Ransom (2017) s03e12 Episode Script

Playing God

1 RECEPTIONIST: Branch Genetics.
How can I help you? [INDISTINCT CHATTER] Morning.
Thank you.
ERIC: I am prepared to go as high as 35%.
But I need you to guarantee that this can happen tonight, 8:00.
WOMAN [OVER PHONE]: Stay on the line.
You have a deal.
Your table will be ready at 8:00 p.
Thank God.
I've been trying to get a reservation in that restaurant for months.
Apparently, they have the best tuna tartare in the city.
Well, let's hope so, 'cause now we're on the hook for a 35% tip.
[PHONE RINGING] Emergency line.
Crisis Resolution, Eric Beaumont.
JENNY [OVER PHONE]: Hi, my name's, uh, Jenny Moran.
I'm Malcolm Raskin's executive assistant, the, uh, CEO here at Branch Genetics.
- Branch Genetics? - They have us on retainer.
No, I assure you, that is not what we're about here.
JENNY: Uh, Mr.
Raskin is on a call with someone who is claiming to have planted a bomb in one of our offices across the U.
Okay, Jenny uh, patch me to that call and stay on the line, please.
If you would just hear me out, I could BOMBER [DISTORTED]: I will not hear you out.
Your company has interrupted the order of things, the way things are supposed to be.
Hello, this is Eric Beaumont with Crisis Resolution.
How can we help you get what you need? BOMBER: What I need is for Branch Genetics to stop playing God.
Listen to me, sir.
I know you're angry, but BOMBER: I'm not angry.
Anger is a prison.
Okay, whoever this is, he's past the point of no return.
We need to evacuate every Branch Genetics location across North America right now.
Uh, get on with the assistant.
[PEOPLE SHOUTING] [ALARM RINGING] There was an explosion in the lobby.
Raskin? You can expect another one at 5:30 p.
Excuse me.
I'm looking for Tyler.
He works here.
- And you are? - His sister.
- I'll get him.
- Thanks.
Tyler, your sister's upstairs.
I will get rid of her.
Hey, what's up? - Hey.
You forgot something.
- [SIGHS] Thanks.
You didn't have to come all this way.
[CHUCKLES]: Well, somebody's got to make sure you eat.
So how's the day? Just learning how to make croissants.
Oh, good.
I'll expect fresh ones at the house every morning.
[PHONE RINGING] Uh, take this.
Hi, Eric.
ERIC: We have a case in Philadelphia.
- I need you there now.
- Sure, right away.
Work? Afraid so.
I got to get back to it, too.
[CHUCKLES] Thank you.
Good luck.
See you soon.
Security set up a joint terrorism task force.
They're monitoring all incoming communication and investigating our other 30 locations across North America.
And the explosive? Bomb squad determined it was delivered inside a package, uh, set to detonate with a timer.
And did they trace the package to a courier company? Yes, but there was no delivery scheduled - for Branch Genetics today.
- Ah.
So that tells us the courier was also likely the bomber.
That's what the police are saying.
Has Branch Genetics ever received threats before? All the time.
Usually by religious extremists and the misinformed who believe we experiment with genetics.
Cloning, eugenics, creating the next "super species.
" So in other words, they think you're "playing God.
" Exactly.
But-but we don't.
We offer two services: Legacy, where customers submit saliva so we can trace their family tree, and Health, where we profile an individual's genetic makeup.
We're aware the receptionist was killed in the blast, but there was a witness who survived the bombing.
Brit Lawler.
Police think she may have gotten a glimpse of the bomber.
Except doctors say the blast left her with, uh, traumatic memory impairment.
She's drawing a blank.
Our officers talked to her already.
Uh, we understand, Agent Jackson, but my colleague happens to be an expert in the field of memory retrieval.
So, you what? Negotiate memories back into people's head? You know, that's really funny, but no.
I'm a profiler.
No offense, but I'm not a fan.
Worked with dozens of profilers over my career, haven't found them much use.
Look, we all want the same thing here, to get in touch with the bomber.
And when we do, you're gonna need a negotiator.
Oliver's a trained psychologist, helped save a lot of lives doing what he does.
Now, whether or not you approve of his methods, his record is indisputable.
You find anything, keep me in the loop.
I can barely remember anything after waking up this morning.
The police say that you may have seen the delivery driver.
A courier? It's possible, but I-I have no idea.
Listen, I know she's the only witness, but she's spoken to doctors, police Uh, we understand that, Dan, but with the bomber promising another attack at 5:30, we have to move fast.
It's okay, Dad.
The doctor said I was lucky I wasn't hurt worse.
Why don't you go get a coffee or something? Thanks.
Brit, um, why were you at Branch Genetics this morning? Honestly, I don't know.
I've never been there before.
Can you recall anything? Your state of mind when you left the house? What you had for breakfast? Okay, j uh, just try to focus for a second - I am trying.
- Okay, Eric, can I have the room? [QUIETLY]: Of course.
Brit, we're gonna attempt a little therapeutic exercise to try and stimulate your memory.
Now, I don't want you to actively try to remember anything, I just want you to listen.
Okay? Okay, good.
Now close your eyes.
[CLEARS THROAT] You're in your bed.
It's morning.
Feel the mattress beneath you and the blanket on top of you.
Now your alarm goes off and you wake up.
- [ALARM BEEPING] - Maybe you get something to eat, get dressed, leave the house.
It's a normal day, so you're not rushing.
And you step outside.
The traffic is loud, but it quiets down as you arrive at Branch Genetics.
You walk towards the lobby.
You open the door, step inside No.
A flash of light.
Please stop.
A loud noise, like thunder.
[GASPS] I was picking something up.
ERIC: Anything? She's being prepped for release.
She can't recall what, but Brit believes she went to Branch Genetics to pick something up.
Check to see if you can find a connection between Brit Between Brit and Branch Genetics.
I'm on it.
You know, something else the bomber said struck me.
"Anger is a prison.
" I don't know, it sounded stilted, rote, like he was reciting or preaching or something.
Brit is still our best bet of identifying the bomber.
Okay, well, why don't I see if she'll let me take her home? Recreating her daily routine may allow for pieces of her memory to fall into place.
That stilted statement our bomber gave? It's actually part of a mantra belonging to an anger management self-help group here in Philly.
Eastside Anger Management.
Sounds like a good place to start.
ERIC: He said, "Anger is a prison.
" "A prison I no longer need to incarcerate myself in, "for I have given myself permission to know what lies beneath it.
" That's the whole thing.
Do any of your members have experience with or access to explosives? Can you give us a name? [EXHALES] Eastside Anger Management is made up of men who have been court-ordered to attend.
Most of these guys' problems stem from lack of self-confidence and trust issues.
Everything that happens here is confidential.
The bomber said there's gonna be another explosion today.
How are you going to feel if it turns out you could've prevented it? Name's Jed Lincoln.
Got fired from his last job for threatening his boss.
Judge sent him here.
What was his job? Demolition.
CYNTHIA: So he's trained in explosives.
Brit does a good job of keeping the place tidy.
[CHUCKLES] Lord knows I'm not much help.
How long have you lived with your dad? Um, since my mom died about a year ago.
The last thing she said to me before she passed was to take care of him - if she wasn't around.
- And she has.
So, what do we do? Something called immersion therapy.
We're gonna walk you through your normal daily routine and hopefully it'll trigger your memory and allow you to form a picture of the courier you might've seen.
And if you want to stop or need anything, - I'll be right here for you, sweetheart.
- Thank you.
Okay, so let's start with when you wake up in the morning.
I wake up at the same time every day.
I get up and I do yoga.
[EXHALES] Which always makes me feel good.
Um I take a shower.
And then I get dressed.
And then, then I eat my morning toast.
- Over the sink.
- It's a time-saver.
OLIVER: Well, it looks like you were on track up until this point.
Then I head to the front door where I get my transit pass so I can take the bus.
This transit pass? Brit, if you didn't take the bus this morning, how did you get to Branch Genetics? Sometimes I take a rideshare, but I did.
- I took a rideshare this morning.
- Okay, great.
What else? I usually have about ten minutes before the bus comes, so I just hang out here and check my e-mails.
And did you check 'em this morning? [GASPING] [SOBBING SOFTLY] [WHIMPERS] Brit, what is it? No.
- Do-do you remember something? - Take a breath, honey.
[SOBBING]: You need to leave now.
- Brit? - Brit.
- OLIVER: What do you remember, Brit? - I'm sorry, Mr.
My daughter's already been through enough today.
Brit? Honey.
[ENGINE STARTS] She kicked you out? Right after she remembered something.
Her reaction was different, though.
It was more sadness than fear.
I think she recalled something that happened before the bombing.
Why wouldn't she tell you what it was? Well, Agent Jackson wanted to be kept in the loop, - so you better let her know.
- I already did.
I ran the name Jed Lincoln and spoke to his boss.
He called in sick this morning.
I just tried to reach him, but no luck.
OLIVER: So that could have been him in the pickup truck outside Brit's house.
Demolition expert with anger issues and no alibi.
That guy has a lot stacked against him.
Well, if he's our bomber and was court-ordered to anger management, he won't risk missing a meeting.
ZARA: Brit Lawler says she was in your lobby this morning to pick something up.
Was she a customer? Possibly.
Client base sits at about 15 million worldwide.
You have the means to find out, though.
Our privacy policy is strict.
As CEO, I'm the last person who can afford to breach it.
Given what another bombing would do to your company, Mr.
Raskin, you're the last person who could afford not to.
One of your employees died today.
[TYPING] Eight months ago, Brit Lawler, her mother Linda, and father Dan all purchased the Legacy + Health package.
- You have the results? - [EXHALES] Jenny, I just, uh, sent the Lawler file - to the printer can you bring it in? - The bomber said the next attack would happen at 5:30 p.
- Do you have any idea why? - No.
The police reviewed our corporate calendar, pretty standard meetings.
Our shareholders' annual is next month.
If the bomber wanted to make a statement, that would be the place.
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
- Oh, my God.
- What is it? I have to go.
Brit and her family were all customers of Branch Genetics.
Brit's mother had the HTT gene.
It's responsible for the inevitable development of Huntington's Disease; there isn't a cure.
But there's more.
Keep reading.
Brit has it, too.
That could be what she remembered when she kicked me out her diagnosis.
Okay, um, there may be a way that I can still get her to cooperate.
All right, get on it.
We'll check out Jed.
Got your message about a possible sighting of the bomber outside Brit's house.
Yeah, we thought it might be him trying to silence the only witness.
I gave a description of the vehicle to your team.
Forensics say the bomb was likely homemade, a crude device.
Parts are generic, but we're trying to trace them.
Can I see that? We're gonna take another run at Brit.
She's fragile, but I think pieces of her memory - are starting to come back.
- Great.
I'll come with.
Well, I don't know if that's the best idea.
I didn't know you were calling the shots, Mr.
Consider me put in my place.
Hey, Jed, um can I have a minute? Yeah, what's up, Harry? Some people are here who want to talk to you.
Just, um, stay calm.
Jed Lincoln? Eric Beaumont.
This is my colleague Cynthia Walker.
I take it you heard about the bombing at Branch Genetics this morning.
I had nothing to do with that.
Oh, we didn't insinuate that you did.
Harry, what's this about? Jed, take a breath.
Remember, anger is a secondary emotion.
It's what we use to protect ourselves from our primary feelings.
We're working with a witness who was caught in the blast.
Someone who may be able to identify the bomber.
Brit Lawler is her name.
Brit? Is she all right? You know her? We dated for a while.
That's all.
The bomber used a phrase connected with Eastside Anger Management.
Brit was at Branch Genetics when the bomb went off.
The fact that you two dated is a pretty big coincidence.
And you split up.
Brit had a tough year with her mother passing.
I did my best to help her.
At the end, she said she didn't want to be close to anyone anymore.
How'd that make you feel? You mean, did it make me angry? No.
I gave her what she asked for space.
But you still have feelings for her.
I don't got to talk to you.
- I'm done with this.
- HARRY: Jed.
[TIRES SCREECH] Truck matches Oliver's description.
He was outside Brit's house this morning.
I'll let Oliver and Zara know Brit and Jed were dating.
Hey, Dan, is Brit still here? Uh, she's not doing so well.
She-she won't want to talk.
Then I'll need Brit to tell me that herself, sir.
Thank you.
Hey, how you doing? I'll be fine.
And I'm sorry about before, but I prefer to be alone.
Thank you for understanding.
Listen, Brit, we know you're scared, and it's not just because of the bomb.
We know you inherited the HTT gene from your mother.
And we're sorry.
I know I should have reminded you, but when you woke up in the hospital, you were scared and relieved.
Hopeful, even.
It's been a long time since I've seen you like that.
My mom jumped at the chance to find out what made her her.
To find out where she came from.
But when she took the test, she found out she was destined to die from Huntington's.
Do you know what the disease does to you? Before the physical symptoms show up, you get depressed.
You just lose hope.
Worst of all, you lose the ability to feel emotion.
You become a husk.
But Huntington's didn't take my mom.
Brit, you don't have to talk about this.
Three months after she was - diagnosed - Honey.
she hung herself.
Enough, please.
I can't Uh Hey, Dan, um, why don't we take a walk? I could use some fresh air myself.
Look, Brit, I know all you feel right now is despair, but when you talked to me about your morning routine, you described how happy yoga made you feel.
Now, if you let me help you retrieve your memories, we might be able to get you back to a place where you can feel that again.
So this morning we tried immersion therapy with some success.
Sometimes doing the opposite can also trigger memories.
How do I do that? With a therapeutic technique called "Fly on the Wall.
" Close your eyes and you remove yourself from your experience, like, you're outside of your body looking down on yourself, kind of like a fly on the wall would see you.
Trust him.
He's been right so far.
Don't let it go to your head.
It's just not right, you know? I mean, nobody deserves a disease like this, but for it to happen to Brit is - It's not fair.
- Exactly.
Huntington's takes time before it's debilitating.
You still have a lot of years with your daughter.
Years that were almost stolen from us this morning.
OLIVER: You usually take a bus to work, but today you took a rideshare.
As a fly on the wall, can you see why? [PHONE RINGING] [GASPS] I got a call.
From who? I don't know.
- [PHONE CHIMES] - Just, uh, hold on.
What can you tell us about your relationship to Jed Lincoln? What does he have to do with anything? Maybe nothing.
We're just curious.
How did you two meet? [GASPING]: No! Okay, Brit, it's okay.
I'm right here.
I can't do this! I can't do this! I think she's reliving the trauma of the bombings with both of us in the room.
I'll get out of your hair, but let me know if she says anything else.
Good luck.
Brit, it's okay.
Just, uh, take a deep breath.
You didn't want to talk because, because of the police officer.
It was me.
What was you? I built the bombs.
[SPEAKING FRENCH CANADIAN] Police! Police! Put your hands up! [SHOUTING IN FRENCH CANADIAN] [SHOUTING CONTINUES] [SIRENS WAILING] You got it, right? The laptop you grabbed it, right? Yeah, of course.
BRIT: This is where I did it.
All of this was on the list Agent Jackson gave us.
You remember building the bombs? Well, not specifically, but I definitely remember holding it, and I knew where this place was, so Why, Brit? Why why would you do this? I don't know.
CYNTHIA: If you knew the bomb was going off, why would you go there? I guess I had a change of heart, I didn't want anyone to die? Well, if you don't want anyone else to die, tell us where the next attack is gonna happen.
I don't remember.
I'm so sorry.
Brit, I got to say I'm having a hard time buying this.
I can't believe it either, but I had the bomb in my hands.
I know it.
Well, you definitely had help.
We were talking to the bomber when the explosion happened, and they continued talking after the blast.
Meanwhile, you were found unconscious.
So if you don't remember where the next attack is, your partner will.
With all signs of that pointing at your ex-boyfriend Jed.
Why would he do this? You know, it's clear that Jed still has feelings for you.
If you can help lure him out, we can work on him to give us the location of the next attack.
Okay, come on.
Search the house.
See if you can find anything that might give us an insight into Brit's motive.
It could tell us where the next attack's gonna happen.
Look at this.
Someone broke in here.
You know, I feel for Brit, but there is no excuse for taking another human life.
Um Cynthia, I'm sorry, I did not mean it like It's okay.
My brother didn't mean to kill our foster father, though they made him pay for it like he did.
Wait a second.
What is it? Brit's mom was tested by Branch Genetics - eight months ago, right? - Mm-hmm.
Two weeks after she was tested, her health insurance was canceled.
Because of her Huntington's diagnosis? No, it couldn't have been.
Brit's mom received the results from Branch Genetics after her health insurance was canceled.
Which means the insurance company wouldn't have even known about her genetic disorder yet, so why cancel her coverage? Unless someone else told them.
[INDISTINCT CHATTER] ERIC [OVER COMMS]: Brit, we know you don't remember if Jed is involved, but you need to play it like you know he was.
We just need Jed to tell us the location of the next bombing.
Don't worry, everything's gonna be okay.
He's here.
Brit, are you okay? I'm fine, Jed.
Listen You shouldn't have gone there this morning.
You could've been killed.
I was trying to stop us from making a huge mistake.
Us? I don't want to take any more lives.
What are you talking about? You're not involved.
No, Jed, please just tell me where we were setting the next bomb off so I can stop it.
You're setting me up.
No, Jed, please, stop.
Get out of my way, - or I'm gonna - Or what? What are you gonna do? You're gonna threaten to kill us? Like you threatened your old boss? You know, you work in demolition, you know explosives.
You're court-ordered to attend anger management, the bomber used Eastside Anger Management's mantra in the attack.
- [PHONE CHIMES] - Not to mention you were staking out Brit's house this morning.
Why, Jed? Brit, tell them this wasn't me.
BRIT: I'm sorry.
I can't remember.
JED: I didn't do this.
But you know who did.
No, I don't know anything.
I just found out that your mom's health insurance was canceled a month before Branch Genetics diagnosed her with HTT.
Well, don't you find it strange that she had coverage her whole life, and then right before receiving her terminal diagnosis, she loses it? What are you saying? Well, that if you believed Branch Genetics sold your mother's genetic report to her health insurance company, you would have a very clear motive to bomb them.
- She didn't do it! - Now, she's confessed.
All we needed was motive and now we have it.
So if you really care about her, you better tell us what you know now right now, or she's going to prison for the rest of her life.
It was Dan.
My father? JED: Yeah.
Oh, my God.
I remember.
My dad bought the genetics test for my mom as a birthday present.
DAN: Happy birthday, sweetheart.
[LAUGHING]: I know it's what you wanted.
[PHONE CAMERA CLICKS] BRIT: But after she was diagnosed and took her own life he went into a grief spiral.
He blamed Branch Genetics for my mom's death.
I told him that was ridiculous, it wasn't their fault, but he wouldn't listen.
He was ordered to attend anger management, where he met Jed.
Where I met Jed.
Her dad needed a job.
So I figured it would impress her if I got him one.
I got him doing grunt work at my company.
He was really curious about explosives.
Always asking questions and stuff.
I remember I was just about to leave the house this morning to go to work when Jed called.
He said someone had stolen explosive materials from his work.
He had a feeling it was my dad.
And then what I found in the garage confirmed Jed's suspicions.
I wasn't at Branch Genetics to pick something up.
I was there trying to stop the bombing.
JED: Look, I thought if I said something, I'd be implicated as an accessory.
I went to the house to confront Dan, but you guys were there so I couldn't.
If your father knows Branch Genetics sold customer info to the insurance company that dropped your mother's coverage Then the health insurance company seems like the next logical target.
Get ahold of Special Agent Jackson.
We need to find your father.
I told you you could look forward to another explosion today.
Right? Drive.
[PHONE RINGS] Hey, Zara, what's up? ZARA: We contacted the health insurance company.
All of their top execs are at a business retreat today.
Sounds like the perfect opportunity to take revenge.
Guess what time the presentation on preexisting conditions starts.
Exactly when the bomber said the next attack would happen.
Zara, where's this retreat being held? I'll text you the address.
Get out of the car and bring the bag with you.
Which brings us to the thorny issue of coverage for preexisting conditions and chronic diseases, which - excuse me, what's going - [SHOOTS GUN] [SCREAMING] As you can see, - Mr.
Raskin here - Oh, please, please, please is holding a bomb which will go off when I push this button.
- If anyone moves - Mr.
Lawler, please Shut up.
WOMAN: Okay.
Be calm.
You've all been playing God for too long.
The woman you're looking at is was the love of my life.
She died last year.
Coroners ruled it a suicide.
It wasn't.
It was murder, and every single one of you murdered her.
She hung herself because she didn't want me selling off our house to pay for treatment.
The house we were supposed to grow old in together.
And I wouldn't have had to if you heartless monsters didn't cancel her health insurance.
That data gets used for research - to find cures for diseases - Stop.
You sold it to insurance companies to make profit.
You knew exactly how they were gonna use the information.
Once all of you are dead and the press asks why this happened, then the world will find out what you did, and this will never happen again.
BRIT: Dad.
Get out of here.
Dad, please put the gun down.
I-I can't lose you, too.
Not now.
Not after everything else we've lost.
They murdered your mother.
This is necessary.
[QUIETLY]: Okay.
ERIC: Dan, I-I know you want revenge.
But if you want the world to know Branch Genetics sells customer info to insurance companies, you-you don't have to kill them.
Malcolm can make a statement.
The value of the company will plummet.
That won't stop them.
I have to do this! - MAN: Freeze! - Hey! Hey! - WOMAN: Get down! - If they come any closer, - I'm gonna blow us all up! - JACKSON: We can take it from here, - Mr.
- Okay, Shay, please.
You asked Brit to trust me.
I'm gonna need you to do the same.
Dan, listen to me.
You think this is the only way, but that's because you feel powerless.
You felt that way after your wife was diagnosed, after she killed herself, and again after your daughter was diagnosed.
Feeling powerless made you angry.
Anger is a secondary feeling, Dan.
A cover-up emotion that's masking what's really driving you.
Your anger's blocking you from seeing that you blame yourself for buying your wife that genetic test.
I don't want you to get sick.
I I know, Dad, please! Please, don't! OLIVER: Brit said, one of the things your wife asked her to do before she died was to take care of you.
You kill yourself, you, you blow these people up, then she failed.
You've already killed one person.
And you nearly killed your own daughter today.
Put down the detonator and the gun, Dan.
Don't don't make your daughter a failure.
[SIGHS] DAN: I'm sorry.
I love you, Dad! I love you, too.
Brit, come on.
- Come on, come on, it's okay.
- Oh no! No.
[GRUNTS] MAN: Yeah, we got him, we got him.
MAN 2: All right, we're clear.
[SOBBING] All right, bring in the bomb squad.
[PANTING] We spoke to Malcolm.
And he's pressuring the health insurance companies to rescind their cancellations.
I won't hold my breath.
Hey, Brit, I wanted to show you this.
There's a lot of different research projects looking for a cure for Huntington's.
I know it feels like a slim chance, but, uh, it's reason to hope.
Brit, I made some soup.
You should eat.
You haven't all day.
Yeah, it's a good idea, - and, uh, we should be going.
- Yeah.
- Take care, Brit.
- Thank you.
[SIGHS] [SIGHS] Wanted to thank you guys, Philly style, with a cheesesteak.
Oh, uh, well, you You know, I would love to, um, but I have some other business to attend to.
Guess it's just us, then.
What do you say? Yeah, sure.
Why not? So, where does one get the best Philly cheesesteak in town? First of all, it's just cheesesteak.
"Philly's" a given.
You have a lot of learn, Mr.
Don't ever call me that.
TYLER: So how was Philadelphia? CYNTHIA: I barely saw any of it.
You know, this job just made me realize how lucky we are.
How so? Well, families that have been through what you and I have been through? Second chances at a future together don't often come.
Promise me that we will make the best of it.
I promise.
We've been back in each other's lives six months.
To many more.
I got to explain to the new guy how to start the sourdough.
- [CHUCKLES] Yeah? - Catch up to you? Yeah.
MAN: Where's the laptop? Yeah, I got it.
Bring it to me now.