Raven's Home (2017) s02e02 Episode Script

The Falcon and The Raven (2)

1 - Uh, Ma? - Uh Your face is moving, but nothing's coming out.
That's the same face she makes when you show her your report card.
Rae, why is this so hard for you? 'Cause, Chels, I haven't said those words since we were their age.
What words? Raven: Um Oh okay.
Um, I'm psychic.
Both: What? I'm psychic.
- I'm psychic.
That feels good! - Chelsea: Yeah.
That feels really good, I'm psychic.
(laughs) Ah! I'm psychic! Man: Yeah? Can you see I don't care, lady? I have been hiding this for so long and I finally get to share it with my baby boy! (gasps) Unless you're psychic too, Nia.
No, I'm just regular.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
Well, then maybe you'll get it one day.
Or not.
It's not a big deal.
(gasps) My baby boy is psychic like his mama! This is the best day ever! Even with your money stuck in here? Yeah, Rae, your money is not coming out of this thing.
Yeah, that whole arm's gotta come off.
What? The whole thing? Two psychics and neither of you saw this coming? Calm down, sweetheart.
Your arm doesn't have to come off.
My money's not in there.
What? But what about my vision? Oh, your vision doesn't stand a chance against my Mom-tuition.
I knew y'all were up to something.
So, before I went to work I took the money out of Pinky and put it some place that you guys would never suspect.
Chelsea's garden.
Hold up.
If the money wasn't in Pinky, then what was? Uh, my wallet, some coupons, my emergency ponytail.
What? Rae, I thought you hate dirt.
I do hate dirt.
But I love my money.
(bird squawks) (wings flap, bird screeches) Ernesto! Ernesto! Ernesto! No! No! Ah! Oh, no! Our money is gone! Ohhhh Hey - Yo Let me tell you somethin' Had my vision all worked out But then life had other plans Tell 'em, Rae It's crazy when things turn upside down But ya gotta get up and take that chance Maybe I'm just finding my way - Learning how to fly Yeah, we're gonna be ok It might be wild, but ya know that we make it work We're just kids caught up in a crazy world - C'mon! - It's Raven's Home - We get loud! - It's Raven's Home It's our crowd! Might be tough, but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should It's Raven's Home When it's tough It's Raven's Home We got love 'Cause no matter the weather ya know we gon' shine There for each other, ya know it's our time (Raven laughing) Yep! That's us.
(laughing) Easy, easy! Okay, all right, honey! Don't worry! We're gonna get you out of this cement as delicately as possible.
(gasps) Spider! (all scream) (thud, crash) I am not your play thing! But we did kill the spider.
- Yeah.
- No.
No, we didn't! (all scream) Oh.
What? Levi, you got him.
Levi didn't.
That spider was crushed by Cemento! Who? It's my super hero name.
With this cement fist, I'll never be the end of the human chain again.
Cemento! More like "Demento.
" I'm still worried that that bird flew off with Mom's money.
Oh, you guys, don't worry about your mom.
Listen, if there's one thing I know about Raven Baxter it's that she's a strong woman.
Bird! (Shrieks) My money swooped.
Okay, I think I'm wrong about this.
- Nia: Mom - Falcon.
- Booker: Calm down.
- Swooped.
- We'll find the money.
- Snatched my money.
Chels! Did you Did you call the owner of the bird? Yes, Norman says he has no idea where Ernesto is.
He also says he hopes the meatloaf repeats on you? I'm never gonna find that money.
Mom, don't worry.
We'll find Ernesto.
I can make a vision board with different solutions on how to solve this.
- Okay.
- Nia I'm not sure a vision board is gonna help.
I mean, we need real visions.
So it's time for the Psychic Duo! Not to be confused with Cemento! Nobody is confusing those two.
If the Psychic Duo combines the power of our visions, I bet we can find Ernesto in no time.
A double vision? That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard.
Dumb, but it may be a smart dumb.
Our visions go from our eyes into our brains, right? So we just need to harness our kinetic energy through some sort of scientific device.
Okay, Mom.
You ready to connect our psychic energy? I'm ready.
Commence friction.
Now! Faster! Friction! - Like that? - Oh, yeah.
Activating Psychic Duo powers - Uh-huh.
- Now! - Ahh! - Oh! Oh! Ooh! I think my wig flew off.
Ya think? Being a super hero certainly has its perks.
Walnut? No, thanks.
I'm researching falcon flight patterns.
"Psychic Duo.
" You know, I may not have visions, but I can have a super hero name too.
I'm smart and logical.
I can be Logi-Gal.
Get it? Got it.
It's "terri-bal!" Hey, mind if I open your window? Are you trying to catch the falcon with a net? Nah.
I have to clean up my dog's poop, and I don't feel like going downstairs, so I'll bring the poop to me.
That just gave me a great idea.
You wanna bring the poop to me? Uh, no, no.
I wanna bring the bird to me.
Cool! Could we use Levi as bait? I dare you.
Don't worry, Levi.
I've got a different kind of bait.
Let's go.
As we've learned, you can't force a vision.
But by using the power of yoga, it will allow you to relax so your visions come naturally.
Ain't nothing natural about this, Chels.
Ow! Yeah, this looks promising.
(Chelsea clears throat) Namaste.
Nah, I'm not gonna stay.
I'm not gonna stay.
Okay, guys, I think I have a way to fix this.
I found a bird calling app that's guaranteed to attract falcons.
(laughs) A bird calling app? Talk about dumb.
Uh-uh! Zip it, booker.
'Cause her dumb might be smarter than your smart dumb which turned out to just be dumb.
Excuse me.
Go ahead, baby, show me what you got.
All right.
-(Bird screeches through phone) Come to mama.
Wait, it's working! Oh, are those falcons? - (feathers ruffling) - That's a lot of falcons.
Is one of them carrying my money? They're not falcons! - Huh? - They're pigeons! Is one of them carrying my money? - (wings flapping) - Just run! (all shouting) I know Ernesto is coming.
I am not running! (bird screeches) I should have ran.
That's it! We tried conjuring visions rooftop yoga bird calling apps.
It's gone! My money's gone! Man: I wish you were gone, lady! Anybody want guacamole? Ooh, yeah.
(pounds fist on table) Hey, did you just make that? No, it was right there on the counter.
I'll get the chips.
No, we like them uncrushed.
I'll get them.
Sounds like someone's a little anti-Cemento.
It's gone! My money's gone! And so is my zipline! Now I gotta walk to the fridge.
Mom, I just had a vision! Oh! Oh, it makes me so happy that my baby says that.
What'd ya see? I saw Ernesto sitting on a bench right outside of Polar Bear Pizza.
And he was holding your money! - My money! - That's what I said.
- Uh-huh.
- Come on, let's go get him.
This looks like a job for the Psychic Duo! Oh, okay, baby, you stay here and just make sure that your bird app works, okay? Oh, okay.
- Ah! - I'm psychic! (door closes) You hear that? Mom gave me a mission and I'm gonna do it.
Yeah! Logi-Gal will find you, Ernesto! Man: My name's Stanley! Nice to meet you, Stan Quiet! We're coming for you, Ernesto.
Yeah! (door opens) - Hey - I know I didn't use the Scut App, but I really need to get Carmichael to the vet's office.
- (meows) - He has leaky bowels.
Uh-uh, uh-uh! No, no, no.
I can't help you, lady.
Uh-uh, I'm off-Scuty.
How's a hundred bucks? Welcome to your Scut Ride.
Mom, what about the falcon? Oh, don't worry about that.
The pizza place is on the way to the vet.
Besides, I just got me a crisp, new hundred.
Buckle up! Hey, what are you working on? Finding that falcon, saving that money.
Check you out.
Find that falcon, find that falcon, find that falcon.
If I just found out my mom and brother both have visions, I'd be a little bummed.
But not you.
Not me.
Hey, you know it's okay not to be okay, right? Really, Tess, I'm fine.
Nia, come on.
It's me.
Look, I guess I'm just not having the best day, okay? This morning, Booker and I were on the same team.
Trying to spend the money, find the money, hide the money.
And now he's part of this Psychic Duo and I'm getting yelled at by weird Stanley.
Stanley: I heard that.
Remind me to close that window.
You think you had a bad day? I got dunked on by somebody's mother! You know how much street cred I lost? Yeah.
That's the first smile I've seen out of you all day.
Glad my pain could cheer you up.
You're my best friend, Tess.
You always cheer me up.
Thank you.
Stanley: Oh, man! I just stepped in some dog poop! Ah, that reminds me.
I'll let you Yeah.
Look, Mom! There it is.
Booker: Just like in my vision.
Ernesto! This isn't my vet's office.
Don't backseat Scut me, ma'am.
I'm trying to make a quick stop.
Yeah, that falcon owes us some money.
(Carmichael hisses) Falcon? Carmichael hates falcons.
(hisses, meows) Carmichael, no! Carmichael! Ernesto! Could this day get any worse? Hey, hey, hey! That's my hundred! That's mine! Who's ready for Taco Tuesday? Mom, it's Saturday.
Well, you hate Sardine Saturday, so I'm just mixing it up.
That's who I lost to.
Well, we've got some good news.
You found the money? Unfortunately, no.
But our day was not a total loss.
We did find these.
Both: Bam! Those say "I'm with psycho.
" It's all they had, but if we'd found the money, we'd have customized Both: Psychic Customizers! Both: I knew you were going to say that! Guys, does anyone care about the money? Of course we care about the money.
You saved her! Both: I just had a vision! (gasps) Double vision! (squealing) I don't know about yours, but in mine, Levi said I saved someone.
Mine too! We're gonna be heroes! Whoo! Both: Oh! Oh! Let me get that, let me get that.
Let me get that, oh, oh! Let me get that, oh yeah! Rain drops, oh, oh! Oh, yeah! Shredded lettuce, coming up! (deep voice): No! (deep voice): No! You saved her! Nia? No, my fist.
I call it her because him seems a little on the nose.
Where is Nia? Probably right where you threw her.
Baby girl? You okay? Yeah.
I just had a vision.
Aw, yay! Mm! You hear that, everybody? I got twin psychic babies! Come give your psychic mama a hug! Ahh! Mama, I think you're squeezing the psychic out of me.
So I guess the Psychic Duo is now a Psychic Trio.
When do I get my T-shirt? T-shirts don't matter, baby.
Spill the vision.
Yeah, what'd you see? Yeah, do I get my money? Please tell me I get my money.
You get your money back.
(high-pitched squealing) - How? - Oh Ooh.
Does she fight a falcon? 'Cause she will.
I will.
- She will.
- You know I will, girl.
I will fight, I will whoop a falcon.
- Is that what happens? - No.
Does the falcon whoop me? - No.
- Okay.
Then what'd you see? Uh A pointy thing.
Booker's head! What? They can't all be winners.
The roof.
The pointy thing on the (gasps) The turret, the turret, You're talking about the turret.
Is my money up there? Uh the No! No.
There's a taco.
There's a taco on the turret? No, no.
You're You're dressing like a taco on the turret.
Oh, yeah.
That makes more sense.
Wait, so is that when the falcon comes and I get my money? - Exactly.
- (Raven gasps) Wait, why is she dressed like a taco? Never doubt the vision, Booker.
- Yeah, Booker.
- Never doubt the vision.
- I won't.
- Come here, baby.
- Hey.
- Ah, she's so cute! - I'ma go get my money.
- All right.
Okay, come on you two.
If there's any chance Raven's gonna fight a falcon, we wanna get front row seats.
My money's on the falcon.
All right, well, that'll be the second bet you lose today.
So, look at us, just a couple of psychics.
Yeah, so, uh, how did it feel when you got your vision? Well, you know, it was visiony.
Oh, yeah, yeah.
And the whoosh when it goes into your eyes? Oh, so whooshy.
The whooshiest.
Oh, yeah.
Do you Do you suddenly smell burnt corn like me and Mom do? Totally, like the bad popcorn that gets stuck on the bottom.
Oh, my bad, I meant just like regular corn.
Yeah, yeah, regular corn.
At first, I thought it was burning, but then There is no corn! Well, maybe my visions are different than yours.
No corn! Candy corn? Mm-mm.
Okay, fine.
I lied, happy? I'm not psychic.
I guess the fact that you are helps you see that too.
Nia, being psychic has nothing to do with it.
Being your twin brother helps me see things too.
Like when you're not happy, and when you're telling lies to hide it.
Look, I know you were feeling left out.
You could see that? Yeah.
But, Nia, you gotta tell Mom the truth.
- You didn't.
- This is different.
No, it's not, Booker.
You didn't want Mom to take away your powers.
Well, I don't want her to take away my powers.
You don't have powers! But did you see the way she looked at me when she thought I did? When I wasn't just regular.
You went deep.
But I get it.
And I've got your back.
Thank you.
Besides, it's not like Mom is gonna take all that crazy you were spilling seriously anyway.
I mean - "dress like a taco.
" - I know, I saw the taco shell.
There's a lot of temp jobs I wasn't proud of.
But my stint as Taco Shelley wasn't one of them.
Ha, ha, ha! I was sign twirler of the month twice! Now, if you'll excuse me, I've gotta to get that money.
(laughs) Both: Taco suit! Oh! (groans) Where are you at, Ernesto? Careful, Rae! Oh, I'm not worried.
Nia had a vision! That is nuts.
That she climbed all the way up there based on a vision? No.
That she owns a taco suit.
Where's Mom? Where Nia told her to go.
She really went up? Here Ernesto! It's your taco fiesta.
Mom, are you okay? Well, your vision didn't see me ending up as sidewalk taco meat so we all good! Oh, oh! Cemento! Do something! You do know I'm not an actual super hero? Oh, well not with that attitude.
Okay, I'm gonna go get her.
She's up there because of me.
I got this.
Ooh, I was hoping she was gonna say that.
(groans) Here, Ernesto.
Hey, Mom.
Ah! Oh, girl, you scared the lettuce outta me.
You gotta get down from here, Nia.
It's dangerous, honey.
- Mom.
- Huh? Ernesto's not coming.
No, no, no, no.
Yes, he is.
'Cause I'm in a taco on the turret just like you saw.
- Mom.
- Huh? I didn't see anything because I didn't have a vision.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
This wind, Nia, let me hear.
What'd you say? I didn't have a vision.
I heard what you said, Nia.
Really? Why would you make something like this up? I apologize, Mom.
It's just that, you and Booker, you You have this Psychic Duo thing and you seemed so happy when you heard that he had visions like you.
I just wanted to think that I was like you too.
Are you serious? Are you serious, baby? I don't care that you don't have visions.
You don't? So it's okay that I'm just regular? Regular? Oh, baby girl, you are so far from regular.
But you and Booker can see the future.
Yeah, and where has that gotten us today? Honestly, I don't have my money.
And you, you feel left out and I don't like that.
Visions aren't all what they're cracked up to be.
- They aren't? - No.
(sigh) Not at all, sweetie.
You can't count on them, and, uh, most of the time they're wrong.
Listen, your brother and I may share the fact that we have visions, right? But you and I share a lot of things too, right? - Yeah.
- We share the fact that we're up here on this turret together.
- Yeah.
- And if we're lucky, we'll share the fact that we're gonna get down off this turret.
All I'm saying is, Nia, you're just as important as anybody else in this family.
You hear me? Yeah.
All right, so yes, your brother and I, we are the Psychic Duo but you, me, and your brother we will always be Team Baxter.
Okay? Yeah.
So can we get t-shirts? Oh, can we get down? - Yeah, yeah, I got you.
- Okay.
Ahh! (thud, crash) Oh! Oh, my gosh.
Thank you so much, Mom.
You broke my fall.
You broke my taco shell.
(bird squawks through phone) - Nia, is that coming from your butt? My app! Yeah, mine too.
No, no, no.
My bird calling app.
It must have triggered it when I hit the ground.
- (falcon screeches) - (gasp) That's the falcon call.
- Man, that almost sounds real.
- I know.
Levi: And close.
(gasps) Chelsea: What? Levi! Okay, listen, don't move.
There's a falcon on your fist.
And he's got the money.
- My money.
- Okay, nobody move.
Logi-Gal's got this.
(excited squeals) Here, Mom! - (excited screams) - Your money.
(giggles, sighs) Wait, you just snatched it.
How is that logical? None of you thought of it.
She right.
She right.
(falcon screeches) - (gasps) - See ya.
- Adios , Ernesto! - (Chelsea laughs) I'm so glad that you got your money back, Mom.
Our money.
Yeah? Come on in here.
Come here.
(laughter) Ooh! Come on! Give someone else a chance! What? She's still in there? Yeah! Hey, I saved it, I get to lay in it.
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