Ravenswood (2013) s01e07 Episode Script

Home is Where the Heart Is - Seriously Check the Floorboards

There's a curse on this town.
Trading lives, making pacts that's not God's way.
A secret pact was signed during the First World War that protected all of Ravenswood's soldiers and kept them alive.
But the price five teens had to die, five per war for every war after that.
And now we're the marked ones.
Remy, Luke, his sister Olivia, me Caleb and Miranda already dead, victim of this curse, but helping us figure out whoever or whatever is making our lives a living hell.
Previously on Ravenswood.
Springer hates me.
He hates my whole family.
People are wising up to that family of yours.
We're following up on some leads related to a person of interest.
You mean our mom.
Maybe tomorrow night, you can come over, we can Watch movie, bake cookies.
- I'll work it out.
- I'm sure you will.
Otherwise it's the grinder for both of us.
Rivers, I think we're family.
Collins was right there in our kitchen with an orchard for my mother.
There still are the jars.
You're being pulled back here.
You must have put yours back together.
I know you must feel like prisoner.
Stop it now.
So you've been sleepwalking since the accident.
You didn't think you should tell me this.
I need you to be there while I'm sleeping to make sure that nothing wakes me till I want to wake up.
It's after 1 o'clock.
Yeah, I had to take Remy home.
Hello, Luke.
Collins and I had some business to talk over.
Oh, one in the morning business? It is pretty late.
That's all right.
Finish your coffee.
Luke, can I get you something? I don't think so.
This is the one didn't sign out.
How long has he been here? He was here when I got here, after twelve.
Where were you? I was with Dillon, remember? What happened with you and Remy? Remy took us to the place the pact was made.
The whole thing ties straight to Collins and the funeral home.
What does he want with Mom? Nothing good.
Hey, you said 10 minutes half an hour ago.
Come on, lights out.
Did you talk to Mom? Yeah.
She got there okay.
Now come on, go to bed.
Seriously, bedtime.
Not that I'm complaining, but what's that for? Nothing.
For being Dad.
For saying things like "Seriously, bedtime.
" You let me know if you need anything.
I will.
Go to bed.
Remy saw the town sign the pact.
In her dream? Esther wasn't the only Collins there that night.
There was somebody else from the family business there, and that is who Gabriel gave the pact and the knife to.
So where's the pact now? Passed on from Collins to Collins, I assume.
I'll look around in the morning.
Do you think Collins will show you where it is? Or Grunwald? But Grunwald has a watchdog.
What's that going to help? The way she was talking to it, I don't think it's a what.
I think it's a who.
Don't you have anything better to do in this town? You've already searched this house.
New warrant, new search.
- Let's see the warrant.
- I showed it to your mother, son.
Now you're gonna show it to me.
Let's see the warrant.
- Luke? - Go back upstairs.
I'm not going anywhere.
What's happening? The cops got a warrant to search the house.
What are they looking for? Mr.
Kessel came in early dug up the old hedge.
He found something buried in there.
What? A knife with a three-sided blade.
Why does that give you the right to come into our house? The knife that killed your father had a three-sided blade.
Both of you, go upstairs, get dressed.
It's a guy.
I've never seen him before.
You already looked? Dad.
Hey, stranger.
How are you? Good.
Come in.
The lady in the mortuary said you were up here.
Yeah, I'm here.
When you called me, you didn't say anything about staying here.
Well, that wasn't the plan when we talked.
But things changed.
She said you work here.
Yeah, I do.
That sounds permanent.
Did something happen with Hanna? That's complicated.
Why? Did you talk to Hanna? I thought about it.
But then I thought I better talk to you first.
Good call.
Except I have business here.
I got this from a lawyer here.
This Henry Rivers died last week.
Turns out, we're next of kin.
I know.
I met him.
We played chess.
And I lost badly.
Is that why you're here? Because of Henry Rivers? Hey, I got to take care of something.
You want to meet up later? Yeah.
I got to meet this lawyer.
- So I'll call you after.
- All right, cool.
I'll buy the coffee, but I want you to do all the talking.
I want to know what's going on.
You will.
All right, see you later.
That's your dad who dumped you into foster care? Yeah.
Except I grew up thinking he was my uncle.
He knows Hanna? She's the one who got us back together.
He really likes her.
Something else is going on.
I'll try talking to Grunwald's guardian about the pact.
What did I do? Oh, my God.
Hold on.
It's okay.
- What is happening? - They found a knife in our yard.
- Collins must have stuck it there.
- Collins was here? Last night, while we were chasing scarecrows.
Luke, do you know what kind of knife they found? What difference does it make? It was planted.
Beddington said it was a three-sided knife.
- Like this? - Where'd you get this? Remy drew it from memory.
She saw it last night.
You mean she saw it in 1917.
Hey, you can't arrest her.
No one's being arrested.
They just want to ask me a couple of questions.
- Should we come with you? - No, I'll be back in a couple of hours.
Mom, we're coming with you.
Hey! Hey! Hey! You hurt her! - Drive.
- You be careful with her.
Get out of here.
- Wait! Stop! - You hurt her! Luke.
Let her go.
You've got two seconds to decide how this is going to work.
Put him in my car.
Luke, stop.
You were hurting his mother.
You want a ride too? I got plenty of room.
That's the guy who used to work for Collins.
Why's he here? All right, they're all gone.
Front yard is free of invaders.
Uh, what are you doing? Cleaning.
The house is pretty clean.
No, it's not.
The police touched everything, they moved everything.
This is our house.
Our stuff.
Olivia, I don't think they're gonna charge Luke with anything, all right? They just needed to take him someplace to cool off.
And if they just want to ask your mom questions and they can't hold her, either, so Hey, right now it'll be a really good time to not go nuts.
Look I'm supposed to go meet my dad at the Vault, but I can put it off if you need me to stay.
Your dad's here? Yeah, he showed up this morning.
That's kind of weird, don't you think? Family business something about Henry Rivers.
Old Henry.
The guy who actually died from being scared to death.
Nothing's gonna happen to my father, okay.
We're the ones who are in danger.
We are marked.
My father wasn't marked, but he was murdered because of the pact.
Go take care of your dad.
I called Dillon.
He'll be here by any time.
What time is it? I don't know, they took my phone.
Didn't ask to make a call, I asked what time it is.
I don't have a watch.
Why didn't you say so? Hey, hey.
Let me out of here.
You calm down.
I'm calm.
I I'm calm.
I'm calm.
I think we'll wait a little longer.
You're good at that, waiting around instead of trying to figure out who who killed my dad.
You know it may shock you that I want to find out who killed your father almost as much as you do.
Then stop wasting time on my mom.
What do you know about that knife? - Nothing.
- Come on.
What kind of killer holds onto a murder weapon two months after they commit a crime? Anybody could have planted it.
You think about anybody in particular? They're testing it.
Yeah? We'll know soon if it was used to kill your father.
Then what happens? Then what happens, huh? What happens? You should not have seen.
What did you say? "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.
" You're gonna wish you were dead before this is over.
And then, you'll get your wish.
Hey, Dillon, it's me.
I I don't know if you lost your phone, but I really need to talk to you right now.
It's about my mother and my brother and even if wasn't something, I really like to see you.
Oh, if that's you at the door, you are gonna get such a welcome.
Are you all right? My mother's not home.
I know.
She called me.
She asked me to check on you.
I don't understand why she called you and not me.
She thought I might be able to help.
I'm going to the police, but I wanted to check on you first.
They found a knife in our backyard.
I heard about that.
Somebody put it there.
I'm sure that's what happened.
You were here last night.
Yes, I was.
Did you hear anything? No.
If I had, I would have investigated.
I'm sure you realize there are lot of people in this town who have a very wrong opinion of your mother.
They think she killed my dad.
Even I know that's not true.
Everybody liked my dad.
He lived a life of great service.
But you didn't like him.
Your father and I disagreed.
But I respected him.
From all accounts he was a very good father.
And a good husband.
Are you going to be all right if I leave and try to see your mother? What do you think you can do? I'll try to get her and your brother home.
Olivia when this situation is resolved, I'd like to try.
You'd like to try what? I'll call you if I have any news.
So what happened with Hanna? We broke up.
It happens.
Why did it happen to you? - It's complicated.
- Uncomplicate it.
Dad, it's over, okay? It doesn't even matter anymore.
It mattered enough for you to switch towns.
No, Hanna is not the reason that I came here.
What is? I just wasn't good for her.
You starting to sound like me, and I don't like it.
Wise up, boy.
Get your stuff go back to Rosewood.
Tell her a story, tell her you fell on your head, but you're better now.
Tell her that you still love her.
I am not leaving Ravenswood, Dad.
Neither am I.
What? I have inherited myself a house.
From Henry? Turns out you and I are all the family he had left.
Not sure what we're gonna do with it.
We might sell it.
This is a good thing, Caleb.
And I've had a lot of bad things happen lately.
Don't you think it's just a little strange? I mean, Henry dies and you're pulled to town.
Let's just look at the house and then we'll talk about it.
Are you coming? I'm heading over.
I remember drawing these because I didn't want to forget any details.
But when I fell asleep, I just kept right on drawing.
Thank God Mom's away.
It's not the first time with the sleepwalking, the dreams.
It happened when I was little.
What did you do? Therapy, sleep meds.
Was a little punchy there for awhile, then it stopped.
And now it's back.
Except this time it's not just a dream.
It's something else, something real that's inside my head.
Maybe it was real the last time and you just didn't know it.
But now it's worse.
And it's angry that I saw the town signed the pact.
You got your laptop in there? What are you thinking? I think I have a way of finding out where the pact is now.
How? Grunwald's guardian spook.
But we need to know who she is.
From what I saw, she looked like she's from the 1940s.
Livvy? Tess.
Will you sit with me? Yeah.
Hey, what's up? Last of the P.
's got back from the Philippines and a week later five kids died.
It's the pattern.
"Beatrice Meredith Stevens has survived by her parents" Theo and Eleanor Stevens.
And beloved sister of Theo Jr.
, Robert, "Daniel and Carla.
" Carla.
Grunwald's name is Carla.
Think it's a coincidence? I don't believe in coincidences, not in this town.
If Grunwald's maiden name was Stevens County marriage records coming up.
God, if Collins has Grunwald's sister trapped here, it explains why she's stuck working for him.
If Grunwald's sister was marked like us then maybe She probably wants this pact broken as much as we do.
It's kind of all over town, what happened at your house.
Yeah, I'm sure it is.
Olivia? I thought I saw I'm sorry, I'm not myself right now.
I broke up with Springer.
You were right, he's cut but he's sour inside.
Livvy, I'm pretty sure he's the one who threw that stuff at you at the parade.
How long did Springer work for Mr.
Collins? I don't know.
Something like a year.
So, he was there when Collins when he worked on my dad.
I suppose, yeah.
Livvy, can we try to start over, please? I was such an idiot and I really miss you.
I've had a couple of days I really wanted to talk to you.
So we can try? I think we're past trying.
So how are things with Dillon? I don't like that look.
What look? I mean you get that look after you mention a boyfriend, it means that you either broke up or you Olivia.
Really? - You did it? - Yeah.
You and Dillon have been dating forever.
Remy, you know your mother is at a medical conference.
I've been a nervous wreck.
- Why'd you leave the house? - It was important.
You didn't tell me where you were going or when you'd be back.
I'm okay, Dad.
I know you're worried about Luke, but I'm terrified of what's happening to you.
Your mom and I talked and she made an appointment for you.
I'm not taking those pills again.
Take it easy.
Take it easy, all right.
It's not going to be like that.
This is different.
It's a different doctor.
And we're gonna figure this out and we're gonna get through this together.
Team Beaumont, remember? If I go quietly, will you do something for me? This isn't a hostage negotiation.
Will you help Luke? Water damage up in the attic.
Some of the flooring will have to come up, but the place has good bones.
Good what? Bones.
Good beams, solid foundation.
Wouldn't take more than six or seven months to turn the place around.
Wait six months? I thought you wanted to sell it.
If I put six months into this place, I can add 30,000 to the asking price.
So you would stay here for six months? Well, you told me it was complicated.
I thought six months would be long enough to explain, but if you need more time.
No, Dad, just call a realtor and list it.
Sell it today, if you can.
I'll sell it when I'm ready.
And your name will be on the deed when I do.
Unless you want to keep it.
You know, you really should be giving lectures on putting down roots.
What the hell's eating you? You just got here and all of a sudden you're talking about homesteading.
We've got family here we didn't know anything about.
Don't you want to find out who they were? No.
Not especially.
Then why'd you visit Henry Rivers before he died? Why did you call me and ask me about this town? You know what? Maybe I just need a little elbow room, all right.
Maybe I don't like the idea of you crowding me.
What's that supposed to mean? It means maybe one of the reasons I broke up with Hanna was because you were pushing me to be with her.
I wasn't pushing you anywhere.
I'm gonna choose the girl that I want to be with and I don't need your advice.
I mean, your track record isn't exactly solid.
Caleb, what's going on here? What's going on here is my business.
Okay, so I think you need to sell this house or burn it for the insurance and stop chasing me around half of Pennsylvania.
So you and Olivia are girlfriends again.
Stop spying on people, Springer.
It's creepy.
I have a first name, you know? I've already forgotten it.
What did you talk to her about? - Why are you bothering me? - Because I need to know what's going on.
- I mean, I'm out here on my own.
- And whose fault is that? I have to take it from Dillon, but I don't have to take it from you.
Then why don't you go and find your friend Dillon and leave me alone? You've got a real bromance, the two of you.
You know, being nice to Olivia, it isn't going to save you.
I don't know why I ever saw you as a B-plus.
Beatrice? Beatrice Stevens? Come out, come out wherever you are.
I know Grunwald's your sister.
Was she older than you? Did she pick on you? Was she jealous because your mom liked you best? Getting warmer? We have something in common.
We both died because of the pact.
Now we're stuck here forever.
Oh, my God.
Red hot.
Tell me what you know about the pact, Bea.
Who's keeping us here? It can't just be my uncle.
This has been going on from almost 100 years.
Why are they doing this? Why do kids have to keep dying? We can break this curse, Bea.
Maybe even get out of here.
Grunwald won't be able to push you around anymore.
Don't look at that.
Your tea's probably cold by now.
You've been sitting there and staring at that cemetery for, like, 10 minutes.
Think those headstones are gonna start moving? Around here? Possibly.
I pissed off Grunwald's ghost.
How'd you do that? I don't know.
Sometimes I rub spirits the wrong way.
Where's your dad? Hopefully on his way back home by now.
What happened? I acted like a spoiled jerk.
Deliberately? I'm just asking.
I don't want him to get hurt.
Collateral damage.
Look I get that you want to keep him safe, but from my unique point of view, I worry if the last time you guys talked was a fight.
We don't know what's gonna to happen.
Yeah, I've been thinking about that.
Were you surprised when you found out your uncle was your dad? Yeah.
For a second.
But then it made sense.
Why? Hanna showed me this picture that Jamie had of him holding me when I was a baby.
Were you cute? Adorable.
The way he was holding me.
Once you knew, you knew.
That was a father holding his kid.
- Remy.
- I'm in here.
We've got company.
Luke! Mr.
Beaumont, thanks again.
You're welcome.
Do you like my portfolio? You did this while you were asleep? I wasn't awake, but was I asleep? Good question.
Is this the same language? That was in the prayer book? No, this is Latin.
What, can you translate it? On my laptop, but it's slow going.
- What have you got? - I think it's a warning.
"Finis est praesens, attingere.
" "To interfere is to face the end of all.
" Luke, did I make this happen? - What do you mean? - "You should not have seen.
" I went in there and I saw how it all started and, now, maybe something followed me back? Mrs.
Grunwald wasn't your sister.
She she was your daughter.
You were a teenager, you got pregnant.
You and your mom went away and came back with a new sister.
People believed it, or pretended to believe it.
And when you were 17, you died with 4 other kids.
I thought it was a blessing.
I was still here.
I could look out for her.
Watch her.
I didn't mind because I could be close to her.
Does she know the truth? I think so.
We don't talk about it.
Bea, I've got four friends marked to die because of this pact.
I don't know anything about any of that.
You're lying.
You've been here more than 60 years, I think you know plenty.
You'll ruin everything.
For who, huh? The pact trades lives for lives soldiers for kids.
Who has that kind of power? You don't want to know.
And you need to stop asking.
Be grateful that you have protection and find something here that matters.
Bea, please.
Help us break this curse.
You don't want to leave.
You want to stay here with your baby.
But your baby grew up, and now she's growing old.
And when she dies, she'll move on, and you'll still be locked here.
You'll be alone.
How will you feel then? Did you talk to her? I talked to Olivia this morning.
I just took Rochelle home.
What about Luke? I didn't bother with that.
He hates me more than the girl.
They don't hate you.
They just don't know you.
And they have no intention of getting better acquainted.
That's their loss.
They don't see it that way.
They see me as the man trying to get close to their widowed mother.
Like a villain in a melodrama.
Black suit and all.
I don't think the clients would appreciate you in Bermuda shorts.
I saw Springer.
How is he? Drowning.
He's starting to realize what he's gotten himself into.
What do you think he'll do? Something stupid.
Something someone will have to clean up.
No, I'm home now, but I need you to be ready in case we All right, we'll think about it.
I have to go.
- Are you okay? - I'm good.
Everything's good.
Where's Luke? Uh, he's at Remy's, I just got a text message.
Beaumont picked him up.
I was gonna go over and get him.
Okay, you do that.
I'll start dinner.
That sounds great.
When did you get home? Just a little while ago.
Ray dropped me off.
What were you doing with Mr.
Collins? Olivia go get your brother and we'll talk about this over dinner.
You can't have anything to do with him.
I'm not talking about this right now.
No, you need to keep him out of this house, keep him away.
Ray has been nothing but helpful to our family.
He's lying to you.
Olivia, who do you think helped me find a lawyer so quickly? Go get your brother, okay? "If thine eye offend thee, pluck it out.
" What did I do? Dad, are you okay? I'm fine, baby.
I'm fine.
You were sleepwalking again, you didn't mean to.
So you still think this gonna take six months to fix this place up? Seven, tops.
And how long if somebody helps you? Maybe four.
Then what? Ask me in four months.
Listen, Dad Huh.
You're a little late, pal.
What do you mean? "A bird in a house means a death in the family.
" He must have come for old Henry.
I hope so.
It's nice night.
Just walking? I'm meeting my brother.
Great, I'll walk with you.
I was outside your house today.
I saw them take away your mom and your brother.
Did you see me? Yeah.
We saw you.
I thought I feel different after seeing that.
Different? I don't know.
Satisfied seeing my mom get arrested? Not arrested.
Taken in for questioning.
The arrest comes later.
Good night, Springer.
How come Dillon wasn't there this morning? Where was your boyfriend in all this? Did he dump you or something? I know about your boyfriend.
I know all kinds of stuff about him.
- Are you drunk? - No, I'm just encouraged.
Do you even know what your boyfriend is? Stop and listen, this is important, you should pay attention.
Let go of me.
This whole thing, it's all your father's fault.
If he'd just done right by my dad, everything would have been okay, but he didn't.
- I don't know.
- Shut up and listen.
You got to know why this is happening and why I did it to you.
Oh, my God.
I didn't see him.
I don't know, it just happened so fast and then The two of you were walking together? No, I told you.
He came up to me.
I ran away and he chased me.
What did he do to make you run away? Did he threaten you? He grabbed my arm and I ran away from him.
It's been a kind of long day, hasn't it? Yes, it has.
Well, you wanna make it longer? Not right now.
Just go home, okay? I need to talk to Tesa, first.
What happened at Remy's? Your mother's gonna meet us at the hospital.
- Let me.
- I've got it.
You can't go to a sleep clinic without your teddy bear.
I'll see you downstairs.
"I sing the body electric.
" The armies of those I love engirth me, and I engirth them.
They will not let me off till I go with them, "respond to them.
" You know what it is? Yes.
You know what will happen to you if you break it? Yes.
No, you don't.
You only got a taste of it last time.
What about the others trapped like us? Go away and leave us alone.