Ransom (2017) s03e10 Episode Script


1 They be actin' friendly, I don't want to make amends They be muggin' mean I can't see them through the tints [HUMMING] And everything is comin' true Aw.
There we go.
And I'm unapologetic I ain't out here makin' truce I'm-a dance like no one's watchin' Watch me make moves, you can check [WOMEN SPEAKING INDISTINCTLY] I built this thing from the ground I'm an architect I sent my boss a check, I'm gettin' boss respect I'm passin' all the tests, I get it all correct I don't respond to texts I'm out the country, homie, leave a message I call the shots, ain't no second-guessin' [MUSIC VOLUME INCREASES] LUCY: Kay, come join us.
Late nights at the Westin, I'm a hard hitter I'm, like, an eight on the Richter Oi! Kay! There she is.
Let's party.
I just got him to sleep.
BRIANNE: I thought this was a party.
It is, but I just spent ten days sleep training, so unless you want to ruin the night, listen to a screaming baby, keep it down.
[LAUGHS] Come on, Mummy.
You remember this one.
We'll just do it all again And again, and we'll do it all again [ALL LAUGHING] Uh-huh.
I can't see 'em through the tints I can't see them through my tints And so I show up late to the party so everybody saw me A gang of chicks and some other rappers Shh.
I gotta pause And give 'em a chance to applaud Like old times, right, Kaylee? I have missed this.
Cheap drinks at the bar Hit the glass, hit the floor I'll be fine by tomorrow, it's a new day Did somebody spike my drink? Oh, come on, Kay.
The booze was never your problem.
Didn't put smack in it, did I? Yeah, it's all a problem for me, Bri.
In my support group, we say alcohol is a drug, full stop.
Well, I think you're boring, full stop.
- No, I'm not fighting with you.
- [MUSIC STOPS] If you want to drink, fine.
Just don't make it harder for me.
BRIANNE: Oh, do you know I'd give 100 quid for the old Kay? Right here, right now.
This new one's - a total prat.
- [LAUGHS] All right, out.
Both you now.
[EXHALES] Finn? Finn! [WHIMPERING] OLIVER: It was really great.
I hope you, you know, get something from it.
- I am glad it was - Thank you.
- Take care.
Thank you.
- Thank you.
[SIGHS] Thanks very much.
Laura, hey.
Oliver Yates.
That was a great presentation.
Well, thank you.
We're always happy to share what we know with other negotiators.
Good, good question.
- Uh, Eric.
- Yeah.
This is Laura Watson, founder of Extreme Risk Management.
I have heard only good things.
Other than the fact that you tried to poach one of my best people, of course.
Well, offer still stands.
- Yeah, so does my answer.
- That's right.
Well, then, I guess we'll just say good-bye again.
Remind me why I chose to stay with you? I guess you're just a less- pay-for-more-work kind of guy.
- Stop! - Get off me.
Let go of my arm.
E-Eric Beaumont, I need your help.
Uh, I'm sorry.
- Do we? - Yeah, he's gonna be sorry if he doesn't let go of me.
It's okay.
Thank you.
Uh, what can I do for you, Miss? Hobbs.
Uh, Kaylee Hobbs.
Look, I'm really sorry for barging in like this.
It's just, I saw on the news about this conference, and they said you were the best there is at getting people back.
"Back"? Who's been taken? Someone took my son.
ERIC: This was left in his crib.
I know this MO.
He goes by the name Sandman.
Repeat offender.
He specializes in kidnapping babies.
Did you pay the ransom? We tried.
They had to fake it since I didn't have the money.
Police, uh, thought they could catch him, but he never showed.
That was six weeks ago.
Now they're saying I should be prepared for the worst.
Has he made contact since? - No.
- Hmm.
Kaylee, here's the thing.
We're-we're not investigators.
We're negotiators.
If the police are handling the case, I'm sure they're doing everything they can to try and make contact with the kidnapper.
But they're not.
They're giving up.
- You think I can't pay you? - We promise that's not it.
- If I thought we could help, we would.
- Yeah.
You have kids, Mr.
Beaumont? Yeah.
What would you do if it was yours? Would you fight till your last breath? Would you ever give up? Client's name is Kaylee Hobbs.
19, single mom, former addict.
Baby's father? [SIGHS] Overdosed.
[CYNTHIA SIGHS] I lived in a place like this after my parents died.
You said a neighbor was with Kaylee the night of the kidnapping? Yeah, um, her friend Brianne.
She lives in number 19.
- Let's start there? - Yeah.
And this window was locked? KAYLEE: Yeah.
Police said the, uh, Sandman uses special tools, like a cat burglar.
- Didn't even leave a mark.
- OLIVER: Or a fingerprint.
Yeah, and you found the card right here? Card left was a Moon tarot.
Every report says the Sandman leaves the King of Cups.
Yeah, police held that back.
Said it was a way to be certain they were dealing with the real kidnapper and not a scammer.
You know, kidnappers tend to favor taking victims whose families are wealthy, and Any idea why the Sandman might think that you had £20,000 to spare? [EXHALES] I won 5,000 quid on a scratch card a while back.
People around here started talking like I won millions.
Was this on the night of the kidnapping? Yeah.
For all the good it did me.
It's got an SD card inside.
It takes a photo every second, but kidnapper was wearing a mask.
- Police couldn't identify him.
- Okay, I'd like to see those pictures.
They're right there in the report.
You know, we should speak to the police.
Um, do you have a number for the lead investigator? Yeah.
I'll get my phone.
BRIANNE: She came over the day after Finn disappeared, saying I distracted her.
Saying I'm the reason it happened.
Why would she say that? She needed someone to blame.
She's always looking for someone to blame.
Drinking, drugs none of it's her fault.
We just want to know what you saw that night.
Miss High and Mighty kicking me and my mate out for trying to have a good time.
That's what I saw.
You would have been walking home at the same time the kidnapper was escaping - with Finn.
- I've been over this with the cops.
I didn't see nothing.
Whatever your issues are with Kaylee, she was once your friend.
And right now she is a mother who is terrified for her child.
So, look, I'm gonna leave you my card and hope that if you can think of anything, you'll call.
Did this poor, suffering mother tell you that she was gonna sell that baby? Excuse me? Didn't think the angel Kaylee would have told you that.
KAYLEE: I was an 18-year-old smack addict with no family and 20 quid in my pocket.
Of course I thought about not keeping him.
I understand why you didn't tell anyone, and we're not here to judge you.
But it is important that you do tell us everything.
It's not like I got pregnant because I wanted to make some quick cash.
I didn't know what I wanted.
I heard there were people who pay for babies.
I thought about it for half a second.
- [KNOCK ON DOOR] - WOMAN: This is the London social housing authority.
I told you to leave me alone! - Get out of here! - Miss Hobbs, I have your final notice in hand.
The bailiffs will be coming - in six hours.
- Bastards.
- You are not coming in here! - Let me handle this.
Cynthia Walker, solicitor.
You're her lawyer? I'm a lawyer.
Why don't you tell me what's going on? Deena Hazari, London social housing authority, district manager.
There have been multiple hearings in this matter, many chances for Kaylee to plead her case in court, but she hasn't even seen fit to turn up to them.
What matter are we talking about? Kaylee Hobbs is being evicted.
Evicted? What for? I cannot condone violence.
That girl is her own worst enemy.
[DOOR OPENS] It wasn't like it sounds.
Finn was missing a few weeks.
They sent around some man with a clipboard asking all kinds of questions about noise and the way I live.
Told him to get out.
Tried to slam the door.
Caught his arm.
You're leaving out the foul language and the threats you made.
Do you know what happens if you kick us out of this place? Social services said if I can't provide a safe environment for Finn, they're gonna take him away.
I can't get him back just to lose him all over again.
You must know the mitigating circumstances.
I know she's lost her child.
Kaylee's child isn't gone forever.
We are working to get him back.
I feel for her.
I do.
And I wish I could help.
But our nonviolence policy is You kick us out, get Finn taken away from me, see how much I care about your nonviolence policy.
All right, all right.
Let's go inside.
[SIGHS] MAN: I don't know why she needs negotiators.
I've got five men on this case.
I think she was concerned that your people might be giving up.
You, uh, you told her to prepare for the worst? I did.
But how she got from that to giving up Given that you're not family, I'm not required to provide you with any information.
No, of course.
No, we understand.
We're just hoping you can answer a few questions.
Kaylee said you set up a ransom exchange, but the kidnapper didn't show.
Is that something that the Sandman has done before? No.
We thought we'd have him.
We had the whole site covered.
Uh, is it possible he never showed because he spotted your people? My people are well-trained officers who were outside long before Sandman was supposed to show.
Yeah, I didn't mean to suggest otherwise.
What do you think happened? I've worked council estates since I was a constable.
The number of overdoses alone was enough to break your heart, but then there's the babies.
Clinging to life because of mothers who couldn't stay clean when they were pregnant.
Poor lungs, prone to seizures.
If you ask me, Sandman didn't show because he didn't have a baby to bring back.
I think Finn Hobbs died because he was too weak and sick to survive.
Do you still have the number that you used - to contact Sandman? - We do.
But it's disconnected.
He's long gone.
We need to find a way to get in touch with the Sandman.
Well, what about another negotiator? There's been 11 Sandman kidnappings.
Someone's got to have used one.
11, huh? Well, Laura Watson's company has negotiated most of the big K&Rs in the U.
in the past ten years.
Okay, well, odds are good that she's dealt with him before.
Might be able to tell us how she communicated with him.
- Thank you.
- The only problem is we would never give up confidential information about someone we've negotiated with.
Neither will she.
Have to figure out something she wants.
- Other than you.
- [CHUCKLES]: Anything Laura wants and is gonna ask for, I'm not gonna want to give her.
[EXHALES] That's a lot to ask, Mr.
Confidentiality is the key to our business.
We understand that, but there is a baby's life at stake here.
You're dating an FBI agent, correct? [CHUCKLES SOFTLY] You know, private negotiation is a small world.
People talk.
What does my personal life have to do with anything? I might have a way to contact the Sandman.
But in return, I need information from the FBI.
I recently hired a former FBI profiler.
Soon after he joined us, someone breached my office firewall and accessed confidential information.
You're trying to decide if you can trust him.
I want to know if his leaving the FBI was a "quit before you can be fired" situation.
You're asking a lot.
You're asking me to betray the core principle of what we do.
Do we have a deal? [SIGHS] Give us a minute.
Okay, you don't have to do this.
We can figure out another way - to contact the Sandman.
- Such as? You think we can't all see that you're happier since you've been with Kate? No one would ever ask you to risk that.
Kaylee would.
[PHONE RINGING] Hey, Beaumont.
Pick a restaurant for Friday? I did.
I found a place with a $100 steak on the menu.
I'm thinking two ribeyes.
And whatever you're having, of course.
[CHUCKLES] You know, actually, I'm calling because I need a favor.
I need the personnel records of a former profiler at the Bureau.
You want me to access confidential records and hand them over to a civilian? Listen, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
I hope not.
Since you'd be putting my career on the line.
I know.
And I understand.
Why do you need them? All I can say is if I trade those records for information, it might help me bring a kidnapped baby home to his mother.
Send me the name.
You'll have it in an hour.
Thank you.
Thank [LINE DISCONNECTS] CYNTHIA: As I said, Miss Hobbs wasn't in any state of mind to answer those notices.
And an appeal would Thank you.
I appreciate you making the time.
I have news on your flat.
- What? - Deena Hazari, the woman who was here earlier, she's agreed to speak with you.
It's nothing formal, but we can go down to her office - for mediation.
- That's like a negotiation? - Yes.
- Brilliant.
You can handle it, then.
I can advise you.
But it's up to you to convince them on your own to let you stay.
If I screw up, I'll lose my flat, - and they'll take Finn away.
- You can do it.
You just have to keep your head on straight.
- ZARA: Anything? - Yeah.
Another negotiator gave us the Sandman's real name.
- You're joking.
- No, no.
She had proof of his identity, but, uh there's something that she didn't know.
We just looked him up.
First thing we found was an obituary from eight months ago.
Sandman was dead before Finn was taken.
He's not the kidnapper.
If it wasn't the Sandman, then who the hell took Finn? OLIVER: Says here he died of natural causes.
I don't understand.
Why would some kidnapper pretend to be the Sandman? Maybe to lead the police down the wrong path.
Given the subterfuge and the fact that the kidnapper never tried to get the ransom, it's-it's possible that we're actually looking at an abduction.
What's the difference? Well, a kidnapper makes a demand in exchange for the victim.
In an abduction, there's no intention of giving them back.
Kaylee, you said you heard you could sell your baby? Who told you that? Uh, a man from my narcotic support group meetings.
Another addict.
He, uh, was nice to me.
Drove me to the doctors.
Got me prenatal vitamins.
Said there was people willing to pay to adopt a baby, the kind that could give Finn a better life.
Do you know the man's name? Benjamin something? Uh Barnes.
I think he's worth looking into.
OLIVER: The kidnapper was able to match the handwriting on the tarot cards with the Sandman's.
That suggests someone had access to confidential case information.
Zara, you come with me.
We'll look into Benjamin Barnes.
Oliver, Cynthia, go back to DCI Turner.
See if you can, uh, find out who had access to the case files.
- [DOOR OPENS] - Kaylee, focus on the mediation.
- What do I do? - [DOOR CLOSES] Think of three good reasons why you deserve to stay here.
CYNTHIA: Those the images from the baby monitor? Mm-hmm.
He said you have new information about Finn Hobbs.
We have proof that Sandman wasn't the kidnapper.
- What's this? - Sandman's real identity.
Another negotiating firm had his name.
We looked him up, and he died.
Eight months ago.
I'll need to contact Scotland Yard.
They'll need to confirm it.
But if it is true, it'll answer a lot of questions.
Well, there's only so many people who can convincingly fake a Sandman kidnapping.
You kept images of the tarot cards out of the press.
No one knew the handwriting.
So that leaves the families and us.
The police.
If you can gather a list of every officer who had access to Sandman files, we can help you identify any suspects I can't do that.
[SCOFFS] You're suggesting that police officers may be involved in a major kidnapping case.
It's an internal affairs matter.
Can you at least keep us in the loop? When I have something more concrete, yes.
But I'm not gonna spread suppositions.
This is the place.
The man who suggested Kaylee should give up her baby for money - lives here with his wife.
- Well, not for long.
House is for sale.
If they do have Finn, we can't risk tipping them off.
Are you thinking what I'm thinking? [INTERCOM RINGING] ZARA: This is a beautiful space.
And I love everything you've done with it.
It's it's exactly what I've been looking for.
Now if I could just convince my husband.
[WOMAN CHUCKLES] Have you been here a long time? Uh, m-more than ten years.
We love it around here.
Everything's nearby.
Shops, parks.
There's a pool just up the street.
Schools around here are some of the best.
It all drew us to the area originally.
Do you have kids? No, it's just Ben and I.
- Hi.
Benjamin Barnes.
- Hey.
- Pleased to meet you.
- Hi.
This house was meant for a big family.
- You said you have three children? - ZARA: Mm-hmm.
There's three bedrooms upstairs, two down, so they could each have their own.
Please feel free to look around.
Make yourselves at home.
BENJAMIN: None of those come with the house, I'm afraid.
You're in the military.
Two tours in Afghanistan, but that's done.
Civilian life for me.
You miss it? Parts of it, yes.
People I served with.
The ones we lost.
Oh, brothers in arms, right? Exactly.
Benjamin, I'm sure these busy people don't want to hear your war stories.
[CHUCKLES] Why don't we show you the rest of the house? - Okay, yeah.
- WOMAN: Would you like - to see the upstairs? - Hey, babe.
It's nice, right? Very nice.
It's very nice.
I have three points I'd like to make.
One: I was struggling with the kidnapping of my son.
And I wasn't, uh, thinking clearly when your bloke - came and - Our maintenance supervisor.
Yeah, him.
When I, uh, closed the door on his arm.
I would never consciously choose to hurt anyone.
I appreciate that.
[SIGHS] Two I-I never had anyone, uh looking out for me when I was growing up, so I-I'm trying to change but it takes time.
And three I'm doing everything I can to get my son back.
But if you kick me out it'll all be for nothing.
I'll lose him.
DEENA: Miss Hobbs, we have to be conscious of the fitness of our residents.
- You think I'm unfit? - Kaylee Look, I was never convicted of anything.
There were several noise complaints.
Yeah, of course there was noise.
I had a baby.
I ha-have a baby.
Do you know what this is? It's a medallion that I got for being one year sober.
One year.
365 days.
I did it for my son.
He's all I have.
I understand you've been through a lot.
You-you think you think you can understand? Kaylee No.
Uh Forget it.
I'm done.
You think she's even listening? You think she's not sitting there, having fun, looking down on me? Believe me, Miss Hobbs, there's nothing fun about trying to anticipate the future actions of a young woman with a history of drug offenses.
[DOOR SQUEAKS OPEN] - How'd it go? - ZARA: There was no sign of a baby in that house.
Anything on your end? Well, I've been going over the pictures on the baby monitor to see if there are any clues that the police may have missed.
Look at this.
So Kaylee's monitor took a reference photo every second, and on their own, they don't seem to show much, but since he walks a few strides in a straight line from the crib and then back, I'm able to simulate his walk using motion interpolation to fill in the missing frames.
There's only one guy I can think of with a limp and access to Sandman evidence.
The same person running the investigation DCI Turner.
OLIVER: Okay, DCI Turner.
Celebrated officer, two kids.
Served in the military before joining the police service.
Sustained combat injuries in Afghanistan on his second tour.
Explains the limp.
Imagine him as a soldier two tours, Afghanistan.
When we were at the Barnes house, I saw that he received the Valor Cross.
ZARA: Show us that picture.
- Is that him? - ERIC: That's Benjamin Barnes.
And that's DCI Leo Turner.
That's why Andrea stopped Benjamin from telling us his war story.
She was afraid that we would connect him to Turner.
Turner must have told him that we were poking around.
Well, it says here their convoy was pinned down by Taliban insurgents.
Turner was hit in the leg.
Barnes dragged him to safety under heavy enemy fire.
So he feels indebted to Barnes.
[DOOR OPENS] CYNTHIA: Things didn't go quite as hoped.
She's being evicted.
We think DCI Turner took Finn with the intention of giving him to Benjamin and Andrea Barnes.
We should contact Turner's immediate superior.
ERIC: I don't know.
Not yet.
No, we don't have enough evidence.
OLIVER: Well, we have the limp, access to Sandman's case files and the connection to Benjamin.
ERIC: That's enough for us, but not a prosecutor.
Uh, just need some air.
Calm my nerves.
Won't be long.
Dig into Benjamin and Andrea.
Anything that might be a motivating factor as to why they're abducting a baby rather than adopting one.
Zara, get eyes on their house.
- If they leave, follow them.
- Yeah.
And what about you? Let's see how Turner reacts to news that his Army buddy suggested to Kaylee that she give up her baby for money.
Should be interesting.
My keys they were in my pocket.
Don't forget the car seat! [YELPS] Where's my son? I-I don't know what you're talking about.
If you if you want money I don't want money! You and your husband took my child.
Can't say it's good to see you again.
- You were stalking me to get my baby.
- Kaylee, what exactly do you think you're doing here? Shut up! Liar! You played all nice to get Finn.
Then when I wouldn't give him up, you stole him.
That's nonsense, and you know it.
Tell me the truth, or I'll kill him.
K-Kaylee, is it? Do you really think you're in any shape to raise a child? - Don't say another word.
- Look around.
Look at what we could give him.
He'd have everything the best schools, two loving parents.
People who wanted a child, who begged for one.
[CRYING]: He's my son.
He needs me! What if you slip? Get back on drugs? I've seen it happen.
I know what it's like to have the best intentions, but you can't fight the weakness, and it's always the child who pays.
[GATE CREAKS OPEN] Where is he? Kaylee, put down the knife.
Not until they give me Finn.
You're not gonna get him back this way.
No one is going to believe you.
- Okay? - Oh, well nobody does no matter what I do.
ZARA: You've been working so hard to make sure that when we get him back you won't lose him to foster care.
Where do you think he's gonna end up if you're in jail? [SIREN BLARING] [TIRES SQUEALING, SIRENS BLARING] [CAR DOORS OPEN] ERIC: All right, Kaylee, drop the knife.
Just stay calm, let them do their job.
Don't make this worse.
- Hello.
- That's her Kaylee Hobbs.
Drop it.
Drop it, Kaylee.
Kaylee Hobbs, we're placing you under arrest for threatening - with an offensive weapon.
- Take it easy.
- You do not have to say anything.
- No.
- Don't you dare.
Do not touch me! - But it may harm your defense if you do not mention, when questioned, something which you later rely on in court.
[CRYING]: They're the criminals! They took my son! Anything which you do say may be used in evidence.
- She's insane.
- Get her out of here! - Let go of me! - It's gonna be okay.
They took my baby.
They need to be arrested.
So you two know each other? What does that matter? That girl came in here and threatened my wife with a knife.
I'm so sorry you had to go through that.
You know exactly why she came here.
You're both coming with us.
You give your statements.
We'll give our statements right here.
You'll give them at the station where you'll be detained and deported.
- Excuse me? - On what grounds? You interfered in a police investigation.
You incited a disturbed young woman into harassing these good people.
That makes you an accessory.
[SCOFFS] [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Just take a breath.
You're practically buzzing.
I should have realized the police were on their way.
I mean, Benjamin's a soldier.
Kaylee's a scared teenager.
He could have disarmed her at any point.
He wanted her caught with that knife in her hand.
I mean, any shred of credibility she has left is gone.
I know.
I know.
Every second we're in here, they get further away.
I mean, bringing us in this is Turner buying them time to escape.
I still don't understand how a career police officer could be okay with taking a baby away from an innocent mother.
There must be a way to reason with him.
I think we're past the time for reasoning.
Then what? We threaten him.
[LOUD, OVERLAPPING CHATTER] I'm never gonna see Finn again, am I? - We don't know that.
- I didn't go there planning to pick up a knife.
I just grabbed it in the kitchen when I came in.
I d I don't know what I was thinking.
That's the problem! You weren't thinking! Kaylee, life has given you a lot of reasons to be angry, I get it.
But you can't let that anger drive you.
You need to stop and make conscious choices.
Count to ten.
[LAUGHS] I need to count to a thousand.
[SNIFFLES] What about that medallion in your pocket? Why don't you let it remind you to look before you leap? [SIGHS] [LOUD CHATTER] You'll write in your own words exactly what you witnessed tonight.
Kaylee Hobbs broke into a house, held the residents hostage with a kitchen knife, spouting crazy accusations.
Are they really crazy, though? Here.
We used the still images from the baby monitor to model the abductor's movement.
You can see that the kidnapper has a limp, much like yours.
Means nothing.
Well, not on its own, but the other thing is access.
Who had better opportunity to study the Sandman than you? Not to mention, there was no discrepancy in the handwriting on the tarot card.
How much do you want to bet one of the originals is missing from evidence? You thought it was a win-win.
Save a kid from a life with a junkie mom and give your friends the baby they so desperately wanted.
QUESTION IS: if you get caught you will is it worth the cost? Here's what I can offer.
You tell me where Benjamin and Andrea would go.
You get that baby back to his mother.
We can say we found it on a church step.
[SIGHS] No one needs to know any more than that.
Benjamin's the strongest man I know, and the only time I ever saw tears in his eyes was when he told me that the country he was fit to fight for decided he wasn't fit to adopt.
It was just pub chat at first.
I told him about the young mothers on the estates and how their children had no future.
I told them about Kaylee.
It was Andrea's idea to save her baby.
Ben posed as an addict to get close to her and make sure she was staying clean.
Turner, how do we stop them? Well, you can't.
Benjamin isn't just some soldier.
His career was in special ops.
If he wants to disappear, he'll vanish, and you will never find him.
Then we get to them before they vanish.
It's too late.
They're picking the baby up from his sister's.
They fly in less than an hour.
How far is the airfield? If we floor it, 30 minutes.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] You're free to go.
Come on.
What? How? We'll explain on the way.
ERIC: Yeah.
You guys okay? We're fine, but we need to get to a private airfield to stop Benjamin and Andrea.
You got anything that could help? Maybe.
I found out they were rejected for adoption because he has psychiatric problems after he served in combat.
And Andrea her mother was an addict.
Arrested several times.
Once for child neglect.
So she thinks, by abducting Finn, she's actually saving his life.
Do you need me with you? Um why? If we get that baby back, I want to know she can keep him.
I'll come with you.
Come on.
What is it? We were supposed to pick the perfect city and start over, live good lives.
Going on the run was never part of the plan.
We won't be running for long.
We'll start over, have the life we deserve.
We committed to this a long time ago.
You don't get to say "no" now.
We're too close, and he's too precious.
You've promised him a good life.
You never break your promises.
Now get us prepped for takeoff.
KAYLEE: You think Finn's in there? One way to find out.
I'm coming with you.
ERIC: Listen.
Hang on.
Hang on.
You brought me in on this 'cause you needed help.
Now, you trust me? All right.
Stay with Zara.
Now she's on comms.
She'll let you listen.
She'll know when to come in.
All right? When you wake You will have cake And all the pretty Little horses Hush-a-bye Don't you cry Go to sleep You little baby Oh ERIC: Andrea? - Benjamin?! - Andrea.
Andrea, I'm not here to hurt you.
I just want to talk.
I realize now why you're doing this.
Stay back.
- [FINN CRIES] - Shh.
He's okay.
Eric's in there.
ERIC: I know you wanted a child of your own, but it's-it's more than that.
You grew up with a mother who was high all the time.
[GASPS SLIGHTLY] So help me.
Help me protect him.
Why are you helping that horrible girl when you could be protecting this innocent child? She's not a horrible girl.
I mean, she's tough, but if you if you saw her again, gave her a chance, you could understand that.
Let's go.
She's his mother.
She's a good one.
Kaylee gave birth to the baby boy you're holding.
She hasn't touched drugs since she found out she was pregnant.
When When he disappeared, she fought every way she knew how to get him back.
Would your mother have done that? [FINN COOS] I'm so sorry.
But we love him.
Not like I do.
- [GUN CHAMBER CLICKS] - Don't move, any of you.
All right.
Benjamin, please, take it easy.
No one has to get hurt.
The helicopter's ready.
Let's go.
Now you say you're doing this for the child.
Really, you're doing it for yourselves.
For the betrayal you feel by your country, by life.
That is not Kaylee's fault, and it is not Finn's.
Now you can go.
Live your lives, we won't turn you in.
I've already made the same deal with Turner.
But first you need to do what's right for Finn.
[CRIES SOFTLY] Put the gun down.
It's over.
- [GIGGLES] - [LAUGHS] Look at that.
He's such a big boy, isn't he? He's such a beautiful big boy.
[LAUGHS SOFTLY] Back in his own bed.
In his own home.
For good.
How'd you pull that off? Well, I told Deena Hazari a story about a young woman who made a lot of mistakes, until someone believed in her.
Then she pulled herself together, she grew up to be a lawyer and graduated at the top of her class.
You talking about you? I'm gonna do this exactly right.
I don't think any mom gets it exactly right.
But you are gonna be great.
[FINN COOS] OLIVER: You know, you never did say how it went with you and Kate.
Yeah, the jury's still out.
Yeah, I know that feeling.
Never had a relationship that didn't sometimes require flowers and candy.
Well, this might be bigger than that.
- [LOCK BEEPS] - Yeah, well, you had no choice.
- Give her some time, she'll see that.
- Mm.
I know you've been out of the game for a while, but stuff happens.
Pretty normal.