Ravenswood (2013) s01e04 Episode Script

The Devil Has a Face

Previously on Ravenswood I don't think Miranda's death was an accident.
Of course it was an accident.
It's a lot bigger than all of us.
It's a pattern.
People say this place is cursed.
Maybe this is what they're talking about.
Luke was right.
About what? Here Fits you better.
Miranda's still here.
I've talked to her.
You mean her ghost.
She's stuck here.
I just Don't know how to help her.
Are my mother's things.
Part of me's been hoping she'd show up now that I'm dead.
Who's Abby, mom? Abby Wheeler was your dad's girlfriend in high school.
Abby's been dead for over 20 years.
I saw Abby at the funeral yesterday.
- We need some answers.
- A séance? I think this girl Abby really wants to talk to me.
There spirits I don't think they wanna help anyone.
- One of them wants to communicate.
- I just have a really bad feeling.
Is my father's killer trying to kill us? Guys, look out!!! Miranda? Abby, where did you go?! Abby, where are you? No, wait! ABBY WHEELER, LOVING DAUGHTER Sorry I've been so bad about returning calls.
Believe me, Hanna, it's not like I don't want to hear your voice.
There's so much I need to tell you, not sure where to begin.
I think I saw her Abby.
And others More of them.
More of me.
When I got closer, they They disappeared, but the headstone Abby's it It broke in half.
Why are you looking at me like that? Hey, are you upset that I left you while you were sleeping? No, I'm upset because a driver called out "Ravenswood" and I got off the bus.
- You still freaked out about the - Aren't you? Yeah.
It's why I left.
I heard something outside.
Thought if whatever it was that cracked the ceiling could still be out there and I could find out more What's on your arm? Nothing.
I, uh I cut myself cleaning up.
Um, we might need to work out some sort of system Uh, just so I can have some warning I can put on some underwear.
Um, can I help? - Put on underwear? - Finish cleaning up.
Think you, uh, kinda lost that skill, didn't you? Never really had it.
This the same e-mail you've been trying to write since Monday? Sunday.
- May be easier to do over the phone.
- You think? "Dear Hanna, so much has happened since we last spoke.
" "I nearly drowned in a bathtub and a sunken car.
" "I went to Miranda's funeral.
" "I was attacked by Cujo's cousin in a junkyard.
" "The light above my couch tried to decapitate me tonight.
" "And the oh, did I mention I was scheduled to die in that car, too.
" You can leave out some stuff.
I've never lied to her, Miranda.
All right, maybe once.
But I'm lucky she spoke to me again after that.
And I don't want to lose her again.
What are you doin' down here? Couldn't sleep.
You? Yeah.
Livie I'm not gonna say I didn't see what I saw tonight.
But I never wanna do that again.
You need to stay away from that place.
Do you understand me? It wasn't about where we were.
If dad was killed because he found out something - Something about us - Stop.
I don't think it's gonna go away if we don't step on the cracks in the sidewalk.
But I sure as hell don't want to make whatever that was angry again.
Okay? Leave it alone.
Hey! Remy! It's okay.
It's okay.
It's okay.
Just go upstairs, honey.
I'll get this Season 1, Episode 04 "The Devil Has a Face" - I saw it, myself, this morning.
- You're sure it was Abby's headstone? I'm positive.
And it was not in a million pieces.
- It was literally sliced in half.
- Did Miranda see this happen? This isn't the first time some idiot messed around with a headstone.
Well, unless this "idiot" is a skilled stonecutter or carries around a bolt of lightning, this was done by something else.
She was being punished.
- Who was punished? - Abby.
For trying to contact us For telling us about the pact.
We need to make our own pact.
What does that mean? It means we need to stop to stop looking for answers from the dead.
We need to find somebody in town who's alive and willing to talk.
How? Why would they? We barely know anything yet, and I'm scared to close my eyes.
What if they could do it anonymously? We could use the Gazette's blog.
My dad said it's my baby.
I can float the questions.
We can see if anyone would share.
- Where are you going? - Uh, school.
- We've got plenty of time.
- I can't be late.
So Uh, Remy, can I speak to you for a sec? So, uh, I was thinking Maybe oh, after the library Me and you could get something to eat, catch a movie, maybe, or something.
- Tonight? - Yeah.
Why? I thought your mom spoke to your dad about us.
Oh, it has nothing to do with my dad.
It's just I don't think I can sit in a dark room right now.
Well you wouldn't be doing it alone.
What? Nothing.
My mind is just crowded, that's all.
Is he seriously gonna pretend he wasn't there last night? He knows he was there.
He just can't deal with this yet.
Luke still hasn't wrapped his head around our father never walking through that door again.
- Yo, Luke, you okay? - Yeah.
Uh, just wasn't paying attention.
- Hey, where's your sister? - She's at the - The vault with friends.
- Right.
The new crowd.
Um Yeah.
Luke, you sure you're gonna be all right, man? All good.
- I don't know if I would use "haunted.
" - What would you call it? "Haunted.
" Did you forget you have a doctor's appointment? Uh Dr.
Frankel's office called after you left.
Hey, Ms.
You wanna grab your bag, meet me outside? Mom I don't need to see Dr.
You were dragged from a river last week.
I think keeping a follow-up appointment would be wise.
See you later.
Rochelle? Morning.
Uh, meant to call you.
Why? You left the funeral so abruptly, I didn't get a chance to say "thank you.
" Sorry, I can't do this right now.
I-I have to get Olivia to the doctor.
Were you hurt last night? What was last night? What's he talking about, Olivia? I think my new caretaker hosted some kind of party.
- Must've gotten out of hand.
- I Get in the car, would you? Please? If there was any kind of damage, I'm - I'll write a check - That's not necessary, Shelley.
Well, you said that she might've been hurt, so something must've happened Look, I didn't mean to upset you Been through enough.
If I'd known the police planned to corner you after the service, - I would've stepped in - Doesn't matter where I am.
I could be here or there The market.
Somebody's probably watching me right now.
Well I would never let anyone insult you in my house.
Thank you, Ray.
I didn't know you two were friends.
- We went to school together.
- It's not like he ever came to our house.
When your father was alive? He wouldn't.
- They didn't care for each other.
- Why? Oh, your dad didn't like the way Mr.
Collins did business.
- There might've been other reasons.
- Like what? I think I should be the one who's asking you questions right now.
What's that for? Uh, the picture? Sorry, was I supposed to say "Marco" so you could say "Polo"? Thought maybe, uh, I'd show Abby's family this, myself.
Maybe they can talk to me about the explosion at the school.
Listen, that was dumb What I said earlier about that e-mail to Hanna.
I wasn't trying to say that you haven't been through a lot I know that.
Maybe if you said something to her? If Hanna knows that I'm in any kind of danger, she's gonna be here before you can say "help.
" And I'm not gonna put a target on her back, too.
Is my being here starting to irritate you? What is she doing? Hello.
Excuse me.
- Where are you taking those? - Home.
Um, I don't think you can do that.
- Why not? - Well, it's called stealing.
" Caleb? - Do I know you? - Is your last name Rivers? Yeah.
Why? My God, you're the spitting image.
- I'm not following.
- Henry's oldest brother, Caleb Caleb Rivers you You look just like him.
Wait, are you Are you talking about the Caleb that died in the boating accident like, way back? You knew him? Oh, no Only from the photograph on Henry's mantle, but Your face, it's - Remarkable.
- Is Henry here? Oh, no.
He went up to Cabotsville years ago, but I'm sure I would've heard if Henry had passed.
Don't forget to date your papers, guys Or at least change the date, if you're recycling something that you wrote in sixth grade.
You can e-mail it to me, Luke.
What'd you do to the knee? Uh, fell off my bike.
Hey, we haven't spoken since the car accident.
I was sorry to hear about the girl who didn't make it.
I didn't really know her, so But you do now In a way you probably wish you didn't.
I mean, given what you and your family have been through, I'm guessing that this whole week - Has probably brought up other stuff.
- I'll have that paper for you tomorrow.
That might not be enough to pull your grade back up.
You're way behind.
I get it.
I know why.
I just I don't want you to have to take this class again.
Oh, me, neither.
Luke, you just need to pick up some extra credit.
Come do a play.
I just lost my lead guy to chicken pox.
Uh, I don't do plays.
Not my thing.
Come on.
You'll be surprised what a relief it is to walk in someone else's shoes for a couple hours.
Is this the guy the old woman was telling you about? Where'd you get this? He's had a subscription with the Gazette since water was invented.
He only canceled it, like, a year ago.
So what do you think? I mean, it's worth a trip.
Let's go.
Now? I gotta meet Luke.
Besides, he's your relative.
- He's not gonna want to talk to me.
- No one wants to talk to you, Remy.
You're the press.
I've been here less than a week.
You have been here your whole life.
You can bring up local stuff, jog his memory.
I can't.
There's no way I'll be able to talk Luke into coming with us.
He's already so I know.
I know where Luke is.
All right, forget it.
I'll go by myself.
Oh, my God.
Caleb? Go I'll drive.
Excuse me.
Um, I'm looking for Mr.
We were told that he might be here.
Rivers? Um, my name's Caleb Rivers.
I think we're family.
I'm not sure how we're related because I I didn't know my grandparents, but, uh I know you had an older brother named Caleb.
Caleb? Caleb? You here? Caleb?! - Are are you - Alone? Uh All the time.
I think your uncle knows we were in here last night.
- It's not surprising.
- He knows a lot.
Caleb says he hides a lot, too.
Do you think he knows why we're alive Uh, you're not? Good question.
Does he get rid of people who ask too many? You think he had something to do with your dad? Maybe.
My my mom made it sound like there was something bad between them.
So why aren't you asking your mom? We don't I can't talk to her anymore.
Well, I'll tell you this Uncle ray seems to be getting sketchier by the minute.
He's got clippings about your dad's murder on his desk.
When he's not cutting up the paper or draining the neighbors, he's holed up in that cave, fussing over his precious toys.
He's in there now.
There's a room with Old tools of the trade Um, spin saws and picks.
They never found the weapon.
My father was stabbed.
You should come back When he's gone.
I'll give you a tour.
Where do you go When you're not here? I'm sorry.
You don't have to answer that.
It's okay.
It's not a secret.
I'm here a lot.
Kinda stuck.
The house, that graveyard, this outfit if I'd known I'd be wearing it for eternity, I probably would've changed boots.
I like them.
I mean, I could never wear them.
My mother wouldn't let me leave the house.
I'm sorry - Wait your mom has wardrobe approval? - No Yes.
No, I I just mean She has this idea of who I am Who we are.
If I leave the house with a button that doesn't match, she I'm sorry.
You apologize a lot.
I just keep talking about my mother, and I know I can hear the word without falling apart.
It's just, um, wild to think that I've spent my whole life wishing mine could tuck me in, while yours had been tucking you in so tightly you could barely move your arms.
Or legs.
I'm so I'm not sorry.
I just think it sucks that you came all this way to find your family, and And died? And still can't even meet my mom? Tell me about it.
Talk about a wasted trip.
Maybe you're still here so you can help us.
I think I'm still here because I'm getting too attached to certain things Or certain people Which is even more pathetic because he's already attached to another girl.
Miranda, I don't know how to say this, but You're not exactly available.
You don't wanna do that.
Woodrow Wilson had a wife like you.
She ran the country for two years.
You remember Woodrow Wilson? No, I never played chess with him.
I was born when he was in the White House.
You were born in Ravenswood, right? All seven of us were.
Only reason we stayed was because my mother always thought he'd come back.
- Your brother? - My father.
See when we lost Caleb, the earth opened up and swallowed my father - Swallowed him whole.
- Passed away? He disappeared.
Your move.
Did your father blame himself Or the town For what happened to Caleb? Why don't you ask me what you came to ask me? We were in a car accident A few nights ago, and, uh, there were five of us.
One of us didn't make it.
Since her funeral, we've been hearing things - About the town.
- What have you heard? Other kids dying in "accidents" Talk about something that maybe happened a long time ago, something about a pact.
Did you hear what I just said? You're careless, boy.
You got to pay more attention to your moves.
- Somebody take me back to my room? - Yes, Mr.
We are all connected In a way we don't fully understand until it's too late.
Thornton Wilder wanted this small town to represent every small town, and every small town is really just an extension of family.
Join us.
Guys, say "hello" to the newest resident of Grover's Corners.
Who's he playin'? George Gibbs.
So basically, he's marrying you? Oh, that is totally messed-up.
"Being here has made me realize how much I love you.
" Luke? Um, I'm gonna tell Price to find someone else to play Emily.
Don't worry about it.
Already dropped out.
You just dropped in.
What did you say to him? Look, practically every kid in the school knows something ugly went down between you and my sister.
And me being up there with you Feels wrong.
So Can I just say one thing? - What? - I miss Olivia.
And if I could take everything back, I would.
- I'll pass that on.
- No, you won't.
You still think that I'm a parasite That I used Livie as a V.
pass to hang out with a certain crowd, and you're right.
Maybe I did.
It's just that when I was with her, I felt like I could fool people into thinking I'm something I'm not Something as classy as her.
They never found the weapon.
My father was stabbed.
It's kinda weird.
Henry's father worked as a bailiff at the courthouse for, like, 30 years.
Then just disappeared into thin air.
Didn't anybody notice he was gone? - I need to change my question.
- What question? My blog there's no posts Nothing.
Maybe Henry spread the word.
"Keep your trap shut, or else.
" - I doubt Henry's in the blogging crowd.
- You never know.
Yeah, I do.
My grandma's 20 years younger than him, and she still calls my tablet a "Maxi Pad.
" I don't know.
Maybe I went back there alone.
- Take some chess lessons first.
- Hanging up now.
What's wrong? You shouldn't stay here.
We've had this discussion already, remember? We were interrupted.
And besides, I know more now.
My uncle may be scarier than we thought.
Well, I met one of my uncles today, and he wasn't exactly Kris Kringle.
He didn't even blink when I mentioned the pact.
Just let it go, Caleb.
Go back to Rosewood.
Leave here while you still can.
You make that sound so easy.
The e-mail to Hanna is written.
All you have to do is hit "send" and get on the next bus out of here.
What are you talking about? You wrote this? When? Why? How? Caleb, do you really want to spend our last days on earth digging for answers or being with the person that you love? How am I supposed to walk away from this? I forget about everything that's happened this past week? Forget about what you saw on the bridge? Forget about the fact that I'm linked to the Caleb Rivers in that grave? Forget you? This isn't irritation, Miranda.
It's confusion.
He never signed it, but he lost the battle.
Who? Who are you talking about? But you must know what you're up against, boy.
You must know.
- What is this?! Wait! - I can't.
It's your turn now.
Can I see them? What was he talking about? What "battle"? Are we dealing with someone who's completely lost it? He whipped our butts on the chess board.
That doesn't mean he's not two sandwiches short of a picnic.
He's a human fossil.
How can we trust anything he says? You said Henry's father worked as a county bailiff, right? - Yeah.
Why? - These keys are official.
There's a county stamp on them.
- It's faded but it's there.
- So you're saying? Our high school used to be the county courthouse.
There are a bunch of rooms in the basement that have never even been renovated.
How do you know that? I spent most of ninth grade hanging out down there.
So you think that one of these keys fits into a door in your school? Gotta start somewhere.
I spoke to him last night.
He said he'd be here.
Did you mention that I was still playing this part? He knows that.
Is there a problem? Sorry I'm late.
Had to take the bike into the shop.
Is everything okay? Good.
Why don't you two work on the drug store scene? I'm gonna go set up the auditorium for the third act.
And if you have any questions, save 'em for later.
I have a question.
Why did you change your mind? I like the play.
Does Olivia know you're here? That's two questions.
I'll show you the room where I found the knife.
It's this way.
Isn't that where he keeps the bodies? And more.
You wanna open it? This is the room? Oh, no.
That's a door.
You push it.
You need to see the knife.
So, uh, look around all you want.
But I wouldn't touch anything.
He can tell if you've breathed in here.
I don't get it These characters getting married when they hardly know each other.
They have one date, then a wedding.
It was a different time.
Price says they're "old souls wrapped in innocence.
" Whatever that means.
Life was tough back then.
People died in childbirth.
People still die.
But I guess they were just able to hold onto their innocence a little bit longer.
I don't think that's such a terrible thing.
Do you? Whoa.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Why did you do that? - Uh, I wanted to get it over with so you didn't do that in front of the entire cast.
- Do what? - Look like you wanna puke.
It's okay.
I'll ask Mr.
Price to cut the kiss.
Hol just - I didn't think you were gonna jump me - Forget about it.
It's fine.
We can just say "I do" and shake hands.
Well can we just wait till we get to the scene and then the Ease into it? No, thanks.
This is "honey-roasted penis" all over again.
- Excuse me? - Oh, come on, Luke.
- Don't act like you never knew.
- I I don't know what you're Seventh grade.
I had a mouth full of metal and a lisp.
At spring carnival, I ordered a bag of nuts, and that was my nickname for a year.
You asked for a bag of "honey-roasted penis"? Can we just do the scene, please? Okay.
We don't have to shake hands.
So - What is that? - Um, in bio, they called it a heart.
What is this? Looks like hair.
Why would he have these? Who's hair is this? - Wait, what was Abby's last name, again? - Wheeler.
Why? "A.
" In '92.
That must be her.
Oh, my God.
What's happening? - Miranda, what are you looking for? - That.
That's my hair.
Does he have one of these for every kid in this town who Who what? Who who died? No, he does not get to add me to his souvenir collection.
- Miranda - He won't come near me when I'm alive but thinks he can keep some of me when I'm dead?! He thinks he can rip me apart and shove me in a cabinet?! Oh, my God.
Want me to try? No, I got it.
I may not know a pawn from a rook, but I definitely don't need lessons in busting locks.
Doesn't go to this door.
It's rusty.
Probably needs to be cleaned.
It's been hanging around your uncle's neck for 70 years.
What'd they use these rooms for? - When it was a courthouse? - Some of them were jail cells.
Let's get out of here.
No, wait! There's one more door.
Why would the school leave all this stuff down here? Why are you asking me? Well, you did spend ninth grade down here.
Not in this room.
What's this? Try it.
You're kidding.
It's rusty.
It's been around an old man's neck for 70 years.
Can I get all the ghosts over here, please? This is our graveyard.
I need Mrs.
Soames, Mrs.
Gibbs, and Emily right up here in the front row.
Tess? Care to join us, please? I need Joe Stoddard, Sam Craig up over there.
George, you'll enter from downstage.
Let's go over the blocking, guys.
If we know the moves, we are halfway there.
Is Caleb here? Luke? Luke? You just hear what I said? Just gonna get some water.
Can I have all the dead townsfolk looking over here, please? Miranda? Miranda Mom? Luke, you've gotta come with us.
- What? - I was inside Collins' house.
Didn't I tell you not to go back there? You went, and she's back.
Who's back? Miranda? - Where? Where is she? - On the stage.
Don't do please.
Not Yes, Tess, you had a question? Yeah, um, at the bottom of this page, when Emily's talking to her mom, do you think she's, like, angry with her? That's definitely one way to look at it.
She maybe she's She is angry about it.
Think deep down, she's probably just Luke, we are so close to finding the truth.
Caleb has an uncle who knows about the pact, and he gave him this.
- Not I'm not a part of this.
- I'm not a part of this.
We were all in that car.
You don't have a choice.
Look out! Still think you're not a part of this? Caleb took the box back to his place.
Whatever's inside may have nothing to do with us, but the key did fit.
What are you looking at? I kissed Tess today.
What? We were practicing.
I kissed her.
But it had to do with the play, right? I'm not sure.
Whatever it was, it made me feel like Like us - Before this.
- Before what? This.
I don't need anybody telling me that I'm living with a curse.
I already know that.
- Luke - My dad's gone.
He's never coming back.
My my whole life changed while I wasn't paying attention, and I can't be around people who constantly remind me it's only gonna get worse.
You can't ask me to unknow what I already know.
I wanna be with someone who makes me Laugh Doesn't talk about pacts, and patterns, and tells me that the sky is falling.
I can't.
I can't.
Hey, there.
Didn't mean to interrupt.
Remy, if you two wanted to rent a movie Luke can't stay.
Thank you for the offer, Mr.
Appreciate it.
We'll talk later, right? Did you ask him to leave because of me? No.
He needed to be someplace else.
Why are you keeping pieces of her in this room? - What are you talking about? - You know what I'm talking about! If I did, I wouldn't have asked the question.
We are on to you.
- So is Miranda.
- We buried Miranda last week.
Yeah? Where is she now? What did you do with her?! If this is the shape your grief has taken I'm not here to be counseled, okay?! I just wanna know why you're keeping this collection! I'm guessing this isn't your first time in this room.
And if you intend to stay on as my caretaker, you'll take care to stay out of rooms where you're not invited.
Is that clear? I won't be here much longer.
I'm guessing you already have that marked on your calendar.