Ravenswood (2013) s01e02 Episode Script

Death and the Maiden

My name is Caleb Rivers.
Last night I got on a bus to Ravenswood, thinking I was going there to help my girlfriend Hannah.
She's the one who asked me to stay and take care of Miranda.
I came to Ravenswood to find my only living relative.
I'm Miranda.
I'm your niece.
I found a tombstone in that cemetery with my name and face on it.
And there's a dead Miranda buried there too.
What is he hiding? I want answers.
This belonged to your mother.
"My dearest Miranda, your father and I can't wait for you to be born, to see your face, your eyes.
" I heard your mom's back home.
Yeah, she got back from Afghanistan a couple days ago.
I don't want you seeing him anymore, period.
Is this your relative? I found this picture.
The cops need to know about this, mom.
What, because they've been so helpful to us? Somebody killed dad and there's no one else on their radar but mom.
I get why you're sad.
Why are you so damn mad? I think mom did it.
I think she killed dad.
Look out! Involving five teenagers.
Four responsive, one non-responsive critical care en route to hospital now.
Code two Cpr administered on scene, non-responsive.
BP 90 over 50.
Unresponsive to command.
Not sure how long she was under the water.
Coming through! - What happened? - It wasn't my fault.
Miranda grabbed the wheel.
She could have killed us.
What's wrong with her? There must have been something in the road.
There was nothing in the road, I would have seen it.
Let's go people! We may need to intubate.
Not sure how long she was under for.
You're still shaking.
I keep thinking about being in the water, not knowing which way was up.
We're okay.
Not all of us.
She must have seen something in the road.
The road was empty.
- Something that you missed.
- Caleb, the road was clear.
She grabbed the wheel and the next thing I know my car is full of river.
At least I thought it was clear.
Remy Beaumont? I'm going to draw a blood sample now, okay? Okay.
I think you should wait until her parents get here and ask them.
I don't mind.
I do.
All of these people, they just need to back off.
Hey, hey, hey.
Take it easy, man.
You take it easy.
Look, all I do is draw the blood, okay? Well, right now what you're gonna do is you're gonna take your tubes and your needles and your little squeezy ball and you are gonna wait.
Why don't we all calm down? Let's not make this any tougher than it already is.
Who's your friend? I don't know this kid.
- Dad! - Remy.
I'm sorry.
It was an accident.
The car's in the river.
It's okay.
You're safe now.
You were in the car.
I made it clear to Remy, now I'll make it clear to you.
I want you and your sister to stay away from my daughter.
Girl died in the accident, Simon.
Remy was driving.
Who was killed? My friend.
How did it happen? That's what we're all trying to figure out.
Let's avoid any unnecessary diversions.
- Thank God.
- Mom.
They said there was an accident.
- Oh, you all right? - Yeah.
Remy's car went in the river.
One of them's dead.
Were you driving? - Leave her alone, Rochelle.
- Was she driving? We're not gonna get into this right now.
Why's the chief of police here? Doing my job, Mrs.
Which would be a lot easier if you let me handle things.
I have no desire to make your job easier.
Why do you suppose that is? Something I can do for you? Um Yeah, I'm I'm looking for someone, and and I think they're they're here.
You were in the accident, with the mayor's kids.
The mayor's kids? Yeah, Luke and Olivia Matheson.
Their dad was the mayor, till somebody killed him.
Is is my friend here? Her body? They sent down a Jane Doe about, oh, half an hour ago.
She's not Jane Doe.
Her name is Miranda Collins.
Okay, Miranda Collins.
Take care of this right now.
Uh, can I hang out here for a couple of minutes? Well, uh you're not supposed to.
Right, but can I? Sure.
Have a seat.
Sorry about your friend.
Listen, you want half a tuna salad sandwich? Yeah, yeah.
That'd be great.
Lunch pail's in my locker.
I'll be right back.
Wait, now why was he in the car? We saw Olivia and Luke walking and we stopped for them.
I told you I told you to stay clear of him.
It was raining.
And they were at the side of the road.
I couldn't just leave them there.
What about the other boy and the girl who died? I met them in town for the parade.
- Do you think I wanted this to happen? - Simon.
Leave it alone.
No, somebody's gotta ask these questions.
It doesn't have to be you and it doesn't have to be now.
I thought Marie shopped on Fridays.
Marie doesn't come anymore.
She quit.
Remember? I'm sorry I haven't been much help Since your father died.
That's over.
Okay, we're gonna get through this, together.
First off, I don't want you talking to the police, and don't talk to Remy.
Her dad's newspaper is in Chief Beddington's back pocket.
Olivia, I heard about what happened at the parade.
Are you all right? How did you hear about that? Tess called.
She was worried.
And she wanted me to tell you you were elected homecoming queen.
What? It's my lucky day.
Don't cry.
It's gonna be okay.
Is this supposed to be a dream of something? Does it feel like a dream? No.
Then it must be something else.
I I'm new at this.
Listen, Caleb, what did you do with my bag? Your bag? You need stuff from my bag.
Miranda, what happened? That happened.
Oh! Are you all right? I must have been dreaming.
Well, when we sleep, our minds open to all manner of stimuli.
Like I said a dream.
Or a thing we call "dream.
" You haven't tried to call Hanna yet, have you? No, I haven't.
Well, Hanna was here looking for Alison, but Alison's gone.
And she's not coming back.
Exactly what is it you do here? Exactly? I keep things in order.
Help when help is required.
Finish up your tea and try to get a real rest.
Where is he? He's working.
On what? Don't worry.
He's an artist.
He will show her remains the utmost respect.
But Caleb, remember her body is a shell now.
Miranda is elsewhere.
With all due respect, I don't believe in any of that life-after-death soul crap.
Well, fortunately the existence of the soul isn't dependent on your limited experience.
There's macaroons on the tray.
"Laboratory accident kills five.
" "Explosion at school.
" "Laboratory accident kills five.
" Five.
Why is it always five? My dad doesn't want me talking to you.
My mom doesn't want me talking to you.
Well, at least there's something they agree on.
What are we going to do about that, huh? I don't know.
You threw pebbles at my window.
Yeah, yeah.
Well, my phone was wrecked.
I figured yours was, too.
That's how they did it in the old days.
Well, you're a very romantic person.
Don't tell anybody though, 'cause it'll ruin my image.
Our secret.
I almost lost you.
She grabbed the wheel out of my hand, - there was nothing I could do - It's not your fault.
It's not your fault.
I saw the way your mom looked at me at the hospital.
No more talking for the night, okay? Okay.
"Not I, not anyone else can travel that road for you.
You must travel it yourself" "It is not far.
It is within reach.
Perhaps you have been on it since you were born, and did not know.
" Why are you giving me this now? Because we almost didn't make it home alive last night.
You have the right to know about that.
She's downstairs, making breakfast.
Can't you let things be all right for one day? No.
I can't because it's not all right.
Dad wrote that letter to mom.
Read where he says, "I'm afraid of what's happening to us.
" Where did you get this? Just read it.
I think mom was cheating.
- Stop.
- Read.
"I can't explain this thing, but I know it's there and we have to face it.
" That could mean anything.
He was alone at the office, she was the last one to see him, she can't explain where she was after that and I have a feeling there was something really bad going on between them.
Yeah, we met her Uncle.
He's a piece of work.
She's she's go.
she's, um actually at her Uncle's house.
It's really complicated, Hanna.
Hey, I gotta go.
I'll call you when I can, okay? All right.
Don't worry.
I love you.
I don't know what that means anymore.
Me neither.
Listen, I need your help.
Miranda's bag, it's in your car, I have to get it back.
There are some things in it some things that belonged to Miranda.
Well, it's at Drexell's junkyard.
I don't think the police have even looked at it yet.
Do you think we can get in there? I'm sure police are gonna wanna take a look at the car first.
There's nothing in it that the police want.
What's in this bag that's so important? It's hard to explain.
It'll have to be after school, after I finish work at the paper, but we can go later.
I'll meet you in town, at the coffee shop.
What I was telling you the other night I think I might have found out more.
One question.
Did you dump that bucket of crap on my sister? Don't you get tired of cleaning up after your family? Was it you? Seriously, this is really pathetic.
Aren't you embarrassed? Five seconds and I'm cramming you in one of those lockers.
You think I'm the only one that you have to worry about? Guess again.
People are wising up to that family of yours.
The cracks are showing.
And I'm not the only one with a sledgehammer.
I've been asking around.
And I'm gonna find that creep who threw the stuff at you at the parade and make him pay.
It doesn't matter.
I tried to visit you.
Your mom said you were resting.
I was.
Are you okay? I will be now.
Hey now, watch the P.
s on school property.
I said I wasn't going to cry when I saw you.
Fat chance.
It's all right.
What's in the bag? Your replacement gown for the photo shoot.
Your royal portrait.
The one we didn't get to take the other night.
You do realize, people just felt sorry for me after what happened at the parade.
That's why they voted for me.
You're safe, that's worth celebrating with a dozen crowns.
Our parents won't be happy if they know we're talking to each other.
Yeah, well, we go to the same school.
They can't do much about that.
Your dad dedicated that new lab.
Yeah, it was a big deal for him.
He was a student here when the fire happened.
Can you sneak out tonight? I have to take Caleb to Drexell's.
He needs something out of my car.
Don't do it.
- I promised.
- Unpromise.
Don't get messed up with that kid.
Luke, his friend died.
He's alone in town and he asked for help.
The five of us were in that car together.
Do you really expect us to just cut him off? I'm sorry about his friend, I really am, but I'm more concerned about you.
Just tell him you can't do it.
I have to go.
Don't do it.
You looked like you could use a refill.
How long did you know that girl? Not long.
Long enough to know if she had any emotional problems? Something that would make her want to drive into a river with a car full of people? Look, people at the hospital heard you talking to Remy Beaumont.
Heard her say your friend grabbed the wheel and forced that car off the road.
She wasn't trying to kill herself.
You came in on that bus together but you didn't get on together.
I checked.
We met on the bus, so what? So, you knew her, what, a day and a half.
That's not long.
My guess is you only knew what she wanted you to know.
She was a runaway, did she tell you that? More checking? Let me tell you what I think: I think that girl had a lot of problems you don't know about.
I think you're lucky to be sitting here drinking coffee.
Chalk it up to experience and head back to Rosewood.
Really funny What are you doing here in the dark, man? Is he still here? He went out early.
Do you think he'll want to stay? It's a possibility.
He has questions.
Everybody his age has questions.
When they get older, they learn to stop asking them.
Well, that's the problem, isn't it? We leave all these questions around for children to trip over.
Oh, is there something wrong with the soup? It has too much advice mixed in it.
When you went to the hospital, how many bodies did you expect to find? I thought you said it would be open.
It's supposed to be.
The tow truck's gone.
Drexell must have gotten a job.
We can try tomorrow before school.
Um Simple.
Come on.
Oh! Caleb! Caleb, be careful! I told him to adjust the lights so the rhinestones would stand out better.
You ready to be immortalized? Not really.
Well, smile anyway.
I've been smiling all day.
My face hurts from smiling.
Tess, I don't think I can do this.
The photo I've been trying to talk myself into it all day, I I can't.
Livy, it is a good idea.
It's a great idea.
I mean, a lot of people voted for you.
I'm tired of being the public face for my whole family.
I'm tired of smiling and being brave pretending everything is okay.
Sometimes pretending is the only way to get through.
How am I supposed to pretend my father wasn't murdered? Or that half the town thinks my mother killed him? I don't know, but you have to try.
Do it for yourself, Livy.
I mean, you've been through more crap than anyone else in this entire school.
People care about you.
Plus tomorrow might be half an inch better than yesterday.
So, one more smile.
You're the queen.
You can afford to be generous.
I'll go see if he's ready.
___ Livy? Three wars, no soldiers die, but when the wars over and the soldiers come home, something happens to five kids in town.
Explain that.
If you're right, shouldn't we all be dead and not just Miranda? I guess so.
Hey, you're alive, don't sound so disappointed.
Maybe we were all supposed to die and we didn't.
But why not? Well, maybe the universe blinked.
Sometimes you get the wrong pizza delivered, you don't think the cosmos screws up every once in a while? Hey, I think I see your car.
Oh, that's it.
Poor Rhoda.
Rhoda? Rhoda the road warrior.
What, you don't name your cars? Nope.
I like to keep the relationship strictly business.
Um, I'm gonna go find something to break the windshield.
It's okay.
She's not gonna feel any pain.
Help! Caleb! Close your eyes, Remy.
I got you.
Oh, God.
Remy! Stay back! Luke! What Go! Thanks Whoa, guys.
Guys! Guys! Stop it! Stop it! You trying to get my girlfriend killed, too? Huh?! Here.
That what you want? Take it.
Let's go.
You shouldn't have said that to him, about his girlfriend.
He had nothing to do with Two times you were with that guy, two times you almost died.
I'm not taking any more chances.
All right? Tess, he's on your phone kissing you.
That was a mistake.
Kissing him or putting it on your phone? If it wasn't on my phone, you wouldn't have seen it.
You still would have kissed him.
Springer hates me.
He hates my whole family.
I liked him before he started hating you.
And I still like him, okay? He's no Dillon, but he's a dependable B-plus.
Is that all you care about? Where he is on the boyfriend pyramid? Don't be selfish, Livy.
I got you that crown, let me enjoy some of the spoils.
Luke was right.
About what? Here It fits you better.
What are doing here? That's a good question.
You can't wander around.
This is a place of business.
There are dangerous chemicals involved in the process.
So I've noticed.
When's the funeral? Day after tomorrow.
I wanted to give her foster family a chance to change their minds about attending.
Do you think they will? No.
You can stay in the guest room.
Till the service.
If you want to.
I will.
I'm sorry for your loss.
Thank you.
Remy! Remy! Oh, God! Remy! Oh! Mom? - You're okay.
- Dad? You're okay.
You were sleepwalking again.
Oh, God.
I'm sorry, sir.
Everything okay? You're beautiful.
The queen was getting her picture taken.
I wish your father could see you.
So do I.
Mom, were you and dad going to get a divorce? Who told you that? Is it true? Uh I'm not gonna lie, we were having a hard time.
But, Olivia, we loved each other.
Was there someone else? - What makes you - Was there? You need to go to bed.
It's late.
"The world can be a scary place and you have to be careful, but I don't want you to be afraid.
" "There are things you'll like when you get here.
Rain, the way apples crunch, come soon, Miranda.
So I can start loving you even more.
Your mom.
" I need you to stay really, really calm.
No, no, no.
It's okay.
It worked.
What worked? I heard you reading the letter.
My mom's letter.
I followed your voice.
It was hard, then it was easy.
Do the cops know? What about your Uncle? Know what? That you're back? Caleb, I'm not back.
I'm dead.
That's crazy.
Yeah, well I was sort of an atheist before all of this, so imagine how I feel.
What are you trying to tell me? I died in the water.
Well, more specifically, in the ambulance.
But No.
They were working on you in the hospital.
I was long gone by then.
How? Maybe it's this house.
It's like, things can move back and forth here.
Miranda If you're dead, why are you still here? I don't know.
I'm sorry.
About what? I couldn't save you.
You tried.
I appreciate that.
Caleb, can I stay here with you? I'm stuck.
Every time I try to go somewhere I always end up back in this house, and it's scary out here.
I hear things, see things.
I think somebody's out here with me.
Of course you can stay.
Thank you.
What does it feel like? Cold.
Like, uh like you're swimming like when you're swimming in the ocean and you swim into a cold current.
It's like a wall.
I try to touch things but I can't.
The cold is between me and everything else.
I had a dream about you.
That wasn't a dream.
Maybe there are no such thing as dreams.
Maybe they're all just people like me.
Trying to get back.
Then that thing you showed me on the bridge what was that? I don't know.
But it's real.
And I think it's been waiting a long time.
Waiting for what? All of us.