Ransom (2017) s03e08 Episode Script

Dark Triad

Get out here.
I think I can see Mars.
I'll be right out, babe, I'm just gonna take my insulin.
You better not fall asleep in there.
I don't know.
It might be an alien spaceship.
Or a bug in the lens.
But I seriously think it's Mars.
You coming to have a look? Babe? I knew you'd fall asleep.
I knew it.
[EXHALES] Oh, you're freezing.
Why are you so cold? John? Oh, my God.
John? Wake up! I'm picturing bachelor pad chic.
With a private dojo, obviously.
[LAUGHS] And, and an entire room for just your suits.
[BOTH CHUCKLE] I have to see your place.
You will.
Next time.
You said that last time.
- Did I? - Mm-hmm.
[PHONE RINGING] Oh, I-I got it.
Oh, yeah, it is you.
It's the boss.
[CLEARS THROAT] Kate Barrett.
Apologies for the late hour.
Not a problem, sir.
What's going on? What was the name of that private negotiator you worked with on the Black Dolphin case? Eric Beaumont.
What'd you think of him? I'd say he does good work.
Why? See if you can get in touch with him.
I need an out-of-house negotiator ASAP.
We got a lead in the Hemmigen case.
I'll see if I can track him down.
My boss needs you to consult on a major domestic terrorism case.
We have to get to New Jersey right away.
- I'll call my team.
- Great.
Does he know about us? That's a negative.
Does your team? I don't think it's come up.
- Maxine, I love you.
- Do it, now! [PHONE RINGING] [PANTING] Eric.
ERIC: Oliver.
The FBI needs our help on a case.
You okay? Yeah.
Yeah, I'm fine.
Just got woken up in the middle of the night is all.
Where we going? New Jersey.
Can you call Zara and Cynthia? I need you guys on the next flight out.
I'll explain the details when you get there.
[SIGHING] Cri/Res' A-team.
Good to have you here.
Hey, Kate.
Nice to meet you in person.
You, too, Zara.
- It's good to see you again, Kate.
- Cynthia.
So this is Hemmigen Pharmaceuticals.
The largest supplier of diabetic insulin in the country.
Three days ago, somebody poisoned the supply.
It's all over the news.
Cyanide, right? Right.
Hemmigen is testing all their batches.
They've issued a complete recall.
But now there's a massive insulin shortage across the country.
Why can't other suppliers step up to meet the demand? They have, but there are 23 million diabetics nationwide, and Hemmigen supplies insulin to 93% of them.
So far, there have been eight deaths by poisoning and about 700,000 people have no access to insulin.
Yesterday, an unknown subject called Hemmigen, wanting $50 million to stop the insulin murders.
He revealed a batch number that Hemmigen hadn't tested yet.
Turns out, it waspoisoned, and he claims to know the rest.
Boss, this is the team from Crisis Resolution.
Guys, Assistant Director Donovan.
Nice to meet you all.
I've heard great things.
Eric Beaumont.
It's good to meet you, sir.
Look, normally we keep negotiation in-house, but this unknown subject is a conspiracy theorist who doesn't want to deal with the Feds.
We're happy to help in any way we can.
Good, 'cause we're running out of time.
We're getting reports that ERs across the country are overflowing with patients falling into diabetic comas - from not taking their insulin.
- OLIVER: You're saying the fear of being poisoned can actually kill people? Correct.
Now, the FDA is advising diabetics to get clean insulin from other suppliers, but there's not enough for everyone.
The red dots indicate where poisoned batches were found, the faces represent fatalities.
Our victim report rate is accelerating.
How long can diabetics go without taking their meds? After 36 hours, there's vomiting, dehydration, then they fall into a diabetic coma.
If the coma goes untreated, they can die.
How long till Hemmigen finishes testing all their batches? They need three more days.
- We don't have three more days.
- KATE: Which is why we need you to negotiate the caller into giving up the rest of the poisoned batch numbers in the next 24 hours.
]: Attention, Hemmigen employees, please be aware of increased security on the premises.
Another death.
That brings the total to ten.
Did you find any pattern to which batches were poisoned? No, the batch numbers are all over the place.
They're seemingly random.
I'm gonna make sure we're set up for the call.
So, you and Kate, huh? How long has this been going on? Are you reading my metrics? All right, Beaumont.
Good for you, man.
- You guys serious? - [LAUGHS]: No.
No, not serious at all.
WENDY: Oliver? Wendy? [LAUGHS]: What are what are you doing here? I work here.
You're looking at Hemmigen's VP of risk management.
Eric Beaumont.
Wendy Vaughan.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, Wendy and I went to grad school together.
We were sparring partners in the psychology department.
Pizza and beer and Lacanian psychoanalytic theory.
Never met a guy who used philosophical reinterpretations of Freudian teachings as foreplay before.
We dated for a bit.
Didn't last.
Better off as friends.
So, I understand you're handling the negotiation, Mr.
As Hemmigen's rep, - I'd like to be on the call.
- Of course.
Hemmigen is going to do everything it can to make sure no more innocent people die.
Eric, Oliver, this is Dinesh.
He'll be handling communications.
Hey, the UnSub should be making contact any minute, yeah.
So, Wendy Vaughan, now, huh? I thought you swore to never get hitched.
I distinctly remember you saying something about the institution of marriage being "a patriarchal stranglehold.
" And then I met Peter Vaughan.
Wait, Senator Pete Vaughan? I'm a politician's wife now.
I know.
How very unfeminist of me.
What about you? You got a lucky lady in your life? Oh, I'm sorry.
I hit a sore spot.
Can I ask what her name is? Yeah, her name is, uh, Maxine.
We used to work together.
You know what they say about mixing business - with pleasure.
- [PHONE RINGING] All right, it's him.
My name's Eric Beaumont, I'm a negotiator.
Who am I speaking with? CALLER: I said no Feds.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] I assure you, I'm not a Fed.
I used to work at the FBI, but not anymore.
I'm independent.
Waveform match? Why did you leave? No, nothing from our database.
ERIC: Why'd I leave the FBI? Guns, mainly.
I don't like violence.
Oh, I wouldn't go anywhere without my .
Only way to protect yourself.
Otherwise, you're in their hands.
Tapping our phones, invading our privacy.
We can't see 'em, but they're there.
How do I know you are who you say you are? Because I know all the batch numbers of all the poisoned insulin.
Well, I'd like to know them, too.
You will after I get my money.
- $50 million, cash.
- Cash? At a drop location of my choosing.
That's a lot of money.
Drop in the bucket for Hemmigen.
They'll pay to protect their image.
They don't care about the victims unless they affect their bottom line.
We can look into putting that money together, but first we need a sign of your goodwill.
You test that batch yet? KATE: Hemmigen tested it this morning, and it is poisoned, but the news isn't public yet.
No, we haven't.
You're gonna want to test it.
$50 million in cash.
You got a deal.
What the hell, Beaumont? This is how he works.
- By not negotiating? - Trust him.
He's got a plan.
I want confirmation from Hemmigen.
This is Wendy Vaughan, Vice President of Risk Management.
You have my word that you'll get your money.
But you don't know who you're dealing with.
Actually, I do.
And Hemmigen will pay.
I'll send coordinates from an encrypted account, so don't bother trying to track me down.
Drop the money in four hours.
Then why did you agree to give "not our guy" $50 million? 50 million in Bitcoin would make sense, but cash? This is not amateur hour.
This is a mass casualty event.
If the real killer wanted money, they would have threatened murder, not gone through with it.
Whoever's behind this wants people to die.
So then how do you explain the fact that he's known some of the poisoned batch numbers? I don't know if he's an accomplice, a piggybacker, or a useful idiot, but he has information that we need.
Arranging the drop and then following him to a second location is our best chance to track the real killer.
And he's right: Hemmigen will pay.
Tell that to the board of directors.
I don't know how I'm gonna get them to release that much money in four hours.
Well, do the best you can.
WOMAN [OVER SPEAKER]: Subject has turned onto a private road.
Oh, thanks.
You know, you never, uh, did answer my question.
About how long it's been going on between you and Kate.
Couple months.
You know, I didn't mean what I said about it not being serious.
So it is serious.
- It's, uh complicated.
- Hmm.
Subject's car has now stopped.
He's getting out.
Units five and six moving into position.
MAN: [OVER SPEAKER] Six in position.
Well, he got his money.
$50 million.
How much do you think that weighs? 1,100 pounds.
I looked it up.
You know what, I'm gonna call Wendy.
She's gonna want to see this.
Oh, yeah, good idea.
WOMAN: All units standing by.
MAN: Standing by.
Hmm, voice mail.
WOMAN: He's going inside the cabin.
No sign of anyone else.
[ALARMED CHATTER] All units, move in.
[INDISTINCT CONVERSATIONS] DONOVAN: He was killed? Forensics thinks someone cut the gas line at the cabin.
- Anyone inside? - It was empty.
So our only lead is dead.
We did manage to I.
the guy: Bruce Kaplansky.
He worked at Hemmigen in quality control.
Well, if he had an accomplice, I want him in here.
All known associates, too.
The cabin blew up? What about the money? Most of it was destroyed.
How am I supposed to explain that to the board of directors? Forensics are scouring the wreckage for DNA.
They will find out who did this.
Well, at least he can't hurt any more people.
Whoever blew up that cabin is the real Insulin Killer.
- You think Bruce had an accomplice? - No.
An accomplice would have gotten the money and then killed Bruce.
I think whoever did this was trying to prevent Bruce from revealing what he knew about the poisonings.
Then why not kill him before the call? Why risk the exposure? Because the killer didn't know who Bruce was until they heard his voice on the call.
Do you think the killer intercepted the call somehow? The line was secure.
If they were tapping it, we'd know.
No, I think the killer was in this room.
You think the killer was here? They knew about the drop and had access to Hemmigen's production floor at the time of the tampering.
Now, there's only one person I can think of who fits that criteria.
Everyone on the call was accounted for at the time of the drop except for Wendy.
I did try calling her.
It went straight to voice mail.
And she did insist on being on that call.
I think she recognized Bruce's voice.
And she said, "You don't know who you're dealing with.
" She was angry.
Yeah, I don't think she was talking about Hemmigen.
I think she was talking about herself.
The insulin shortage has led to mass panic nationwide as emergency rooms find themselves overrun with patients in diabetic ketoacidosis, a potentially deadly condition.
Drug companies are in a race against time to meet the demand for insulin.
We're bringing in everyone Bruce talked to in the last 48 hours.
I want to talk to Wendy Vaughan.
I think she's involved.
Are you insane? She's not some disgruntled employee.
She's the VP of risk management.
You have no cause to arrest her.
I don't want to arrest her, I just want to interview her.
Reason being? Multiple tampered batches point to an inside job, and she has high-level security clearance that gives her access to the production floor.
She also happens to be married to a senator, who happens to be on the FBI's oversight committee.
I know it's a big ask.
No, it's more than a big ask.
It's a political minefield.
All I'm thinking about right now are the 700,000 diabetics who are in desperate need of safe insulin.
Two more deaths from poisoning have been reported.
A different batch.
That brings the body count to 12.
Okay, you can talk to Wendy, but on one condition.
I will be in the box with you.
- Deal.
- Donovan needs to sign off on it first.
I'm sure he'll love the idea.
ERIC: Pending Donovan's approval, we're in.
You and Wendy have a history, so I'm gonna need you in my ear.
I'm still trying to wrap my head around the idea that she could actually be the killer.
We used to play beer pong together.
Zara, check out Hemmigen's production floor.
See if you can find a connection between Wendy and Bruce, please.
Okay, I'm on it.
What do I need to know about her? Well, she's scary-smart, competitive as hell.
Her favorite topic of conversation is herself.
She was fun to spar with.
Life of the party.
But I don't know, whenever we were together, we just never really connected.
- And she ended it? - Yeah.
One day, out of nowhere.
She never told me why.
I never figured it out.
Donovan's on board as long as your questions stick to Hemmigen.
So be careful what you say in there.
Let's do this.
I heard you wanted to see me.
Do you have any news on the killer? Please have a seat.
We just want to make sure we've covered everything regarding Hemmigen in this case.
You work in risk management, right? Wh-What does that entail, exactly? I identify the possible risks associated with a product or with the process used to develop, manufacture and distribute it.
That's a massive responsibility.
I oversee a multifaceted framework that liaises between corporate compliance, the business team, and the legal department.
You must know a lot about how Hemmigen works, the ins and outs.
Do you have access to the production floor? Yes, of course.
Why? Well, what I'm getting at, Wendy, is that sometimes we know things without even knowing that we know them.
You think I'm involved.
We're just covering all our bases.
How dare you? Oh, no, we're not accusing you of anything.
We're just having a conversation here.
This is a national disaster.
The FBI and your little outfit Crisis Resolution, is it? I'm sure you have limited resources, so why are you wasting precious time on me? Someone's getting defensive.
You dated her.
I don't see it.
What can I say? It was college.
I also LARPed.
LARPed? Live-action role-play? Never mind.
I convinced the board of directors to release $50 million, only to have that money blown up, for which I have you to thank.
What did you do after the board meeting? I called my husband in D.
He spent an hour consoling me.
So, if it's an alibi you're after, check my phone records.
She's making this tragedy all about her.
Exaggerated sense of self-importance.
Wendy's definitely a narcissist.
Eric, ask her about the victims.
I noticed you haven't mentioned the victims of the Insulin Killer.
What's that supposed to mean? 12 people are dead, hospitals are full of patients in diabetic comas.
You don't think that's been on my mind? It's all I think about.
She's calm, no signs of anxiety.
Well, she's definitely acting upset.
Emphasis on "acting.
" Her metrics aren't matching her words.
If she doesn't like being accused, why doesn't she just leave or call her husband? Get a lawyer? Because she is enjoying this.
She likes the attention.
What are you doing? Profiling.
Eric, I found a connection between Bruce and Wendy.
Someone filed a complaint about Bruce to Wendy for smoking on the production floor.
You knew Bruce Kaplansky.
Not well.
I understand he was reported to you for smoking on the production floor.
I find that interesting.
That Bruce was a smoker? ERIC: That you knew.
Which is why you cut the gas lines in his cabin and turned it into a death trap.
Eric, stick to Hemmigen.
I agreed to this meeting to answer your questions, not to be accused of murder.
The longer we sit here, the more people die.
You two are dating, aren't you? I wonder what my husband will have to say about that.
It's a conflict of interest.
Be careful, though, hon.
I heard him say it's not serious between you two.
]: Please be aware, because of increased security, you must keep your passes with you at all times.
How's it going? What'd I miss? Did you dig up anything else on Wendy? She was on the phone with her husband for over an hour after the board meeting.
- So her alibi checks out.
- Not necessarily.
She called from her Hemmigen number, but it was a VolP call.
- VolP? - OLIVER: Voice over IP.
An Internet call.
Service providers don't keep records of user data, so the calls are notoriously hard to trace.
She could've been calling from her office, but she also could've been calling en route to Bruce's cabin.
She's using her husband as a shield.
I found another interesting nugget: for Hemmigen to save face, someone's head's gonna have to roll, most likely the chief operating officer Clark Mathison.
And guess who's in line for his job.
Wendy Vaughan.
It doesn't surprise me.
Back in grad school, she had a little nickname: Wisteria Wendy.
- She was a climber.
- Grades, guys, and social status she did whatever it took to get whatever she wanted, and she didn't care who she hurt along the way.
At first I thought she was just ambitious, but now I'm starting to see something else, a specific psychological profile.
What kind of profile? This.
I think Wendy's a Dark Triad.
Someone who presents with three characteristics: narcissistic, ego-driven, psychopathic, lacking empathy, and Machiavellian, highly manipulative.
Dark Triads are well educated and they move up fast in the business world.
So if what you're saying is true, then we should detain her and conduct a formal interrogation.
Your typical tactics won't work with a Dark Triad.
She has no empathy and her defenses are up.
- What's her weakness? - She doesn't have any.
Unless you count her competitive streak.
I mean, the girl loves to win.
So let's let her think she's won.
You know, if I could get her on her turf, where she's in control, and get her sparring again, like we did back in grad school, maybe I could get her to let something slip.
If you could get her to implicate herself in the insulin murders, we could leverage her to reveal the remaining batches.
Yeah, what exactly are you proposing? We let Wendy go.
Donovan just approved getting her in here.
He's not gonna be on board with letting her go, especially now she's a flight risk.
You know as well as I do, we don't have a lot of time.
This is the best strategy we have to get her to crack.
I'm really sorry this happened.
They had no right to question you like that.
I get that they were doing their due diligence, but it was humiliating.
To imply that I was somehow involved I told Eric it was ridiculous.
I was overruled.
Well, thanks for sticking up for me, but it's too late.
Hemmigen put me on leave.
- For how long? - Indefinitely.
All I want to do is stop this-this monster, and now I'm not even allowed back in the building until the investigation is resolved.
How about a drink? I'm sure you could use one right about now.
You know, when I saw you today, I got to say, it, uh, it was nice.
I've been feeling pretty rough since things fell apart with Maxine, and, uh, seeing you reminded me of the good old days.
You know what? A drink is probably not a bad idea.
Why don't you come over for a glass of wine? Okay.
Let's do it.
You think Wendy's onto him? If she's as smart as he says she is, I wouldn't be surprised.
Donovan was okay with this? I don't know.
I didn't ask him.
I didn't want to take the chance he'd say no.
And when he finds out? We incriminate Wendy, it won't matter.
Your team find any connection between Wendy and the poisonings? Not yet.
CYNTHIA: Wendy better be guilty.
I'd feel awful for snooping in her office.
ZARA: There's no record of Wendy even setting foot on the production floor.
So, um Eric and Kate, huh? - Looks like it.
- Interesting.
Interesting that they're together, or Interesting that the same employee swiped in on Hemmigen's production floor every time the contaminated batches were shipped out.
Who? An employee by the name of Lisa Mansfield.
Who is Lisa Mansfield? OLIVER: Wow.
Nice digs.
Peter insisted on a gourmet kitchen.
You know me, I can barely fry an egg, but I lucked out nabbing a hubby who cooks.
Let me grab something from the wine cellar.
Eric, she has a toll transponder in her car.
ERIC: Good eye, Oliver.
Did your people track Wendy's car? If she drove to Bruce's cabin, she would've passed through some highway tolls; we could prove it.
Her car was parked at Hemmigen all afternoon.
Peter claims cooking helps him relax, a concept I will never understand.
If it were up to me, it would be takeout every night of the week.
OLIVER: Yeah, well, you were the queen of microwave ramen, back in the day.
You remember.
[CHUCKLES] To old friends.
To old friends.
Oh, God, I still can't believe they actually think it was me.
Everyone was on edge and it got out of hand, that's all.
You're right.
Let's talk about something else.
Hostage negotiation, huh? Never saw that coming.
Yeah, yeah, I guess it is kind of different.
But you, you know, I'd always figured you'd be running your own private practice by now.
Why Hemmigen? WENDY: Oh, I was getting an award at some conference, and Hemmigen swooped in and wined and dined me.
At the end of the day, their comp was just too good to turn down.
Of course, who knows what's next for me there.
Do you know if they have any new leads or suspects? I have a theory, actually.
You remember, back in grad school, a psychological profile that we studied called the Dark Triad? Seems like a stretch, no? You know, Triads want to cause damage on an epic scale.
What better way than to target a massive drug company? Largest supplier of insulin in the country.
Seriously, Oliver? How many Dark Triads have you ever actually met? I think she's taking the bait.
I'm sorry about what Wendy overheard me say.
About it not being serious between us.
Don't worry about it.
It's not that serious for me either.
We're just having fun, right? Right.
OLIVER: You know, th-there is something that I've been wondering all these years.
What's that? Why did you ghost on me? Aw, have you really been thinking about me all these years? I mean, you never did give me a reason why you broke it off.
Well, I guess, after I won the Brighton Fellowship, I got too busy for a relationship.
Oh, right, I forgot you won that.
Lucky, I guess.
The competition was pretty stiff.
Yeah, you asked me to lobby for you because I knew Professor Stanton on the selection committee, and I wasn't supposed to, but I did, and you won, and then you dumped me the next day.
Yeah, it tracks.
What tracks? You used me.
Like you're probably using your senator husband now.
Where's this coming from? Are you jealous or something? Did he get you the job at Hemmigen? Because I looked into you, Wendy.
They didn't wine and dine you.
In fact, you had to apply for the job three times before they would even give you an interview.
What, are you stalking me now? Only a Triad would have the discipline to set a long game plan into action.
Stake out a company, move up the ranks until they got a position with a high-level security clearance.
You're playing me.
And not very well.
I knew it the moment you suggested a drink.
You never were very good at pretending.
You were so happy-go-lucky in grad school, but you're different now.
Clearly dealing with some personal issues.
Is it that Maxine? She must've really done a number on you.
Don't bring her into this.
She broke up with you, didn't she? And it crushed you.
Just like you were crushed when I dumped you.
He's letting things get personal.
Something's wrong.
But to take your petty little grudge and actually accuse me of this atrocity is beyond pathetic.
It's sociopathic.
I want you to leave.
What'd you put in my drink? You can't leave well enough alone, can you? [STATICKY]: Don't tell me you stalked Maxine like this, too.
[BREAKING UP]: Can you hear me? Oliver? I looked into you, too, you know.
Found a police report about the shooting.
[VOICE ECHOING]: What was that like? Dale! Do it now! - [GUNSHOT, SHOUTING] WENDY [ECHOING]: Did Maxine go to jail? No.
No, it wasn't her fault.
It was your fault, wasn't it? You put her in that terrible position.
Whatever room they walked into must be jamming the signal.
She's leading him into a trap.
You know, an experience like that can have lasting effects.
Post-traumatic stress syndrome.
You've got all the signs.
I couldn't protect her.
That's right.
And it destroyed her, didn't it? She had to kill someone to save you.
No wonder she left you.
You made her a murderer.
She's not a murderer.
You are.
I know you did it.
Put the gun down, Oliver.
Let's talk about this.
We're friends, remember? [GUNSHOT IN DISTANCE] Oliver.
[GUN CLICKS] WENDY: [SHOUTS] Help me! [PANTING]: I can't believe you shot me.
Drop the gun, Oliver.
- Put the gun down.
- WENDY: He shot me.
He tried to kill me.
[MUFFLED]: You released her bent my arm to get her in here.
What the hell were you thinking, Barrett? Don't even get me started about NEWS ANCHOR [OVER COMPUTER]: The shortage of insulin has become acute.
Hospitals are reporting an uptick in admissions for diabetic-related symptoms.
State and federal authorities are encouraging people not to forgo their insulin medication out of fear of contamination.
DONOVAN: I think you're too distracted by your boyfriend.
I don't want an explanation.
You're off the case pending a full review.
- Sir, but - No.
Get out! [DOOR CLOSES] What did Donovan say? About what? Releasing someone suspected of mass murder or the fact that one of your team members shot her? Or maybe you're referring to him learning that you and I are an item? Because he addressed all three topics, quite colorfully.
Okay, I'm sorry.
He's taken me off the case pending further review.
Look, I'm not blaming you.
Letting Wendy go was my decision.
But I think that this, whatever we are, might be clouding my judgment.
You said your people tracked Wendy's transponder, but did they track her husband's? I'm not sure.
You're actually asking me for another favor? Kate, I will fix all this, I promise.
I can't believe I shot her.
Well, thankfully, it's just a graze.
She's gonna be fine.
Thank you.
Your drink wasspiked.
Your blood tested positive for scopolamine, an odorless, tasteless drug that makes people vulnerable to suggestion.
Victims have no memory of what happens to them when they're on it.
Wendy's pressing charges, but if she drugged Oliver, that proves culpability, doesn't it? Her husband's on the oversight committee.
It'll take more than that for the FBI to move against her.
Where did the gun even come from? It was mine.
I-I got it a couple months ago, but I never used it, I swear.
Till today.
What were you thinking? I don't know what's going on with me.
ZARA: What did you guys see on the button cam feed? It cut out.
We lost the signal.
I'm gonna see if I can get your cell phone out of evidence.
Maybe there's something on there that can help us.
I know Wendy's the killer.
Oh, we believe you.
But Wendy never set foot onto the production floor.
There is one employee who was present when the poisoned batches were shipped out.
Who? CYNTHIA: Her name's Lisa Mansfield.
She's the VP of quality control.
Well, let's bring her in.
We can't find her anywhere in the state.
Yeah, that's because Lisa Mansfield doesn't work at Hemmigen.
She's a paranoid schizophrenic at the Hillbrook Psychiatric Asylum.
Wendy and I studied her case in grad school.
Well, Wendy created a fake employee file for her.
Pay history, security clearance, the works.
She must have swiped onto the production floor as Lisa Mansfield when she poisoned the batches.
The evidence is incriminating, but even if the Feds arrest Wendy, she won't give up the remaining contaminated batch numbers.
She wants people to die.
There might be another way to get her to talk.
] Have you come to apologize for Oliver's behavior? No, no, I'm here because I have proof that you created Lisa Mansfield's employee profile, which ties you to the insulin tampering.
All that sounds like is proof that I was framed.
By Bruce, no doubt.
One tip from me, and FBI techs will be digging into your electronic fingerprint.
Tracing Lisa Mansfield to you will be child's play for them.
I don't know who you think you are I'm a negotiator, and I'm here to make a deal.
None of the evidence that I have needs to come to light.
If you give me the remaining batch numbers and you drop the charges against Oliver, everyone will go their separate ways.
He shot me.
Do you understand that? I understand that you have no empathy.
Something tells me that prison won't suit you very well.
If I gave you these batch numbers that you seem to think I have, that would constitute a confession.
Not if they were sent anonymously to the FBI from an encrypted e-mail account.
The crisis would be averted, you'd get promoted, and no one would be the wiser.
If you've looked into me, and I'm I'm sure you have, you know I'm a man of my word.
And if you're as brilliant as you think you are, you know what I'm offering is your only way out of this.
You know, not a lot of people can do what I do.
It takes a certain kind of person to work in risk management.
People have accused me of lacking empathy, but the truth is people like me serve a necessary function.
Do they? History has proven so.
Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan.
They were the ones who made tough decisions.
The greatest leaps in human progress were made by people like us.
Psychopaths, you mean.
I mean leaders.
And we're not gonna sit idly by.
When the asteroid hits that decimates the population, we're the ones who will do what needs to be done.
I have seen a lot of self-delusion in my time, but yours takes the cake.
You just wanted those people to die so you could feel like you mattered.
I'm here to tell you that you don't matter, Wendy.
And you never will.
The FBI received an anonymous e-mail listing the remaining tainted batch numbers.
Hemmigen did a risk assessment and determined that the casualty rate is actually higher if they don't start supplying insulin than if they do.
So they destroyed the batches on the list and terminated the recall.
Well, that's great news.
There's still a risk that some of the batches out there could be poisoned.
Self-preservation's a powerful motivator.
If Wendy lied, we'd find out and go after her.
That woman does not want to rot in jail.
Mm, maybe you're right.
She did drop the charges against Oliver.
We're really gonna let a mass murderer walk.
You're being placed under arrestHey! - For the murder of Bruce Kaplansky.
- Get off me.
Don't touch me! Do you know who my husband is? Let's go.
You have the right to remain silent.
If you give up that right, anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right to an attorney.
If you cannot afford an attorney, one will be provided for you.
You knew she'd get arrested.
Well, I knew she killed Bruce.
I just needed proof that she drove to his cabin.
Yeah, but her car was parked at Hemmigen.
Ah, she drove her husband's car.
We tracked it to a toll road right by the cabin.
Does Kate know you made a deal with Wendy? No.
She does not.
Bruce piggybacked on Wendy's plan.
Oh, you think he discovered the poisoned insulin in quality control and didn't report it? He knew that Hemmigen would pay to contain the threat, and they did.
But because Bruce wasn't part of Wendy's plan, he became her weak link.
Control freaks like Wendy are terrible improvisers, which is why she forgot to remove the toll transponder from her husband's car.
CYNTHIA: We still have a problem.
Even though Wendy dropped the charges against Oliver, the FBI wants to investigate the shooting.
You guys may have lost the button cam signal in the van, but the feed automatically downloaded to the phone in your pocket.
Check it out.
WENDY [OVER VIDEO]: You can tell people whatever you want, but I don't think anyone will believe you.
OLIVER [OVER VIDEO]: Wendy, let go of the gun.
- [GUNSHOT] - ZARA: She pulled the trigger.
- I didn't shoot her? - No.
She shot herself.
But why the gun, Oliver? After what happened with Maxine, I just didn't feel safe.
Why didn't you come to us? We could have talked about it.
Yeah, I knew you wouldn't approve.
I get it, I do.
But in my experience, the problem with carrying a gun is that eventually it will go off.
I think I need help.
We're here for you.
Whatever you need.
ERIC: So when's your review happening? It's not.
Donovan said I'll actually be getting a commendation.
Oh, congrats.
Well deserved.
He also said you gave me full credit for getting the batch numbers.
How did you get Wendy to spill? You need a date for this ceremony? Thought it wasn't serious between us.
Okay, look, I I said what I said because women I've been in relationships with, bad things happened to them, because of me.
So you're trying to protect me by keeping me at arm's length? I know it's stupid, but Yeah, it's stupid.
So how about, from now on, you let my safety be my call.
I mean, you did ask out an FBI agent.
Wait, I asked you out? I distinctly remember you Shut up, Beaumont.