Ravenswood (2013) s01e03 Episode Script


- Previously on Ravenswood - Look out! She could have killed us.
- What happened? - It wasn't my fault.
Miranda grabbed the wheel.
There must have been something in the road.
There was nothing in the road.
I would have seen it.
I made it clear to Remy, now I'll make it clear to you.
I want you and your sister to stay away from my daughter.
Three wars, no soldiers die, but when the wars are over and the soldiers come home something happens to five kids in town.
Explain that.
Everyone else in my unit is gone.
I don't even know why I'm here.
It doesn't make any sense that I'm the only one that survived the attack.
It worked.
I heard you reading my mom's letter.
I just followed your voice.
Do they know? Know what? That you're back.
Caleb, I'm not back.
I'm I'm dead.
Nice turnout for my funeral.
I'm glad you're still here.
Does it feel any different today? You mean have I seen a bright light in the tunnel? No.
It's like that time in the first grade my foster mom forgot to pick me up from school.
I'm just Sitting on the curb, waiting.
Well, hey, you're not alone.
Whatever this is curse, pattern we're gonna figure it out together.
Collins' old suit fits you nicely.
I knew that it would.
Yeah, it's, uh, pretty spiffy.
At least you can take yours off.
I didn't even get to pick the dress I'm buried in.
Who are they again? I'm terrible with names.
It's Luke and Olivia Matheson.
You didn't exactly meet them.
I just died with them.
You okay, mom? I'm fine.
Clark's here.
I don't think he came to pay respects.
Come on.
You guys used to be friends.
We played hockey together.
Then he picked a different team.
Miranda was my sister Lilah's daughter.
I wish I'd known her better.
He doesn't wish he knew me better.
He shut down every conversation I tried to start.
She was only seventeen Much too young.
But when death came, the worries ended.
Her cares were put away.
She's with the angels now.
"She's with the angels now"? Really? Wow.
Brief and unconvincing.
It's okay.
Just relax.
It's not okay.
Caleb, what if I disappear forever? Don't let me go.
I can't believe her foster family didn't come.
Or her friends.
No one should be that alone.
Is that why you're here? So she's not alone? Just felt right.
We were all in the car with her.
I don't know, ever since the accident what? I can't keep calling it an accident.
It's a part of the pattern I was talking to you about.
It's a lot bigger than I first thought.
Like how big? Like maybe there were supposed to be five coffins out there today.
Look, I know you want to be here for her.
But maybe we should go.
You just lost your dad, and I'm not going to any dark place.
Okay? I'm just sad she's gone.
How you doing? Um, a little worn out.
I haven't really slept much.
I know.
Every time I close my eyes I'm back in the river.
I thought you said your folks were coming.
My dad's here.
My mom was dressed, she was in the car.
She didn't make it past the driveway.
She's still adjusting to being stateside.
It'll get better.
I hope so.
I miss you.
I don't care what our parents say.
I can't handle radio silence.
We do have to talk.
My mom's outside.
Coast is clear.
- What's up? - No, I mean, I have to talk to you and Olivia both.
Can you meet Caleb and me at the vault around three? Great.
Double date.
My dad.
I'll be there.
Did you go to school with the girl who died? No.
I didn't know her.
She was a runaway.
Probably came after Mr.
Collins looking for a little early inheritance.
She just wanted to meet him.
Did you know her? Yeah.
She was beautiful.
I didn't know her long, but She was the kind of person you didn't mind being stuck on a bus with half the night.
She had a wicked sense of humor.
I think she watched a lot of movies.
But she read books, too.
Real books.
Off pages.
She loved stories.
She had some of her own.
I just Wish I could have heard more.
We don't have to do this here.
We should get mom and go.
Hold on.
Hey, Clark? You mind telling your boss to leave my mom alone for ten minutes? - It's a funeral, man.
- Luke, take it easy.
I'm sorry about that.
You guys even looking for the jerk who's been vandalizing my parents' tombstone? Doing anything about that? Pretty busy looking for your dad's killer.
How's that going? We've been following up on some leads related to a person of interest.
You mean our mom.
I can't confirm or deny that.
What leads? We got a name from a couple of witnesses at your dad's office.
They heard your parents arguing over a woman named Abby.
- Do either of you know who that is? - No.
Why? Chief thinks your dad may have been involved with this woman.
Romantically? Our dad? That's that's ridiculous.
You guys know the murder looks like a crime of passion.
The chief's putting puzzle pieces together.
Maybe they fit, maybe they don't.
Are they gonna arrest her? I've spoken to your lawyer.
These are false accusations! It was good to see you guys.
I'm sorry it was like this.
Do you really think dad was having an affair? I don't want to believe it either.
Are you coming? I'll get a ride with Dillon.
Get mom home.
I'm coming! You really think I'm beautiful? Thought maybe you just said that earlier to pull me back.
You're back.
That's all that matters.
I wish they hadn't put me in the ground.
I hate the dark.
You're not gone.
You mean it's just my body in that hole? Sorry, I was kind of attached to it.
That didn't come out right.
Came out very "Miranda.
" You know, you're handling this really well.
Uh, don't think I didn't consider that I possibly have a brain tumor and I'm just hallucinating you.
Well, if I am your figment, at least you could tell me what happens next.
I'm still working on what's already happened.
Why this town is trying to kill it's okay, you can say it.
Something in this town is trying to kill you.
All of you.
Come on.
I'm thinking that Remy can help us figure out how to fight back.
Let's hear what she has to say.
Caleb? Something's happening.
It's not letting me pass.
What? You should go on.
I'll, uh, I'll always find you.
I hope.
I don't think Miranda's death was an accident.
Of course it was an accident.
I mean it's a lot bigger than all of us.
It's a pattern.
Ever since 1918, Ravenswood vets have some home safely from war, even though the odds were completely against them, and five kids died.
There have been five incidents in the last century.
Ours was number six.
Rem, I mean, teenagers die in accidents all the time.
But look at the big picture.
The kids always die within a week.
Remy, when did your mom come home? Last Monday.
We went in the river Saturday night.
Don't blame her mom.
I'm not talking cause and effect.
I'm just Pointing out the pattern.
There were a bunch of people that were killed in these two accidents.
The mine explosion after world war ii, and the building collapse in 1953.
The higher body count just camouflages the five teens.
Who's doing this mysterious camouflaging? I wish I knew.
I know it sounds crazy, but Ravenswood has a reputation.
We all know it.
People say this place is cursed.
Maybe this is what they're talking about.
Sorry, Remy.
I'm not shooting you down, I-I just have to go.
We don't have time for this.
We need to figure out who Abby is.
And then what? I know the chief thinks she might be the other woman, but she might know somebody that could help us.
She might even be a suspect.
I'm leaving now.
Do what you want.
Listen I really want to talk to you about this, but Olivia needs me right now, so I'm sorry.
You don't have to buy what I'm selling.
But just be careful.
Hey, um There's one flaw in your pattern.
We didn't all die.
Maybe I am that person who sees doomsday patterns in crossword puzzles.
You're not.
I see it too.
What if my mom coming home really did lead to Miranda's death? Hey, no one could ever blame your mom for whatever this is.
Miranda might.
Maybe there's something in dad's appointment book.
Cops already looked through his computer.
Anyway, I don't think dad would put those kind of dates in his datebook.
Why are you always so ready to believe the worst? Maybe because you can't consider our dad might have been human, made a mistake.
Hey, guys.
What are you doing with your dad's computer? Who's Abby, mom? Mom? Where'd you hear that name? Police are looking for her.
The chief thinks she was breaking up your marriage.
Would you guys help me get the rest of the bags out of the car? Who is she? Abby Wheeler was your dad's girlfriend in high school.
He said that she was trying to contact him Warn him that he was in danger because of his suspicions about this town.
Were they sleeping together? Abby's been dead for over twenty years.
Oh, hey there.
Can you whip me up some of your salad dressing? Daddy only likes the store-bought stuff.
Your father doesn't know what he has.
Did you eat after the funeral? I had a latte at the vault.
I'm sorry about this morning.
I wanted to be there for you More than anything.
Mom, you don't have to do anything you don't want to do.
I'm just happy that you got some closure.
That poor girl.
Um It catches me by surprise Sometimes.
I lost a lot of friends all at once, but I never went to the funerals.
It was still real, but without the flowers and the 21-gun salutes I didn't have to face the details.
It's okay.
You're home now.
Safe in Ravenswood.
Grunwald said you wanted to see me.
Was that you out there filling in the grave? It was.
Is that really part of your job? No.
I had to let the Springer kid go today.
Apparently his girlfriend called it quits and he broke into my liquor cabinet to drown his sorrows.
I'm sorry to hear that.
I wanted to thank you for what you said about Miranda today.
I wish I could have spoken more eloquently, but I didn't feel I earned it.
You really didn't.
So what's next for you? I don't know.
I might stay around town for a few days.
Don't you have school? We're on a long break.
Come with me.
What is this place? It was the carriage house.
We converted the upstairs for the old groundskeeper before he moved on.
He died? Retired to Phoenix.
Be careful on the stairs.
So you're saying I can stay here? For the moment If you're willing to help out.
Wouldn't have to learn how to embalm or anything, would I? We'll start with weeding, cutting the grass, hauling markers from the stonemason.
There's even a jeep you can use.
Sounds doable.
I don't get that guy.
What? He has room for you, but not for me? Hey, it's temporary.
I'm just happy to be out of that house.
Ah, shower.
No tub.
Now we're talkin'.
You still think my Uncle tried to drown you? No.
I think that whatever you saw on the bridge has been after us since day one.
These were my mother's things.
I don't know anything about the afterlife, but Part of me's been hoping she'd show up now that I'm dead, guide me to the other side.
That's just insanely hokey, right? But I haven't seen her since I was a baby.
I know what it's like to want that connection.
You know, I wish I could just connect.
With anything.
*** *** Hey.
Where have you been? I was in the house again.
That limbo space.
I was Looking at my mother's picture, but I wasn't alone.
Was it that thing from the bridge? I don't know.
Maybe there's another spirit stuck here like me.
Whoever they were, they didn't want to be friends.
What's that? Why aren't you in school? I haven't left yet.
What are you watching? Was that the attack? Does that have to do with mom? Where did you get it? Did she look, your mother does know I have it.
It was delivered yesterday as part of her discharge.
It's a summary of her service.
Has she seen it? No.
And I don't think she should.
Dad, it's addressed to her.
Your mother's talking with Dr.
frankel about taking over his practice.
And getting back to normal, this is what we need.
I think we should let mom decide what she needs.
Let me worry about your mother, okay? Hello? Mom? Hey.
Have you been avoiding me? What's going on? We gotta figure out what to tell the cops.
Mom told me she lied when they asked her about Abby, but if they understand she was just trying to protect dad's reputation - Dad wasn't crazy.
- I know, but a prosecutor can twist the facts, make it seem like he's crazy.
Mom said dad thought Abby was trying to contact him.
I-I think she was.
How could you know that? Because I-I think she's trying to contact me.
Abby Wheeler's dead, Liv.
I saw Abby at the funeral yesterday.
She was standing by dad's grave.
- Maybe it was somebody who looked like her.
- No.
It was her.
Okay? I went to the science lab where she died.
I saw - Hey.
It's okay.
- I It's okay.
I think she's part of Remy's pattern, just like us.
Olivia, I can't you can't possibly believe this.
I think dad did.
I know it sounds insane, but you have to help me.
I can't do this alone.
Her whole unit was vaporized.
How did she survive? So you work for Collins now? It's not a career move.
I just need to stay long enough to get some answers.
Thank you For believing me.
There's something you should know About Miranda.
Who is that? I'm ready to talk now.
Okay, you guys don't know me from Adam.
But I'm a pretty rational guy.
So this is Not that easy to say.
Miranda's still here.
I've seen her.
I've talked to her.
You mean her ghost? Yeah.
And I'm only telling you guys this because she's in trouble.
She's stuck here, and there are other spirits, and I just don't know how to help her.
You gotta be kidding me.
- I believe you.
- Me too.
Really? Just like that? I told you, this is Ravenswood.
I just found out my own mom should be a ghost, but she isn't.
You said there were other spirits.
Is there someone named Abby I don't know.
I don't think she took any names.
Would she try making contact? I think this girl Abby really wants to talk to me.
Guys, hey.
Am I the only one living in the real world right now? You didn't see the ghost? I'm just here for Liv.
Give me that.
I think my dad may have found the meme pattern you did maybe after Abby died.
So wait.
What makes you think that Abby's trying to contact you? I've seen her.
I don't know how I know, if it's in her eyes or if she's in my head, but she's trying to communicate to warn us.
Warn us about what? We survived the crash.
But it's not over, Luke.
We've all felt it.
Somebody's still waiting to come after us.
We need some answers.
A seance? Are you serious? Yeah.
Please don't let them do this.
These spirits, I don't think they want to help anyone.
One of them wants to communicate.
Olivia seems really sure about this.
I just have a really bad feeling.
Um, Miranda wants us to be careful.
Duly noted.
Okay, everyone keep your eyes and ears open.
If anything gets weird, say something.
We'll stop.
How do we start, just call out her name? You've been to more slumber parties than me.
Just wing it.
I want to talk to Abby Wheeler.
My name's Olivia Matheson.
Charles was my father.
I saw you at his grave.
Are we doing it right? Abby What was that? Caleb.
Hello? Hello? Mr.
Collins? Maybe we should Wait till he gets back.
Abby, if you have something to say, tell us.
Guys, did you hear that? Abby! Stop it! Stop it! Shut up! Abby, are you out here?! Please, talk to us! Ohh! Please.
They're so young.
Just like you were.
Just like me.
Please don't let them die too.
Hello? Abby? Abby, please talk to us.
We need to know what we're up against.
Abby, are you here? Well, you did that, right? I-I didn't.
She's here.
Abby, did my father discover the curse of Ravenswood? Oh, it's unbelievable.
I-I worked here almost a year, and Collins wouldn't even let me put my lunch in his fridge.
You're here a week and you get the keys to the kingdom.
Abby, is my father with you? Is the curse what got my father killed? Guys, you're making a lot of noise on a really bad frequency.
Someone's coming.
Is my father's killer trying to kill us? I'm done.
I'm done.
We can't stop.
We need answers.
We need to figure out how to stop it.
Caleb, shut this down right now! No, Remy's right.
We need answers, Miranda.
Why is this happening? Guys, look out! Miranda? I told him the last groundskeeper retired.
It's probably for the best.
He'll just think the stains are rust.
Is he having a party? He has guests.
Perhaps the kind he shouldn't be inviting.