Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e06 Episode Script

This World You Chose

1 Poop.
Shouting he's a virgin.
FINAL EXAMS This is no longer the air of, "more than a senpai, but not quite dating.
" Would people really believe this naturally fizzing out over summer break? JULY 10th Hey! Don't look away.
We're studying for exams.
I'm fine as long as I can avoid flunking.
Are you properly thinking of what career to pursue? I wish to marry Mai-san someday.
I'm thinking about going to college.
What about you? Planning on university.
So you're not focusing on work? I can still attend school while working.
I'm considering a public university in Yokohama.
Well, you do have good grades.
And you want to go to the same university as me, right? If possible.
Then you want to study well, right? Well, I guess What? You sound half-hearted.
There's the issue of basic academics, so I can't really motivate myself.
Then what if I told you I'll be tutoring in a bunny girl outfit? I'd get motivated in various ways! What? I didn't think you'd really wear that outfit.
Look at the textbook and not me.
What's wrong with you, Mai-san? Me? You're not getting upset with me.
What happened? Nothing in particular.
I just thought giving you a carrot every so often was better.
Why? I didn't think you'd go so far as to get in a fight for that girl's sake.
By chance, were you watching that thing on Monday? From the middle.
Oh, right.
You should wash your shoes.
The bit about stepping on poop? That was a lie.
Oh really? How boring.
So basically, you wanted me to give you some attention? I'll punch you.
Not the face, please! Hurry up and humor me.
What? I love you.
OUCH! Don't openly cheat.
For now, you're that first-year's boyfriend, aren't you? Do well on exams? Not really.
What about you, Senpai? Totally— You did well? Failed.
Well then, you're in my camp.
I promised to go to the beach with Rena and the others.
But I only have the school swimsuit.
Why not wear your middle school one? Why should I go back to that? Oh, how about this one? I'm not interested in rejoicing over tons of padding.
This isn't to appease you, Senpai.
With swimsuits like that, you should consider them once you're that big.
I'll never be able to in this lifetime! You know, if you keep being rude like that, Sakurajima-senpai will hate you.
She's sure to punch me if I say that.
You sound happy, somehow.
Do you go to the beach with Sakurajima-senpai? Who knows Mai-san is in show-biz, so we might not be able to do stuff like that.
I'll help you out, Senpai, so things go well with Sakurajima-senpai.
And whose fault is it that my relationship is distanced now? Th-That's why I'll cheer you on.
Yeah, yeah.
I appreciate the sentiment.
Hey, Koga What? Shouldn't we be thinking about how we're going to break up? Yeah, I know.
I've already thought about how I'm going to dump you, so don't worry.
Wait, I'm the one being dumped? I thought of a scenario where you never got over Sakurajima-senpai in the end, and I dump you after realizing that.
That's strangely realistic.
And I end it by slapping you and saying, "I don't know you anymore, Senpai!" You're not really going through with that, right? It's important to be realistic.
So you are Keep your schedule open after the term-end ceremony.
I'm planning to have the argument on the way back from our beach date.
JULY 18th Big Brother, it's morning.
Morning, Kaede.
Good morning.
Today is Friday, July 18th.
Summer break is starting tomorrow.
What do you think is symbolic of summer? A watermelon.
Then I'll go get one next time.
I want a round one.
Sakuta, what're your plans for the summer? Work.
You do have Koga, too.
What about you? Work, team stuff, dates.
You master of adolescence! I could say the same of you! So starting tomorrow, you will have a long summer break.
In the meantime, I have a couple favors to ask of you.
At last, our final date.
Our lie to the entire student body will end today.
Oh, you got here first, Senpai.
I changed into my swimsuit in the school locker room.
You have a lewd look in your eyes.
I know.
That means don't stare! All right, let's swim! Eh? No feedback to give? You didn't want me to stare, right? Well, I do think you're cute.
D-Don't say that I'm cute! Then what do you want me to say? C-Cute, I guess Are you emotionally unstable? This is just how girls' minds work! I don't flippin' get it.
You're so irritating, Senpai! Since I'm irritating, I'll just go eat some grilled corn.
I'll go, too! It's a race to see which castle can stand up to the waves better.
Loser buys winner shaved ice.
Your butt saved you.
Sh-Shut up! You know, Senpai Hungry again? Thanks for everything up to today.
Let's shake hands.
Why? To say goodbye.
In the end, you were still in love with Sakurajima-senpai.
So I got fed up and dumped you.
You don't have to slap me? I'll just say that I did.
If I slapped you now, I'd be a really ungrateful person.
I see Well then, good job.
Have a good summer break.
I hope you get to go out with Sakurajima-senpai.
Well, I'll take my time with that.
Big Brother, it's morning.
You know, Kaede Yes? There's something called summer break in this world.
But summer break doesn't start until tomorrow, right? No, it's today.
No, it's tomorrow.
Big Brother? Kaede, do you want to eat some watermelon? Eh? I do want some.
JULY 18th (2nd TIME) Then I'll go buy a round one next time.
Oh, it's this app? - Yeah, this one.
- Let me see.
Tomoe You trouble me when you suddenly come to the classroom.
I feel kinda bad, but there's nothing I can do.
Did something bad happen to you? Why? Why, you ask? Are we looping again? Huh? This is the second "today," right? No Hold on.
This is the first time for you? Yeah.
All right.
Forget what I said for now.
And after school? We'll go as planned.
See you later.
What do you think? Azusagawa, is your head all right? What do you mean by that? Because you just asked a question that even a grade schooler would know.
If it's what you think, and that first-year Tomoe Koga? If that girl is the Laplace's Demon, then the answer is quite simple.
Is it simple? There's likely a crucial difference between July 18th and July 19th? Like the relationship with you changes or something.
Actually, you have an idea why, don't you? Why what? Why she started rolling the dice again.
But in this case, Koga isn't aware that this is the second time.
If so, then perhaps you're the demon, Azusagawa.
I am not.
Then there's only one possibility One, huh Yup.
She must be lying.
Oh, you got here first, Senpai.
I changed into my swimsuit in the school locker room.
You have a lewd look in your eyes.
Thanks for everything up to today.
JULY 18th (3rd TIME) All right, let's swim! Eh? No feedback to give? Thanks for everything up to today.
Big Brother, it's morning.
JULY 18th (4th TIME) You know, Kunimi You have a girlfriend, right? Thankfully, yes.
What if there was another girl who was in love with you? What would you do if you realized that girl had feelings for you? Who are we talking about? It's just a hypothetical.
Hypothetical, huh? Does the girl realize that I already know? For now, she hasn't caught on.
For now, huh? I have reservations about forcing out feelings that she's keeping in her heart.
I feel that's being too self-conscious.
Like, who do I think I am? But keeping status quo is good, either.
What's the right thing to do here? I'm the one asking you.
So starting tomorrow, you will have a long summer break.
In the meantime, I have a couple favors to ask of you.
One is to please be mindful of your health.
Koga is lying.
Senpai? The beach is this way.
This is the fourth "today" for me.
So you're bored of the beach? Thank goodness you can take hints.
We're going to Enoshima? We weren't able to go there on our first date, remember? Man, my legs are so sore! You're still a first-year.
What's with that logic? Hey, these votive tablets are for good relationships.
Should we fill one out? Eh? You're going to lie to the gods? S-Senpai, that's pretty sinful.
When we decided to deceive everyone, you were prepared to go to hell.
Come on.
I'm fine with it, but girlfriend: Tomoe Koga Hold on, Senpai! If you mix a lie in with everyone's real wishes, you'll damn yourself! I'll take it home! I'm the only one lying, so it's all right.
Senpai What you did no, nothing.
Hey, why don't we go to the beach now? I'm wearing a swimsuit, after all.
Senpai? Koga, enough with the lies.
Eh? Oh, right.
Today's the last day.
That's not it You look kinda scary right now? What? Something wrong? You really thought I wouldn't notice? What are you talking about? Even if it was just a lie, I was your boyfriend for about three weeks.
I'm the type that can take hints, but chooses not to.
If you don't want to say it, I will.
No matter how many times you roll your dice, people's feelings don't change.
Lies will never become reality, and the truth will never become lies.
Even after a hundred times? Yeah A thousand times? That's right.
Ten thousand times? Do it a hundred million times, it still won't change.
The person I love is Mai-san.
Even if we do the same thing over and over, your feelings will remain in stasis.
You're a liar, Senpai.
Feelings do change.
They build up the more you repeat them.
They've built up for me.
I decided to forget it all, but I couldn't I thought I'd forget it this time for sure, but I couldn't.
I wanted to say goodbye to these feelings.
I was going to have my last fun date with you today.
I have to end this fake relationship with a smile.
And you're going to hit it off with Sakurajima-senpai.
So in the second term, I'll be cheeky and poke fun at you, like "good for you!" And I'm going to become your friend.
Good friends who talk about anything.
An older friend who can spoil me a little bit.
Everything up to today will be something to talk about, like "pretending to date was fun.
" And we'll be good friends forever! We're going to That's all I wish for.
It's not like I wanted anything special.
I wasn't being selfish.
And I'm not troubling anyone else! But why Why Why won't tomorrow come for me!? Why is it my feelings grow from the last day each time I wake up in the morning!? It's too cruel I decided none of it really happened You don't have to do that.
I have to do it! After all, you're in love with Sakurajima-senpai! I'd just inconvenience you, right? You don't have feelings like this towards a friend.
This emotion doesn't exist among friends! Did I ever say I was inconvenienced? You're horrible I hate you, Senpai.
I hate you! It's all your fault! You were too nice to me! That's right.
So you don't need to be considerate of me.
I hate myself like this! This isn't me at all! No, it's you.
It's a part of you.
No! This isn't me! I want summer break to come! I want to hurry and be friends with you, to have fun and laugh! That's all I want! Stop lying to yourself already.
You're a high-school girl who fights for justice, right? There's nothing you can't do.
Unfair It's unfair to put it that way! So you don't have to hold back anymore.
Senpai, you idiot! Idiot! I hate you! I hate you But But Love I'm in love with you I LOVE YOU! Koga, you tried really hard there.
You gave it your best.
The Japanese team has done it! Good morning, it's Friday, June 27th.
Let's talk about that soccer! She really is amazing.
Now, Miyama-san, were you watching last night? So everything from the very beginning was just one huge simulation of the future Of course! I was watching together at home with my family.
I couldn't help but shout the moment that goal landed! Um, Mai-san What? I love you.
I want you to go out with me.
When I hear the same thing for an entire month, I stop feeling anything.
My heart doesn't race.
I see.
I've been denied.
I guess I'll have to look for a new romance, then.
Huh? Wait Thank you for everything up until now.
I-I didn't exactly say no! Why are you trying to give up? Then, will you? This is so cheeky of you, Sakuta.
Will you? Sure.
I will.
So, Mai-san, how do you feel about me? How I feel? That's That's? That doesn't matter, right? It does because it's not all right.
You really want me to tell you? Yes.
Oh! You understand now, yes? I wish it was mouth-to-mouth.
Don't get carried away.
Sorry, but I can't go out with you, Maesawa-senpai.
You don't have a boyfriend now, right? I don't.
Then, do you like someone? Yes.
He's so primitive that he doesn't have a smartphone in this day and age.
Who are you calling primitive? I didn't say I was talking about you, Senpai.
Also, I'm holding you responsible, okay? Responsible? Rena-chan will hate me because of this, and I won't have a place in my class.
And why am I being held responsible for that? I mean, it's your fault.
Let me hear the reason.
You made me into an adult.
That sounds pretty lewd.
You know damn well what's going on, but you always say stuff like that.
Hiding your shame? Well, no matter what happens, I'll stay your friend.
So you'll never be alone.
I'm the one letting you be a close friend.
From then to summer break, it was a series of surprises.
The days I experienced with Koga became reality.
Koga began working with me as the new employee.
Mai-san gave Kaede clothes she used at work, then went off to Kagoshima for more work.
Upon her return, she tutored me in her bunny girl outfit.
What I saw on the final exams was exactly the same, too.
I see The girl that desperately tried to take hints to blend into the people around her, became able to read the future before she knew it.
But, of the 7 billion people in this world, why was I the only one who got sucked into that phenomenon? Quantum entanglement, perhaps? Quantum entanglement? What's that? A strange phenomenon where two particles in separate places don't need any intermediation, to instantly share information and move.
So you're saying that Koga and I synchronized because we were entangled? Right.
But how'd we become entangled? Quantum entanglement occurs after two particles collide.
Did you and the first-year deliver some sort of impact to each other? Oh We kicked each other's butts.
Azusagawa I wish to perform a reenactment experiment.
Show me your butt.
I refuse.
Shut up and show it, you rascal.
I look forward to seeing you in an apron.
I don't wear aprons when I cook.
Huh!? All right, I get it.
Maybe you could wear nothing under the apron, too.
Maybe I'll lace the food with laxatives.
That was a joke.
You were serious about it.
What's wrong? The little one Mai-san, can you take the umbrella? Sure.
I'll take it back to my place for now.
Oh, but I want to adopt that little one.
Then contact me later.
I'll give you our phone number.
I'm Sakuta Azusagawa.
Azusagawa is spelled like the Azusagawa Rest Area, and Sakuta is spelled "blooming Taro.
" My name is Shoko Makinohara.
Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
What a rascal.
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