Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e02 Episode Script

Commotions are Inevitable for First Dates

1 This explanation pertains to quantum physics, rather then Adolescence Syndrome.
Inside it, you place a cat, an atom which emits radiation at a probability of once per hour, and a device that emits poisonous gas when it senses that radiation.
Then, place the lid on and wait 30 minutes.
Here, we have a box that we prepared 30 minutes ago.
Is this a cooking show? What do you think has happened to the cat in the box? Is it alive or dead? Since the poison gas is emitting at the probability of once per hour, then if it's 30 minutes, it's a fifty-fifty chance, right? To "confirm" the current condition, you must observe it.
In other words, until opening the lid and confirming yourself, the cat is half alive and half dead.
Are you saying it's the same for humans? Until an observer confirms the existence, it is not confirmed MAY 20th It totally looks like we're a couple.
Did you say something? No, nothing.
It's fine.
I mean, nobody around us can see me anyway.
So that carrot you're holding right now How does it appear to people who can't see you? Apparently, they can't see it.
See? My guess is that whatever I touch becomes invisible.
Then, what would happen if I were to touch you? Are you appealing to me that you want to hold hands? No, just an experiment.
I won't hold hands for a reason like that.
Actually, I just want to hold hands with you.
And? I've never held hands with a girl, so please be my first.
That sounds a bit creepy But I'll give you a passing score for now.
You're having lewd thoughts, aren't you? My thoughts are a hundred times more lewd than what you're imagining.
But, since you're an adult, you're totally fine with that, right? Right.
I think nothing of younger boys having erotic fantasies about me.
Whoa! I guess they can still see me.
I'm looking forward to seeing your place.
I'm not letting you in.
I live alone, anyway.
Eh? Besides, aren't we still in the middle of a fight? That's because you're not being honest.
If you want to keep working as an actress, you should.
Mind your own business.
You don't know anything.
I know things.
The reason is the photo book that came out in your third year of middle school.
Your conditions were that swimsuits are an absolute no-go, but your mother the manager went ahead with the contract without your permission.
That caused a huge argument, so you took a hiatus from show-biz to get revenge on your mother.
But that's ridiculous.
Shut up.
There's no point if you throw away what you want the most, as well.
I said shut up! I agonized and thought hard before deciding! I was still in middle school! But when I entered the studio, there was a swimsuit waiting for me.
And they said the contract was already signed, so I had to do it.
I forced myself to smile In the end, she only thought about using me to make money.
If so, that's all the more reason to return to show-biz.
Why's that? Because you still have bitter feelings.
Don't hold yourself back if you want to do it.
You should do it.
Deep down, you realize that too, Mai-san.
The reason for my hiatus Who'd you hear it from? Eh? Don't look away from me! Ow! Back during Kaede's incident, I got to know an announcer that came to do a report on bullying.
Her name is Fumika Nanjo.
Oh, her She's been good to me before, too.
She's interested in Adolescence Syndrome, and is doing an investigation on it.
Sakuta-kun, did you make a deal with her in order to gain information about me? A photo One of the scar on my chest.
Idiot! Now you'll have reporters at your door with cameras! They'll wait around your home, resulting in hard times for your sister! Give me her contact info.
You're such a queen, Mai-san.
And you take television too lightly, Sakuta-kun.
Sorry for the sudden call.
This is Mai Sakurajima, we've had the pleasure of doing business before.
It's been a while since we last spoke.
Do you have some time? Is this about Sakuta-kun? What's your relation to him? He's a kouhai at my high school.
I'd like you to refrain from showing the photo of his scar on television.
In exchange, I will provide you with a particular news scoop.
H-Hold it, Mai-san I will be resuming my activities in show business soon.
However, I won't be returning to my mother's agency.
I will resume work from a different agency.
When that happens, I promise you an exclusive interview with your media outlet.
Sorry Why are you apologizing? But you said you're going back to show-biz I thought what you said was right.
I liked acting for dramas and movies, and felt like I could keep doing it forever.
Maybe it's because I kept lying to those feelings that I got into this weird Adolescence Syndrome situation.
So, I came here tonight to tell you that.
Of course, a part of it was because I was hungry.
This is my place.
It's really close to our place! Sorry for slapping you earlier.
And thanks for carrying the groceries.
Oh, right Let's hang out on Sunday.
I won't have time to play around if I go back to show-biz.
I've been living here for two years now, but I haven't even visited Kamakura yet.
That means— It's not a date.
Well then, let's meet at 2:30 at the Enoden Fujisawa Station ticket gate.
If you're one second late, I'll head home.
In the end, it didn't matter what I did.
Mai-san decided everything for herself.
The world keeps spinning, huh Ya-hoo! What's the matter, Big Brother? Hey! No peeking! Please share your "Ya-hoo" with Kaede too! MAY 25th A man's gotta be ready for any and all situations.
What's wrong? You're not Mommy! So she's lost I'll help you look for your Mommy, so stop crying.
- Really? - Yeah.
Go to hell, filthy pedophile! Now's your chance! Run! Hold on a second! Who're you calling a filthy pedophile!? Now, hurry! I'm saying you're wrong! She's a lost kid! We were just going to try to find her mother together! Eh? Yup.
Man, that hurts! S-Sorry.
I think it's split in two now.
Eh? That's not good— Wait, it's already split! Sheesh, fine! I get it! - Bring it! - Huh? Go ahead and kick.
That way, we'll be even.
Wait, we'll be even? Hurry! I have an appointment with a friend! I also have an appointment— Then hurry! Oh, all right! Fine! Ouch! Hey, you there.
What are you doing? Man, this is the worst! That's my line.
You kept staring at your smartphone, which made the lecture longer than needed.
But I had an incoming message.
If I don't reply quickly, they'll stop being my friends.
Oh, that's right, I had an appointment.
Crap! I'm late! See ya! Well, that's to be expected You have some nerve to make me wait for an hour and thirty eight minutes.
What is it? Mai-san isn't a lovable girl that would admirably wait for a man running late.
You must be an imposter! I see now how you've perceived me, Sakuta.
You forgot the "-kun.
" Sakuta doesn't deserve more than just "Sakuta.
" I understand why you're late, but is that really all? That's all.
If you're lying to me, I'll make you eat Pocky through your nose.
One stick? One box.
Hey, why do you look out for me so much? Eh? People usually don't look out for troublesome girls like me.
You don't have any friends because your personality is so twisted like that.
Give me a serious answer.
Why are you meddling in my affairs? I'm just enthusiastic for a chance to get to know a beautiful senpai.
Who told you to speak the truth so candidly? You were the one who said to be serious.
Because it's hard to be in trouble when you don't have anyone to rely on.
When my little sister Kaede had her outburst of Adolescence Syndrome, nobody believed us What about your parents? We live apart nowadays.
Mom couldn't handle everything that was happening with Kaede.
But one person did lend a serious ear to us.
If I hadn't met that person, I probably wouldn't have gotten over it, either.
So I was hoping I could be to you what that person was to me.
It's a woman, isn't it? Eh? I'm getting off.
Eh? What about Kamakura? It's already evening, since you were so late.
Oh, hold on! Did you know? The distance to the horizon seen at eye level is roughly four kilometers.
My name is Shoko Makinohara.
Makinohara spelled like Makinohara Rest Area, and Shoko spelled as "child soaring the skies.
" What's your name, young man? We met in my third year of middle school.
She was a second-year high schooler.
She wore the uniform of Minegahara High School.
Could it be that you applied to Minegahara to follow in her footsteps? Well, you got me there.
But you were rejected? No, I haven't asked her out because I couldn't find her.
No student of such name existed at Minegahara.
I checked all the alumni rosters, too.
She wasn't there.
But I'm positive I met someone named Shoko Makinohara, and that her existence saved me.
Are you still in love with her? I was totally in love with her.
To say "I love another woman" in the middle of a date, you're the worst.
Even though it was you who asked? Besides, I WAS in love.
That's important! Looks like she's here.
Who is that? To: Manager — (no title) Come to Shichirigahama Beach at 5pm on Sunday, May 25th Manager? Wait, that's your mother? If I'm going to be returning to show-biz, and sign a contract with a different agency, then we need to have a proper chat.
Is it going to be all right? We'll continue our date when I'm done, so just wait here.
You're kidding Are you the one who called me out to a place like this? Who are you? What do you want? I'm Sakuta Azusagawa, a kouhai of Mai-san.
A kouhai of who? Mai-san.
Who is that? Who? I'm talking about your daughter! What are you talking about? I don't have a daughter.
Quit joking.
Who's really joking here!? The text An appointment to meet today You mean this one? From: [ ] — (no title) Come to Shichirigahama Beach at 5pm on Sunday, May 25th But I can't figure out who the sender is.
From: [ ] I remember forcing myself to make some time for this appointment but what is all of this about? This is totally absurd! You're her mother! How can you forget your own daughter!? That's enough! Why? We're not done talking yet! Please, stop already! Don't pull weird pranks like this.
I won't go along any more.
Um, excuse me.
Do you know about Mai Sakurajima? You know, the one that broke out in that morning drama.
Hmm I don't know who that is.
The fact she's no longer visible What if she's not just vanishing from sight, but also from people's memories? Mai Sakurajima? Who's that? Hello? You don't know who Mai Sakurajima is? No idea.
Who is that? Then what about the photo? I promised you to not disclose it.
I remember that.
Who did you promise? That'd be you of course, Sakuta-kun.
Thanks for everything today.
See you.
Wait! Mai-san, let's go! Go where? If we go to a far away city, there might be someone who can still see you! Let's find out! What'll we do once we find out? What good is there knowing nobody other than you can see or remember me? At the very least, I can be by your side the whole way.
How cheeky for someone younger than me.
It is a date, after all.
Very well.
If you're saying that you don't want to take me back home yet I'll continue this date for you.
Please leave your message after the tone.
Kaede, it's me.
Hello? What's wrong? Sorry, I won't be home tonight.
I have a far away errand to run.
What errand is that? Do you remember the girl Mai Sakurajima that came by our place a while ago? I don't know her It's fine if you don't know.
You can have the instant noodles in the kitchen cupboard for dinner.
Bear with me.
NEW EXPRESS - TO OGAKI I'll call you again.
The population is second in Gifu prefecture, right after the city of Gifu, they say.
What are you talking about? Ogaki, where this train is headed.
It also says they have an abundance of underground water.
I welcome places with clear waters Hey, Sakuta.
What is it? Can you see me? I see you.
Can you hear me? Loud and clear.
Do you remember who I am? Mai Sakurajima.
Third year in Kanagawa Prefectural Minegahara High School.
Debuted as a child actor, and had all sorts of popular roles.
She has a twisted personality, and is never honest.
How so? How you're so uncertain, but you decide to hide it.
I didn't say you could hold that.
I want to hold it.
Oh, fine Special treatment, just for now.
Um, do you know who Mai Sakurajima is? She was in a bullet train commercial, too.
Sakurajima was there a talent by that name? Thanks.
So cramped! To be expected.
I'm taking a bath.
No peeking.
I'm fine.
I could fill myself up three times over with the sound of the shower alone.
In this case, letting the young boy agonize by allowing him to only listen would be the etiquette of a composed, mature woman.
Of course I know that.
On the other hand, don't you go starting anything weird, okay? Anything weird? Idiot! I don't care! She was really cute just now Yes? Hey, Kunimi? It's me.
What time do you think it is? It's 1:16.
I already know that.
It's an emergency.
Help me out here.
What should I do? Do you remember Sakurajima-senpai? Huh? Of course I do.
Right, you wouldn't kno— Wait, you do remember her! I mean Sakurajima-senpai, you know? I'm telling you, of course I know about her.
Is that all you wanted? I'm going to sleep.
Hold on! Can you give me Futaba's number? Do you have any idea what time it is? It's 1:19.
It's 21 past.
Your clock is a bit slow.
I see So the talk about Adolescence Syndrome the other day was about this.
I want to figure out why something like this is happening, and how to resolve it.
You sure speak nonsense, Azusagawa.
Well, I'm desperate.
Kunimi once said that a good part about you is that you say "Thank you," "Sorry," and "Help me.
" What about school tomorrow? I don't think I'll make it in the morning.
Why? I figured the reason might be something about school.
Since Sakurajima-senpai is visible to the students at school, after all.
I see I'll think about it some more, but don't get your hopes up.
It might be in the afternoon, but I'll be at school tomorrow.
Sorry for all this so late.
Wah! The shower is already over! What should I do for underwear? Huh? I don't mind the same clothes, but not the same underwear.
It's somehow strange.
Being in an unknown city like this.
I thought you went to all sorts of places for work? That's just me being taken around.
Oh, I know how that is.
But the strangest part of it all is that the person walking with me is a younger boy.
I never thought I'd be in a faraway city with THE Mai Sakurajima, either.
It's an honor, no? I'll never forget it.
I'll never forget, for sure.
And if you forget? I'll eat Pocky through my nose.
So cramped.
You want me to leave? Talk to me.
Tell me an entertaining story.
That's quite the hurdle.
Are you having fun troubling me? But Sakuta, you enjoy it when I'm poking fun at you.
I doubt any guy out there wouldn't find ecstasy in getting bullied by a beautiful senpai.
Is that a compliment? A rave review.
I see Hey, why don't we kiss? Mai-san, are you frustrated? Idiot.
Let's go to sleep.
Good night.
Hey, Sakuta.
I thought we were going to sleep? If I started trembling and crying that I didn't want to disappear, what would you do? I'd hold you from behind, and whisper in your ear that everything's all right.
Then I'll never say it.
Huh? Are you dissatisfied? You may take advantage of the situation and touch my breasts or something I decided to go back into show-biz, so this is no time for me to disappear.
I want to be in dramas, and another movie too.
Stage acting, on-camera acting.
I finally got to know a cheeky younger boy, and it started getting fun to go to school I will absolutely never forget.
Is there such a thing as absolute? So you can kiss whenever you want.
It doesn't have to be me.
Anything is a piece of cake for Mai-san.
You can do anything.
You're right.
Though, that was your first and last chance to steal my first kiss.
If you said that first, I would have done it.
You can't anymore.
Thank you.
For not giving up on me Thank you.
Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
Such a rascal.
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