Ransom (2017) s03e13 Episode Script

Story for Another Day

1 Listen, I wouldn't ask if it wasn't important.
I hope not, since you'd be putting my career on the line again.
I just don't know if either one of us is ever gonna put the other ahead of our jobs.
I have a brother.
He was in prison for killing our foster father.
- Freeze! Police! - Put your hands up! CYNTHIA: He's out now, and he's living with me.
Ah [GRUNTS] RACHEL: You got it, right? The laptop.
- You grabbed it, right? - Yeah, of course.
CYNTHIA: We've been back in each other's lives six months.
To many more.
I call you when I need you And my heart's on fire Well, you come to me, come to me Wild and wired Ooh, you come to me You give me everything that I need Well, you give me a lifetime of promises And a world of dreams, yeah [CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] You speak a language of love Like you know what it means Ooh, and it can't be wrong Take my heart, and you make it stronger Sing it with me, come on! Simply the best What?! Better than all the rest Better than anyone Those are some serious pipes.
But who knew she could sing like that? She always sang when we were kids.
- I'm stuck on your heart - [WHOOPS] I hang on every word you say Now don't tear us apart No, no, no, no Baby, I would rather be dead You're simply the best.
[CHEERS AND APPLAUSE] [WHOOPS] Thanks, you guys.
Brava, Cynthia, brava.
- That was incredible.
- Thank you.
Next bottle of prosecco is on me.
- ALL: Champagne.
- Champagne.
Wow, sis, you still got it.
Thanks, little brother.
Well, karaoke sure beats belting it out in the shower.
What, you learned how to sing like that - in the shower? - No.
- She was in a band.
- Yeah, I I'm gonna get another drink.
Yeah, I was in a-a cover band called the Outbound Saints.
I was a teenager.
I thought I was gonna be the next Tina Turner.
Yeah, no, I can see that.
What happened? Um, just life.
Well, I'm-I'm gonna help out Eric.
And me, oh, God Hey.
You okay? Yeah.
No word from Kate? She wanted some time to figure things out between us.
I'm sure she'll be in touch.
Goin' back It must be so nice to have your brother back.
It's crazy.
He's going away for a few days to visit a friend, and I, I already feel anxious about him not being around.
Well, that makes sense.
You've been apart for so long.
He's so lucky to have you.
- reason to indulge.
Cynthia is so good.
- Cynthia - Good night, Eric.
you're simply the best! Better than all the rest! - CYNTHIA: Night, guys.
- [ZARA LAUGHING] - [SIGHS] - Is everything okay? Yeah.
They they're nice your friends.
They really care about you.
[PISTOL COCKS] Start the car.
- Drive.
- Sis, get out the car.
Get out the car! She has nothing to do with this.
I said go.
[ENGINE STARTS] GUNMAN: What are you waiting for? Drive.
CYNTHIA: What is this place? Everything's under control.
You call me as soon as you hear anything else.
Don't say anything.
Tyler Walker! Who's this? My sister.
But you need to let her go.
Your sister.
Oh, boy, that's unfortunate.
Who are you, and what's going on here? I'm Dr.
Dolan Kendrick.
Did he not mention me to you? I was his physician while he was serving time.
I like to think that I helped him get through it.
One thing I asked of you: protect the laptop with your life.
And to top it off, you lied to Rachel that you had it.
I tried to get it out, but the police were on me.
There was no time, Dr.
I would never betray you.
I swear.
Madam, I am truly sorry for what has to happen next.
You had no part in this.
You shouldn't have to pay for your brother's mistakes.
This will be quick.
You will feel a little bit of drowsiness, sleep, and then - No, Dr.
Kendrick, please.
- Just wait.
This laptop.
What if I could get it back for you? Then you would be a magician.
It's in police custody.
That would be impossible.
I-I work for Crisis Resolution.
We specialize in the impossible.
And if there is anyone who can convince the police to give it up, it's us.
And if it's that important that you'd kill us over it, imagine having it back.
Eric, when we left the bar, I was with Tyler.
He was taken.
He's involved in some criminal activity.
Your colleague has made some very impressive claims regarding your negotiating skills.
Who is this? Where's Cynthia? Think of me as a potential client.
There was a police raid at the Drummond Bakery a few days ago.
A laptop, my personal property, was swept up in it; what's on it is none of their business.
I'd like it back.
Just let them go.
You don't need to force me to do this.
I am willing to help you.
Oh, I know you are.
Because if I don't get my laptop back in 24 hours, your friends are dead.
Anything? Okay, Monique.
Thanks for this.
Be in touch.
My police contact confirmed the Drummond Bakery was raided - a few days ago.
- Do they know why? All she knows is that it was a front for a major criminal syndicate.
Police had been watching it for months.
But she did confirm that a laptop was entered into evidence.
And Tyler was working for this syndicate? Well, it seems so.
He's somehow connected to that laptop.
Cynthia must be so devastated.
She thought Tyler was doing so well.
Well, neither will be doing well in 22 hours if we don't get that laptop.
But how do we return it if it contains information they need to bring down the syndicate? Yeah, I can't see the police just handing it over.
Then we go above their heads.
Zara, dig deeper into your contacts.
Find out everything you can about this syndicate and who the guy was that I was talking to.
You need to figure out what the implications are of giving this laptop back.
And you? Friends in high places.
Hoping I still have some.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Hey, hey, come.
- Find out if we can get that back - TYLER: I see them.
We need to find a way out of here.
Are you gonna tell me what you're mixed up in and why this man wants you dead? You wouldn't understand, sis.
Excuse me, you showed up six months ago wanting to be a family again.
And then I find out, while you're sleeping at my house and eating my food, you're also working for murderers! I had no choice.
Who is he?! He saved my life.
That man? When I was inside, a gang jumped me.
They beat me to an inch of my life.
Remember? Yes.
You were in the infirmary for two weeks.
And Dr.
Kendrick, he treated me, but he knew as soon as I went back to the yard, the men would finish the job.
He knew people, and his word meant something.
No one touched me after that.
So you owe him? - Hey, hey, I see something.
- What? Can you see what they're doing? Come on, come on.
Okay, okay, good.
Wait, wait.
Oh Oh, good, good.
There's another room.
If we can get in there, maybe there's a window we can break.
Please tell me what's going on.
The doctor I guess I did kind of owe him.
He said he saw something special in me.
No one ever said that before.
He taught me stuff.
And, uh, I was already good with numbers, but he encouraged me to go further.
You mean he encouraged you to commit crimes.
It's better than being dead, I guess.
This laptop he's talking about, what's so important about it? It has all his financial transactions.
List of offshore banking accounts.
He was very, very paranoid with that laptop.
Kept it air-gapped, encrypted, the works.
Why didn't you tell me? I would have found a way to help you.
If I told you, you would have tried to do something about it.
And they would have come after you.
You don't know what these people are like.
They stick to you.
What I should've done I should've left you alone.
Never come back.
GENEVIEVE: You know, we still thank you every day for bringing our daughter home to us.
ERIC: How's she doing? Started at Bishop's.
She wants to major in law.
- Like her mom.
- Mm-hmm.
One day become a government minister.
Deputy minister.
Though everyone knows we DMs do all the real work.
Don't quote me on that.
Nathalie told me about your divorce.
I really felt for you guys.
But I can't say I was surprised.
I mean it's just, she always wanted something stable, and, uh I don't do stable.
Um, it's just, you know, you have a big life, Eric.
But discussing that is not why you're here to see me.
Police raided the Drummond Bakery in Montreal.
One of my colleagues and her brother are in danger because of a laptop that was taken during the raid, and I need to get it back.
So you want me to pull rank with the Montreal Police and get them to release it? I wouldn't do anything to jeopardize a major investigation, I promise you that.
But having the laptop in my possession gives me leverage in negotiating the release of these people I care about.
Leave it with me, I'll make some calls.
No promises.
OLIVER: Did you find any strings to pull? [EXHALES] I'm not sure yet.
My police contact got back to me with more details.
This syndicate, it's known as the Caretakers.
They run drugs and contraband into prisons through a medical front.
They've cultivated a network of corrupt guards and administrators to gain access to correctional facilities here and in the U.
The Caretakers' M.
is to build loyalty with inmates.
They help them on the inside, then force them to work off their debts once they're released.
This gives the Caretakers a lethal force of ex-cons to do their bidding on the outside.
ZARA: Inmates have been used to carry out contract killings of police officers, federal agents, anyone who's gotten too close.
And the guy who called? A most likely Dr.
Dolan Kendrick.
He was the target of the raid.
OLIVER: It says here he graduated medical school near the top of his year.
Specialized in anesthesiology, did a practicum at Munroe Penitentiary, and he was disciplined for over-administering pain medication.
And he runs the Caretakers? ZARA: No.
The top leadership is still unknown.
Police were following Kendrick, hoping he'd lead them to the real power.
So maybe Tyler's working for him.
- As a C.
? - Could that be why they want him dead? Eric, the Caretakers are seriously dangerous.
If we hand that laptop back to them before the police get the data off of it, we could be helping them avoid prosecution.
Agreed, but if we don't figure out something soon, in less than 19 hours, Cynthia and Tyler will be dead.
What? There may be a way we can have our cake and eat it, too.
Oh, shoot.
- You won't get away with this.
- Hey.
[DOOR SLIDING SHUT] There's a door to the outside.
But it's locked.
There's a phone in the car, too.
We could call for help.
That's locked, too.
We break in, the alarm goes off.
- Sorry, sis.
- Tell me something.
When you said you were going away to visit a friend for a few days, were you even planning on coming back? I had to get out of here.
I didn't want this to happen.
I should've left yesterday.
I wanted to see you sing.
Oh, so you'd have a nice memory to forget me by? You don't need me, sis.
What's that supposed to mean? You have a nice life.
Nice job, nice friends.
You've done fine without me.
You'll still do fine.
You you don't owe me anything.
OLIVER: This microchip is a hacking device made to look like a signal conditioning coupler, so it's completely inconspicuous.
So, what's it for? If we clip it to the motherboard of the laptop, it'll transmit any data on that computer to us.
So we can give the laptop to Dr.
Kendrick - but retain its contents? - Well, there are some ifs and buts.
- I'd need to see the laptop to be sure.
- [PHONE RINGS] Any news? Only the bad kind, Eric.
The data on that laptop is critical to a cross-border investigation.
I understand, um, but we think we may have a way to give it back and get the data from it.
That's not gonna happen.
It's being transferred this afternoon to the FBI.
Their techs are gonna try and crack the encryption.
It's out of our hands.
I'm sorry.
There's nothing more I can do.
Got it.
FBI is taking custody of the laptop.
Well, they're never gonna hand it over.
We need to call Kate.
- She's FBI.
She's our best chance.
- No.
- Eric.
- Twice I've risked Kate's career over a case.
Both times without even consulting her.
I'm not involving her in this.
You know, we're talking about Cynthia and Tyler's life here.
- There's another way to get it.
- How? Steal it.
Okay, this is the Montreal Police building on St.
Now, the laptop will have to be picked up here and likely carried out through this lobby here.
So that's where we do the intercept? Well, not we.
Just me.
- What do you mean? - I'm doing this alone.
That's crazy.
The only chance we have of pulling this off is if we all do this together.
I'm not having you two implicated in this.
And how'd that work out for you last time? When you cut us out and handed Delaine over to Volynets to die, you said you betrayed yourself and betrayed us.
Or have you forgotten that already? Don't try going down this road again.
Cynthia is part of ourteam.
She's ourfriend.
We do this together.
Okay here's the plan.
[ELEVATOR BELL DINGS] ERIC: The laptop will be placed in a diplomatic pouch so that it can bypass security as it crosses the border into the U.
It'll be guarded at all times by a security detail, who will personally chaperone it onto a plane.
Our one opportunity will be between the elevator and the lobby doors.
- Oh! - Oh! Oh, my God! Oh, I'm such a klutz.
- I am so - Forget it.
It's okay.
It's okay.
- I - It's okay.
ERIC: We'll need to profile the target.
Find a way to distract him.
ZARA: Running facial recognition.
Sending you his social media profile, Oliver.
Hey Arthur Payne.
- Do I know you? - Yeah.
From McGill.
Poli sci, '03.
- Professor Beckett's class.
- Yeah.
- [CHUCKLING]: I took that class.
- Yeah.
I know, man, it's me, Billy Schneider.
B-Schnei! - Billy! - Sorry, man.
It was a big class.
Wasn't that big.
ERIC: Proceeding main door.
OLIVER: Target is distracted.
All clear.
[ALARM BEEPING] Eric, he's got some kind of sensor on his wrist.
ERIC: Proximity alarm.
Okay, you need to remove it before he gets too far.
[ALARM BEEPING] ARTHUR: Hey! Stop! Stop him! Stop that man! Hands up! Stop! I'm Lieutenant Demarais, Montreal Police Service.
I understand how this must look, but I can explain everything.
I'm all ears.
I need that laptop to help some people.
People dear to me.
Look, if I tell you what's really going on, you'll investigate, as required by law, and that could - make things worse.
- For, let me guess, the people dear to you.
You're aware of the penalties for stealing evidence in a federal investigation? They're substantial.
Up to ten years.
Are you working for Dr.
Kendrick? I most definitely am not.
Then what were you going to do with the laptop? Return it to Dr.
I see.
Look, I'm not gonna throw away my life over a laptop.
I think you just did.
Your actions broke the chain of custody, which delays us handing it over to the FBI.
So you still have it? You need to forget about the laptop and start thinking about potential plea deals.
Tyler Walker.
Are you using him as a criminal informant? Because Dr.
Kendrick has kidnapped him and is going to kill him, along with his sister, if he doesn't get that laptop back.
I don't know a Tyler Walker.
We only had one C.
in Kendrick's operation, and she showed up floating in the Saint Lawrence six months ago.
[PHONE CHIMES] I'll be back.
For now, maybe think about getting an attorney.
I recommend you get a good one.
No, yeah, I got it right in front of me.
Yeah, I've got the spreadsheet open.
It's, um, it's all reconciled.
They've been paid.
I'll talk to you soon.
Okay, bye.
[SCREAMING] H-He just told whoever he was talking to that he was looking at the laptop.
That must be one of the Caretakers.
Who are they? They run drugs and contraband into the prisons.
Half of them are ex-cons, the other half work there.
Well, he's lying to them.
They think he has the laptop, but he doesn't.
Yeah, 'cause he's scared of what'll happen when they find out.
Eric could use that as leverage.
We need to get in touch with him.
You said there was a phone in the car? Yeah, but they'll hear us if we break in.
[SIGHS] Tyler, we, we need to think of something.
ZARA: Okay, thanks.
Talk to you later.
You find out anything? The Montreal Police Service, they're drawing up charges against Eric.
They're talking conspiracy, suggesting he was working with Dr.
Okay, I'm all about the power of positive thinking, but Eric is on the verge of going to prison, and getting that laptop back now is impossible.
What? We can't do anything about the laptop, but there might be a way to help Eric.
How's this? Perfect, sis.
[CHUCKLES] You were always so good at tinkering.
I remember you taking apart the microwave just to see how it worked.
I was sweating, putting that back together.
Thinking about him walking in and seeing it in pieces.
You never told me the whole story, about the night he died.
'Cause I'm mixed up with this, you think I murdered him? No.
Of course not.
You never should have gone to prison.
We just never really talked about it.
I'd called you that night.
He'd been raging more since you'd run away.
Wasn't making as much money from the foster agency, I guess.
[LINE RINGING] You were out, you didn't answer.
He said I broke the TV remote.
He was hurting me.
Usually, I just sucked it up, but that night [SHOUTS] that night, I pushed him back.
[THUDDING] He broke his neck in the fall.
What did you do? I ran.
- [SIREN WAILING] - [PANTING] Made it to Michael Forman's house.
Hid there until the cops came.
CYNTHIA: You never stood a chance, Tyler.
To them, you were just some delinquent kid who killed his foster father.
I'm so sorry, what happened to you.
Nothing you could do about it.
Just got to let it go, sis.
Funny thing is, I did break the remote, just to piss him off.
Let's do this.
[DEMARAIS CLEARS THROAT] You're free to go.
Don't look at me.
Wasn't my call.
Somebody's arranged a "get out of jail free" card for you.
He's all yours, Agent Barrett.
ERIC: What did you do? KATE: I made some calls, pulled in some favors.
What do you think? Okay, I didn't ask you to do this.
Am I supposed to just get used to seeing you in an orange jumpsuit? It's not a good look on you.
Kate, I didn't ask you because I didn't want to compromise you again.
I know how much your work means to you.
And this case you're on, it involves stealing evidence to help a major crime syndicate, is that correct? There is a good reason.
There always is.
So tell me.
I'm not involving you anymore.
Have it your way.
This is the third time.
- I got to go.
- Okay, Kate? Please.
Don't you have a world to save? [SIGHS] Hey.
Hi, Eric.
I'm sorry, but Kate was the only one I could think of It's okay, it's okay, you did what you had to do.
The lieutenant I spoke to, he said Tyler isn't a C.
So if he wasn't a snitch, why did Kendrick want him dead? Maybe he just wanted Cynthia, use her as leverage to force us to get the laptop back.
ERIC: Yeah, but Cynthia said, "I was with Tyler when he was abducted.
" Kendrick didn't even plan on getting Cynthia.
He was after Tyler, to kill him.
OLIVER: Okay, what if Tyler knows how to open the laptop and access the data on it? ERIC: Maybe if he has the password? [EXHALES] Yes.
ZARA: That makes sense.
If he couldn't get it back from the police, then Dr.
Kendrick wouldwant Tyler dead.
- CYNTHIA: Eric.
- Cynthia.
Are you okay? Listen to me.
I overheard Dr.
Kendrick on the phone.
He lied to the Caretakers about the laptop, and he's terrified of them finding out he doesn't have it.
- Do you have it? - No.
Not yet.
[EXHALES] ZARA: Can you locate the source? The burner phone's defaulted to Wi-Fi calling.
I can't trace it.
Look, we're gonna get you out, but, Tyler, are you able to decrypt the laptop? Do you know the password? I can access it by retinal scan.
Okay, so you can open it.
C-Can anyone else? Kendrick, he can.
Though the last few times, he had trouble with his scan.
He got frustrated.
That's why he set me up to do it.
Kendrick's medical files as part of their surveillance report.
I noticed that he had surgery a couple of weeks ago.
Here it is.
It can take more than a month for the eyes to heal.
Only then can you reset your eye scan.
So he can't open it.
Only Tyler can.
Hey! [SHOUTS] CYNTHIA: Leave him alone! Cynthia? Hello? Hey! Leave my Hey, get off of me.
Get off of me.
Get Tyler.
ERIC: Cynthia? Eric Beaumont, I'm guessing.
- You have my laptop? - Don't you dare hurt them.
Or what? You have eight hours.
Okay, we have to do something now.
We've got leverage.
Time to use it.
Haven't I always been good to you? You call this being good? Why did you lie to me about the laptop? You would have killed me.
No, you're wrong.
I protected you.
Because that's what family does.
Don't listen to him, Tyler.
Bring them.
Let's go.
You got to be kidding me.
ERIC: Uh, this is my associate Oliver Yates.
We have a proposal.
I noticed you hadn't filled out a missing persons report on your friends.
Was that all a scam? We didn't fill it out because there's no time for an investigation.
OLIVER: You're trying to break the encryption on Kendrick's laptop to bring down the Caretakers.
The odds of you cracking it are, to put it generously, remote.
- So? - So Tyler Walker's the only person that can open it.
We can mirror the contents of the laptop - once he does that.
- And your point is? ERIC: What we're saying is, giving it back to Dr.
Kendrick not only frees our friends, it's your best chance of getting the data that you and the FBI want.
Okay, give me about two hours to rig and test the hacking chip.
ZARA: Oh, good.
You've got the laptop.
What? What is it? Dr.
Kendrick just called.
He sent a location.
We're to meet him there in 30 minutes, or he's gonna kill them both.
Why would Kendrick change the timeline? He said eight hours.
The Caretakers must be pressuring him.
Uh, that-that's impossible.
I need 90 minutes minimum.
He can't kill Tyler.
He'd never get the laptop open.
That may be true, but there's nothing stopping him from killing Cynthia.
You said Dr.
Kendrick doesn't run the Caretakers, - he works for them.
- Yes.
If they found out the police had the laptop and Kendrick lied about it, they'd come after him to make him pay.
- Let's go.
Bring the laptop.
- But, Eric, I just told you I need more than hour to rig - the hacking chip - Just bring it.
KENDRICK: Eight minutes to high noon.
Let's hope your faith in Mr.
Beaumont's skill isn't misplaced.
Let her go.
I burn my eyes, you will never get to open that laptop.
I'll do it! Tyler Tyler.
I'm sick of you running my life.
I did everything you asked.
And I'm willing to pay whatever price I got to pay for getting mixed up with you.
But she has nothing to do with this.
Doesn't make any difference to me.
Let her go.
[PANTING] - Go, sis.
- No.
I left you once, - I am not leaving you again.
- Cynthia, please.
I can't.
You tried to be the good brother.
I guess it's the thought that counts, right? TYLER: Cynthia, what are you doing? I got you into this.
You let me in and I let you down.
No, Tyler.
It was me who let you down.
All those years ago when I left and I promised I'd come back.
But then I made friends.
I started singing.
- I started a new life.
- [EXHALES] That night, when you called, when he was coming for you [LINE RINGING] [PHONE RINGING] CYNTHIA: I wasn't out.
[PHONE RINGING] I just didn't answer.
I abandoned you when you needed me.
I could have saved you from everything.
From the arrest.
From prison.
From this.
I'm sorry.
ERIC: All right, Zara.
Notify Detective Demarais and stay here with the laptop.
I'm on comms.
Cynthia, Tyler, you okay? They're fine.
They just had a little squabble.
They'll be better when you get me the laptop.
So where is it? Right over there.
So how about you go and you bring it right over here? Anything happens to any of us and it's gone.
I told you.
I will give you them when you give me the laptop.
And I believe you.
But we're not gonna do that.
Eric I think you should reconsider.
- I don't think so.
- Killing Tyler is killing yourself.
What's that supposed to mean? ERIC: Well, Tyler is the one person who's capable of opening that laptop.
And we're betting that the Caretakers know about the raid.
They think the police have the laptop, but you've assured them that that's not true.
- You lied to them.
- OLIVER: And with everything we know about the Caretakers there's nowhere for you to run to.
There's nowhere to hide.
They will hunt you down and kill you if you don't make that laptop and its contents accessible to them.
That's an interesting theory.
Judging by your sudden need to move up our meeting time, I'm betting you have, what? An hour? - Maybe less? - Okay, you know what? How about this? How about I shoot her in the head? Are you willing to watch her die over the laptop? OLIVER: You can kill us all and go on the run from the Caretakers and the police, in which case you better pray to God that the police find you first.
I'm dead either way.
ERIC: Not necessarily.
We can offer you a way out of this.
The only way out of this.
You turn yourself in, we can get you that protection, maybe even immunity, if you testify against the Caretakers.
[SIRENS APPROACHING] [TIRES SQUEAL] OFFICER: All right, move, move, move! Let's go! Hands behind your head! Do it now! Stop it right there.
Drop your weapon.
I can't go to prison.
On your knees now.
Drop your weapons.
OFFICER 2: Hands up, hands up.
OFFICER 1: Drop your weapon! Hands behind your head, do it! On the ground! You got the laptop? I'm the one who can open it.
Then do it.
Oh, that's perfect.
We'll have questions.
Don't go far.
[CYNTHIA SIGHS] OLIVER: It's good to have you back.
Take him away.
You were wrong.
You said that I don't owe you anything.
But I do.
I'm the one who pushed him down the stairs.
I've made peace with what I did.
I've never blamed you nor anyone.
Now I have to go.
What are you talking about? Caretakers aren't going to drop this.
They'll come after everyone associated with the doctor.
Me included.
You can't just leave.
[CAR DOOR SHUTS] Look if I go inside, I'm dead.
And outside, as long as I'm around you, you're in danger, too.
[EXHALES] Promise me something.
Okay? When I was in my cell, thinking the worst, the only way I was able to make it through was the thought that one of us was living a good life.
I need you to forgive yourself and keep living that life.
If you can't do it for you do it for me.
Promise me.
- Tyler - Promise me.
Don't go.
- I'm sorry, sis.
- [SOBS SOFTLY] Good-bye.
No, wait.
I love you.
Stay strong.
[SOBS] [LOCK CLICKS] Beaumont.
This is, uh unexpected.
- Do you want to come inside? - Yeah.
Uh, no, uh, you know, no.
[EXHALES] I just need to get this out, Kate.
Get what out? You're right, um everyone around me gets dragged into what I do, whether they like it or not.
And to do this job, I thought I needed to compartmentalize my feelings, control them.
But instead, I, I I just choke them off, I But that all changed when I met you.
For the first time in I-I don't know how long, I felt real love and, um Kate, I came here to say that I will do whatever it takes to make us work.
Whatever it takes.
The job you do, it it comes first, I-I get it.
It's the same for me and what I do.
To make this work means means changing things about ourselves.
Things that really matter.
And, and the truth is, I well, I-I love you too much to want you to change.
You're-you're a good man, Eric, the way you are.
And you do save the world.
And that's what you need to do.
But I think it needs to be without me.
I call you when I need you When my heart's on fire You come to me, come to me Wild and wired I'm sure I'll see you again.
Ooh, you come to me [DOOR OPENS] Give me everything I need [DOOR SHUTS, LOCK CLICKS] Ooh Give me a lifetime of promises And a world of dreams You speak the language of love Like you know what it means Mmm, it can't be wrong Take my heart and - No sign of Eric and Kate? - ZARA: Not yet.
Okay, then.
Tequila, extra añejo.
- Okay.
Ooh, okay.
- Mmm.
I love tequila, but this smells like cough syrup.
Yeah, but what a cough syrup it ZARA: Hey.
- ERIC: Greetings.
- BOTH: Hey.
You flying solo? - Yeah.
- Everything okay? Let's just say I could use this right about now.
- Okay.
- All right, then, cheers.
Bottoms up, hmm? Hmm.
- Is that for Kate? - CYNTHIA: Yeah.
CYNTHIA: You know, I've learned one really important thing doing this job.
Yeah? What's that? Oh, if we wait long enough, eventually we'll get a message or a call from someone who needs saving.
And what have you learned from that? In doing our job maybe they're not the only ones getting saved.
[CHUCKLES] Just as long as I'm here In your arms I could be In no better place Can we get another round? You're simply the best - I'm gonna buy another round.
- Yeah? Oh, yay! I got it.
I got three kids, but I got it.
I got it.
He's, he's cheap.
Make him buy another round.