Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e11 Episode Script

The Kaede Quest

1 PRODUCTION ANNOUNCEMENT FOR THE FILM "FUTURE OF SPRING (HARUNO MIRAI)" I am terribly sorry to have caused such a commotion as of late.
What kind of person is he? How did you end up dating him? He is a younger boy who attends the same school as me.
He confessed his love in front of the entire student body, and well Mai-san, your face seems to be a bit red.
I'm talking about my first-ever boyfriend in front of so many cameras, after all.
Of course I'd be embarrassed! With the movie production announcement becoming something like this, I've troubled the director, as well as all of my co-stars.
The producer was ecstatic, saying how he didn't need to do advertising, so it's fine.
He became the catalyst for me returning to my work in the business.
If I hadn't met him, I never would have had the opportunity to stand before cameras like this.
I don't mind you peering into my own private life, but he's an ordinary boy with nothing to do with showbiz.
I would ask that you refrain from invading his privacy, if possible.
Mai-san is so awesome! It's fine, no one in this country would be so shameless to take photos of others without asking and uploading them to the Net.
Kaede has to do her best for Big Brother, too! KAEDE'S GOALS FOR THE YEAR! OCTOBER 15th I'm glad it didn't turn into as big an ordeal as I thought it would.
All thanks to that line from the director.
There's that, but I think you left a really good impression at that press conference.
You looked so innocent, and were really cute! I'm fortunate to have you as my girlfriend.
I am the happiest guy in the world.
Of course you are.
But once the movie starts filming, I'll be busy again.
Even then, I'm happy.
I really am the happiest guy in the world.
Hey, what about you? You know, Sakuta What is it? It's likely that I'm more in love with you than you think.
No, I think I love you more.
Yeah, yeah.
I'll just leave it at that for you.
See you.
To Sakuta-kun Can I see you at Shichirigahama Beach tomorrow? — From Shoko-san Come to think, Makinohara hasn't been around lately.
Kaede is slightly worried about that, too.
SHOKO MAKINOHARA Hayate looks a bit lonely, too.
The fact that she calls herself "Shoko-san" indicates that it's not middle-school Makinohara.
Meaning, it must be OCTOBER 16th Hey, Futaba.
Azusagawa How many times is this now? I'm not seeking counsel for Puberty Syndrome this time.
Well, it might have something to do with it, but Can I see you at Shichirigahama Beach tomorrow? — From Shoko-san It's a letter from "Shoko-san.
" When is this "tomorrow"? I think that's today.
Did you say anything to Sakurajima-senpai? I didn't.
So what you're asking is how to cheat on her without getting caught? No, that's not it.
Don't misunderstand it.
Then, why didn't you tell her? What's the right way to tell her? Though, it's strange that you'd be worried about something like this.
Usually, you'd hurry and tell her, saying being scolded is a reward or something.
Who the hell do you think I am? A rascal that feels ecstasy from abuse.
I shouldn't have asked.
But well, how do I put it I felt like it was being unfair.
Unfair? If it were the opposite, and she told me, "I'm going to meet my first crush," I'd totally get gloomy thinking about it.
Isn't Sakurajima-senpai different? She's someone that can face any problem presented to her, right? Well, yeah Wait, what have you been doing this whole time? You're too tedious, so I've been texting her everything we've been talking about.
What? She said she'll be right over.
Hold on a second! So yeah, enjoy.
Thank you, Futaba.
No problem, pardon me.
You know, Sakuta Yes, what is it? Can you be back by 6 o'clock? Eh? I'll make dinner for you.
Y-Yeah, I think I can be home by then.
I'll swing by around then.
Um, Mai-san, is that all? What, you want me to act all jealous? Well, there's that I don't quite know how to say this, but she is slightly intriguing to me, too.
Shoko-san and Shoko-chan And when you consider how they're related.
So that's why you're forgiving me.
She's the one who helped you when you were down, right? I just don't want you to keep having some weird remorse about her.
Though I find none of this amusing Any thoughts? Mai-san, I love you! You're embarrassing me.
Stop! Show your sincerity some other way! Well then Ah! Why!? Why should I kiss a boyfriend who's about to go meet his ex? I thought you gave me permission for that earlier.
This is this, and that is that.
I won't let you do stuff like that so easily.
Well, as promised, I'll definitely be home by 6 o'clock.
Um Uh Do you not remember me? I'm Kotomi Kano, Kae-chan's childhood friend.
Sakuta, why not go somewhere else? I'm sorry! I must have troubled you, showing up so suddenly.
No, it's totally fine.
Um, Mai-san, it troubles me to ask you this, but I'll go to the beach for you.
I'll recognize her on sight, since I know Shoko-chan, right? Right, you should recognize her.
I'm sorry, you had other plans, didn't you? It's fine.
Anyway, how'd you figure out which school I go to? Well I saw you in the magazines I've been trying to forget all this time.
How I couldn't do anything about the terrible things that happened to Kae-chan.
Then, both of you moved away After you left, the bullying against Kae-chan became a big problem at school.
Everyone started telling the girls who bullied Kae-chan to die and disappear And then, those girls stopped coming to school, too.
It started to feel like everyone defeated the villain, and it was all over.
I see But I wasn't able to do anything for Kae-chan.
I couldn't help in the slightest.
All I did was worry about her That's only natural.
You couldn't have done anything from the classroom next door.
Um Is Kae-chan doing well? She's well.
Though, she loves the house so much that she can't leave.
There's no reason for you to be down, Kano.
Is it possible for me to see Kae-chan? It's sure to cause perplexity.
Sorry to make you wait.
Where's that girl? I walked her to the train station.
Then I'll head home ahead of you.
I'll go home now, too.
You don't have to wait for Shoko-san? The sun will set soon, so there's no telling if she'll actually come if I wait.
I'm all right if you're all right Oh, but I should tell her what I've been wanting to say I have a girlfriend now.
—From Sakuta Big Brother! Hold off a bit on dinner.
Mai-san is coming over to make it tonight.
Mai-san makes tasty meals, so looking forward to it! But, before that, Kaede has an important announcement to make! Ta-dah! What is this? Go outside with Big Brother Stroll around with Big Brother Flirt with Big Brother at the beach These are Kaede's goals for the year! We're going to flirt? Yes, we will flirt.
Ride a train with Big Brother Go buy pudding with Big Brother Go on a date with Big Brother! You know, Kaede What is it? Is there anything that doesn't involve me? There is.
This one! Answer phone calls from people other than Big Brother Go to school So what do you think, Big Brother? For starters, don't you have too many goals? There's only two and a half months left in the year.
And, the leap between answering the phone and going to school is too big.
Don't overexert yourself.
That's true Heading outside may be difficult.
For now, why not get more goals that'll make you want to go out? What kind of goals, for example? Let's see How about going to see pandas? Pandas? You mean giant pandas? We can go see lesser pandas too.
Let's go see pandas! Go see pandas with Big Brother Kaede feels like she can head outside now! The yellowtail is so juicy! Mai-san is such a good cook! So amazing! With practice, you'll be able to make this, too.
Really!? SHOKO MAKINOHARA Hello, Azusagawa residence.
Um, it's me, Makinohara.
Good evening.
Good evening.
Sorry it took so long to call you back after calling me yesterday.
No, it's fine.
I just wanted to confirm something with you.
Makinohara, you didn't toss a letter into our mailbox, did you? A letter? No.
I see.
Then, that's fine.
You haven't been over lately.
Are you doing well? Yes, my apologies.
I've left Hayate in your care all this time, too Did something happen? Oh, I just haven't been feeling well lately.
I'll visit again once I'm feeling better.
We'll be waiting for you.
U-Um, Big Brother If Shoko calls again, can Kaede answer? Yeah, that's fine.
Do you want to answer phone calls? Yes! It's one of Kaede's goals! Kaede's goals for the year! You really are enthusiastic.
What happened to you? Kaede came to a realization.
If Kaede can't live on her own, Big Brother will never be able to marry in this lifetime.
Let's hear the details.
Face it, whoever marries Big Brother will automatically get Kaede, too.
I'm sure Mai-san will be happy to have you.
I wouldn't mind if you were around, Kaede.
But, still, Kaede wanting to be independent is a good thing.
Do you want to practice answering the phone with me right now? Don't worry.
It's Mai-san.
O-Okay! A-Azusagawa residence! Congratulations, Kaede.
A job well done.
Success, Big Brother! Hello? Kaede, can you hear me? Y-Yes, loud and clear! Looks like you'll be able to answer calls from me now.
A great effort, Kaede.
Kaede!? It's all right She has a fever I'm sorry.
I made you work too hard.
Thanks to Mai-san, Kaede was able to meet one of her goals.
At this pace, stepping outside may be possible tomorrow.
Maybe so.
We might be able to see the pandas, too.
○ Answer phone calls from people other than Big Brother What I think, Sakuta-kun is that life is here for us to become kinder.
To become kinder I live life every day hoping that I'm a slightly kinder person than I was the day before.
OCTOBER 17th Senpai.
Is something wrong? Not really.
I was just thinking how to use your charm to gather more customers in this lull.
Senpai, you're terrible at lying.
If you're bored, help me out over here with the beer tank! Sure thing.
Let's do this.
And a heigh-hoh! Senpai, hold your end properly! No, it's just that you casted a weird spell.
Something about a heigh? Wait, you don't say that in Tokyo? Neither do you in Kanagawa.
No way! What do I do? I said it on cleaning duty with Nana! You let it slip out sometimes, so I'm sure Nana is already aware.
So, here goes.
And a heigh-hoh! Senpai, you're seriously annoying! But, well It sure cheers me up to chat with you, Koga.
Don't be so monotonous! You really tick me off! Welcome home, Big Brother.
I'm home.
Big Brother really came home, just like you said, Mai-san! Okay.
I'll hand him the phone, then.
Mai-san? Welcome home.
I was watching you arrive from my veranda.
Does Kaede seem to be okay? She appears to be better than yesterday.
I see.
That's good.
Thanks for thinking about Kaede.
You shouldn't overwork yourself either.
Oh, I'll be all right.
When things get tough for me, I'll just have you spoil me to heal me back up.
I'm fine with that, as long as it cheers you up.
Man, I want to see you right now.
I'm going to take a bath now.
That makes me want to see you even more.
Hold off for today.
And I'm sure Kaede has another new announcement.
Big Brother, it's finally done! - That's a joyous occasion.
- Joyous, indeed.
So, what's done now? The plan for Kaede to step outside! Ta-dah! "1.
Change into cute clothes.
" "2.
Take a short break.
" "3.
Move to the front entrance.
" "4.
Take a short break.
" "5.
Put shoes on.
" "6.
Take a short break.
" There's a lot of breaks.
It's important to take frequent breaks.
Latch onto Big Brother's back.
" "8.
Replenish Big Brother power.
" "9.
And head outside together with Big Brother!" Furthermore, if Kaede collapses, have Big Brother carry her (like a princess) What to do in an emergency has been prepared, too! It's perfect! OCTOBER 19th So many! They're all things I've worn for magazine shoots.
Thank you so much! Big Brother! Mai-san handed over so many cute clothes! Good for you, Kaede.
Why don't you try them on? I think this will look good on you.
I-Isn't that a bit too mature? It's fine.
See? It's as if Kaede is no longer Kaede! If you want something more feminine, you can go with this.
So feminine! OCTOBER 23rd I'm home! Kaede would like to try going outside now.
All right, let's go.
All done changing into cute clothes, too.
Did you take a short break? Took a long break! Then, shoes are up next.
Are they tight? It's a very new feeling.
Next is latching onto Big Brother's back.
All right, gotcha.
You're going to latch on this hard? Yes, this hard.
You know, Kaede Yes? You're replenishing Big Brother power, right? 50 percent How many more minutes will it take? Five minutes.
If you're scared, isn't it okay to call it quits about now? I mean, you were able to put your shoes on, so that's more than good enough for today.
N-No way! Kaede is scared.
Kaede is scared to stay stagnant scared to think things are going to stay like this forever.
I see.
There is much love for the home.
It's scary to step outside.
It's scary, but Not being able to leave forever is a lot a lot scarier! I see.
You may be right Kaede, I'm opening the door.
Okay! Kaede, can you see before you? Still too scared, so eyes are still shut.
Naturally, can't see anything.
All right, I get it.
Then, we're moving forward really slowly.
B-Big Brother, is it outside yet? We're still in the entryway.
How about now? Are we outside? Still a ways to go.
Just a bit more, Kaede.
H-Hold on, Big Brother.
No more, please This is the limit.
Calling it off after all.
It was a decade too early for someone like Kaede to step outside! Big Brother, this is Outside.
B-Big Brother, was this your scheme? Yeah, it was my scheme.
K-Kaede is H-Hey, Kaede I'm sorry for lying.
Big Brother Big Brother did I'm really sorry about this.
That's not it! That's not it! Kaede is Kaede is outside She's happy that she's outside! Since then, Kaede became able to step further and further outside.
The next day, she made it to the elevator.
The day after that, she made it out to the first-floor building entrance.
It was smooth sailing from there.
She managed to eat over at Mai-san's place, or head to the local park.
Nothing less from you, Azusagawa.
Such a sister-loving rascal.
NOVEMBER 10th Who you calling a sister-lover? If a second-year high schooler can talk that much about his little sister, that's totally a sister-lover.
That so? Well, in any case, it's really a good thing.
And have you talked to Sakurajima-senpai yet? About what? That thing about Kaede.
So you haven't told her.
NOVEMBER 16th Are you sure they don't think strangely of Kaede? Oh, it's fine.
But there were feelings of a few lukewarm glances.
Probably because you've latched onto me like a koala bear.
But if Kaede separated from Big Brother, she would die.
Kaede, look out the window behind you.
The sea! Rice balls you eat outside are something else! Really, rice balls made by Mai-san are something else.
Though I was the one who made the balls filled with salmon.
No wonder they're not as Then, don't eat them.
Kae-chan? Someone you know? Wh-Who are you? Kae-chan, it's me, Kotomi Kano.
You don't remember? S-Sorry.
Don't know you What's going on? Kaede has no memories.
Nothing less from you, Sakuta-kun.
Such a rascal.
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