Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e04 Episode Script

There Is No Tomorrow for Rascal

1 JUNE 27th And that's the news we have for you at this time.
Have another great day.
Next up is News 07.
He's aiming directly! He scores! JAPAN VICTORY The Japanese team has done it! Good morning, it's Friday, June 27th.
Let's talk about that soccer! Well, I'm heading out now.
Take care, Big Brother.
Now, Miyama-san, were you watching last night? So the Japanese national team won #4 There Is No Tomorrow for a Rascal Hey, Sakuta.
Your bed hair's sticking straight up.
That's what this hairstyle is all about.
A novel idea.
Hey, Futaba.
The Japanese team won.
Did you see their free kick in the first half? Yeah.
I saw it on the morning news.
You have to watch sports live so you can cheer them on.
I see.
You really made one.
I made it for you because you were being cheeky and said, "Mai-san, can you even cook?" I'm sorry.
I'm the one at fault.
I was cheeky.
I'm sorry.
It's fine if you understand.
Time to eat! Time to eat.
Um, Mai-san What? I love you.
I want you to go out with me.
Huh? You're ignoring me? When I hear the same thing for an entire month, I stop feeling anything.
My heart doesn't race.
After you made me say it that's cruel.
By the way, I got a part in a drama starting in July.
Though, it's a late-night show, and I'm only on-screen during one episode midway through.
There's a kissing scene, too.
What did you just say? There's a kissing scene.
Please decline the offer.
Oh, it's all right.
It's not like it's my first time or anything.
Wait, Mai-san.
By "not my first time" you mean You don't remember how I gave you my first kiss? You're the worst.
Can it be, it was during the time when I had forgotten about Mai-san? It just doesn't go like those fairy tales.
I thought you would remember me if I kissed you.
I'll make sure to remember, so please tell me the details on when and where.
- No way.
- Just a hint? I'll never ever tell you.
Come on, please Then, do you want to do it again? Please.
Close your eyes.
Here goes.
You really thought I would do it.
I'm so happy I had an indirect kiss with Mai-san.
Well, since you're so mature, you must think nothing of an indirect kiss with me, a younger boy.
I'll say one thing, though.
It's not me.
The girl in the leading role will do the kissing scene.
Mai-san, you have a terrible personality.
But Sakuta, you love me just the way I am, don't you? If this keeps going, I might fall out of love, though.
Wh-Why is that? I mean, you seem to have no interest at all, and when you say that your heart doesn't race It makes me feel completely hopeless.
I didn't exactly say no.
Then, will you? Well, that's Um Will you? Sure.
I will.
And that's the news we have for you at this time.
Have another great day.
Is something the matter, Big Brother? Next up is News 07.
It's nothing.
It was worth waiting for an entire month.
He's aiming directly! He scores! From today, Mai-san and I are finally— JAPAN VICTORY The Japanese team has done it! Good morning, it's Friday, June 27th.
JUNE 27th Let's talk about that soccer! Is something the matter, Big Brother? Now, Miyama-san, were you watching last night? Hey, Kaede.
Of course! I was watching together at home with my family.
I'm going to ask something strange, but we saw this news yesterday, didn't we? I couldn't help but shout the moment that goal landed! Um I haven't seen it, though.
It was wonderful, wasn't it? Hey, Sakuta.
Your bed hair's sticking straight up.
That's what this hairstyle is all about.
A novel idea.
Hey, Futaba.
What's wrong, Sakuta? Didn't we have this conversation yesterday, too? No, I don't think we did.
Right? We didn't.
Then, that's fine.
Could it have been just me? and this formula is how you know.
This will be on the final exam! This class Now, let's talk about That lipstick on his dress shirt Figures from a newlywed.
If we call acceleration of gravity "whiz" No, "gee," then the air resistance on the feather and the iron ball This corny joke is the same as yesterday, too.
If today is yesterday, then Mai-san and I are still not dating yet.
Which means I love you.
I want you to go out with me.
When I hear the same thing for an entire month, I stop feeling anything.
My heart doesn't race.
I see.
I've been denied.
I guess I'll have to look for a new romance, then.
Huh? Wait Thank you for everything up until now.
I-I didn't exactly say no! Why are you trying to give up? Then, will you? This is so cheeky of you, Sakuta.
Will you? Sure.
I will.
No more problems here.
So, if you don't mind, will you go out with me? You don't want to? N-No, um, well Can I think it over for a bit? Another confession of love over here, too.
I'm finally dating Mai-san, too.
All I need is for tomorrow to come, and it's perfect.
The Japanese team has done it! JAPAN VICTORY Good morning, it's Friday, June 27th.
Let's talk about that soccer! Again huh? What do you mean by "again," Big Brother? JUNE 27th No, it's nothing.
I have to consult Futaba about this.
PHYSICS PREP ROOM Azusagawa, that's what you call the "8th Grade Syndrome".
I'm in 11th grade.
Then, call it "11th Grade Syndrome".
Other than that, it's probably your favorite Adolescence Syndrome.
I don't like it one bit.
More like, can you do something about this? I'm troubled because tomorrow's not coming for me.
You simply have to do something about it yourself.
The seven billion people in the human race, including me, doesn't think today is the third iteration.
Can you still do something? Think of it as being a lifesaver.
You say time is looping, but maybe you shouldn't be trapped into that train of thought? Why? It's all sorts of trouble to return to the past.
Perhaps the "June 27th" that you've experienced several times was just watching the future from an earlier point in time.
If it's troublesome to return to the past, isn't it even more troublesome to go to the future? I'm not talking time travel, but more about predicting the future.
Hey, predicting the future isn't all that easy either.
Have you heard of Laplace's Demon? Unfortunately, I don't have any demon acquaintances.
Any and every piece of matter existing in this world is equal under the same laws of physics.
If you quantify those laws by mathematical equations and calculate them, you can elicit a future situation.
It's not clicking with me at all.
In other words, if you can figure out the position and momentum of every atom in this world you can elicit a future situation by sheer calculation.
Every single atom? That's quite a number, isn't it? To calculate an immense amount of data mathematically, you need an adequate amount of time.
It's meaningless if it takes more than one second to calculate one second into the future.
That's why the physicist Laplace thought of a fictitious existence that could do such an extraordinary feat.
And that's Laplace's Demon That demon has the power to instantaneously ascertain the position and momentum of every atom existing in this world, and can instantaneously calculate the future.
So what I'm seeing right now is a future that was calculated in that way? Right.
I'm sorry, but I'm not such a suspicious demon.
Well then, you should go look for the real Laplace's Demon.
How so? Wouldn't the demon likely be the only one who acts differently from last time, as it retains the memories of "June 27th" as it repeats? Now, let's talk about the places Someone acting differently compared to last time If we call acceleration of gravity "whiz" There's no way I can find that one person from all seven billion people on this world.
No, "gee," then the air resistance on the feather and the iron ball My lunchtime with Mai-san is the only thing that comforts me.
There she is.
Laplace's Demon.
Azusagawa-senpai, was it? Sakuta Azusagawa, second year.
Tomoe Koga.
I am a first year.
You can be informal with me.
After all, we did kick each other's butts.
Forget about that! Koga, this may be a stupid question What? How many times have you lived today? This is my third time.
This is my third time, too.
So it wasn't just me.
What's up with this? What's gonna be croppin' up from here? Just to be certain, you have no ideas yourself, Koga? No flippin' idea.
What was that? I-I don't have any idea at all.
So useless.
That's you, Senpai! Did something disturbing or agonizing happen to you lately? Why do I have to talk about something like that to you? Oh, incoming message This situation I think it's Adolescence Syndrome.
If it's a situation caused by your unstable psyche characteristic to adolescence, we have to figure out what the reason is and resolve it.
Adolescence Syndrome? Senpai, are you sane? That's only a rumor on the internet.
- Ugh, stop doing that while we're talking.
- Hey, give that back! I won't do it while we're talking! Here.
So you'll choose not to talk? You're breaking my concentration.
Don't talk to me.
High school girls are something So, what was it? Did something disturbing or agonizing happen to you lately? The hint for us to get out of June 27th might be hidden there.
I gained some weight.
It's fine, you're actually on the skinny end.
It's better if you fattened up a bit so your chest can gain some meat.
My problem is that everything goes to my butt and my tummy.
Hide! Isn't he looking for you? Maybe, but I already sent him a message kinda saying I was busy during lunch break.
Geez, just hurry up and get asked out already.
How the whack do you know about him asking me out!? I saw it last time.
In the first place, why do you have to hide? Because Maezawa-senpai is the guy Rena is pining for! Rena Kashiba, my friend and classmate.
We used to go watch basketball practice together.
Rena was saying how handsome Maezawa-senpai was.
I was just tagging along with her, but But you were the one that he took a liking to? Y-Yeah.
And do you like that guy, too? Nope, I flippin' don't like guys who are popular.
Then, why don't you get asked out and just dump him? If I do that, I'd be ignored by my entire class! It's the guy that Rena, my friend, is in love with! But I'm the one that gets asked out? That's seriously not taking hints! If you shout, he'll find us.
So this is what you had to do? You have poor taste in guys.
No, wait, it's not— It's a misunderstanding.
Wait, Mai-san! Let me explain! Don't speak to me.
Oh, well.
I'm sure I'll be replaying today tomorrow, anyway.
WHO IN THE WORLD!? Good morning, it's Saturday, June 28th.
We're starting today with some startling news.
JUNE 28th Is something the matter, Big Brother? Kaede, pinch my cheeks for me.
Sure thing.
It hurts.
What do you want so early on a Saturday morning? Make me a time machine.
Can I hang up? I am completely serious about this.
I'm changing clothes right now.
Can you describe in detail your current situation? I only have to put socks on.
You change clothes in a strange order.
Isn't it normal? So, what do you want? You remember what I talked about yesterday, right? The one about repeating the same day.
You were able to escape from yesterday.
In a way that's against my will.
Well then, I'm going to put my socks on.
I'm not as important as her socks, huh? In any case, if yesterday isn't repeating again, I have to clear up Mai-san's misunderstanding, and have her forgive me.
Sakurajima? She's not here today.
Then, that first year Koga was Laplace's Demon? Because there was no longer a confession, the problem troubling Koga was resolved.
Did something happen? Why? Because you look like you're in a bad mood.
Well, I guess it's better to tell you so you can laugh, rather than brood about it all by myself.
What's that about? I bumped into Kunimi on the train this morning.
And? Nothing much.
I'm just sick of myself for being happy that a guy with a girlfriend said hi to me.
That's such a girlish thing to worry about.
I mean, if you said hi to me, it would only make my skin crawl.
Did you need to say that? I feel like I'm getting worse and worse.
- Why don't you just tell him? - Tell him what? That you love him.
I don't want to hear any sound arguments right now.
I think you should clarify things before it gets any more complicated.
Hurry up and ask him out, and have your hopes shattered.
If I also become Laplace's Demon as a result of that, it will get out of hand for you.
Well, I was able to actually escape yesterday for now, so everything is settled if I resolve Mai-san's misunderstanding.
If your misunderstanding is resolved, wouldn't that Maezawa-senpai ask Koga out again? Even if the misunderstanding isn't resolved, he'd realize he had the wrong idea soon enough.
In the first place, you asked Sakurajima-senpai out a month ago in front of everyone on campus.
If that happens, will I start again from yesterday? That possibility is high, I'd say.
In other words, a tomorrow where I can be dating Mai-san will never come? Azusagawa, do you know what they call situations like that? Yeah, "checkmate".
What's wrong, Sakuta? Your eyes are so dead.
Can I get a moment from both of you? This is Koga.
She'll be starting today.
Please teach her about waiting tables.
Koga? Senpai!? Oh, you go to the same school? Then she really is your kouhai.
Please take care of her, then.
I-I'm Tomoe Koga.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Yuuma Kunimi.
Oh, you mentioned before that you kicked each other's butts or something? Why are you telling other people!? It's a shame to stay quiet about something so amusing.
Azusagawa, can you get the orders for table seven? Got it.
- Apparently.
- What, seriously? That's why we're here, right? Have you decided on your order? Are you serious about Tomoe? I'm terribly sorry, but we don't serve "are-you-serious-about-tomoe" at our restaurant.
I'm asking seriously.
It's immediately after you were dumped by Sakurajima-senpai, so we're worried.
Tomoe is indeed cute, but what's so good about her? You guys have a misunderstanding, I think.
You don't have to hide it because we already know! Oh.
There's Tomoe, over there.
Hey there! Rena, and everyone else, too.
You really came all the way here? I told you we'd definitely come! The uniform is cute.
Yup, it's cute.
Senpai, if you're just playing around with Tomoe, I won't forgive you.
- Senpai! I actually have a favor to— - I refuse.
At least listen to my story! - I refuse to listen to it.
- Why? It's something like allowing the misunderstanding that I'm dating you to keep proliferating, right? Senpai, you can read minds or sometin'? More like, there's something else you should be worried about, like the Adolescence Syndrome.
That's all done now because we've moved on to today.
I don't have time to think about that! I'm in a predicament! In the first place, how long will you allow this misunderstanding? Will it continue until the third years graduate? I've already thought that part out.
I'll only have the misunderstanding go for the rest of the first term, so please! Once we enter summer break, we won't have classes anymore.
If we say that our relationship fizzed out during break, we can act normally in the second term, right? Come on, Senpai! I hate to say this about myself, but will you be okay dating me, the guy with the worst reputation in the entire school? Recently among first-years, you've come full circle and you're acceptable, so I think that's fine.
What's that about? Shouting your love in the middle of school grounds is normally unthinkable.
That's a really cool thing to do.
Though, I'd never do that for you.
That's right.
It's too sudden if we're "already dating," so I would like something one step before that.
Maybe more than a senpai, but not quite dating? Do you realize what you're about to do here? This means you'll be telling a lie to the entire school.
I'm fully aware of that.
In any case, please help! I lived in Fukuoka until the end of middle school.
So, I only have friends I made here in high school.
You mean those three earlier? Right.
At this rate, there won't be a place for me in my class.
I don't want to spend break time, eating lunch, and going to the bathroom by myself.
- At least, go to the bathroom by yourself.
- That's impossible.
Being alone is easy in its own way.
You don't have to accommodate others.
Once you're alone, you surprisingly don't feel as lonely as you first thought.
It's not like I don't want to because I feel lonely.
Huh? Then, what's the reason? Being alone is embarrassing.
I don't want everyone to be thinking that I'm always all by myself.
No It's embarrassing to go to school.
Senpai? Fine.
I'll tell a lie to the entire school.
- Really? - Yeah.
Then, I have one more favor to ask.
A-About tomorrow Senpai, wh-when your shift at work is over, can I d-d-d- - A "ding on your forehead".
- No! I-I want to go on a date! Why is that? Rena asked me, "Aren't you gonna go on dates?" You can totally bluff them and say "Man, it was a busy weekend," can't you? I want to take a photo, just in case.
You're surprisingly the cautious type, huh? How should I inform Mai-san about this? I'm sure she'll watch me as I desperately explain things, and smile like she is truly having fun.
Crap, it looks really fun for her.
Now, this week is the last week of June.
We're about to enter some hot weather.
After the commercial, we'll have the weather with our meteorologist Sakiyama-san.
Big Brother! This girl is the one you brought over here the other day, isn't it? You want a sip? You don't get any! Yeah, that's her.
Vivitz with fruit puree! Who is it, this late at night? Yes? It's me.
Why didn't you come over to explain yourself? Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
What a rascal.
Next time #5 All of the Lies For You