Rap Sh!t (2022) s02e07 Episode Script

No Parking

(RAPPING) Nigga buy me Mugler
like I'm supposed to care ♪
Nigga, shut up ♪
If it ain't about the cash,
nigga, I'm flippin' my hair ♪
50 inch to be exact,
all Brazilian down my back ♪
If you ain't gon' cut the check ♪
Nigga, I ain't gon' cut
no slice, what ♪
"When are you going to jail?
I heard you was charged with a murder."
- What? (LAUGHS)
- Okay, well, clearly,
she's free as fuck.
Okay? And y'all wrong as hell.
Y'all are messy.
Please think before y'all write us.
Try to. Just a little bit.
- Please.
- Please.
"I miss Lord AK.
- Was he cool?"
- Mm.
Yeah. Yeah, He was cool.
I miss him, too.
Yeah, we love him.
We praying for him.
(RAPPING) Is you a snitch,
are you a bitch? ♪
Boy, I think you double trouble ♪
I might fuck you, I might leave ♪
But, nigga, I can never cuff you ♪
Don't trust these niggas ♪
Quick to pick and choose
and tell a lie ♪
How I'm the baddest bitch out here ♪
But it's still me they dick ride ♪
"Y'all always sampling.
Why don't y'all have your own beats?"
- First off
- Bitch, why you don't got your own bed?
- What?
- But that's not the question.
If y'all want us to have some beats,
why don't you send us some?
- Send us some
- It's positivity.
- Like, y'all so negative.
- Get on Ableton, Logic.
Do something for us.
No dick pics though.
Please, no dick pics.
Theeogfraud wants to know,
"Do you guys have boyfriends
or are you dating anybody?"
- Um, no. Okay.
- Nosy. Nosy ass.
Niggas is either doing too much
- Mm-hmm. (CHUCKLES)
- or too little. Okay?
Like, nobody's trying to be Goldilocks.
You know what? It's a
bitch-nigga epidemic out here.
- These niggas is sick, for real.
- Mm-hmm.
And niggas don't lick like they used to.
Hoes coming like my Glock ♪
Get too hot they get to switchin' ♪
All that whinin' and bitchin' ♪
Got my own problems can't fix it ♪
All these thoughts up in my head ♪
I'm smokin' loud so I can't listen ♪
- I don't trust these niggas ♪
- No ♪
And I don't trust these bitches ♪
- MIA: Girl, hurry up!
Come on. What is you doing in there?
We finna be late.
Chastity is almost here.
Ow. (GROANS) Shit!
Make a ho go night-night
like it's bedtime ♪
Hey. I'm on my way. You
want something from Checkers?
Oh, you ain't get my text?
I can't suck dick today. I'm sick.
Girl, if you don't take
some DayQuil and come on.
JAZMIN: How I'ma suck dick
when I'm coughing like this?
Bitch, is you barking?
Man, get
I'ma hit you later.
SHAWNA: Who was that on the phone?
CHASTITY: Fucking Jazmin ass.
She been flakin', and Peaches talkin'
about her bunion swollen, she limping.
- Miracle got BV.
- Ugh.
Deja's the only one working right now.
I don't know, Chastity,
maybe they're traumatized.
They did see you lose a tooth.
CHASTITY: Shit, I'm traumatized too.
Your replacement looks
really good, by the way.
It's perfect.
Man, you need to let this shit go.
It's clearly not for your ass.
How we gon' be successful
if our manager pimping
and getting beat the fuck up?
Then we got Miss Swipey-de-Swipe-Swipe
right here in the front seat
with her scamming-ass.
Too soon, Mia.
You need to get us a music bag
while we still relevant.
What's the holdup with the music anyway?
There is no new music
'cause we don't have beats.
We don't even have a place
to record right now.
And Francois not even fucking with me.
He's not responding.
I know Reina's Caucasian-witch ass
got in his head.
Man, fuck that nigga. We don't need him.
Mia, I thought you was gonna hit Lamont.
This nigga keeps saying
the studio booked.
Then he keep saying he gon'
send some beats, and then he don't.
I'm not finna keep
begging that nigga. Shit.
You've been calling him
broke for so long,
he probably ain't fucking with you.
'Cause he been fucking broke. Shit.
You know how broke I am, Chastity?
I just got myself
a application for Checkers,
and I'ma fill it out, too.
MIA: We all broke, Titties.
CHASTITY: Lemme see if
I could talk to him.
But you got to keep it
professional with him.
SHAWNA: Oh, my God.
Guys, we need to focus up.
We haven't done shit since the tour.
We made zero progress.
I know. And I got y'all.
Chastity. We know how
hard-working you are.
We know how smart you are.
You get shit done.
But just imagine
if you took all the energy
you was using over there
and brought it over here.
I hear you.
I'ma hit that A&R chick
from the Billboard party.
She out here for a week
doing some event.
I'ma make a play.
Bitches wan' be this,
'cause I was always that ♪
Niggas say they rich?
Let's keep it a stack ♪
I ain't with the tic,
I be moving tac ♪
- TIFFANY: Hey, guys.
- Hey, Mama.
Hi, Miss Tiffany.
How was gymnastics?
- It was good.
- TIFFANY: Yeah?
I did a pike on the trampoline, Mama.
- You did?
- But Melissa can't do a pike.
She kept falling.
Girl, stop the cap.
That's okay. I'm sure you did amazing.
Hey. Ooh.
Thank you for picking 'em up.
I, I had to get all these
orders out on time.
Mm. No problem.
They just wanted
a little snack, you know,
before we came to the house.
- Now you know better.
- What? They
- Okay. They begged me.
Plus, I got you a cookie.
It ain't as sweet
as your cookie, of course.
Come here. Look at you.
You going to the studio today?
My session got canceled.
Really? Aww.
I'm trying to have a play date.
- Lamont. (CHUCKLES)
- Mm-hmm?
You being real bold right now,
acting like they're not
in the other room.
What if they see?
I mean, they gon' see it
sooner or later.
- Yeah?
- Yeah.
I got you something.
Look in the cabinet.
Oh, shit.
So you must really like a nigga, huh?
Thank you.
You do the things you want ♪
You move the way you and I ♪
I've been cooking
this nigga favorite food
trying to bait him in when
he be dropping off Melissa.
- Nada.
- Hmm.
I think he's still mad
about that LA shit.
- Niggas.
Why do we care? Did I miss something?
Girl, what the fuck is that?
You beatboxing now?
Not good. At least not
since I got my tonsils out.
But I asked the internet
for beats for us,
so now I'm just going through them.
Wait, wait, wait. Hold up.
You said that he don't come inside,
so then where do he stand?
Okay, so if this the door
NELLY: Okay.
this him.
NELLY: Right there.
Now be precise and be accurate.
(IMITATING LAMONT) Bring my baby.
Oh, no.
What? Speak.
You You know what?
Hey, Radio Raheem.
Can you please cut that
lunch table-ass beat off?
It sucks, right? It's bad.
- Well?
He fucking with somebody new.
Damn. Ooh.
We both doing that shit. Okay?
I'm just trying to get back
to the music anyway, so
Mm. This serious.
He's setting boundaries.
That sound like a girlfriend to me.
No, no. Yeah. I'ma have
to hit Francois again.
All these beats are trash. (SIGHS)
Just like Lamont's new bitch.
- NELLY: Yeah.
- Yep.
Look, if you got questions,
just ask Melissa.
- She'll tell you if he got a girl.
- ALEESIA: Mm. Mm-hmm.
Hell, use them kids. Shit, I do.
All of my kids got shit in they name.
Credit will be fine when they get 18.
Can't stop, won't stop, nigga, yeah ♪
I was locked twenty-three and one ♪
Now I ball like twenty-three and one ♪
Sniper Gang,
I'm always playin' manhunt ♪
I'm the one who killed
Lil' Foolie and what? ♪
Suck my dick, bitch, I'm too
rich to drive a Range Rover ♪
Li'l Haiti baby,
I remember stealin' mangoes ♪
How my side bitch fuck
better than my main hoe? ♪
How my side bitch fuck
better than my main bitch? ♪
- What's up?
- Hey.
- I'm so happy you came.
- Thanks for inviting me.
- Of course.
I mean, I couldn't come
to town and not see you.
(CHUCKLES) This is wild out here.
This whole space theme, I love it.
You know that nigga Pluto
was outside trying to get in.
- Red Bull's the sponsor?
- Mm-hmm. (LAUGHS)
Well, our marketing team was in charge
of putting together the activation,
and my division was in charge
of putting together the film soundtrack.
Oh, shit. So y'all like 360 with it?
Mm-hmm. I'm really proud of it.
Well, you know, Shawna cold
with the songwriting.
She's sick with the pen.
She can write anything for whoever.
And Mia, she raw with the delivery.
Good with the catchy hooks, too.
I listened to the tracks you sent me,
and they're so good.
- Word?
- I work out to them both.
Well, right now, we working on an EP,
and, you know, I know Red Bull,
they get behind independent artists
Hey, I want to introduce you to my boss.
His name is Kirk. He's the SVP of A&R.
- Oh. Oh, shit. Yeah.
- Yeah?
- Let's do it.
- Okay, come on.
- ALEX: Hey, Kirk.
- Hey.
This is Chastity.
She's a talent manager here in Miami,
and her group just got off
their first tour,
which she funded personally.
Ah. Look at that.
I love Miami. I'm out here all the time.
Oh, word? You got to hit me
next time you come back,
I can show you a good time.
I know this one spot. They got
hookah, brunch, and bowling.
So how was the tour, Chastity?
It's hard work, huh?
Listen, tell me about it.
You want to write a movie about that?
'Cause I can write that whole script
with my eyes closed.
KIRK: Yeah, one of
our artists is kicking off
their third tour out here next month,
so I'm dreading it already,
between you and me.
It never gets easier, you know?
For real.
As long as they not the opening act
to the opening act, I can handle that.
It's some cities
I don't never want to see again.
Girl, why you being so
heavy-handed with that cheese?
You gon' be lighting it up in here.
So, let's talk. How's school been?
You been having fun with your daddy?
So what kind of stuff y'all be doing?
Sometimes we go out to eat, you know?
We go to the park.
We even went to the seaquarium
but left early
because little Miss Lulu
got scared of the manatees.
Lulu. So y'all had another play date?
That's what I said. We friends and all.
But I need some me time.
My name is Me-lissa. Okay?
- She get on my nerves too much.
That's why I told her she not
invited to my birthday party.
I mean, it's your birthday,
so whatever you want, of course.
- Okurr. Periodt.
- Ooh.
So, um
you be seeing Miss Tiffany often?
Like, y'all be going over to her house?
Am I in trouble?
No, girl. We just talking.
Bonding, you know?
So, um, what's your daddy be
doing when he be over there?
I don't know.
But he need to stop tickling her.
Ooh, I be hearing her giggle,
giggle, giggle, giggle.
Giggling, huh?
Pussy, I'm a thug-ass gangsta
bitch, come get your wig split ♪
to the grand opening of Mixxy!
Thug-ass gangsta bitch,
come get your wig split ♪
And yo nigga know
these hoes know fosho ♪
That I'm that bitch ♪
I'm a thug-ass gangsta bitch ♪
Fighting off them oppressors ♪
Fighting off ♪
I wanted to talk to you as a friend.
Okay, friend. Where you been at?
I've been blowing your phone up.
I know.
I know. It's just
Shawna (SIGHS)
(WHISPERS) the Lord AK shit
really fucked me up. Okay?
- I had to retreat.
- Yeah.
It really fucked me up, too.
I thought I was the only one.
I retreated into myself too,
like, really spent some time
Oh, no, I went to Maui.
Yeah, I stopped smoking.
I can't even look at lighters.
- Francois.
- Mm?
Are you deadass right now?
Not being high all the time,
it really gives you clarity.
Pissing niggas off is my joy.
But at what cost?
I didn't get into music to do this shit.
I want to do some shit
that I believe in.
That's why I dropped Reina.
What? Are you being serious?
I'm deadass.
Nigga, what happened?
I'm selling her back to the label.
She got all these new niggas in her ear
telling her this, that, and the other.
I'm just tired of course correcting
every single fucking time
that I talk to her.
It's like when they say,
you know, when the shit
is bigger than the cat,
you got to put that shit down.
You got to kill the cat.
- The cat is a bitch.
- Damn.
And the cat has crooked parts
in its cornrows.
Okay. Look, Shawna. I know you.
I understand Mia.
I don't got to mold y'all.
I don't got to shape y'all.
Y'all already did all that work.
So together, we can take
this shit to the next level.
Okay, how?
I want to produce your EP.
Okay. Okay.
But we don't want to sit
in the passenger seat.
- Alright.
- And we don't want to sit still
and wait for shit, like,
we want to have a say.
And if you really want to do this,
you got to get us a deal.
That will take time,
and there will be steps
that we have to make.
But I could do that shit.
Can I trust you?
Like, seriously trust you?
Can I trust you?
No more back and forth. No more breaks.
Nobody stands in our way.
It's time to drop the dead weight.
We do whatever it takes to win.
CHASTITY: I don't know,
man, I just thought
you would take me somewhere
a little more fancier than this.
(CHUCKLES) What? This your city.
- You could have said something.
I don't know, it was nice
having somebody
take charge. So I thought.
Oh, let me find out
you like a woman to take the lead.
Yeah. Not when they
lead me to the ghetto.
Shit, how you even know
about this place?
I ain't been here since I was, like, 21.
Okay, okay. I'll do better next time.
Nah, I'm just playin', man.
I don't really be
expecting shit, for real.
- No?
- Mm-mm.
So, are you in a relationship?
- Oh, damn!
Nah, man. Hell, nah.
I ain't in no damn
relationship, definitely.
I mean, I ain't been in no relationship
since I was in, like, the seventh grade.
That's out.
Not like that, bro. Listen, listen.
I don't really do relationships.
I be focused on my money.
Right on time!
- Here you go.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
So, I was listening
to some of the artists
that you've been tracking.
- They got they, like, own sound.
- Mm-hmm.
- It's different.
- Mm-hmm.
ALEX: That's why I like Mia and Shawna.
They don't sound like anyone else.
They don't even sound like each other.
So you think they'll be interested?
- Duke.
- 'Cause you know, we finna start
looking into deals.
Like, we just want to go somewhere
where they care,
you know what I'm saying?
Or somewhere where they
can do they own thing.
- ALEX: Mm-hmm.
- You know?
- Well, that's really important to us.
- Mm-hmm.
We don't want to change the artists.
We just want to support them.
What do you have in mind for them?
- So what happened, Duke?
- Oh, shit.
I thought we was gon'
get this money together.
If you didn't want me,
you could have just said that.
- Melanie.
- Melody.
As in "Dick."
I told you I had the
best mouth of the South
and I never heard from you again.
Is you scared of a little baby?
Best Mouth of the South.
Um, that's what her fans call her.
Uh, I actually got
to re-listen to your music.
What happened to "Oh,
when Lil' Durk come to town,
I'ma put you on"?
You know what? I got your Instagram.
- MELODY: Okay?
- So I'ma hit you,
and we gon' work all this out.
Right now, I'm just in
the middle of something.
But listen, (ENUNCIATING)
Melody, I got you.
- Okay.
- I got you.
Well, don't play.
'Cause I can find you again.
- Thank you. Thank you so much.
- MELODY: You're welcome.
They She got fans.
They probably finna go take selfies.
- Am I gonna need my mace
- CHASTITY: Mm-mm.
- when I hang out with you?
- I'm No, I'm sorry.
It's crazy though, 'cause I'm
actually happy I ran into her.
'Cause, you know, they don't
really be supporting
the pregnant artists nowadays, you know?
Mouth of the South
is kind of fire, though.
niggas love to play the fuckin' victim?
There be so much fucking dirt
on your hands,
but it's everybody else fault.
It's so easy for you to talk shit
when you safe.
But if you back me
into a motherfucking corner,
I'm leaving everybody bloody.
- I promise you that.
We might pop out at your
function, that's just once ♪
That's shit hard, C. (CHUCKLES)
That shit hard.
- Nigga, that shit gold!
- LAMONT: Yeah.
Let a nigga get a verse or something.
Bruh, every song?
- PEANUT: I got ideas.
- It don't need you.
I say it every time.
PEANUT: Man, well, you act
like you don't hear me, nigga.
- I know I be enunciating.
- COURTNEY LUKE: Oh, my God.
Bro, the melodies that you did
on the background vocals
heavy. Yeah.
I was confused when you did,
like, 10 of 'em,
but that shit work.
- (LAUGHS) That shit work.
- Yeah.
They just come to me, bro.
I listen to a lot of Luther,
Curtis, Stevie, all that shit.
- Like classic shit.
- Yeah.
Yeah, my grandma fucked
with them niggas.
I'ma just mix this together,
and then I'ma shoot it over to you.
- Alright, bet.
- Yeah. Yeah.
Oh, I also seen that AK shit been, like,
number one for, like, a month now.
I know niggas excited
to see what your album got.
Yeah, my label wants me
to put that shit out
like, tomorrow.
You should. (EXHALES)
That shit you played for me,
hard as fuck. For real, for real.
Yo, I'm just happy that you
let me get out on it with you.
- Yeah. Yeah.
- LAMONT: You know.
Man, the attention's
been crazy, for real.
They want me to talk
about what happened.
Yeah, niggas been hitting me too.
- I-I'm cool.
We not doing that.
Hey, run it back.
That's my favorite shawty,
that's my favorite freak ♪
- Favorite freak ♪
- We might pop out at ♪
Kinda want some female energy.
On the hook.
I like females. What you thinking?
Girl, Lamont just asked me
to come to the studio
with him and Courtney.
Wait. Courtney-Courtney?
Bitch, is that a set-up?
Set-up? Courtney don't talk to me.
Lamont don't talk to me.
Fuck they want with me?
- Choo-choo!
- Bitch!
Okay, I'm sorry. I'm joking.
But they can't be mad at you.
Lamont definitely can't be mad.
I just found out that
he fucking Melissa friend mama.
Bitch, did you actually ask Melissa?
MIA: (ON PHONE) Yeah. How else
was I supposed to get the answers?
Over there fucking a bitch we both know.
I wish he would ask me about Courtney.
He needs to be happy
that I connected them, okay?
Plus, I'm done lettin' these
niggas keep me from the bag.
How long it's gon' take you to get here?
Well, actually, I can't make it.
I've got something I got to do.
Why? What's going on?
It's just I got to dead
some shit once and for all.
Bitch, what the fuck
is you talking about?
Bitch, he asked for you.
Bitch, we in a group.
Look, I'll try to make it
when I'm done, but just go ahead.
Put on for us. You got it.
Play stupid games, nigga,
win stupid prizes. Yeah.
I'm goin' out my mind ♪
Kirk loves you. He just texted me.
Asked me for a link
to your artists' music.
- For real?
- Yeah.
That's a good sign.
- Is it okay if I share it?
- Hell, yeah!
Tell me what else I need to do.
Well, you can get them making
more music for starters.
(EXHALES) Facts.
And then maybe you and I can talk
about what a offer looks like.
Yo, that's amazing.
I can't wait to tell the girls.
Yeah, I'm excited.
Man, it's been fun.
Thank you so much for everything.
I'ma chop it up with them,
and I'll hit you on Monday?
- Alright.
- Or, um
you can come inside
and talk more over drinks.
I can make 'em fancy.
Yeah, that's the least
you could do since you had me
in the trenches
fearing for my life and shit.
CHASTITY: It's hotter
than a bitch in here.
- That fireplace works.
- ALEX: Mm.
Where I'm from, I they
don't do this type of shit.
No, no, no. You have to lick it first.
Surprise ♪
- I sent you an invitation ♪
- No ♪
- Hopin' that you'd
change your mind ♪
- Outside ♪
I pulled up the reservations ♪
- Chauffeur and the car outside ♪
- Outside ♪
I know that one day
you'll save my life ♪
In time ♪
I was hopin' that
we could start tonight ♪
Ain't got no inhibitions no fight ♪
- Yeah ♪
- Listen to my intuition tonight ♪
Broke up with your
bitch and now she cryin' ♪
And this pussy purrin' like a lion ♪
Say you missed the way
I lollipop with the dick ♪
Yeah, this mine, I already licked it ♪
Southside, country thighs,
thick from the back ♪
Ooh, you ain't know, bitch,
I come with the bag ♪
I'm Poison Ivy, make you my bitch ♪
Can't look away, you fuckin' like it ♪
I just might let you see me naked ♪
Treat me nicely buy me bracelets ♪
- I will be your nasty girl ♪
Nasty girl, your nasty girl ♪
I will be your nasty girl ♪
(MOUTHS) 'Sup?
Damn. Who is you?
Mia. Remember?
Uh, no.
- Hey, superstar.
- MIA: Hey.
- Good to see you.
- Yeah.
COURTNEY LUKE: 'Sup? How you doing?
MIA: I'm good.
Hey, Lamont. (SMACKS LIPS)
So you finally made it
to the real Miami.
- COURTNEY LUKE: I did. I did.
- MIA: Mm-hmm.
I was a little worried
about the food, though.
I told you that South Beach was trash.
I can show you some spots, though.
- COURTNEY LUKE: Is that right?
- You want to show her the song?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
He went crazy.
So, uh, we made some heat.
- MIA: Mm-hmm.
- We did.
But I kinda wanna hear you
talk your shit on the hook.
Um, I could do that.
- I know you can.
- MIA: Mm-hmm.
Peanut, play the, play the song.
Play the, uh From there.
That's my favorite shawty, that's
my favorite freak ♪
We might pop out at your function ♪
- Not just once a week ♪
- Once a week ♪
I'm just vibin' with your bitch ♪
- I'm just tryna peek ♪
- Tryna peek ♪
- PEANUT: Woo!
- Oh, my God!
- Yes.
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- PEANUT: That was tight.
You killed that shit, Mi.
Play it back. Ugh. Please?
- Told you.
- Ain't no faking it.
Yeah, the one that's in
the black high top ♪
Flow-real-ally ♪
I'm talkin' 'bout
the one that don't ♪
That was tight.
- Keep it real discreet ♪
- Yeah, real discreet ♪
That's my favorite freak ♪
She said I'm her favorite freak ♪
Goddamn. You babysitting? (MUMBLES)
I was gonna pass it to you, damn.
No, you wasn't. No, you wasn't.
Hey. You was on tour, huh?
Yeah. Me and Shawna.
So y'all was in LA
when all that shit went down?
- Yeah.
I'm sorry about your homeboy.
- How he doing?
- Mm.
They still got him in a coma.
Wait, Hold up. So y'all was
with the white girl with the ass?
(CHUCKLES) Unfortunately.
What, y'all don't fuck with her?
Fuck no. Not that bitch.
You know, she fuck with Gat.
Reina Reign fucking with Gat?
Yeah, they on some weird shit.
- He trying to manage her now.
So what happened to Francois?
Yeah, the one that's
in the black high top ♪
What's your fuckin' problem?
- Me?
- SHAWNA: Yeah.
I ain't out here throwing "bitch
niggas" to everybody online.
Talking reckless, my nigga.
For no reason.
SHAWNA: For no reason?
I trusted you.
I poured my heart out to you.
The whole time you was playing me.
- I wasn't playing you. How
- Yes, you were!
And now you're over here threatening me?
I'll go to the police.
Right now, I'll go to the police.
- I'll tell them everything.
- Hey.
- I'll tell 'em about Stanley.
- Hey.
- Test me!
- I didn't
I told you, I'm not 'bout to use
that fucking audio, bruh.
Oh, you're not gon' use the audio?
- No.
- Then why do you have it?
- Because, bruh, I got
- What are you
- Be straight with me?
- I got a shitty public defender
right now telling me
to take this fucking plea deal.
What's the deal?
I turn myself in,
I plead guilty right now.
I get 15 months.
And she telling me
she think I should take it.
You don't have other options?
Yeah, I could get a reduced sentence
if I pull somebody in with me.
That's why you were recording me.
So what are you gonna do?
I don't know.
You know, sometimes in life
it's just better to face shit head-on.
Uh, I mean, like
it could only get worse.
You telling me you think
I should take this deal?
I don't know.
Is Stanley telling you
you should take the deal?
Maybe he's right.
Maurice, you have
so many people relying on you.
And you know, it's not
it's not like we're innocent.
I don't know, maybe this way
you can stay in control.
I've been dealing with all
this shit by myself, bruh. I
I'm not gon' lie to you, dawg.
I'm scared. Like, how
I know.
Well, how much time do you have?
Less than a week.
I'm over this shit, dawg.
- I got you.
- You don't got me.
I'm just gonna get
this music shit figured out,
and if once I do that, I'ma make sure
you are straight forever.
I promise.
When have we not helped each other?
Why would that change now?
It's gonna be okay. It's gonna be okay.
Come here. I got you. It's okay.
- It's okay.
MAURICE: (CRYING) You're right.
Y'all need some more
snacks in this bitch.
I'ma send a list.
LAMONT: Alright.
I had fun.
- Thank you for inviting me.
Look, we got a lot
to catch up on, Miyaki.
- You know I'ma hit you later.
Alright, bro.
Bro, you really gon' play
in my fucking face like that?
That shit foul as fuck.
(CHUCKLES) Fuck is you talking about?
LAMONT: Bro, clearly, y'all fucking!
And you just wanna do
that shit in my face?
I know you ain't talking.
You think I don't know
what you're doing?
The fuck am I doing?
You fucking Lulu mama!
(SMACKS LIPS) Oh, this bitch.
Yeah, nigga.
You think I wouldn't find out, huh?
Melissa only got one friend,
and you fucking her mama!
I'm not
And I got to be around
this bitch on the regular.
Yo, I'm not doing that shit
in your face, though, Mia.
See, the LA shit makes sense now.
MIA: Oh, my God!
Courtney ain't even had
nothing to do with this.
Yo, bro, shut the shut
the fuck up. Shut the fuck up.
'Cause you stay full of bullshit.
And then he, he call my baby mom
just to fuck with her in my face?
Mia, how the fuck
are you moving out here
that got niggas thinking that shit cool?
Man, shut your bitch ass up.
Damn, you you the one begged me
to hook you up with the nigga!
Bitch, fuck you!
What are you talking about?
I don't need to beg you for shit!
I do this shit for real. My shit speak!
You play in this, I don't!
You wildin'.
Yeah, trippin'. Whatever.
You pop pussy for progress.
You get that shit from your mama.
I know that shit run in your bloodline.
- You foul as fuck for that.
- Fuck you. "Foul as fuck."
Look, don't ask me for no more
fucking music, alright?
Fuck working with you, all that shit.
Figure it out by yourself.
Get the fuck out my studio,
Bitch, I ain't never got
to work with you a fucking day
in my motherfucking life, bitch!
You ain't make me!
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