husband.
No matter what, you always come first.
That's good to know.
How about after dinner we, um, stay out a little longer? See where the night takes us? [CELL PHONE RINGING] I'll call him back later.
[CELL PHONE VIBRATING] Hey, Eric, what's up? Yeah, she's right here.
[SIGHS] Hey.
I'll catch a flight tonight.
KIDNAPPER: We said no police.
Sir, I'm not law enforcement.
I'm a negotiator hired by the Presnensky Ballet.
My only goal is to ensure that both parties get what they want and that nobody gets hurt.
You know what we want.
Four million U.
dollars, cash.
Yes, your ransom note was very clear.
But before we proceed, we need some proof that Natasha and Tatiana are still alive.
Here's your proof.
If that bastard hurts one hair on my daughter's head - one hair - CYNTHIA: Mr.
Popov, you have to remain calm.
[MILENA SHUDDERS] Satisfied? Yes.
Thank you.
Most of the company's funds are tied up in their upcoming production, and Natasha and Tatiana's parents aren't wealthy.
We can offer you $2 million.
That is half of what I asked.
Two million is still a very good payday.
You kidnapped two dancers from the most respected ballet company in the world.
How long do you think we'll be able to keep the police away from this? Get the money together.
We'll call back with instructions.
Just know, you will only be getting one ballerina back.
Well, I think we've been very clear we're negotiating for both.
One ballerina.
You choose which.
OLIVER: Kidnapper is volatile, stubborn, determined.
- No flexibility there? - I don't think so.
We offered half the ransom.
Half the ransom equals one dancer.
Yeah, he's leveraging the other ballerina, forcing us to pay him the rest.
But we have no more money to spare.
OLIVER: Alexei, the kidnappers knew that there was an audition taking place, which means they were aware of the company's schedule.
You feel this is an inside job? I can't imagine any of my employees doing something like this.
- But you can think of someone.
- Yes.
Ivan Orlov, my predecessor.
Before I took over, the Presnensky Ballet was mired in corruption.
Ivan was accused of taking bribes, money and sexual favors from dancers in exchange for roles.
It became a national scandal, so he was fired three years ago.
And I'm guessing he didn't take this well.
That would be an understatement.
ZARA: Eric? We have a problem.
Stop talking! Listen to me! I gave 100,000 to the ransom.
She contributed next to nothing.
Nothing! Natasha's life is just as valuable as Tatiana's, if not more so.
Everyone knows she is the better dancer.
She should be the one chosen.
We won't be choosing.
I was hired to get both your daughters back, and that's what I intend to do.
How? ERIC: My team and I will come up with a strategy, but option one is to raise the rest of the ransom.
We will give you a call when we have an update, but for your daughters' sakes, please, let us do our job.
And how do you plan on raising the rest of the money? I saw that you recently got a budget increase from the minister of the arts.
We could contact him.
He'll call the police.
It's his duty.
Okay, let me worry about that.
Right now, he's our best hope of getting two million on short notice.
Sorry to interrupt.
I have the sketches for your approval.
No, it's fine.
Handle your business.
We'll, uh, take it from here.
All right, Zara and I will contact the minster.
You two, uh, try and track down that old ballet director.
See what you can find out.
I said stop it! Don't touch me! You heard what he said.
Only one of us is going home.
I have stop him! I have to try! You think you can convince him to choose you? Leave me here to rot? Of course of course not.
That's-that's not what I was trying to Everything comes easy for you, doesn't it? The doe-eyed princess, always so entitled.
ZARA: Looks like Miroslav serves as the black sheep of the Russian government.
He used to be defense minister.
Barely lasted a year before the president removed him.
On what grounds? Incompetence.
One military fiasco after the other.
The arts ministry is his last chance to prove himself.
Listen, I'm sorry about last night.
Last night? Interrupting your date.
How's Mike doing? He's doing great.
- We're great.
- Great.
ZARA: I think that's him.
Minister Kutznetsov.
I'm Eric Beaumont.
- I'm here, uh, - Stand back.
representing the Presnensky Ballet.
We tried to make an appointment, but your secretary said that you were Busy.
- Try again next week.
- Okay.
- Who do you think you are? - Out of the car now.
ERIC: I'm afraid it's urgent.
You have a problem with the Presnensky Ballet.
I'm a negotiator.
I was hired by the ballet to handle the kidnapping of those two dancers.
You know them? Of course I do.
Two of Russia's rising stars.
When did this happen? - Last night.
- And the demand? Four million.
Now, we've managed to raise half of that, but the kidnapper won't budge.
He'll only return one, unless we come up with the rest.
We're hoping you can help.
Thank you for bringing this to my attention.
I will alert the FSB immediately.
Well, that would be a mistake.
In this country, Mr.
Beaumont, the government doesn't negotiate with terrorists, and we certainly don't negotiate with kidnappers.
And how has that worked out for you so far? Excuse me? The siege at the Dubrovka Theater, 170 hostages dead.
The Beslan school siege, 334 dead.
Russia has a history of failed rescue attempts.
You call in the FSB right now, how do you think this works out? Don't tell me how to do my job.
If we work together, we can avoid another tragedy.
You'll be a hero.
Any luck? Ah, landlord said he was home, but I knocked for, like, five straight minutes no answer.
Guess, our boy Ivan doesn't like uninvited guests.
He doesn't like his car much, either.
This thing's seen better days.
Anything interesting? I don't know yet.
I don't know, Your Honor.
She just broke into the man's car.
I tried to tell her that Cri/ Res doesn't operate like that, but Hush.
Check the trunk.
Check the? Found a phone number.
OLIVER: Cynthia.
Oh, that's not creepy at all.
These look like surveillance photos of ballerinas.
[PHONE RINGING] Okay, everybody settle, please.
Good news.
We managed to raise the full ransom amount.
- That is good news.
- Just name the time and place, and, uh, we'll be ready for the exchange.
Has the director made his choice? I think you misunderstood me.
I said that we have the full four million.
We can pay for both ballerinas.
No, Mr.
Negotiator, it is you who misunderstands.
I said you have to choose.
All right, if this isn't about the money, what is it you really want? Text once you have decided.
No, no, no.
We're not playing this game.
Suit yourself, but if I don't get a name by midnight, I'll kill them both.
Choose wisely.
KIDNAPPER [ON RECORDING]: Text once you have decided.
Suit yourself, but if I don't get a name by midnight ERIC: These were in Ivan's car? CYNTHIA: Yeah, these are surveillance photos of four ballerinas, but most of them are of Tatiana and Natasha.
Clearly, he's been stalking them for a while.
The choice is an unrealistic demand, a cruel one, which speaks to a deep personal vendetta.
Ivan was forced out of the artistic director's job in favor of Alexei.
He could've orchestrated this entire thing to get back at the ballet, torture his successor.
All right, but why these two dancers? Well, Alexei said they were the best.
Kidnapping them would have the most impact.
ERIC: He said, "Choose wisely.
" If this is a test, then there has to be some significance to the choice itself.
Both were up for prima, and they were kidnapped right before a decision could be made.
That can't be a coincidence.
And why midnight? Why not force us to make a choice right now? MAN: Mr.
What can we do for you? The minister would like to see you.
The car's waiting downstairs.
Of course.
Can you give me a moment? Thanks.
Do you want one of us to go with you? Uh, no, no.
You stay here.
Run interference with the parents and Alexei.
I think the stress is starting to get to him.
Get Ivan to agree to a sit-down, whatever it takes.
"Over 30 years of exceptional experience.
Learn from the absolute best.
" He's an artist with a big ego looking for a comeback.
All he needs is a little encouragement.
[PIANO PLAYING] I can't imagine how difficult this must be.
Especially with things so tense between you and Mr.
I've known Bogdan a long time.
We'll do whatever it takes to save our daughters.
They used to be friends when they were children, but once they started competing for roles everything changed.
I've heard how fierce those rivalries can get.
In ballet, you are a product, and every time you perform, you carry the weight of your country on your shoulders.
No one cares about your feelings, and if you don't fight, you will not survive.
Was it too much for Natasha? A couple of years ago, there was another dancer.
She committed suicide after she was passed over for prima.
It shook her.
Natasha loves ballet, but she hates how cutthroat the world can get.
Sit up.
- Breathe slowly.
- I can't.
Yes, you can.
In and out.
[BREATH SLOWS] You still get asthma attacks.
I haven't in years.
Not since that day back at the academy.
It's the stress.
Try to stay calm.
Everything will be fine.
How do you know? I just do.
Sip this.
It has caffeine.
Should help.
Been awfully quiet today.
Something on your mind? I want to plan a surprise getaway for Mike, but I'm having a hard time coming up with a place.
Doing a little maintenance, are we? Trouble on the home front? Don't shrink me, Yates.
How many times do I have to tell you that? Sorry.
What about that luxury ski resort in Colorado? The one where the owner's son took everyone hostage? - The views were spectacular.
- Yeah.
But taking Mike to the site of an old case might be counterproductive.
I think he's feeling neglected.
He started to call Eric my "other husband," which is ridiculous.
What? Remember when that stuff went down with Delaine, and Eric wanted to turn himself in? You're the one who flew back to Budapest.
He told us not to come, but you went anyway.
I was trying to be a good friend.
I know, but you have to consider how that might look from Mike's perspective.
That's all.
Well, look who came out in his Sunday best.
Thank you for taking this meeting.
- No.
Thank you.
- Mm.
I have great respect for the Chicago Ballet Institute.
Your message said, uh, you have a position open? Our artistic director is about to retire.
We were looking into Russian candidates, and you came highly recommended.
I'm honored, and certainly up to the task.
- You're familiar with my résumé? - OLIVER: Yes.
It's very impressive.
But, um, we do have some concerns about your time at the Presnensky Ballet.
I'm sure you've done your due diligence, but the allegations against me are false.
"Fake news," as you Americans say.
So you had no part in any corruption? I was a scapegoat for a culture that existed long before I took the reigns.
Although it was a hard pill to swallow, I made my peace a long time ago.
Are you sure about that? We spoke to your successor, Alexei Smirnov.
He said that you threatened him and the ballet on multiple occasions.
That's absurd.
I did no such thing.
Well, your body language suggests otherwise.
What is this? Who are you really? We're negotiators, not recruiters.
We're here because these two ballet dancers were kidnapped last night.
I'm sure you recognize them.
Look, I don't know anything about any kidnapping.
Now, you get why that's hard for us to believe, right? You clearly have a grudge against your old company, - and these pictures - It's not what you think.
You're right.
I do have a grudge.
But those backstabbers at the ballet, those were just pawns.
Pawns for who? Miroslav.
The minister of the arts.
Firing me was all politics.
But trust me.
Anything I've ever been accused of, he's done the same, even worse.
That's why I took these pictures.
I'm not following.
I heard a rumor that Miroslav is having an affair with a young soloist and making promises to advance her at the ballet.
I want to show the public that the man is a hypocrite.
You were trying to get evidence.
MIROSLAV: So, you were wrong.
The kidnapping isn't about the money.
Evidently not, no.
We're looking into personal motives.
Any leads? - Nothing solid yet.
- I see.
- Well, Mr.
Beaumont - [CELL PHONE CHIMES] we did it your way.
Now here we are.
Absolutely nothing to show for it.
Yeah, yeah.
No, you're right.
Look, if the worst comes to the worst, and a choice needs to be made between these two dancers, I'm I'm an outsider.
I have no stake in the outcome and therefore really no right to an opinion, but if anyone does have that right, it's it's the minister of the arts.
Who do we choose? A decision like this should never be political.
I mean tell you what, how about we, uh how about we take politics out of it? Just let fate decide? Flip a coin? Why not? If we don't choose, we'll lose them both.
We must save one life at least.
[COIN CLINKS ON DESK] - Thank you, Minister.
- [COIN SLIDES] Been very helpful.
Tatiana's the one he's sleeping with.
Someone else must have found out that he's forcing Alexei - to make her prima.
- Someone with an ax to grind.
But who? Natasha was the one screwed over, and she's - one of the victims.
- [EXHALES] Maybe this has something to do with corruption in the past.
Someone else who was snubbed? Natasha's mother mentioned a dancer who killed herself a few years ago.
Hang on.
Sofia Petrov.
The article says that the company was staging Giselle that year and she was shoo-in for prima, but when the position was given to a rival, she killed herself a week later.
I remember her.
Look, she's the woman - who came to see Alexei earlier.
- Eric, there's a picture here of Sofia's mom, Olga.
She works for the ballet's costume department.
We always said it was an inside job.
Grief is a powerful motivator.
You know, Ivan said the ballet had a long history of corruption.
Maybe the kidnapping is Olga's way of shining a light on the problem.
"Choose wisely.
" She's calling Alexei out.
Giving him the chance to make the right decision.
If he texts Natasha's name to the kidnappers, it's possible we'll get both dancers back.
And if he makes the wrong decision Tatiana will be killed.
In two hours.
Find Olga.
Cynthia, can you? We need to talk.
Is something wrong? ERIC: The prima audition was a sham.
Wasn't it? You were coerced by the minister of the arts to choose Tatiana.
I don't know what you're talking about.
CYNTHIA: We believe the kidnapping was orchestrated by one of your employees, Olga Petrov, as a statement against corruption.
To pass the kidnapper's test, you have to choose Natasha, the rightful prima.
[EXHALES] I'm sorry.
You're too late.
I already chose.
ERIC: Why did you choose Tatiana? When I was first promoted, I had every intention of changing Presnensky for the better, but the minister, he he threatened to cut our funding in half.
We have 800 employees, all of them depending on me.
I had to think of the company's future.
That decision you just made, that wasn't just about prima; that was about life and death.
I know.
He also threatened my family.
By making you send that text, he just signed his lover's death warrant.
She's gone.
See if you can find anything with a home address on it.
[SIGHING]: Okay.
What's up? Scrolled through her search history.
Check this out.
Is that how to make a bomb? I don't know, but whatever it is, it's not good.
Her address.
Got it.
Let's get out of here.
I'll text Eric on the way.
Do you remember Madame Petrov? I remember her ridiculous accent and how she used to make us call her "Madame" even though she only spent six months in France.
She would bring out those feather boas after class and teach us those crazy burlesque moves.
[CHUCKLES] You and I would always stay later than the others.
It was fun.
It was.
Until that day those scouts from the Presnensky came and you decided we couldn't be friends anymore.
I didn't decide anything.
It was pounded into us.
We were rivals.
We had to compete to be the best.
And friendship was a weakness.
[DOOR OPENS] Why? Am I going home? ZARA: That's her.
Olga, wait.
We just want to talk.
Get out of my way! We know what you've planned, Olga.
We know about Sofia.
He made his choice.
Now, move.
Why the rush? My understanding is we have - until midnight.
- I said move your car! [CELL PHONE RINGING] [CAR HORN HONKING] ERIC: Zara.
OLGA: Who do you think you are? You and Oliver head back over to Ivan's.
He was the ballet director when Olga's daughter died.
Find out everything you can about why Sofia wasn't chosen.
On it.
ERIC: Olga, it's either you talk to us or to the police.
Your choice.
Your son Roman, he's the one we've been talking to, right? We do background checks.
It's part of the job.
You're a single mother, two kids.
Roman was the big brother, the protector, and Sofia was the What about Sofia? You don't want to talk about her.
I I get it.
I understand.
I can't imagine how hard her death must have been on you both.
What was the name of the dancer who took her spot? - Olga? - Her name doesn't matter.
Was she from a wealthy family? Oligarch money.
I knew Ivan took bribes, but Sofia's talent was undeniable.
I was a dancer myself.
Would have made prima if I hadn't been injured.
But my baby was even better than I was.
She was going to be the best.
Talent like that is is one in a million.
Is is that what you saw in Natasha? When I saw her dance solo for the first time, it was like Sofia had come back to life.
I couldn't let history repeat itself.
The corruption must end.
You really think that killing Tatiana is gonna do that? The story will be huge.
How can they ignore this? Well, no, you'll definitely get the world's attention, but are you punishing the right person? I saw her with the minister in his limo.
She was laughing, happy.
Tatiana climb into bed with that man, and for that, she will meet the same fate as my daughter.
IVAN: I can't believe it.
Olga could be difficult sometimes, but I never thought she could be capable of something like this.
Well, grief can change people.
I don't understand.
What do I have to do with all this? You were the one in charge when Sofia died.
What are you implying? Olga believes she committed suicide because of a choice you made.
Did you take a payoff to make another dancer prima? So that's what this is all about.
You're looking for someone to blame.
All we're looking for is the truth.
A young woman's life is at risk.
Ivan, please, we don't have a lot of time.
Did you take the bribe or not? Money was offered, yes, and I took it.
But only after Sofia's letter.
OLIVER: What letter? [IVAN SIGHS] I couldn't show it to Olga.
I didn't want to pour salt into the wound.
Watching that girl dance was like being in a fairy tale.
She was special.
Olga, it was Miroslav who put pressure on the ballet director to make her prima, and yet, she's the only one that's going to die? You did all this to right a wrong.
To honor your daughter's memory.
If I can guarantee that Natasha will be made prima, will you will you at least consider letting Tatiana go? ERIC: Okay, what? [GRUNTS] CYNTHIA: Hey.
We will take over now, Mr.
Don't do this.
Look, I just need a little more time.
I'm a politician, Mr.
I'm used to compromising.
But this woman has left me no other option.
You see these guards? Ex-military.
They can be quite persuasive.
If you don't tell me where Tatiana is right now I'll do it.
I'll make deal.
MIROSLAV: It's done.
Check the website.
It confirms Natasha as prima.
I held up my end.
Now, where is Tatiana? - I will take you to her.
- ERIC: No.
Call your son.
Tell him to release them.
He has no cell reception.
Call him anyway.
[EXHALES SHARPLY] OLGA: Only 20 minutes left.
It will take about 15 to drive there.
You really want to sit here arguing? Let's go! Minister.
She's leading you into a trap.
I gave her what she asked for.
No, what she wants is revenge for her daughter.
She wants you to pay for the choice that you made.
You interrupted the negotiation before we could convince her.
Even if that's the case, my bodyguards are well trained.
You've done your part, Mr.
Have a safe flight home.
Eric, you need to see this.
This is a letter from Sofia to Ivan.
ERIC: We can use this, but not if we don't know where they're going.
She said Tatiana would meet with the same fate as her daughter.
Do we know where Sofia killed herself? - I'll look.
- Okay.
Hurry up! OLGA: Not that way.
It's locked.
Follow me.
Where is your son? I'll call for him when we're inside.
When we have Tatiana, shoot them both.
In here.
[GROANS] Where is Tatiana? I-I don't know.
The masked man took her somewhere.
Bring her.
Call your boy.
Tatiana! Please, don't come any closer.
- [GUNSHOT] - [TATIANA GASPS] - Stop! - [GUNFIRE CONTINUES] OLGA: Stay where you are.
Put the guns down, or the next one goes through your boss's head.
You know it? Now it makes sense.
At midnight, the Wilis rise and take their revenge, dancing foolish men to their deaths.
They summon Giselle from her grave, beckoning her to join them.
Sofia performed this for her prima audition.
It was breathtaking.
Why don't you show them? I can't.
Do it! [MUSIC CONTINUES] [CRYING] And now the world will see.
Hey, listen, I know you're hurting.
I'm not hurting.
I am angry.
They took my baby away from me! She wanted to be prima, and it was stolen from her.
Just like these two tried to take it from Natasha.
- Is that true? - OLGA: Yes.
And you deserve justice.
And Sofia deserves justice! I understand you want change.
You want revenge for what the ballet company did to her.
I get it.
She hang herself one week after she lost the prima spot.
She die on that stage.
No more! This will never happen again.
CYNTHIA: Olga, wait.
I need you to see something.
The Presnensky Ballet didn't kill your daughter.
This is a letter that Sofia wrote to Ivan.
You think it's corruption that drove her to suicide, but you're wrong.
Ivan only chose another dancer because Sofia begged him not to make her prima.
You're lying.
See for yourself.
CYNTHIA: That's her handwriting, isn't it? She said that all her life, she was forced to live your dream.
To make up for everything that you lost because of your injury.
And that ballet was your obsession, not hers.
And that the pressure you put on her was too much.
She thought that if she lost prima, you would you would let it go.
Set her free.
Your daughter made a choice.
We may never fully realize why.
But you, you can make a different choice right now.
Mama? Let me help you.
It's too late.
ERIC: No, it's not.
You can still make this right.
Hand me the detonator.
[LAUGHS] CYNTHIA: It's funny.
I've been to the ballet many times.
I've always left on a high.
It's so easy to get caught up in the magic.
Forget the pressure those dancers are under.
Maybe doing something you love isn't always worth the price.
[CAR ENGINE STARTS] ZARA: Mike, how did this happen? Remember when you said we should hire handymen and knock out the wall in the guest room, and I said, "No big deal, I can handle it"? Yeah.
Turns out sledgehammers are no joke.
This is why you were calling me earlier.
I couldn't find anyone to watch the kids, so I tried to tough it out, but then the pain got worse.
Lucky Brenda showed up when she did.
Well, why didn't you call back or leave a voice mail or do what you normally It's all right.
I told you, it-it all worked out.
Besides, I'm sure Eric needed you more than I did.
Why do you always do that? Do what? Bring Eric into it.
I'm just stating facts.
Are you jealous of him? [SIGHS] Mike come on.
You said that I always come first, but we both know that's not true.
Whenever he calls, you go running.
You might not have two husbands, Zara, but you have two lives.
You're right.
And I am so sorry that I wasn't here for you.
We'll figure this out.
I promise you.
[SIGHS] Let's go home.
Let's go.