Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e05 Episode Script

All of the Lies for You

1 I understand the circumstances now.
It's tough being a high-school girl.
Is that all? You'd get ecstatic if I scolded you, Sakuta.
It seems not giving a punishment is a punishment in your case.
But it's not sitting right with me, for some reason.
You hate lies like pretending to be dating, don't you? I don't think anyone would like lies of this sort That's why it's not sitting right with me.
What are you hiding? Actually, I've been getting excited looking at your legs for the past few minutes.
I-I already knew that.
Just hurry and spit it all out.
Koga said the same thing as when Kaede first stopped going to school.
That she was embarrassed.
She said she wouldn't have a place in her class if her friends found out Maesawa asked her out.
She didn't want to be embarrassed about people thinking she's a loner.
How boring.
I talk seriously, and that's your reaction? I can't complain if you bring up the bit about your little sister.
I'll let you off the hook this one time.
Thank you very much! But, let's see Simply letting you go won't do much for the future, so show enough faith to be worth it.
What do you want me to do? You should at least think of that yourself.
Then Hey, what the!? I'm showing some faith.
No, that's your libido! Th-Then how about a date? We can go look at the hydrangea in Kamakura next Sunday— I'm in Kagoshima for a week, filming a drama starting tomorrow.
Kagoshima? I'm jealous.
I'm not there for a vacation.
Oh, right.
You can have this.
They gave me the outfit I wore during a fashion magazine shoot.
So I should treat this as a substitute for you while you're in Kagoshima? It's for your sister! She'll be 15 this year, right? Maybe dressing up will spark a little interest in leaving the house Wh-What is it? I'm so happy that you're looking out for Kaede.
I'll fetch her right now.
What are you doing? I-It's not what you think.
I wasn't pretending to be a ninja.
I thought you were just eavesdropping on us.
Well, it works out.
Eh? Good evening.
G-Good evening This is from Mai-san.
Why don't you try it on? Yup.
So cute.
I've never worn anything like this, so it's embarrassing You should thank Mai-san.
Th-Thank you very much.
You're welcome.
U-Um What is it? Can Kaede call you "Mai-san", too? That's fine.
And I'll call you "Kaede-chan.
" Sure! Thanks for everything today.
Why are you thanking me again? It's been a while since Kaede spoke with anyone other than me, since she's cooped up at home for so long.
When you're so honest, it's not worth toying with you.
I hope "pretend" doesn't turn into "serious.
" What? That first-year.
You're going on a date after work tomorrow, right? My heart is only for Mai-san, so it'll be all right.
If you don't get it, forget it.
Eh? Good night.
Good night.
JUNE 29th Kunimi, there's a guy named Maesawa on the basketball team, yeah? Hmm? Oh, you mean Yosuke-senpai.
What kind of guy is he? What kind of guy? Well, he's probably the best basketball player at our school.
Plus, he's pretty popular with the girls.
Keep giving me more info so I can hate him even more.
What's up with that? It's hard to explain, but if he's a good person, it'll haunt me.
Well, I don't want to badmouth people too much, but yesterday, coming back from practice, he was saying he'll dump his girlfriend because she wasn't giving it up.
Wait, he has a girlfriend? He does.
Some third-year from another school.
And he says a lot of demeaning things about his past girlfriends, too.
Makes me think how I don't want to end up like that.
Thanks for the valuable info.
Now it won't haunt me.
S-Sorry to make you wait.
Your face is all red.
And you're five minutes late.
I-I couldn't help it.
I had to get ready and stuff.
Get ready, huh Well, you sure are cute.
D-Don't tell me I'm cute.
Minus points for not wearing a miniskirt, but since you have bare legs, I can forgive you.
You can't look at just my legs, either! Oh, that's right, your ID.
I thought about telling you I was gonna be late, but I never got your ID.
Don't have one.
Eh? I don't have a smartphone, nor a flip-phone.
What do you mean? I dun git dat at all! How do you live!? Do people without smartphones die? They die! Starting off with a yawn? I haven't slept much.
Because you're looking forward to the date? I was with everyone in the group chat till past 2AM yesterday.
Then I watched funny animal videos, until I noticed it was morning already.
That, and preparing for the date a bit.
Why don't you hurry and get sleep? Everyone else was awake, so I couldn't go to sleep before them! You can watch funny animal videos when you have time to kill, right? Everyone said they already saw it.
I'm in trouble if I can't join in on the conversation! Rena-chan recommended them, you know? Rena-chan again Oh right! My impressions! Your eyes look dead, Senpai.
It's the same as usual.
So they're always dead? For our closing act, we'll be attempting a dive from the springboard! That penguin over there is a bit like you, Senpai.
It looks like one's sleeping Then are you that energetic penguin over there? We'll have this one give it his best.
Actually, the penguins become so engrossed in eating that they often slip and fall.
I'm not that one.
I'm the penguin that follows the others.
Now, here we go.
Three Two One It has a big butt, too.
I was being serious Success! It looks like he's finally gotten up, but the show's over now He's fine with everyone laughing at him.
Just like you, Senpai.
What's wrong? You know I wasn't like this back in middle school.
It's a Bumpkin.
That's why I didn't want to show you! Weren't you the one who showed me it? Dad got relocated, so I ended up moving here from Fukuoka.
I was in an unnoticed group in class, so I thought, in Tokyo, they'd say I wasn't cool, wouldn't make friends and get bullied.
So I did some research.
I wore makeup for the first time, and got my hair done at a fancy salon.
I bought and wore clothes from fashion magazines.
I worked on my accent, too.
And this is what I ended up with.
Do you not like who you are right now? I like it.
I like it a whole lot.
Then why agonize over it? It's bothersome.
You're just being immature, thinking like "This isn't who I really am," right? Y-You're right, but - It's annoying.
- You're horrible! No matter who you were before, how you look right now is who you are.
No matter the reason, you ended up that way because you wanted to and worked for it, right? Y-Yeah.
And you like who you are now, right? Yet you say, "This isn't who I really am"? That's even more messed up.
I feel a bit frustrated, because I feel like you talked me into this.
Let's go.
Come on, next is Enoshima, right? Yup.
Someone you know? A classmate, Yoneyama-san.
Yoneyama-san! Koga-san A-And "came full circle and acceptable" senpai.
That sentiment really is spreading.
Sorry Are you looking for something? Y-Yeah I'll look for it with you! Y-You don't have to.
You're in Kashiba's group, Koga-san.
It's faster if the three of us look.
You heard Senpai.
I'm looking for a phone strap.
My friends and I got matching ones.
It has a jellyfish charm on it.
You're sure you dropped it somewhere around here? I-I'm sorry, I'm not sure of that, either.
You don't have to apologize.
Senpai is a strange guy, but he's not scary.
Yeah Isn't that it? Wow! Hey, hold on— Koga-san! Hurray! Are you okay? JUNE 30th Did you catch a cold? Senpai.
I heard from Rena.
I'm totally fine.
Want some mandarin oranges? It's against school rules to leave campus during class.
So you don't want it, I guess.
I'll eat it.
I can do the "say aah" thing, if you want.
It's hard to eat that way, so no.
Hey, Senpai.
Why did you go along with my unreasonable requests? Because you were desperate when you asked.
Even though you hardly know me? We did kick each other's butts.
Sheesh, I'm asking a serious question.
But I did think you were a good girl back then.
And because you're cute, to be honest.
There you go, joking again.
I don't know if I'd do the same if you were ugly.
Guys are just like that.
I'm sure you would have, Senpai.
If you have a cold, just stay home.
If I stay home, I won't be able to keep up with everyone's conversation.
After just a day? That one day is life-threatening.
It's the same if you're sleeping in the nurse's office.
Even now, I'm worried about everyone's opinion of me since I'm in the nurse's office.
You're excessively self-conscious, Koga.
You're the strange one, Senpai.
Everyone looks at you funny and makes fun of you.
How are you okay like that? It's not like I live for all of humanity to like me.
I want everyone to like me.
Or rather, I don't want them to hate me.
I don't mind if I only had one person.
Even if the whole world hated me, I could keep living if that person needed me.
A thank-you gift for a couple days ago.
Why canned peaches? Because you have a peach-shaped butt? No more perversion! I think I'll savor this tonight, imagining it's you.
Y-You dummy! I'm telling you, my butt isn't that big! Oh, come on, no need to be humble.
That doesn't sound right, either! Senpai, how did things with Sakurajima-senpai turn out? Still no reply.
Wait, she hasn't rejected you yet? If that whole loop thing didn't happen, she'd say it's okay for us to start dating during lunch break that day.
- You're kidding.
- It's true.
You've got to be kidding.
We're talking about Sakurajima-senpai here! She's in show-biz! Did she say she loved you? She hasn't said that yet.
See? It's just you, Senpai.
Next time I ask her out, I'll try my best for her to tell me that.
What's up, Mai-san? I thought you might want to hear my voice, so I called you for your sake.
Actually, I was just thinking about you.
I hope you have your underwear on.
Though it's natural for you to do things like that thinking about me.
I'm buck naked! Y-You pervert! I'm kidding.
I just got out of a bath, so I'm only wearing underware.
Don't tell such stupid lies.
I might be indebted to you on restless nights, though.
Yeah, yeah, do as you wish.
Anyway, how are things over there? Was the date with your cute little girlfriend fun? In a way, I suppose.
Oh What was the right answer to that question? How about bolting out of your house and coming down to Kagoshima to see me? And when I do, I need to hug you buck naked, right? Such a mood killer.
Mai-san, is the filming fun? It's fun.
Are there any jobs you want to do, Sakuta? Well, I think I want to be Santa Claus in the future.
Because he doesn't work 364 days out of the year? You got me.
Say dumb things and you'll become dumb! JULY 5th Futaba.
Kunimi Need something? Sakuta's not in the classroom, so I was wondering if he was here.
Isn't he with that first-year? Oh, over there! I'll let Azusagawa know if he shows up.
Futaba, you here? Sorry to bother you.
Are you an idiot!? You must be an idiot! Don't be oddly considerate of me! Kunimi will catch on! If he was going to notice with that, he would've caught on long ago to your feelings.
That'd be problematic.
You guys seem to be busy, so I'll talk to you later, Sakuta! He really was handsome as always.
So, what does Azusagawa the not-so-handsome rascal want with me? Yeah I haven't relived the same day since then, so I was wondering what it actually was about.
Perhaps it's exactly what you said it was.
The first-year that is your supposed girlfriend was Laplace's Demon.
She kept rolling the dice until a future convenient to her occurred.
And Since she's satisfied with her current condition, there's no need to relive it anymore.
But she's not aware of it at all.
If she was, that'd probably make her a real demon.
I thought I said this before, about not getting close to Yuuma.
I think what you said was, "Don't talk to him.
" That's the same thing.
That, and what's with the girl in the physics lab? What is she to Yuuma? They seem to be chatting often.
Why don't you ask Kunimi? You're friends with her too, right? Just answer me! Why are you so irritated? You constipated? Die! Just die right now! You really are the pits! Get some dietary fiber! JULY 6th Kunimi, it's annoying, so I'll say this up front.
Your girlfriend picked a fight with me again yesterday.
That's unfortunate.
You really have to choose between me or her.
What is that not-so-ultimate ultimatum.
All right.
I'll call her tonight about it.
Seriously, I'm counting on you.
Anyway, Sakuta Is the thing about you dating Koga for real? For real.
Seriously? Actually, it's more like a trial period.
Then I should have mentioned this yesterday It's about Koga.
What is it? There are bad rumors about her.
Like how she's easy, a whore, screwing you all the time, stuff like that.
What's up with that? I found out from the basketball team's group messages, too.
Sakuta, you asked about Yosuke-senpai the other day, right? Futaba, do you ever have thoughts like, "What if, back then"? For you, that would be about your little sister? Yeah.
Is that bad? It's not bad, but I'd say it's not like you to do so.
It's not that I really want to do everything over, per se.
I just want to stop thinking about "what if's", since it's useless to think about them.
I see.
That IS like you.
You know, Futaba What? Would I have a chance of winning against someone who's not only bigger than me, but works out on an athletic team? Who knows? Humans aren't ordinary monkeys.
Maybe you can win if you used your brains? This is Mai Sakurajima.
I just got back from Kagoshima.
Thought I'd let you know.
JULY 7th I totally messed up my bangs! Isn't it like terrible? Don't have such a morbid look on your face.
Senpai Is that her? First-years nowadays get it on often, huh? Huh? Did you laugh at me? I'm still laughing.
What of it? You messing with me? No, I'm just making fun of you.
Senpai! Huh? Ya wanna go? You're not being fair! No, that'd be you.
So uncool.
Who isn't cool!? You should go wash your face.
Huh? I stepped on some poop yesterday.
D-Don't mess with me! You're the one messing with others.
If you don't want to attract attention, don't do stupid stuff.
Your way of life is so uncool.
Senpai, that's enough! No, I have to say one thing.
Getting screwed all the time? Gimme a break! I'm a virgin! Wai— Sen— Senpai, that's going too far! Like I care! That was going way too far! I think I understand a bit of what you said before, Senpai.
If the whole world was your enemy, if one person needs you kinda thing.
"Kinda thing?" At least remember things properly.
It really felt like I was your girlfriend.
Like I was being cherished.
I promised you that I would for the first term.
You normally wouldn't go so far for the sake of a fake girlfriend.
I'm a perfectionist.
What's that? Mega lame! What's that mean? You can't even tell dat? I meant boring.
Oh, it's from Rena.
She wrote, "I'm so disappointed in Maesawa-senpai.
" If some poop on his face makes her lose interest, her admiration was just that superficial.
Oh, there's something I'd like to say.
- Bathroom break? - No! I-I've, um never done anything like that.
Like what? I'm still a virgin! You're so horrible for laughing at me! You thought I'd really believe a rumor like that? I didn't, but I'd feel bad if you did, so But didn't you say you used to have a boyfriend at some point? I mean, everyone said they had boyfriends back in middle school.
And they were like, "Of course you had one too, right Tomoe?" kinda thing I see.
Besides, if I said I never dated anyone, I thought you'd make a fool out of me.
What exactly are you fighting, Koga? I don't know.
You know, Senpai How should I pay you back for all this? Well, when all the lies are over, you can be my friend.
It's fine if you don't want to.
You're hopeless, so I'll be your best friend! As expected of you, Sakuta.
You're such a rascal.
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