Raven's Home (2017) s02e10 Episode Script

Head Over Wheels

1 "The Ice Princess was surrounded by dragons "when Lord Oberon swooped in "on the back of his winged stallion, rescuing her and melting her frozen heart.
" I wish that were me.
You'd make a great princess.
Forget the princess! I wanna swoop in and kick some dragon butt! Well, before you battle a dragon, you might wanna come over for a hearty feast.
You know what they say: You should never slay a dragon on an empty stomach.
Or swim in the moat right after you eat.
So are you in for my Auntie Rae's famous homemade gumbo? It's crazy good.
Sure, buddy.
I'd love to.
Ooh! And I'll bring my appetite and some moist towelettes.
What? I'm a messy gumbo eater.
You're gonna fit right in.
Shh! I need complete silence.
Levi: All right, people! This is not a drill! Levi! Let's get this place cleaned up.
Unless you got a girl coming over here, you better have a good reason for barking orders.
I've got a girl coming over here.
All right, everybody! Let's clean this place up! So, Levi, who's the lucky lady? Her name is Isabella, and we're just buddies.
Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go shower and shave.
Wait, hold up.
You're showering before dinner? Yeah, and shaving what? Oh, and Auntie Rae, I promised her some of your famous gumbo.
How fast can you whip some up? -Thirty minutes.
-Perfect! Hey, Mom! How are you gonna make your gumbo in 30 minutes? 'Cause I know what I'm doing.
Clean up, clean up.
Hello? Thirty-Minute Gumbo? Might be tough, but together we make it look good Yep! That's us.
Isabella should've been here by now.
I don't know what happened to her.
I tried calling.
Maybe you guys should just go ahead and eat.
The children were hungry, Levi.
Anybody have a moist towelette? Too soon, Booker.
Too soon.
I can't believe your friend would bail on you, Levi.
-That stinks.
You know what else stinks, Tess? Those eggs.
Nah, that wasn't the eggs, but I did lay something.
Hey, Isabella! I thought you were coming by last night.
Why didn't you answer my calls? I forgot my phone.
And I did come by, I just couldn't get in.
Your building doesn't have wheelchair access.
It doesn't? I never even realized that.
Why would you? It's accessible to you.
It's just not accessible to people like me.
I thought you'd consider that.
Isabella! I'm so sorry.
I-- Gotcha! Ooh, you should've seen your face.
"I'm so sorry.
" Wait, so you're not mad? Nah.
I kind of like that you don't see me any differently.
It's just annoying that there are still so many inaccessible buildings in Chicago.
Sorry, we couldn't help but overhear, because we were eavesdropping.
But we can totally talk to our landlord about making our building wheelchair accessible.
-Right, Tess? -Mm-hmm.
That'd be awesome! And I'd love to go with you.
But that's right, I can't.
You know, 'cause of the whole wheels, stairs and elevator thing.
We-We didn't mean to-- Gotcha! Man, you guys are so easy.
I'm in a wheelchair, not a prison.
Come on, let's go talk about it.
Isn't she funny with that "gotcha" thing? Well, she definitely "gotchu.
" Looks like the L-Man has his first crush.
What?! I don't have a crush.
Please! I know a crush when I see one.
Now, let the B-Man help take the L-Man to the next level.
I'd prefer if the B-Man left the L-Man alone.
L-Man, L-Man, L-Man.
When a man loves a woman Yes, Chels.
Yes, yes! I'm gonna start my own fashion line.
I'm so excited! Yeah, I'm gonna move all of my money into a business account, and then I am off and running, girl.
- Ooh, ooh! Chels! I gotta go.
That is the online bank.
I'll call you back, 'kay? Hello? Raven Baxter, CEO, CFO, COO.
"Chello?" Hi, AnnMarie! Yes, thank you for calling me back.
Yes, I just wanted to confirm that my new business account for "Ravenous" is ready to go and I can start my new life! Yeah! Hello? Hello? AnnMarie? AnnMarie! Woman: Welcome to our automated system.
She must've transferred me.
Please press two to check account balance.
Well, you know a sister loves hearing how much money she has.
Your account balance is -zero.
-What?! Zero?! AnnMarie! Fine! You don't have a crush on Isabella.
-I'll drop it.
-Thank you! So, it, um doesn't bother you to see Isabella talking books with Tanner? Nope.
Not at all.
Hey! We were reading Lord Oberon and the Dragon Realm.
But it doesn't bother me.
There's plenty of that book left for the two of us to read together.
And the end! -"The end"?! -Oh, no.
This is just the beginning.
They finish that book together.
Then, the sequel.
Where does it end? Here.
Now! Hey, guys! Oh, hey, Levi.
Know what's better than the Lord Oberon series? Uh this book! Freaks and Beaks: Attack of the Zombie Chickens? No way.
Why? Somebody afraid of zombies? Not zombies.
Did you just say "chicken"? Who's scared of chickens? Am I right, Isabella? Actually, I get it.
Everybody's scared of something.
Thanks, buddy.
"Buddy"? Would you excuse me just for one second? All right, B-Man.
Holler at me.
All right, now, listen.
When a man loves a woman What do you want? It's not what we want, Mitch.
It's what we need.
This building needs to be wheelchair accessible.
Well, I'll bring it up in the board meeting.
One sec.
The board said no.
Now, we need to get back to our meeting.
And by meeting, I mean playing video games and eating curly fries.
Ha! So, AnnMarie, you're telling me that my money's there, but I can't spend it yet? Yeah, but I've got rent due, girl.
Okay, well, then, how long until I can spend it? Three to five business days?! Uh-uh, no.
Unacceptable, AnnMarie, unacceptable.
Okay, yes, yes, I'll hold.
Oy vey.
Woman: Your hold time is three to five business days.
What?! What?! AnnMarie! AnnMarie! Okay.
Let's work on how to get your book buddy back from Tanner.
All right, what do you got? All right, first, you got to compliment her, but not too much.
Second, you've got to laugh at her jokes, but not too much.
Third, you gotta smile, but-- Let me guess.
But not too much.
No, just don't show all your teeth.
How do I do that? So, according to these plans I just downloaded, there's an elevator somewhere in this building.
Don't look.
Just keep walking.
Wait, I don't understand.
The plans said that an elevator should be right here in the lobby.
That's weird.
Nothing but a bookcase.
Something doesn't smell right.
It's not the egg salad.
This baby's fresh.
Look, there she is! Now, remember.
Compliment, laugh, smile, but not too much.
Hey, Isabella.
You look nice today but not too nice.
Thank you? You're funny.
But not too funny.
You know, all this is a little odd, but I like that you're not afraid to be yourself.
Thank you.
You know, since we didn't have dinner the other night, how would you like to have lunch today? Sounds great but not too great.
Tanner, what happened to you? I sprained my ankle dropping in on a half-pipe.
Aw, that's terrible.
Yeah, but maybe you could show me some of your tricks to get around school.
Of course! Levi, can we do lunch another time? Of course! Poor Tanner.
"Poor Tanner"? Poor you.
"Poor me"? Uh, yeah! Tanner just stole your buddy.
And your smile! Okay.
New plan.
Since Tanner's getting all of Isabella's attention because of his sprained ankle, you need to up your game.
I probably shouldn't ask this, but how? You need a broken ankle.
You want me to fake an injury? Sure! If you want to take the easy way out.
That's a horrible plan! Why would I do that? Do you want your buddy back? Yeah, but Tanner's hurt, and it's not like they're having a great time! -Isabella: Whoo! -Tanner: Whoo! Whoo is not that bad.
At least they didn't "whee.
" -Isabella: Whee! -Tanner: Whee! Oy.
Woman: If you'd like to speak to an operator, say "representative.
" -Representative.
-I did not understand your response.
Please rephrase your request.
-Try again.
-Try again.
-Somebody! -Try again.
Mitch: I believe the word you're looking for is "rent.
" -I wasn't looking for rent.
-Well, I am! It's due tomorrow.
And you'll have it, Mitch, all right? Who do you think you're talking to? Somebody with zero money in their bank account? -AnnMarie? -Try again.
AnnMarie! Representative! -Representative.
-Try again.
Aha! Hey! Those plants aren't for spying.
They're purely decorative.
I can't believe you've had this secret elevator the whole time.
It's not a secret.
I knew it was here! Look, you need to make this place accessible for everybody! Why should I? No one uses a wheelchair in this building.
Oh, what about friends? I don't have friends! What about our friends? Well, if they're your friends, they must be losers! Ha! I told you buying the scooter and boot from that garage sale would pay off.
And you'll see.
One day, we're gonna use that panini press, too.
Oh, there she is! You're on! Ow.
Levi, what happened? I broke my ankle dropping in on a full-pipe.
Full-pipe? I've never even heard of that.
And he calls himself a skater.
Am I right, Isabella? Ha! Gotcha! Anywho, I was thinking maybe you could show me how to get around here like you did with Tanner? I'd be glad to! -Great! -But I can't.
I need to meet up with Nia and Tess to talk about the protest we're gonna do in your building.
But what about poor Levi? Anywho, I would never leave my buddy hanging.
-Great! -Tanner can show him around.
Be glad to.
Awesome! Nice plan, Booker.
I can't wait to see how well the panini press pays off.
After you.
Raven: Rep-re- sen-ta- tive.
Oh! Hey, what are you ladies doing locked in the bookcase? Actually, it's an elevator.
No way! Our building has an elevator? Yep, so, we're protesting to force Mitch to make it accessible to everybody.
And we're not leaving until we get what we want.
Wanna join us? We've got eggs! Ooh, tempting, but no.
I'm still on the phone with the bank.
I gotta get my money, so I can pay Mitch the rent.
Unless I withhold the rent until he gives in to your demands.
Egg me.
Hey, what are you all doing in my elevator? What does it look like? We're protesting and peeling eggs.
Now my elevator smells like Egg McLosers.
Get out! No, we're not leaving until you agree to make our building wheelchair accessible.
That's right, and I'm not paying the rent until my good friend here-- What's your name? - Isabella.
My good friend, Isabella can come up and have some of my homemade gumbo.
I demand you to open this gate! Not until our demands are met.
Yeah? Well, have fun in there with a bucket full of eggs and no toilet.
Losers, losers.
Losers, losers.
Losers, losers.
How were those four flights of stairs? All: Ha! Losers.
I knew faking an injury was a bad idea.
I'm sorry, Levi.
I guess the B-Man wasn't on his A-game.
Hey, somebody lose a pair of crutches? 'Cause I sure don't need 'em.
The B-Man is back! Why? What did you see? What if I told you you weren't the only one faking an injury? -Tanner? -Tanner.
I can't believe Tanner's faking.
We just have to prove that he's lying in front of Isabella.
I don't know.
It feels weird to do that when I'm faking, too.
Don't chicken out on me now! We That's it.
Tanner is terrified of chickens! -So? -So we just have to get a chicken, scare Tanner, then he'll run away without his "crutches.
" Why are you air quoting "crutches"? The crutches are real.
The "injury" is fake.
Besides, where are we gonna get a chicken? Isabella! Tess: Well, if you don't want hard-boiled eggs, I have egg salad, poached eggs, deviled eggs, soft-boiled eggs, and a frittata.
There's our chicken connection.
Stay here.
Bring me some frittata.
Hey, everybody! All: Hey.
Tess, a word? I'm gonna need to borrow your chicken.
Chicken? What are you talking about? I don't have a chicken.
This building doesn't allow chickens.
So, how could I have a chicken? Come on, Tess! Everyone knows you have a chicken.
There's no chicken.
There is a chicken.
Fine! There's a chicken.
What's it to you? I just need to borrow it.
It? Her name's Myra.
Ooh! Hello, Myra! Mom? What if this doesn't work? Oh, it has to, baby.
Eventually, the bank has to pick up.
Not the bank, Mom.
The protest! Oh, right, right.
The protest.
What if Mitch doesn't give in? Well, then, we don't either, sweetheart.
That's what protesting is all about.
Right? And change doesn't happen overnight.
If you believe in something, you stick with it, no matter how long it takes.
And even if this doesn't work, Nia, it means the world to me.
I would say "group hug" right now, but I'm so full of eggs, that I probably shouldn't be squeezed.
Hi, Booker.
Hey, Tanner! Ha! Hi, Isabella.
I came to cheer you on.
The eagle has landed.
The chicken is ready.
His goose is cooked.
He's about to eat crow.
All right, that's enough of that.
All right, you had fun with your little protest, but let's end this.
I want my elevator back.
Well, you're not getting it until this elevator stops on every floor.
You know what else you're not getting? The rent check! And I am prepared to stay in this elevator for the next three to five business days.
Fine! Stay in there all you want.
See if I care! Oh, I hate stairs! I took care of Tanner's crutches.
Release the chicken.
Copy that.
Go, Myra, shoo! Mitch: Chicken! Mitch, are you okay? Oh! My ankle! Wait! Why is there a chicken in my building? Because it's cold on the roof! -What? -I mean, what chicken? Levi, I thought your ankle was hurt.
Uh It's a miracle! Nice try.
Well, I may have been faking it, but Tanner's faking it, too! What? I'm not faking it! Yeah, you are! And I can prove it! Ow! Hey! Someone lose a pair of crutches? 'Cause I sure don't need 'em.
Tanner has a twin? Uh-oh.
Uh Hey! Hey, Levi? I got this, B-Man.
Ow! Ow! What are you doing to my brother? Brother? Yeah, I go to a different school.
Stop fooling around, Tanner.
Mom's waiting in the car.
Let's go! Sorry, Isabella, gotta run.
Come on, Turner, give me my crutches! I'm telling Mom! Well, I did not see that coming.
Ow! Now, how am I supposed to get up the stairs? Huh! Good question.
Now imagine if you had to ask yourself that every day, like I do.
That was very emotional.
I'm really feeling something.
In your heart? No, my ankle! It's killing me! But the pain from my foot is going to somewhere up here.
That's your heart, Mitch.
You can't prove that! But I guess you need to use the elevator more than me.
- So you can use it.
- Yay! You can all use it.
-All right! -For a small fee.
-What?! -What? I said for free! But I do want my rent! Wait, no! Hold on! Nobody leave! Mom, what are you doing? We just won, we can go.
No, no, sweetheart, it's too soon.
Stay strong! -Okay.
-Protest! Protest! - Woman: Your funds are now available.
-We can go.
-All right, cool.
Myra, Mama's coming! Levi? Did I hear right? Did you really just fake an injury? If it's okay, Miss Baxter, I'll handle this.
I bet you will.
And you I don't know what you did, but I know you did something.
Aw! I can't be mad at that smile! Come on, Nia, let's go.
Levi, I can't believe you'd do something like this.
Having a disability is no joke.
Ha! Gotcha? There's no gotcha this time.
Don't be mad at Levi.
I'm the one who pushed him into this.
Thanks, Booker, but what I did was wrong, and I'm sorry.
I was just a little bummed that Tanner was getting more buddy time than me.
Levi, you should've just told me.
That's what's great about you.
You're honest, and you're always you.
Not today.
From now on, I will be.
I know, buddy.
See you at school.
The L-Man is back! Here's to Mom opening her first account and her new fashion line.
And to our successful protest.
And to Isabella and me moving on to volume two of the Lord Oberon series.
All right, everybody, let's dig in, and enjoy my famous homemade gumbo.
"Homemade"? Then why did I see the delivery guy from Thirty-Minute Gumbo on the elevator? Well, Isabella, you saw him, because when I-- when I say homemade, you know, I meant that I was made-- I made a call from home.
You can eat or you can judge!
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