Raven's Home (2017) s02e03 Episode Script


1 Raven's home was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Hoo! Hey, check it out! Marley Becker just pal-ed me on the school peanut page.
That makes 27 peanut pals.
How many you got? Two hundred and thirty-one.
Two hundred thirty-one? Two thirty-two.
Dude, how'd you get so many pals? It's all about attracting eyeballs.
Feast your eyes on this.
People really think that's your body? How do you know it's not? I can't believe how much you two care about how many peanut pals you have.
Sounds like someone hasn't hit her double digits yet.
I'm at 90.
Ninety? But unlike you, I don't care.
It's not like I'm keeping track.
Ooh, 91! This this is just wrong, okay? You two can't have more pals than me.
And yet You just need some clickbait, and you've got the greatest of all.
Oh, yeah, my, uh, killer dance moves.
Take a vid.
What's the one thing you have that no other kid in school has? Twenty-seven pings! True but I was talking about his visions.
Pizza! And salad! Ehh.
Tomorrow night, I wanna carry the pizza.
All right.
Last time I had a vision, you took that video of me, right? Yeah, it's on your phone.
When I post this video, I'll get tons of pals.
I'll be known as the psychic peanut.
Hi-yah! - Why'd you do that? - Family meeting, now.
- Ooh, 92! - Hi-yah! I said, now! Ohhhh - Hey - Yo Let me tell you somethin' Had my vision all worked out - But then life had other plans - Tell 'em, Rae It's crazy when things turn upside down But ya gotta get up and take that chance Maybe I'm just finding my way Learning how to fly Yeah, we're gonna be ok It might be wild, but ya know that we make it work We're just kids caught up in a crazy world - C'mon! - It's Raven's Home - We get loud! - It's Raven's Home It's our crowd! Might be tough, but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should It's Raven's Home When it's tough It's Raven's Home - We got love - 'Cause no matter the weather, Ya know we gon' shine There for each other, ya know it's our time RAVEN'S HOME Ah, ha, hah! Yep! That's us.
I I think you broke my phone, ma.
Oh, I will break so much more than that if you tell the world you're psychic.
Why are you whispering? I thought the secret was out.
Well, it's out, yes, but only within the family.
And we're gonna keep it that way.
Heard there was a family meeting.
What did I miss? Knocking, for starters.
Sorry, just excited.
- It's my first family meeting.
- Hey! Oh, pizza! You know what? I'm just gonna take this to go.
Listen, Booker.
You have an amazing talent, I know this, and it's super tempting to tell everybody, but you can't.
Why, mom? All my friends post everything online, so why should this be any different? Because pizza time! - Oh! - Mom! "Because" isn't an answer.
Um it's always the answer I got, and it's been fine for generations of Baxters.
I don't get it, ma.
They're my visions.
And I want the kids at the schoolhouse to know about it.
Especially that maggie cutter.
Now listen.
You my kin, and I love you, but ain't gonna be no crazy talk about bein' no psychic.
You're not gonna tell no man, no minister, or no mule, especially that maggie cutter.
Why in tarnation not, ma? Bee-cause.
Seriously, mom? We were gold miners? Obviously not good ones, otherwise we'd be having lobster pizza.
So, the reason we can't tell people our secret is because Of "because"? Why can't I get a better answer? And please Don't say "because.
" Okay, fine.
Chelsea? Because! Yeah! Checking your pal account again, huh? Yeah.
I just don't get why jared won't accept my pal request.
I don't get why you want him as a pal.
You two have nothing in common.
That's not true.
We both love his face.
Come on, Nia.
You're an honor student, and you actually care about things other than football.
I'm not gonna let you ruin this for me, Tess.
So, flag on the play.
Wow! You used a football term? You must really like this guy.
He's so cute.
So how do I get him to pal me? You could always do what I do.
I'm not gonna put him in a headlock, Tess.
His name is Mr.
Like the cheese.
But he smells better.
Totes cute.
Uh Levi? How did you get in there? Oh, Sienna's one of my 300 pals.
Three hundred? She's very influential.
Get her to pal you, and then her pals become your pals.
How am I gonna do that? Levi! I just had a vision of Sienna's puppy stuck on the roof of our building! Aww, yeah-ha-ha! You're happy about a lost puppy? You need help! No! It's my in with Sienna.
Once I warn her, she'll be so thankful, she'll pal me.
And then, I can just sit back and enjoy the sweet pingin' of my new pals.
- Hey, Sienna.
- Hi, Boomer.
It it it's Booker.
Anyway, uh, just keep an eye on your dog.
You wouldn't want anything bad to happen to him.
What do you mean? Mr.
Manchego's perfectly safe at home.
Hi, mom.
Manchego got out? This is terrible! You said something bad was going to happen to him.
And it did.
How could you possibly know that? Well, uh um Bee-cause.
Be bee-cause.
That's not an answer.
Uhh lucky guess? I I gotta go! I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Oh, I'm sorry! I didn't mean that all marriages end up like mine! Hm, I caught the bouquet! Chels! Chels! Another passenger gave me four stars! Oh, Rae, I'm so proud of you.
Outta 10, chels! Oh.
Ooh, maybe you can go on the scut app and give me a better rating.
Oh, of course, I'd be happy to.
Oh thank you so much, you're the best, Chels, here.
- Aww! For me? - Nah, I just gotta undo my bra.
So jared.
I was wondering if you'd be interested in becoming my peanut pal.
I just love my face.
You're supposed to be helping me.
Hey, have you guys seen Sienna's puppy up here? There's a puppy? Oh my gosh, I'll help you look.
Oh! There he is! My vision! Yes! Now Sienna's definitely gonna pal me! Ha-ha! I'm back, mommy! Mr.
Manchego! Oh my gosh, thank you so much! Where'd you find him? On the roof! Right where my vision led I mean, huh right where I, uh, envisioned where he might be.
Anyway, now he's home safe, thanks to your new pal As soon as you pal me.
Wait first you told me he'd get lost, then you found him.
How? Uhh You wanted to be my pal so bad you stole him! What? I didn't steal your dog.
Yeah, right.
Well, not only am I not pal-ing you, but I'm posting to everybody that you're a puppy stealer.
I didn't That's not true.
Then what is the truth? The truth is, I'm Bee-cause.
I'm I'm psychic.
Seriously? You're psychic? Know what? Forget it.
Go ahead, tell everybody that I'm a puppy stealer.
I I don't care.
I'm just happy your puppy's safe.
Bye, Mr.
Booker, wait.
Manchego just doesn't give kissie-wissies to just anybody.
You really did save him.
So I guess that means you really are psychic.
Thanks for believing me, Sienna.
But we gotta keep this between us.
You can't tell anybody.
Come on, buddy.
Well That should keep a lid on it.
Psychic! Psychic! Psychic! Psychic! So much for the lid! Psychic! Psychic! Psychic! Psychic! Booker, what did you do? Mom told you not to ever tell anyone about your visions.
I had to! Sienna accused me of being a puppy stealer! She promised she wouldn't tell anyone.
Did she promise not to post it? That she did not do! Hey, Booker, if you're really psychic, predict something.
Haa! Well, the thing is, my visions are more of a once-in-a-while thing.
Ha! He's not psychic.
Just a big liar.
Yeah! Whooo! Wait wait wait wait wait! No no no! Come back, I I just had a vision! Booker, don't.
This is your chance to get out of this.
Any second now, Coach Spitz is gonna Moonwalk through those doors.
Everyone knows coach spitz doesn't allow moonwalking.
I mean, look at his rules: No yelling, no gum chewing, and no Moonwalking.
Yes! Whoo! Whoo! Whooo! If their quarterback pulled his hamstring, our team's gonna win friday's game! I mean, oh, what a shame For that poor young man.
Make sure you eat your potassium, kids.
This guy's psychic all right.
After class, you've gotta tell me my future.
What was that? Ooh that was just the, uh, the sound of me getting popular again.
You are a sad little psychic.
Ohh with a lotta pals.
Hello - Are you my scut driver? - Yes, I am.
And I notice that you're going to 3-5-2 Hauser Ave.
I live there.
Wow surprise! I am surprised that someone with no income can afford to take a scut.
A new hat, and new gloves! What? Oh, no, Rae, I'm using your credit card.
Ex-scut me? Wha I'm doing it for you, Rae.
I couldn't possibly give you a good rating without actually riding with you first, you know? I couldn't live with myself.
You don't, chels.
You live with me.
Yes, I'm in a bit of a hurry, so a little less talky and more drivey? Hm-hm? All right.
Oh, uh, I see no hook for my hat.
Who has a hat hook? Drivers with more than four stars.
Here's your hat hook.
Ah! Great.
And no mints I see as well.
- They're probably on the floor.
- Oh! - Next to your hat! - Oh! Sorry, Cosmo, but the first opening that Booker has is - Summer - Of next year.
Ha! Booker books up fast.
But, uh, here's a head shot.
Oh! And don't forget to pal me! Check it out.
Even Jared's waiting to get a psychic reading from Booker.
And I can't even get him to pal me.
That's it.
I'm gonna go over there and put him in a headlock.
Nia, you don't need to go over there.
My mind is made up, Tess.
No, I mean he's Jared! I mean hey, jared.
I accepted your pal request.
You did? When? Now.
- Ahhh - Steady girl.
So, Nia, I really need to know how I'm gonna do in the big game this weekend.
Any chance you could talk to your brother and get me moved up on his list? I'll see what I can do.
Hey, Levi, check it out.
I'm up to 400 pals.
Booker! You need to predict Jared's future.
Well, well, well.
Look who's climbin' off her high horse, and hoppin' on the sad little psychic's train to pal town.
All aboard, choo-choo! Sorry, Nia, but I'm not actually doin' predictions.
I'm just makin' appointments and makin' 'em wait.
Then you'll have plenty of time to make something up for him.
Jared? You're in! Thanks, guys! So, Booker, what I really need to know is how I'll do in friday's game, heh.
Our school's depending on me.
Do it for the school, Booker.
The school Really likes him.
All right Friday's game Friday's game I just saw that you're gonna be the game's big hero! - You hear that? - Cool! Do you see any special preparations I have to do, like, anything I have to eat? - Uhh - Jared.
- Ben-Anna.
- Banana? Banana.
I I I see I see lots and lots of bananas.
Why bananas? Potassium.
Like the coach said, so you don't pull your hammy like the other quarterback.
Oh! Got it! Thanks, Booker.
Thanks, Nia.
Bye, pal.
Nice save with the banana, Booker.
Yeah, it's a good thing Ben and Anna were standin' next to us, instead of Tuna and Casserole.
I'm on Jared's page.
It's like looking around at a museum of Jared.
Look how many trophies he has.
Look how many cats he has.
Ooh, and uh, look at all my pals.
Do you think he's sitting on his couch right now looking at my page? Uh, no, there's no room on his couch, 'cause look at all those cats! Oh, we've got a problem.
Since you gave jared his vision, nobody wants to wait.
They want their visions now.
What? I could barely come up with one for Jared.
How am I supposed to do that? Do you really think this is gonna work? No.
But it's gonna be fun to watch.
The psychic peanut is ready! Okay, first up, Sienna.
All righty.
I'm having a vision I'm seeing I'm seeing What am I seeing? According to Sienna's peanut face profile, she likes avocado toast.
For lunch, you're going to have avocado toes.
Toast, not toes! Toast! Not toes! I do have avocado toast! And avocado toes! You got them both right! Thanks, Booker.
He's the best psychic ever.
Yes, yes, yes All right, bye.
Psychic, huh? What's he tryin' to pull? Ooh, fresh mints, chilled water And a real hat hook! Wow, Rae, I think eight stars is appropriate here.
Aah! Wait till you get your, uh, "thanks for scutin' with me" gift.
Oh my gosh! Oh, I hope it's cheese! Hi, coach spitz.
Did you know your son is tellin' the whole school he's psychic? What? Hold on, please.
Chels, water? Your window's closed.
Hey, Jared.
I see you're following my brother's psychic advice.
Thanks to you.
Wow, that's a lot of bananas.
Care to join me? Potassi yum.
Just a little banana humor.
Hey, Booker! Breakfast of her oes! - Oh! - Ohmigod! Jared, are you okay? I think I pulled my hammy! I don't think I can play! You said he'd win the game.
You're a fake psychic.
Fake psychic boy.
Fake psychic! Fake psychic! Everyone, stop! My brother is not a fake.
He was just trying to help me with jared, my new pal.
I never really wanted to be your pal anyways.
I only did it so I could move up your brother's list.
What? Hey, you're lucky you're pals with my sister.
- Were - Pals.
- ha-ha Huh well, that sure put a lid on it.
Get 'em! Maybe I did misunderstand, Ms.
They were probably sayin' "sidekick", not "psychic.
" Exactly.
My son doesn't have to lie about being psychic to be popular.
Everybody wants a piece of him.
Get the fake psychic! In fact, I want a piece of him myself! Uh-huh.
Oh! I can't believe we're being chased by an angry mob! Ooh! It's not an angry mob, it's an angry mom! That's worse! Okay, why wouldn't she be using her key? She's sharpening it! - Okay, okay - Okay.
Family meeting, now.
But you just got home, don't you wanna take your bra off? Sit! Now, Booker, I distinctly told you not to tell anybody you were psychic, and you went and did it anyway, why? Because.
Because? Oooooh! That is not an answer! But it was when I asked you.
When you ohhh! When you! Ohhh! My oooooh! When I? Boyyyy! I tried to tell him.
Oh, was that before or after you used my psychic abilities to get Jared to notice you? Oh, there's a whole bunch of whoo's comin' for you too, girl! Mom, you just don't understand what it's like to be a kid nowadays.
I mean, everybody's postin' about how cool their life is.
I just want everyone to think that I'm cool, too, and then they'll wanna be my friends.
Oh, sweetheart, you are so cool.
But not because you have visions.
Right? You're cool because you're sweet, you're smart, you're funny, you're loyal Why don't you post that, and whoever pings you, that's your real friend.
I I guess I really never thought about it that way.
You were right, mom.
I I should've listened to you and just been happy with "because.
" No.
Actually, no, that's, um You deserve a better answer than "because.
" You asked me a question, and I gave you the same answer that my parents gave me.
And you know what? I didn't like it, either.
So ask me again.
Why can't I tell people that I'm psychic? You can.
As long as you trust them.
Like I trust Chelsea, and your dad.
Okay? Yeah.
Thanks, mom.
Come here! Oh, I love you guys so bad! I love you.
Well you learned an important lesson here, Booker.
- Well, goodnight.
- Sit down! And give me your phones for a week.
- A week? - Why? Be quiet! Okay, I am really counting on you to give me 10 stars, so if there's anything I can do to make your scut ride more enjoyable, let me know.
There's water, mints How about gettin' a bigger car?
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