Rap Sh!t (2022) s02e08 Episode Script

Under Construction

So, Gat, how stressful is it
being a Black man in the music industry?
Super stressful, man.
I mean, personally, I feel like
we all got to unlearn this, uh,
toxic masculinity
that's been passed down to us
through this, uh, g-generational
trauma, you know?
You know, add that with
the pressures of this industry,
it could push you to do some shit.
So is that what inspired
your new single,
which is doing well, by the
way, congratulations on that.
Thank you, man. I appreciate that, G.
Shit, honestly, writing
this song saved my life.
You know, after losing one friend,
almost losing another,
I just really felt like
a, a responsibility
to promote this mental health shit.
What makes you put
Reina Reign on that song?
- Fuck you mean? Why not?
- Whoa, whoa
Look, I'm just sayin', man,
th-that right there is the problem.
Look, if we actually came together,
stop focusing on our differences,
you gon' see we got a lot more in common
than we have in uncommon.
Is there anything else
you want to say to the people?
Go get help. I mean, this
message is for, for everybody.
Niggas, females, uh, theys, thems.
Just, all y'all just stop.
Get some help.
I'm sorry, man. Just give me a second.
Hey, Pardi.
- Boom, what up, fool?
- What's up, bro?
- How are you, baby?
- I'm good. I'm good.
Hey, you already know,
- it's the man who needs no introduction.
- Aw, man.
- He's worked with Kanye.
- Stop it.
- He's worked with Cardi.
- Stop it.
- Hey.
- He's worked with Meg.
It is so nice to meet you.
- Oh, my God.
- Likewise, likewise.
You've written all my favorite songs.
- It's a pleasure to meet you, for real.
No, likewise. The pleasure's mine.
Look, I've been hearing
nothing but great things
from both of y'all.
You know what I'm sayin'?
Buzzing around the city and whatnot.
- Bzzz.
You got the girls lookin' good.
Grab a seat. Let's get comfortable.
- SHAWNA: Alright, cool.
- MIA: Okay.
Let's get to it.
So Pardi is a dude that you go to
when you need a hit.
And right now,
Shawna and Mia are, like, a hit away
from taking over, so.
- Facts.
- PARDISON: I'm hip
to y'all movement and whatnot.
My process, though,
I like to really tap in with the artists
that I'm working with.
I like to get to know y'all, you know,
pick y'all brain a little bit.
So, um, tell me about yourselves.
What's going on in y'all world?
Too much. Where do I start?
Um, me and my baby daddy,
Lamont, he our producer.
Um, he did both our songs.
Um, first, we started out beefing,
like, boom, boom, boom, like, real bad.
Then we started working together.
Then we finally started
co-parenting, like, for real, for real.
Then he started fucking with
this bitch that we both know.
- Nah.
- MIA: So then I started fucking
with a nigga that we both know.
And you know, I really don't remember
who started it first,
- but yeah.
- Yeah.
Like classic chicken
and the egg situation.
You know? Who came first?
PARDISON: Uh, let me get this right.
Y'all was over there mixing up, like,
the business and the
pleasure and y'all just,
y'all splitting more than just
the publishing at that crib.
- MIA: Money. (CHUCKLES)
Oh, my God.
But you know what? Fuck these niggas.
Okay? I'm betting on me, okay?
- SHAWNA: Mm. Mm!
- MIA: And I'm here with Pardison Fontaine.
- Who is Lamont?
- Uh, that's a fact.
We definitely gon' get y'all a hit.
What about you? What's
going on in your world?
- Me?
- Yeah.
- Me?
- Yeah, you.
I guess I'm the only one left.
Yeah. What's going on in Scam Town?
- Scam Town?
- Oh, she's a scammer?
- Yeah.
Yeah. Tell him. Yeah.
You know what? Honestly,
the song shouldn't be about me.
Fuck my life for r Yeah, just
Let's talk about so
anything else, please.
FRANCOIS: Yeah, like,
right now, we're working on this
anti-hero campaign.
- We're gonna get 'em mugshots.
FRANCOIS: We think we're
gonna do, like, a smash-and-grab
and then leak the security footage.
You know, get a lot
of looks off the shit.
We had that idea?
FRANCOIS: Yeah. I forgot to tell you.
I don't think that's the
type of smash-and-grab
people really want to see them do.
Sound like you got your
work cut out for you, dawg.
I ain't gon' hold you.
But listen, let me play some music.
I feel like it'll be perfect for y'all.
Unh, unh, unh, unh ♪
Oh, that's yo' nigga?
Well, I'm fucking him ♪
Don't worry 'bout it, sis,
you'll have him back ♪
When I'm done with him ♪
Unh, call me a lot of names ♪
- When he in this pussy ♪
- He do, bitch ♪
But trust me, regular,
I ain't one of them, unh ♪
I be where the bag at ♪
What's the best way to reach me? ♪
I said Cash App ♪
'Cause I'm bomb ♪
And the pussy top of the line ♪
He ain't talkin' 'bout no money ♪
Bae, I'm pressing decline ♪
- I'm out here working ♪
- Yep ♪
All this body that I'm serving ♪
B-B-W, a bad bitch ♪
- Working, working ♪
- Working, working ♪
SHAWNA: Oh, my God, I think
that's the one. That's our single.
That's like our "Fuck Nigga Free"
our "Bodak Yellow," our fucking "Munch."
- MIA: Mm!
Yes, we finna kill these hoes.
For real.
Ooh, and I'm finna be
in my mugshot like
I'm not doing nothing
Francois talkin' 'bout.
I'm not selling Black
criminality for streams. No.
I'm not debasing myself for attention
like fuckin' Gat did.
If I see that nigga crying
in one more interview
For real.
And using what happened to Lord AK
for attention is sickening.
- Like, it's fuckin' nasty.
- Mm-hmm.
Courtney was talking 'bout it too.
They say they're tryin'
to push his album up.
- Of course.
- They also said
they was trying to make
our song the single.
Wow! That's so cool.
(NORMAL VOICE) That's amazing.
- Mm-hmm.
- Congratu
- I'm so happy for you. I really
- Yep.
I was hoping that would happen.
Girl! We finna blow up,
like, for real, for real.
And I told you you should've came.
But you wanted to escapade
with prison bae, so.
- Yeah.
- When he going in?
In two days.
Damn. What, so you gon' hold him down?
You gonna get his name
tatted on your neck?
Yeah, I'ma get it right here
in Old English font.
ALEX: Okay, here is
what Red Bull is offering.
A true partnership
as you develop your brand.
Full creative control.
And you get to own your own masters.
This is what I've been looking for.
CHASTITY: And they everywhere.
Sports, live events.
- Of course drinks.
- SHAWNA: Mm-hmm.
Man, y'all gon' have access to all that.
Ooh, I'm trying to trademark
my Carol City Ice Tea.
- It's half Red Bull
- Yeah.
- half VSOP
with a splash of sweet tea.
Just a splash, 'cause the
hoes gotta get fucked up.
- Okay, I've never had that, but I like it.
So, um
how big is the bag?
You know, how much we talking?
Well, I'm gonna regroup my team,
and I'ma get back at you with specifics.
So you can't give us, like, a range?
Like, a, a ballpark.
We like long game. Right?
So we want to establish
a strong foundation
right out the gate.
Our plan is to invest
heavily into your vision.
So, for instance, we love the stuff
you did with that producer Lamont.
- ALEX: We have some ideas
about doing an EP with him.
But, you know, it's, uh
We know that
your main audience is women.
- Mm-hmm.
- So we're gonna market to them.
Come on, you been
sayin' fuck these niggas.
And we been talking
about female empowerment.
Shawna and Mia taking over
the male-dominated rap game.
ALEX: Mm-hmm.
Yeah, we've been talking
about female empowerment?
- Yeah, you?
- You've been talkin' about it?
- Mm. Mm-hmm.
Okay. What's female empowerment to you?
You know, like everything
- SHAWNA: Yeah. Mm.
- Female manager, female A&R,
engineers, transpo,
everything. Security.
I just think that females
should take over the game
and just be dominant.
We should all come as one.
Okay. When do you think we're
gonna hear back from the label?
We have lunch tomorrow,
so I'm gonna push for an answer.
- SHAWNA: Mm-hmm.
- And probably get back to you
with an offer by next week.
- Okay.
- CHASTITY: Well, Alex,
I'ma discuss it with the girls
- and, uh, we'll be in touch.
- SHAWNA: Mm-hmm.
Well, ladies, it was a pleasure,
and I look forward
to keep talking to you.
It was amazing. Thank
you. Thank you, Alex.
- Thank you so much.
- ALEX: You're so welcome.
by Inayah ft. Big Freedia playing)
I thought ♪
I found love ♪
But you ain't shit ♪
ROBYN: Did you order decorations?
MIA: I ordered 'em on Amazon Prime.
ROBYN: What about the balloons?
Did you need me to get her balloons?
(SIGHS) Uh, Lamont supposed to get 'em.
Does Lamont know that you
got to order the balloons
and pick the balloons up?
I hope so.
Well, y'all should
probably talk about it.
Well, we divided everything up,
so we ain't got to talk.
Hey, we're almost done setting up.
I just need your card and we'll
come back and get it at 5:00.
Daddy, look what Mommy got me!
MIA: Anything for my birthday girl.
I bet you can't jump higher
than Daddy, though.
- MELISSA: I bet I can!
- Your card was declined.
- LAMONT: No, you can't.
- Tried to run it a couple times.
You sure? I mean, I know
I got money on there.
I bought a cake, decorations, gas.
(GASPS) Fuck. It was the gas.
Do you have another way to pay?
Otherwise, I gotta take it down.
But my baby in there.
- Can someone else cover it?
- It's her birthday.
What-what-what's going on?
What's the problem? What's the problem?
I got that bounce house for Melissa
and I don't got the money on my card.
What? Well, ho-hold on.
Look, I got it. Go ahead and use that.
- Thank you, Mom.
- It's alright.
It's my grandbaby birthday.
- It'll be my gift to her.
Ma'am, your card declined, too.
Well, I don't know
what to tell you, Mia.
Ain't nobody tell you
to have a birthday party
at the beginning of the month.
- Should I take it down?
- LAMONT: Go higher. You got it!
- LAMONT: I got you. Go!
- Lamont!
I ain't got the money
for the Moon Bounce.
- My card
- What?
I ain't got the money
for the Moon Bounce.
LAMONT: Uh-huh.
Can you help me pay for it?
Yeah. I got you.
My baby daddy got it.
Thought I had me
a real nigga, that was cap ♪
Yesterday's nigga,
he is not today's nigga ♪
If you coming, come correct, nigga ♪
Have that pay wit' you
I don't want no ♪
I got so much shit to get rid of.
I don't know what I'ma do without you.
I'm gonna miss you.
I'ma miss you, too.
You know, you should come
to my fam's thing later.
Your going-away party?
Are you sure that you want me there?
Stanley hates me.
I don't give a fuck.
Yeah, I want you there.
That would really mean a lot to me.
I-I did tell Mia that I would go
to Melissa's birthday party later, so.
- I
I can go to both. I can do both.
Put your arm back around me.
I can do both.
You sure?
You're not gon' be, like,
too busy recording with superstars
or signing deals or some shit like that?
But I do really hope we get this deal.
It's good. It's no antics and gimmicks.
It's really just about the craft.
Mia don't really fuck
with the vision yet though.
I have to convince her
it's the best thing for us.
I mean, is it best for y'all
or best for you?
What's the difference?
I'm finna go jump
in the shower right quick.
- Okay.
- I'll see you in a bit.
Oh, shit.
Oh, that's yo' nigga?
Well, I'm fucking him ♪
Nigga. What? (CHUCKLING)
That sounds fucking amazing!
Call me a lot of names
when he in this pussy ♪
Yo, what?
(LAUGHS) See, I fucking told you.
- Bruh.
- Pardi is the truth.
This shit is a game changer.
Please, can you send me that track?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, I got to get it
to Mia and Chastity.
- Chastity?
- Yeah.
- For what?
- Yeah, she got us a meeting at Red Bull.
They're really,
really excited to hear it.
Might give us an offer.
An offer for what, some wings?
No. They want to offer us a deal.
They talking about
full creative control.
- Like, real collaboration.
They're about female
empowerment over there.
I'm gonna be honest with you.
You take that deal
- there's no Pardi record.
You 'bout to hold
that shit hostage, nigga?
Be fuckin' for real, Francois.
I'm saying y'all need
to trust in the plan
that I laid out for y'all!
Chastity is not a fucking part
of that goddamn plan, Shawna!
Like, this ain't the fuckin'
little leagues anymore.
- I know.
- Y'all need real management.
- I know.
- Real shit.
Okay, nigga.
Either I send this Pardi track
to Tunji right now,
or y'all go with Chastity
and her fucking Red Bull plan
or whatever the fuck.
Talk to Mia and figure
this shit out because
- Okay.
- Bye.
I'm from 'cross the way
woke up like a boss today ♪
I just might buy my man
a house today ♪
I been in my sack ♪
I'm feelin' just like
Santa Claus today ♪
I can't wait to catch them
ho-ho-hoes who ran ♪
Hey, girl, you didn't have
to bring a gift.
I know you broke too.
Okay. Uh, I talked to Francois,
and he told me that if we
go with the Red Bull deal,
he's gonna take the Pardi record
and he's going to take our EP.
- Damn. What?
- Yeah.
Why he want us to get rid
of Chastity so bad?
Like, why he hate her so much?
I don't know. It's a dumb
ultimatum to give us.
It's not even fair.
Look, I like the Red Bull deal.
I like Alex. I want to work with her.
We was in the meeting,
and I felt really seen,
I felt really heard.
Like, she really understands
what we're trying to do.
I don't want to do that
to Chastity either.
But if we get rid of that Pardi record,
they gon' have to come with a budget.
- Yeah.
- An advance or something.
Okay? Every time I kept
asking her about some money,
she kept talking
about female empowerment.
Shit, they just tried to take down
my baby bounce house.
With the babies in it?
Yeah. Okay. We got to call Chastity.
- Yeah.
- Come on.
CHASTITY: (ON PHONE) What the fuck?
Grimy-ass nigga, man. (SCOFFS)
This nigga been threatened
by me since day one.
I don't think that's it.
Man, he just want to control y'all.
Man, I don't trust nothin'
that nigga say.
You see how he did y'all on tour?
Promising y'all a bunch of shit
and never delivering? (SCOFFS)
I mean, true,
but we still don't know
what the Red Bull deal talking 'bout.
I mean, can you find out?
- Can you hit Alex?
- Man, Alex?
She out with clients all day
- and then she's leaving tomorrow.
- Let me figure it out.
you've reached Alex. Sorry to
I just wanna rough neck
nigga on the tongue ♪
- (ON VOICEMAIL) Hey, you've reached Alex.
Ask me if I'm finished,
"Nah, bitch, I just begun" ♪
just for fun, are you dumb? ♪
Y'all stop running.
Where y'all mamas at?
Girl, the minions is on the way.
I had to pay $75 per minion.
They be expensive.
- MIA: I know.
- ALEESIA: Wait. Ho-Hold on.
Is that her?
SHAWNA: She got on fake Rick Owen boots.
- What is she doing?
- Look at Mr. Family Man.
Yeah. Showed her ass.
D-Did she bring dessert?
Why the fuck would
this bitch bring dessert
to my daughter party?
You know what? He doing the most.
Yeah. He think he done leveled up.
Leveled up? You think she a level up?
SHAWNA: Mm-mm.
I'm just, I'm just saying
that's probably what he thinking
- or whatever she think
- MIA: But I'm saying,
why you say she a level up? Like
- NELLY: I'm just
- 'Cause she bought some fucking cake pops?
- No, we got cake. I
- MIA: 'Cause she light skin?
'Cause she got some followers?
- NELLY: I could Light-skin
- ALEESIA: You know what?
She may have some followers,
but you got fans, bitch.
And we can pop her ass if y'all want to.
I ain't did that shit since high school.
- MELISSA: Mommy!
SHAWNA: Uh-oh.
What's wrong?
Why is Lulu here?
- Exactly.
- That's what I'm sayin'.
That's the same question we had.
Go ask your daddy.
(CHUCKLES) Make sure you say it loud.
- Don't make her
- Ask your daddy.
Ooh, look at, look at it.
- Why is Lulu here?
- LAMONT: Hey!
NELLY: Go do you, girl.
LAMONT: Be nice.
Where you buy them that?
I made them. I'm Tiffany.
- Okay. Hello.
Hey, Mia.
I didn't know you ate cake.
I mean, you usually passing out
them little raisin boxes to the kids.
(CHUCKLES) Yeah, uh, you remembered.
Well, the cake pops are actually vegan.
Melissa asked me to make them.
They're strawberry shortcake flavored.
Strawberry shortcake's my favorite.
She copied me.
- No, I didn't.
- ROBYN: Hmm.
Damn. That's good.
- (SOFTLY) Mom.
- Oh, I'm sorry.
Well, um, stick around
for the entertainment.
I got you.
Melissa just 'gon stay over there?
Zo, you can't pick up your phone?
The fuck you doing?
It's instructions, bro.
Take care of the plants and shit.
Zo, everybody at the
crib waiting for you.
- Come on.
- I'm not trying,
I'm not trying to do that shit, bro.
It's your party, Zo.
Bro, please stop calling that shit
a fucking party, bruh.
I know this shit a lot,
but it's all for the family.
Everybody just want
to see you before you go.
(CRYING) I feel like I
let everybody down, bruh.
Listen to me. No, you didn't, bro.
My nigga, I just hope
I made the right decision, bro.
Hey, man.
I don't know why I'm living like this ♪
Revenge and grief got me
aiming at my likeness ♪
Lord AK loves his music.
I mean, he loves his fans.
He loves performing his music.
I mean, that was actually
one of the last things
he did before he before, you know.
REINA: I don't know
if I can make it past this ♪
Bad bitch, still be on my sad bitch ♪
Sometimes I don't want to move ♪
I spend hours on my mattress ♪
REINA: I don't know if
I can make it past this ♪
I don't know ♪
Enough. Alright? Enough.
There is a man in a hospital right now
fighting for his life. Your friend.
And instead of being with him,
you are over here
making songs and videos
for clout, nigga?
Yes, Gat, I'm talking about you.
Now all of a sudden
you care about mental health?
You care about the people?
I watched you kick
so many Black women out of a green room.
You are one of the most toxic niggas
I have ever met in my life.
You literally assaulted me!
You don't care about Lord AK!
You didn't care that he was tired.
You didn't care that he was grieving.
You didn't. You're a leech.
You are a part of the problem.
'Cause I was there. I was, I was
with Lord AK when it happened.
ALEESIA: What Shawna doing on the phone?
Talking to the Average Girl Clique?
(LAUGHS) Do she even got friends?
MIA: I don't know.
I'm mad, and I don't even know why.
It's 'cause it's his
first new girlfriend.
So, it catch you off guard
when it happened, right?
Kinda knock you off
your shit a little bit.
When you remember
that you didn't want
that nigga, (SCOFFS)
you can really feel sorry for the bitch.
I don't feel sorry for her.
Wait till she find out all that nigga do
is smoke weed and make beats.
Zoë Kravitz's ass is out of there, okay?
She ain't sticking around. Hmm.
I mean, they wouldn't have no songs
if it wasn't for them weed
and beats, so.
ALEESIA: Girl, shut your ass up.
We worked so well together.
We was just becoming friends.
Y'all can still be there for each other.
Y'all do work real well together.
Y'all love to rewrite history.
I want you Look at me.
I want you to remember
how that nigga played
your ass when you was pregnant.
Okay? Uh-huh.
He would pop up,
then disappear for a week,
talking about he in the studio.
How many years ago was that, Mia? Huh?
Exactly. Okay.
He's still doin' the same shit.
He ain't changed.
Okay. That was so long ago.
Girl, give him some credit.
I ain't giving him shit. Okay?
ALEESIA: Now, what Courtney doing?
Call him and see
if he going to Art Basel.
Girl, we need some tickets.
Girl, please stop talking
about these niggas!
I know what?
Y'all better stop talking like that
around these kids.
Yes, ma'am.
Ha, I'm a hot boy ♪
Drive all my cars like it's urgent ♪
I'm a hot boy, don't get too
close 'cause I might burn you ♪
I'm a hot boy ♪
But I put ice on all my bitches ♪
Alex? Kirk?
ALEX: Chastity? What are you doing here?
I thought I told you
I was busy with a client.
Oh, I'm here all the time.
You know, meetings, lunches, dinners.
And I was actually
leaving now, and I'm like,
"Is that Kirk?" (LAUGHS)
"Let me go chop it up
with Kirk real quick."
I was actually wondering
if we can discuss
the offer that's on the table.
I know if you want something done,
you got to go straight to the source.
I didn't realize it was
a party of three.
- I'm sorry.
- ALEX: No, it's not.
(WHISPERING) I'm so sorry.
Hey, look, on some real shit,
I'm just trying to give you the
best chance at working with us.
Between me and you,
we got another offer,
and it's one of the kinds
that's hard to say no to.
And the girls are excited,
but I think Red Bull is
the best opportunity for them.
If we can make this swift
and make the deal undeniable,
I can make this happen.
I hear that.
Alex has been sharing with me,
and I do have some reservations.
Breaking a new act is a huge expense.
And these are really specific
needs we're talking
But you get a higher reward.
Female artists have
the most loyal fan base,
the gays and the girls.
If ain't nobody else booking you,
the girls and gays are gonna
have you booked somewhere.
She one of 'em. She know!
Look, it's about seven
or eight Prides a year,
and they love Red Bull.
Shit. There go your money right there.
It's a win-win, Kirk.
We are not afraid to work hard.
We've been doing it,
and we're gonna continue to do so.
Look how far we got with just us.
Imagine what we can do
with a little bit of help.
MIA: Melissa!
Look what I got you, baby.
Introducing the minions!
Hey! I heard it was somebody birthday!
- It's my birthday!
Hit him in the head
when you pull out the stick ♪
Hit him in the head when
you pull out the stick ♪
Hit him in the head
when you pull out the stick ♪
Ra, ra, ra, ra, now ♪
Oh, wait a minute, though.
We need to get this.
Pull out the stick,
pull out the stick ♪
Pull out the stick,
pull out the stick ♪
MIA: Go, baby. Go, baby.
Ride with your boy,
ride with your boy ♪
Ride with your boy,
ride with your boy ♪
Let's slide on the boy,
slide on that ♪
Ooh! Mama baby. Mama baby.
Mama baby. That's mine.
When you are at your highest moment,
that's when the Devil come for you.
That's why I ain't gon' let
this one bottom feeder
get me too much out my character.
But, ladies and gentlemen, I just
I just want to let the record reflect.
Now this "artist" or "rapper,"
or w-whatever she want to call herself,
she was nothing more than a groupie,
an obsessed fan
who was all up in AK's face
every time I saw her.
Now she's saying she was
the last one in the room
with AK, right?
So why don't we ask her what happened?
I mean, you sayin' you was
the last one to talk to him?
What did you say
to make AK do what he did?
I ain't saying she pushed him
to it, but, uh
- GAT: what you think?
Get low with a squat. Ah, ah, ah!
- Ooh.
- Alright.
MIA: Ooh. Go baby. Go baby.
MINION: Alright, who wanna
battle? Who wanna battle?
I want battle Lulu.
- NELLY: Ooh.
- ALEESIA: She called you out.
- You heard her.
- TIFFANY: Go, baby!
Pull out the stick,
pull out the stick ♪
You better eat her up.
Get in there, Melissa.
Eat her up. Eat her up. You better eat.
Ah! Okay!
It's over.
You not the only one
who can do TikTok, Boo.
Hit him in the head
when you pull out the stick ♪
- MIA: Mm. Mm. Yeah.
- LAMONT: Come on.
Eat her up. Eat her up!
- Ooh!
- Ow!
- LULU: (CRYING) My eye.
- Baby?
LULU: It hurts.
(GASPS) I didn't mean to do that.
- TIFFANY: You okay?
- MELISSA: It was a accident!
- LULU: (CRYING): My eye.
- How did she get hit?
- Uh, it, it can't be that bad. Lemme see.
- I didn't mean to.
- Ooh, damn!
- I didn't mean to.
- MIA: Shh.
- I'ma go get some ice.
LAMONT: Come here. Hey. Hey, hey.
- Why you do that?
- MELISSA: It was by accident.
MINION: Hey, who
wanna do a twerk contest?
- I'll do it.
- MINION: Alright.
I'll do it. Oh, let me get my
MINION: Yeah! Ugh!
- Come on. Uh-huh.
- NELLY: Lemme show y'all a debut!
- NELLY: Show y'all
- MINION: Uh-huh. Wait.
NELLY: Ugh! Get 'em,
ugh! Uh-huh, ugh! Yeah
- (SIGHS) Hey.
Shawna, you are a fucking genius.
This is the shit that I'm talking about.
This is how you make a moment.
Nigga, no, I just
I got sick of this nigga lying.
Hey, Shawna, who cares, okay?
Niggas are emotional right now.
It's the perfect time
to capitalize off this shit.
(LAUGHS) You say some crazy shit,
- make niggas mad
- No.
make some content off that shit.
- No. No.
- It's the cycle. You're up.
I'm not trying to start nothing up.
I'm just speaking the truth.
Hey, yo. Look at what I just sent you.
SHAWNA: Rico Nasty?
- (GASPS) Is that Flo Milli?
- Yep.
I'ma let you watch that, but, Shawna,
don't miss this moment.
- Alright. Peace.
I'm glad somebody
finally saying some shit,
'cause Gat's whole story
was just weird to me.
Like, he been a cornball.
MAN: (OVER PHONE) You talkin' 'bout Gat?
Man, he stay coked out at the function.
We gotta keep showing people
the type of people
that these niggas are.
I'm telling you, the truth
always gon' come to light.
Y'all swear, y'all care
about women so much
until we speak up.
Shawna, fuck these niggas for real.
Air all they asses out.
Bitch, this is what
I'm talking 'bout. Y
Yeah! Yes.
All I'm gonna say is this:
You'd better take what's yours.
Don't you let nobody come
up in here and show you out.
Mia, Mia, Mia, Mia. You
have to look at the shit. Mia.
That's it. Wait a minute. Wait a minute.
Did y'all see y'all out on the blogs?
I'm talking "Baller Alert."
"Shade Room."
- You know what that mean?
- What? What? What?
(RAPPING) That's a
new batch of niggas ♪
That's a new batch of niggas ♪
Mia, Mia, Mia. Francois just said to me
that we have to drop
the Pardi track tonight.
- It's not even a question.
- Oh, shit.
For real.
Oh, wait, Chastity.
- Go crazy. Yeah, fuck it up.
- NELLY: Ooh, ooh, ooh, ooh!
Look, I thought about it,
and we can't do it.
Chastity been there since the beginning.
- Before niggas was promising us shit,
like, she was holding us down.
crazy. Fuck it up, friend.
What's the point of winning
if you ain't doing it
with your people?
But Francois is my people, too.
What the fuck is your problem?
Do you know how embarrassing that was?
- This is my job.
- Look.
This shit is important to me.
I needed to make a move.
So I just went to the person
who I know can make shit happen.
Are you insane?
Chastity, I had the whole
company on board and excited
about working with Mia and
Shawna in less than a month.
And then you made me look like an idiot.
You completely undermine me.
Clearly, you and I work differently.
I don't think this is gon' work
professionally or otherwise.
Man, do what you gotta do.
- Lulu alright?
- LAMONT: Yep.
Tiff just in there icing her eye.
What's up with you instigating fights
between Melissa and her friends?
- I didn't
- Mia, that's what you been doing.
Okay, I did not do that.
Why would I do that?
Look, I don't want
to fight with you, okay?
I just want to have a good relationship.
I mean, we work good together.
And I miss you.
You miss me, big dawg?
Yes, I miss you.
I forgot to tell you. Red Bull
they want to do a deal with us,
and they want to make you
a producer in the deal.
You get paid, and we can work together.
Congratulations but I'm good.
Lamont, this is a record deal.
Like a real record deal.
I would rather just get it on my own.
- Lamont
- For real.
I've played so many
of your games already.
We not kids no more.
This shit, all that ghetto
Fuck, I ain't with that.
That's not for me.
But good luck with
whatever you got going on.
Bye, Mia.
SHAWNA: Mia, Francois just texted.
What should I say?
You've reached the voicemail box
of Shawna Clark.
Please leave me a message,
and I will get back to
You are over here making songs
and videos for clout, nigga?
- Yes, Gat, I'm talking about you.
Now all of a sudden you
care about mental health?
You care about the people?
I watched you
He saying he love me ♪
I said say it wit ur chest ♪
When I'm on the top ♪
He tell me, "Mindi you da best" ♪
I know ♪
Got my gram in his head all the time ♪
Slideshow ♪
Love me, I said,
say it wit his chest ♪
When I'm on the top ♪
He tell me, "Mindi you da best" ♪
You da best ♪
- What's up?
- MIA: What's up, girl?
- Hi.
- What's up?
I connected with the SVP of Red Bull
and it took some finessing.
Might even burn a bridge,
but the deal is on the way.
- What?
- And I negotiated the biggest advance
that they ever gave any new artist.
Um, Chastity, that sounds am-amazing,
but we've been talking, and we decided
to keep working with Francois.
Are y'all serious right now?
Mia, I even had them
work something out for Lamont.
So he in, and everything is good.
Lamont said he wanna get it on his own.
And so do I.
MIA: Look, Titties, we, we love you,
and we appreciate
you getting us to this point, but
we gotta do what's best
for us right now.
Look, at first, the Red Bull
deal seemed amazing for us,
but, man, what's the point
of making music if nobody gon' hear it?
So we just think
that going with Francois
is gonna give us more attention.
I'm sorry.
You s You sorry.
Do y'all have any idea
how much I sacrificed for y'all?
That nigga just ghosted y'all.
Not me.
I've been here.
Y'all told me to go get it,
and I got it.
And I made y'all a priority
over my own shit.
Over everybody.
And the (CHUCKLES)
And the things I had to do
so y'all can eat.
And I busted my ass
to bring something this big for us,
and and y'all do this to me?
Alright then.
Who you gon' ride for?
Who you gon' slide for? ♪
Who you down to die for? ♪
I gave her my heart,
she was tellin' lies, though ♪
STANLEY: Ready to go?
That shit turned my heart cold ♪
I came from the bottom,
I didn't have a dime, bro ♪
Apartments with the blinds, bro ♪
Still got on my grind, though ♪
I know my mama proud ♪
I never deleted 'em.
This shit took some time, bro ♪
Finally get my shine on ♪
Go to war about my dawgs ♪
Yeah, the ones who
pick me up whenever I fall ♪
All the pain I endured ♪
Just to ball ♪
I'd give this shit away ♪
To be with y'all ♪
Still in debt from all the
losses that I had to take ♪
When you out here tryna evolve ♪
They gon' call you fake ♪
I can't turn my back on the
gang no matter what I make ♪
I done took a lot of risks ♪
- To make sure niggas ate ♪
Superhero in my hood,
I don't need a cape ♪
I be lost sometimes,
feelin' like I'm runnin' in place ♪
- It's all said and done ♪
OFFICER: Look straight ahead.
Who you gon' ride for? ♪
Who you gon' slide for? ♪
Who you down to die for? ♪
I gave her my heart ♪
She was tellin' lies, though ♪
Sleepin' with my guys, though ♪
That shit turned my heart cold ♪
I came from the bottom ♪
I didn't have a dime, bro ♪
Apartments with the blinds, bro ♪
Still got on my grind, though ♪
I know my mama proud,
everybody fine, bro ♪
This shit took some time, bro ♪
- Finally get my shine on ♪
Metro, Metro ♪
It's a devastating reality for women
and marginalized people
in our community.
There are predators and parasites
in our industry running rampant,
and I'm gonna expose all of them.
I think it's what Lord AK
would want me to do.
And make sure to check out
our new single, "BBW."
- SHAWNA: Yeah.
- "Bad Bitch Working"
Oh, that's yo nigga?
Well, I'm fucking him ♪
Don't worry about it, sis,
you'll have it back ♪
When I'm done with him ♪
Unh, call me a lot of names ♪
- When he in this pussy ♪
- He do bitch ♪
But trust me, regular ♪
- I ain't one of them, uh ♪
- Woo, woo ♪
I be where the bag at ♪
What's the best way to reach you? ♪
I say Cash App ♪
'Cause I'm bomb ♪
Pussy top of the line ♪
You ain't talkin' 'bout no money ♪
Bae, I'm pressing decline ♪
I'm out here workin' yeah ♪
All this body that I'm servin' ♪
I make a bathing suit nervous ♪
I'm out here workin' ♪
All this body that I'm servin' ♪
B-B-W, a bad bitch workin' ♪
You can say whatever you like ♪
Say whatever you wish ♪
But one thing you can’t say ♪
Is I’m a regular bitch ♪
'Cause I’m workin' ♪
Momma need that Birkin ♪
That B-B-W, a bad bitch workin' ♪
I said I'm hot, I'm ready ♪
Come slurp me like spaghetti ♪
This pussy is the prize ♪
When we fuck, it rain confetti ♪
Said it's wide, heavy ♪
Boy, I hope you dead it ♪
When you fuck me from the back ♪
I bet you I can hold it steady ♪
He could be Black he could be white ♪
As long as all that money green ♪
I still bust it wide open ♪
Heels high like my self-esteem ♪
And that Patek got ♪
A pretty price tag on it ♪
If you see me with the nigga ♪
Then you know he dropped a bag on it ♪
Ooh, I might bust it open ♪
For a couple Benjamins ♪
Ya, he gon' spend it all ♪
He see that thang jigglin' ♪
Oh, them broke niggas ♪
In the section will finesse you ♪
Ya, the boss is the one ♪
The waiter bring the check to ♪
Workin' ♪
Yeah ♪
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