Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e01 Episode Script

My Senpai is a Bunny Girl

1 Hey, why don't we kiss? This girl who teases me, saying as such Wait who is she? MAY 29th "What is written hereafter is truly something unbelievable, but Everything is the truth, so make sure to read until the very end.
You have to!" What is this? It was my senpai, a third-year at Minegahara High School.
I went to Fujisawa Library, and there "May 6th.
I met a wild bunny girl.
" #1 - My Senpai is a Bunny Girl MAY 6th What the hell? I'm surprised.
So, you can still see me? See you, then.
Um, you're Sakurajima-senpai, aren't you? If you're calling me "senpai", it means you go to Minegahara High School? I'm Sakuta Azusagawa, class 2-1.
Azusagawa is spelled like the Azusagawa Rest Area, and Sakuta is spelled "blooming Taro".
I'm Mai Sakurajima.
Sakurajima is spelled like Mai Sakurajima, and Mai is spelled like Mai Sakurajima.
I know.
You're a celebrity.
I'll give you one warning.
Forget about what you saw today.
Also, don't have anything to do with me under any circumstances.
If you understand, then say "yes.
" She told me to forget, but Kaede, it's morning.
Wake up.
Big Brother, it's cold.
Heavy! Half of Kaede is made of her feelings for you.
What's with that embarrassing setup? You're already at a decent age, maybe outgrow crawling into my bed.
I see, because you wake up too excited.
Who'd get excited over their little sister? Hey, do you like bunny girls, Kunimi? No, not exactly.
So you love them? Yep, I love them! For example, if you were to bump into a pretty bunny girl at the library, what would you do? I'd do a double-take.
Right? Then, I'd totally gawk at her.
Right? KANAGAWA PREFECTURAL MINEGAHARA HIGH SCHOOL Hey, Kunimi You can see Sakurajima-senpai, can't you? Yeah, crystal clear.
I wonder what kind of a person she is.
Hmm Well, she's a celebrity, right? Yeah, she would be.
She's still in showbiz, even though she's on hiatus, right? Yeah, and I was surprised to discover that she attends our school.
It's nice to see you show interest in a girl other than Shoko Makinohara, but she's probably impossible, even for you.
I wasn't going to ask her out, let alone be in love with her.
Then what's up? Well, just thinking how I've never seen her together with someone else at school.
She's always alone, you know.
Morning, Yuuma! Hey, Kamisato.
See ya, Sakuta.
I heard from a senpai on my team Apparently Sakurajima didn't come to school at the start of her first year.
Why? For work.
She declared going on hiatus straight out of middle school, but she was locked into some prior titles, so she apparently was busy.
He said she didn't seriously go to school until after summer break.
That's a bit rough.
Isn't it? Sakurajima-senpai, the celebrity who started school midway through the first year, is totally an outsider.
Once the class takes its shape, it doesn't change easily.
Others will talk behind your back if you stand out, calling you annoying or a show off.
And once that happens, everyone knows that there's no going back.
That's the kind of pace a school is Nobody can approach Sakurajima-senpai to talk to her.
They don't want to stand out, to be isolated That's why Sakurajima-senpai is also reading the situation, and pretending to act accordingly.
I'm sure.
Hey, I need to talk to you.
I'll be blunt.
Don't talk to Yuuma ever again.
I don't think I'm interfering in Kunimi's relationship with you, Kamisato.
That's not what I mean! Everyone knows about the Hospitalization Incident.
Oh, that Hospitalization Incident If Yuuma hangs out with the class loner, his popularity will plummet.
I'd feel sorry for him if that happened.
So by that logic, your own popularity is taking a nosedive, as well.
But you're fine with that? Are you picking a fight? Just accepting your challenge.
Why are you so irritated? Are you on your period? Wha— Die, idiot! Just die! This just can't be! You're the worst! In the end Everyone says "I'm bored" or "Isn't there anything interesting out there?" like pet phrases.
But in reality, none of them are really looking for a change.
That's gotta be Mai Sakurajima.
Eh? See? That's totally her! I'll take a pic just in case.
Eh? Come on, look this way a bit more.
Wh-What the hell are you? A human.
What are you, an ogling photographer? Wha— Why, you.
! Stop that.
Let's go.
What's with that guy? Like it's anything much.
You thought I'd get mad and say to mind your own business? Yes.
I thought it, but I'm holding it in.
Then I wish you didn't say that, either.
I'm used to stuff like that.
Even so, it wears you down inside, doesn't it? Wears down You're right about that.
"Incoming call - Manager" You don't have to answer that? The train is here.
Besides, I know what that woman wants.
About that thing yesterday I warned you to forget about it, didn't I? That bunny outfit was so erotic, it's impossible to forget.
H-Hang on! You didn't do anything weird while thinking about me, did you? Well, I'm totally fine with being the subject of erotic fantasies for young boys You know, Azusagawa-kun.
You remembered my name.
I saw the rumors about you Minegahara High School homepage High Schools in Kanagawa Something about a violent incident where you sent three classmates to the hospital? 1) Sakuta Azusagawa - dude sent 3 classmates to the hospital after a violent incident in middle school.
He moved outta Yokohama - where'd he go? 2) What's this hospitalization incident? 3) so scary lolol.
I'm honored that you'd take an interest in me.
It's really amazing.
All this information about one individual being out in the open like this.
I didn't know it was written to this extent, though.
You don't look it up yourself? I don't have a smartphone.
Really? I used to, but I got frustrated and tossed it into the sea.
Throw trash away into trash cans.
You don't have any friends, do you? Friends? I have two, even.
Can you say "even" with just two? I feel having two friends is more than enough.
I just have to be friends with them for the rest of my life.
I see So, what did you think about the Hospitalization Incident rumors? It's pretty clear after some thought.
Someone who caused such a huge incident couldn't attend school like nothing happened.
I wish my class could hear that line.
If it's wrong, then you need to tell them such.
A rumor is kind of like the atmosphere, isn't it? Since lately, the atmosphere is something you need to read.
That "atmosphere" that labels you as a bad person if you can't read it.
And the people creating that atmosphere don't have a sense of participation, so it's foolish to try and fight against the atmosphere.
So you're leaving misunderstandings be, and giving up before even fighting.
Your turn to talk, Senpai.
What was all that about yesterday? I made my debut when I was six years old After getting the lead role for the morning drama series, television, movies, commercials I was always in the public eye.
There wasn't a day where I didn't see Mai Sakurajima on TV.
It was fun in the beginning, but it gradually became more stressful.
People would notice and say, "That's THE Mai Sakurajima!" everywhere I went.
And at some point, I started wishing that I could go to a world where nobody knew who I was.
I first noticed that people weren't able to see me at the beginning of a 4-day weekend.
On a whim, I went to the aquarium.
Alone? Is that bad? and that's what she said.
- Eh? You're kidding me! - It's true! I thought it was just me at first, since they were focused on viewing the fish.
But when I stopped in a café on my way home Um, excuse me Excuse me Welcome.
Was it a shop that you did something so terrible they banned your patronage? Of course not.
Senpai, your foot Is something wrong with my foot? No, I'm ecstatic that you are stomping on mine.
In any case, quickly left the café and went home.
But after returning to Fujisawa, everyone saw me normally.
So I went around, seeing if something similar would happen in other places.
That's why you were a bunny girl Looking like this, people would stare if they saw me, right? So you're going out as a wild bunny girl again today? Right, so don't get in the way.
One custard bun, please.
Excuse me, one custard bun, please.
Excuse me.
A custard-filled bun.
Just one? Yes, just one.
Aren't you at all troubled by this? Right.
Not being able to eat the custard-filled buns here is a problem.
But do you actually believe this insane story of mine? I know what stories like that are called.
"Adolescence Syndrome," right? Adolescence Syndrome, huh Hearing other people's thoughts, or seeing another person's future, or swapping bodies with someone else Rumors of that nature started being called Adolescence Syndrome, though nobody knows who coined the term.
That's just an urban legend.
What's this? My apartment.
I won't do anything to you.
There's something I'd like to show you so you'll believe me when I say "I believe you.
" You keep it rather clean.
Senpai, you— Stop with that "Senpai" thing.
I don't recall ever becoming your senpai.
Sakurajima-san? My last name is a bit long.
Then, Mai.
Remember to add the "-san.
" Then, Mai-san.
You really don't come across as "Azusagawa," so I'll call you "Sakuta-kun.
" Wh-Why are you stripping!? You said you weren't going to do anything! Filthy! Perverted! Exhibitionist! That's real, isn't it? You think there are idiots who'd wear special make-up like this? Can I touch it? Go ahead.
Don't make any weird noises! It's a bit sensitive there, so please be gentle.
Like this? That feels really good.
Ow! Pain! Let go! You just seem to be enjoying this.
Anyway, what caused such a wound? Actually, I'm not really sure.
My little sister Kaede.
She wasn't assaulted or anything.
Just bullied on the internet.
I don't get what you're trying to say.
Something about not replying to a message A girl who was the leader of her class started hating her, and people wrote all sorts of insults in social media groups.
DIE KAEDE And then, one day Welcome home.
Big Brother Hmm? What's wrong? This is why I believe Adolescence Syndrome really exists.
That wound is from back then, too? I have no idea how or why.
I awoke one morning covered in blood, and was hospitalized.
Is that the truth behind the Hospitalization Incident? Yeah, I was the one sent to the hospital.
Big Brother, are you there? S-So sorry! If you were going to call for a professional lady delivered to you, please say so in advance! Kaede, you're making a big misunderstanding.
Then, is she making you buy a vase? I'm not being forced.
What about English-learning supplies I wasn't even recommended one, so rest assured.
She's a senpai from my school.
I'm Mai Sakurajima.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Kaede Azusagawa.
Um, she said, "Nice to meet you.
I'm Kaede Azusagawa.
" And this is Nasuno.
"And this is Nasuno," she says.
Thanks for letting me know, Kaede-chan.
Sorry about that.
She's very afraid of strangers.
Nowadays she loves the house so much, she doesn't even go to school anymore So she doesn't know about me? That's because She doesn't watch much TV.
For Kaede, distancing herself from the internet subsided symptoms of Adolescence Syndrome.
Hence why I threw my smartphone into the sea.
So you're saying my case bares similarity to this? I mean, you're reacting to the atmosphere at school perfectly.
So to avoid making the situation any worse, it's better for you to return to show business.
Why's that? If you stand out a lot on TV, everyone else won't leave you alone, even if you play the role of the atmosphere.
Besides, you seem to want to return to show-biz yourself.
When did I ever say such a thing? I mean, you had a disapproving look towards the movie ad on the train.
I think you should do what you want.
You have skill and experience, even a manager who eagerly awaits your— She has nothing to do with this.
Mind your own business.
Oh, the bathroom is— I'm going home! Wait, this— Keep it! Since then, Mai-san hasn't shown up to school.
I seem to have stepped on a huge landmine or such.
Mai Sakurajima hiatus reason [search] Touched a part of Mai-san I wasn't supposed to.
Related words: Mai Sakurajima pregnant / mother sleeping up the ladder / wrist-cut wounds fleeing overseas / porn / schoolgirl prostitution Hey, Kunimi Do you know why Mai Sakurajima said she was going on hiatus? Wasn't it to focus on studying, or at least superficially? Azusagawa, that female announcer is here again.
It's been a while.
And who were you again? I see, so that's how you're playing.
Then, nice to meet you.
BKS Television - Announcer Division Fumika Nanjo This is who I am.
And what can I do for you today? I was in the area covering a story about young sardines.
Since I had the afternoon off, I came to see you.
And your order? One Sakuta-kun to-go, please.
You seem to be out of your mind, so I'll assume your order is one ambulance? You still can't bring yourself to talk about the incident? Not for the rest of my life.
I'd just need one picture of the scar on your chest.
No way.
Nanjo-san, would you know the reason why Mai Sakurajima went on hiatus? I think I know things normal folks don't, to say the least.
I hear you're head-over-heels for Sakurajima-senpai lately.
So you've gotten over Shoko Makinohara, then? First Kunimi, now you Why do you guys make that connection? Add sugar if you want.
This is safe, right? It's probably sugar inside.
I mean, it's white.
So what did you want to ask me? Well, Futaba, do you think it's possible to lose sight of someone? If you're worried about your vision, go see an optometrist.
That's not the issue.
As in someone is there but you can't see them, like the invisible man.
Are you trying to sneak into the girls' bathroom or something? Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
Such a rascal.
I'm not into scat.
If you're referring to Adolescence Syndrome, I believe I've already said it before, but I stand in the denial camp.
I know.
It's just unreasonable.
So I came here for a reasonable explanation.
For instance, I'm sitting right in front of you, Futaba.
Is it logically possible for me to become invisible to you? I'd need to be engrossed in something, or simply space out.
The human brain doesn't look at the things it doesn't want to see.
That's true.
But if it isn't something like that There's also the measurement theory.
Measurement theory? The theory that the existence of something is confirmed only when it is observed.
Surely you've at least heard about the cat in the box, right? Oh, right, that was SchrÃdinger's Cat.
Mai Sakurajima existed while in show-biz, when everyone could see her Can I have one custard bun, please? Okay, one custard bun.
Um, do you know who Mai Sakurajima is? Huh? You know, the child actor Mai Sakurajima, who got her break in that morning drama.
Sakurajima? Was there someone by that name? The fact that people no longer see her means not only that people cannot see her In other words, her existence in itself You're finally home.
You wanted to see me that much? "I'm starving.
" Your personality sucks.
I'm aware, more or less.
When did you change into a hungry-girl type, by the way? I can't buy anything.
For two weeks, more and more people have become unable to see me.
Anywhere around Fujisawa Station is no good anymore.
For now, here.
Want to eat this? "May 6th.
I met a wild bunny girl.
This was the beginning.
This is how we met.
There's no way I can forget.
You must remember, even if you forget.
Be sure to do a good job, future me.
" Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
Such a rascal.
Next time #2 On First Dates, Trouble is Essential