Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e09 Episode Script

Sister Panic

1 SEPTEMBER 1st The eagerly awaited second term has begun.
Mai was busy with show-biz work during summer break.
On top of it, her agency forbid us from going on dates.
So there were many days where I couldn't see her.
Don't worry.
Once the second term starts, we'll see each other normally at school.
Those days are finally over! And yet I don't see Mai-san anywhere.
It doesn't look like she even came to school.
Mai-san Mai-san! Who are you? Eh? I'm asking, who are you? As you know, I am Sakuta Azusagawa, and I have a pure, innocent relationship with you.
H-Huh!? A guy with dead eyes like that couldn't possibly be Big Sister's boyfriend.
Big Sister? Who are you? She's Nodoka Toyohama.
And, for now, I'm Mai Sakurajima.
O-Oh! I-It really is you, Mai-san.
You can tell from being stepped on? What kinda pervert are you? What exactly is the meaning of all this? It's a dream! A dream! It's not a dream.
I somehow swapped bodies with her.
Could it possibly be Puberty Syndrome, I think.
Again? Mai-san, what's the rent for this place? I don't pay rent.
I bought it.
More importantly, that's your reaction for your first time in your girlfriend's home? You should look happier.
If the situation wasn't what it is If this isn't a dream, then what is it? It's a lie.
It's all a lie! You should hurry up and accept reality.
Wasn't Nodoka Toyohama Doka-chan, what's your favorite thing? I like the actress Mai Sakurajima.
She's in that idol group, "Sweet Palette" or something? Not "Pallete" with a P, but "Bullet.
" "Sweet Bullet!" How are you two related? I said before that I had a little sister, right? A half-sister on my dad's side, after he remarried.
Why is said little sister here? She suddenly came to my place late last night.
She said she didn't want to go home.
And our bodies were swapped after waking up this morning.
What's up with all that Toyohama-san, do you have any clues why? Huh? Clues? Clues as to why you swapped bodies with my Mai-san.
And who is "my Mai-san?" Ouch I have no idea! More like, why are both of you so cal— How do you stay calm!? Physical bodies swapping? That's absolutely, positively, perfectly abnormal! Right.
Wait, that's all? Big Si— Mai-san, you're all right with this? With this situation? For better or worse, it's already happened, so we have to live with it.
Anyways, until we return to normal, I'll live as Nodoka.
Nodoka, you have to live as me.
This is all I have for work.
A fashion magazine shoot, some interviews, and a commercial filming.
That's surprisingly little work.
I cut back for the second term, so a certain someone wouldn't feel lonely.
It's useless if the dating ban hasn't been lifted.
Nodoka's schedule is packed.
It's not real work.
They're mostly song and dance lessons.
Sweet Bullet has a gig at the end of the month.
I hope we can return back before then I don't have song and dance experience, so it'll be rough to learn it all.
What about you? Yeah, I've done photo shoots and interviews before.
But filming commercials The director is the type to be strict to the script, so you'll be fine if you're prepared.
Oh, you can go home now, Sakuta.
Eh? What'll happen to my lovey-dovey life with you, Mai-san? Let's meet up at 7:50 tomorrow morning.
I'd like you to take Nodoka to school.
SEPTEMBER 2nd Nasuno and Hayate are one step ahead! It's the duty of a little sister to wake up her big brother.
Morning, Kaede.
Kaede wants to be a cat, too.
And if Kaede were to swap bodies with a cat, it'd make even less sense.
Um, I should have asked this first, but Isn't it impossible for me to pretend that I'm Mai-san? Close friends would notice right away that I'm acting odd.
Don't worry, Mai-san doesn't have any friends.
Huh? What's that? You're in the same boat.
I have friends.
Three of them, even.
There you have it.
It'll be easy pretending to be me at school.
Sit quiet in class, and go home when it's done.
No need to talk with anyone.
O-Okay Well It's the same for me.
When my record debut was confirmed last year, I lost all time to hang with my school friends.
Two friendless sisters It's too sad.
Well then, I'll head to Nodoka's school.
Was it a rich girls' school in Yokohama? About Nodoka, I have a good clue why, but can you ask what happened? I think I'm the reason this happened.
It's rough having a big sister that everyone in the country knows.
That, and stories of how prideful both our mothers are.
I didn't mention before? My mother made me join a troupe out of spite for her ex-husband and his new wife, Nodoka's mother.
I hadn't heard that.
When she found out, Nodoka's mother forced her daughter into one, as well.
I see.
So the daughters are pawns in their proxy war.
What were you talking about? You want to know? Annoying.
Come to think, is it fine to send Mai-san to school like that? Huh? I'm asking if the idol Nodoka Toyohama won't cause a panic riding trains like everyone else.
Are you mocking me? I'm actually worried about you.
It's totally fine.
You say I'm an idol, but we're not that popular.
Nobody knows anything about me Class 3-1, okay? I know.
My seat's on the window side, second from the back.
And I just need to quietly listen to class, right? You sure can act the part.
The speech and expressions are just like Mai-san's.
I impersonated her often as a kid.
She was my pride, and who I looked up to.
Setting aside the examinations of what's going on For this case, aren't the clues to solve this out in the open? Meaning? I believe that Puberty Syndrome is caused by one's unstable mental state.
Well, that's the logical step.
If I can imagine where the issue stems from by listening to the circumstances, you'd obviously have a clue about it, wouldn't you? To describe it in a sentence "An inferiority complex against a gifted big sister.
" But still, how do you get over that? Maybe she just needs to become a nationally popular idol? Girls taking off their tights is kinda erotic.
D-Don't watch, dummy! Feels good! What's with this beach? It's the best! It indeed is the best.
Why do you keep staring at my legs!? They're wonderful.
Don't look at Big Sister's body with lewd eyes! I want them to sandwich me.
Specifically, I mean my face.
The thought that it's okay if it's your head is totally crazy.
You should die.
If it was Mai-san, she'd say, "Sandwiching a young boy's head with my legs is nothing.
" Big Sis, what part of this guy do you like so much? Say, why don't you call Mai-san "Big Sis" when she's around? You sometimes call her "Mai-san", and you speak somewhat politely Of course.
In show-biz, she's a great senpai to me.
Is that all? That's all.
Then why did you run away from home to end up at her place? If it were me, I'd seek someone more familiar.
I'm not like you.
Don't you have something you want to tell her? For instance, something like, "I hate you, Big Sister!" No! No Well, isn't it fine? The fact that you ran away from home likely means you're in a fight with your parents.
If you said the reason was Mai-san, then of course you'd start hating her.
What is it What is it with you!? I haven't said anything! You don't need to tell me to understand that much.
Mai-san probably has a general idea, too.
No way Well, you should have a proper talk with Mai-san when you get home.
See ya.
Hold on.
What is it? Can I sleep at your place for a while? I can't go back to Big Sister's place after all this.
How will you explain that to her? You could come up with some good excuse What's wrong? Toyohama-san wants to sleep over at my place.
The reason? Well, let's see Wait.
I'll say it.
I've always, ever since I was little been compared.
Every audition I went to, they always chose you.
And each time, Mom would get mad at me.
She'd say, "Why can't you do what Mai-chan can do?" While you were on hiatus from show-biz, I was finally able to debut as part of Sweet Bullet.
Mom got a tiny bit kinder and complimented me.
But But what's this about resuming show-biz work? You got a good role in a special drama, landed a lot of commercials, and I see you on the cover of fashion magazines every single month! Why do you keep getting in my way!? You easily accomplish what I am finally able to do.
You're the one that everyone is watching all the time! Don't make all of my effort go to waste! I hate you! I hate you, Big Sister! I see.
I'm glad.
I hated you too, Nodoka.
Though, it's all thanks to our insensitive father.
Not only did he leave us, he was the one who first brought us together.
It's not particularly your fault, but you must know that I have ill feelings, too.
Is it really all right? For you to sleep over, I mean.
I can't have Nodoka sleeping over at your place.
Well, you have a point, but Welcome home, Big Brot— Big Brother has gone delinquent.
No, I haven't.
Big Brother has turned into a gigolo.
What kind of interpretation is that? You have yet another new girl with you.
She's Mai-san's little sister.
She'll be staying with us for a while.
Nice to meet you.
I'm Nodoka Toyohama! In the future, if I were to marry Mai-san Nodoka Toyohama would be a little sister Rather, sister-in-law.
But she's actually Mai's half-sister, so she'd be a half-sister-in-law What's the right way to address people like her? You sure took your time.
Were you thinking about me or something? I'm always thinking about you, Mai-san.
Yeah, yeah.
Actually, I was just engrossed in playing the submarine game.
Huh? Do you know what that game is? Those wounds aren't going away.
Would you like to touch them? Why would I? Because I want you to touch them.
Stop speaking nonsense and put your clothes on.
We're in trouble if your naked body gets burned into Nodoka's memory.
She's not a child, either.
She's still quite the child.
And who was it that had a huge argument with said child? That was I think it's best to be honest.
I don't want to hear sound logic.
Hayate, were you being a good kitty? Makinohara, you don't have a big sister, right? Yes.
I'm an only child.
But, sometimes I long for one, wishing it'd be nice to have a wonderful big sister.
Kaede would also be happy to have a wonderful big sister.
But only if she's older than Big Brother.
Kaede is the only little sister for Big Brother! SEPTEMBER 10th You're filming the commercial starting tomorrow morning? How's this smile? Wouldn't it be better to ask Mai-san for stuff like that? I didn't mention her.
If that's the case, it troubles an amateur like me when you ask.
Then I won't ask.
Oh, good morning, Senpai.
Is Mai-san on that issue? I'm not giving it to you.
I haven't read it all yet.
I still need to study it.
That's fine.
I'll just look at the real deal.
Senpai That line was super creepy.
Welcome Mai-san, what's wrong? I thought I should eat something before my singing practice.
I could get hungry.
Is that Toyohama's smartphone? A text from Nodoka's mother.
I've gotten about 50 of them today, since this morning.
- Hurry and come home.
- Are you going to your vocal lessons? - Be mindful of your time One of these, please.
Spaghetti with tomato sauce, was it? In preparation for tomorrow's commercial shoot, she was practicing hard to make the right expressions.
What's this so suddenly? I thought that's actually why you came by to hear.
Actually, I stopped by to see my boyfriend's face.
Man, I'm so happy.
You can be genuinely grateful.
If you have any advice, I'll relay it.
Did Nodoka say she wanted some? No.
Then, I won't give any.
So she's on your mind after all.
It's fine.
If she can remember what she was taught in the troupe, she'll make it through, no problem.
SEPTEMBER 12th Can't help being sleepy, so early in the morning Mai Sakurajima-san is on the set! Good morning! Thank you all for your hard work.
We're going in with the camera test before the train comes in! All right, let's go.
And Start! Okay, cut! We'll wait for a train to pass, then we'll film! Is she all right? All right, starting takes.
Take one! Stop the cameras! Mai-san? Mai-san? Calm down! Breathe slowly! All right, she's conscious.
Hurry up! Sakuta Running again today? I'm increasing stamina for the gig.
Anyways, how'd the shoot go? Look at this depressed look on my face.
I realize it didn't go that well, but it ended after some retakes, right? No, the problem was before that.
She got dizzy before the first take, and collapsed.
Huh? They cancelled the shoot.
The staff was saying she probably just hyperventilated.
Why did It became painfully obvious to her How much trust and expectation people put on Mai Sakurajima.
You don't get it? She felt pressured by everything of that nature, I'm sure You seem to be in a bad mood.
What's wrong? Nothing, really.
Just had a thought.
About how I'd feel if I had a big sister that could do anything.
What's with that? I've never experienced being compared to a big sister.
Then do you want to ask someone who has a big sister that can do anything? What? Sakuta said he had something to ask you.
Kamisato, do you have a big sister? I do, but Wait, why don't you know about her? And why should I know about what goes on in your family? Big Sister attended this school until last year.
She was also the student council president, so I'm sure you saw her around.
I don't remember her.
Can I go now? Can you try a bit harder? So your sister was brilliant? She got into the best national university in Japan on her first year trying.
Do you like your big sister? Not really.
Then you hate her? Not really.
I see.
I get it now.
Huh? What are you saying you understand? So it's not something as simple as liking or hating It's not like I hate her or anything.
I'm just annoyed that Mom keeps saying I should take her as an example and study more.
Mai-san Here you go.
A key to my place.
You're giving me a spare key? I can't give you a spare key that easily.
You're so disgusting.
Ouch, ouch! I'm lending it to you, only briefly.
I'm counting on you.
If she's still on your mind, you should go and talk to her.
I just don't know what to say to her.
You can include that as part of what to tell her.
I don't want to.
Well, you still have to save face as the big sister Then, I'll be going now.
Hold on.
What is it? Never, ever open the cabinets in the Japanese-style room.
Never, ever? Never, ever, huh? Yes? It's Azusagawa.
What is it? Can I come in? Even if I can't, I'll help myself in with the spare key Mai-san lent me.
Um Did Big Sister say anything? Not really.
She wasn't worried at all.
She thought you would have several outtakes, but she had no doubt you'd be able to get a good take out of that director.
Really? You know, you should just smile like that.
Huh? For that commercial shoot.
While you were practicing, you forced yourself to smile like Mai-san.
But it looked really fake, to be blunt.
In any case This is horrible.
She couldn't possibly have anticipated this in giving me the spare key Have you eaten? I haven't eaten since morning.
Then I'll make something, so you can freshen up by taking a bath first.
Don't peek.
Are you asking me to peek in? Of course not! Die! Nothing less from you, Sakuta.
What a rascal.
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