Rap Sh!t (2022) s02e04 Episode Script


CHASTITY: Now I done stayed in
some fucked-up places before,
but this by far takes the cake.
Bruh, you got us staying in
a hotel MLK got shot at.
The fuck is that smell?
CHASTITY: This gotta be
the nastiest place in Oakland.
What the fuck is this,
left behind dick lotion?
- Ugh!
- CHASTITY: No, don't touch it.
Oh, my God. Oh, my God. Ugh.
They didn't even clean this bitch.
CHASTITY: It's in my mouth.
- Oh!
SHAWNA: Oh, oh! Get up! Get up!
Oh, please. Oh, my God.
CHASTITY: Man, I can deal
with some dust, nigga.
I can even fuck with some roaches,
- but what the fuck is this shit?
- MIA: Now that's nasty as fuck.
- SHAWNA: Ugh.
CHASTITY: Bruh, please
tell me you don't know
this where they got us?
- Please.
MIA: Shit! Oh, shit! Oh!
Yeah, mud, I'm still clean ♪
And I came from the mud ♪
You got the Wi-Fi?
Weak-ass, raggedy-ass
passcode ain't working.
No. I don't believe this place
actually has Wi-Fi.
But I got connected on my phone
to the Burger King next door.
Here. Let me hook you up.
- Here you go.
Have it your way.
Okay. I know you don't fuck with me
I fuck with you, okay?
(SCOFFS) You just aggravating
sometimes, you know that.
I know that. I do know that.
Besides, it's too dirty in this bitch
to be holding grudges, so
Yeah, I feel like we are
actually in the trenches.
Now we can say we
got out the mud together,
you know?
- Definitely accurate.
I was just in Atlanta
with Ca$h Chaser the GOAT,
livin' a life of luxury.
I'm talking about, bitch, everything.
- I done went from bidets to
- Bi-don'ts.
- Bi-fucking-don'ts.
- (CHUCKLES) Bi-don'ts.
Okay, so he flew you out,
and then what happened?
(MIA SIGHS) I think I fumbled that shit.
I accidentally sent him this.
- MIA: I know.
Oh, damn.
Okay, he hasn't responded.
Not all day.
- Now I'm anxious.
- Shit. Shit.
So in relationships,
there, there can be,
like, avoidant people,
and there can be anxious people.
And it sounds like he's being avoidant.
And it's making you anxious.
You know? So I just think
that you need to just chill.
He knows what he's doing.
Francois ain't answering. But it's cool.
I'ma holler at him
when we get to the hotel.
Y'all just get dressed here.
But don't unpack shit,
'cause we ain't sleeping here.
- Okay.
CHASTITY: Alright.
- Oh, shit.
- What?
Reina got a feature on "Complex."
Pretty cool.
"Tongue" remix is killing it right now.
Congratulations on that song's success.
Periodt. Stream that.
But you got two new artists on there.
How'd you get connected with them?
Well, first of all,
shout out to Francois Boom.
Okay? For creating
such a fire motherfuckin' track.
- What are their names again?
- Oh, you know,
they're just some local talent.
You know? Some artists that I found.
I just wanted to give 'em
a shot. Support women.
- MIA: Wow.
- SHAWNA: Mm-hmm.
She ain't even tag us,
mention us, or nothing?
I've never heard her say our names.
Does she know our names?
Man, fuck her. Fuck her.
Y'all got to think of it
like mac and cheese.
BOTH: Why?
Because I'm hungry and I miss home.
Hear me out, though.
Y'all like the mac and cheese
my grandmama used to make.
Five-cheese blend
perfectly thick noodles,
sprinkle the cheese on top,
throw that bitch in the oven
it come out all gooey
and crispy and shit.
- Chastity, what the hell?
- Yeah.
Stay with me now, alright?
- I'm trying.
- Now Reina,
she that blue box Kraft shit.
Put a little water in that hoe,
throw the bitch in the microwave
and it's talking 'bout it's ready.
some childish niggas gonna like that.
But niggas with taste, real taste,
they going to know the difference.
- You might have a point.
- Yeah.
- Y'all that ooey-gooey.
- MIA: And speaking of taste,
I got some cute shit in my bag.
Yeah, get ready.
MIA: Now, move over,
roaches! I'm coming in.
I need a hot boy ♪
Six foot with six figures ♪
And a big toy ♪
Heard he movin weight ♪
Welcome, ladies.
- Hmm.
- Welcome!
So this is where they staying at.
- Of course.
I could sleep in the lobby!
SHAWNA: They got a
bellman and everything.
Look at all these empty couches.
Look, let's just wait and talk to him,
see what he's got to say about it.
The fuck?
She look like she goin'
to a vodka tasting.
What is this bitch the queen of, Utah?
What's up, y'all?
It's Reina Reign in this bitch,
and we just touched down in the town.
I heard the West needed a little rain.
Drip, drip. Yow!
That's not cool. We're in a drought.
Hey, yo, what's up, superstars?
- How y'all feeling?
- Hey, you get the video I sent you?
I did. I did. It was a little grainy.
What was that, a iPhone 6?
My nigga, you got us
at the Worst Western.
Yeah. And we already
not getting paid. Okay?
No hair, no makeup, no wardrobe.
How do you want me to perform, to rap,
if I have asbestos of the lung?
I could have slept on the fucking bus.
That's still an option.
Nigga, what?
- Chastity, let me talk to you. Yeah.
- Yeah.
I'ma handle this.
I know you haven't done this before,
so I'm gonna just, like,
break down how it goes.
Usually, there's a budget.
You only allowed a
certain amount for rooms.
So some cities just gon' be
a little rougher than others.
(MOCKINGLY) A little rougher.
That's just how it goes, okay?
It's a difference
between rough and "SVU."
This shit not good for morale.
And I'm paying for shit out of my pocket
with money I don't have.
(SCOFFS) So you're broke,
and it's my problem?
Go make them some money and
stop making me look like the bad guy.
Chastity says she's gon'
take care of it.
So we are good. Y'all voices warmed up?
You memorize the freestyle?
Yes, and I'm gonna perform it
like it's a real freestyle.
And that's why I love you.
Alright, y'all, we are headed
to Regulars Only.
Some super-exclusive shit
where the real people from the city go,
and some of the hottest artists
and tastemakers come to party.
- Ay!
- Ehh!
(IN JAMAICAN ACCENT) You already know
Reina and the girls are
gon' mash up the stage.
Y'all, big tings we do.
I hope y'all got y'all caskets out
'cause we finna kill it.
- Dead.
- Kill it.
Unh! Dirty wine!
I got some money in my turban ♪
- Layaway, bitch ♪
Put some money on your Birkin ♪
Ooh, let me see you
rub it in like it's Jergens ♪
Yeah, I like a bitch
with some money on it ♪
I've been searching for that
pussy like a bounty hunter ♪
I just wanna see you flip like a ♪
I see why they call it Regulars Only.
Niggas looking real regular.
God, the one time
I don't wear a fuckin' hoodie.
- Man
- MIA: Mm-mm.
CHASTITY: Niggas did
not put that shit on.
Yo, y'all filming a reality
TV show or something?
Cool, they think we from Zeus TV.
CHASTITY: Y'all look good. Don't trip.
(SIGHS) Guys, they're gonna kill us.
They're gonna eat us alive.
This is not gonna be good.
I'm gonna see if I can go find y'all
something to eat or a snack.
Hey, yo! I got us a section.
Yeah. Thank you.
(RAPPING) Look, I keep
my arms up still on gig mode ♪
I'm never trippin' 'cause
these niggas got gizmos ♪
I'm finna flip it till
I can't, till I get more ♪
I tell 'em every day I live
till I can't go ♪
REINA: I'm serving you.
Tickle me, Elmo. Okay, bitch?
Ay. Tickle this bitch.
REINA/FRANCOIS: Tickle this bitch!
REINA: Tickle me, bitch.
Tickle me, bitch.
What's up?
I'm serving you pussy monster.
- Okay, bitch?
- And I'm serving you dick!
Ha, ha.
Hey, Francois, can you
guys get down, please?
Girl, Ca$h just posted.
Quick slide ♪
Quick drive ♪
Girl, you pull me in
just like a riptide ♪
Fake-ass nigga. He can't even swim.
SHAWNA: Bitch, fuck him.
Do you even want a nigga
who can't communicate with you?
Bitch, do you know who the fuck you are?
Uh-uh! You over here
with the scarcity mindset.
You need to have an
abundance mindset. Okay?
Do you know how many niggas
there are that want you?
Rap niggas, rich niggas.
Plus, we look good as shit right now.
Come on, stop playing. Take a picture.
Post it, make him sick.
(RAPPING): Want to
be anything, like how ♪
Hey, can a nigga go in ♪
Gig mode been on ten,
nigga, been on ten ♪
Let a nigga really go in ♪
Put that on mama's own kin ♪
On mama's own, hey ♪
- Thank you, Oakland!
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
make some fuckin' noise.
Alright, give it up one more time
for Benjamin Earl Turner!
They ain't got shit to eat.
Shout out to Guapdad in the house.
Real town biz. Let's go!
What's happening, baby?
Oh. Ain't that your boy?
Hell nah. He tried to play
me last time I saw him.
Man, fuck that nigga.
Dukey! Duke! Duke of Titties!
- GUAPDAD: What's up with it?
- Ha! My nigga!
- Oh, shit!
- GUAPDAD: Yeah.
Marmaduke. Dukelele.
- Looking like money.
- What's happenin' with you, man?
- Yeah.
- What you doin' out here?
Shit, I'm managing now.
I'm actually on tour with one
of my acts, Shawna and Mia.
They performing with
Reina Reign tomorrow night.
- Okay, okay.
- Oh, that's tight.
You opening up for Lord AK?
- Yes.
- GUAPDAD: Oh, my God.
- You on the come up.
- You know how I do.
DOM: I told you, we'd take care of you
when you in The Town.
- Ay, that's love.
- You know.
What you doin' after this?
I'm on what y'all on.
Where the money at?
- Come on, it's over here.
- I know y'all got it.
- I know y'all got it.
Y'all having a good time?
Give it up for my bro, LaRussell!
(RAPPING) Huh, Black
boy, go get your shine on ♪
Could do anything
you put your mind on ♪
They probably can't do it
if they ain't do it ♪
Trying to convince a nigga
who done did it ♪
Yo. What's up?
- Hey.
- Feeling good?
Okay. I knew you would fuck with this.
This reminds me
of the open mic at Jazmin's.
- Yeah. Mm-hmm.
- Yeah, yeah.
- You know, real hip-hop head types.
- Mm-hmm.
Sorry. I don't know. I'm just worried
because I don't know
if this is the type of crowd
that, like, fucks with us, you know?
Shawna, it's three bad bitches.
What's not to fuck with?
No, it's two bad bitches
and a old bottle of Pepto Bismol.
FRANCOIS: Well, somebody
gonna have a tummy ache.
- SHAWNA: Whatever.
SHAWNA: Looking at her
make me want to shit.
Yo, what's this?
It's called Regulars Only.
It's like a bunch of local artists,
you know, like some low-key shit
but not real low-key at the same time.
Oh, bet. That shit hard.
So what, you like it out there?
I wish you could see it
for yourself, though.
You'll like it.
Yeah. I've been wanting to go out there
and meet new people and shit, but.
Mm. Well, we going to LA next,
so we might be able
to get some time off.
So what are you sayin'?
I mean, I'm saying'
you say you want to come to LA?
Yeah? That's surprising.
How? You trying to come down?
I got to tell your moms
to kind of watch Melissa
for a little bit longer.
But, I mean, that shit doable.
I know she gonna have attitude.
Nah, she in a good mood.
O'Shay was over there
when I had dropped off Melissa,
- so we should be straight.
- What?
Wait, so she swapped Gerard out?
One thing about Robyn,
she gon' chase behind a nigga
to get him to do something for her.
She definitely committed.
Look, I'm gonna make
a few calls, alright?
- Oh, oh, I mean
- I'ma hit you back.
SHAWNA: Girl, what just happened?
Girl, take my phone.
I think I just invited Lamont to LA.
- Why?
- I don't fucking know.
Hey, man, make some noise
for my brother, LaRussell.
- 707 in the building, you know what it is.
- Yeah!
DJ 2: Alright, my beautiful
Bay Area Bay-destrians,
make sure you put something in your cup
that's gon' turn you up,
because I got my girl Reina Reign
coming to the stage very, very soon.
Hey, y'all ain't ready for
the motherfucking stuff.
I can't wait for this bullshit.
MIA: What is she doing?
No, no, no. I can't
do this. I can't. I can't.
I can't do this. I can't.
- I can't go on the stage.
- You ain't got to. I got this.
Hell wrong with y'all?
- Y'all good?
- We're not doing this.
Say less. Ain't like
we getting paid for this.
And it's your day off.
Francois? Francois, let me holla at you!
- Thank you.
- MIA: Fo' sho'.
What's up? How y'all feeling?
Good, good. But look, they
don't want to perform no more.
- FRANCOIS: Wha Wait, wait.
What are you talking about?
We just gonna let her
have the spotlight.
Yeah. Yeah. And, you know,
if we perform with her,
how are we going to stand out
on our own, you know?
Right. And shit, we don't wanna
confuse the audience anymore.
She already got a fur coat on in summer.
SHAWNA: The people are lost.
- You got that?
- DJ: Yeah, that part, that way,
that selection, that direction.
We got Reina Reign coming up
to the stage next, y'all.
Just make sure you get your drinks.
Alright, look, though, Guapdad said
he got a play for me at the club
for us to get some money,
so shit, I'ma slide.
- Y'all good here?
- SHAWNA: Yeah, yeah.
- Bet. Alright.
- Money.
CHASTITY: So, what's up? Your
connect, he still meet us at the club?
With Freddie.
Nah. Freddie just had a baby, bro.
Hey, we could introduce her
to Rolo, though.
Did I tell you I seen Steve
stealing from
the grocery section at Walmart?
That nigga down bad.
- Wait, nigga, Stephen or Steff?
Bro, "P-H" or "F"?
Bro, Steph P-H is dead.
Nigga, what?
Bro, I just saw that nigga.
So so, shit.
Uh, w-what's up with Rolo?
I'm hungry.
- Hell yeah.
Let's get some motherfuckin' catfish.
Is the, is the fish at the club?
Is, is the club by the lake?
GUAPDAD: I'm trying to tartar sauce up,
and they got the delicious lemonade.
What's up, y'all?
Um, firstly,
I just want to say thank you
to everybody that support me.
I know there's been a lot of
shit, um, online. (CHUCKLES)
- Um
and I just want to say that
I'm true to this shit, and
I'm a real person just like you.
(CHUCKLES) Shut the fuck up.
We ain't never appropriatin'.
We always out here celebrating, alright?
So if you are here to celebrate with me,
let me hear you say, "Yow!"
Alright, alright, I'll do
a little freestyle for y'all, okay?
Yo, DJ, give me something real mellow,
you know, like 115 BPM.
(RAPPING) Unh, yeah,
Bay, let me hear you ♪
Pretty bitch,
rep the AS, Reina Reign ♪
Georgia peach, but
this pussy giving hurricane ♪
The Bay show me love,
I got to show it back ♪
Oakland, San Fran,
Bayview, to the Sac ♪
I'll bring the bad bitches
out when I hit the city ♪
On tour signing titties ♪
Like I'm 2010 Nicki ♪
Shawna to my left, Mia to my right ♪
These bitches bad as fuck ♪
They couldn't see us
with a flashlight ♪
Hoe, broke boy
trying to take me home ♪
Why are they fucking with this?
Pool-side booty,
I don't sit in no robe ♪
Man take a beauty,
y'all know what I do it for ♪
Global headline,
stage killer, case closed ♪
And I'm shitting on these hoes ♪
Yeah, I always do the most ♪
He complain,
I'm the butter to your toast ♪
It's Reina, bitch.
- CROWD: Woo!
- Yow!
Drowning your bitch ass!
Little pussy-ass bitches.
- Woo!
Alright. Alright. Alright.
Make some noise one
more time for Reina Reign.
Yo, honestly, I was a little bit
nervous, but you guys have my back.
I love you all. Feel that love, alright?
I'm signing all y'all
titties tonight, alright?
- Feelin' it!
Shout out the Bay. I love it here!
You mad, huh?
This bitch has a literal
invite to the cookout.
- Girl.
You should go up there and
do a freestyle for they ass.
Girl, we is baked and ready
to come out the oven.
Okay? Ding!
Let's go out there
and shut this bitch up.
DJ (ON MICROPHONE): Alright, alright,
alright! Give it up for the next act.
They're gonna do
a little freestyle for y'all.
Let's do this.
I thought they didn't want to perform.
bitches, no fake shit ♪
(RAPPING) Fake ♪
- Hoe stuck like a facelift ♪
- Stuck ♪
- Every time we hit them stages ♪
- Yeah ♪
You know who gon' be the favorite ♪
Who raining money, nigga, that's us ♪
Who done got these bitches gassed up ♪
Talkin' like they hot,
but they really not ♪
Me and Mia locked in like some locs ♪
Like some locs, nigga ♪
Trying to protect our culture ♪
So I'm on they neck like a choker ♪
Got these tan toes like I'm toasted ♪
'Cause it's raining money like Oprah ♪
You get a Birkin,
you get some titties ♪
Yeah, it's a cold world,
zip your coat ♪
Niggas talking money, but they broke ♪
Bitches doing nothing but the most ♪
- Period ♪
Let hoe think she's Reign,
but she ain't drippy ♪
She ain't drippy ♪
With that bullshit,
go 'head and miss me ♪
You can miss me with that shit ♪
Going 'gainst the gang hella risky ♪
Hella risky, nigga ♪
'Cause me and Mia, bitch ♪
We making history ♪
I can't stand the rain.
Matter of fact, it's looking
like a drought in this bitch.
These hoes keep talking 'bout money
but I ain't seen none yet.
Hey, where the weatherman at?
They said it's gonna rain,
but I'm just trying to find out when!
If a bitch get out of line ♪
- What we say? ♪
- Bitch, shut up ♪
Cap but he ain't fine ♪
- What you say ♪
- Hoe, shut up ♪
Hang around a bunch of frogs ♪
- Tell them bitches ♪
- BOTH: Shut up ♪
Broke just like your entourage ♪
- Tell them bitches ♪
- BOTH: Shut up ♪
If he can't hold his liquor ♪
- What we say ♪
- BOTH: Bitch, shut up ♪
Call too many bitch a sister ♪
- What we say ♪
- CROWD: Hoe, shut up ♪
Trying to rain on your parade ♪
- Tell them bitches ♪
- BOTH: Shut up ♪
Yeah, yeah ♪
- Bitch, that was shade ♪
- Shade ♪
- Ay!
- PARTYGOER: Is she talking about Reina?
SHAWNA: Hey, yo!
Now, that's how you fucking rap, bitch.
Hoo! Alright. What's y'all name?
- Shawna.
- And I'm Mia.
- Yeah.
- Don't forget the name.
Hey, make some noise
for Shawna and Mia one time.
Y'all know they went stupid.
- DJ: Hell, yeah.
Oh, shit. Okay.
Yeah, it's officially up at this point.
Make some noise
for Lord AK in this bitch.
Can I get a selfie?
Damn, baby. Ay, do the
carpet match the drapes?
WOMAN: Boy, you corny.
The fuck is that smell? Egyptian ass?
Boy, be gone.
Nigga, let's get
the fuck up out of here.
All these bitches is mid, nigga.
- She was straight.
- Who?
FAN: Oh, my God, you guys did so good.
- Thank you.
- That shit was so dope.
- Thank you so much.
- Would you mind if I get a pic
with y'all real quick?
- Come on, come on. Hurry up
- SHAWNA: Come on! Slide.
Let's go. Let's go.
WOMAN: Cute.
WOMAN: Thank you.
Damn, y'all killed that shit.
- I'm a fan.
- Thank you.
We've been dying to meet
you. We're on your tour.
MIA: Yeah. You're so dope.
Oh, really? That's y'all?
- Mm-hmm.
- FRANCOIS: Yeah, that's them.
(LAUGHING) What's up?
Yo, they killed that shit, right?
Yeah. That was so good.
I'm Francois, by the way.
These are my artists, my starlets.
I got to play you
some of their new shit, bro.
It is so good. It's next level.
Y'all should come to the studio.
- Yeah.
- Thank you.
- For sure. For sure.
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
- SHAWNA: We're free.
FRANCOIS: Let me, um, let me just run
and go get my other artist really quick,
and then I'll be right back
and then we can roll.
Let's get it. Let's go.
You know what, we can go now.
He can meet us there.
Yeah, he has our location.
He'll meet us there.
- Word. Yeah, let's go.
- SHAWNA: Okay.
GUAPDAD: Um, I want my fish fried hard
and I want it thick.
I want people to wonder
if my fish got a BBL.
- GUAPDAD: I want the ass on my fish
to look like two Ethiopian foreheads
just pootin' his way
through the Atlantic current.
I want it thick like Kelly
Price lips and Cardi B ass.
Don't give me a red snapper.
I want some red clapper.
Hey, I could get some hush puppies?
- CASHIER: Anything else?
- Hey, what you want?
I'm hungry for that bread.
- Oh, yeah, it come with bread.
- Yeah, it's in the meal.
- Hey.
DOM: Steph?
P-H Steph?
- Nigga.
We was just talking about you, bro.
- I thought you was dead.
- No, I been fucked up, man.
so what happened with you?
They said it was sun poisoning.
Yes, nigga, the sun.
- Niggas get that?
- Yes.
The sun is out here fuckin' niggas up.
Nigga, hold up. Hey, we could
get that order made for here?
Boy, you look like
"The Walking Dead" or something.
- Episode six.
- Hey.
I gotta slide. But look,
- I appreciate y'all.
- Fo' sho'.
My girls, they locked out
they hotel room.
- Yeah, I bet.
- Hey, yo, yo, yo, yo.
What about your bread, though?
You eat it.
You know I'm hungry.
LORD AK: Man. So how
y'all enjoying tour?
It's fun. Like, we learning a lot.
Yeah, it's been, it's been humbling.
- To say the least.
And how long y'all
been working with Reina?
Oh, that's new.
That's very, very recent.
I go way back with her producer
and he just set us up on the tour
with, with y'all, with you.
Yeah. That nigga is relentless.
Yep. Mm-hmm.
I didn't even know who she was,
but her team kept hittin' us up
and next thing I know,
she's on the tour.
You know, these record
labels don't give a fuck
about artistic integrity.
- Just try
and keep y'all shit pure.
- Yeah. We're trying.
- Yeah, fo’ sho’.
No, y'all, y'all doing it.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
I'ma go get me something to drink.
You want anything?
I'm good. I'm good.
I'm sure you is.
You wanna hit this?
- Maybe.
SHAWNA: So I've been
listening to Dochie.
Really good TD artist.
I know Dochie.
Shit, and then TiaCorine.
Yeah. We love Tia.
It's really good. It's really good.
- LORD AK: Yeah.
- Yeah, but this is crazy.
- Mm.
- Is this Cody?
Yeah, this his new shit.
Unmixed, but
You just have the demos?
This chord progression is so simple,
but it's so good.
You be knowing the chords and shit.
I do. I be knowing the chords.
Yeah, my mama put me in piano lessons
when I was like three.
- Hmm.
- And then I went to college,
I studied music.
I really just thought I was Mozart
- to these bitches for real.
- I was doing the most.
- What you mean?
I'm not ready to get into that with you.
- Oh, okay.
- It's still painful for me.
But thank God for Mia.
She made this shit fun for me again.
Yeah, y'all was crazy.
Just felt really natural
between you two.
It reminds me of my brother Brixx.
Yeah, I, I heard about that.
I'm really sorry.
I still listen to
y'all's early mix tapes.
It's crazy.
Like, that shit is legendary.
- For real.
I miss that energy.
Music's just
not the same.
But, you know, maybe it's not
supposed to be the same.
It would be a disservice
to you and your artistry if,
you know, it didn't shift
with you in your life.
And I watch you from the audience
every chance that I can.
I think everybody feels your energy.
I mean, I feel it.
- I mean, if Mozart feels it, then
You ain't never been to LA?
But I want to take a picture
in front of the Hollywood sign.
Ooh, and I want to go
to the Nipsey Hussle store.
Ooh, and I want to see Gucci Mane,
if he got a star on
the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
'Cause one day, I'ma have
a star on the Walk of Fame.
You're cute.
I got a session when we get to LA.
Playing some of Lamont's music.
Yeah, that's what's up. (EXHALES)
That's your nigga, right?
No, that's my child's father.
Is he anything else?
No, I'm single.
Where are you staying tonight?
Um, the R
I don't I forgot.
Somewhere, though.
I'm at the Four Seasons.
Mm. Nice.
Let's go.
Like, right now?
Let's go.
This is cute. Is it Nefertiti?
Hey, yo, yo, yo, AK, AK.
You good, man? Y-You need anything?
'Cause, I mean, we about
to order some bitches.
- So just let me know, nigga.
- LORD AK: Nah, man.
- GAT: Oh, I see, I see.
Oh, shit. Is that you, Shirley?
Shirley! What's good, girl?
Ay. Oh, it's good to see
you finally made it to AK.
You know, you could have met my nigga
days ago and stayed dry
if you had just played the game right.
- You was tryin' to cheat!
- I think you have me mistaken
- for another person.
- Nah, you was definitely tryin' to cheat.
My nigga!
Can't you see I'm
in the middle of something?
Isn't there something else
you can go do?
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
(STAMMERING) I got I got you.
Yeah, don't trip.
I-I'll be over here
i-if you need me. Yeah.
LORD AK: Please ignore that nigga.
You know what? I, I think I should go.
My girl left. I This was great.
I really liked that we both love music
and we share that.
And I will see you at work.
- LORD AK: Get home safe.
- Yep. Yeah. Bye.
Let's go, let's go ♪
Yeah, yeah, oh, let's go ♪
- You ready? ♪
- Let's go, yeah, yeah ♪
- Oh, let's go ♪
- Get the bag, King Wonka ♪
Let's go, get some money ♪
- Fuck that plan ♪
- Fuck that plan ♪
I told her, "Take this
Plan B and stop playin'" ♪
I'm tired of buyin' jewelry,
finna buy some land ♪
- Who I be ♪
- Let's go, let's go ♪
Pillow-talkin' to these
hoes, that shit weak ♪
Let's go, let's go, yeah ♪
Let's go, let's go ♪
This shit fire.
COURTNEY LUKE: Can I get you anything?
I want to be around you every day ♪
This feeling in my body's
not the same ♪
Same ♪
Are you still down? ♪
The mirror's on my ceiling ♪
Ha-hah-hah ♪
You hungry?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
So right ♪
'Cause every day and every night ♪
I do, I do ♪
I can't get rid of you ♪
Yeah, let me get you some food.
(CHUCKLES) It's okay.
For real.
This is embarrassing.
- Why?
Look, we got all night.
Yeah, let me, uh, order
something off the hotel app.
You know, I ain't wanna
tell you, but um
(POPS LIPS) we staying
at the Motel Express.
Nah, it's all good.
I stayed at many Motel Expresses.
Like a year ago.
But you got to give off that
Four Seasons energy, though.
Fake it till you make it, right?
Mm. You don't seem like you do that.
I mean, ain't everybody doing it?
Maybe the ones who don't
believe in themselves.
But I feel like you know
exactly who you are
and what you want
and you take it.
It wasn't always like that, though.
If you would have told me six months ago
I would have been sitting
right here, right now,
I wouldn't have believed it.
Yeah, well, it really happens that fast.
Before this, I was selling
brake pads at AutoZone.
- Trying to upsell antifreeze.
- No.
- Yeah.
But see, that's that
hustler shit, though.
Sacrifice, I know all about it.
But lately,
I've been being more selfish.
I told you you know what you want.
You know, sausage good,
but this shit is ugly, though.
Nigga, we get it,
you don't like sausage.
We get it.
CHASTITY: I dig it.
- Whew!
- SHAWNA: Ooh! Good morning.
Okay, come on, tell me
about the dick. How was it?
I mean, I wouldn't know.
We just ended up talking.
- Talking?
- MIA: Mm-hmm.
I had a good time with him, though.
What about you and Lord AK?
What the fuck happened?
Fucking Gat happened.
He was over there
trying to make me look like
some plotting-ass groupie.
So I got my shit and I got out.
- But you did wanna fuck him.
- Of course, I wanted to fuck him.
- Okay.
- I wanted to fuck him.
Chastity, you did all this?
- Hell yeah.
- Oh, my God.
- Mm.
- SHAWNA: Here you go.
I'm hungry.
We done takin' scraps.
From here on out,
it's go big or go home.
And we come too damn far to go home.
So shit, let's eat.
- Amen.
- MIA: Amen.
Let's eat up, all this shit.
CHASTITY: I put my eggs in my pancakes
and, like, fold it like
a little sandwich.
And I put this in here like this.
- SHAWNA: That's nasty.
SHAWNA: You playin' with your food?
I had a toothpick.
SHAWNA: You ain't got a fork?
CHASTITY: Now, that's fucked up.
Are you okay?
Why the fuck would he post this?
Oh, shit.
Man, fuck that nigga. What the fuck?
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