Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e07 Episode Script

Adolescence Paradox

1 Did you know? The distance to the horizon seen at eye level is roughly four kilometers.
Do people around here suddenly start talking to people they've never met? Oh, do you think I'm strange, by chance? No, you're just annoying.
That's taboo for a high school girl.
"Annoying," "uncool" and "can't take hints" are the three big taboos.
You seem to be sulking quite a bit.
Did something bad happen? My name is Shoko Makinohara.
Makinohara spelled like Makinohara Rest Area, and Shoko spelled as "child soaring the skies.
" What's your name, young man? Good morning, Big Brother.
Kaede, I've told you countless times, stop crawling into my bed.
Is it because you'd become aware of the urge for forbidden love? That's not it.
Simply put, you should stop because it's hot.
AUGUST 2nd The girl that appeared that day with the abandoned cat had the same name as my first crush, the high school girl I met two years ago.
My name is Shoko Makinohara.
She had the same name Yet she didn't know anything about me.
Two more weeks of summer break passed with nothing happening.
There, there.
Were you a good cat, Hayate? Oh, the cat's name is now Hayate.
From the Tohoku trains, like Nasuno.
Though I said I'd like to adopt him, I haven't gotten around to asking my parents.
We'll take care of him for a while, so it's all right.
And Nasuno likes to have him around.
You should learn how to take care of cats at our place, too.
Big Brother, do you prefer your little sisters to be young? Do you prefer them to be tidy and proper? What kind of question is that? Right now, Kaede is in the biggest crisis in the history of Kaede! There is a need to master the ways of little sisterhood as soon as possible! I'm fine having Kaede as my one little sister.
Th-Then What is Shoko-san to you, Big Brother? I wonder Makinohara, you don't have a big sister, right? Right, I'm an only child.
Any relatives that look like you? I don't think there are.
Maybe I'll consult Futaba, after all.
AZUSAGAWA What is it, Azusagawa? Futaba? It's hot if I keep my hair down.
I'm not wearing glasses because I have contacts on.
Why the school uniform? I'm going to school after this.
Kunimi's at work, so he's not there.
The Science Club is just me, so they'll shut it down if I don't document activities.
So what did you want? Oh yeah, actually I met Shoko Makinohara.
That first crush of yours? She really does exist And, surprisingly enough, she's now a seventh grader.
Are you sane? Unfortunately.
Isn't it simply someone else with the same name and similar looks? It's said there are three people with the same face in the world.
That's just a popular urban legend.
That's right, a common urban legend But you know, this isn't causing you actual harm for now, right? Well, not really.
Then maybe it's fine.
I guess there's a fireworks festival somewhere today.
There's one in Chigasaki.
Come to think it, you, me and Kunimi went to a fireworks festival last year.
You were in normal clothes back then.
You should have worn a yukata.
Why must I do something so cumbersome for your sake? I meant to show Kunimi.
Either way, I don't look good in one.
Do yukatas not look good when you got big boobs? I didn't mean it that way.
You'd look pretty good if you wore a yukata and had your hair the way it is now.
That's enough.
You have to go to work, right? See you.
Thanks for the advice.
Have you gotten more tanned? Probably because I went to the beach two days ago.
With Kamisato? Yeah, so? Ugh, how annoying.
Says the guy with an incredibly beautiful girlfriend.
But Mai-san is incredibly busy, and I haven't seen her face all week.
I saw her on TV yesterday.
Don't worry, I've seen her every day if it's on TV.
Hello Ugh, Senpai! Did you come to brag about your cute yukata? I'm here because I didn't fill out my shifts for next week.
You look good in a yukata.
You said that while staring at my breasts.
That was said in consideration to the balance between your waist and hips.
So irritating! Yeah yeah, I don't have breasts big enough to rest on top of the obi.
I'm totally cylindrical! Welco— Weren't you coming back from your film shoot tomorrow? Since the show had a lot of veteran actors, and I don't have outtakes, we finished early.
I see.
So you came back because you couldn't wait another day to see me.
I'm so happy.
What was that? If you're ready, I'll take your order now.
I'll take your order now.
Why are you pouting? I'm not pouting.
You're pouting.
And whose fault do you think it is? Well, that's That's? Sorry.
I realize I'm a horrible girlfriend too engrossed with work that she's ignoring her new boyfriend.
I wouldn't go that far, but But? I look forward to what you'll do in return.
All right.
I'll do things for you within reason.
Even lewd things? If it's only a little bit.
Then, I forgive you.
Don't get carried away.
I'm so happy you came back early! Silly, you should have said that to start.
What time are you off? I'll wait for you.
Is she dropping by every day? That Shoko Makinohara who looks exactly like your first crush.
She is.
Does that bother you? No way I'd be jealous of a seventh-grader.
Anything strange happen? Not at all.
Have you found something out? I asked Futaba about it, too.
Nothing, so far.
Instead of talking about this, I want to make out with you a lot more.
I haven't seen you for a while, after all.
I'll do that as much as you want later.
Eh? I prefer we do it now.
Isn't that Futaba? What's she doing in a place like this? I've never been inside a net café before.
We can't tell where she is like this.
Mai-san, lend me your smartphone.
Hello? Futaba, it's me.
Why are you calling from a mobile number? I borrowed Mai-san's phone.
Take your romantic talk elsewhere.
So what, another troublesome affair? So I'm equivalent to troublesome affairs in your mind? Sakuta, over there.
Azusagawa, what's wrong? Sorry, looks like the battery's dying, I'll call again later! Hold on a sec! Were you just calling me? Yeah.
Then I can't dodge this bullet.
There are two of me.
What do you mean? Just as I said There's been two Rio Futabas in the world since three days ago.
So it's Adolescence Syndrome? I hate to admit it, but Any clues? I'd have taken care of it already, if I had any.
So was it the other one that I met at the bookstore this afternoon? Since I haven't seen you, that would be the case.
That fake is inconvenient.
Since she's actually living in my house, I couldn't go there even if I wanted to.
That's why you're at a net café? You should have contacted me immediately.
Mai-san, is it okay if I have Futaba stay over at my place from today on? No way.
Huh? But Futaba's my friend! Then let me ask you.
Would you be okay if I had a guy friend stay at my place? I'd rather not imagine it.
See? So I'll stay at your place, too.
Big Brother has brought yet another new woman You're ruining my reputation.
B-But Kaede is your little sister, and thus prepared to accept you.
This is my friend, Rio Futaba.
Nice to meet you.
I-I'm Kaede Azusagawa This is Nasuno, and this is Hayate.
They'll both be staying with us for a while, starting tonight.
Let's see, Mai-san and Futaba can sleep in my room, and I— Then let's sleep together in Kaede's room, Big Brother! Denied.
I'll sleep in the living room.
I'll head home to grab some clothes, and take a bath while I'm there.
Then, Futaba can bathe before me.
I'll be clear, I don't intend on doing anything to the Futaba broth bathwater.
You understand me? You should die at saying "broth.
" I'll leave a towel here.
You have clothes to change into, right? I do.
If you don't, I can lend you a bunny girl outfit or panda pajamas.
I just said I do.
Anyways, are you okay? If you would leave, then yes.
There we go Why are you relaxing right outside the bath? I was talking about Adolescence Syndrome when I asked "are you okay?" I'm not really sure.
Is that all? What do you want me to say? Nothing, really.
Just to hear your opinion.
Slightly scary.
Only slightly? I was really scared when I was alone in the net café.
But still, is something like this even possible? For someone to exist as two people, I mean.
There is a possibility if quantum teleportation works on a macroscopic scale.
Teleportation? That's only in movies, isn't it? Not quite.
I'm talking about in the real world.
Seriously? We previously talked about quantum entanglement, right? I'll apply it to this case for a simple explanation.
Say there's a blueprint with information on how to construct me.
You call that simple? And let's say you use quantum entanglement to move that information to a distant location.
Like, if we take Futaba who's in the bath at my house, and send that information to the school? Right.
The information that constructs me will be established by someone's perception in the guise of Rio Futaba.
With that logic, isn't it impossible for both to exist simultaneously? Precisely.
In fact, I haven't seen my other self yet.
So if you ask me if we both exist simultaneously, I can't say for sure.
But when I met you at the net café, I was talking to the other Futaba on the phone.
Were you really talking to me on the phone? I couldn't see her or anything Oh, but this quantum teleportation? If the information that constructs you is the same, wouldn't your consciousness and memories be shared regardless of which is seen? Say the one observing me, Rio Futaba, was myself.
If, for whatever reason, there are two copies of my consciousness that observes me we could end up in a situation like the right now.
Meaning there are two personalities.
Let's say that's true.
How did it end up this way? I told you, I have no idea.
What are you doing? Watching Sakuta's face.
Well, I know you are, but Watching my boyfriend's face.
Did your heart skip a beat? Are you in high spirits? I get to spend time since a while ago and sleep over at my boyfriend's place.
Of course I am.
And Futaba? She's sound asleep.
Maybe she hasn't slept peacefully for the past few days? I see Even though I'm right in front of you, you're more worried about Futaba? Oh, dear.
I had the whole day off tomorrow, so I planned on letting you take me on a date.
Why are you talking like that idea is a bust? Because you're going to investigate about Futaba, aren't you? The "fake" should be at school tomorrow, working on Science Club things.
So yeah, I was thinking about heading over to check on her.
See? I knew it.
That's where I have a favor to ask.
No way.
You just want me to watch over the real Futaba while you're checking out the fake one, right? Just as I expected, Mai-san.
You really know me well.
Don't be elated.
Ouch, that hurts.
Don't be ecstatic.
So I'd like you to.
Then, in return for leaving you alone due to being busy with work, we're even.
Eh? I'd like something in return just to get one.
I'm here lying next to you.
Something more like what birds do with beaks.
Oh? You didn't get it? You don't have to use an apology as a reason to do that.
If you choose the right time, place and mood, you can make your move on me, you know? Mai-san.
What? That hurt.
It's because you got bashful and looked down.
It's because you got too greedy.
Mai-san? That's it for today.
Huh? It's because you suck at it, Sakuta.
Man, that really hurts my feelings.
I might lose confidence and become scared of women.
It'd never end up like that.
Why do you think that? Because I'll let you practice as much as you need to until you can do it well.
Mai-san What? I love you so much.
I know.
Well, good night.
Yup, good night.
AUGUST 3rd Big Brother, this is delicious! It's so fluffy! The eggs are tasty, too.
They're so creamy! Let's have Mai-san cook every day from now on.
Yeah! Don't use Kaede as bait.
Ow! What is the matter, Big Brother? My love is being tested right now You don't like it, Futaba? Oh, no It's just that this is my first breakfast in a while eating with others.
Good morning, Sakuta-san.
You have some guests? There's been a lot going on.
It's fine, come on in.
Oh, good morning, Shoko.
Good morning.
You have quite a few female acquaintances, Sakuta-san.
Oh, I didn't mean anything by that.
This is Rio Futaba, a classmate at my high school.
I'm Shoko Makinohara.
She really does exist Futaba, are you here? Come to think, Kunimi mentioned that there was a practice game.
There she is.
Hey, is that a third-year? She's kinda sexy.
Is Kunimi doing well? I came for my club activities, and this was on the way.
Why not do the "kyaaa! Kunimi!" thing too? I am cheering for him.
In your heart? You don't appeal to him enough, Futaba.
I don't want you getting in my way.
So, ultimately, what part of Kunimi did you fall for? What would you do by knowing? Nothing, really.
Sheer curiosity.
Want me to go get you one? No.
I didn't bring a lunch one day, and Kunimi gave me one.
It was the first term of our first year.
The first day I tried to buy some bread.
I was overwhelmed, when Kunimi called out to me.
You're a girl, so you like sweet things, right? He said, as he ate his battle trophy, the curry bread.
The curry bread prince, huh? And then? That's it.
How much is a Choco-Coronet? 130 yen.
Your price is quite reasonable.
I wouldn't have fallen in love if it was you who did it.
So it's his face, in the end? It was timing, in the end, I think.
Since I was feeling rather down back then.
You should watch, if you want to.
So, what do you want from me? Right now, I have a Futaba staying over at my place.
I see.
So that's why you were acting strange on the phone last night.
So what do you think is going on here? Do you think I'm a fake? That's what I first thought, to be honest.
But when I talk to you like this, you're both really Futaba.
What's my other self's opinion? Something about quantum teleportation, if that's possible.
The same as mine.
Her observation was that your consciousness is what is perceiving you, and there are two copies of your mind for one reason or another.
What about the reason? She said she had no clue.
And you believed a lie like that? Why do you think it's a lie? Because I have a clue as to why.
If it doesn't make a difference of who to ask, tell me.
I'm going back to do club stuff.
X and Y here are inside the parentheses Okay.
I'm making coffee, want some? Oh, yes.
Thank you.
Kaede is the little sister, so honey café au lait with lots of milk and honey is her favorite.
I'd be delighted to have what Kaede-san is having.
Then I might do the same, too Sorry, Kaede-chan.
It looks like it's from my manager.
Is something the matter? Is this a good time? It's fine.
Thank you for your hard work filming up to yesterday.
Are you away from home, by chance? Yes.
I'm at my boyfriend's house.
I see, boyfriend Wait, what!? Boyfriend!? D-Did you just say "boyfriend"? Futaba was around until a few minutes ago, right? You noticed? Right after the game started.
Does Futaba come by often? Hmm, let's see.
I think every so often, on the way to or from the Science Club? Who knows which is actually "on the way" Did something happened to Futaba? What do you mean, something? You don't like school enough to come during summer break, right? Meaning something happened to Futaba.
Kunimi-senpai, the coach is calling for you! Got it, be right there.
Hit me up if something happens.
About Futaba.
You don't have to tell me.
Better fly over, even in the middle of the night! I don't think I can fly, so I'll race over on my bike! Hello, Azusagawa residence.
Mai-san, can you do that one more time? Hello, Azusagawa residence.
Say it more like a newlywed wife.
How can you be so giddy over one phone call? How are things on your end? Futaba was here at school.
I see.
She's been here the whole time, too.
Anyways, can you come home soon? Is something wrong? I got a call from my manager earlier, so there's something I want to talk to you about.
Talk to me? What? No, it's nothing.
I'll see you later.
Azusagawa, you're friends with that girl, aren't you? By "that girl", I take it you mean Futaba? Isn't that girl doing something pretty risky? Something risky? This is her hidden account.
Nothing less from you, Big Brother.
What a rascal! Next Time #8 Wash It All Away on a Stormy Night