Ravenswood (2013) s01e08 Episode Script

I'll Sleep When I'm Dead

Previously on Ravenswood: They found a knife in our backyard.
Somebody put it there.
The knife used to kill your father had a three-sided blade.
They think she killed my dad.
Remy saw the town sign the pact.
In her dream? Doing the right thing, son.
Esther wasn't the only Collins there that night.
There was somebody else from the family business there.
And that is who Gabriel gave the pact and the knife to.
It's not the first time with the sleepwalking, the dreams.
It happened when I was little.
Dad, are you okay.
Liv, can we try to start over? I really miss you.
So how are things with Dillon? Really? You did it? Good night, Springer.
How come Dillon wasn't there this morning? Where was your boyfriend in all this? Springer! There still are the jars.
You're being pulled back here, he must have put yours back together.
I know you must feel like a prisoner.
Stop it now! Grunwald has a watchdog.
Beatrice Stevens.
Grunwald was your daughter.
She probably wants this pact broken just as much as we do.
Go away and leave us alone.
Is that what I think it is? A present from Beatrice, the world's warmest ghost.
She just gave it to you? Yeah, well, don't worry, it's not like we're spirit besties.
I think she just gave it to me so I'd leave.
Are you going to open it? Of course I'm going to open it.
The last time you were out, you were tricked by demons into a haunted house so Yeah.
I'm smarter now, and I've got a strict policy against walking through glowing doorways.
So I know what to expect.
Nobody knows what to expect.
Not in this town.
I want to be out there with you guys.
I hear stories about barns and underground vaults and homicidal scarecrows and it kills me inside.
My whole life, I have never been a part of anything.
Now I finally am, and I'm stuck here because of this jar.
Then what are you waiting for? I'm not afraid of what's out there, I'm afraid of what's in here.
Collins has already locked me up twice.
What's to keep him from doing that again? This will only take a minute.
Do you mind? Oh, be careful with that, that's not a snow globe.
I still can't believe I stabbed my own father.
You didn't stab your own father.
It was an accident.
But what if something made me do it? What if when I fall asleep, suddenly I'm Evil's puppet? You're still you.
Okay, I know you're scared.
But this place isn't punishment.
There's a serious group of MD's and PhD's and, you know, brainy types here to help you sleep again.
I wish my mom wasn't stuck in Chicago.
She'll be here soon.
And you're here.
Like a bad habit.
Okay, "Please list any external factors" which may be contributing to ongoing sleep disturbances.
" Is there a box saying century-old pact that is cursing yo and your friends to death? I'll just check "other.
" - Thanks for being here.
- It's my job.
Sign it.
Hey, Dillon, it's me again, this is just a question, okay? Did you get my messages about Springer? Call me.
I miss you.
- No answer? - No.
Springer was talking crazy last night.
He was saying all this stuff about Dillon and my mom, and why he did it.
Did what? I don't know.
I saw you run out into the street, and then I saw him.
He was looking right at me when I can't believe I went out with him.
How's your mom? Her lawyer's on speed dial and she's trying to find a guardian-type who can stay with us in case she has to be gone for a little while.
And Mr.
Collins found the lawyer? Yeah, that's a whole other story.
I'll be right back.
Hi, Clark.
Have you heard anything? I'm not supposed to talk about an ongoing investigation.
Clark, please.
The summary of the tests on the knife is in, they're still waiting on a full report.
What else? Your mom's alibi, it doesn't check out.
What does that mean? I'm telling you what I hear.
Where are you going? I have to talk to Springer.
Wait! Where did you get that? Do you recognize it? I've never seen it before.
Well, here, let me show you what's inside.
He knows exactly what's in there.
I'm gonna say this one time, if anything happens to anyone that I love, if you touch one hair on their heads I don't respond to idle threats.
I've seen more than you could possibly imagine and I don't blink easily.
You blinked.
Well, you definitely got him worried.
Well, I was trying to get him wet.
Do you smell smoke? I don't smell anything, remember? Miranda.
World's warmest ghost? Well, could be a message from Beatrice.
Maybe she overheard the whole thing and wants to help us now.
Russell, what's going on? My daughter is sleepwalking, sleep drawing, and writing in languages I'm pretty sure she doesn't know.
Remy is displaying an unusual combination of sleep symptoms, but I'm more concerned about what the stress is doing to her physically.
I know that Remy hasn't slept more than a few hours in the past week.
Mom wasn't supposed to tell you that.
- I'm glad she did.
- I've had a lot on my mind.
Your mind's a busy place.
It always has been.
You saw a psychologist for sleep-related issues when you were 7? Yeah.
He was an old guy.
He had these amazing tiki masks on his wall.
He sent me your file.
You were sleepwalking, suffering night terrors.
You'd wake up screaming night after night.
I've reviewed your history, and the medications Dr.
Elmore prescribed They made the nightmares go away.
Gone but not forgotten.
I think that everything that's happening now can be traced back to that nightmare you had as a little girl.
You drew this, the other morning.
You drew this when you were 7.
It's the name of a book.
Unseen Forces: An Unabridged & Personal History of Ravenswood Township.
By its native son H.
Like, Armitage High School? "Unseen Forces.
" Maybe she's sending me a playbook.
If Armitage wrote it, the school library has to have a copy.
Are you coming with me? I didn't remember any of it until the doctor showed me that drawing.
The nightmare was always the same.
A man standing near my bed.
All shadows and intention.
He had the knife in his hand, Luke.
The same three-sided blade that preacher had at the pact signing.
So somewhere between sealing a pact a century ago, and being dug up in my yard yesterday, this knife was in your nightmare as a kid? How's that possible? Because the first time it happened, he was actually there in my room.
As real as you and me.
So this nightmare, your bogeyman, it's a memory? Crazy, right? A couple of weeks ago, it would have sounded crazy.
Now Hey, Liv, what's up? Take it.
Okay, I'm sorry.
Clark say anything about the knife? They're still testing it.
That's why I want to talk to Springer.
Olivia, the guy attacked you.
I thought he was angry or drunk when he chased me.
Now, I think he felt guilty about something and he was trying to tell me about it.
Where's Springer now? He is in his own room.
Tess is trying to find out which one.
Look, you go up to Remy.
If I find out anything, I'll call.
Keep me posted.
I will.
Bad news, it's family only.
Okay, so we get creative.
Excuse me, what do you think you're doing? Oh, my God, Mrs.
Springer, I am so sorry I You want to see my son? Take a look.
Take a look! I thought you people were finished with us.
I guess not.
What is it about the Mathesons? Why are you always smashing other people's lives? Hello, Dolores.
I'm sorry to hear about your son.
Is he gonna be okay? Careful, Simon.
Don't get too close to this one.
You could lose everything.
Why is she so angry at my family? You should ask your mother about that.
I'm asking you.
I saw the look on your face, you knew what she was talking about.
When you work for a newspaper, Olivia, you learn the difference between what you know and what you can prove.
Beaumont, please.
I don't have to tell you what the police think about my mom.
If you know something about any of this Before your dad was the mayor, he was the city attorney.
I know that.
Springer's dad is in jail because of him.
Springer's dad? I thought I know.
Dolores raised the boy herself.
He never knew about his father.
But he found out.
Someone told him.
That's why he's turned on my family.
Your dad was just doing his job.
And he was good at it.
But when you gets things done as a politician you make enemies.
Hey, it's still storming in Chicago.
Your mother's stuck at the airport.
Tell her I'm fine please.
I will.
How are you feeling? I'm exhausted, I'm wired, and I'm scared.
Sorry about the wires, I swear we're not hooking you up to the Matrix.
Well, this place is pretty, you know, it's comfy.
Like Stanley Kubrick's guest room? Remember this, all the wires release at once.
I'll be right outside the monitoring station when you wake up.
Liam, it's 4:00 p.
, I'm not going to be able to sleep.
Everyone says that, everyone sleeps.
Bet you a ten spot.
Easy money.
- Almost done, Liam? - Yeah.
I'll be outside.
This first sleep period is a control.
No drugs, no stimuli.
Your pulse is racing.
What's on your mind? My nightmare as a child, I remember it now, it felt so so real.
You suffered what's called a hypnagogic hallucination.
Essentially the body wakes up, but the mind is still dreaming.
So even though my eyes were open and it felt absolutely real? Your mind fooled you.
Therapy is gonna help you resolve that nightmare.
But for now, let's just try and get some rest.
Are you sure you want to do this? I can't protect you if I'm hiding in that house.
Protect me? I mean, you, like all of you Just promise me, if you see something weird or strange I promise.
Liam, you owe me ten bucks.
Liam? Get away from her! You heard me.
See? Everyone sleeps.
Excuse me.
Yeah, my mom was just in a car accident, and she came in here with some kind of sternal fracture.
The last name is Merriwether.
M-E-R-R, you know, Merriwether.
Springer? Springer? I planted the knife, wasn't that enough? Shut up This is Springer's voice on it, but I don't know who he's talking to.
I'll take a look at it.
How's Remy? They haven't figured out anything yet.
I took the plunge.
No, they can't see me.
I'm still a closely guarded secret, but at least I can get out of that damn cemetery.
Hey, how's Remy? Luke's with her.
Meantime, I talked to Remy's dad about Springer.
What'd he say? Apparently when my dad was city attorney, he ended up being responsible for sending Springer's dad to prison No! It was a secret that he even had a son.
Someone must have found out and told Springer, and that's why he has this thing against my family.
- What? - Are you okay? Yeah, I'm fine.
I'm fine.
It was the same nightmare, but this time I was observing it.
- Was he there? Your bogeyman? - Yeah.
I tried the lucid dreaming thing to make him go away.
He wasn't even fazed by it.
You still think he's real? I don't even know what real means anymore, but he's not a part of me.
But we know he's part of the curse.
We barely survived his real world attacks.
Who knows what he can do in your mind? But what if he has answers? What if he knows who used that knife to kill your father? What if it's a trap? At least we have home field advantage.
Rem, you're exhausted.
If Dr.
Russell can give you something that will help you rest Whoever he is, he's not going to let me rest.
I've seen too much.
You know, Mr.
Price has some strange hobbies.
That's why the librarian sent us here.
A book like that gets checked out and doesn't get checked back in.
You got to think a major history buff might have it.
Here it is.
Looks like a bunch of dense stuff on hauntings and sightings.
If you're looking for ghost stories, Lovecraft is a lot more fun.
Price, I'm sorry.
You're one of Remy's friends? Right.
Caleb Rivers.
I'm starting here tomorrow as a student.
Well, Caleb Rivers, that still doesn't explain what you're doing in my office today.
Yeah, somebody recommended a book to me, about the town, and the librarian seemed to think that you may have it.
Did you ever consider sending an e-mail, or is breaking and entering your go-to move? You know, I entered, but I didn't actually break.
Unseen Forces by H.
Well, you will not find anything useful about the town in there.
Why not? Henry Armitage was a great benefactor, he was also a world-class eccentric who was heavy into mysticism and the occult.
So, Armitage believed in ghosts.
Do you? I try to keep an open mind.
I'm not one of those people that finds ghosts all that romantic.
People are so empty and miserable that they just keep going on after death.
Well, if you were dead and you were sticking around, maybe there was a reason, maybe there was something you had to do.
- Unfinished business? - I suppose.
But then some people never finished anything when they were alive.
What makes you think they'd be any better at it when they're dead? Maybe they could do better with a friend who's still alive.
One foot in both worlds? Seems like one hell of a team if the ghost brought anything to the table.
But all the ghost stories I know are all about rattling chains and cheap parlor tricks.
I don't think they could ever really help the living.
Excuse me.
Welcome to Henry Armitage High.
I'm looking for Zachary Springer.
Come here.
What? - What are you doing? - Look.
- What's he doing here? - I don't know.
I don't even know how he got in there.
This is crazy.
Come on.
Code Blue.
Code Blue ICU 179.
Code Blue ICU 179.
These will help me sleep? Just a stronger version of melatonin.
They ought to help you get some uninterrupted rest.
But I'll still dream? Of course.
What good is sleep without dreams? You know, I was wrong about Luke.
He really cares about you.
That was really hard for you to say, wasn't it? Excruciating.
If you get in any trouble, I want you to wake yourself up.
Promise me.
Let's go.
Come on.
Okay, and be safe please.
I know you're here.
Come on out.
Sorry to disappoint you, but I'm missing the scared-of-clowns gene.
Okay then.
Her vitals spiked and her EEG is displaying some unusual brain activity.
Is Remy okay? Remy's fine.
She's dreaming.
- What is what is - Mr.
Matheson, your presence on this ward is at my discretion.
- Remy.
- Call security.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
Matheson, come with me please.
- Let go of her.
- She's not waking up.
She's fine.
- What's going on? - Remy's not in distress, she's simply in a deeper stage of sleep.
You take it sweet, as I recall.
You okay? Sure.
There has to be another copy of that book somewhere in this town.
I wanted to be so brave for you guys.
I wanted to do all the missions, and keep you safe.
I think that would have made me feel like somebody.
Hey, you are somebody.
Miranda, we're going to figure this out together, okay? Me and you.
I saw you first, that has to mean something.
Caleb, you don't have to keep doing this.
Doing what? Playing house with me.
At some point you're going to move in with your dad, and you're gonna meet some new girls at school.
Maybe I'll find a nice dead boy to hook up with.
So if the crypt is rocking You brought it up.
You're just trying to make me feel better.
And how am I doing at that? I don't know.
But keep trying.
I like it.
How's it going? What? Unconscious? Did you want to wake her up? We've got a problem.
Hey, we need to find Remy.
She's at the hospital.
No, Caleb, we need to find her.
You were in my room that night when I was 7, why? Keeping track of the lambs.
But why choose me, or any of us? Are we the smartest, the weakest? Are our names written on little white balls spinning in a cage? It's certainly not random.
- Debts are owed.
- The pact.
You should not have seen.
So what happened to Springer? I heard them say it was a blood clot.
But Collins was in there right before it happened.
I wonder if he stepped on a couple of tubes.
Is Springer still alive? Yeah, he is.
I just sort of know.
And what's going on with Remy? They can't wake her up.
You've always been special to me.
Because I woke up? I saw you holding the knife you used to kill Luke's dad.
I'm the dealmaker.
I'm not the murderer.
Then who is? Mr.
Collins? The town does its part.
Enough with the cryptic Q&A.
I don't care how you picked us, we broke your damn pact.
You broke nothing.
We're alive.
Some of you, for the moment, but things change.
Accidents, illnesses.
Sometimes people even die in their sleep.
Would you like to know why you? Because you're full of fear.
It makes you irresistible.
Your boyfriend wants someone else, your father thinks you're crazy, and your mother would be a pile of ashes and dog tags if it wasn't for me! There is a debt on the books.
And I always collect.
Remy, wake up.
Just clear her airway.
Get me 1s of Lorazepam.
I'll need a blood pressure read.
I'll be right back.
1 second.
- Is she all right? - She's not waking up.
I don't think they know what's going on.
What do you think? I think there's something keeping her in there.
Once we get this blood pressure reading, we have to check her pupils.
Get the tube ready, I think we're going to have to intubate.
Pluck it out! Done the right thing.
You want to know about this knife? How did it seal the pact? Who used it to kill Luke's father? Who buried it in their backyard? First tell me how did you witness the pact? You don't know? Who helped you? Let's go.
Miranda? How are you here? That's a really good question for later.
You got a lot of clothes.
I don't know where that goes.
Go! You must have read a lot of Narnia books when you were little.
Yeah, sorry.
That way.
Is this the way out? You tell me.
It's your dream.
Okay, Remy, on three.
One two three.
You are more trouble than you are worth.
You have no idea.
Well, then let's get better acquainted.
We have an eternity.
You know what, I may not know how all of this works, the dream hacking but at least I know when I've overstayed my welcome.
Get out of my friend's head, you son of a bitch.
So they're really letting you go home, huh? Th was only a 24-hour observation.
They've got a ton of readings to sift through.
I doubt they're going to get the real story from your brain waves.
I don't know if Miranda moved the needle out here, but she saved my life in there.
She's pretty handy for a dead girl.
The knife was right in front of me.
I'm sorry I couldn't find out who killed your dad.
You almost died trying.
No answers are worth that.
The knife is important to him.
It's what he makes his deals with.
Then maybe we can use it to break this deal.
And then I lost him in the dark, and we were falling.
But he's gone? You evicted him? Well, he's been around for a century.
I doubt if my newbie abilities banished him for good.
But maybe at least Remy can get a good night's sleep for once.
You did good out there.
I'm just glad I could do something.
You know, I was thinking about what Price said.
There's lots of books out there, but this story, it hasn't been written yet.
Looks like Olivia's audio file is a dead end.
I hope she gets some answers.
She will.
Right now I need to get some sleep.
It's a school day, remember? Well, for some of us.
Wake me up in an hour.
Do you remember anything? You need to know I know about your dad.
I'm so sorry how that went down.
But why? Why did you put that knife in my yard? Was it just revenge? He made me do it.
All of it.
Who? Dillon.