Raven's Home (2017) s02e08 Episode Script

Oh Father Where Art Thou

So, Dad, then we went to another store, and Mom and I finally found the perfect dress for the Father-Daughter dance tomorrow night.
I can't wait to see you in it.
I wish I could've bought it for you myself.
Oh, you did! I charged it to your credit card.
Ha! Still remember the number.
Oh! Is that Dad? I wanna tell him I'm working the photo stand at the dance! Hey, Uncle Devon, as an amateur storm chaser, I've been tracking a big snowstorm that's heading our way.
Levi! You trying to take my job as a weatherman? No, I just wanted to tell you to bring a coat.
Somebody's a little insecure! Levi, I wanna show him my favorite NBA player's gonna be there-- Hey, Devon! Hey! Check it out.
Guess who made an edible vegetable centerpiece for the dance, huh? I'm gonna go with anybody but Raven.
Hey, I heard that, but I'ma let you slide because your credit card bought me these brand new boots! Mom! I also wanna show him the NBA player is Antoine Decker, AKA Antoine Dunker! - Okay! - Finally! Yo, Dad, check it out! And, the phone's dead.
Oh, Booker, cheer up.
Look what your dad bought you on his credit card.
Some new sneakers! Really, Mom? He bought me a pair of sneakers, too? Oh, that man! He shouldn't have! He really, really shouldn't have.
Yep! That's us.
Okay, dance committee! The doors are opening, so you can finish your stations.
Thanks for helping with the sundae bar, Steve.
You can go change.
Oh, you're wearing that? Oh Classy! So? What do you think? Think my dad'll like it? Wow! You make poofy look good! -Did I over-poof? -No, you're perfectly poof.
It's a fool-poof dress.
Are you okay about your dad not making it tonight? Yeah.
I'm used to it.
I'm a proud daughter of a trucker.
Well, you know he'd be here if he could.
It's all good.
Oh, thanks! Hi, Booker.
Oh! Hey! Sheridan Decker! Or should I say, Sheridan Dunker? My dad's the dunker.
I'm just a Decker.
- What was that for? - Just happy to help! Daddy! Bye, Booker.
Ah, you look gorgeous! There's the Dunker.
And I'm gonna get a picture with him even if it kills me.
And it just might.
Look at us, Levi.
Chilling while everybody's at the dance.
Well, we didn't really have a choice.
You're not a father, and I'm not a daughter.
Although, if I were, I'd go with the name Debbie.
You put a lot of thought into that, didn't you? Well, Debs, what you doing? Debbie.
Not Debs.
Anyway, I've been tracking this winter storm, and it's a doozy.
18 inches of snow, with wind gusts up to 40 miles per hour.
Which is why I am staying at home, and we are watching my favorite show, "Lady Truckers," starring Big Shirl.
I love me some Big Shirl.
Every time she signs off, she always goes-- Raven and TV: Catch you on the flip flop! Hey, D! You at the dance? Rae, we got a problem.
The Chicago airport is closed 'cause of the snow storm, and they had to divert my flight.
-What? - Yeah.
I'm stranded at this tiny airport about an hour away, and all the rental cars are gone.
Devon, how did you not see this coming? You're a weather man.
How did you not see it coming? You're a psychic.
How come I didn't see it coming? Oh, wait! I did.
I feel terrible letting Nia down.
No, no, no! No one is letting anybody down, Devon.
You stay right there.
I'm gonna get in the car right now and come get you.
Come on, Levi.
Get your coat on, alright? We gotta go get Devon.
Are you sure, Auntie Rae? It's coming down pretty hard.
Oh, don't worry about that, Levi.
Little snow can't stop me.
But a lot of snow can! Chelsea: Okay, okay! Thank you all for coming to our annual Father-Daughter dance.
There are snacks and drinks, and the photo stand is now open.
-Oh, oh! And don't forget to partake in our edible vegetable centerpiece.
It's delicious, and it's good for the constitution, if you know what I mean.
It helps you poop? - Okay, then.
- Party on! Your photo will be ready in a few minutes.
Booker, why do you think Dad's not here yet? He's probably just stuck in traffic at the airport.
Yeah, you're probably right.
Thanks, Booker.
Yeah, you Y-you know I always got your back.
Alright, what's behind my back? The Dunker! Hey! Sorry, man, no photos tonight.
It's my daughter's dance, and it's all about her.
No photos? Why does tonight have to be all about Sheridan? Hello? Father-Daughter dance, it's kind of in the name.
Well, you know what? The Dunker's about to meet the dancer.
Watch me work.
Dad? I'm gonna go get us something to drink.
Be right back.
Okay, baby.
Cool song, huh? Yeah, sure Oop! Oh! Thanks! Y-you found my phone! Nice try, son.
But, no photos of me.
Alright, fine, no photos of you.
But how 'bout a photo of us? Yo, yo! This next song goes out to all the daughters in the house! Yeah, yeah, yeah! That's right, that's right! We're on the wheels of steel, dropping fresh beats! And speaking of beets, um, they're in my vegetable centerpiece, which, uh, no one seems to be eating? Come on, party people.
Let's veggie on.
Wassup, Ravy Rave? Don't do that.
Listen, Chels, I am freaking out.
Devon just called me.
He's stuck at the airport, my car's snowed in, and I don't think he's gonna be able to make it to the dance.
Oh, no! Nia's gonna be crushed.
I know, so let's just hope that he finds a way to get there.
But don't tell Nia yet, okay? I'm so sorry, it's so loud in here.
Let me see if I got this straight.
So, you don't want me to tell Nia that her dad's not gonna make it to the dance.
Okay, I got it.
I-- I can't believe my dad's not coming.
I Booker, turn off the camera! I-I don't want anyone to see me like this.
Got it.
Booker: It's stuck! My bad.
Nia, I'm really sorry Dad's not coming.
Look, I know how you feel, but it's like with my dad.
You know he'd be here if he could.
I guess you're right, but it just Hey! I've got an idea how to take your mind off Dad.
Why don't you help me with the photo stand? -I don't think so.
-Come on, Nia, it'll be fun.
Okay, what do you do? Well, you just talk to 'em, make 'em feel at ease, and then snap the picture.
'Kay, sounds easy.
Special night, huh? Fathers.
Daughters! Dancing, you know.
Eating sundaes, making memories.
Well, you better enjoy this while you can, 'cause before you know it, your dad's gonna get a job as a weatherman, move to Dallas, promise to show up at your next dance, get snowed in, and never show up.
Say, "Cheese!" Okay, well that was fun! Uh, why don't you see if Tess needs any help at the DJ booth.
Yeah! I could totally-- Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! Yes! Nia, your father has arrived.
May I have this da-- No, that's too much.
Nia I'm your daddy.
No? I'm trying to pass as a dad, just in case Devon can't make it.
Is the rose too much? The rose is the only thing that works.
I'll get it.
-Hi, Mr.
O'Malley! -Hey, Levi! -Rae! -Jimmy! How you doing? I'm so glad to see you.
Tess said you weren't gonna make it to the dance.
I cut my truck route short, so I could surprise her.
Is there something different about you, Rae? -No.
-Change your hair? No.
She thinks she can pass as a dad.
Well, I'm trying! At least I bought this easy-off glue.
Ow! Whoopi-- Goldberg, that hurt! Yah! So, where's Devon? Oh, he got snowed in at the airport.
Ah, that's too bad.
I was hoping he'd be there.
Anyway, Rae, I just came by to see if you could keep an eye on my rig.
I got it parked right out your window.
Hey! So, how does your rig handle in the pow-pow? You know that's trucker talk for snow? -It is? -Mm-hmm.
Well, we just call it snow.
But the truck handles like a 12-ton dream.
Woo, Jimmy was right! She handles like a 12-ton dream.
Nothing like the open road, huh, Levi? Wow, I'm really impressed with how you're handling this rig in these conditions, Auntie Rae.
Thank you.
You can just call me Big Shirl.
Well, Big Shirl better put her big foot on the gas if we wanna pick up Devon in time.
Copy that! Pedal to the metal! Catch you on the flip flop! Nothing can stop us now.
You takin' any requests? Hey, do I come to your job and tell you what to-- - Dad! - Hey, sweetie! -Surprise! -Man, I thought you weren't coming.
How could I ever disappoint that face? I just wanna squeeze those cheeks.
Okay, time's up.
Hey! It's your own fault for having that face.
Whoa, Nia! Look at you! Hi, Mr.
Now, I have two princesses to dance with.
If your highnesses will excuse me, I gotta go fill up on some dancing fuel first.
Hey! And stay away from the dairy! You know how you get! What? I gotta ride home with him.
Tess, that's really sweet of your dad offering to dance with me, but this is your night together.
You know, this dress was bought to be danced in, be a shame to let it go to waste.
Wanna switch? Eh, you think I could pull off the poof? Hey, if your dad can pull off a toupee, you can pull off the poof.
Shhh! He thinks nobody knows.
Auntie Rae, what are we gonna do now? Calm down, sweetheart, calm down.
You know what? This, this is a perfect learning lesson, alright? This is what happens when the cops pull you over.
You stay calm, alright? You put your hands on the dash.
Leave them there.
You tell the truth, cause we have nothing to hide.
Yeah? - License and registration.
Yes, yes.
Um, ma'am.
See? Calm, and collected.
There you go.
It says here, this rig is registered to a James O'Malley.
So, who are you? Huh? I'm Jimmy's trucker friend.
Uh, he-- he let me borrow his rig, and he, and he also let me borrow this mustache.
See? 'Cause we're friends of Jimmy's, and that's what truckers do.
Truckers truck together.
- I don't know why I can't stop.
Okay, you two do not look like any truckers I've ever seen.
What-- Ella Fitzgerald! -Ella Fitzgerald? -Yeah.
It says here, you're Raven Baxter.
So, which is it? Um, actually, my name's Raven Baxter, but around these parts, they call me, uh They call me Big Rae.
And this here-- this here is -This here's Little Deb.
-It's Debbie! Okay, so Big Rae, and Little Debbie, huh? Yeah! That's right! That's right.
Breaker breaker 10-17, on the seven-tile! We got hit in the double zone in the hydro-pipe-- dro-planing.
We're here with the cop from the seven.
We trucker! Okay, you know? I've heard enough.
You got nothing on me, copper! -I'm making a run for it.
-No! No, Debbie! - No Debbie! - Come on, get-- Debbie! Get Get back! Look, you two! I don't know what you're up to, but it's freezing out here! My nose hairs are frozen, and they're starting to whistle, "Chattanooga Choo Choo!" Oh, I like that song.
-So, I'm gonna let you off with a warning.
Your license checks out, but I don't wanna see you again.
Uh, copy that.
Catch you on the flip flop.
Don't do that again! I'm sorry! Okay! Copy that, copy that! Hands on the dash! Wow Look at my girl.
All poofed up.
Guess that makes me Poof Daddy.
Dad? More dancey, less talky.
I take that back.
More talky, less dancey.
Thanks, Booker, I love cherries.
How'd you know? Eh, I know things.
Like, maybe, you wanna dance with me? Sure! I, uh, I also knew you were gonna do that! Ha ha, look at us! Dancing at a Father Daughter dance.
Hope no one thinks I'm your father.
Hey, speaking of your father Whoa, this DJ is terrible.
Ha, awful, right? I'll be right back.
Nia! What're you doing? Uh, what do you mean? I'm up here crushing it.
Crushing what? These people's spirits? Hey, look, I'm sorry, Booker.
I've been trying my best to pretend I'm not upset that Dad's not coming, but I can't.
I'm really disappointed.
Well, you don't have to be disappointed anymore.
I just had a vision.
I saw you and Dad dancing! Which means he makes it! Wait, really? Are you sure? Yeah, you were even wearing your dress that you're not wearing.
Why aren't you wearing your dress? I let Tess wear it.
Well, if you want my vision to come true, you better get it back.
Oh, Tess! You look so cute dancing in that dress.
Thanks! I think I'm really pulling it off.
Speaking of which Wow, Booker, you can really dance.
-So can you! -Really? I hope so.
Cause I don't have much practice.
I don't get asked to dance a lot.
What? Why not? Probably because I'm so much taller than boys my age.
You are? I didn't even notice.
You're so funny.
-Hey, Booker.
Quick question.
In your vision, when did you see Dad come in here? Cause it's getting pretty late.
Don't worry, he's gonna be here.
Trust in the vision.
Now, move out of the way.
-For what? -For this.
Ow! You know, usually guys are only nice to me to get to my dad.
What? Who does that? I get it though.
People get excited meeting an all-star who averages 29 points a game.
Uh, it's 30, with 12 assists and 92 percent from the stripe.
But, who's counting, right? So how long has your dad been your dad? Have you only been nice to me to get to my father? No! I, I mean, yeah, I-I wanted a picture, but-- I knew it! You're just like everyone else! You didn't wanna hang out with Sheridan Decker.
You wanted to hang out with Antoine Decker.
Well, maybe he'll dance with you.
You think he would? Breaker 1-9, breaker 1-9.
Little Debbie here.
Just picked up Big Daddy, and are heading back to Chi-Town.
Anybody go their ears on? You know that's not on, right? Well, it's better than listening to you say, "Are we there yet?" Well, are we there yet, Rae? Okay, calm down, Devon, alright? We are going to make it to the dance on time.
This rig plows through snow.
But not ice! Okay, everybody, calm down! It is under control! - Alright? - I got this! Dance, here we come! Oh, snap! Oh, wow! Well, I don't know if I'm seeing spots, - but I can't tell who's who.
- Here you go.
Meow! Hey, thanks for covering my stand, Aunt Chelsea.
Oh, no problem.
Did you have fun dancing with Sheridan? I kinda blew it.
She's pretty mad at me.
She didn't even punch me in the arm.
She's been punching you in the arm? You know what that means? She likes you.
-She likes me? -Yeah.
Oh, no.
That makes this even worse.
I just wanted a picture with Antoine Decker so bad, I didn't even realize she was crushing on me.
What do I do? Now, look, Booker.
If there's one thing girls appreciate, it's honesty.
So just explain yourself and apologize.
-You're right.
I-I owe it to her.
-Thanks, Aunt Chelsea.
-Oh, honey, don't thank me.
Just eat some of my centerpiece, huh? Make me look good.
Honestly? -It's not gonna happen.
-Oh come on, honey.
-Please? Oh, come on.
-No, no, no.
Well, looks like this party's gotten bigger since the last time I saw you.
Don't tell me.
Big Rae, Little Debbie, and-- O-M-G.
Devon Carter? Dallas Action News weatherman? I used to live in Dallas.
I'm a really big fan.
Turn on the charm, turn on the charm.
So come here often? Not you.
Tess Tess, please hold off on playing the final song.
I know my dad's gonna be here.
What about Booker's vision? Nia! I can't hold off any longer.
After this song, I'm gonna have to play it.
Uh, hey, Sheridan.
Booker, my dad and I would like a picture, please.
Uh, y-y-yeah.
Hey Sheridan, can I talk to you for a minute? What do you want? I-I just wanna apologize for the way I was treating you tonight.
I-I never should've tried to use you to get a pic with your dad.
It was selfish, it was mean, and you deserve better.
You're right, I do.
I I just wish I'd gotten to know you for you because you seem pretty cool.
Uh, your photo will be ready soon.
Wait, Dad.
One more pic? Booker? You wanna get in this one? Me? With you guys? Sure! Wait, who's gonna take the picture? Aunt Chelsea! Hurry! Okay, dads! Pick up a rose for your daughter.
It is time for the final father daughter dance.
Well, that's it.
The dance is over, and Dad's not here.
I don't understand.
I had a vision of you and Dad dancing.
I guess I got it wrong.
Just wish you weren't wrong tonight.
Well, I've had better nights.
Mom? Mom, what's going on? Your night's not over yet, baby.
May I have this dance? Oh, Dad! Well, I guess my vision wasn't wrong after all.
So, Dad, check out what I got at the dance.
-Is that Antoine Dunker? -And me! -Where? -Yeah, I don't see you.
No, I-I'm right there.
I'm the hair.

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