Raven's Home (2017) s02e09 Episode Script

The Trouble With Levi

Raven: Raven's Home was filmed in front of a live studio audience.
Could you crunch any louder? Sure.
I mean, you asked.
Could you two be any more immature? Probably.
Both: Yup! You know, what they say is right.
Breakfast really is the most annoying meal of the day.
Sorry, Nia, we just love our Franken Crunch.
And Berry Buddies.
You can call us "Franken Buddies.
" Ha! -What's that? -Oh, calm down.
It's the landline.
Hello? Oh yes, Principal Wentworth.
If one of y'all did anything, you gonna get it.
So glad you're an angel.
Oh yeah, well, um, she's right here.
-It's about yo angel.
- Looks like Levi's gonna get it.
- No, I'm not.
I'm a model student, Auntie Rae.
Levi, Principal Wentworth wants to see us first thing this morning.
I'm gonna get it.
Bookman! You okay? Yeah.
I'm just worried about Levi.
He's in the principal's office.
No, he'll be fine.
Now focus.
We've got some serious business to take care of.
You guys got nothing.
Check this out.
It didn't even make a sound.
-Lame! -We'll wait for it.
Oh! How did you make it smell? Science.
Morning, students.
Who's ready to have fun in Science class? You are because science does matter.
Anyway, we have a new student joining us today.
Ooh, I hope it's a pretty girl, 'cause she's gonna be sitting next to the Bookman! - Class, please welcome Levi Grayson.
-Levi? -He's not a pretty girl.
Levi, I thought you were in trouble.
Principal Wentworth just thought I needed to be in a more advanced science class.
Isn't that great, Franken Buddy? Both: "Franken Buddy"? It-- it's a cereal thing.
That's cute.
You guys are Franken Buddies.
Oh, not again.
Yep! That's us.
Uh, Ms.
Pittman? When you say our science projects are due "this week," do you mean this "this week" or next "this week"? Well, since that makes no sense at all I mean three days from now.
And when you say, "Three days from now," like-- Friday, Curtis.
I mean Friday! My first advanced science project.
Should we get to work? We're working a little science of our own, first.
Teach us how to make them smell! Pittman alert.
Aerodynamics was my first choice, but after testing the viscosity and quantum density of the atmosphere proved-- You're getting really good at using big words to pretend we're working.
He knows big words, because every night, we go over the word of the day.
Tell 'em last night's word, Booker.
Um, there wasn't one, because we don't do that ever.
Excuse us a second.
The word was "befuddled," which means confused, which is what I am right now.
Well, then let me unfuddle you.
Curtis and The Guntz are my boys.
And we don't talk about stuff like "words of the day.
" We're just cool, so just be cool.
Got it! Be cool.
So, what are you guys doing for your projects? I'm going with the classic erupting volcano.
Me too.
Easy "A.
" Oof.
What's wrong with the volcano? Well, it's just that I did that project in my fourth-grade class, and I thought this class was more advanced.
Um I'm befuddled by what you think "cool" means.
Look, just try to relax, and if you get the chance, make 'em laugh.
-Got it.
-So, what's Levi the Tiny Science Guy doing for his project? The elephant toothpaste experiment.
It's where you cause a chemical reaction in the bottle and foam slowly oozes out.
Hey, I'm doing that too.
Of course, I have some experience with foam, since I have to shave my beard every day.
You don't have a beard.
That's 'cause I shave.
Both: Cool! It's true.
I've seen it.
See? The man knows.
Yup, every night when he's taking his bubble bath, he makes this giant bubble beard and shaves it.
So hilarious! Dude! You still take bubble baths? Well, I-I-- The Bookman is now Bubblebeard.
I did it.
I made them laugh.
-Isn't this great? -Yeah.
- I can get it in! I can get it in! Come on, close! Close! That's the problem, Chels! We got too many clothes! Is everything okay? It sounds like two warthogs trying to poop.
-We're fine, sweetie.
-Chelsea: Yeah, I'm good Do you need help closing that door? Both: Uh, yes! Great, great.
Give away all your old clothes.
-Problem solved.
See ya.
-Nia! Get back here.
Real help.
Come on, push! - Chelsea: Come on, push! Grunt, Nia.
-Come on! Oh! Yes! -Yes! There she goes! Good grunting, Nia! -See? We don't have that much stuff.
Maybe we should get rid of a few things.
I just don't get it.
Your teeth have been like that all day.
Are you mad at me, or are you working on a ventriloquist act? Do you see a puppet? Uh-oh, Rae.
Are the boys fighting? Huh? Do you think we should be good parents and go talk to 'em? No, no, we should be great parents and let them figure it out for themselves.
How could you tell Curtis and The Guntz that I still take bubble baths? Now they call me "Bubblebeard.
" Sorry I embarrassed you, Booker.
I was just taking your advice and trying to make 'em laugh.
I know.
Listen, just promise me from now on what happens in apartment 3B stays in apartment 3B.
Zip it, lock it, put it in my pocket.
There's my Franken Buddy! -Hey, Mom.
-Hey, sweetheart.
Hey, honeys.
-What? -See? Good parenting.
-Raven: Mm-hmm.
-Is that smoke? -Yeah, Rae, because we are on fire! Go, moms! No, Chels! Something's actually on fire! I turned the oven on, but I haven't put anything in it yet.
No, my-- my shoes! Chelsea: Oh my god! Oh no! Oh no! Oh no! Get it-- ah! No! No.
No! You fried my flip flop! Mom, when I said you needed to clean stuff out of your closet, I meant out of the apartment! Oh.
Oh, well, this is your fault for not being specific.
Okay, I'm taking over this operation.
No, calm down, Nia.
We can handle our own stuff.
Yeah, Nia, we're adults.
-Oh, really? -Adults: Yeah.
Chels, we're adults that need help.
Okay, Levi, remember the rules.
Don't embarrass me.
Don't worry, Book, I got your back.
Hey, guys.
What's going on? Hey, Bubblebeard.
He doesn't like when you call him that.
-Why not? -It's funny! -It's mean.
-Uh, Levi.
I got this.
Booker's sensitive, and words hurt him, so make nice.
What just happened? Levi just gave you a new new nickname, "Mr.
" Dude, that little kid is wrecking your game.
Hey, Nia, have you seen Booker? No.
Why? We have the same lunch period now, and he's supposed to meet me here.
Maybe he's in the cafeteria already.
And forgot to meet me? No, he wouldn't do that.
You're right.
I'm sure he'll show up.
Maybe he did forget.
Boy: Oh, he didn't forget.
Who said that? We've been watching you.
You'll need this.
"Dissed Sibs Anonymous"? It's a secret support group.
for kids who get dissed by their older siblings.
-Why would I need that? -Because you just got dissed.
No, I didn't.
He'll show up.
Read the back of the card.
"They never show up.
" That's our motto.
We meet Thursdays, 4:00, in the science room.
If you're gonna come, bring guac.
Thanks anyway, but Booker's not like that.
Hold the card up to the light.
'That's what they all say.
" Okay, you've separated all of your clothes into "Keep," "Maybe," and "Garage Sale.
" -Yeah.
-Are you 100% sure of your decisions? -Yes.
Great then you won't mind me doing this.
No! Leave my maybes alone! Sorry, ladies, but maybes are for babies.
If it wasn't good enough for the "Keep" box.
it goes in the goodbye box.
No, no, no! Not my Hawaiian shirt! Really, Chels? Really? Really.
When was the last time you actually wore that? I don't-- a few years ago! If you haven't worn it in a year, say, "Aloha.
" I got it on my honeymoon in Hawaii.
Yeah, your marriage was hanging on by a thread, and so is this shirt.
Guess that's why you're getting divorced from that too.
When is the last time you wore that sweater? Right now.
Right now.
Right now.
I'm wearing it right now.
Right now.
Hey, what happened to you? I waited for you after school and you never showed up.
And I waited for you at lunch too.
Hold on.
You didn't forget, did you? You didn't show up on purpose.
I can't believe you just blowed me off like that.
You didn't give me a choice.
Every time you're around Curtis and The Guntz, you blab something about me and I get a new nickname.
So you just left me hanging? What kind of Franken Buddy are you? The kind who wants to eat lunch, or walk home with my friends without you embarrassing me.
Embarrassing you? What do you mean? Today I defended you.
Which is embarrassing! Having you fight my battles and telling my boys I'm sensitive-- you're wrecking my game! So just back off, okay? I need my space! You want your space? You got it! -I'm moving out.
-You can't do that! -Why not? -Because I'm kicking you out! Hi.
I'm Levi, and I'm a dissed sib.
Kids: Hi, Levi.
So, Levi, is there anything you'd like to share with the group? I brought guac! I meant your story.
Okay, well, Booker and I are like brothers, -and usually he's really cool.
-But? - But then he blew me off for lunch - and our walk home from school.
And last night we got into a fight, and now we're not even sleeping in the same room.
-Kids: Ooh.
-We've all been there, which is why I asked everyone at the last meeting for suggestions on what we can do to make the dissing stop.
And the top three were "Ignore them," "Tell our moms," and "Make this face at them.
" So, we'll now take a vote on which one of those things we'll do.
That's it? I don't know, guys.
Maybe it's because my wounds are fresh, but I feel like revenge is the way to go here.
" I like it.
New vote.
All in favor of Levi leading the revolution? Kids: Levi! Levi! Shh! Ms.
Pittman doesn't know we're in here.
Levi! Levi! Levi! Levi! Thank you.
Aunt Chelsea, this is going great.
We should have everything sold in no time.
Yeah, yeah.
Gosh, that was the sweatiest trip ever, but that shirt was a lifesaver.
It just absorbed everything.
Yes! Really, Aunt Chelsea? Even my mom wouldn't stoop this low.
Give it.
You-- you just gonna take this shirt from an old lady? Well, I don't even have enough time to enjoy it! Really, Mom? I ain't your mama.
-Yeah? Yeah, yeah? You're not my ma? Then -Oh.
why do you want my mom's T-shirt that says, "Fueled by rap"? Oh, well, sweetie-pie, you know, that's-- that's because I'm a rapper.
You know, the kids, they call me-- they call me Nana Minaj.
'cause I'm like a rapping.
Ficki, ficki, ficki napping.
Takes a lot out of you.
I'm just gonna take my nap right here, baby.
- Okay, I think we're done here.
- No, no, no! She's young! I'm old! I'm an old lady! Now, Rae, you heard her! Outta here, huh? Outta here! -You too, Aunt Chelsea! -Fine! Fine! I'm going! I'm going! I used to love that scarf until it gave me lice.
Don't worry, Tanner.
I've come up with the perfect plan to get back at Booker.
Tomorrow in science class, he won't know what hit him, but hit him, It-- will my homework be done by tomorrow? Absolutely.
What are you doing here? Can't sleep, and Franken Crunch always chills me out.
Well, Franken Crunch that in your room.
You know my mom doesn't let me eat in my room.
Well, you can't eat in mine either.
-Says who? -Says me.
Oh yeah? Ah! That was funny when you did it to Nia, but it's gross when you do it to me.
Well, your crunching is annoying when you do it to me.
Rae, this is getting serious.
I think we should do something.
Oh, Chels, come on, how many times have we had this exact same fight? And look at us.
Good point.
I can't believe this used to fun.
Okay, everyone, we're ready for our science presentations.
First up, Booker Baxter.
Okay, Booker, give it a little solar flare.
Thanks, Ms.
Pittman! Okay.
Today I will be doing the elephant toothpaste experiment, where I will demonstrate a chemical reaction when a catalyst, my yeast mixture, removes oxygen from this hydrogen peroxide.
You did it, Levi.
You got revenge on Booker.
His science experiment totally blew up in his face.
Booker, your presentation? Uh, Ms.
Pittman, I would like to ask a student to come up and assist me.
Who would like to help Booker with his presentation? Ha! Levi it is! Me? I didn't even raise my hand.
Nah, I saw your pinky move.
Go on, Levi, make a quantum leap.
Just I know you rigged this to get back at me.
What? I didn't do anything.
Oh yeah? Well, I had a vision that says otherwise.
I was going to, but I just couldn't do it.
I don't believe you.
My assistant will now take a step closer to the beaker while I pour some of the yeast mixture into it.
Pittman: Safety goggles on.
I told you nothing's gonna happen, because I didn't do anything.
Oh yeah? Well, then you won't mind if I pour a little more in there.
-I wouldn't if I were you.
-Well, you're not me.
Oh! Look! It's the Bubblebeard Brothers! So, you really didn't do anything? No.
I don't want to ruin our relationship over one little fight.
That still doesn't explain my vision.
You did it, Levi.
You got revenge on Booker.
His science experiment totally blew up in his face.
In your face, Booker! Huh.
My vision played out differently than I thought.
What made you change your mind? After our Crunch-burp fight last night I saw my Berry Buddy cereal box alone on the counter and it just didn't look right without your Franken Crunch.
I didn't mean to get so mad, Levi.
I like being your brother and your roommate.
It's just I'm older and I have my own friends and sometimes I need my own space.
It's cool.
I get it.
We don't have to do everything together.
And if you want, I can even go back to my old science class.
No, that's not what I want.
You deserve to be in this class.
Then how about I just switch seats with that pretty girl you like in the front row? Molly Gillespie? Deal! Boys, Principal Wentworth will see you now.
I hope you realize the gravity of the situation.
Looks like we're both gonna get it.
At least we gonna get it together.
-Come on, Franken Buddy.
-Let's go.
-Knock, knock.
-Oh, hey.
Hey, sweetheart.
Nia, I just wanna thank you for helping us de-clutter.
I mean, honestly, it's like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.
and being able to donate all the leftover clothes to the women's shelter made me feel even better.
I'm really glad I could help.
Oh! No, Mom, I'll put my clothes away.
Oh no, it's okay, sweetheart.
Don't worry about it.
I mean, after all that you did for us, I got you, girl.
Mom, just-- I don't Chels! Get three boxes! We about to have a garage sale!
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