Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai (2018) s01e13 Episode Script

The Dawn After an Endless Night

1 I heard.
I spoke to Sakuta on the phone last night.
Kaede was able to go to school at night! He said she was going to school during the day today.
He should still be home SAKUTA What's wrong, Sakuta? I think Kaede's gotten her memories back.
Really? I wouldn't make a mistake about that.
Right I plan on having her checked out at the hospital now.
Can you come? Sure thing.
She appears to have no recollection of the time when she had amnesia.
For now, she can't quite understand the situation.
But in time, she should start to hesitate about the gaps in her memory.
Until things settle down, it'd be better to keep her here for observation.
We are counting on you.
I don't think there's anything wrong with me You really are Kaede What's wrong, Dad? No, this is You're kinda making ME embarrassed Right It's nothing to cry over, really.
Where are you going? Bathroom for a bit.
Weren't you going to go see pandas again!? You said you'd get your money's worth from the annual pass! You said you could go to school tomorrow You said you could Kaede said that to me! Gimme a break Gimme a break! Give me a break! What the hell is this!? What the hell is all this!? You'll be all right, Sakuta-kun.
Shoko-san Yes, it's me, Shoko-san.
Since I've arrived, everything will be all right.
I'm opening the door.
It's only an accident if you're still changing.
It will be a while before the bath is hot.
If you stay like that, you'll catch a cold.
Hands up, like banzai.
You're fine.
It looks like the blood has clotted.
Do you want me to take your pants and underwear off, too? I'll do it myself.
I'll leave your change of clothes here.
What is it? I couldn't do anything.
I don't think that's the case.
You put up a valiant effort.
What would you know about this, Shoko-san "I could have done more for Kaede.
" I can understand how you regret things like that, Sakuta-kun.
Shoko-san can see through it all.
Did Kaede hold a grudge against you? She loved you all along, didn't she? I could have done even more.
You can do so at your next opportunity.
There is no "next" for Kaede.
With you like that, Sakuta-kun, I feel sorry for Kaede.
This time around, she tried so hard so you wouldn't have any regrets.
Kaede tried desperately to tell you that having you at her side was her happiness.
If her feelings weren't reaching you, then I feel sorry for her.
"November 5th.
I've decided to start writing a diary from today on.
" "This is Kaede's diary.
Big Brother gave me my name.
" "Big Brother bought this notebook and pen for me, too.
" "Kaede has a father, a mother, and a big brother.
But, she doesn't really get it.
" "They say that Kaede has no memory.
" "The doctor said that it's amnesia stemming from dissociative disorder.
" "It sounds complicated.
" "Until recently, they say Kaede wasn't Kaede.
" "They told me that 'Kaede-san' was who Kaede used to be.
" But, Kaede knows nothing about this "Kaede-san".
She's never met this person.
It really is complicated.
December 10th.
Mother and Father look awfully pained.
Father spoke to the doctor the entire time.
Over and over, hee kept asking the doctor, "When will she be better?" Does Kaede have an illness? If Kaede-san's memories return, what will happen to Kaede? Where will Kaede go? Thinking about it made her scared, and she cried.
March 7th.
It's decided that Kaede will be moving.
Big Brother said that Kaede can choose which things she wants to bring with her.
She is a bit uneasy of all the things that are in Kaede-san's room.
She decided to bring the bookshelf and books, at the least.
Kaede-san has collected a lot of books.
Nasuno will be moving with us.
We have arrived at our new home.
Someday, when Kaede is all healed, Kaede-san is sure to return.
So, in this new home, for the sake of Big Brother who let Kaede be Kaede, KAEDE AZUSAGAWA she will do her best to be a good little sister.
Big Brother is entering high school this spring.
He will be attending Minegahara High School.
Big Brother has started a part-time job.
He will be coming home late from now on.
It feels a bit lonely, but she must try hard staying home with Nasuno.
Big Brother bought a panda DVD with his first paycheck.
Pandas are wonderful.
They have a healing effect.
Can you believe it? Big Brother has a new girlfriend! Impossible! But it's true! Mai-san is a wonderful person.
She is a popular person, who even appears on TV.
August 2nd.
Big Brother's friend will be staying with us starting today.
Her name is Rio Futaba.
September 2nd.
Big Brother has become a delinquent.
But not exactly.
Nodoka-san turned out to be Mai-san's little sister.
"There is something that even Kaede knows.
" "Big Brother has always been regretting.
" "When Kaede was bullied and felt pain, he regretted being unable to do anything to help her.
" "Kaede can tell.
If Kaede were to disappear like this, she's sure that Big Brother will regret it again and will say, 'I couldn't do anything for her.
'" "So" So, Kaede decided to set goals.
They're goals to achieve with Big Brother.
Even after Kaede is gone, she doesn't want Big Brother to have regrets.
Kaede wants him to hold his head high, knowing he granted many of her dreams.
Instead of sad ones, she'd like to leave behind memories that are fun, happy, and make you smile.
Even after she's gone, Kaede will be happy if Big Brother smiles when he remembers her.
That's why Kaede will try her best.
Kaede doesn't think there'ss much time left for her.
Please, just a little longer Give Kaede some time.
Thanks to Big Brother, Kaede was able to circle so many things.
She was able to step outside, after being scared of it for so long.
That deserves a flowery circle.
She was able to visit Mai-san's place, too.
She was able to ride the train, too.
She had fun at the beach, too.
She was even able to see the pandas.
It was sort of cheating, but she was able to go to school, too.
They're all thanks to Big Brother.
Big Brother has given Kaede so much happiness.
Kaede is fortunate that she was Big Brother's little sister.
She loves him now, has always loved him, and will always love him.
Tomorrow, she will head to school during the day.
You don't have to hold it back.
I shouldn't be crying! If I cry here, I'll be betraying Kaede's feelings! Kaede tried so hard, what right do I have to ruin it all!? That sadness is another precious thing that Kaede has given you.
That shows exactly how big Kaede's existence was.
Sakuta-kun, you are the big brother You must accept it all.
NOVEMBER 28th It looks like Sakuta-kun is all right now, so Shoko-san will be going home.
I look like crap You have one message.
November 27th, 10:05PM.
It's me.
Was Kaede able to go to school? I don't care how late.
Give me a call.
Sakuta? Good morning, Mai-san.
Sorry about yesterday.
So much happened before I went to sleep, I didn't notice you called.
Oh, that's fine.
What about Kaede? Was she able to go to school during the day? No, she couldn't go to school.
She's in the hospital now.
She has regained her old memories.
But, she doesn't seem to remember anything about the past two years.
Looks like I'll have to reintroduce you to her, Mai-san.
Sakuta Oh, but there's nothing to worry.
She's fine physically, and she's in the hospital for checkup and monitoring.
And are you all right, Sakuta? I was slightly confused myself yesterday, I was slightly confused myself yesterday, but I've calmed down a bit by morning.
Mai-san, are you all ready now? Sorry, looks like my ride's here.
I have to go now.
We'll talk more later tonight, then.
Please do your best with the filming.
Later, then.
What happened yesterday? You went to the bathroom and never came back.
I had terrible diarrhea, and became friends with the toilet.
Sheesh, so gross.
Anyways, Kaede, do you like pandas? What's this so suddenly? You like them? I don't hate them.
Well then, let's go see them once you're discharged.
That's fine, but you're not making any sense.
I want to go see them.
Bear with me.
Instead of your sister, shouldn't you find a girlfriend and go with her? I already have a girlfriend.
No way! I'll introduce you sometime, so brace yourself! Okay, actual take now! Take! Are you all right? Huh? I figured something happened with you and your boyfriend.
I'm all right.
In the end, Shoko-san has completely disappeared after that night.
SHOKO MAKINOHARA My calls to the middle-school Makinohara haven't gone through, either.
So, what exactly was Shoko-san's existence all about? Maybe "the older Shoko Makinohara" never existed to begin with? No, that's just impossible.
But in reality, both two years ago and now, only you saw Shoko Makinohara.
Nobody else was able to observe her, right? This talk about observation again? Or, we can think even more simply.
She was merely an illusion you created.
The fantasy of a rascal.
DECEMBER 1st Is this also a fantasy? You're done filming the movie already? For today.
I'm going back to Kanazawa on the first bullet train tomorrow morning.
What? You're not happy? Of course I'm terribly, tremendously happy about this.
Oh, I'll make some tea.
I'll make the tea, so you go put some clothes on.
You'll catch a cold.
But I really was surprised.
If you were coming back, you could have dropped me a line Mai-san! What is the meaning of this? Th-That's, um On the day Kaede's memory returned, Shoko-san suddenly reappeared.
And she came over to our place, and cheered me up because I was depressed.
I found that letter when I woke up the next morning.
Oh, but Shoko-san didn't spend the night at our place No, wait, I fell asleep before I realized what was going on, so I don't exactly know when Shoko-san left, either.
Oh, but it's nothing, really! Rest assured, nothing suspicious happened That night, I really cried myself to sleep Enough.
If you're all right, then all is well.
Mai-san But, I'm sorry.
I'm still going to go back today.
Eh? Wait, go back? To Kanazawa.
The bullet trains are still running.
Hold on a second, Mai-san! Mai-san I can't do stuff like that for a while, okay? I'm sorry, Mai-san I'm not dating you to hear those kinds of words, Sakuta.
December 2nd What's wrong, Sakuta? Your eyes are dead.
They're the same as usual.
No, today they look especially dead.
Senpai, if you're not feeling well, wouldn't it be better to just go home? No, I'm fine.
Welcome Argh! Senpai, whacha doin dere? What, you were waiting outside? We need to talk.
Make it for another day.
I'm hungry, and have stuff I need to think about.
All you need to think about is Big Sister.
Let me tell you that "stuff" is about Mai-san.
Big Sister went out of her way to come back from Kanazawa.
I'm telling you, Mai-san had a misunderstanding about Shoko-san.
Huh? Do you seriously think that was it? Big Sister does have faith in you, Sakuta.
If so She came back because she was worried about you.
You've had a rough time lately with all the stuff about Kaede, so she was trying to cheer you up by being at your side, even only for a while.
Plus, today is her birthday to boot.
Birthday? See? December 2nd! Wait, how can you not even know when her birthday is? Toyohama, lend me your phone.
Huh? Big Sister is still on-site for the shoot today.
Just give me the phone.
What are you doing? I still have time If I head out to Omiya, and catch a bullet train.
- You're serious? - Of course.
Call me when you get there.
I'll casually ask Big Sister where she is for you! Why are you here, Sakuta? Nodoka was pretty persistent in contacting me, so I figured She said she'd be casual.
It must have cost you to come all the way here.
Well, a little bit And the train fare back? I might make it back if I don't hop on a bullet train.
Ryoko-san, I'm terribly sorry about this Can you see if there are any rooms open in the hotel the staff are staying at? I'll check for you.
And? Well For starters, happy birthday.
You're late in saying that.
You only have 15 minutes for your date.
And, please get properly cheered up by your boyfriend.
H-Hold on, Ryoko-san, don't say weird stuff like that.
Come on, why are you smirking? Let's get going.
So you were feeling down You seem to be in good spirits.
I was depressed all day myself, you know.
Anyways, it's a bit cold Didn't you say you couldn't do stuff like this for a while? It's fine since it's cold.
Hurray for winter.
Um I really am sorry for everything.
It's fine now, really.
It's not fine.
Let me apologize properly.
You were worried about me and rushed back all the way from Kanazawa.
I should properly apologize myself.
I should be honest, since you came all the way out here to see me.
I knew you needed someone to support you.
It was just a slight shock that I wasn't that person.
I think that's why yesterday No, the day before yesterday now, I said what I said.
Sakuta I'm sorry I couldn't be there for you in your greatest time of need.
Just you being here with me always makes me feel happy.
But that means I'm not doing anything at all.
And I think that's an amazing thing, you know? I want to be someone like that for you as well, Mai-san.
Sakuta What is it? Close your eyes.
Sakuta Owwww! That hurts, Mai-san! Wait, why!? I mean, this is the best reward I can give you, right? You know what? Thank you, Big Brother.
No, I'm the one that has to thank you.
Why are you thanking me? By the way, Kano said she wanted to drop by sometime.
What do you want to do? Komi-chan did? Yeah.
I want to see her.
Then, I'll let her know you do.
Anything else you want to do? Let's see I want to go to school.
I want to be able to go.
You're not afraid anymore? I think I'll be all right.
I mean I'm not alone anymore.
Shall we go? Yup! Nothing less from myself.
Such a rascal.