Ray Donovan s04e11 Episode Script

Chinese Algebra

1 [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan What the fuck is this? We went to Primm with Mick.
[Bunchy] It was a fucking bloodbath, Ray.
- Do it! - [gunshot] - Now drop the fucking gun! - [yells] [grunts] [Bunchy] His girl got it in her heart.
Shot up the whole place, killed everybody.
You killed Bill Primm? I-I got your cut put aside A million dollars.
You earned it.
This footage from the port of the dead girl, of Ivan going in and not coming out - Ahh! - [Sonia] You killed him.
So you make it your business to commit suicide and take me down with you.
Okay, okay, okay.
[men grunting, yelling] If it comes down to it, don't deal with Dmitri.
Disappear, or he'll kill you.
Yeah? [Avi coughing] [moaning] - Avi? - Bring me my niece, or I kill your Jew.
You shoot me, you'll never see that truck again.
You tell your boss, he lays a finger on Avi, I'll burn his fucking art.
What do I owe you? More than you will ever have, Mr.
Call me with the location of my art.
[Hector] After my fight against Whittaker, I realized I needed to change everything starting with my gym.
[grunts] [Marisol] Me and my brother, Hector, we love each other.
I mean, in love.
Anyways it's killing me, all the secrecy.
And I think it's killing my brother.
She didn't mean to kill herself, you know? Terry, you got to get out of here.
- B-but it was an overdose.
- You weren't here.
Tomorrow morning show up at the gym like nothing happened.
[Hector] Forgive your priest.
Be a family man.
Become the champion of the world, and then the rest will follow.
One day the pain will end.
I don't want to spend the rest of my life in prison.
I want to fight.
I'll give you anything you want.
[indistinct radio chatter] [tense music] [camera shutter clicks] What's going on? I need that money, Mick.
Uh, why? Doesn't matter.
I was thinking of using it.
Go up to Boston.
Buy us a big house for everyone.
Taking care of the family like you're always talking about.
It's too dangerous here.
Russians got Avi.
When? A couple of days ago.
Couple of days? In my time I mean, if If Sully caught a guy He's alive.
Fine, I'll give you the money, but I don't got it here.
How long will it take? Hour and a half or something.
[sniffs] All right.
Meet me at the Burbank airport.
Where we going? You're not going anywhere.
You heard from Avi? I'm gonna get him back.
Of course you will.
I gotta go out of town for a few hours.
- Where? - Vegas.
What for? I gotta come up with some money fast.
Are you gonna gamble? It's a sure thing.
Sure thing? Of course it is.
My doctor called.
With the results of my MRI and my latest biopsy.
And? I called her back; she was in surgery.
Ray, I think I made a mistake not having the operation.
I think I fucked everything up.
- Abs - I mean it.
There's something wrong, I can tell.
- Sweetheart - There's this burning sensation in my breast.
I know something's fucking wrong.
All right.
What can I do? There's nothing to do.
Just have to wait.
And even then, no matter what happens, it's out of our hands.
[somber music] Go on.
I'm all right.
Go on.
Me and Punch have been talking to Hector.
And we want you to be part of Team Campos.
- Really? - See.
Mostly you'll be cleaning spit buckets and mopping floors, but yeah, you'll get the occasional ring work.
And we'll put you on a retainer.
750 a week.
You're gonna pay me 750 a week? You'll walk into the Honda Center with Hector, be ringside during the fight, and you get to walk out with the champ of the world.
- Bro, that's what's up.
- Hey.
How about me? Same deal.
Si wait wait a minute, you you mean, I get the same deal as As the kid? Come on, Terry, is this guy serious? Cleaning spit buckets and mopping floors? Nah, you must got me twisted, my nigga.
I'm a sparring partner.
We talked this over with Hector.
He just doesn't think you're good enough.
After all the shit I did? Listen, I'll give you part of my pay, all right? 1,500 a week.
Nah, fuck that.
You keep your money, Terry.
And you keep your clown suit too.
[blows landing on bag] [door opens] [faint hip-hop music playing from headphones] [indistinct P.
announcements] [woman] 9:20 train to Boston now boarding.
9:20 train to Boston now boarding.
[indistint P.
announcements] What's going on? Hey.
Where'd Ray go? Went to Vegas for a couple of hours.
Vegas? You leaving, Bunch? [sighs] Abby, you know we appreciate everything you've done.
But it ain't safe here.
This ain't no way for Maria to grow up.
So where you gonna go? Up north.
We're just gonna see what we like.
Take my kids.
What? Take Bridget and Conor with you.
We can do that.
- Yeah? - She looked after Maria.
[Bunchy] Okay.
W will they even want to come? They will when I tell them to.
[somber music] [crows cawing] [phone ringing] Hello, Mrs.
Avi still hasn't called me.
Yeah, he's been having trouble with that satellite phone.
But he always checks in with me.
[Ray] It's my fault, Mrs.
I sent him down to Nicaragua to look after a client.
[scoffs] He won't like it there.
Stray dogs and communists.
No kosher food.
He'll be home soon.
Oh, tell him I am taping So You Think You Can Dance finale.
Will do.
Where's Hector? What happened last night? You were never there.
Got it? Anyone asks, you were here training with him.
He's in the locker room.
LAPD found a body this morning.
They're gonna come by here at some point today to tell you that she jumped off a bridge.
What do I say? [sighs] You say you haven't seen her since she was arrested.
She texted you last night, but you'd already done everything you could.
You're not in a position to help her anymore.
Ray? Yeah? She would have never stopped.
She would have ruined everything in my life.
When they ask you where you were last night, you tell them you were here training.
[exhales sharply] Thank you.
For everything.
You're gonna throw the Whittaker fight.
The fuck you talking about? Archie Whittaker is going to knock you out in the sixth round.
Fuck you, Ray.
Fuck you, man.
We can go the other way, tell them the real story.
Then we both get arrested.
You go to prison for life.
I get five years.
You're full of shit, man.
You would never do that.
Try me.
That's why you helped me, huh? One more thing.
My brother, Terry, doesn't know anything about this.
I want to keep it that way.
We understand each other? Yeah.
[footsteps approaching] Hey, where's Uncle Bunch going? Conor, can you sit down, please? Both of you are going on a trip with Bunchy and Teresa.
Why? Because, as you know, your father's in trouble again, and it's best if you're not here.
Shouldn't you come too? You can't keep doing this to me.
Dad needs me here.
- To do what? - I don't know.
Help him.
- Grow up.
- Fuck you.
Conor, you're going whether you like it or not.
I'm staying.
You go.
[man] [speaking Russian] [clears throat] How do you propose you pay me back? Campos takes a dive in the sixth.
That's what you have for me? It's a sure thing.
30 to 1.
You want me to bet my money on your sure thing? No.
I'll bet mine.
How much? 2 million should get you 60.
That'll more than cover your losses.
Why is this boxer accountable to you? Why does it matter? Because you make him accountable to me.
Why? It's my business.
You will place the bets? And you'll return my art? Tonight with the slips.
I need to meet Mr.
I want to see Avi first.
Give me my art, and you'll get your man.
[exhales sharply] [phone trilling] [Fat Ernie] Hey, Boston, what's up? - I need a favor.
- Sure, what is it? 2 million on Whittaker knocking out Campos in the sixth.
Whittaker? Under seven? That's a big fucking bet.
[Ray] Can you do it or not? Yeah, sure.
I got a couple of sports books over in Macau I can edge off.
Assume this is a no questions asked kind of deal? Yeah.
I'll come by with the cash in a couple of hours.
Couple of hours? Yeah.
Be nice seeing you there, Boston.
- It's been too fucking long.
- [phone clicks] [indistinct television chatter] Cheery as fucking ever.
[phone dialing, trilling] - [Lena] Yeah? - We're on.
Fat Ernie's a piece of shit.
- It's our only play.
- Did you see Avi? - [Ray] No.
- This is risky, Ray.
It'll work.
[Lena] You know, I had a dream about Avi last night.
He was walking down Hollywood Boulevard looking at all the stars' names.
And I went up to talk to him, but he didn't know who I was, so he kept walking.
And [chuckles] he stopped at Marilyn Monroe's star.
And I don't know, he just started laughing.
Stay with the art.
All right.
You're too big to spar with Hector.
Terry, that's garbage.
I did Ray's dirty work for y'all.
I took out Joxy Maguire.
Got Hector that rematch.
I deserve to be more than just a janitor.
I don't wanna hear that shit.
You know what, Terry, I don't think you want to know - what's really going on.
- No, I don't.
Terry, the least you can do is let me spar, man, come on.
Not now, Daryll.
Okay, if not now, then when, goddamn it? Listen, you're an amateur, all right? If you spar with Hector, he gets sloppy.
Hi, uh, can I help you? Hi, we're looking for Hector Campos.
Can I ask what it's about? Well, we need to speak with him in private, please.
Hector! - Uh, you can use my office.
- Thank you.
[hip-hop music playing from speakers] [indistinct chatter] You take the rest of the day off.
Go celebrate.
W we'll set you up with payroll tomorrow.
- Man, are you sure? - Sure.
Campos, my name is Detective Garcia.
Can I speak with you for a moment? - Sure.
- Just in the office, please.
[Detective Garcia] We know this is hard, Mr.
Nah, this day was coming.
She was troubled.
Did your sister ever talk about wanting to hurt herself? Yeah.
All the time.
And when was the last time you spoke with her? She was here a couple of days ago.
Caused a scene.
Got herself arrested.
And you haven't spoken with her since? She texted me last night.
And what did she say? Uh, ju just that she was sorry.
That's all she said? And that she loved me.
And where were you last night? Yeah, we got to build his confidence and get him to trust his instincts.
Thank you for your time, Mr.
Excuse me, are you Terry Donovan? Yeah.
Campos says that he was here last night with you training.
- Yeah, he was.
- Good.
We'll be in touch.
Oh, uh, good luck on your rematch.
Thank you.
What did they say? They found her body in Lake Hollywood.
[police siren in distance] [indistinct chatter] [phone dialing, trilling] [phone ringing] [police siren] I'm on time.
I'm here.
Turn around.
Listen to me.
I want you to get the first flight you can out to Vegas.
There's a sports bar on the corner of West Harmon and Arville.
Find a guy named Fat Ernie and give him the money.
You understand? Fat Ernie? How do I know it's him? He's 500 fucking pounds, Mick.
Open the door, Ray.
- Well, what do I tell him? - He already knows what to do.
Well, explain it to me so I know.
2 million on Whittaker winning in the sixth.
I'll I'll do it, I'll do it.
[Frank] Open the fucking door.
What do you want? Open the door.
We're going for a drive.
Fuck you.
I'm not your bitch anymore, Ray, all right? Those days are long gone.
What do you want, Frank? I heard you killed Ivan Belikov.
I don't know anything about it.
Cut the shit, Ray.
Jacob Waller came to me a few days ago looking for shelter from the storm.
Now open the fucking door.
[door clicks] Drive.
Any idea where Waller is? Dead like Belikov, right? I don't know.
You know, I was thinking you'd be a lot happier to see me, Ray.
I was thinking maybe you'd be dying your hair, changing your name to something a little less Irish.
That's what I was thinking.
You shouldn't think so much.
Don't take the 405.
Waze says it's packed.
Take Laurel instead.
[indistinct chatter] [flight attendant] Welcome aboard, ladies and gentlemen.
Please stow your carry-on luggage underneath the seat in front of you or in the overhead bin.
[soft music] [flight attendant] Please find your seats as quickly as possible.
And if you need any help storing your luggage, let us know.
Don't worry.
If the plane don't fill up, I'll move.
No problem, babe.
Stay as long as you like.
Hey, Tiffany.
Hey, Crystal.
Hey, Sug.
I was once was on a flight and a team of, what do you call them, powder puff football players got on.
Played for the LA Temptation.
You know that league? No.
The girls play football in lingerie.
It's full contact.
They wear shoulder pads, helmets.
It's a real sport.
- Supposed to be fucking brutal.
- [chuckles] But I'd, uh, I'd risk a snap or two.
[laughing] I've never seen it.
[laughing] Yeah, well, the reason I bring it up is because, uh, there's a preponderance of beautiful women on this flight.
And I was wondering if you might all be, uh, in the same organization together.
Like, uh, you know, Miss Universe pageant or something.
[both laughing] We're all strippers.
Oh, strippers.
People call this the stripper plane.
- Oh.
- We all go to Vegas for the weekend, make some real money, then we head back to LA for the week.
We do other stuff back home, you know.
- Yeah.
- Act or model or stuff.
- Stuff? - Yeah.
And it's all for this kind of stuff, isn't it? - [chuckles] - Right? - Yeah.
- [chuckles] For that kind of stuff.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Mickey Donovan.
- Sugar.
- Sugar? You remind me of someone.
Who's that? Just someone beautiful.
I need your phone.
How's my old boss doing, huh? Come on, you don't think I watch Cochran.
Now he's the definition of a shit magnet.
You don't have a fucking thing, do you, Frank? Actually, I do.
Have a seat.
You were the last man to see Belikov alive.
Plus, that looks like a dead body to me, Ray.
I'm not coming after you for whoever that is, or that piece of shit.
But I do want Dmitri Sokolov.
I want my lawyer.
I got word the Russians took your man.
The Israeli.
That true? You can become a C.
, Ray.
Help me with my investigation.
No thanks.
Then you're just a dead man walking.
You and your whole family, Ray.
These guys don't fuck around.
You know that, I know that.
Let me put you in witness protection.
Get your wife and kids safe.
Set you up somewhere far from Sokolov's reach.
[sighs] I don't know what you're talking about, Frank.
All right.
Take some time.
Think about it.
[dramatic music] Stay here.
[indistinct radio chatter] Can I help you? Yeah, I'm here to see Fat Ernie.
Afraid you're too late.
- What happened? - Fat Ernie died.
- How? - Like Elvis.
Sugar, honey, I need help.
You must know some high rollers in town.
I'll give you ten thousand dollars if you can bring me to one who can place a very high risk bet.
- I think I know the man.
- Good.
Can you take us to Enclave Court, babe? Mm-hmm.
Who is this guy? Every stripper and hooker in Nevada knows Jack Raleigh.
He's a trust fund douchebag from Brentwood.
He's an Instagram star.
What's that? Something that'll make you famous.
That's nice.
[exhales sharply] Yeah.
You're a lifesaver, sweetheart.
I'd do almost anything for ten grand.
- My kind of girl.
- [doorbell rings] [hip-hop music playing from speakers] [chuckles] Brown Sugar.
Jackie boy.
[laughing] Mmm, mmm.
Who the fuck is this grandpa? This is Mickey.
He wants to ask you for something.
Everyone wants something.
What can I do for you, nearly departed? Cocaine? Ketamine? Nearly departed? That's funny.
Alprostadil's really fucking fun.
It'll make your dick as hard as Chinese algebra, believe me.
Got a fucking erection for days.
Hey, take it easy.
I just need to make a bet.
- [chuckles] - Entre.
Entre fucking us.
I like your Members Only jacket.
Michael J.
Fox wore one just like that shit in that movie, uh, Teen Wolf.
You remember he was surfing on top of the Wolf Mobile? Did you see it? That shit was so fucking dope.
- Take a picture.
- [camera shutter clicks] - What's your handle? - My handle? Yeah.
Oh, fuck it.
Hashtag MCM.
Man Crush Monday, beamed out to 20 million Jacolytes around the world.
And you're famous.
You're an interesting man, Jackie.
And you're a, uh, you're a gambling man, right? And, uh, Sugar tells me that you're the real deal, so here it is.
I need to place a two million dollar bet on Archie Whittaker to beat Hector Campos in the sixth round of their middleweight rematch.
So you need more than a high roller.
You need someone the casino can trust.
- I'm looking at him.
- Yeah.
I think you need to, uh, look around a little more and respect the mood of the larger group.
What the fuck are you talking about? Nurse Richardson.
Oh, hello, Nurse.
Ah, this is Nurse Richardson.
She, uh, looks after my medication.
That's a fine table, especially with the snow on it.
Yeah, you play? [sniffs] A little.
This is, like, professional, huh? Ah, perfect for snorting coke.
[inhales deeply] [exhales deeply] So we're singing off the same hymn sheet.
Go slow, it's good.
All right.
[inhales] [exhales sharply] So you know something about this fight that I don't? Oh, just that I hate Puerto Ricans and six is my lucky number.
Ah, that's a little racist, but you're funny.
Just a hunch.
I put two million on Whittaker winning in the sixth and that shit happens, Feds is gonna be on Jackie's door.
I'm sure Jackie boy knows how to cover his bases.
Yeah, maybe, but that's not the point.
You don't even have enough paper to whet my appetite.
Sugar, time to get Grandpa the fuck out of here.
Hey, hey, now, Jackie.
You got me where you want me.
I'll tell you what, I'll make you a wager.
I beat you at this game of yours, and you place my bet.
You beat me [exhales sharply] You beat me and you keep the two million.
I'm gonna whoop your ass in ping-pong, and you're gonna give me two million dollars? I want your fucking jacket too.
Come to any conclusions? You gonna charge me or not? You got an open door, Ray.
You walk out of it and next time we talk, we're on opposite sides of the table.
That is if you make it that long.
[hip-hop music playing from stereo] [grunts] [crowd gasps] [woman] When two people spotted a body floating in the middle of the lake.
Authorities have now identified that body as Marisol Campos, sister of former middleweight champion, Hector Campos.
It was just before 7:00 a.
when divers - [phone ringing] - [exasperated sigh] Hey.
Hector's sister killed herself.
Did you know that? - Yeah.
- [Abby] What's going on? I don't know.
She, uh she had a lot of problems.
- Oh, my God.
- [woman] He car was found abandoned nearby at the top of Mulholland Dam.
And found fully clothed wearing a black Teresa and Bunchy are going away.
I asked them to take the kids with them.
Where? I don't know.
Somewhere up north.
We're going to the Fite Club.
Terry called.
Conor's there.
Can you come say good-bye? All right.
I'll see you there.
Next point of mine, I win.
Where did you learn how to play ball, Forrest Gump? Walpole Prison champ 11 years running.
- So you hustled me? - [chuckles] [sniffs] Well, only because I love you.
It's your serve now.
[hip-hop music playing from stereo] [man] Go, Jackie! [grunts] [crowd groans] Well, go fucking party, huh.
Enjoy the fucking party.
Well fucking played, Grandpa.
You're a regular Paul fucking Newman.
[sniffs] How much do you want to win? Well, Whittaker in the sixth should be 30 to one.
That's 60 mil.
Kimmie, get over here.
I need you to spread the bet across offshore sports books, Wynn, Bellagio, Caesar's.
Throw in some parlays and a couple of losers.
Just make the shit fucking invisible, please.
- Yes, sir.
- And and don't forget to give him the slips.
You're a stand-up man.
Ah, don't forget your fucking jacket.
[indistinct chatter] Where's Conor? Why did you move Marisol's body? Because I had to.
It was an accident.
She overdosed and drowned in the bathtub.
Why you gotta make it dirty? Don't ask questions you don't want answers to, Terry.
What are you doing? What? You want to help me? - Yeah.
- All right.
I want you to go with your Uncle Bunch and look after your sister.
What about you? I'm gonna be fine.
[scoffs] That's bullshit.
Conor, it's not your place to worry about me.
I want you to be there for your sister, all right? Make sure she's safe.
That's what brothers are for.
You think there's a day goes by where I don't think about my sister? About not being there for her when she needed me.
You understand what I'm saying? - I do.
- Good.
So put the beer down and go wait for your mother.
[dramatic music] I'll talk to you soon.
Try not to worry too much.
Keep the change.
What's going on? Bunchy took the kids.
Why? I'm gonna go find Terry's whiskey.
Look here.
I did it.
Lot of money, Ray.
A fixed fight ain't a sure thing.
I don't know.
It's all I got.
All you got is your remaining days on this earth.
That, and family.
You got a lot of balls talking to me about family, Mick.
What did Barnes want? The Feds got something on you? Nothing I can't handle.
Ray, when I get into prison, after I stole Sully's money, I knew there'd never be and end to it unless I unless I put 'em all away, and I did.
I sang.
And one by one, the Feds arrested those cocksuckers, and brought them in, and kept me protected.
What's your point, Mick? The point is, you got options.
It may not feel good, but I'm still standing here, and every one of those fuckers is in the ground.
I'm not gonna do it.
Why not? I'm not a fucking rat.
Does Terry know about all this? - No.
- Good.
'Cause it'll break his fucking heart, Ray.
Get in.
[sighs] Where are we going? To meet a guy.
Tell him you're going to take a fall in the sixth.
He wants to hear it from you.
You get cold feet now, he's gonna kill us both.
You understand? [scoffs] When Romero called me, he said to me, "You two are just alike.
" Said we'd heal each other.
He said I finally found someone who I might understand.
Romero was wrong.
He wasn't wrong.
Truth is, that we do.
We just understand each other in the worst fucking way.
This is my favorite time of day.
My father used to call it "between the dog and the wolf.
" So, is it true you fucked your own sister? Tell him what you have to say.
I'll take a fall in the sixth.
Very good.
Where are my bets? And my art? Where's Avi? Give me my art, then you get your man.
Take Hector back to his car.
No, I'm not going anywhere.
Just do it.
Come on.
Follow me.
You know this whole Hector shit, Terry? You're a fucking asshole.
I did everything I could.
I deserve better.
Come on.
It's not the end of the world.
You you got a lot going for you.
[smacks lips] More than I ever did.
Come on, Terry, you were a contender.
Oh, yeah? And look where it got me.
Come on, huh? Let's just make the most of what we got here.
Come on.
[sighs] Yeah.
I got nowhere else to be.
[labored breathing] Te shit! Terry? Yo, you okay? Fuck.
Terry, here, sit down.
Here, sit down.
[labored breathing] Do you want me to call an ambulance or something? You okay? [whispers] Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
[soft music] [speaking Russian] Now, where's Avi? Only a minute or two.
[speaking Russian] [Dimitri] You will see this fight through, pay me back my money.
Life will go on.
[coughing] You all right? All right, come on.
Can you walk? Easy, easy, easy.
Come on.
[labored breathing] [labored breathing] I saw Ezra.
- Don't talk.
- [coughing] He came to me and he said, "Yeshuat Hashem k'heref ayin.
" "The salvation of God is like the blink of an eye.
" [police sirens blaring] Shit.
[police sirens blaring] Get out of the car, Ray.
[indistinct radio chatter] - Put your hands up.
- Come on.
I got to get him to the hospital.
[Frank] Get your fucking hands up.
Get on the ground.
[dramatic music] [grunts] [exasperated sigh] You gonna tell me what this is all about? This? This is about seeing old friends.
Who would have thought that a rich divorcée from Bel Air would be at the center of Dmitri Sokolov's LA operation? How did you find her? Waller gave her up too.
We put a call in to Interpol.
Customs official ID'd her in Grenada.
She won't talk.
Oh, she already did.
The murder of Belikov.
Twisting Muncie.
Dealing in forged art.
Sonia gave us everything.
You're fucked, Ray.
[funk music]