Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e10 Episode Script

Complex Congratulations

1 Well then, Maiko-chan, shall we go home together? Okay! This is Big Sister If I try hard enough, maybe I can meet her someday.
Sheesh, they should hurry and make up.
I'm home.
You're late.
I was cooking, doing laundry and cleaning over there.
That's it? For today, my honest feelings are that you guys should hurry and make up.
I see I'm turning in.
Eh? No rewards for going over to check on how she was doing? I have an early morning meeting to prepare for the gig tomorrow.
SEPTEMBER 8th Oh no, I left my window open.
Care to try being dead, too? No, that's not the smile you want! If you're going to study up on Mai-san, make it something a bit more exhilarating.
Oh, what should I do? The retake for the commercial is tomorrow! I haven't grasped anything yet! Things probably won't change going into tomorrow, anyway.
Y-You don't have to be so blunt! Maybe you don't have to try doing things you can't do.
Just be mediocre.
You're being too greedy.
What, going home already? If I'm home late, Mai-san gets in a bad mood.
Hold on! Y-You know I want to take my time with a bath so can you stay until I'm out? Huh? I don't see why I have to stay.
I don't flippin' get it.
Wh-When I'm bathing by myself, I sometimes have a bad feeling So you're just scared.
You jumped at that bath scene earlier, too! I'm okay if I can bathe with you.
Y-You'd have to ask Big Sister about that All right, let me call Mai-san.
N-Never mind! Die! Seriously, die! I'm home! W-Welcome back, Big Brother.
Y-You're home early.
Is that a new game? I-If you think Kaede is playing games all the time, you're seriously mistaken.
Kaede has a lot of things on her mind, too.
What are you thinking of to end up like that? Big Brother, you promise not to laugh? I won't laugh.
What do you think? It smells like the closet.
That's it? Hmm You kinda look like a middle school student.
K-Kaede is a bona-fide middle school student! I think it's almost time for Kaede.
Almost time to put in some effort.
Don't overdo it.
Since Big Brother keeps bringing one new girl after another, Kaede feels she needs to shape up soon.
I'm home! Welcome back, Nodoka-san.
Your uniform? It's great! So cute! Really!? Yup.
Oh, I have a souvenir.
Thank you so much! Oh, it's slightly better pudding! That's right.
I got this, too.
Tickets for the gig at the end of the month.
Give one to Nodoka, too.
You can give it to her yourself There's one for you too, so come see the show together.
I sent one to Nodoka's mom, too.
SEPTEMBER 19th Ready Start! Yes! Okay! That's a wrap! Thank you very much.
Good thing that went well.
That didn't go well at all.
Twelve takes? You've got to be kidding! It really is impossible for me to be like Big Sister.
I seriously can't think about living under this much pressure every day.
Totally impossible.
Oh man, what should I do? Worry about that once you're actually that popular.
That's not what I'm talking about.
What about you? Do you want to be like Mai-san? I'm not sure.
I think I wanted to in the past.
And now? Answer.
Hello? Why are you answering, Sakuta? Well, I needed to tell you something, so it's all right.
Me? Your dad called a few minutes ago.
I didn't answer, but when the answering machine picked up, he asked if you could see him two nights from now.
Got it.
Thank you so much.
Oh, and the commercial shoot ended well.
Though she had like thirteen takes.
Twelve! I see.
Tell Nodoka she did a good job.
See you.
That's right.
Mai-san told me to give you this.
The ticket for the gig at the end of the month.
I still remember when I first met Big Sister at an audition, back when I was a kid.
Audition Area - historical drama "Kokonoe" I was just thinking how I wanted a little sister! I was so happy Big Sister was just so awesome.
Well, Mai-san is still awesome as always.
But recalling it now, I think Big Sister was bewildered.
But, she was still Big Sister I know I can't be like Big Sister, but I'll continue my work as a pop idol.
The gigs are fun, and I have fans that cheer for me.
I see.
Yeah So I'll first work hard on getting a song where I'm the main singer.
That way, Mother may be more understanding of me.
Hey, what do you think about your parents? Do you know of the situation regarding my family? Yeah.
I've heard most of it from Big Sister.
Your little sister developed Puberty Syndrome, your mother was hospitalized because she couldn't accept that fact, and your father had to stay by her side Well, that's about it.
In the end, they left everything about Kaede to me, and now we live apart.
And? How do you feel about your parents? They're my parents.
Huh? What's up with that? Surely, you have other feelings.
Like you love them, hate them, they piss you off or are annoying Well, all of the above? No grudges? Not really.
Why? Probably because they're my parents.
Something wrong? Mother Where is Nodoka? This is an important time for her.
Please return her! Sorry, I don't understand She's at your place, isn't she? No, she is not.
Don't lie to me! She really isn't here.
Would you like to come in and see for yourself? No, that's fine.
If you hear from Nodoka, please tell her to hurry back home.
SEPTEMBER 21st It's been a while.
How's Mom? Getting better.
I see.
That's good.
- Oh— - Ka— H-How's Kaede doing? She was wearing her uniform when I came home the other day.
It's still hard for her to go outside, but I think she feels that she can't stay like this forever.
I see You know What is it? How does it feel to be a parent? You can't possibly have a kid— No, not that! I haven't done that stuff yet! That's not what I wanted to ask.
I see, not yet Well, you can find out what it feels like once you've become a parent.
Will I be one someday? Honestly, your mother and I were in turmoil when you were born.
It was a first time for everything, which made us feel uneasy One time, when I was changing your diapers, my head so hazy from utter fatigue, I feel asleep before finishing.
If you're going to tell me anything, can you make it something more decent? SEPTEMBER 30th Amazing.
You're pretty popular.
For now, it's all we can do to fill up a place of this size.
So your mother is somewhere in the crowd? Somewhere towards the front, I think.
Good evening! We're Sweet Bullet! Well, it's finally started.
Toyohama, were you "Doka-chan"? Should I go along with it? Wait, Zukki, aren't you sweating a ton? You don't have to! Eh? Idols don't sweat.
No, you are.
Quite a bit.
You always say how even your panties are drenched after a gig.
I-Idols don't wear panties! Eh? You're not wearing panties? Oh no, no, that's not what I wanted to say.
I wanted to say, idols never sweat! Then, what's that? This is, well Some kind of strange juice! If we keep this up, she might say something fatal to a pop idol's career.
Okay, on to the next song, "BABY"! I WANNA KISS YOU, LOVE ME BABY! I WANNA KISS YOU, LOVE ME BABY! Yeah, yeah! Today's Set List 1.
Sweet Bullet 2.
BABY You know, Nee, watashi My brain has been in a traffic jam all day long Asa kara shikou kairo ga daijuutai desu I won't look so flat and exhausted like before Mae mitai ni kino nuketa kao nante shinaiwa Calculating to pretend that it's just a coincidence Guuzen wo yosoou tame no keisan wo shite Words to approach you with are what I desperately-- Kimi ni kakeru kotoba hisshi-- am searching for Sagashiteru Jouzu ni hanaseru jishin nante Confidence that I can speak well is something I don't have one bit of Koreppochi mo nai kuse nine For you, KISS YOU, LOVE ME BABY Kimi ni KISS YOU, LOVE ME BABY This story's just begun Hajimatta bakari no STORY Big Sister is amazing - Yoshuu mo nanimo dekite naikedo - I haven't beenn able to study in advance at all And now, the usual event for Sweet Bullet Announcing the featured member for the next single! Clap, clap, clap! Wait, since I'm the one announcing it, that means I'm out of the running! Maybe it's a surprise and you're announcing yourself, Zukki! Well, here goes! Announcing! The featured member of our next single is Doka-chan! Grats! Thank you! I'll do my best to not lose to everyone else, including Zukki! Man, that was fun.
I can kinda see why some people get totally obsessed with pop idols.
What are they waiting for? That.
Good for you.
Good for you.
I'm so happy for you.
You really tried so hard.
Mother was smiling It's normal to smile sometimes.
No way.
She's never looked like that in front of me.
So in the end, it's all about Big Sister.
So Mother thinks Big Sister is better after all I don't want to go home.
I want to go to the beach.
All right.
Just for a bit.
Hey! Hold on! Let go! Nobody really needs me at all! Toyohama! What the hell are you doing? I've had enough of this! No way you've had enough! Let go! Let go of me, you idiot! Who's the idiot here!? This has nothing to do with you! Then don't test me so unfairly! Don't go into the ocean assuming someone will save you, idiot! Shut up! All you care about is Big Sister! That's right! If something happened to you, Mai-san will be sad! That's a lie! It's not a lie! If something happened to you, I know Mai-san will be sad! She said she hated me! And that was the lie! Do you have proof? Fine.
I'll show you.
You shouldn't do that.
Swimming is prohibited in this area.
What is this? You'll see when you open it.
These are all letters I wrote.
Why? I don't get it Why Why? Obviously, because she was happy to receive them.
She kept all the letters from you safe and sound.
There's no way she hates you if she's done this.
But I'm not her real little sister! What's that about? Back when I wrote these, I didn't know that Big Sister and I had different mothers, and what that meant So, after I figured it out, I always felt uneasy When I thought that I was being a nuisance to Big Sister, I couldn't write letters anymore! Or so she says.
Mai-san, how did you really feel? Don't look through people's treasures without permission.
Why Big Sister All I remember from back then is how dizzy I felt from how busy I was.
All I did after going home was sleep, and didn't have time to watch the shows I appeared in.
So many people complimented me, but all I thought was, "Who are these people?" But you were different, Nodoka.
Honestly, I was bewildered when you were introduced as my little sister But you always gave me letters saying, "You were awesome!" or "You're amazing!" And it gave me courage each time.
I felt that I could keep working hard as long as it made you happy.
And thanks to that, I came to like my job.
So, Nodoka Thank you.
Thank you for being my little sister.
Big Sister Not fair! You're not fair, Big Sister! Saying that after everything's said and done It's too late! I tried to do my best, too.
But why do you get a featured song before me? Why are you being complimented by my mother!? Because I practiced.
I practiced bit by bit every day.
That's what I mean! No matter how hard it is, you do what you need to properly! It's your fault if you can't do it! I hate how you're awesome like that! Ouch! Why me!? Sorry.
She sounded like a spoiled brat, so my anger flared up.
Then you slapped the wrong person, right? She has a fashion magazine photo shoot tomorrow, right? What'll she do if she's scarred because of me? Stuff like that, too Your professionalism is too strong! I can't even compete! I can't even compete Nodoka.
You know how your mother was in the line of high-fives after the gig, right? Her hand was trembling on her turn, and she held my hand.
I think she felt really uneasy until now.
Uneasy? Seeing you do everything to meet her expectations, she was uneasy about whether or not you were truly happy this whole time But I don't know anything about that.
I haven't heard a thing.
Like parents would be able to tell their child about how uneasy they feel about raising them.
But I I I just wanted my mother to be happy since she was always mad, you see? She always talked about you, so I wanted her to compliment me for once! I wanted my mother to smile at me! Then, from now on, make her happy with something you choose for yourself, Nodoka.
Not something she tells you to do.
Yup Yup Sorry I'm sorry, mother You know, Big Sister What? I don't have to be exactly like you, do I? You can if you want to be.
I don't.
Huh? Eh? What? We're back? I think so We're back! We're back to normal, Big Sister! Nodoka! I'm so glad! Now, I can be all lovey-dovey with Mai-san Big Sister! Oh, don't cry But In the end, I wonder what this was all about.
First of all, it wasn't their personas that had swapped, right? I guess so.
You could say it was only their appearances that swapped.
The little sister's consciousness, thinking "I want to be like Big Sister" or "I have to be like her," probably changed her appearance into that of Mai Sakurajima.
Probably, but what kind of reasoning is that? As for the principle, it's probably adequate to assume it's a type of quantum teleportation.
Quantum Mechanics Stories that Even Gorillas Can Understand Gorillas are smart, aren't they? In other words Sakurajima-senpai's little sister took the blueprint for her big sister's physical body for her own, and gained the guise of our senpai by observing it for herself.
That's what I think.
Then, why did Mai-san look like Toyohama as well? Is it possible to think that she may have been slightly jealous of her little sister, too? It's unlocked.
Come in.
Excuse me! Why are you here, Toyohama? I'm going to live here, too.
I thought you mended fences with your mom.
I had another fight soon after.
I mean, she was so annoying, telling me to do this and that, you know? Don't "you know" me! Are you okay with this, Mai-san? Oh, sorry.
It's a call from my agency.
Thanks for the hard work.
When I talked to Big Sister about it, she asked, "Do you want to live at my place for a while?" And, well Thank you.
Big Sister said I should give a proper thanks! I troubled you in many ways And you saved me Don't worry about it.
I just wanted to be lovey-dovey with Mai-san as soon as possible.
I think I understand it a bit now.
Huh? Why Big Sister chose you, Sakuta.
I am terribly sorry about that.
Yes, I realize I'll be troubling you.
Yes Is something wrong? I think we've got a slight problem now Showbiz news Shocking Scandal for Mai Sakurajima! Is that her boyfriend walking next to her!? Nothing less from you, Sakuta-kun.
What a rascal.
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