Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e12 Episode Script

Life Is a Never-Ending Dream

1 KAEDE Kaede, you should get up soon.
Breakfast will be ready.
Wh-Who are you? Huh? Eh? Where is this place? I What is this? Kaede? Kaede-san's symptoms could be those of a type of dissociative disorder.
Dissociative disorder? An illness where there is a loss of sense and awareness that you are yourself.
As is the case with Kaede-san, patients experience symptoms including omission or memory loss.
Currently, she has no memories of living with her parents or big brother to now.
Why would such a It's believed that extreme stress or mental trauma can cause this.
Kaede developed Puberty Syndrome due to people badmouthing her on social media, right? Correct.
It caused Kaede to suffer.
DIE, KAEDE So much that she decided to sever a part of her memory to escape that crushing feeling.
She did so to protect from being totally broken.
So that's why it's dissociative When Kaede lost her memory, I didn't know how to interact with her.
At first, I was hesitant Kaede, I brought you a book.
You were looking forward to the new volume of this series.
Th-Thank you very much.
Um So "Kaede-san" really liked these books? The way she talks is different.
How she holds chopsticks is different.
The order she eats her dishes is different.
She buttons her pajamas from the top.
The way she walks is different.
She's different from Kaede Different Different Everything about her is different.
I'm home.
Welcome home.
Mom! Kaede has She has bruises all over her body again! Oh, I see It's all right, Kaede You'll be all right Mom wasn't able to accept what happened to Kaede.
It's fine, you'll be fine, Kaede.
And she ended up with mental illness herself.
And as for me At the hospital I was brought to, nobody would believe my story.
No matter how much I explained, they thought it was a preconception, something mental, and that the wounds were self-inflicted.
I couldn't do anything.
I couldn't do anything for Kaede.
I was sick of everything, and snuck out of hospital one day.
That was when I met her.
Did you know? The distance to the horizon seen at eye level is roughly four kilometers.
Shoko-san quietly listened to my story, and believed every bit of it.
From then on, I snuck out of the hospital time and time again.
Shoko-san was always there at Shichirigahama Beach.
Were you thinking about your little sister again? I was thinking about you, Shoko-san.
I see.
You were having lewd thoughts.
That's not it.
I was wondering why you believed what I said.
About Kaede's wounds, my scar, and Puberty Syndrome.
No matter what I said, nobody would listen to me seriously.
Nobody believes what I've seen with my own eyes.
There are as many worlds to see as there are people in them, I'm sure.
Just like how the horizon you can see is further than the horizon I can see.
Same for the ocean breeze.
Some will say it feels refreshing while others say they dislike it because it makes their skin and hair feel sticky.
I think it was some sort of fate that brought us together, so as a senpai in life, I'll give you some wonderful advice.
Do people normally say "wonderful" for their own stuff? I didn't have a big dream or high hopes for my life, either.
But I was still able to find meaning for my own life.
What I think, Sakuta-kun is that life is here for us to become kinder.
To become kinder I live life every day hoping that I'm a slightly kinder person than I was the day before.
You know what, Shoko-san What is it? Is it okay to live my life like you do? Of course it is.
Now that you know of pain that others cannot understand, I'm sure you can become kinder than anyone else.
And I'm sure you can be supportive of someone else.
These values were unknown to me.
KAEDE When I was released from the hospital, I bought a pen and notebook on the way home.
What's this? The doctor said yesterday how you should write some stuff.
What happened that day, what you thought.
It can be anything.
Okay We should start with your name.
All right.
Oh, hold on.
Yes? About your name It's all right.
I can write it properly.
"Kaede" is spelled like "Flower," followed with "Maple" like the tree, right? We should write "Kaede" in all hiragana.
Hiragana? The person here right now is the current "Kaede.
" Sorry for everything 'til now.
I-It's only you, Big Brother! You're the only one who understands Kaede! KAEDE AZUSAGAWA I'm trusting you with Kaede.
And you take care of Mom, Dad.
Yeah Kaede.
Take your time.
You don't have to over do it.
Mom and I will be waiting for you.
Kaede is afraid of how everyone looks at her.
Everyone is looking at "Kaede-san.
" Of course, I wanted Kaede's memories to return, too.
I wanted her to come back to us.
But, if that came to be, what would happen to the current Kaede? That's the whole story about Kaede.
Sorry I kept quiet about it until now.
It's all right.
You were looking out for Kaede, right? You're right about that I mean, as I watched Kaede slowly becoming friends with everyone, I couldn't bring myself to mention it.
I felt it was okay to stay like this.
I understand.
I'm not that mad about it.
But I wish you told us a bit earlier.
So you ARE mad about it.
NOVEMBER 17th Good morning, Kaede.
G-Good morning, Big Brother.
Kaede might not make it much longer.
Her whole body is in pain.
You frolicked around a lot yesterday, so you just have muscle cramps.
You don't have a fever A film shoot in Kanazawa? Guess I won't be able to see you for a while again.
We're filming at a studio in Tokyo until the day after tomorrow, so I'll be coming home.
Call me if anything happens.
I'll call you even if nothing happens! I meant if something happens to Kaede-chan.
I'm home.
Kaede, I'm home— W-Wah! What are you doing? Ow! Be a good girl and stay asleep.
Since making it all the way to the beach yesterday, Kaede doesn't want this good groove to be interrupted by muscle cramps! Kaede wants to head outside again today.
- Seriously? - Seriously! And it's your uniform debut? It's a uniform debut.
I bought some pudding.
Hurray! Ow P-Please don't change the subject.
It's all right.
The outside world isn't going anywhere, so no need to panic.
Is Kaede all right? You're all right.
But, Kaede doesn't know the girl we met at the beach yesterday She's someone "Kaede-san" knows, right? If you want to know, I'll tell you what kind of a girl she is.
Kaede has trouble dealing with people who know "Kaede-san.
" It's troubling, but Not knowing is scary, too! That was Kotomi Kano, an acquaintance from before kindergarten.
She used to live above us in the same apartment complex.
She used to play with "Kaede" from a very young age.
Apparently, she was at the beach thinking about rereading this book.
The Poison Apple the Prince Gave Me Apparently, she borrowed it from "Kaede.
" What's this? Can I look at it? Sure.
I want to be friends with Kae-chan again —Kotomi friends Komi-chan Kaede! Just now— Kaede! Kaede! Honestly, until Kaede-san is conscious again, I can't say anything for sure.
However, there's a possibility that there will be a change to her memories when she awakens.
Meaning what? KAEDE AZUSAGAWA Well, Kaede isn't the type you'd call a princess, either Kaede? Big Brother? This place You collapsed and brough here in an ambulance.
Did Big Brother change Kaede's clothes!? It wasn't, so relax.
It was done by the nurse and Mai-san, with some help from Toyohama.
It would've been fine if you did it, Big Brother.
You're Kaede Right? Kaede is still Kaede, okay? Kaede has regained consciousness.
Test results showed no abnormalities, so she may be released today.
I'm glad However The fact she collapsed may indicate that "Kaede's" memories are coming back.
If Kaede regains her previous memories, there's a possibility that all of her current memories will disappear.
No way TAXI AREA Was Dad here? Yeah.
He was worried about you.
Hey, Kaede, what do you want to do the most right now? Eat pudding.
Something to celebrate your hospital release.
It can be something bigger than that.
Eat a giant pudding, then! Well, we can eat that, but I was talking more about going to see pandas or something.
Pandas are second on the list.
What's first? First is Going to school.
NOVEMBER 19th Kaede says that she wants to go to school.
I see.
And I want to grant her that wish.
All right.
I'll explain the situation to her middle school before tomorrow ends.
Sakuta Are you eating properly? I am.
I see And you know, it's all right to do it after everything settles down, but What? You should introduce me to the girl you're dating right now.
Oh Yeah, when things settle down.
NOVEMBER 20th The shoot in Kanazawa was going to be for two weeks? Yup.
I'm sure you'll be lonely not seeing me, but I'll be sure to call you every night.
I'll wait in front of the phone every night! Take life more seriously and study.
So Sakuta, you're not scared? When you think about Kaede-chan.
Of course I'm scared.
I'm about to wet my pants as we speak.
I'm asking a serious question.
But as a big brother, there are things you never show a little sister.
Piss, poop and whining.
Because I'm the big brother.
If there was something I could do, I'd like to do it.
But there's nothing I can do.
I'm sorry Oh, geez, I'm such an idiot! Big Sister didn't say anything about it because there was nothing we could do! I really am sorry! NOVEMBER 22nd Hello, I'm Tomobe, the school counselor.
At first, it can be as simple as walking to school for a little bit.
And it doesn't have to start in the classroom.
You can go to the nurse's office first.
W-Would the nurse's office count as going to school? Yes, of course it would.
But that's different from everyone else, right? That is true.
But even though they may look the same, everyone is actually different.
For instance, there are tall kids and short kids.
Some kids are good at running, and some are not.
Each person has their own pace.
That's why, if it's the result of you doing your best, it's fine to say that it counts as you "going to school.
" Th-Then, it can be circled even if it's the nurse's office? Circled? C-Circling this.
GO TO SCHOOL I think that's fine.
Th-Then, Kaede would definitely like to go to school.
You're kidding me! For real! And what do you think she said? Eh? What? It's not like they're laughing about you, Kaede.
Really? If you think you can make people laugh that easily, you're sorely mistaken.
T-The path of the comedian is a steep one.
We tried hard today, so why don't we head back and eat some pudding? Kaede is determined to finally make it all the way to school today.
She will do her best.
You don't have to be so impatient about it.
K-Kaede is not being impatient! Even Tomobe-san said you can take it slow, didn't she? Kaede? That's not good enough Not good enough? Kaede, let's take a break from practicing today, okay? Kaede! Kaede! You don't have to overdo it! There is a need to overdo it! Kaede doesn't have the time to take it slow! So, she knew about it What's up with that? Totally cracking me up! Too wicked! Why Why Kaede Why are they no good!? Kaede wants to go to school! Why won't they move at all!? Kaede.
Kaede will not go home! Not home but practice until she can go to school! Practice! All right.
I'll make it so that you can go to school, Kaede.
Eh? Really? Really.
But we'll resume practice after a short break.
A break? Yeah, in the best place I can think of.
There are lots of people.
If you're scared of this many people, you'll never make it to school.
Will try harder.
B-Big Brother, are we at this "best place" yet? Don't worry.
We'll be there soon.
Big Brother, are we there yet? Almost.
We have arrived.
The Zoo! It's the zoo, Big Brother! I told you it was the best place I could think of.
Please take your time.
It smells like Nasuno before a bath! It does smell like beasts.
Oh! Pandas! Big Brother, there's the pandas! There are pandas right there! Pandas! Pandas are walking around! They're walking.
That panda over there is eating! It's eating.
Pandas are big.
You'd expect "giant" pandas to be big.
Oh, it looked over at us! The panda is eating again.
They said on TV before that bamboo isn't very nutritious, so pandas need to spend a majority of the day eating to survive.
It's a tough life being a panda, too.
Everyone is doing their best to live their lives.
Big Brother, it's the lesser pandas! They are lesser.
They're smaller.
They're "lesser," after all.
But they're cute! Kaede really loves pandas after all.
It's a bit lonely to say goodbye to them You can just come here again.
But Kaede is Here, this is for you.
An annual pass.
With this, you can come see pandas every day if you wanted to.
A-Amazing! Big brother really is a big brother! It's okay for Kaede to come back here again? Of course it is.
I went to the effort of buying it, so it'd be a waste of money not to.
Kaede wants to come here many times and get our money's worth! Kaede was able to make a purchase, too! Want me to carry that? Kaede purchased the pudding, so Kaede will carry it! Big Brother, our house is that way, right? This is a shortcut.
A shortcut, didn't know that.
Well, you're still an amateur when it comes to roads around here.
Are you a seasoned veteran? You could call me a pro.
Amazing! Big Brother, this is T-The school! It's night now, so stay quiet.
Y-You shouldn't, Big Brother.
Come on.
But We're only going to peek in for a little bit.
J-Just a little bit, okay? This is your first trip to school.
Oh, this is class 3-1.
Is this Kaede's classroom? Big Brother.
Next time at school will hopefully be in the daytime.
Since you've conquered school at night, that should be easy.
As of today, every goal in the notebook can be circled.
Oh, it's been that many already? Panda, pudding and school were the last to complete.
Then we have to celebrate.
Yes! Oh, but school will still be a triangle.
I think you'd be okay circling it.
That'll be for after coming to school during the day.
I see.
Now, there is a feeling that it can be accomplished.
Kaede feels like she can head to school during the day tomorrow! You're right.
Looking forward to tomorrow! Really can't wait for tomorrow to come! NOVEMBER 27th Kaede, it's morning.
Are you still asleep? Morning, Big Brother.
Huh? That is you, right? Yeah Ugh, my legs are so swollen! You did run around the zoo a lot yesterday.
The zoo? I didn't go.
Big Brother, what's wrong with you? Kaede, you Wait, was my room always like this? You're Kaede, right? Of course I am.
Sheesh, what are you talking about? Nothing less from you, Big Brother.
Such a rascal.
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