Ransom (2017) s03e11 Episode Script

Truth & Reconciliation

1 [SHOUTING] [GRUNTS] Game, set, match, Beaumont.
I would like to point out that a leg sweep isn't technically a kendo move.
Don't mansplain to me.
Not after you just had your ass handed to you.
What? I should get washed up.
- Mm-hmm.
- Mm-hmm.
[CHUCKLES] I'm gonna say to go with this one, but when we come back from Colombia, I am taking you shopping.
Who knew there were so many shades of gray? Well, nobody's gonna be looking at me, anyway.
Not among all those world leaders.
- Real talk.
- Mm.
Have any of those world leaders saved American diplomats from a platoon of Colombian rebels? I think it's great they're honoring you, and kudos to me for convincing you to go.
[SHOWER RUNNING] Kate, did I leave my work phone out here? Thanks.
What're you up to? I was going to steal all your music for the flight, but it appears you don't have anything more recent than Huey Lewis and the News Sports? Hey, "heart of rock and roll is still beating.
" [LAUGHS] Not in this house.
KATE: Let's see.
Foreign ministers.
Minister of Defense.
Peace prize winners.
I think I may be a little "bathtub gin" for this crowd.
You look incredible.
- Champagne? - KATE: Love some.
Ambassador, uh, Mr.
Beaumont is here.
Thank you.
Nice to see you again.
Ambassador McMillan.
A pleasure.
Good to see you, Mac.
Ambassador, this is Special Agent Kate Barrett.
- Tonight I'm just Kate.
- Nice to meet you.
Come with me.
There's someone I want you to meet.
OLIVER: Okay, so, help me out here.
The Colombian government has been fighting a civil war with these FARC rebels for five decades, and now we're here celebrating them? I mean, well, the FARC were left-wing rebels.
They tried to make Colombia a more equitable society, but over time, their idealism was corrupted, and they became a terrorist group.
But weren't there some brutal atrocities on the government's side, too? Yes, there were, but now they've made a peace deal, and there's hope again in the country.
That's what tonight's about.
MCMILLAN: Ah, here's the man I want you to meet.
Eric Beaumont, Diego Cortez, the man bringing peace to the nation.
- We've met.
- When I was a FARC commander set on overthrowing the government - of this country.
- Not to mention a tough negotiator.
Now you're running for president.
Leading the race, if I understand correctly.
Turns out the skills I learned fighting in the jungle can be very useful on the campaign trail, as well.
And here's the real reason we're here tonight.
Honoring people like Lucianna Rodriguez.
She grew up fighting for the FARC.
Now she's getting her engineering degree, volunteering with organizations supporting victims of war.
She's living proof of all the good - the peace deal has done.
- You're too kind, Ambassador McMillan.
Oh, not at all.
I'll be right back.
This isn't the ladies' room, is it? Hey, what, uh Oh, I'm such a klutz.
Let me.
[BOTH GRUNTING] Did I mention you look terrible tonight? Well, you look pretty awful, yourself.
Where's Kate? - Powdering her nose.
- Hmm.
At least someone's making an effort.
[MAN SCREAMS IN DISTANCE, GLASS BREAKS] KATE: It's not what it looks like.
He attacked me.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] I had a run-in with that man a while back.
I was doing security at a political rally in Texas.
He was backstage, dressed as an usher.
Something about him didn't feel right, and when I confronted him, he ran.
He got away, but PD found his uniform stashed in a dumpster with a Beretta M950.
He's a paid assassin.
He had a scorpion tattoo on his wrist.
He was definitely the same guy.
Well, he might not have been working alone.
You need to evacuate the party.
He's right.
We need to evacuate.
Francine Weaver, Diplomatic Security Service.
Our regional security officer.
Which means it's my job to make sure the people at this party are safe.
We sealed off the bathroom until the police arrive.
Private word? You sure you're not hurt? We should get you to a doctor.
- Eric - You're in shock.
That man was here to kill someone.
We need to find out who.
Intelligence just confirmed the man Agent Barrett killed - was a CIA operative.
- What? - That's impossible.
- MCMILLAN: He was sent - to the party to handle - [PHONE RINGING] A perceived threat - WEAVER: Hello? - One that originated in the U.
He was no assassin.
You're not actually insinuating I'm sorry, Eric.
On the advice of my RSO, Agent Barrett will be detained and everything she says recorded.
Okay, this is ridiculous.
- That man attacked her.
- WEAVER: Ambassador.
You need to hear this.
Please repeat what you just said.
MAN [OVER PHONE]: You will not evacuate the party or every single guest will die.
There are bombs hidden in the embassy.
Politicians can't be trusted.
We'll be watching.
They've hacked our security system.
My name is Eric Beaumont.
I'm a private negotiator.
- You want to re - [LINE DISCONNECTS] I'll do a security sweep for explosives.
Take her in to interview.
Ambassador, is-is that necessary? Ma'am, please come with us.
I'm sorry, Eric.
My hands are tied.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] Bombs? Plural? Yeah.
Where's Zara? Uh, she went to the car.
She left her phone.
Wanted to call her kids.
They can't seriously think Kate is a double agent.
Well, right now they do.
Someone here was a target tonight.
And still is.
The caller mentioned politicians.
Diego Cortez.
Thousands of people would like to see him dead.
They're not happy a former rebel might become their next president.
And he's way more exposed here than in his day-to-day.
Coming here was a risk for him.
We need to get him to a safe place.
- I'll go talk to him.
- No, no, no.
Uh, Cynthia can take care of it.
I need you to observe Weaver's interrogation of Kate.
Gauge her answers.
Let me know what you see.
- You don't actually Th - Of course I believe that Kate is innocent.
I just What are you not telling us? Before we left for Bogotá, I found her snooping on my laptop.
I could tell she was hiding something.
Hey, Eric.
I'm just heading back in.
Don't come back inside.
There is a bomb threat.
What? I know.
I need you to do something.
My laptop is in the back of the SUV.
Find out if there's been any unauthorized access.
Anything specific? I'll explain later.
[PHONE BEEPS OFF] The ambassador's waiting for you.
I'll talk to Cortez.
What about you? I'm gonna check out the men's room where Kate was attacked.
If this supposed CIA operative was pretending to be a waiter, why was he using the guest washroom? The staff have their own.
He needed something that was in that washroom.
We need to know what.
WEAVER [OVER SPEAKER]: Agent Barrett, do you acknowledge everything you're about to say is being recorded? KATE: I do.
Barrett, why are you at this party? Eric was being honored.
I thought we should attend.
So it was your idea to come to the party? I encouraged him to go.
So you wanted to be here? That's not what I said.
You didn’t want to be here? That's also not what I said.
Look, we are both professionals.
If you would just let me call my SSA, I could clear this all up.
WEAVER: We can discuss that once you've answered all of my questions.
Eric told me you're a profiler.
What do you see? A decorated agent cooperating with an interrogation.
But? OLIVER: It's probably not relevant, but Kate's had SERE training.
She's been taught to be evasive without being detected.
WEAVER: Ambassador, we're going to be discussing classified intelligence.
I will have to turn the sound off.
Bloody nightmare.
- [STEADY BEEPING] - Team Two, furnace room.
We got one.
WOMAN: Copy that, Team Two.
- Hey.
- Hey.
The good news is, I found somewhere safe to put Cortez.
The ambassador's office is built to function as a safe room in an emergency.
The bad news is, Cortez is refusing.
He says he isn't a man who runs and hides.
- He's putting himself in jeopardy.
- Yeah, he's clear on that.
Anything? Well, if you were gonna hide something or leave it for later, where would you put it? Eric.
That's Kate's.
What are you doing here? This is an active crime scene.
We're just trying to figure out Put your hands behind your heads! - What's in the purse? - CYNTHIA: We don't know.
We just found it in the garbage.
Empty the contents in the sink.
ERIC: We believe someone may have smuggled a weapon into the embassy, so be careful.
What is this? Well, that's evidence.
I-I wouldn't touch it if I[SNIFFS, EXHALES] Were you doing drugs here? [GASPS SOFTLY] - [GRUNTING] - CYNTHIA: We need a medic.
- ERIC: D-Don't touch him.
- Yes, yes.
A single drop of whatever is in that vial was enough to put a marine in a coma.
And since the vial is empty, we have to assume that the substance is still in the building.
That is a live threat.
I need to talk to Kate.
You know I can't authorize that.
If she knows something, who better to get it out of her than me? Look, the CIA is coming to take over in 30 minutes.
- They're handling this.
- Just give me that time.
Let me find out what's really going on.
- WEAVER: Ambassador McMillan.
- Yes? We found an explosive.
Our team is working to disarm it, but we have to assume there are more.
We can't evacuate now.
And I'm supposed to act like everything's fine? Well, for now.
Informing the guests would cause mass panic.
Let me help you.
Help with what? You're not gonna like it.
[DOOR OPENS] Don't tell me they've asked you to take over.
ERIC: Thought you'd like to see a friendly face.
How are you doing? I'm sorry I ruined your party.
I need you to tell me everything.
Start at the beginning.
You're actually interrogating me? RSO Weaver contacted the FBI.
They have no record of an altercation at the event you described.
No suspicious man backstage.
No gun in a dumpster.
Hmm? What's going on here, Kate? We found this in the washroom.
There was a vial of liquid in it.
It contained a a nerve agent.
Nothing to say? This is way above your pay grade.
What's above my pay grade? You need to get out of here while you still can.
Why? What's happening tonight? I was ordered to kill that man.
By whom? What did I just say about pay grades? Why did you kill him? I killed him to get him out of the way, because someone is still going to die tonight.
You needed me to get access to the party.
That's why you pushed to come here.
So all these months, I've I've just been a means to an end? Yes.
Eric I don't know what to say.
- [PHONE RINGING] - I can't believe it.
Zara, what'd you find out? Someone accessed the Cri/ Res server - from your laptop.
- What were they looking for? A series of case files were copied.
Why would Kate want your Cri/ Res files? You think it was Kate? Looks that way.
Zara, the embassy's on lockdown.
It's gonna be hard to get back in, but stay close, and, um, just be ready - if I call.
- All right.
Standing by.
I'm sorry.
I don't understand how I could be so blind.
- She fooled us all.
- CIA will be here soon.
Maybe it's best we leave it to them.
- I don't believe it.
- Eric, you heard her yourself.
She killed a CIA operative in the Colombian embassy.
Why? It doesn't make sense.
It's not unheard of for FBI agents to be corrupted by Colombian cartels.
CYNTHIA: We did find an empty vial of nerve agent in her clutch.
I can't just accept that the woman I spent the last six months with is some kind of double agent.
You need to change Cortez's mind, get him to the safe room.
I'm gonna go back in with Kate.
If there is any chance she really is a killer, she needs to convince me of that.
Can we have a minute? The assassination weapon is a nerve agent.
The marine guard came into contact with a single drop and barely survived.
And you think somebody here wants to poison me? We can't say for sure, but we want you to reconsider your decision not to go to the safe room.
Is something wrong? As you know, there's endless threats on my life.
But these good people want to put me in a safe room.
But you always say you won't hide.
Yes, cierto.
That's true.
But tonight is about the young people and the future of our country.
You need to give your speech.
I will go.
This way.
The ambassador's office has concrete walls reinforced by eight inches of steel and also bulletproof windows.
No one's getting to you, sir.
[DOOR BEEPS] I have been assured that no one gets in or out without the ambassador's personal approval.
You're perfectly safe, sir.
Much nicer than where we kept our prisoners.
Good to know.
Why are you pretending? We both know that you're not an assassin.
I thought I told you to go.
Okay, fine.
You know what, I'll play.
Who are you working for? The cartels? What is it gonna take for you to get the message? Answer the question.
If you came here to kill that man, why weren't you better prepared? He's dead.
Seems pretty prepared to me.
ERIC: You could've grazed his flesh with that nerve agent.
Man would have died.
No one would have been the wiser.
Why go to the men's room? You had to know that that would put him on alert.
Maybe I killed him that way so that everybody will be looking at me, when they really should be looking somewhere else.
Her training is slipping, Eric.
She knows more than she's letting on.
ERIC: You told me once that I should trust my instincts.
My instincts tell me that you are lying.
Sorry, Eric.
You were a plus-one at this party.
That's it.
Why did you break into my private files? We found your trace on the server.
Do you really want to know? I do.
I was looking into the Hemmigen case.
What does that have to do with this? Because you lied to me.
I put my career on the line for you, and you didn't have the decency to tell me the main suspect all but confessed to poisoning the insulin supply.
You withheld information from me that could have led to a domestic terrorism conviction.
I tricked her into giving us information that we knew would stop the threat.
More people would've died.
Why is it okay when you lie? Because you're a federal agent.
You gave an oath.
You couldn't make that deal.
What, you think I was lying to service my career? - No.
- No.
I lied to protect you.
Kate is lying to protect me.
Someone must have threatened to hurt you - if she didn't play along.
- [FOOTSTEPS APPROACHING] - ERIC: We just found out - One of our colleagues is stuck outside.
Can we get her back in? I'm sorry.
I'm not able to make that kind of exception.
Weaver was the only person that had the chance to talk to Kate alone.
She turned the audio recording off while she was interviewing her.
She must have threatened her with something.
CYNTHIA: That would mean that Weaver faked that CIA dossier, planted the vial in Kate's purse, called in a bomb threat, even planted a bomb.
Why? Why do any of this? I don't know, but we need to find out.
There is still someone at this party determined to carry out an assassination.
And if Weaver is lying about CIA Intel, I have a hunch that there is no CIA jet waiting to take Kate away.
Then do we confront her? ERIC: No, I This is all conjecture.
She still has jurisdictional authority here.
We need her to keep believing that we're suspicious of Kate.
We could go to Ambassador McMillan.
We can't be sure he's not involved.
And we have, what, ten minutes until they take Kate out of here.
I'm not I'm not taking any chances.
So what do we do? Let Kate know we got her message.
The poison? What about the room? There is no way in.
Let me worry about that.
You take care of the FBI agent.
And make it quick.
I thought I got through your thick skull, Beaumont.
You did.
You really think I'm gonna let this go? That I won't do everything in my power to make sure you get exactly what you deserve? You always were a man with a plan.
Dante, my security assistant, will escort Agent Barrett to the airport.
ERIC: Very good.
Yeah, we'll take it from here.
I just want to say good-bye.
Well, it was fun while it lasted.
[WEAVER CLEARS THROAT] MCMILLAN: Hello, esteemed ladies and gentlemen.
It was just two years ago that a deal was brokered between the Colombian government and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, the FARC, ending five decades of horrific bloodshed.
So, does the CIA jet have an in-flight movie? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Kate, where are you now? You guys gonna make me wash dishes to pay for my sins? Kitchen.
They're passing kitchens.
You guys get that? Copy that.
[SNIFFLES] You're gonna hack a State Department computer? I prefer "gently accessing.
" Okay, I just need a minute, Eric.
We don't have a minute.
Oliver, anything? Just a second.
Almost there.
You usually take suspects out through a service entrance? ERIC: Service entrance.
She's headed there.
- Hey.
Take it easy, would ya? They don't call 'em "killer heels" for nothing.
[PANTING] MCMILLAN: I'm proud of the small part the United States has played in bringing about this crucial peace deal.
Tonight is a night where we celebrate the future of Colombia, its young people.
And they have no better role model than this young lady over here, Lucianna Rodriguez.
[APPLAUSE] [CLEARS THROAT] I was a soldier in the FARC.
[EXHALES] Okay, now I'm in some kind of hallway.
Which way do I go? Okay, there are three service entrances.
CYNTHIA: Only one near a kitchen.
East wing.
There looks to be a security blind spot.
Okay, which way? Right.
Okay, next right, then another left, and then you're there.
[RATTLING] I've hit a locked door.
[PANTING] OLIVER: Zara, there's a service entrance at the back.
Get there now.
[ZARA GRUNTS] Don't give me any more reason to shoot you.
[PANTING] [HANDCUFFS CLICK] [PANTING] I'm sorry for what I said.
I had no choice.
Weaver said if I didn't do what she said, she would have you killed.
I know.
I know.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- It's okay.
- Did she say if the target was Cortez? No.
But she did say, because of me killing her assassin, she'd have to take care of things herself.
So there's a good chance she's got the nerve agent on her.
She say anything about Ambassador McMillan? She warned me not to say a word to him.
Well, if she didn't want you tipping him off, that means he's not involved.
We need to talk to him.
He's the only one with the authority to stop her.
Come on.
I grew up knowing only war and violence.
My sister and I were recruited as children.
She was six.
I was ten.
On the first day, before we knew what was to come, my sister asked me what we would have to do.
[QUIETLY]: Ambassador, we've identified the assassin.
- Who? - So You need to come with me.
after all the murder, bloodshed, even torture, people ask me how I can accept the fact that the FARC have been given their freedom.
What did you do? She's supposed to be in custody.
It's not what I did, it's what your RSO did.
Weaver? She tried to have me killed.
She's the one behind the assassination attempt tonight.
- Eric - I know you think I'm being swayed by my emotion, I'm not.
KATE: Straight from the FBI servers, the report on the man I killed in the bathroom.
Weaver said she contacted the FBI and they'd never heard of him.
This corroborates everything I said about him, and more.
Weaver lied.
He was ex-CIA.
Weaver was also ex-CIA.
They came up together.
He was selling his services as a professional assassin.
She threatened me to keep me silent because she knew if we pushed for that report, we'd find that connection.
I can't believe she'd do this.
We need to stop Weaver.
But Cortez is the target.
He's in the safe room, she can't get to him there.
OLIVER: Well, she knew that and still proceeded with her plan to kill Kate.
This suggests her operation is still in play.
And what if Cortez isn't the target after all? Find her.
What can you tell me about her? I knew she was former CIA.
She ran covert ops, assisting the Colombian government when the FARC were at the height of their power.
I mean, that's why I hired her.
She had so much experience in this country.
Can you access her CIA file? Depends on her security level.
I can try.
LUCIANNA: How can I accept the fact that the FARC has been given their freedom, even allowed to participate in the political process, get elected to the highest office? In answer, I can only invite every one of you to search your souls.
KATE: Okay.
Most of this is redacted.
She served in the field in Colombia.
She and her CIA team were ambushed by the FARC.
She was the only one who made it out alive.
I had no idea.
I'm amazed she asked to come back here.
She wanted to come here? MCMILLAN: Yes.
She contacted me about the position.
She was very persistent.
LUCIANNA: Discover for yourselves what you feel about crime - and justice and forgiveness - No sign of her over here.
- and amnesty.
- Nothing here.
I can only tell you that I'm embracing the future - Zara, behind you! - [GUNSHOTS] - [CROWD SCREAMING] - [ZARA GRUNTS] [INDISTINCT SHOUTING, SCREAMING] WOMAN: It's okay.
Lucianna was the target? We need to get her somewhere safe.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] MCMILLAN: Everyone, please, remain calm.
The embassy is in lockdown due to a security threat.
CORTEZ: ¿Qué pasó? Why are you here? Someone shot at me.
¿Qué? Are you all right? I'm fine.
You'll be safe now.
They just thought I'd be better off in here.
And I'm glad.
Now you and I have a chance to talk.
What do you mean? After the night we've had will you join me for a drink? [DOOR OPENS] I'd be lying if I said I didn't enjoy how the tables have turned.
You need to tell us where the nerve agent is, and whether you're working with anyone else.
What can we do for you to make that happen? I have nothing to say.
You hired your ex-colleague and got him access to the building.
But you didn't count on me recognizing his scorpion tattoo.
ERIC: When he wound up dead, you improvised, framed Kate.
You knew you needed to keep everyone in the building if you wanted a chance to finish the job, so you had one of your people call in a bomb threat.
You even managed to plant a bomb.
Does that sound about right? ERIC: Here's what I don't understand.
Why Lucianna? What did she do to you? And you had the nerve agent, so why use a gun to kill her? Why not just poison her? You shot at a public figure in a room full of witnesses.
We both know there's no coming back from that.
If that's true, there's nothing you can offer me.
We know as CIA you were embedded with the Colombian military against the FARC.
We know you lost people, colleagues, friends a lover.
You have no idea what I lost.
Enough that you feel it's worth killing a young woman.
A woman who herself was a victim of the FARC.
WEAVER: You're right about one thing.
Lucianna deserves justice.
You have no idea what we suffered.
What do you mean, "Lucianna deserves justice"? Eric, she's suppressing.
She wants to talk, but she's trying not to.
She's buying time, waiting for something.
You know Lucianna.
Do you know what's going on out there tonight? I do.
I can tell you all about it.
After all the pain you caused, there are people everywhere who can't forgive what you've done.
Even on a night like this, celebrating you, there's always going to be someone in the crowd who can't forget the blood you shed.
Eric, Lucianna's sister was killed by the FARC for trying to escape at a place called Casa Verde.
It's the same place Weaver was embedded with the Colombian military.
You were there when Lucianna's sister died.
Why don't you tell me about her? WEAVER: What's there to tell? What difference would it make, if she was tall, short, blonde, brunette? She was a child.
Ambassador, you call yourself a patriot? Standing up for a war criminal becoming a president, making him our country's ally? You are not a patriot! You are a traitor.
You weren't trying to kill Lucianna, you just wanted us to think you were, so we'd put her in with - Cortez.
- Damn.
I know how much you have suffered.
And I know how much you must hate me, but we were at war.
No more excuses! No more talking! Don't move.
Don't move.
That's a nerve agent.
One touch of it will kill you, okay? Lucianna I'm sure you've dreamed of killing this man for years.
No, I was never supposed to have to kill anyone ever again.
I was only supposed to watch tonight.
When the man with the scorpion tattoo died, y-you had to become the killer? You put Cortez in this room.
Even Francine couldn't get in here.
She never wanted me to have to do this.
Maybe it's fitting.
He made me a killer.
You're better than what he made you.
You've already proven that.
He deserves to die.
His men took me and my sister from our beds in the middle of the night.
She was an innocent.
She was an angel.
She went to bed every night clinging to me, too terrified to sleep.
And I admitted to that, and I was pardoned for the future of our country.
My sister didn't pardon you.
They've all been pardoned.
Both sides.
With one signature from your president, they have been absolved of their guilt.
Now, I have no idea how horrible that must feel.
He took your childhood; he took your sister's life.
Don't let him take the rest of your life, too.
My life doesn't matter anymore.
ERIC: Right now, what is more important? The past? Or the future? You can't save anyone from the pain of the past, but you can stop all the horrors that will come from your country falling back into chaos.
How many more children need to be taken from their beds at night? [WHIMPERS] OFFICER: This way.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] [CAR ENGINE STARTS] CYNTHIA: They get a cop car, he gets a limo ride.
I'm sure you had high hopes for tonight.
I'm not naive.
I'm well aware how terrible the FARC's crimes were, and the government's, as well.
But at some point, don't people have to forgive? Is that too much to ask? I don't know.
Have you seen Eric? I think he went to go find Kate.
Are we celebrating? Well, you're not dead.
I'll drink to that.
Look, I won't apologize for digging into the Hemmigen files.
But what I will say You're not so sure that we're good for each other.
You know, I can't tell you that I'll never withhold information from you to save a life.
And I can't tell you I'm not gonna snoop when I know you did.
I just don't know if either one of us is ever gonna put the other ahead of our jobs.
It's not the best thing.
It's not the worst thing, either.
So What now? I don't know.