Raven's Home (2017) s05e01 Episode Script

The Wrong Victor

1 Welcome to San Francisco.
I'm Keith.
Where to? Hi.
East bay medical, and please hurry.
Hey, aren't you forgetting something? Oh, that's right, my luggage.
Thank you, sweetheart.
I can't believe I forgot this.
I meant me.
Booker, your granddaddy just had a heart attack.
Stop makin' it about you and get in the car.
I'm sorry to hear about your grandpa's heart attack.
Oh, it was just a mild one.
My uncle had a mild heart attack.
He died two days later.
Ooh, that's awful.
Tell me about it.
I was his doctor.
Why do you think I'm drivin' this cab? Eyes, eyes on the road, Keith.
Grandpa's gonna be okay, mom.
I know.
He's at a good hospital, good doctors.
Hey, you don't need to be good if you have malpractice insurance.
Keith, road! Man We haven't been back here in so long.
I know.
My hometown.
So many memories.
Like that time I impersonated a world-famous boy band.
Ooh, and then there was that time I almost got eaten by a killer plant.
Ooh, ooh, and then, that time that I infiltrated a day spa to meet a pop star and accidentally kidnapped her dog.
Why do I get in trouble for anything? 'Cause you get caught.
Here we are.
East Bay Medical Center.
Uhh, but the hospital's up there.
Yeah, the judge says I'm not allowed within 500 feet of the place.
Because of your uncle? No, ex-wife.
- You wanna hear about it? - Sure don't.
Theme music playing Ha, ha! Lemme tell ya somethin' Had my vision all worked out But then life had other plans Tell 'em, mom It's crazy when things turn upside down But ya gotta get up and take that chance New city, I'm finding my way It's gonna take some time - Yeah, we're gonna be okay - Ya know I got you, right? It might be wild, but ya know that we make it work We're just fam caught up in a crazy world - C'mon! - It's Raven's home - We get loud! - Yeah, Raven's home It's our crowd! Might be tough, but together we make it look good Down for each other like family should - It's Raven's home - When it's tough - Yeah, Raven's home - We got love 'Cos no matter the weather, ya know we gon' shine There for each other, ya know it's our time RAVEN'S HOME Yep! That's us.
Episode Title: "The Wrong Victor" Aired on: March 11, 2022.
This is just great.
We rush all the way from Chicago to San Francisco, and no one's even at the front desk.
Hello?! Hellur?! Hey, mom, uh, can I get some money for the vending machine? Thought I told you to fill up on airplane peanuts.
Well, I tried, but It turns out when peanuts aren't covered in chocolate, my mouth just won't swallow 'em.
I guess I gotta find my dad myself.
Excuse me.
Are you a nurse? If I could find one, I wouldn't be up here.
You know, if you ask me all nurses of this place are Are heroes.
Listen, my name is Raven Baxter.
I'm looking for my dad, Victor Baxter.
Beet chips, Kale chips.
Oh, hold up.
I see you, salt and vinegar.
You got the last salt and vinegars.
Yep My favorite.
They were my mom's favorite, too.
Were? Here, you take these.
I'll, uh, I'll grab somethin' else.
Thanks! Sour cream and onion.
That's a solid rebound chip.
Those were my dad's favorites.
Thanks! All right, dad is in room 512.
C'mon, Booker, let's go.
Alice, what are you doin' here all by yourself? - You know her? - Hey, auntie Ray.
Hey, girl.
You know her? Yes, that is your cousin, Alice.
She's Betty Jane's little girl.
She moved down here with your grandpa, so she can go to a school for geniuses.
You said your parents were dead.
No I just told you what their favorite chips used to be.
- Oh, give me those.
- Auntie Ray, Booker stole my chips! Booker! What is wrong with you? I raised you better than that.
- No, you didn't.
- Gimme the chips.
Ooh, okay, I see you, salt and vinegar.
- Dad! - Grandpa! Oh, hey, guys.
You got so big.
You better be talkin' 'bout him.
- Grandpa, are you okay? - I'm fine.
I can't believe you scared me like this.
I can't believe it took a heart attack for you to come and visit me.
Hey, doc, is his ticker healthy enough for me to clap back? I'd wait at least two weeks.
I'm gonna put that in the calendar.
We have one more test to run.
Then you can take him home.
- Should only be a few more hours.
- Thanks, doc.
Rae, can you take Alice home and get her some dinner? Oh, I'm, I'm not goin' anywhere.
- Neither am I.
- I could eat.
What? You guys had chips.
Alice, you've been here all day.
You need to go home.
Oh, I, I can take Alice home.
You know, feed her, give her some water, take her for a walk.
You know I'm not a dog, right? Booker, you know I love you, sweetheart, but you can't cook to save your life.
Ya burnt water, all right? I wish Nia was here.
Hey, I can be just as responsible as Nia.
He got jokes.
- Hi.
- Hey.
Uh, Mr.
, they ran out of ice pops, so I got you this tongue depressor and a glass of grape juice.
So you could pretend you had an ice pop But it melted.
Ohh, thanks, Neil.
This is my daughter, Raven.
Oh, wow! It's so nice to finally meet you.
This guy talks about you all the time.
Yeah, I am pretty great.
- I'm Booker.
- Oh, you're Nia's brother! Hey, I heard she spent the summer in Guatemala building houses for the poor.
I mean, that is amazing.
Yeah, but I'm here, and I'm about to take Alice home and get her some dinner.
- Now who's amazing? - I'd still say Nia.
Neil, can you take them to the house? He lives around the corner from me.
Yeah, no problem.
I just gotta change outta my uniform.
All right.
Good to go.
And next door to them is the Millers.
Their dog looks mean, but it's nice.
And next door to them is the rafelsons.
Their dog looks nice, but it's mean.
And at the end of the street is old lady Marsh.
She looks mean and She is mean.
I thought you asked what grade he was in.
I thought so, too, but Now I'm not sure.
Did you guys hear that? There's someone in the house.
Hey, hey, Neil.
How 'bout you, um How 'bout you go check that out? Me?! What about you? I have to stay here and protect Alice.
Or I'll stay here and protect Alice.
You can stay here and protect each other.
I'll check it out.
Alice? Neil? You scared me.
Um, who are you, and what are you doin' clankin' around my grandpa's house? Grandpa? Oh, you must be Nia's brother.
You know what, I'm not justNia's brother.
All right? I'm Booker.
And despite what everybody thinks I'm responsible.
He's kinda goin' through somethin' right now.
I can see that.
I'm Ivy.
I live next door.
Pop-pop pays her to help around the house.
Yeah, I wanted to pick up around the kitchen so he doesn't have to when he gets home.
Well, thank you.
And thank you, Neil, for walkin' us home, but you both can go.
- I got this.
- Sweet.
I can go back to the hospital and pick up a second shift.
Yeah, I do not get why you enjoy volunteering so much.
You know what they say, "find a job that doesn't pay you You'll never work a day in your life.
" You must be starving.
I'll make your favorite, noodle-roni.
Ivy, seriously, I got this.
I'll just stick around to get the water boiling.
I know how to boil water.
- Didn't your mom say you burned water? - It was one time.
A heart attack? Really, dad? How did this happen? You always tell me how you're working out.
You know? And, and eating right.
You, you were doin' those things, right? Yeah.
Dad, were you not taking care of yourself?! Look, I've been really busy at the restaurant, and, and I have Alice, and I just don't have the time.
But listen - I've joined a gym - Mm-hm.
And I'm gonna start goin'.
I haven't joined a gym But I'm going to.
Okay, fine.
Occasionally, I drive past the gym.
Ya happy? Thanks for rattin' me out.
Dad, you have to start taking better care of yourself.
You're not as young as you used to be.
Yeah, I know.
That thing is like a lie detector test, isn't it? Hey, dad.
Do you love me more than my brother? No, I love you both the same.
Oh, I knew it! Okay, Mr.
Time to take you for your test.
Yes, yes, please.
Get me outta here.
No, but I have so many more questions, dad.
Like, like hey, did my pet goldfish really run away? Dad, seriously, answer me this question.
Did you quit the white house or did you get fired? Dad, dad, did you invent the afro? Did you? Did you? I can't believe we lost him.
Oh no, oh no.
Dad's not gonna make it out of that test alive.
You know there's no hamburger in noodle-roni, right? - Let me get the recipe.
- What? I don't need a recipe.
I am the grandson of a world-class chef, all right? I'm 'bout to freestyle some Booker-roni.
Hey, real quick, how cumin-y do you like your Booker-roni? Also, what is cumin? Do you think pop-pop's gonna be okay? Of course.
Don't worry about it.
But I am worried.
- What if he - Alice, it's fine.
Hey, how 'bout you go upstairs and put your PJs on? Alice seemed pretty scared.
Yeah, we all are.
This thing's got my mom so shook, she won't even leave my grandpa's side.
I think it's really serious.
Please, please, I need to know where you took my dad! He's in exam room B, authorized personnel only.
Okay, how do I get in there? You do four years of medical school.
Quit playin'.
I'm in a hurry.
Oh, you're in a hurry.
Well, nursing school is only two years.
Lady, I am in no mood.
Exam rooms are for patients and hospital personnel only.
But this is a matter of life and death! This is a hospital! Everything's a matter of life and death.
Ehh I said no.
Okay, I get it.
You're serious.
Aaaah! How did you get here so fast? Oh.
Ahh! You fast.
You real fast.
What, you, uh, play ball in college? Two years all-state San Francisco nursing college.
Go catheters.
All right, I'm going.
I get it.
All right.
Hmm Locker rooms? You know my grandpa was a chef at the white house? - What does he know that I don't know? - How to cook.
Don't worry.
I made a backup.
Buttered noodles.
Thanks, Ivy.
I'll tell Alice dinner's ready.
Needs some cumin.
Booker, she's not up here! What?! It's Neil.
Is Alice there? I can't find her anywhere.
She's gone! Aww, that's too bad.
I wanted to tell her that a girl just walked into the hospital who looks exactly like her.
That is Alice! Oh, in that case, I'll just tell her myself.
Neil, please don't let my mom see her.
If she finds out Alice wandered off, she'll think I'm irresponsible.
- You are.
- Yeah, but I don't want her thinking that.
I'm on my way.
Look, I gotta get to the hospital.
- How do I get to the hospital? - Let's go.
Um, excuse me, doctor.
Hello, fellow, fellow doctor.
Hi, how are you? Sorry, I can't stay and chat, but I'm doing some doctoring of my own in exam room b, which is Thank you.
Yeah, I just needed a second opinion.
Doctor? Thank goodness! We have a massive pimple that's ready to blow.
- Come! - No! Stop it! No, I don't want to! That was the biggest zit I've ever seen.
Oh, that's nasty.
Okay, now I gotta find dad.
Exam room b! Okay.
Hey, dad! Hey There we are! Hey, Raven.
They gave me drowsy to make me medicine.
Don't worry, dad.
I'm gonna get you outta here.
You're a doctor now? How long have I been asleep? Booker? Booker, what are you doin' here, and who is watchin' Alice? Uh, mom, why are you dressed like a doctor, and what are you doin' with grandpa Vic? Ehh, I'm the mama.
I ask the questions.
Now, where is Alice? - Okay, fine.
She's - Uh, right there.
She's right there Where I knew she was the whole time.
- Now, what are you doin'? - Okay, so I had a v Hey, little girl I don't know.
This is a family conversation, so Thank you so much.
Listen, I had a vision that something bad was gonna happen to my dad, - so I'm busting him out of here.
- Are you sure? I am absolutely sure.
Trust me, I saw it clear as day.
The doctor said, "oh no, we lost him," so there is no way I am losin' my dad.
Aw, snap! I lost my dad! - I gotta go find my dad.
- Okay, I'm comin' with you.
No, no, no, Booker.
You stay here and take care of Alice.
I-Ivy can do it.
She watches Alice all the time.
Nice to meet you.
I charge 15 an hour, double for family hijinks.
This definitely feels like family hijinks.
Thanks, Ivy.
You are being so helpful.
- I mean - Booker, your mouth is costin' me money.
Let's go! Okay, dad's gotta be here somewhere.
You check this side, and I'll check this side.
Sorry! Sorry! - That was - I don't wanna talk about it.
There's dad! Hey, dad, come on.
Oh, we got ya.
Don't worry, you're safe now.
There you go.
There it is.
Quick, hide! Wait a minute.
Why am I hidin'? I'm dressed like a doctor.
Yeah, but I'm not.
Wait, I know.
I'll tell 'em I'm one of those kid doctors like on TV.
Nobody believe that.
You know what? That kind of negative reinforcement is exactly what's gonna stop me from pursuing a career in medicine.
You sure it's not that c in biology? That's cold, mom.
Come on, dad.
Let's go.
right here.
There we are.
What do you think you're doin'?! The other way, the other way! - Mom, we're not gonna fit! - Somebody stop them! Ah, hop on! Mom, stairs! Ah! Booker, Booker, it's okay.
You can stop screaming.
Really? Really? Because it feels like I need to keep screaming! Oh, dad! Dad, you're okay! - Course, I'm okay.
- I was so scared.
Oh, sweetheart, it was just a test.
I'm fine.
Anderson, there you are! We've been looking all over for you.
I can't believe we lost him.
Ohh Lost him.
- That was the him.
- Raven, what're you up to? There she is! One day! You've been here one day and you already have hospital security comin' after us.
- That's so Raven.
- I know, I know! That's me, c'mon! But we gotta go! C'mon! I'll be honest That Booker-roni looked like dog puke, but you made a pretty good pb&j.
Yeah Spreadin' stuff on bread is, uh, kinda my sweet spot.
Sorry I ran away.
I was just worried about pop-pop, and you guys wouldn't tell me anything.
Well, we didn't wanna scare you.
I'm not some dumb kid.
I was the one who found him and called 911.
It must've been really scary.
It was.
Well You were really brave.
And thanks to you, grandpa's gonna be okay.
Hey, where'd my chips go? Salt and vinegar My favorite.
Hey, Rae.
Thanks for your help.
It's been nice having you here these last few days.
I miss this place.
You sure you don't need me to stay? I'm fine.
Okay, then please take care of yourself, dad.
- You gotta eat better.
You gotta exercise.
- I know, I know all the stuff the doctor told me.
Just the thought of you not being in my life had me actin' crazy.
Hey, don't put that on me.
You always been crazy.
You right, you right.
Oh, cab's here! Booker, time to go.
Alice, take care of ya pop-pop.
Dad, I love you.
I love you, too.
And don't worry.
I'll take care of myself.
I promise.
- See ya, grandpa.
- Hm.
Love you.
And, uh, hug your sister for me.
Ew, gross.
Thanks for comin' out here with me.
Ah, no problem.
It's my job.
You call, I come.
That's how cabs work.
Right? Next time we come here, we're renting a car.
Like I said Thank you.
No problem.
But I mean, I know you would've rather had Nia with you.
- Yeah, you right.
- What?! You're supposed to say no.
I'm just messin' with you.
You really need to stop comparing yourself to your sister.
I mean, you're just as responsible as she is.
Look at what a great job you did takin' care of Alice.
Yeah, a-about that.
Woo! The little girl gave you the slip, didn't she? - You knew? - I do now.
Okay, maybe, you're not as responsible as your sister, but truth be told, neither am I.
We break things, but we also put 'em back together.
Besides, your sister would've never helped me steal an old man from a hospital.
You right, you right.
Okay, let's make a deal.
From now on, we'll both try to be a little bit more responsible.
Speakin' of, look.
Hey, Nia.
Yes, sweetheart, everything's good.
We are on the way to the airport.
Yes, I have the tickets and the luggage.
Yes, sweetie.
Yes, I have my purse.
Goodbye Hey, Keith, can you turn around? I forgot my purse.
Hey, you guys.
I forgot my Woo-hoo-hoo-hoo! What in the world do you think you're doing?! Raven, um This is not what it looks like.
These ribs are prescription.
You are so busted.
We're so busted.
There you go.
Booker, go get the bags.
We're not going anywhere.
Give me this.
I can't believe you, actually mmm.
How come you get to eat the ribs? Oh, 'cause I didn't have a heart attack.
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