Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e03 Episode Script

The World Without You

1 Morning.
Good morning.
You couldn't sleep? Not a single wink.
Are you saying it's my fault? Mai-san is too audacious.
How can you sleep so soundly? I've been to many places for filming since I was little.
Besides, Sakuta sleeping next to me is like nothing.
That's good to hear.
I'll have to pull all sorts of pranks on you the next opportunity I get.
Like you'd have the guts to do that.
We're heading back to Fujisawa, then to school in the afternoon, right? I'll get ready, so step outside for a bit.
It's the next morning, but like before, Mai-san can't be seen by anyone other than me.
#3 - The World Without You What's he up to? When I asked him yesterday, he said he's totally fine.
It's just like normal.
So are they the ones who can't see you, or are you actually invisible? I'll check my classroom.
I have bad news.
It looks like everyone other than us have forgotten about Sakurajima-senpai.
At the least, Kunimi didn't remember.
Really? Oh, is that so? Yesterday's— Hey, you know who Sakurajima-senpai is, right? Huh? Sakura? A third year, Mai Sakurajima-senpai.
Hold on, Tomoe.
Why is the Hospitalization Senpai Huh? I don't get it.
Sakura-what-senpai? Let's go.
Why have you forgotten? I'm talking about the celebrity, Sakurajima-senpai! Hey Hey! There's one possible reason Did you sleep last night? Not a wink.
I didn't get one, either.
It may only be a result, but there may be a reason in that.
By "that" do you mean how we didn't sleep? Do you recall our previous chat about measurement theory? SchrÃdinger's Cat To be honest, I thought it was ridiculous.
But when it's presented before my eyes like this, I get a chill up my spine.
What does? Adolescence Syndrome? No The fact that she was treated like the atmosphere before something like Adolescence Syndrome kicked in.
I, myself, took hints, and accepted the condition that everyone was unconsciously ignoring Sakurajima-senpai.
On the other hand, you could do that because you didn't have any doubts.
But that's exactly why I think our clue is this atmosphere we have at our school.
Sakurajima isn't being observed by anyone at school, so her existence hasn't been confirmed.
For her, this school is the same as that box, with her as the cat inside.
If recognition and observation are the keys, then sleep, where consciousness is inoperative, acts as the catalyst for memory loss.
I'm content with that train of thought.
In other words, that means If I had fallen asleep last night, by now I'd also be Is something wrong? No You have work today, right? But You need to take care of things like that.
I'll be fine.
Well then, see you tomorrow.
Nobody is looking at Mai-san Mai-san isn't being observed by anyone, so her existence hasn't been confirmed.
So she's disappearing.
Because if nobody recognizes you, it's the same as not existing in this world.
But, if you're saying that the school is where it started, why are people not connected to the school also unable to see Mai-san? Perhaps she took the atmosphere of school to the outside, as well.
Even if that wasn't the case, atmospheres can easily spread.
Everyone inadvertently takes hints nowadays.
An atmosphere is invisible.
But that atmosphere does indeed exist.
Atmosphere is a ridiculous thing to fight against.
You can't be conscious of other people while you're sleeping, after all.
At the time you lose consciousness, you become engulfed by the atmospherization phenomenon.
I'll forget if I sleep.
Big Brother, what are you drinking? I have midterms for the next three days.
Kaede, you should sleep now.
I have to do this while I'm clear-headed.
What is written hereafter is truly something unbelievable, but Everything is the truth, so make sure to read until the very end.
You have to! "May 6th.
I met a wild bunny girl.
" Your face is a mess.
Mai-san, you're beautiful as always today.
Your tie is crooked.
Didn't think I'd be able to play newlyweds with you this early, Mai-san.
Make your face the only stupid thing here.
You're taking the exams as well? You can cheat as much as you want.
I don't have to do that to do well academically.
But it's useless, since they won't pass an exam sheet to me.
Yet still you go to school.
You're so serious.
I wouldn't have anything to do if I stayed home.
Besides, maybe someone other than you will be able to see me today.
MAY 27th - FIRST DAY OF EXAMS I can't.
Don't sleep.
If you sleep, you'll forget.
Don't sleep! Azusagawa, are those dark circles under your eyes from cramming all night? Futaba Do you remember? Huh? What do you mean? No, It's fine.
See ya.
So your hypothesis turned out to be right.
This turn of events really gets me going.
Isn't there a way? Quantum Physics for Dummies Something anything! You look like a zombie or something.
MAY 28th - SECOND DAY OF EXAMS What did you buy? Uh I knew it, you're not sleeping.
Now, sit down.
Tomorrow's the last day of exams, right? I'll look over your studies.
I'll do my best if you teach me as a bunny girl.
If I did that, your brain would be filled with lewd thoughts and you wouldn't study, right? You wouldn't be able to study like that.
I didn't think about that.
I'll give a reward if you get a perfect score on your test.
Is that one of those "I'll do anything for you" things? Even if I say "anything," I couldn't really do anything for you, could I? Then I'll settle for "taking a bath together.
" That's a no-go.
Then how about we go on that date to Kamakura that we couldn't do the other day? That's fine, but are you really okay with that? Mai-san would like something a bit more extreme, I see I didn't say such a thing.
Oh, this wakes me up! Seriously, you're so cheeky for being younger than me Let's start with modern Japanese, doing kanji problems.
Write the kanji for "hoshou" in the sentences, "Nobody is here to guarantee a future for Sakuta," and "There is no security for Sakuta in his final years.
" Teacher, I sense animosity in the example phrases.
Don't care, write them down.
hoshou (security) / hoshou (guarantee) Now, which "hoshou" is the one for "Nobody is here to guarantee a future for Sakuta"? Let's see Sorry, can I get a hint? This one means "take on responsibility," and this one is something like "protect.
" Which means, "I guarantee Mai-san's happy future" is this one, and "There is substantial security in the couple's future" is this one? Don't go changing the sentences on your own.
How's your little sister? Looks like she's already asleep.
Mai-san, are you an only child? I have a sister.
A girl born from my father's remarriage after parting ways with that mother of mine.
Is she cute? Not as much as me.
Wow, you're so childish.
Do you like girls who say someone else is "so cute" even when she's fully aware that she is cuter? That's the type I don't like.
Right? That doesn't mean you should say that about your sister Oh, good.
Looks like it's taking effect.
I can't sleep just yet You really put in a great effort You put in so much effort just for my sake.
No Not yet This can't be how You've done enough.
It's okay now.
Not okay I was alone in the beginning, so I'll be all right.
Sakuta forgetting about me isn't much.
But still, thanks for everything.
And, I'm sorry.
Good night, Sakuta.
Big Brother.
It's morning.
It's the last day of your exams, right? Won't you be late? Oh, you're a lifesaver, Kaede.
Thanks for waking me up.
Wh-What is this? Maybe I thought about having you wear it? N-Not wearing this! It's too soon for Kaede to be wearing sexy clothing like that! MAY 29th "What is written hereafter is truly something unbelievable, but Everything is the truth, so make sure to read until the very end.
You have to!" What is this? "May 6th.
I met a wild bunny girl.
It was my senpai, a third-year at Minegahara High School.
" It was that celebrity" I guess this is what I'd call my dark past.
I do remember going to Ogaki, but I think I was traveling alone Am I supposed to fill in the name of my girlfriend when I find one? You look much better today.
Up until yesterday, you looked like a zombie.
Are you the type that crams the night before exams? Nope, I'm the type that gives up and hurries to bed.
Thought so.
What's wrong? No, I just had a feeling someone was looking at me Yo.
- A love letter? - It's not.
"Suppose that all matter is confirmed to take shape as matter in this world once someone observes it.
" What is this? I don't know, either.
I saw it in my textbook this morning along with this.
Don't think about it.
Just hand the letter over to Azusagawa.
See ya.
I definitely handed it to you.
"if her disappearance is based on the unconscious ignorance of the students, all you need to do is create a reason for existence that overrides it.
In other words, your love needs to override the ignorance of every student put together.
" Love, huh? Problem #2 - Read the following excerpt, and answer the questions that follow.
Become the hoshou (guarantee) person for him Hoshou (secure) the safety of the country Sazukeru (entrust) technology to your juniors Write down the kanji for the underlined words in katakana: hoshou (guarantee) hoshou (security) This one means "take on responsibility," and this one is something like "protect.
" Write the kanji for "hoshou" in the sentences, "Nobody is here to guarantee a future for Sakuta," and "There is no security for Sakuta in his final years.
" hoshou (security) What? What's wrong, Azusagawa? Gotta take a dump! Something important came back to mind The memories of someone I cherished have returned.
From here on, I must face the atmosphere.
The atmosphere that won't move, even if I push, pull or slap it around.
The atmosphere surrounding the school.
It's easy to "follow the leader" as a lifestyle.
Deciding if everything is good or bad on your own uses a ton of calories, and to have a will of your own, it can hurt to be denied.
To that point, you stay safe and sound being the same as everyone else.
You don't have to see what you don't want to.
You don't have to think about what you don't want to.
You can leave everything to someone else.
But There's no reason to torment someone just because everyone else is doing it.
Because everyone is doing it, because everyone says so That doesn't make it true! Who's this "everyone" anyway? She always treated me as the younger one and teased me.
She blew up whenever she tried sexy talk, and her face would get completely red.
She was so obstinate and put up a front, trying to hide those mistakes.
Selfish, a queen, whimsical, and yet surprisingly naïve.
A senpai one year older than me I won't let people ignore her anymore.
I won't let people look and pretend not to.
I'll engrave her into everyone's memory so much they won't be able to! I'm not gonna take hints anymore.
It's so stupid! All right, guys! Listen up! Class 2-1, attendance number 1, Sakuta Akutagawa! To Mai Sakurajima-senpai, in class 3-1 I'm in love with you, Sakurajima-senpai! Damn it, I knew it'd be like this.
So much lost from humiliation with nothing to gain! This is exactly why I didn't want to go up against the atmosphere! Bastards! Mai-san, I love you! I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you! Mai-san, I love you! I want to hold hands along Shichirigahama Beach! I want to see you in that bunny girl outfit one more time! I want to hold you tight! And I want to kiss you! In other words, Mai-san I love you very, very, very, very, very much! You don't have to say it in such a loud voice, I hear you.
You're being a nuisance.
I figured, since I had the chance, I wanted everyone in the world to know.
You're such an idiot.
Better than someone pretending to be smart, right? You really are an idiot.
You'll get more weird rumors about you if you stand out doing something like this.
If the rumors are about being with Mai-san, I welcome it.
That's not what I mean Idiot Idiot Sakuta! Ow! Eh? Why? Liar! You said you wouldn't forget! That you'd absolutely never forget! Sorry I won't forgive you.
Sorry No way I'll forgive you.
Then I won't let go until you do.
Then I'll never forgive you for my whole life.
Eh? What, you don't want that? After making me say all of this Um Your foot You're happy I'm stepping on you, right? Sorry, I'm so sorry.
I'll reconsider my words, so please forgive me.
Anything else to say? I'm happy to be stomped on by you.
Those aren't the words I want to hear.
I love you.
Are you sure? I lied.
I love you very much.
Hey, Sakuta.
What? Tell me that again in a month from now.
Why? If I answer now, I'll feel like I was steamrolled into this from momentum and ambience.
Personally, I'd like to kiss you right here on the spot.
Maybe our hearts are racing due to the situation we're currently in.
You're unexpectedly calm.
Well, since I can't wait a month, can I tell you every day? That's fine, but you have to do so for a whole month.
If you can't, then I'll take it that you changed your mind.
Everyone really loves to take hints, don't they? That rumor about Sakuta hospitalizing some classmates It's all silly nonsense! How does Sakurajima-senpai know about that? Wait, what kind of relationship do they have? You wanted to tell everyone, didn't you? Thanks to you, everyone is totally paying attention to me.
Getting lectured in the faculty office will be such a drag.
It's fine.
I'll be scolded right there next to you.
Well, in that case, it can't be that bad.
You two over there! Get over here! And thus, the world regained Mai Sakurajima.
JUNE 2nd As I thought, your heart is made of iron, Sakuta.
If that was me, I'd die from embarrassment.
Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
What a young rascal.
What's that supposed to mean? When the rumors about hospitalization were going around the school, you said fighting the atmosphere was stupid.
Did you forget about that? You did say that.
You couldn't be serious for something about yourself, but you'll face any embarrassment for a beautiful senpai.
What is this guy, if not a young rascal? Hey, in the end, can we say that your hypothesis was right? Who knows? Illusions shown by unstable psyches or strong preconception that come from adolescence If that's what Adolescence Syndrome is, then scientific inspection won't be reliable.
But it could be that our world is so simple that a confession of love can change it.
Just like how you proved it.
Maybe so But this wasn't the final incident concerning Adolescence Syndrome.
After SchrÃdinger's Cat, Laplace's Demon No Laplace's Petit-Devil appeared.
Nothing less from you, Senpai.
What a rascal.
Next time #4 There is No Tomorrow for Rascal