Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e08 Episode Script

Wash It All Away on a Stormy Night

1 I'm home.
Welcome back.
What are you doing? Making curry.
Looking like that? I'd hate if it splashed on my clothes.
Delicious! Yeah, it's great.
That's because I followed the recipe exactly.
Just like a science experiment.
Come to think, cooking and experiments might be similar.
Futaba, got a moment? Why is it that, each time I bathe, you always come to talk to me? Because it excites me when there's only a door between me and a naked girl.
Sometimes, it's easier to talk when you can't see their face, right? What's with that? I know what the other Futaba is doing.
So you heard something from the fake.
No, how I got there is a bit complicated.
I made that account before summer break.
But I didn't know what to write about.
Wouldn't anything have been okay? Like, "I'm in love with a handsome guy who has a girlfriend," or something.
Were you trying to make friends online? Who knows It might have been simpler than that, just wanting someone to give me attention.
Though, starting with lewd stuff isn't fair.
But that's all I got.
More like, you were confident about that? It was only an inferiority complex, never confidence.
My feminine parts developed before any of my classmates.
When I realized how all the monkey-like boys looked at me, I began to hate my body.
I felt like a truly filthy thing.
And yet, those photos? Because I get reactions.
I felt some salvation in that there was a reaction, regardless who it was from.
It's the same as saying you got something, just not how you wanted to.
Maybe that's why.
In the end, I couldn't detach from the disgust I felt being seen.
The immense stress from the contradictory ends and means caused my separation.
In other words, "the Futaba that wants attention," and , "the Futaba that can't forgive the means to do so," split apart? That's pretty much it.
The other Futaba seems to be uploading her selfies still.
I know So what do you want? If possible, I'd like her to stop.
All right.
Leave it to me.
What are you planning? I'll go to school again tomorrow.
And I'll have a leisurely chat with the other Futaba.
You do some tedious things.
Doka-chan, what's your favorite thing? I like the actress Mai Sakurajima.
She's a thing!? Most folks would say things like "strawberries" or "bean daifuku.
" Mai-san, what are you doing for your bath? Then, the strawberry daifuku Mai Sakurajima was eating in one of her TV dramas! Yeah, but before that Oh, come to think, you mentioned you had something to talk about.
Eh!? Dating is prohibited!? Does that mean we have to break up!? They didn't say that much, but the agency ordered me to not see you privately.
They might be confusing me for an idol singer who can't have romantic relationships at all.
So, did you agree to those terms? It's not something I can decide by myself, so I held on the reply.
Meaning Yeah.
It's a problem for both of us, right? There's nothing we can do for a while.
What do you mean, "nothing we can do?" It's a strategic retreat.
You're okay with that? Even if you can't see me for a while? I hate it But, you just resumed your career in show-biz.
So wouldn't you be more well liked if you acted the model student for a while? A boring, yet sound argument.
AUGUST 4th Did you figure something out? I discovered that you're amazing when you take your clothes off.
So you came to lecture me, saying something like, "Don't do such foolish things.
" As if.
That's so tedious.
Mai-san went home, and I can't go on dates with her.
So I'm bored, and thought to spend some leisurely time with you.
I see, so you came to do something even more tedious.
So did you take anything other than the ones you uploaded? So they're not all lewd.
Those are from middle school.
I had no intent on showing anyone anything, at first.
I just wanted an objective look at myself and think, "I'm doing something stupid.
" What's the point of doing that? A form of self-mutilation.
You might not be able to understand, but I hate who I am.
The other Futaba said something similar.
Azusagawa, which side are you on? I'm on Futaba's side.
What a pretentious answer.
You really should give up on one or the other.
The world doesn't need two Rio Futabas.
I went out to Kamakura.
With my other self? No, by myself.
I thought you were having a leisurely chat? Say, Futaba Can you think of a way to return to one self? Now that we're both doing separate things, gaining different memories and experiences, I doubt we can return to one being.
AUGUST 5th So, have you decided which one of us you want? That's something for you to decide for yourself.
You should make your own decisions, right? I see.
A sound argument.
Man, I'm gonna die! Sakuta! Air, please! Futaba, Kunimi is asking you to fan him.
Futaba! Air, please! Feels good Rio-san, would you like some, too? So how long are you going to keep doing stuff like this? AUGUST 12th Until Futaba no longer does stuff like that, I guess.
Though, I wouldn't mind if it's until you start showing lewd pics to only me.
If that's your goal, you're getting further away each day.
I'M CALLING THE POLICE That should do it.
I'll walk you home, just in case.
Delete it.
That account Please, delete it.
Well I'm sorry.
I got to see a really cute side of you, so I'll be bragging to Kunimi sometime.
Eh? Um I want you to stay with me tonight.
Your parents? Dad's in Germany for a conference.
Mom's somewhere in Europe for a business deal.
That's a line I'd usually hear in a TV drama.
Happens a lot in our family.
Full disclaimer, though.
I am a guy.
If something happens, I'll report to Sakurajima immediately, including things that didn't happen.
Keep it to things that really happen, please.
Azusagawa? I'm here.
Azusagawa? Here.
I think I was scared.
Right now, I have you and Kunimi.
But maybe I felt like I'll end up alone again, someday.
What's that about? I wasn't this uneasy before entering high school.
Whether at school or at home, it was a given that I'd be by myself.
But I entered high school And ended up in the same class as you and Kunimi in the first year And I've felt uneasy ever since.
Kunimi is such a sinful guy.
You're responsible for half of it.
I'm surprised you can come to school every day.
The whole school gives you the cold shoulder due to the hospitalization rumors.
Everyone is avoiding me? Isn't that a bit too self-conscious? I doubt it's going too far, at all.
Is your head all right? No, you're coming to school because it's not.
Futaba, you're amusing.
Huh? What do you mean? When you talk to me like this, you're quite amusing.
Oh yeah, stuff like that happened When Kunimi got a girlfriend, I became really scared.
All he does is make you sad.
You, as well.
I thought you'd never give me attention again after finding such a beautiful girlfriend.
I intend to have you stick around as my friend for the rest of my life.
That, and you really don't get it at all.
Get what? You've got the hots for Kunimi, but you don't understand him at all.
I'll borrow your phone.
I'll teach you just how amazing he is.
You'll fall in love all over again.
Stop it! This late at night, he'll think I have no sense! Too late.
Futaba's in a pinch! Come to Honkugenuma Station right away! You're late.
No, you're just too quick.
You're the one who said to come flying over.
Futaba, are you all right? Sakuta didn't do anything weird to you, did he? Like I would! I totally thought that you assaulted her.
Why would the assailant be the one calling you!? Because your guilty conscience was tormenting you? Wait, Sakuta doesn't have a conscience.
Why Why Kunimi, don't make her cry.
It's my fault? Without a doubt, it's your fault.
Well, you got me.
It's not Kunimi's fault Futaba sure is cute when she cries.
I don't know that It's been a while since I last cried But But I I wasn't alone at all I wasn't alone Sakuta.
You're buying Futaba and I some juice.
Why am I the one being exploited? I don't flippin' get it.
You gotta rehydrate what we've lost, yeah? Here.
Thank you! Azusagawa's been totally domesticated by Sakurajima-senpai.
Sakuta can be valiant in the strangest places.
So, what do we do now? This.
The wind's strong, huh? They say a typhoon is coming in tomorrow night.
Get closer, Kunimi.
Block the wind with that big body of yours.
S-So close Oh, it's lit! Futaba, hurry.
Don't fling it around! Kunimi, you're not asking me anything.
About me.
When Sakuta called me out, I wondered what the hell was going on.
But when I saw you crying like that, I didn't care anymore.
Argh! Damn, I lost! Maybe we'll get a good view from here.
The fireworks festival at Enoshima is next week, right? Why don't we watch it together again? You haven't made a promise with that cute girlfriend of yours? Well, we're kind of in the middle of a fight.
You didn't promise Sakurajima-senpai? Thanks to her agency, I'm prohibited from going on dates.
Nothing like a super-popular celebrity.
Futaba? I don't have any plans.
Then it's decided.
Isn't the sky a bit brighter now? I've never pulled an all-nighter before.
What in the world am I doing? Something stupid, of course.
We're certainly doing something stupid.
It would've been great if you two were girls.
The trains should be moving by now.
Well, that was fun.
See ya.
Azusagawa If you're still scared, I'll stay with you again today.
I'm fine on that front.
It's my other self.
She has it worse than I do.
Because she hates me So, please Take care of my other self.
Welcome back.
I'm home.
You must be tired.
She said she deleted the account.
I doubt she'll be doing that anymore.
I see I'll fill you in on the details later.
Right now, I'm tired and going to sleep.
AUGUST 13th Good morning, Big Brother.
Morning, Kaede.
Is Futaba in her room? No, she's not back yet.
Huh? Did she step out? Right after you came home, she said she was going shopping.
Shopping? Damn! She left her phone behind! This is the worst feeling, dammit! What's wrong? Futaba is gone.
I got home, passed out, and when I woke up, she was clean outta my house, stuff and all.
I'll say this just in case, but we're not back to one person.
Any idea where she might have gone? If it was me Dammit! This is so tedious! Futaba is so tedious! Azusagawa Why? Man, that was a hell of a time Yesterday oh wait, this morning.
There was something I forgot to tell you.
What? Wanna go see fireworks next week? Eh? The fireworks festival at Enoshima.
We went last year, didn't we? Kunimi said he'd come, too.
I You're coming too, right? I won't.
You already got plans or something? I'm going to disappear from here Huh? I'll disappear from your sight, Azusagawa.
I'll disappear from this city.
What's with that? The world doesn't need two Rio Futabas.
My other self is being a much better Rio Futaba than me.
She's accustomed to this world.
Everything will be resolved if I'm gone.
That's a wrong answer.
No part of that is wrong.
Totally wrong.
Right from the foundation.
If so, why was such a picture If I'm shown such an enviable picture, that's the only way I can think! There's nowhere I belong anymore! There's no more need for me You and Kunimi are fine as long as my other self is around, right? You're so insensitive, Azusagawa! Dumbass.
You say that after all this? You're already fully aware that I'm insensitive.
So, we're all meeting up at Kugenuma- Kaigan Station at 6:30 on the 19th, okay? That's all I have to say.
Azusagawa! Morning.
This is all because you ran around in the pouring rain, getting soaked.
The test results said there's nothing wrong.
Why do you look so captivated? With such a beautiful senpai here, I couldn't help it.
If you're acting like that, you're definitely fine.
Mai-san, what brings you here? I got a call from Futaba.
Azusagawa I troubled you with this, too.
No kidding.
The way you do this is so unfair.
I couldn't leave you collapsed in a place like that.
If so, it was worth collapsing.
Azusagawa, I If it's about how you're no longer needed, or everything will be reconciled if you fade away, or you're scared and not sure what to do, tedious stuff like that, I don't want to hear it.
It's all right if you hate yourself, really.
I always live thinking, "well, I guess this is how things go.
" Nothing less from you.
Normally, this is where people say "You can slowly work on liking yourself," or "There are tons of good things about you, Futaba," or something like that.
Living with such a positive attitude is so exhausting, right? You really are the worst, Azusagawa.
But somehow, it's a relief.
Truly, such a relief.
You know Can I go see the fireworks, too? No way.
You can't come if you ask like that.
I-I want to see the fireworks, too! You're asking the wrong person.
It's me.
Yeah, I met up with Azusagawa.
And, well I have a favor to ask.
I want to go to the fireworks together.
Hello? You should head back to the consultation room.
Sakurajima-senpai is waiting for you, right? So you're back to being one person.
So, about the fireworks.
Don't you dare be late.
Got it.
AUGUST 19th Hey, Futaba.
You went back to glasses.
I-Is it weird? It looks good with the yukata.
Right, Sakuta? Looks kinda erotic.
Right, Kunimi? Definitely.
That's why I hated wearing a yukata.
Kunimi What? Futaba, I Don't bother answering.
I already know the answer.
I see If you said anything, I think I'd cry, too.
If you do, Sakuta will lend you a sleeve of his yukata.
You can blow your nose in it.
Kunimi? Go make up with your girlfriend.
I'm sure the reason is me or Azusagawa, right? Yeah I guess I'll call her later.
Nothing less from you, Sakuta.
You rascal! Next Time #9 Sister Panic