Ransom (2017) s03e09 Episode Script

Broken Record

1 YANNICK: Listen, don't mess me around, if you want your husband back alive, you do what I say.
- I'm listening.
- You have the money? Before we get to that, we're gonna need proof that Jonah is alive.
I'm sure you can understand that Holly here, is very worried about her husband.
- There, see? - (PAINED MOANS) Oh my God, what did they do to you? Holly, stay calm.
Remember, no emotion.
Baby, just give him what he wants, Holly.
Okay? You have the $2,000,000? I have $1,000,000 in unmarked bills.
I-I said $2,000,000.
And I want to get you what you want.
So, $1,000,000 right now, or you give me a few weeks, keep Jonah safe, avoid the police, and we'll see what we can do.
Okay, deal.
But we do it now.
I'll text you where to meet.
(CLICKS CALL OFF) Jonah's alive, he's okay.
I've negotiated with many men like this.
Jonah's coming home safe.
(FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH IN SNOW) (ZIPPER RASPS) - OLIVER: Lake Balaton, huh? - CYNTHIA: Yeah, this is Hungary's premiere resort region.
Wow, I bet it's great here in the summertime.
Eric! You might wanna check out this view! Yeah, it's nice.
(DOORS SLAM) CYNTHIA: Holly and Jonah Preston bought this place a year ago.
They've been fixing it up.
Felix Culpa hotel.
"Happy Fault.
" Something good comes from something bad.
Sorry, we're closed for the season.
- Holly Preston? - Yes? I'm Eric Beaumont with Crisis Resolution.
Insurance company sent us to negotiate your husband's return.
Is something wrong, Ms.
Preston? I don't understand.
You're You're not him.
I'm not who? Eric Beaumont, he was just here.
He's taken the money to pay for my husband's release.
Yesterday my husband, Jonah, disappeared.
Uh, then I got a call demanding $2,000,000, or they'd kill him.
I contacted our insurance company and they called Crisis Resolution, and told me you guys were on your way to handle it.
Um, and then? And then this morning, this man came to the door, I assumed it was you, he seemed professional, like he knew what he was doing.
Did he introduce himself as Eric? Well, I was expecting you, so I said, "Are you Eric Beaumont?" He said, "Yes.
" What else did he say? He assured me that we'd get Jonah back.
He said the metrics were excellent and that we could trust the kidnapper.
Well, it sounds like whoever it is studied the lingo to pass himself off as the real thing.
Could you just tell me what's going on? Where's my husband? We're going to figure that out.
Did this negotiator tell you where he was headed? The Kadar Amphitheater.
- Kadar? - Mhmm.
Would you excuse us, please? (FOOTSTEPS THUD) The hotel security footage paid off.
This is the guy.
ZARA: This is him arriving first thing this morning.
You know him? Well yeah, that's Travis Beaton.
OLIVER: Who is? He's a negotiator.
One of the best.
I read his book.
Came to Quantico when I was a cadet, gave a lecture on hostage negotiation.
Blew us all away.
He had an amazing record of saving lives.
He's one of the reasons I became a negotiator.
Well, says here he shut his business down, retired.
So, why would he be impersonating you? I have no idea, but it doesn't sound like the Travis Beaton I knew.
But I mean, it's hard to find an innocent explanation here.
I mean, Jonah's gone and there's no money.
Zara, let's you and I go to the drop site, see if we can figure out what happened.
Oliver, you and Cynthia dig up everything you can on Travis Beaton.
Especially where we can find him.
(SEAGULLS CRY) Is that blood? Yeah.
Looks like someone tried to cover it up.
(FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH IN SNOW) There's more over here.
So maybe Travis met the kidnapper.
If Travis came to the drop then he wasn't just planning on running off with the ransom money.
But why come then? Maybe he was really trying to save Jonah? Where is he then? How well do you know Travis? I was on one of my first negotiations for the FBI.
The hostage taker was low on bullets, threatened to kill a hostage if I didn't get him more ammunition.
Obviously around me said it would be crazy to agree to his demand.
Yeah, count me in.
I knew Travis' reputation, so I uh, called him for help, and he gave me a tip: save the life you can.
I got the hostage taker's bullets and uh we wound up saving everyone that day.
He taught you to think outside the box.
Well, I called him a few more times after that for advice, and he always came through.
(PHONE RINGS) Do you hear that? (PHONE RINGS) I think it's coming from over there.
(RING BECOMES LOUDER) Well, it's not Jonah or Travis.
The kidnapper? The bullet went straight through the heart.
Yannick Zidaru.
He's local.
(CAR ENGINE HUMS) Yannick? Yannick? (SPEAKING ROMANIAN) (PHONE RINGS) (DOORS SLAM, ENGINE REVS) (CAR ROARS AWAY) (PHONE RINGS) What you got? We tracked down a guy who used to work for Beaton.
He said Travis is laying low, staying at a cottage in Lake Balaton.
We scored the address from a local company that he rented it from.
Alright, send it to me, please.
Eric, you should also know, we found out Travis was divorced last year.
There's also a record of him assaulting somebody in a bar fight, and he had his condo repossessed to cover back taxes he didn't pay.
That doesn't make sense.
This is a brilliant man we're talking about.
Yeah well, I'm sorry.
Find out what you can about a Yannick Zidaru.
Looks like he's our kidnapper.
Now deceased.
Zara will send the address.
Wait, Travis killed him? I don't know.
None of this makes sense right now.
(BEEPS CALL OFF) I should call the police about the body.
See if you could convince them to keep this quiet, buy us some time.
If those men find out that their friend Yannick is dead, Jonah will likely be joining him.
Those men are gonna think you did this, Eric.
- They'll come looking for you.
- Right.
On the bright side, saves us looking for them.
CYNTHIA: Alright, this is our dead guy's address.
(DOORS SLAM) (FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH IN SNOW) Well, crime can't be paying very well in this neck of the woods.
(SIGHS) Okay.
(DOOR CREAKS) Come on.
(PAPERS RUSTLE) Why is it that unpaid bills are recognizable in any language? CYNTHIA: Hey.
This is our dead guy.
(CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS) (DOOR CREAKS) Look at this, a holding cell.
This place has all the modern conveniences.
This has been here for some time.
Jonah must have been held here.
Someone broke in here and took him.
(HEAVY BREATHING) Ahh! Okay, where are you taking me? I just wanna go home, okay? Let me go! (PAINED GRUNTS) Oh my God! I thought you were taking me back? - Sit.
- I thought I was going free.
(YELLING IN THE DISTANCE) I can give you more money! - Where is he? - Who? Yannick! My son! - He kidnapped you! - I don't know! He wore a mask! I can get you more money, look I can pay more - (BANGING ON DOOR) - ERIC: Travis? (APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS CRUNCH) (COCKS GUN) Travis.
Eric Beaumont.
Ah, I'd hoped this would all be over by the time you got here.
I've got you.
You're shot.
Ugh! (SLURPS) Trust me, this wasn't the plan.
Well, luckily the bullet went right through.
I should get you to a doctor.
This could go septic.
Not a chance.
I've got a job to finish.
You mean my job.
Eric Beaumont.
Well, you've become quite the star since your FBI days.
The man with the perfect record.
Trust me, I made my share of mistakes.
You gonna tell me what's going on, Travis? (SIGHS) Yeah, I guess this does look kinda bad, me pretending to be you.
Why'd you like to Holly about who you were? I heard Jonah had been kidnapped, I thought I could save him.
You must have known that we were inbound.
(SIGHS) Yeah, I was here, on the ground.
What would you have done? Offered assistance, using my real name.
Yeah, that wasn't gonna work.
What do you mean? (SIGHS) I needed the cash.
You were after the ransom money.
I figured, why should some criminal have it? Why not me? I have debts to pay.
I figured I could get Jonah back and Holly would never be the wiser about where the money went.
What went wrong at the drop site? Why is Yannick dead? He pulled his piece, fired.
(GUNSHOTS POP) I reacted, fired back.
You showed up with a gun, Travis, with a plan to steal their ransom.
What did you think was gonna happen? What's your number one rule? Never increase the risk to the client.
Don't quote me to me.
- (CAR APPROACHES) - (DOG BARKS) It's not safe here.
There's a good chance Yannick's people will be looking for us.
- We need to move.
- We've gotta find Jonah.
That's not for you to worry about anymore.
Let me help, Eric.
I need to make this right.
CYNTHIA: Okay, what do we have so far? So, our dead kidnapper, Yannick, is a member of the Zidaru crime family.
This is Constantine, the patriarch.
His wife passed away a few years ago.
And this is Yannick's younger brother, Marcu.
Cute, they even have a little family crest.
What have you got? The Interpol report says they're Romanian.
They moved around Eastern Europe for the last decade or so, running various kidnapping and extortion rings.
So, Constantine is the mastermind and his sons, Yannick and Marcu, do his bidding.
ZARA: Hey.
Cynthia: Hey, how'd it go? I bought us some time with the police.
What, did you bribe them? Please tell me you did not steal a dead man's ID and phone.
He wasn't using it.
- That the Zidaru family? - Mhmm.
They've gotta have Jonah.
If he's still alive.
(DOOR CREAKS) What have you done? How could you risk my husband's life like that? Holly, I'm sorry.
I'm really Sorry?! That's it? I'm reporting you to the police.
ERIC: Holly, Jonah's still in the hands of the kidnappers.
We don't want to notify the police just yet.
I'm gonna make this right.
When this is done, you'll get what's coming to you.
Come on.
Cynthia, Oliver, Zara, this is Travis Beaton.
I've heard about the great CriRes team.
You okay? Oh yeah, it's just a flesh wound.
Would you give us a moment, Travis? - Oh.
- Thanks.
He wants to keep working the case.
You're not considering? Okay, he's a good man, he's just lost his way.
Okay, listen, I'm all about hating the sin and not the sinner, but the guy's committed like three felonies in the last 12 hours, and those are just the ones that we know about.
He's interacted with the kidnapper.
That could be useful.
And if it wasn't Travis Beaton, the man who inspired you to become a negotiator, - would you be saying that? - Eric, with all due respect, you're not being objective here.
Your opinions are taken under advisement.
But for now Travis works with us.
- Eric - And, we investigate him.
(ZARA SIGHS) Cynthia, talk to him.
See if you can find out why he went off the rails, why he's really here in Balaton.
Anything on Yannick? Well, I managed to crack his cell phone.
Found a number for his father, Constantine.
Good work.
Always good to have solid tech support on a team.
I'm not tech support, I'm a profiler.
Anyway, Constantine Zidaru and his sons, have been running a kidnapping and extortion ring for years.
The police have been hunting him down, but the guy's like a ghost.
He never shows himself.
So, it's likely Constantine has Jonah.
You're calling him? Yeah, I'm sure he'll eventually track us down, but we don't have time to waste, and someone needs to tell Constantine that his son is dead.
That's exactly what I would do.
Well, with that endorsement.
(PHONE RINGS) This is Eric Beaumont.
Where is my son? I have information about Yannick, but first I want to know that Jonah is safe.
Are you with the Montrovas? (WHISPERS) Montrovas? I'm a negotiator hired by Jonah's wife.
- Put Yannick on! - He's not here.
Listen, I have something you want, you have something I want.
We can do business.
You think you can play with me? No, but the information I have about your son, is something I can only share in person.
You want Jonah? Tihany Baths, tomorrow 7:00 am.
- Come alone! - (BEEPS CALL OFF) Crisis Resolution, they work as a team.
Track them.
All of them.
ERIC: Tihany Baths, alright.
You're going in person? Constantine will kill you once he finds out Yannick's dead.
He's gonna find out soon enough from the police.
If I tell him over the phone, he will kill Jonah.
If I'm there, there is a chance that I can negotiate him out of doing it.
- The Capaldi kidnapping? - Yeah.
Made them think I was working the client to pay a higher ransom.
Simulated Coopetition.
Make the counter-party believe you share the same goal.
Yeah, I can use that.
- I'll set my alarm.
- He said alone.
Eric, come on! You can use me! No, stay here.
Work with my team.
Provide whatever assistance you can.
(SIGHS) Alright.
Have it your way.
Okay, Constantine mentioned the Montrova crime family on the call.
- We spotted this at Yannick's.
- And? The Zidarus aren't the only crime family operating in the area.
They have competition - the Montrovas.
ZARA: The Montrovas and Zidarus are like the Hatfield and McCoys.
Rival clans with an ancient feud that goes so far back no one even knows how it started.
But the Montrovas are far more successful than the Zidarus.
They own high-end properties - hotels, casinos.
Perfect venues for money laundering.
Including The Citadel hotel.
Seems odd Yannick would be visiting his archrival's establishment.
Yeah, I thought the same thing.
We'll check it out.
(GLASS THUDS) Simulated coopetition.
Someone's read my book.
I did.
You have a very impressive record.
- I had a perfect record.
- Had.
I'm out of the game now.
(SIGHS) Got tired of hotels and airports, you know.
I was just wondering, how did you know about Jonah's kidnapping? Right place, right time, I guess.
Were you following Yannick? Hey, I came to Lake Balaton to get some peace.
And then this happened.
(CHUCKLES) Hmm, if I read your book correctly, that's called deflection.
(CHUCKLES) Why were you following him? How did you even know who he was? Okay.
Okay, so you were a great negotiator, among the best.
So, what happened? I don't think you'd understand.
Try me.
A few years ago, I was working a case.
A little boy, his name was Soren, he was kidnapped.
Didn't make it home.
(EXHALES) I'm sorry.
It was a by-the-book negotiation - I built trust, paid the ransom, but kidnappers never showed up with the boy, and I never heard from them again.
Stayed on for months looking for the people that took him.
I missed something, and that boy died because of me.
(WATER RIPPLES GENTLY, SEAGULLS CRY) It's Marcu, isn't it? You're Yannick's younger brother, right? (WATER SPLASHES) So uh, you are Eric Beaumont? You have Jonah Preston, I have the ransom money.
Let's end this.
How much? $500K.
You can have the hotel owner, once I get my son back.
I'm sorry to have to tell you this, your son is dead.
You kill him! MARCU: Tata! Tata! My Yanni! You will pay for this! I didn't kill him! Why would I come here alone, on your turf? Someone else killed him.
Someone, someone who's pretending to be me.
Tata, no! (CRYING) No.
Not again.
Not again.
I am sorry for your loss.
I am.
But we have a common interest here, honoring your son's deal.
A deal he made with Jonah's wife.
You want Jonah? Hmm? Bring me the man who killed my son, by sundown, or he's dead.
(WATER SPLASHES, ANGRY SHOUTING) I have until sundown tonight to confirm that I'm gonna give him the killer.
Then, let's do it! You seem awfully eager to sacrifice yourself.
It's not a sacrifice, it's how we save Jonah.
Yeah, I got the distinct impression that Constantine was playing catch up when it came to the kidnapping.
He didn't know the ransom amount.
So Yannick was working on his own - when he kidnapped Jonah.
- Yeah, it's looking that way.
His father runs the family operation, so why did the son go behind his back? Listen, there's no other way.
We've got what we need to save Jonah, that's all that matters here.
Handing you over is not on the table.
Look, Eric, you work for her.
Are you gonna let her husband die because of a mistake I made? - Eric, can I have a word? - Sure.
(SLURPS COFFEE) ZARA: Well, it looks like the Montrovas know how to make crime pay around here.
What do you think about Eric keeping Travis around? Travis was his hero.
Must be hard to see what his hero's become.
No, I don't think that's it.
Travis was an out-of-the-box negotiator.
The best, just like Eric.
You think he seems himself in Travis? 20-years in the future? Yeah.
But Eric would never do what Travis did.
Not now, but something knocked Travis off his pedestal.
Whatever it was, Eric knows the same thing could happen to him? (BALL RATTLES, LAUGHTER) LENA: Thank you for choosing to gamble at The Citadel.
I'm happy to discuss your request for credit in our casino.
I just need a few details.
We're not actually high rollers here to play, Miss Montrova, we're private negotiators.
What do you know about Yannick Zidaru? Yannick's dead.
In a botched ransom exchange.
Look, we want to resolve this quietly and confidentially, without the police, but if we have to involve them The Zidarus and my family hate each other.
The Zidarus killed my great-grandfather because he had murdered their great-great-grandfather, who had murdered their great - We get the picture.
- It's stupid.
I wanted no part of it.
Nor did Yannick.
He came to me.
He said his father was a failure, hiding out from the police, getting by on scraps.
He was mean to Yannick.
Brutal, even.
He wanted to join us.
You said yes? I was open to it.
But my brothers they wanted a show of good faith.
That's what the ransom was for, to buy in.
I didn't know he was going to kidnap someone to get it.
He lost a child? Yeah, boy named Soren.
Negotiator's worst nightmare.
That could send him into a spiral.
He'd try anything to make up for it, even interfering in a kidnapping case.
Can you find out where this happened? See if it has any parallels with what's happening here? - (PHONE PINGS) - There may be a way we can help them.
So Yannick was working with the Montrovas.
Excuse me, Eric, there's somebody here for you.
What's he want? No, no.
You stay here.
(PHONE RINGS) Hello? Yes, thank you for getting back to me.
I'm guessing your father didn't send you.
Your people went to The Citadel hotel.
My father detests the Montrova family.
If he ever found out That Yannick was planning to join them? He would never forgive him.
Yannick confided in you, didn't he? - He was my older brother.
- That's right, he had big plans.
Brothers stick together.
You were leaving with him.
But not now.
No, because your father would take it all out on you.
Listen Marcu, I may have no choice but to let him know.
He can never know.
TRAVIS: Marcu? It's Marcu, isn't it? Listen - Travis - Take me to your father.
- I'm the man he wants.
- Travis, now is not the time.
I have to go.
I can't be seen here.
Marcu, wait! Wait, please! Look, give me Constantine's number, I'll go talk to him, clear this whole mess up.
Now you're not getting that number.
We have another option we're working on.
You think I've lost it, don't you? You endangered my client.
Oh, so that makes you better than me.
I didn't say that, but maybe you're in this - for the wrong reason.
- Oh, you think this is - about my record? My ego? - I don't have time for this.
Hey, you're one to talk, Beaumont! Hey, you think I don't know that you count every one of those lives you save? I bet you keep a little book with the names of each and every one of them.
Etched in stone.
Travis! And don't tell me you don't wake up in a sweat sometimes wondering what's gonna happen when you lose one, and your perfect record is broken.
But it's worse than that, because you're wondering, what do I care about more, the life I just lost, or the fact that my perfect record is forever tarnished? We're not different, you and me.
- He's just blowing off steam.
- Yeah.
I found something - the boy that Travis lost, Soren, it happened in Bucharest 12 years ago.
And guess what? Constantine was operating out of Bucharest then.
He left shortly after Soren disappeared.
Well, the timeline fits.
Constantine kidnapped Soren.
Travis must have been negotiating with him back then.
CYNTHIA: He blames Constantine for killing the boy.
That's what this is really about.
Travis lied.
He was never really after the ransom money, he came here planning to kidnap Yannick and draw out Constantine.
He's here for revenge.
(TRUNK SLAMS) (DOOR SLAMS) (ENGINE RUMBLES) Constantine, it's Eric Beaumont.
What's Travis up to? (ENGINE ROARS, TIRES SQUEAL) - Where's he going? - On a suicide mission.
He got a hold of Yannick's phone, most likely to call Constantine.
Then how do we find Constantine's whereabouts? You know what? I bet Lena Montrova keeps tabs on her old rival.
- Text us the address.
- On it.
- Uh huh.
(DOORS SLAM) (PHONE RINGS) Cynthia? I contacted a reporter in Bucharest to get more detail about the boy, Soren, in the kidnapping.
You need to hear this.
You are not Eric Beaumont.
Who are you? You don't remember me? I want the man who killed my son.
First I want to see Jonah.
Is all the money there? See for yourself.
(ZIPPER RASPS) Wait a minute (BOMB FLASHES, GAS HISSES) It's you! You are the man who killed my son.
Who the hell are you? My name is Travis Beaton.
I'm a negotiator.
12-years-ago, I negotiated for a family whose son you kidnapped and killed.
And I'm here to see you pay for that.
No, no, no, you are the one who's going to pay for killing my Yannick.
Let him go! - (COCKS GUN) - ERIC: Constantine, wait! You need to put the guns down.
I have information that you both need to hear.
Yannick wasn't who you thought he was.
- Don't listen to him! - What are you talking about? Yannick kidnapped Jonah in order to have the money to buy into the Montrova's empire.
My son would never do that! He's my blood! ERIC: Yannick knew there was no future here, living in the shadows, afraid of the police.
He knew you were finished.
He begged the Montrovas to let him be a part of their success.
Is this true? The Montrovas? Tell me! You belittled Yannick every chance you could.
He hated you.
Yannick and the Montrovas.
I'm sorry your son betrayed you, Constantine, but more deaths are not gonna change that.
- Travis - No.
He needs to pay for what he did.
- He killed Soren.
- No, he didn't.
Yannick isn't the first son that you lost, is he? (SHOUTS) Don't dare speak of things you know nothing about! 13 years ago in Bucharest, you lost another son.
He died in a traffic accident.
Seven years old.
His name was Marcu.
You kidnapped to replace him, didn't you? A four-year-old boy.
Marcu, here, is that kidnapped child, Soren.
- We loved him.
- Prove it.
Give him the truth.
He deserves to know.
My wife was driving.
And blamed herself.
She went into shock.
I thought she wouldn't recover.
I never intended to keep you.
Your real parents were diplomats, rich.
We kidnapped you for the ransom, but when my wife saw you, she came alive again.
He's the boy? I gave you a good life, Marcu.
You are still my son.
My only son.
You told me I was adopted, not stolen.
You said my parents were dead! (SOBBING) It's all lies! Come back, Marcu! (SOBBING) Your parents have never stopped looking for you, Soren.
Thank you.
Of course.
(SIGHS) I'm sorry about what I said.
You were right not to give up on Soren.
You could put his name in your little book.
I threw it away.
You know, when I watched you in there, I realized I could never do it like you.
Huh, I can't even do it like me anymore.
I need to make peace with that.
Felix Culpa.
When something good comes from something bad.
(CHUCKLES) See ya around, Beaumont.
Uh, and remember, save the life you can.
(PAGES RUSTLE) (APPROACHING FOOTSTEPS CLANK) Travis said these names were badges of honor.
What do you say? I don't know.
I like to think keeping them reminds me how important each and every one of them is.
That's why we do this job.
Yeah, it is.
(SIGHS) You know, I bet this place is great in the summertime.
Watch an all new Ransom, next Saturday on Global.
You're going to do exactly what I say.
We do whatever we have to do to save Gabriel.
Get back! Tell your men to stand down.
What are your instincts telling you? Make them go or I'll kill him.
Just drop it.
I can get you one million Euros.
I'm grabbing the gun.
Did you betray me again? He's taking control to sociopathic levels.
Yeah, but why? We do what it takes to save lives.
- It's time.