Ray Donovan s05e05 Episode Script

Shabbos Goy

1 [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan [Ray] How long? [Friedman] Well, as I said, it's not precise.
You gotta do something.
You gotta save her.
I think my dad might have made you sick before your surgery.
Why would your dad wanna get me sick? So you wouldn't get the surgery and my mom could take your place in the trial.
[Landry] Sam isn't interested in litigating this thing.
She just wants her stuff back.
That's all of it.
Winslow's not fit, Ray.
What she does, the way she does things.
What happened here? We were just training for a movie and fuck! This ain't a problem.
What do you mean, this ain't a fucking problem? I got a business deal today.
It's a real estate transaction.
Wallet, cell phone, and your fucking bag.
Keep going.
You're fucking dead, you hear me? [Frank] We've got a little problem with Avi Rudin.
I'm not killing Avi, Frank.
Now if I go down, this is the first damn thing to come up, you understand that? Now your boy's gonna get called in.
Tomorrow, Avi's gonna be at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club.
Eleven o'clock, a.
Get it done.
[Landry] She's pretty special, isn't she? [Ray] What? I said she's pretty special, isn't she? Natalie? [gentle dramatic music] [Mickey] Well, you puked on your first job.
So what? So what? Anyway, move on.
Pretty gruesome stuff.
Nothing to be ashamed of.
You you, um You-you-you took the body parts and you put 'em in the concrete? You see what you're doing? Over and over and over? The mark of a great anything Golf professional, bank robber Is the ability to forget the past.
Listen, I just need to know, Mick We didn't we didn't We didn't kill the guy.
Chopped him up a little.
Maybe you're not cut out for this kind of work.
Is that what you want me to say? I just asked you a simple question, Mickey, okay? I mean, Christ, why do you always gotta complicate things? Hey whoa, whoa I'll see you later, Bunch.
[sighs] Good night, son.
[uplifting music] [Natalie] I'm not afraid of dying.
I'm not afraid of the unknown.
You are the one with the fear.
The fear that holds you in a prison of your own making.
I am free.
Free in a way you'll never be.
[Bunchy sighs] [Bunchy sobs] - Bunchy? - [Bunchy sobs] [Mickey] Christ, kid.
What is it? [sobs] I lost my money, Pop.
Your wallet? My settlement money.
All of it.
How? It's in a bank.
It was in a bag.
[sobs] I had a deal with Harriet.
I was trying to invest for Maria's future For her future, be fuckin' smart, you know? I don't understand.
I just wanted a fucking sandwich.
And they robbed me, Pop.
They took it all.
Oh, Lord.
Oh, Lord.
- I'm a fucking idiot, Pop.
- No.
I had it in cash, I kept it in cash.
I wanted it near me in the house.
I wanted it in cash, and I put it in the fucking bag, and they robbed me.
[sobs] So how you doing? [sighs] All right.
You wanna tell me what's been going on? Sold my house.
Where you moving? I got an apartment in West Hollywood.
All right.
Moving's always fun.
[chuckles] [sighs] Listen, I'd like to ask you about this.
Yeah? You circled "no" on all the answers.
That's right.
You know, some people just don't want to have a written document reflecting their experiences.
You think I'm lying? Well, I would prefer to ask you the questions myself.
What do you mean? I mean, I'd like to keep it between the two of us.
No record.
You're the boss.
So when you were a child, did a parent or adult ever swear at you, yell at you, or make you feel like you would be physically hurt in any way? Sure.
We all got yelled at.
Did a parent or adult ever push, grab, hit, or throw anything at you, hurt you in any way? You got out of line, you got a beating.
What's the matter, you haven't been spanked? Did a parent or somebody at least five years older than you ever touch you in a sexual way or force you to touch them? I already talked to someone about that.
So that's a yes? Were your mother and father ever divorced or separated? [sighs] My parents were Irish Catholic.
Did you live with somebody that had a drinking problem? Like I said, Irish Catholic.
So that's a yes.
[chuckles] Did your father ever abuse your mother or hit her? - [sighs] - Yes or no? Was a household member ever mentally ill? Did a household member ever attempt suicide? Look, I don't see what the fuck any of this has to do with the fact I got in a fight with my brothers.
Why don't you tell me why you got in a fight with your brothers.
I did.
It's a family thing.
Like the way your father used to knock you around, right? He hurt you, so now you can do whatever you want without consequences.
- No, I didn't say that.
- Men with this type of history tend to hurt themselves and others with great regularity.
They hurt their children.
They get addicted to drugs.
They get sick.
Lung disease, hepatitis.
Depression, suicide.
Yeah, well, I don't have any of those.
Because when they're children, their brains are overloaded with fear and stress hormones.
So they're constantly in fight or flight mode.
Don't you have another cartoon I could watch or something? - You allergic to anything? - What? - Do you have any allergies? - No.
What's that? Zoloft for depression.
Neurontin for anxiety at night.
Let's start with that and see if it helps.
[sighs] [smooth jazz music] Tell me what you want, Tom.
[Tom] No, in person.
All I need's a price.
Let's make this easy, all right? [Tom] San Pedro Pier, eleven o'clock.
[clears throat] Have you used this medication before? No.
[woman] One capsule a day with food.
How long's it take to kick in? [woman] Two to four weeks.
Four weeks.
[Terry] Mick told me you sold the house.
You tell the kids? Not yet.
You should tell the kids.
All right.
I'm taking Damon to New York to train.
Hector's there, his next fight is there.
He's gonna put Damon on the undercard.
And I might stay.
You're moving? Try something new.
Make a new start.
[gentle music] Tell the kids.
What? About the house.
[children laughing] [man] All right, baby girl, see you later.
Excuse me.
Hola, mi amor.
How are you today? Ooh.
Oh, mija.
Did you sleep well last night? Si? What's Daddy say? I may be a little late tonight.
- We're here until six, Bunchy.
- Okay.
Okay? Have a nice day.
Hasta luego.
[children shouting indistinctly] [sighs] [grunting] [cell phone beeps] [phone line rings] - [Bridget] Yeah? - It's your dad.
I know, it says when you call.
I sold the house.
[Ray] Yeah.
A family bought it, so I'm gonna get a Get a place that works for us.
[Ray] Smaller.
Put your stuff in storage.
Just throw my shit away.
- Bridge - I gotta go.
- I'm gonna be late for class.
- [beep] [birds caw] Turning on your client never ends well, Tom.
Your brother knew that.
My brother died in debt, Ray.
Living in a rental house.
What the fuck is this? Exactly what it says.
Two million dollars and her husband's Oscar.
She'll understand.
I don't think she's gonna go for it.
There's a board meeting in two weeks.
Plenty of sharks in the water.
[sighs] She's gonna wanna see exactly what you got.
She knows what I got.
[Ray] All right.
[somber music] I love you, darling.
[sighs] You know the hardest part was carrying your coffin.
What we did before, everything else, I don't regret that, because I know we did the right thing.
But carrying your coffin that broke my fucking heart.
[sobs] [telephones ringing] He wants $2 million and your husband's Oscar.
I hope you're joking.
That's what he said.
I'll pay him the money, but no Oscar.
That could be a problem.
Sam, give him the money, give him the statue.
You got plenty of both.
I'm not giving that blackmailing son of a bitch my husband's Oscar.
What's your thinking, Ray? It's not my Oscar.
Tell Tom I'll give him $3 million, no Oscar, and a warning to not fucking trifle with me again.
Understood? Thank you both for coming so promptly.
[sighs] [telephones ringing] Roger's Academy Award, unbelievable.
The things people in this town demand.
I imagine you've stopped being surprised by anything.
I'll talk to Tom, see what I can do.
Listen, there's something else I need you to do for me.
Natalie James walked off the set two days ago, creative differences with the director.
So? Fire the director.
I did, and I reached out to Natalie to find out what was wrong, but she's disappeared.
And I know she's been having troubles with her husband.
We reached out to him, too.
He says he hasn't seen her.
I need you to find her.
This coming from you or Winslow? You know, in the scope of Sam's world, Tom is a nuisance.
Natalie James walking off the set of a $3 billion franchise, that's a fucking problem.
[phones ringing] [birds chirping] [OHNO's Get Swavy playing on sound system] Get swavy, get-get-get swavy Swavy Get swavy, get-get-get swavy Get swavy, get-get-get swavy They way that I do it, these bitches they pay me All I be doing is keeping it swavy Get swavy, get-get-get swavy Get swavy, get-get-get swavy Get swavy, get-get-get swavy Thanks.
Bourbon, dear.
A double.
We're full nude.
So? Topless place, you can get a drink.
Full nude, we're dry.
Ain't that something.
You gotta be sober to see a woman's pussy.
In California.
Ain't that something, huh? Hey.
Who is that? Avi.
Holy shit, I didn't recognize you.
Fuck me.
[laughs] Mickey Donovan, why are you here? Why else? See the photos in front? Shaliqua.
[whistles] Ass like a concrete mixer.
Yeah, I think it would be a better thing for you to find another club today.
Oh, you don't have to be ashamed, Avi.
I figure anyone you see in a place like this, it's equal footing.
We're all leerers.
[chuckles] Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Why don't you just get the hell out, Mickey, please? Take a breath, pal.
Your secrets are safe with me.
[phone chimes] Get swavy, get-get-get swavy [sighing] Okay, okay.
Get swavy, get swavy Enjoy the ass, Mickey.
I gotta go.
I-I gotta go.
All I be doing is keeping it swavy Get swavy Bunchy and Teresa's little girl turned one.
Let me show you something.
I dressed up as a clown for the birthday party.
Scared the shit out of the babies.
Here, look.
See? Huh? [chuckles] Let's get let's get one picture for the kids.
Conor will be glad to have it.
- Can't find my keys.
- And I'll-I'll I'll frame the strip club out.
- Wait, wait, wait, I can't - Come on, just - Just one picture.
- Where are my goddamn - Where are my goddamn keys? - One picture, one picture.
Will you please stop talking, Mick? Don't you ever stop? Fuck! Look I left it in the club, probably.
Right here.
Wait, wait [laughing] What the fuck are you doing? Mick, what Those are my fucking keys.
Those are my keys.
Give me my goddamn [groaning] Get in the trunk.
Get in the fucking trunk.
- What the fuck, Mick? - Get in! Just don't do anything stupid.
[groans] [tense music] Be with you in a moment, sir.
All right.
Hey, uh, is Ian here? Why would Ian be here? 'Cause he works here.
I mean, you heard what happened, right? Oh, yeah, the robbery, you mean.
Yeah, that's too bad.
Too bad for who? Not for Ian.
You know they're gonna give him 14 grand? - Who? - Management.
Freakin' kid is gonna get workman's comp, and I hear they're gonna give him a settlement so he don't sue the corporation.
Sue 'em for what? Malfeasance, dude.
Not enough security tech.
You know, put the employees at risk and whatnot.
Know what, could you do me a favor? Could you stick a freakin' gun in my face? Like, can I get a freakin' robbery on my shift, right? What kind of bread did you want? [Avi singing in native language] [sighs] Knock it off! [Avi] I have never eaten such borscht I have never had such a taste in my mouth Stop the fuckin' racket! [singing continues] She'll give you three mil but not the Oscar.
She doesn't want to give you the fucking Oscar, Tom.
What can I say? [muttering] Okay, Jesus.
- [elevator dings] - Christ.
[elevator dings] He wants the Oscar.
Won't come off it.
All right.
Did you get a pin on Natalie James? No.
Credit cards? - Nope.
- What do you mean no? What have you been doing all day? She's in your office.
Did Doug Landry hire you to find me? He did, didn't he? Yeah.
[scoffs] I thought you worked for me.
He said you walked off his movie.
I did.
[sighs] Why? That night I almost killed you and your wife, I was running from Doug's house.
His wife came home early from some whatever fucking, I don't know, Indonesian house-painting volunteer retreat she was on, and I had to run out of his garage like a dog into the street.
I'm pregnant.
It's Doug's.
And he told me to get an abortion.
What? What are you gonna do? About the movie? About the baby.
I'm keeping it.
[sighs] Give me your phone, credit cards, and photo ID.
- What? - Trust me.
Thank you.
Get out.
Who's paying you, Mickey? Is it Frank? Sure it's Frank.
Who else would it be? I got not choice here, Avi.
Hey, come on, let's go.
I've been so off yeah What if there was a merchant? I'm saying I got robbed inside the shop.
On the merchant's property.
No, no, I got no withdrawal slip.
I told you, I didn't have the money in the bank.
What do you mean, what am I suing for? I'm suing for malfeasance of security.
Yeah, well Well, if it isn't a thing, then you should make it a thing.
No, no, you're not sorry, 'cause if you were sorry, you'd take the fucking case.
God damn it.
I'm taking my vacation days next week to do an actors' showcase at Asylum Theatre, and I am putting a poster up in the window.
[sighs] You're a Shabbos goy.
What the fuck is that? A Shabbos goy is a gentile that the orthodox man pays to do the things that the orthodox man not allowed to do on the Shabbat.
You wanna drive a car? Get the Shabbos goy.
You want to turn on the light? Get the fucking Shabbos goy.
Okay, enough of the Jew shit.
Shabbos goy don't give a fuck if the orthodox man breaks his vows to God, because he's doing it for the money, not for God.
On your knees.
[gentle music] You're Frank's Shabbos goy.
I'm sorry, Avi.
This ain't personal.
Maybe a last smoke? I don't got any smokes.
I have.
[groans] I can reach? Yeah, go ahead.
I ain't got all day though.
It's probably for the best.
Frank, he tell you we're in business together? Frank said you stole the drugs.
[sighs] From where? From the fucking FBI evidence room? Come on, Mick.
Frank is greedy.
He stole the shit and partnered with me to sell.
Finish the fucking cigarette.
What does he have on you? You know what, once I'm dead, you're next in line.
Yeah, you'll be working for Frank 24/7, whether you like it or not, because he's got leverage on you.
So he don't have to pay you.
But me I'll pay.
So back at the club, you were making a drop? Yeah.
Every Thursday.
How much? I sell kilo bricks to the Mexicans.
How much? 80 grand.
But you're not interested, are you? You have a job to do.
[knocking at door] Go away.
- [pounding at door] - Trina's not here.
[Smitty] I'm looking for Bridget.
Thank God you're here.
[indistinct chatter] Look, I'm try I'm trying to just put this sh This shit together.
Are you all right? No, I'm I'm not all right.
You told me that That your dad, like, made me sick.
So sick I coulda I coulda died, and then And then you come trolling for me, and you You find me, you you fuck me.
[sobs] I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
You're so cold.
[gentle music] What can I do? Tell me, what can I do? What can I get you? - Water.
- Water? Okay.
I need water.
[sighs] Here, have some.
[hip-hop music playing] I feel like a grammar school kid.
[chuckles] Tell me the truth, you bring booze in here? You should buy a dance.
Only if you're sellin'.
I'm the bartender.
Yeah, that's what makes it interesting.
[hip-hop music] So I go harder than the average So you can't blame me for my language Okay.
Let's see.
What's this for? You're beautiful.
[exhales] Okay.
- You weren't lying? - No.
- How much? - Eighty thousand.
It's like that every week.
I knew I shoulda kept some of that Fentanyl.
Well, your family found it.
By some laws, it should all be yours.
So Is that what it says in your Torah? I'm not your rabbi, Mickey.
Lay low for a while.
I'll be in touch, and I'll, uh, I'll get Frank out of your hair.
Leave it to me.
Smile, Avi.
You and I are gonna get rich together.
[speaking Yiddish] What does that mean? Man, he makes plans.
God, he laughs.
[engine starts] What happens now? Lena will drop your phone off at the Chateau.
Why? If Landry hires someone to look for you, it'll lead 'em there.
[sighs] Where am I gonna be? Where do you wanna be? Anywhere.
You should get out of town for a bit.
Clear your head.
Come back when you're ready.
Can't I just stay with you? No.
Why not? You don't want people seeing you here.
You don't want people seeing me here.
Can I just take a nap? Eight weeks in, I get so tired.
[gentle music] [Abby] He was saying it to his wife.
How'd you know it was his wife? They had on matching rings.
[laughter] Fucking skulls.
What'd he say? He said she had a vagina like a vacuum.
Jesus fuck.
Her vagina was like a vacuum.
- About another woman? - Mm-hmm.
I heard everything.
I was standing in line behind them.
And what'd she say? I think she was turned on.
- [chuckles] - People are fucking weird.
Here's to you and me, and the beautiful fucking mess we made.
To me and you.
[gentle music] - Come here.
- Mm.
[both sigh] - Truth? - Hmm? How many women? In this apartment? What are you talking about? How many? None.
Thank you.
What for? For lying to me.
And thank you for bringing me here tonight.
It's like Roman Holiday.
You say something? Yeah, I said it's like Roman Holiday.
What's that? It's an old movie.
A kind man takes in a princess who gets herself into trouble.
Why'd she get in trouble? She hated being a fucking princess.
[sighs] Fuck! [toy squeaks] [Carmen] Dos, tres.
One, two, three.
There she is.
Once she's standing up, she don't wanna sit down.
Hey, I got your favorite Uh, the battery probably The battery Bunchy, you been drinking? Uh, just like two drinks.
You driving? Yeah, a couple miles to the house, you know.
We're gonna give her a bath, right? We're gonna get you a little soap, we'll FaceTime Mommy, and we'll make some eggs.
Bunch, I can't let you sign out Maria like this.
Come on, Carmen, I'm her father.
We lose our accreditation.
What? Look, I got rights, all right? Bunch, I'm supposed to call CPS.
All right.
All right, don't call anybody.
I'll, uh I'll get a cup of coffee, all right, then I'll be back.
Have someone else pick her up.
Okay? Yeah.
All right.
[cell phone rings] Hey, yeah, I got Natalie a suite at the Avalon.
I'm gonna get her through the loading dock.
She wants to stay at my place.
Wait, your apartment? For how long? She's tired, Lena.
She's got to rest.
Ray, we have to get her out of town.
Call Caroline at LAX.
Get her to scan a ticket and make it look like she's on a flight to Paris.
Those TSA fucks? Are you kidding me? Just get it done.
[tense music] [Mickey] That's some parking job.
Do they know you park like that when you're sober? Your father's here.
Your troubles are over, Bunch.
I'm not kidding.
I'm gonna go in there and get your little girl, and soon I'm gonna get your money.
All 1.
2 million.
You're not helping, Pop.
Here's the first down payment.
Look, might want to count it.
It's yours.
Where the fuck did you get this? Don't ever ask me that.
Maria! Maria, Grandpa's here! You give this to Tom with this message, something Charles Bukowski wrote.
He said, "My dear, find the thing you love the most and let it kill you.
" You can paraphrase that.
[tense music] Heard from Natalie? No.
I can't stress how urgent this is.
We're hemorrhaging cash every day.
I pulled her contract.
You know who she's got listed as her emergency contact? No.
Not her mother, not her husband.
Her fucking agent.
They come here broken, become rich and famous, and stay broken.
Hey, Terry, what about down there? That's where the Twin Towers used to be.
Those the ones they drove the planes into? Yeah.
But they didn't drive a plane through that one.
What's that? That's the Empire State Building.
You have to like Makes me want to say, like, the Pledge of Allegiance or some shit.
[chuckles] Yeah.
Well, if that gives you a hard-on, next door is Madison Square Garden.
Hey, Beckett, get me a cup of coffee and a water, would you? Coffee for me, too.
[mellow rock music playing] Hey there, Frank.
Little delay.
I couldn't find Rudin.
You couldn't find him? Eleven o'clock a.
at the Spearmint Rhino Gentlemen's Club.
Yeah, I was there.
Didn't see him.
You know, we spend three days at Quantico every year on tells, Mick.
You are aware of that? Yeah, straight dope, Frank.
[clears throat] Couldn't locate him.
Are you dumb enough to try to fuck me? Here we go.
Listen, Frank.
You got what you needed from my family.
It wasn't a one-way street.
So what are you saying? I couldn't do it, Frank.
Avi's one of ours.
He spun you like a fucking top, didn't he, huh? What kind of promises did he make you, Mick? I couldn't do it.
Give me a break, Mickey.
Fuck that.
I ain't judging you, Frank.
You got what you got going.
I just don't have to be in the middle of it.
Where's the coffee? Have it your way, asshole.
You, let's go.
Hey, that's not necessary, Frank.
What the fuck are you talking about? You're coming with me.
No, I'm not.
I'm actually gonna feed my daughter dinner.
O-okay, okay, Frank.
Hey, Frank.
You made your point.
Let's let's talk this over.
- Fuck you, Mickey.
- Hey, whoa.
Who the fuck is this guy? Why are you harassing me? Put the fucking gun down, Frank.
We'll talk about it when we get down to Westwood, let's go.
- Put that fucking gun away.
- Pop, what's going on? Come on, let's go! You're coming with me.
What did I do? What the fuck did I do? [Frank] Move it.
- Huh? Goddammit, Mickey.
- Get it done.
- [Frank] Move it, asshole! - Stop pushing.
[tense music] It's all there.
What's with the trophy? What the fuck do you care? - [zips bag] - Winslow did.
[distant sirens] [phone rings] [sighing] [beep] Bridge.
I know you poisoned him.
What are you talking about? You poisoned him so Mom could have his spot.
And now he's gonna die.
[beep] Huh.
Don't fucking move.
Stay back.
[engine starts] [alarm blaring] [emergency sirens] [indistinct chatter] [Elliott Smith's King's Crossing begins] [sighs] [soft vocalization] [machinery beeping] [phone rings] [ringing continues] The king's crossing was the main attraction Dominoes falling in a chain reaction The scraping subject ruled by fear Told me whiskey works better than beer The judge is on vinyl Decisions are final And nobody gets a reprieve And every wave is tidal If you hang around You're going to get wet I can't prepare for death Any more than I already have The game looks easy That's why it sells Frustrated fireworks Inside your head Are going to stand and deliver talk instead The method acting that pays my bills Keeps the fat man feeding in Beverly Hills I got a heavy metal mouth That hurls obscenity And I get my check from the trash treasury Because I took my own insides out It don't matter because I have no sex life And all I want to do now is inject my ex-wife I've seen the movie And I know what happens It's Christmas time and the needles on the tree A skinny Santa is bringing something to me His voice is overwhelming But his speech is slurred And I only understand every other word Open your parachute and grab your gun Falling down like an omen, a setting sun Read the part and we turn out fine It's a hell of a role if you can keep it alive But I don't care if I fuck up I'm going on a date With a rich white lady Ain't life great?