Raven's Home (2017) s02e07 Episode Script

All Sewn Up

1 Raven's Home was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Oh, calm down, sweetheart.
Chelsea just texted me, and she's gonna bring us a little treat! Okay! Look what we brought you, Rae! A prickly little treat! Are you serious, Chels? You can't call anything a treat unless it has cheese and whipped cream on it! I told you.
Hey, listen, they're cacti from my garden! You know, it's a little treat for the apartment.
You know what else would be a treat for the apartment? Yes, I know, Rae! Apple pie with cheese and whipped cream.
You paying half the rent with cheese and whipped cream on it! Hey, look what I did! Wow, Rae! You really captured the essence of your subject.
-Thank you.
-I don't know where you get your inspiration.
Auntie Rae, can we get this over with? This thing's hot.
Sit, Levi! Sit! -Mom! -Yes? Check this out! The Lit 'Fit Fashion Blog says I need this jacket in my life.
You gonna spend $150 on a jacket?! Booker, mind your business.
You gonna spend $150 on a jacket?! Yes, Mom! I want to set the trends at school, not follow them! Besides, it's my money.
Shouldn't I be able to spend it how I want to? Nia, you have been saving that money to go to the African-American History Museum in DC.
I'm not gonna let you just blow it on some jacket, so you can be the "It" girl at school! Yeah! I've been saving for the same trip, and I'd never waste my money on something dumb like-- Oh! I want that! A two-sided game table? Aw, man! Mitch gets all the awesome stuff craned up to his penthouse.
Okay, come here, come here.
We are not crane people.
That money is for your DC trip.
Now neither of you are allowed to spend it on jackets, or games or any of that nonsense.
-You're right, Mom.
I got it, Mom.
So, did you ask your mom if you could spend your money on the jacket? She said I couldn't get it! Too bad I already got it.
Might be tough, but together we make it look good Yep! That's us.
Nia! You know you can't take this jacket back.
It's final sale.
No returns.
I know, but that DC trip isn't for two whole months.
That's plenty of time to save up the money again.
That's why I'm going to enjoy wearing this whenever my mom's not around.
Raven: Nia! - She's around! - Quick! Hey, Ni-- Oh! Oh, why are you in bed? Just doing some homework.
-What kinda homework? -Criminal science! She's undercover! And I'm leaving the scene of the crime.
Not that there was a crime! Bye! -Nia, listen.
-Yes? I have been thinking about that money you want to spend on the jacket that you've been eyeing.
-Yeah? -Then how about this? On Monday, we take all of your money, and put it in the bank.
Right?! So you and Booker can learn how to be responsible with your money.
Exciting! Thrilling.
Now, if you will excuse me, I'm gonna get back to my criminal science homework.
Okay, okay.
You know what I think, Nia? -I think you're guilty.
-I am? Yeah.
Of being a good daughter.
Thanks, Mom.
Bye, Mom.
I'm so bad.
But I look so good! What do you want, Mitch? You probably saw the really cool stuff being lifted past your window.
How could we miss it? One of those boxes said, "Hey Booker and Levi, "look at all the really cool stuff being lifted past your window.
" Did it? Of course it did! Well, you wanna come up and check it out? Ha! Oh.
I may be able to work that into my, uh, "shed-you-el.
" What are you doing? I'm pronouncing "schedule" in a really cool way.
Okay, first of all, you're not.
And secondly, I'm talking about Mitch! Every time we trust this guy, it turns out, we can't trust this guy! But-- but he's got a two-sided game table! We don't even have one side! Go, go, go! Sorry, Mitch.
No can do! What?! It doesn't fit into your "shed-you-el?" Whatever, losers.
But you're gonna regret it.
You did the right thing, Booker.
I-- I don't think I did.
I just had a vision! I saw me as a doll! Mitch is gonna do some kind of some kinda Mitch-craft on me! Mitch said we were gonna regret not playing with him.
Now he's gonna do some doll hocus-pocus on me! Booker, I'm sure there's another explanation for your vision.
Ow! Then why did something just poke me? What could have poked you? How about the needle Mitch is poking into that little Booker doll? This is how it starts, Levi! A little poke.
Next thing you know, there are snakes in my locker, and I got warm tuna fish for lunch! Get a hold of yourself, man! 2You're right, you're right.
Here you go, Booker.
You forgot your lunch.
It's tuna fish.
And it's warm! It's happening, Levi! It's happening! It's happening.
Check it out.
Tess: Everybody's noticing the jacket.
I'm gonna give 'em a little taste of what they want, but I'm not gonna make it look planned.
Hey, guys.
Check out Nia's jacket.
Way to work it! That didn't look planned at all.
Wow, Nia! Great jacket! You really know your fashion.
Wait, how'd you get that so fast? It just popped up on Lit 'Fits.
Well, Zeena, real trendsetters have "Lit 'Fits" premium.
Oh, premium! I'd do anything to wear that.
Would you give us a second, please? Tess, Sienna said she'd do anything to wear this.
I get it.
You're worried she's gonna steal it! Hurry! Zip it up before she grabs it.
I'm thinking I could rent it to her and all those other kids.
That way I can make my money back, and get it to the bank on Monday! A fashion rental business.
Good call, but first, we need a cool company name.
Oh, yeah.
I got it! "Jacket" spelled with a "G" instead of a "J.
" That would make it "Gacket.
" Even better! All right, who wants to wear this jacket for five minutes for $5.
00? Yeah.
Hey! I know you.
Last time you picked me up, you left the window down, and Carmichael jumped out, and nearly got killed chasing that falcon! Oh! Well, he looks like he got about eight lives left.
He'll be good.
Do you mind if I ask you about your pet portraits? Why would you ask that? 'Cause this book says, "Ask Me About My Pet Portraits.
" Oh, my friend Chelsea must have put that in here! Painting is just a hobby.
Oh! -They're quite good! -Thank you.
I'll give you $500 for a portrait of my cat.
You got a crayon? I'll do that right now! What a day, huh? Gacket was a great idea! Still not feeling the name, but thank you! I made all of my money back.
Good, so now you'll have the deposit for Monday, and you're done.
Done? No, no.
I'm just getting started! Tess, people are depending on me to tell them what's next, and that's definitely the matching cape.
-Whoa! -Mm-hmm.
How much did this cost you? Fashion has no price.
But don't worry! We'll rent them both out and make twice the money.
Ah, see? This is why you're the president of Gacket.
You know what? I'm starting to feel the name! -Yes, give me the jacket! -Yes! I bought all this stuff this old book of spell remedies told me to get to stop Mitch's hocus-pocus.
And a mini pie? What does mini pie stop? Hunger.
You could've bought two.
I did.
It was a long walk home.
Booker, how much did all this cost? -$20.
-That's not so bad.
It was all I had left after I spent $130 on this spell remedy book.
You spent all your money? What about the bank on Monday? Ow! Another poke! If I don't stop Mitch, I may not be here Monday.
Three pies? Didn't you just hear me? I may not be here Monday! Ooh! Ahh! I don't know what feels better.
The oohs or the ahhs.
We should take these off, and open up Gacket for business.
Or we can wear them for the rest of the day and upgrade those oohs and ahhs to wows and whoas.
But what about making your money back? I'll just rent them both out after school to the detention crowd.
Those delinquents always need a little pick-me-up.
Is Gacket open yet? We'll be open at 3:00.
Perfect! I have detention! Yes! No offense, but all that anti-Mitch-craft stuff is making you stink.
Yeah, but it's worth it.
I haven't gotten a poke.
Ow! I just got a poke! So, you stink for nothing? Well, it wasn't for nothing! This stink cost 150 bucks.
And I'm still under a spell.
There's only one thing left to do.
What do you want? Listen, Mitch, we made a bad decision before.
And we want to take you up on your offer to hang out.
Let me check my "shed-you-el.
" You're lucky.
I just had a last minute "cancel-ay-shee-on.
" Come on in, losers.
Mitch: Welcome to Mitch-topia! Ooh! Ooh! That's right.
Get 'em outta your system.
" No way! You've got the awesome Zip Zap Zoom game? Wanna play it? Do I? Ow! Why are you poking me? To remind you why we're here.
You're right! Uh, Mitch? I really shouldn't play on an empty stomach.
He gets a little hangry.
You won't like him when he's hangry.
I don't really like him now.
But okay! Okay, you take that side.
I'll take this side.
Now where would Mitch hide mini-Booker? Ow! I just got poked! That just means there's a mini-Levi too! This is getting worse! He's coming for both of us! Oh, the awesome two-sided game table! Whoa! No! Who wants smoothies? Get away from us! We know what you've been doing! What? I-- I've just been playing Ice Zombies.
It looked like you were sewing dolls of us, you Mitch-doctor! That wasn't a doll of you! Ow! Then why do I keep getting poked in my neck? Ow! Me too! Maybe the name tags your mommies sew in your hoodies are poking you.
Our mommies don't sew our names in our hoodies.
They write them! What the heck is this? It looks like one of your mom's cactus thorns.
Looks like she got one in mine, too.
Guess that explains all the poking.
But that doesn't explain all of this weird sewing stuff! Okay, fine! So, I sew.
So-- so what? I find it quite relaxing.
That was my vision.
You know what else relaxes me? You leaving! One quick game of Zip Zap Zoom? Hit the bricks! Loving this jacket! I'll take the cape, too.
Oh, the cape combo platter.
You've got ten minutes.
We got other people waiting.
And go! This is going great! I told you.
We have nothing to worry about.
I know what the people want.
Oh, look.
It's a text from Zeena.
She probably wants some fashion tips.
No, it says, "Prepare to go from a fashionista to a fashion-leasta.
" Zeena: Excuse me.
According to Lit 'Fit's Fashion Premium Prime, black and white is out, and multi-colored is in.
Which means bye-bye, Gacket.
Premium Prime! -I'd wear this! -Five bucks! What? It's not even in style anymore! If it makes you feel better, I spent all my money, too, on a stupid spell remedy book.
And Mom still thinks we're putting money in the bank on Monday.
Mom's home! Help hide the jacket and the cape! Hi, kids! Whatcha doing? Digging.
For loose change to put into our savings accounts.
Aw, I am so proud of you taking this money saving thing seriously.
But I wouldn't bother with the cushions though, I went through those this morning.
That's how I got me $1.
37 worth of tacos.
What are you guys gonna do now? Well, if I need $150, and you need $150, and black and white is out, but multi-colored is in, there can only be one answer.
Eleven! What?! It sounded like a math problem! Why didn't you just say we were gonna paint the jacket? What do you think? I think you made this jacket -look as good as Zeena's.
-Thank you.
But isn't your mom gonna notice you used her paints? Not if I refill them with water.
Besides, her cat painting's almost done.
Oh, no! A text from Zeena! All jackets and capes are out! Even multi-colored ones? Even multi-colored ones! So, what is in? Cell phone pouches? What are we gonna do now? Doesn't say! Okay, fine! What's the one thing we can do? Can you please just tell us? We'll just cut these up and sew them into capes.
We're back in business! But the only person we know who sews is your mom, and I don't think she's gonna hop on board.
Actually Booker, who's the one person we know who can help us? Why is everyone speaking in riddles? I feel so alive! -Sew faster! -Sew faster! We need 50 pouches by morning! Don't rush me.
I'm a craftsman.
Okay, sorry.
But sew faster! This is great! We made all of the money back! I've gotta say, for a while there, I was very concerned, but soon, we'll be able to look back on this and laugh.
Or cry! Maybe there was just something wrong with ours? Nope! We want our money back! Got a receipt? That'll work.
They say the eyes are the window to the soul.
Carmichael got a little booger in his soul.
Oh! Oh! What happened to my paints? -Something wrong? -Huh? No, nothing to water about-- I mean, worry.
Worry-- worry about.
Oh, hey, Mom! -Hey.
-Look at you! Painting.
She's painting.
I can see that! Wow, Mom! I haven't seen you painting in a long time! -Carry on! -I don't wanna stop your flow.
Stop! Y'all know anything about my paints? Together: No.
-Let me see them souls! Mm-mm, I don't like it.
Get in the kitchen.
Get in the kitchen.
You, too.
You, too.
Get in the kitchen.
We'll be right back.
Can someone explain to me why Carmichael's face is leaking? Are-- are you asking, or do you already know the answer, because there's been a lot of that going on lately.
Somebody watered down my paints! Who was it and why? Let's eliminate one of the options.
Wasn't me.
Good night.
I bought that jacket you told me not to, earned back the money by renting it out, then got caught up in the whole fashion thing, bought a cape, too, and then black and white was out, and multi-colored was in-- What she's trying to say is Wasn't me either.
Good night.
Stop! I cannot believe you disobeyed me, Nia.
I told you how important that money was, and you went and just spent it on some jacket and cape? Who even wears capes? Well, I'm off to the "super" market in my new cape! I'll be back in a single bound! Oh, and Rae, I took a $20 off the dresser.
I apologize, Mom.
I just got so caught up in wanting to be a trendsetter.
I should have listened to you.
Do you see now what I meant about being responsible with your money? We can't always spend it on the things we want, so we can have it for the things we need.
Well I hope you learned your lesson, Nia.
Yes, that's right! At least Booker knows not to go and blow his money on meaningless things.
Would you consider a $130 spell remedy book meaningless? Now, that depends.
Did it work? No.
Then, yes! You both blew your money for the DC trip? I-- I'm sorry, Mom.
I hope you are, because I don't know how you're gonna go on that DC trip now.
Gloria: What's going on in there? And because of you two, I might lose money! Carmichael wants to know if there's a problem with his portrait.
Listen, Gloria, this may not be what you had in mind-- You're right! It's better! -It is? -Yes! Carmichael always cries whenever I leave the house.
You captured his expression "purr-fectly.
" Well, you know how I do.
I can't believe I'm getting this painting for only $500! Ooh, tell your friends! -I will! -Okay.
Thank you, Gloria.
-I'll cash this tomorrow.
Well today's my lucky day.
How can we make it our lucky day, Mom? What can we do to earn back the money so we can go on that DC trip? And pay for my paints! And pay for your paints.
Well, besides the chores you already do, you can, uh, wash my Scut car after every shift.
Done! Vacuum my Scut car.
-And Drive my Scut car.
We're not even old enough to drive.
You will be by the time you pay off this trip.
Let's go.
Get to it, scoot to it! Ha! Joke's on Mom! I just found a quarter.
Ooh! Taco money!