Rap Sh!t (2022) s02e03 Episode Script

Rough Road

Girl. You did not come
this far to get broke.
Ca$h gon' recognize that
cheap-ass Singapore polyester
before you even walk through the door.
- I got this, okay?
- Do you though?
'Cause you said you ain't getting paid
and that tour sounding real bootleg.
There, I said it.
Watch me work, okay?
I'ma lock this nigga down
by this weekend.
Fuck all that. What that
pussy talkin' 'bout, though?
It's your pussy premiere.
That cat need to be pouncin', bitch.
- Ooh, matter of fact,
let me show you how to make
another 30 stacks.
- NELLY: Lay down.
Ooh, when the last time
you had a manicure, bitch?
- Shut up, hoe.
- Uh, okay.
- You easy mount it.
- ALEESIA: Uh-huh.
Right there. Take them toes.
Go slow. Go (GRUNTS)
- Fuck him up!
- Okay.
- NELLY: Sis, show him
you not like these lazy-ass hoes.
- ALEESIA: Yeah.
- Period.
Pay attention right now
'cause the spirit done hit me.
It's about to get real acrobatic.
It's the "Oh, Daddy,
I need my rent paid, Daddy."
Ease it on back with that now.
- Ah.
- Oh, yeah.
- Pay attention now.
- When you doin' this,
- then you rotate.
- Okay, yeah.
- Then you choke!
- (GRUNTS) Bitch.
And then you like spin around,
keep the dick still inside.
That's Trina 3:16.
ALEESIA: Get your ass off of me.
Okay, Mia, keep it cute, okay?
'Cause this bitch is at a 12.
Alright, now see, for me,
performing at a smooth six always works.
- But that's just me.
- MIA: Mm.
You need to focus on changing
out of that Adidas hoodie.
That-that's not cute.
Bitch, what is you doing?
Bitch, get yo
ISIS: Ooh, mommy's being bad again.
Oh, no, no, no, no, baby.
Me and auntie, we-we just wrestling.
- ALEESIA: Um, no. No, we not.
- See?
See, that's why the fuck
I don't come over here,
'cause your ass do too much.
I got what u need
serving and received ♪
And received ♪
I got what u ♪
Are you for real? (SIGHS)
- JAZMIN: Hey, Duke!
Hey. Where the hell y'all at?
And why the fuck
Deja not answering the phone?
Ooh. We at SLS, Duke! (SQUEALS)
Uncle Calvin told me y'all left?
Yeah, we had to.
Ooh. Miracle, you talkin' real
familiar to be the new hoe.
- But it's true.
- This why my shit fucked up now.
'Cause y'all think y'all can do
whatever the fuck y'all wanna do!
You don't understand.
The shit was hard for a minute, Duke.
A minute, Jazmin? A minute?
Bitch, it's been three days.
Why y'all think y'all
can play in my face?
Your uncle had us in Doral.
- I don't give
- Fucking Doral, dude.
And, and you know I cannot stand Deja,
but she had the baller niggas.
Athletes, rappers, niggas
with college degrees, Duke!
And look at this wig that she got me.
- It's an invisible lace.
- Mm.
What's it giving? What's it giving?
- BOTH: Scalp!
Look. Look at Peaches. Do a spin.
- Yeah!
- MIRACLE: Mm, mm, mm!
- Ooh, mommy! Ooh!
- We look like money, Duke. Come on.
Yeah, you look like my money,
with ya simple ass.
Tell Deja to call me back.
Fuck. Fuck.
Baby won't you tell me what
you really think ♪
- Wow.
CA$H: Look good.
Hard to fake about it ♪
Need some time to do the healing ♪
Hella outta pocket, yeah ♪
Let me get that.
This is beautiful.
Why, thank you.
You got some taste on.
Just a little bit.
Oh, you play the piano?
Nah. Why?
Mm. Nothing. (CHUCKLES)
Well, you be wantin' me
to drop everything.
- Everything.
- So you finally got me here.
- Mm-hmm.
I'm worth it.
I gotta get it right, yeah ♪
- (GASPS) Oh! Boy.
- CA$H: You like it?
- MIA: Yes.
- CA$H: Okay.
You say, you say ♪
You say, you say ♪
You say, you say ♪
You're in search
in this body of mine? ♪
Do you wanna be a good friend of me? ♪
Why won't you pour up that Hennessy? ♪
Come here.
I know it's been too long ♪
I've been on the road too much ♪
Had to get back to ya ♪
Back to you ♪
Can't even play it cool ♪
Thinkin' about them nights ♪
I would've rather been with you, oh ♪
Tonight ♪
I wanna have some good fun tonight ♪
Take 'em off.
Yes, ma'am.
I wanna get into somethin' ♪
Tonight ♪
Watch this.
Just wanna make up for lost time ♪
CA$H: Give me.
I like to taste it when you ♪
Run down my back ♪
Let me take my time with you.
- You okay with that?
- Hmm?
- Put your leg right here.
I know it's been too long ♪
I've been on the road too much ♪
Had to get back to ya ♪
Mia (MOANING): Oh, sh
Oh! Fuck!
- CA$H: Oh, yeah.
Say you're mine.
- I'm yours.
- Mm.
I'm yours. (MOANING)
I'm 'bout to slide in, grab a
few things. You wanna come?
Grab me a pack of Newports.
I got you, Big O.
SHAWNA: Um, yeah,
yeah, give me one second.
I meant, like, right now.
SHAWNA: Right. Um
Jesus. How do I open this?
I'm ready when you are.
Yo, you, you good?
- After, you know, what happened?
- Yeah.
You know them AK niggas
ain't got but one brain cell.
- Trip off that shit.
- Yeah.
Hang out with you, they gon' have two.
- CHASTITY: Ooh, this AC is bussin', man.
That air on the bus is ass.
I almost got musty.
Why you got a hoodie on?
It gets hotter than five
fat niggas in a hot tub.
I'm on my period.
Right, yeah. I'm sorry.
Why you sorry?
I don't know.
Okay. So the people want
to know what inspired
the whole trap kitchen thing?
'Cause, girl,
I don't know what other people felt,
but when I saw it, girl
But I feel so grateful, because, like,
not a lot of people in the world like me
get to, um, be in a trap house, so
So, crack is fun?
Crack is not fun, no. I mean, I think
It must be fun. That's
why people go back, right?
Uh I don't know.
Do you wanna tell 'em?
FRANCOIS: Y-yeah, you know, um,
this really just kind of came
from, like, a personal place.
Uh, Reina has, like, a
- My uncle was a crackhead.
- Yep.
- Yeah.
- FRANCOIS: I'm so sorry.
REINA: It's a serious
topic, and I wasn't sure
if I wanted to mention this today.
It's sensitive for me
to talk about, but, um
Hey, you ready?
You not getting nothin'?
No, no, no. They don't
they didn't have anything
for me here, in this store.
So Francois, he's gonna,
- he's gonna meet us in Oakland?
- Yep.
He's out there doing press
like he said he was.
Okay. That's, that's cool.
That's really good.
Can I get a pack of Newports
and some Black and Milds?
Can you get the cherry flavor?
I'm just playin'. I'm grown, man.
- Yep. Oh, my God.
- There you go.
- Thank you. Here you go.
- Alright. Have a good day. Yeah.
- Keep the change.
- Appreciate you.
- Thank you.
- SHAWNA: Oh, shit!
My bad, man.
I had tried these on earlier.
- Ah.
- They ain't fit my face.
That's not a problem.
- Have a good day.
- Have a good day.
MR. OTIS: Bad news. Engine's overheated.
God must want us to sit still.
But shit, how long God talking about?
I don't know how long
it's gon' take to fix.
Tow truck driver's on his way.
- SHAWNA: Come on, let's go!
- Here.
- Oh, shit. She wakes.
I was wondering how long
you was gonna stay asleep.
- Knocked that ass out, huh?
Nah, I was jetlagged.
You didn't do shit.
Oh, really? Don't play me.
I ain't playing. You
didn't do shit. (LAUGHS)
Don't play me.
Look, look, I gotta go to
the studio and lay some shit.
- Okay.
- Um, but I heated up the pool for you.
- Mm-hmm.
- I got some food coming later.
- Mm-hmm.
- And got my masseuse coming at 3:00.
- MIA: Mm.
- It's like that.
You ain't got to worry about me, okay?
I got some stuff to do
while I'm here anyways.
- Really?
- Yeah.
What you got planned?
just a couple meetings.
Um, I'm taking you out tonight.
I'll be here when you get back.
Um, and while I'm here,
I'ma order you some groceries
from Amazon Fresh,
because clearly you ain't had
a home-cooked meal in a minute.
(CHUCKLES) You right.
I was thinking oxtail hash.
You eat oxtails.
You know I eat everything.
Got ARs? Uh-uh ARPs ♪
Bought her Louis mink, hey,
now she fuck me every season ♪
Hey, we got plenty heat
no, Jimmy, we got 223s ♪
None of my niggas sweet,
hey shots let off ♪
We clear they street ♪
So what you what, what (SIGHS)
what you, what you said to them?
Bro, you talked to them,
and next thing I know, I get charged.
So, what I miss, bruh?
Zo, I know you're not sayin'
what I think you are.
I didn't say shit.
If anything, you need to
be worried about your dime.
Oh, my God, bruh!
You still on that shit?
God damn, bruh.
You gotta let that shit go.
I can't do this with you, bruh.
When I went in there, they knew shit
only she would know.
The fuck? What?
How how the fuck this the first time
I'm hearing this from
you, bruh? The fuck?
Man, that's what I've
been trying to tell you.
- but you're not listening to me.
- Oh, man. Okay, bruh. Okay.
Now you got charges 'cause
you're trying to protect this bitch.
Bruh, I ain't gonna lie to you,
bruh, it feel like I'm trying
to protect two bitches right now, bruh!
- The fuck, nigga? Come on.
- Nigga, I wish you would.
- I wish you would.
- Bruh, I swear to God!
- I was just trying to
You sure you don't want me
to wait with y'all?
Nah, man, you got to get a head start.
And we can't be late to Oakland.
- Alright.
CHASTITY: Come on, let's go.
- Go where?
- Lyft trippin'.
And Google said
it's only a 35-minute walk.
- So shoot.
- Only a 35-minute
No, no, no, no, no, no.
My cramps are really bad.
I'm not trying to walk like that.
Man! Let's go and get our steps in.
Help with your breathing on stage.
You be up there sounding winded. (GASPS)
(BREATHLESSLY) Put your tongue in it.
You need to put your
motherfucking lungs in it.
You know what? Fuck it.
Fine. I'll see you there.
Okay. I'll see you there.
I'll get in a Lyft.
Shit. I don't have any money.
No. A proud boy just tried
to fuck me. Chastity!
Wait, please.
Everything is going according to plan.
move your head to the side.
Why I don't see no logos?
I know cheap-ass leather when I see it.
Why you not sitting on Ca$h's face?
Uh, what happened to his Bentley?
Inflation got his ass?
Girl, I'm in a Lyft, okay?
I mean, it was giving booked and busy.
But I'm really just going
to Starbucks to take a shit.
Hey, baby, I don't
have time. Let's get to it.
How was the first dose of the dick?
It was good.
Mm, but it was kind of weird, too,
'cause (SMACKS LIPS)
you know, he wanted to fuck missionary,
you know, look in my eyes
and shit, like
Ooh. Okay, so y'all
niggas was making love?
If you want to call it that.
(SCOFFS) What's the issue?
Oh, here she go.
You know what? I'ma just say it.
You ain't been loved right, friend?
Why you always trying to find a problem?
Leesi, come on now.
We both know that Mia got trust issues.
She don't ever like a
nigga that like her back.
I done seen a lot. Okay?
And these niggas always
up to something, you know?
Like, 'cause why you doing all that?
- The fuck?
- You know?
The fuck are we even
talking about right now?
This is a fine-ass, rich-ass nigga.
What's not to like?
Shit, 'cause I'm saying
if you don't want him,
you know, you just pass him to me,
'cause we can't let no
good nigga go to waste.
Damn! I'm just kidding.
- Yeah, bitch.
- Yeah, 'cause that That's about
- the second time, hoe.
- 'Cause it's the second damn time.
You, you done tried a nigga.
Y'all bitches is sensitive.
Let me go to work. I gotta go.
Oh, shit!
Why is it facing the road?
Are you sure we're going the right way?
You wanna look at the GPS?
No, I don't.
It's probably just trees and trailers
and other funky shit
I don't give a fuck about.
CHASTITY: Isn't it beautiful, though?
When was the last time
you seen real-life "foilage"?
- It's foliage. And
- You know what I meant.
We should have waited
for the Lyft like I had said.
Shawna! Do you wanna go back to Circle K
and look at the footage of you stealing?
I don't know what you're talking about.
Might wanna enjoy the view,
'cause if you lie like that,
you for sure going to jail.
How much longer?
Wh Are we lost?
Check your phone. You got the addy.
(SIGHS) Load!
- You check your phone yet?
- Can you give me
a fucking minute, please?!
Who the fuck you talking to?
Pussy a tsunami ♪
With my new nigga behind me ♪
Fuck your baby daddy in
the back is where you find me ♪
- So y'all already out?
- Yeah.
Your mama over there
wearing herself out right now.
Okay, so go get her for me.
Damn, you don't want to talk to me?
What you got to say?
Well, I was gon' say
I appreciate you for hooking
me up with Courtney.
- Mm. Oh, y'all linked?
- Well, we 'bout to.
He say he really fuck with my shit.
- That's what's up.
- Yeah.
Baby, your mama on the phone.
Hey, Mommy, look at me!
I miss you so much, Toonka.
Hey, girl.
You over there with Tiffany?
Oh, yeah. Lissa wanted
to come play with Lulu, so.
Okay, so she ain't got no daddy?
Like nobody could have dropped her off?
No, you can't do that.
She ain't got no uncles,
big cousins, second cousins?
- Somebody?
- Hey, chill that shit out.
It's just a play date.
Man, just hand my child
the phone, please.
This, this this a pay
phone, not a play phone.
Come here, baby.
- Thank you.
- Talk to your mama.
Mommy, I'm playing with Lulu.
I see.
I'm having fun.
Oh, well, y I only got,
like, a few more weeks
and I'll be home.
- Alright, bye.
- You don't miss me?
Hey, look, I'll make sure she call you
when we get back home.
Where you gon' be at?
I mean, you know,
we're still on the road.
We s-still traveling.
Alright, so where you at now?
Um, Starbucks.
Huh? You said Mia or Nia? I gotta go.
- Hey.
- I got all A's,
so now you owe me $100.
- You did?
- Mm-hmm.
You don't got the report card with you?
- That's at home.
- So I gotta
Whoa. Hey. Uh-uh, uh-uh.
(CHUCKLING) I'm giving No.
- We already had a deal.
- AUNT JUDITH: Hey, no, no, no.
I don't go for that.
You give one, you give them all.
I already told Raven I
- Thank you.
- I got it.
STANLEY: Getting ready to
fight me for all this shit, bro.
Damn, man. Someone gonna
go to jail for this shit.
- PIERRE: Jail?
- STANLEY: Yeah.
PIERRE: You about to hit that nigga?
STANLEY: I don't know
what's up with the jit, man?
I can't trust him.
- PIERRE: Damn.
But no shit come before the fam.
The longer you drag that shit out
God. This is not supposed to be my life.
Man, why is this shit happening?
I know better than to follow you anyway.
Girl, what's your fuckin' problem?
You taking last night out on me?
'Cause that was not my fault.
(SCOFFS) Yeah. You and
your misogynistic-ass sympathy
really tried to make it my fault.
Meanwhile, you don't be
taking the blame for shit.
I know you're not fuckin' talking.
Chastity, why don't you just admit
that you don't know what you're doing?
Look around. We are literally nowhere.
You have no business managing anybody.
You can barely manage
them little braids.
(SIGHS) Shit.
What you doin'?
My sh My shoes are hurting my
Hold up. You talking all this shit
and you ain't even wearing no socks?
Don't worry about what
I got on and don't got on.
Fuck. Shit hurt.
CHASTITY: And you ashy?
This is not my dream. None of this.
This is not supposed
to be this fucking hard.
- It's gotta be a sign. Yes!
- Oh, my God.
This ain't my fucking dream either.
Man, I've been trying my best!
From day one, I came correct.
And every time I get a win for y'all,
y'all still treat me like a loser.
And I know you don't want me here.
And for real, I don't even know
if I want to be here my damn self.
Shit, it ain't like
I'm gettin' paid for this.
I'm not getting paid
for this either. I'm broke.
You don't know broke how I know broke.
Let me show you my bank account
'cause I have $12 in
that bitch right now.
$12? Shit, I can make
something happen with $12.
What are you making happen with 12 bucks?
- I'll flip it.
- What?
This is private property!
What's, what's private?
I'm warning you.
- Move!
- The gravel? This gravel?
- Go!
- We're on the side of the road.
Shawna, shut the fuck up.
No. Fuck it. What?
This whole day is fucked.
This tour is fucked.
This would be fucking
happening right now.
- Go ahead. Go ahead.
- CHASTITY: Shawna!
I will be a martyr in
this bitch. I knew it.
- Shut up!
- No. Shoot me!
- Shut your mouth!
- You want to do it?
Look at you! Shoot me!
Go ahead, John Wick!
Yeah! Shoot her. Shoot us.
Shoot the both of us!
I just want you all to leave!
Please go!
She got the gun and she cryin'.
Why are you doing this to me?!
- Oh, my God, here she fucking goes.
- HOMEOWNER: Please.
- Okay.
- Why she crying?
- HOMEOWNER: Leave me alone!
(LAUGHING) Oh, she
running back in the house?
CHASTITY: She probably
got about 17 cats in there.
- Elmer Fudd-ass bitch.
- Ay! (LAUGHS)
What the fuck? Yo! Yo.
- Oh, shit.
- Nigga.
Yo, I thought we was about to die.
It was over. I thought we
was gonna be on a t-shirt.
- Shit.
- SHAWNA: Oh, my God.
Hashtag The Duke.
- No. (LAUGHS) Stop.
- I was grabbing
Look, she's still watching. Look.
All my ladies turn to snacks ♪
SUVs black on black on ♪
SUVs black on black ♪
I was fuckin' up,
but now I'm back on track ♪
That's a fact, woo ♪
Hey, what's up, my boy?
6lack. How you feeling?
Good to see you again.
You wild.
Hey, we gon' catch up with you.
Please get a drink, baby.
- Good to see me again, huh?
- Oh, my God.
Yeah, he thought you was my ex.
Oh, so you got a type?
What are we drinking?
Martell. Anyway.
So what happened to her?
We broke up.
Okay. Why?
She moved in with me
and, like, in a week into it,
I was just like, "Nah, this ain't it."
So I packed up her shit,
and I moved her out.
Oh, wow.
Yeah, I had to protect
my peace, for real.
I would never do
no shit like that to you.
And you know that. She
couldn't even stand next to you.
- You know why?
- Why?
She was using me,
and you got your own shit.
It's just different.
- Cheers.
- Yeah.
Yeah. I'm with you when you right.
Why would you even put
a house over there?
It's not shit over there.
What are they doing?
Man, they probably out
here making some cider.
Yeah, nigga cider.
(LAUGHS) What, bruh?
Man, it is beautiful out here, though.
Like, low-key,
when I get a place,
that's where I'm gonna put it.
Far away from everybody.
Make niggas come to me.
That is not gonna last long at all.
Not the way you like to talk.
And I can hook it up how I want to?
Girl, I'ma get a fish
tank, a couple horses,
- some motherfuckin' goats.
- Okay.
I'ma even get an alpaca.
- And I'll be good.
I ain't got to talk to
niggas for a whole year.
It'd be nice to just
sit for a little bit.
I don't know, man. It's like I feel like
I've been running around
nonstop since I was a kid.
What made you even come
out to Miami in the first place?
Man, my uncle took me in
after my mom died.
Oh, shit.
When did she pass away?
I was 11.
You were a baby.
(SIGHS) I'm so sorry.
- That's awful.
- Man, I'm good.
I mean, shit, what else was I gonna do?
I had to do all kinds of shit to survive.
I can't even step foot
in Hialeah no more.
Then my uncle put me
in the "family business."
And I was just thinkin' like, man,
it gotta be more to life
than wrangling hoes
and getting niggas dicks sucked.
But hold up. What's up with you, though?
You a scammer?
- Lie again.
- Okay, okay, okay, okay.
When I was at the hotel,
I was taking photos
of people's credit cards
and sending them to my coworker.
- Oh, you wild.
- Mm-hmm.
But he was, he was
already skimming, you know?
And I just really, really needed bread
'cause my parents
my parents cut me off.
Technically, it was reparations.
- Technically.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah.
Hold up. So the whole time
you was judging me,
your ass was in the
lobby making plays, too.
Okay. Yeah, that's fair. Yeah. Yeah.
But now I'm catching cases.
My coworker, he,
he just got charged, and
I don't know, man, if he goes to prison,
I have literally no idea
what's about to happen to me.
Oh, alright. So shit,
we down bad right now.
- Yeah.
- We ain't going out like that.
Nah, you just gotta get ahead of it,
'cause this the part where
niggas start snitching.
Really? What do you mean?
I mean you trust this nigga?
I mean, yeah, I thought so, but
I don't know. He hasn't been
responding to any of my shit.
Alright, you just gotta, you
just gotta keep him close.
You got anything on him?
Yeah. Um, he and his cousin be scamming,
like, outside of the
hotel, boosting hella shit.
Oh, you good. And what else?
SHAWNA: I mean,
he doesn't eat a lot of meat.
CHASTITY: Nigga, I don't give
a fuck what this nigga eat!
Shout out to the GOAT.
We got Ca$h Chaser in the building.
- Let's go.
Ay! Okay.
- CROWD: Ay! Ay! Ay! Ay!
- Ah!
Yes, sir. Yes, sir.
Okay. It's the GOAT, nigga.
You're doing your
thing, man. Keep doing it.
I appreciate it, legend.
Hey, this my girl, Mia.
How you doing, Mia?
Nice to meet you.
Oh, my God, thanks.
WOMAN: I'll catch y'all.
- Ay. What's up?
- You know that girl?
CA$H: Now you know her too. So
SHAWNA: Fuckin' finally. Thank God.
CHASTITY: I'm so fuckin' tired.
SHAWNA: Oh, my God.
Maurice is facing federal charges.
Like, the FBI, the actual Feds.
What the fuck? What the fuck?
CHASTITY: Look, just stay calm.
Remember what I told you?
As long as you stay a step
or two ahead of everything,
you gon' be alright.
Okay. I'm gonna call him.
Yeah, call him. And look
keep him close.
Truthfully, I don't think
you're ready for me ♪
Oh, I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry.
Usually, they want me ♪
'Cause I'm out of reach ♪
I don't need somebody ♪
To come just to leave me ♪
Stay when it's easy ♪
Hey. Hi. Um
I just heard about what happened.
Are you, are you okay?
No, I'm not okay, bruh.
This shit This shit bad, bruh.
Nigga, Stanley acting weird, man.
- What?
- This man talking about he don't trust me.
Like, all the shit falling on me!
Okay, just, just talk to me, please.
All this shit fucked up, bruh.
It's all fucked up.
I got family that depend on me.
Shawna (ON PHONE): I
know, I know. And that's
I'm s I'm so sorry.
What you sorry for?
Maurice, I'm sorry that I
pushed you into this. That's me.
Okay? Um, just, please,
what can I do for you?
Please tell me.
It is what it is, man. Look, I gotta go.
- So what do we d
Act dumb, I turn 'em purple ♪
- My mama say I'm hurtful ♪
- I'm sorry ♪
It's beef, it's beef eternal ♪
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