Ray Donovan s04e10 Episode Script

Lake Hollywood

1 [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan It's all prearranged.
All we got to do is go in, cut the safe, get the money.
Gone in 15 minutes, tops.
- Fuck you! - [Sylvie] No, no! Do it.
- Now drop the fucking gun! - [yells] [yells] [dramatic music] [Marisol] Me and my brother, Hector, we love each other.
I mean, in love.
It was it was killing me, all the secrecy.
And I think it's killing my brother.
Maybe y-you'd like to have dinner with me sometime.
How about a drink instead? Yeah, that's even better.
This footage from the port of the dead girl, of Ivan going in and not coming out You killed him.
So you make it your business to commit suicide and take me down with you.
[Avi] Okay, okay, okay.
[men grunting, yelling] [Sonia] If it comes down to it, don't deal with Dmitri.
Disappear, or he'll kill you.
- [phone ringing] - Yeah? [Avi coughing] [moaning] Avi? Bring me my niece, or I kill your Jew.
[ominous music] There he is.
They do anything to Avi, I'm gonna fucking kill them.
Shouldn't I go with her? [breathes deeply] Just do what I told you to do.
Wait for her signal.
Hell, yeah.
[Jacob] These pieces stay.
They don't matter.
Only take the ones that I selected.
Careful with the Strasser, okay? For God's sake, be careful.
- Yes, sir.
- Platz goes in last.
- Last.
Slow down.
Do it correctly.
Platz goes in last.
[grunts] Call your friends in here.
All I want's my guy.
[engine rumbling] [gun cocks] You shoot me, you'll never see that truck again.
Lower your weapons.
Lower your weapons.
You tell your boss, he lays a finger on Avi, I'll burn his fucking art.
[tires squealing] [truck door closes] [engine turning over] [keys jingling] [Ray] You all right? Yeah.
Did you get the art? Yeah, we got all of it.
That's good.
You should've killed her.
[low instrumental music] Wouldn't have made a difference.
Dad? Are you okay? I need you to stay close to your mother and your brother today.
Will you do that for me? What? I love you.
You know that, right? Yeah.
- Morning.
- Morning.
Not that it matters, but I hope you don't think I do this kind of shit a lot.
No, no.
I don't I don't think anything.
I just [sighs] I just think you're fucking beautiful.
[cell phone beeps] Listen there's s-something you should know about me.
What? [sighs] About a year ago, I was serving time for armed robbery.
Not long after I got out [cheek clicks] I got shot, and I was lying in the ICU, and I could feel my body just letting go.
You know? It's it was just giving up.
But I could hear this voice in my head, and it said, "After the pain there's love.
" [light instrumental music] There's coffee in the kitchen and probably some yogurt in the refrigerator.
I'm late for work.
[door creaks open, closes] [breathing heavily] [indistinct chatter] [cell phone beeping] [line trilling] [Maureen] Did you leave something at my place? No, no.
It's nothing like that.
Listen, the fight I'm working on It's in a month's time, and the night before, there's a big dinner for the fighters and their teams, you know? It's real fancy.
There's, uh, big dresses, penguin suits [Maureen] You asking me? You don't got to tell me now, you know? Just just think about it.
[locker clatters] [Hector] Then you shouldn't have lit a fucking fire! - What's going on? - [Punch] Talking to his sister.
[Marisol] It was so ugly in jail, Hector.
People knew who I was.
They wanted to hurt me.
I took care of that priest, and you fucking took care of our daddy.
I don't got time for this.
I told you.
[Marisol] We saved each other.
After that, you weren't my little brother anymore.
You were mine.
It's the past, Marisol.
It don't matter no more.
[Marisol] You keep telling me that, Hector.
You keep saying that shit.
It fucking matters.
[cell phone beeps] Hey, let's get to work.
Yo, you were out all night with that lady cop? Yeah.
You're conditioning today.
Yo, she make you keep your hands where you can see 'em? Hey, what, are you a comedian now? Do me a favor Go and run six miles and see if you're still laughing when you get back.
Hector! Footwork this morning.
No gloves.
Let's keep focused.
You got four weeks to get yourself ready.
Huh? Get your shit together.
And that means no more calls from your sister.
Understood? Terry, there's no point in telling him what the rules are when he gets like this.
- It's a waste of time.
- Oh, yeah? Well, I'm doing my job.
What about you? He's all yours, boss.
[indistinct chatter on TV] No.
Come on, Maria.
- Just take the bottle for me.
- [baby fussing] We can't do that other thing.
- Phone's for you.
- Who is it? Uh, uh, It's some lady from your doctor's office.
Just tell her I'll call her back.
You should take it.
[baby fussing] Hello? [baby grunting] Yeah.
I, uh I already talked to her about that.
That won't be necessary.
No, I won't be coming in for that.
That's right.
Thank you.
- Bye.
- [phone beeps] Are you okay? Yeah.
I'm fine.
[pminous music] Bridge, just go to your room right now.
What is it? Just go.
- I need to talk to your dad.
- [phone beeping] - [breathes deeply] - [line trilling] Ray? Hey, Abby.
There's somebody outside in a car.
Daryll will keep an eye on him.
Just keep the kids upstairs.
I'll get back there as soon as I can.
[indistinct chatter] All right.
Ten minutes.
I need you to shut down the gym.
- Why? - There's trouble, Terry.
- What, the Russians? - Yeah.
Well, we're fighting for the championship in four weeks' time.
- You're not safe here.
- Are you kidding me? I got security and media coming through the fucking yin-yang.
They're not gonna come through those doors and shooting up shit in front of those cameras.
[whispering] Terry, please, it's better for me if you lay low.
Hey, I've been laying low my whole life, Ray.
I'm not gonna lay low no more.
Fuck 'em.
On the balls of your feet.
Come on, come on.
On the balls of your feet.
Stamp out the cigarette, yeah? - [knock on door] - [normal voice] Bunch.
[Bunchy groans] What the fuck is this? Huh? [inhales deeply] [exhales deeply] We went to Primm with Mick.
You what? It was a fucking bloodbath, Ray.
[sighs] His girl got it in her heart.
Fucking went nuts, shot up the whole place, killed everybody.
[solemn music] Your daughter's in my house.
I need you there, Bunch.
Put your fucking clothes on and get over there now.
[sighs] Are you out of your fucking mind? Huh? You killed Bill Primm? I-I got your cut put aside A million dollars.
You earned it.
Why the fuck would you take Bunchy with you? You want your cut or not? Give it to Bunch.
He's gonna need it for his fucking lawyers.
It was just a situation, you know.
I stole the money from him.
He stole it back from us.
He got his four million from the insurance, and I just wanted mine.
No one needed to get hurt.
But they always do, don't they, Mick? There was no reason for her to die.
That cocksucker just shot her.
[sniffles] When are you gonna put your fucking family first? [indistinct chatter in the gym] Where you going? Calabasas.
I'll come with you.
Maybe you ought to ask Ray first, hmm? I'll just come.
Why not? You do whatever the fuck you want anyway, right, Mick? [camera shutter clicks] [camera shutter clicks] [phone ringing, beeps] Yeah.
Hey, Abby was right.
Sokolov has a guy parked outside.
- What's he doing? - Just sitting there.
All right, leave him.
No one goes near him.
All right.
Oh, and I, uh, talked to the pilots that flew Sonia.
They said another plane met her when they landed in Grenada, and she was up in the air again before they could even refuel.
- Where are they headed? - They didn't know.
All right.
I'll send you the rest of the pictures.
[cell phone beeps] [baby fusses] Hey.
Here she is.
She missed her mama.
Hi, baby.
It's sweet how she's so excited to see you.
Y-you take her.
She doesn't want me.
Teresa, you have to deal with this now.
She's your baby.
It's gonna be all right.
[indistinct chatter, boxing gloves thudding] What the hell's going on? She just showed up.
[Jessica] She came to our fucking house and said horrible things to me.
[Hector] She's insane! Ah, Jesus.
[Jessica shouting indistinctly] [Hector] She's fucking insane! [Jessica] Stella heard! Stella heard everything.
[Hector] She's too young to understand.
[Jessica] She understands that you don't love me, Hector.
She understands that much.
[Hector] Well, you know, I fucking love you.
- I love you.
I love you! - [Jessica] No, you Just say it one time.
Say it.
[Hector] Hey, what? [Jessica] You need your sister.
Hey, sweetie.
Uh, are you hungry? No.
You want me to show you how to wrap your hands like your daddy? - No.
- [door opens] [Jessica] Just have your fight.
Get on with your life and let us get on with ours.
Come on, sweetie, let's go.
- Wait, baby, wait.
Come here.
Hug Daddy.
Come here.
Hug Daddy.
How you doing, baby? Okay.
Come on, sweetheart.
Oh, come on.
Come on, please! We we we can get through this.
Can Come on! Don't go! [door closes] [sighs] She says she's gonna take her to Montreal.
She says she's not coming back.
Get back in the ring, you know? Work it out.
Sweat it out.
- I'll be back in an hour.
- No, get in the ring.
- It's best you stay.
- I said I'll be back.
[door closes] [cell phone beeps, clicking] [cell phone ringing] Yeah.
[Jacob] Dmitri will meet you in an hour.
[cell phone beeps] So I got into Kovitzky's cloud.
I have all the gallery's receipts and bills of sale.
All right.
Stay with the art.
I'll call you if you need to move.
[groans] [exhales deeply] [lemur squeaking] [speaking Russian] [speaking Russian] He's good.
[dramatic music plays on laptop] [music stops] [indistinct chatter] The Kremlin Bleeds.
Have you seen it? No.
I love American films.
I spent my childhood in New York.
Butch Kramer.
[dramatic music plays on laptop] He's someone you work with? Where's Avi? Why does Mr.
Kramer employ you, Mr.
Donovan? What does he do that he has so much to be afraid of? [sighs] You want your art back or not? [chuckles] I'm having a party tonight.
Bring Butch Kramer.
I want to meet him here.
I want to see Avi first.
You want Avi.
I want to meet Butch Kramer.
[dramatic music plays on laptop] That's for you.
What is it? Record of all your sales matched up against photos of the art I've got on that truck.
So? So that means that there are at least ten pieces of art you sold hanging on people's walls right here in town that aren't real.
[ominous music] Forgeries, you know.
It's just a side business.
Ah, side business you didn't tell your boss about, did you? I'll bring in Butch Kramer.
If he gives me Avi, he'll get his art back.
But after that, this needs to be over.
You understand? [scoffs] Well, I'll ask him to be reasonable, but truly, Mr.
Donovan, it's not in his nature.
[engine turning over] [knocking on door] [sighs] She left.
And she took Stella.
Okay? I got nothing left.
You got nothing left? You smell like jail.
I'll run us a bath.
How you doing? I've been better.
[scoffs] Yeah, tell me about it.
[sighs] I know this is all on me, Abby.
I know how much I cost us all.
Don't kid yourself, Mick.
This ain't all you.
[scoffs] You didn't give me cancer.
You didn't make Teresa leave her baby.
I done a lot of bad things.
[breathes deeply] I love you, Mickey.
You know why? No.
'Cause I love your son.
I fucking love him.
First time we were together was in your old house.
Me and Ray were laying in that single bed of his with the chair pushed up against the door 'cause one of you had kicked it in.
Probably Ray.
And we're laying there after our first time, right? And Ray put on "Layla.
" You know that song? No.
There's this part when Eric Clapton stops singing and the guitar runs right into this one big piano chord.
[chuckles] And we're lying there.
I got my head on Ray's chest, and Ray looked at me and he said [chuckles] "Kill me when this song ends.
" W-what? [chuckles] "Slice my throat and let me bleed out" "'Cause it's never gonna get any better than this.
" Oh.
That's, uh That's beautiful.
I never knew a love like that, not a love where I wanted someone to slit my throat open, that's for sure.
[laughs] I want you to know I love you, too, Abby.
Best thing to happen to this family is you.
Butch, you've got the biggest movie in the world right now.
Oh, yeah, baby.
We're doing a sequel next The Taj Mahal Bleeds.
And we're gonna do it in India, too, where the Taj Mahal is.
- How exciting.
- Absolutely.
I mean, it's great for people to see India.
Like, in Kremlin Bleeds, we showed people parts of Russia they never saw.
I mean, it's geo-biographical in that way.
Sorr sorry, Diane.
Give me five minutes, okay? - Okay.
- Yeah? [indistinct chatter] What's going on, Ray? He's back.
Which one? The guy, uh, who filmed you having sex with his wife last summer.
Yeah, but which one? The Internet the guy who posted it on the Internet.
- I thought we paid him off.
- We did.
But he's back.
Who the fuck does that to people? He wants you to do him a favor.
I did everything right.
I went to sex rehab in Arizona.
Did you tell him that? That I went to rehab? He doesn't seem to care, Butch.
He wants you to meet a guy he owes money to, take a picture, shake his hand, that sort of thing.
What the fuck? Russian.
Loves your movies.
He just wants to meet you.
I do that, this guy won't post the video? [clears throat] Here's the address.
Eight o'clock.
You gonna stay for the rest of the interview? No.
I'm gonna cry.
I always do with her.
You're gonna want to be there for that.
- See you tonight.
- Hey [grunts] [sighs] Yo, what now, coach? [aggressive hip-hop music playing] Oh, you're you're done for the day.
What? Have a shower.
Take the rest of the day off.
Hey, sounds good to me.
- Punch? - Yeah.
I need Marisol Campos' address.
[chuckles] He said he'd be back in an hour.
You're forgetting, Mick, that you work for him.
You go over there, you will be fired.
Yeah? Get off the fucking phone and give me the address.
I don't want to fight with you, papi.
Yeah? Come.
Come here.
Let me help you.
Give me your foot.
Lift up your arms.
[dramatic music] [exhales deeply] Mmm.
[water splashing] This feels nice.
[gasps] [gasps] - [gasps] - [grunts] - [gasps] - [grunting] [breathing heavily] [dog barking in the distance] [indistinct chatter] [breathing heavily] Are you all right? It's it's bad.
What is it? Marisol.
[solemn music] What? I came over, and she she's dead.
Your sister? She killed herself, man.
She fucking killed herself.
[line trilling] [Ray] Yeah? You got to come over to Marisol Campos' house.
I can't right now.
You got to, Ray.
You got to get out here.
[cell phone beeps] [man on TV] Unfortunately, it's been no party for rescuers who have saved a pod of over a dozen pilot whales after they were beached here in the South Bay this past weekend.
[continues indistinctly on TV] [whispering] We're all gonna die.
[baby grunts] [whispering] Don't you say that.
If we stay close to your father and your brother I know you love them.
You're gonna end up dead.
Maria's gonna end up dead.
Don't you say that.
You know it's true.
We should go me, you, and Maria.
[sighs] Once Ray's back once I know Abby and the kids are safe Once I know we'll fucking leave.
For good? [man on TV] and more recently global warming are directly responsible [knocking on door] It ain't pretty.
She climbed into the bathtub fucking high on drugs and passed out.
[sismal music] There but for the grace of God, you know? She didn't mean to kill herself, you know? But she did.
Terry, you got to get out of here.
Don't mention this to anyone.
You weren't here.
You understand? - B-but it was an overdose.
- You weren't here.
You hear me? Now.
Forgive your priest.
Be a family man.
Become the champion of the world, and then the rest will follow.
And one day one day, the pain it'll get better.
The pain'll end.
Her being dead doesn't end anything.
I-I killed her.
I know.
I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison.
I want to fight.
I want to be with my daughter.
I'll give you anything you want.
Good-bye, Hector.
[sobs softly] [sniffles] [indistinct chatter, boxing gloves thudding] [exhales deeply] How'd that go for you? Fine.
Then why you drinking? I always have a drink at the end of the day.
[sighs] Like I said welcome to Team Campos.
[door opens] [door closes] [upbeat electronic music playing] [indistinct chatter] [Dmitri] Butch Kramer [lemur squeaking] What an honor it is to meet you.
What's up? What a hit Kremlin Bleeds is, huh? Yeah, yeah.
We're doing well.
I think you crossed 300 million on Friday.
But listen, the toy from it is gonna be huge.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Let's go outside and have a cigar.
Well, we're actually just leaving.
Ten minutes, a cigar.
Come on.
[inhales deeply] America smells so fucking good, Butch.
[chuckles] Yeah.
That's what I always say, more or less.
[Dmitri] Oh, I didn't mean to be rude.
Butch, this is Yuri.
Yuri, Butch.
Yuri, my man.
Butch Kramer.
Pleasure to meet you.
Can you take him, you think? - What? - [Ray] All right.
You got to meet Butch Kramer.
It's time for Butch Kramer to go.
Hey, hey, Ray, Ray, Ray.
Take it easy.
I got this.
What do you mean "take him," like, in a fight? Yes.
Can you kick Yuri's ass? [Butch] Absolutely.
Listen, I'll take him, you, his cousin, his grandma, Svetlana, his three poodles, and a goldfish all at the same time.
But not tonight.
I got to keep this baby fresh.
You beat up 111 Russians in Red Square alone.
I am guessing you can beat up one bodyguard.
[chuckles awkwardly] Wait.
He he's a bodyguard? Listen did I offend you? Maybe you offend my entire country, maybe.
- [grunts] - [people scream] Fuck! Jeez! All right, Yuri the Fury, I didn't stretch, but [smooches] You want these bad boys? You got them.
[grunts] Come on.
[yells, grunts] Fuck.
[speaking Russian] All right.
You made your fucking point.
[ominous music] [blow lands, Butch grunts] [grunts] Shit.
[both grunting] [groans] Fuck.
[Dmitri] Stop.
[Butch] Ss That's enough.
[Butch] Fucking animal.
You did your part.
Let's talk now, okay? Follow me.
[door opens] Your good friend begged me to be reasonable, to listen to your solutions.
[door opens] [sobbing] He likes to talk [muffled upbeat electronic music playing] [gasps] Tell me how loyal he is to me.
But I know better.
I think you do too.
[bullet casing clatters] [sighs] What do I owe you? More than you will ever have, Mr.
So what's the point? [chuckles] Now you sound like a Russian.
You'll figure it out.
Call me with the location of my art.
Thank you for bringing me Butch.
It was a pleasure to meet him.
[crowd cheering, indistinct chatter on TV] [men speaking indistinctly] [door opens] I have a dress a fancy one.
M-maybe fancy's the wrong word.
I haven't worn it in, like, eight years.
I don't even know if it fits anymore.
I got it.
But I can put something together.
That's what I'm saying.
So you're saying you'll be my date.
[sighs] Don't expect much.
I'm a cop, a cop's kid.
I'm not much of a show pony.
Well, I think you're fucking beautiful.
I You said that already this morning.
Uh, you want to stay for a drink? Uh I'm still working.
[cell phone beeps, clicking, dialing rapidly] [line trilling] I'm outside.
I need you to let me in.
[dog barking in the distance] [lock clicks] Sit there.
Sit down.
[Hector] What are you doing? [Ray] Give me her phone.
- What? - Her phone, give it to me.
[cell phone beeps] [dramatic music] [camera shutter clicks] Go home, Hector.
Tomorrow morning show up at the gym like nothing happened.
- [drawer opens] - You understand? Go.
[cell phone rings] Hey.
[Abby] Are you safe? Yeah.
[Abby] What are we gonna do, Ray? It's gonna be all right.
[Abby] It is? Sure.
Everything's gonna be fine.
[Abby] I love you.
I love you, too.
[cell phone beeps, clicking] [cell phone beeps] [trunk latch clicks] [grunts, exhales deeply] [Aynzli Jones and Metis' "All In" playing] [piano music] [hip-hop music] [line trilling] I've got it all of it.
I'm gonna pay you back everything I owe you and more.