Ray Donovan s05e06 Episode Script

Shelley Duvall

1 [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan Yo, it's here.
Wallet, cell phone and your fucking bag.
- Fuck! - Oh! They robbed me, Pop.
My settlement money.
They took it all! Cocaine, heroin, fentanyl.
Nice work, Frank.
Looks like you brought down another crime boss.
[Frank] We got a little problem with Avi Rudin.
I'm not killing Avi, Frank.
Frank said you stole the drugs.
He stole the shit and partnered with me to sell.
How much are we talking about? A million.
More, soon.
- You're coming with me.
- Let's let's talk this over.
- Pop, what's going on? - Come on, let's go! Why would your dad want to get me sick? [Bridget] So you wouldn't get the surgery and my mom could take your place in the trial.
Natalie James walked off the set two days ago.
I need you to find her.
I'm pregnant.
It's Doug's And he told me to get an abortion.
[Doug] You know Tom and Vicky? I thought they were supposed to be fixing problems, not making them.
He wants $2 million and your husband's Oscar.
I'll pay him the money, but no Oscar.
What's he got on you? The sun was going down, kids were in the back of the car, I was drunk.
He made it disappear.
She's gonna want to see exactly what you got.
She knows what I got.
You give this to Tom with this message Find the thing you love the most and let it kill you.
[Ray] What's that? [Brogan] Zoloft for depression.
Neurontin for anxiety at night.
[retching] Don't fucking move.
Stay back.
[tires squealing] [engine revving] [horn honking] [tires squealing] dramatic music upbeat big-band music Those tender kisses That we first shared Under the moonlight When I first dared To take you in my arms Hold you close and say that I love you You look like Marilyn Monroe.
Oh, yeah? Yeah.
How about now? [chuckles] You can't keep doing this, babe, every time we get bad news.
Can't keep doing what? You know what.
Where you taking me this time? Place with the saltwater pool? Oh, for fuck's sake, Abs.
- Am I right? - So much for surprises.
Come on.
Lighten up.
And since that moment It's gonna be fun.
My life was yours And through the seasons Our love endures Though the ups and downs of life, in and out Yeah.
Listen, do you know of any other garages that might be closer? All right.
We'll be here.
[cell phone beeps] light somber music [Ray] Abs? Right in front of Jesus Why would you kick me To the curb? [truck beeping] [chains rattling] [laughter, indistinct chatter] [light, jazzy music playing] [girl] Don't let go.
Don't let go.
[man] Good.
Want to go again? What the fuck? [chuckles] Nice.
In the middle of the desert.
[Abby mutters] Want to skate? [man] Hey, you want a hot chocolate? - [chuckles] - It'll be fun.
- I can't.
- What do you mean you can't? You don't remember how? No, I remember how.
So? Fucking bully.
Come on.
[indistinct chatter] [car alarm chirps] See, a great hockey player plays off the puck, you know? Anticipates.
Yeah, but, babe, you were never a great hockey player.
I didn't say I was a great hockey player.
You know, in my day, I won a couple games.
Well, what day was that? What? Oh, right.
There was that one.
[chuckles] Fuck you.
You're on your own.
[sighs] We just gonna leave our stuff? [grand orchestral music playing] I used to be able to do that! - Yeah? - Yeah! One time around.
What's that called? [laughs] You don't know what it's called, - but you could do it.
- Yeah! Maggie Faraday taught me at Murphy Rink.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I swear to God, I could do that.
- Do you remember Maggie? - Sure.
Two abortions in tenth grade.
That's right.
I wonder where she's at.
A Salchow.
[laughs] [sighs happily] - You all right? - Yeah.
[man] I got this! I always wanted to wear one of those sparkly little outfits.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
I don't know.
It's not too late.
[laughs] Yeah, you wish.
[Abby grunts] You all right? Come on.
Let's go sit down.
Let's go.
What happened? [indistinct chatter] [Ray] I'll get you some water.
It's okay.
[sighs] [laughter, indistinct shouting] Abs I'm fine.
You're running around your whole life, killing people, hanging off cliffs or whatever the fuck it is you do.
You're probably gonna live till you're 100 years old.
Hardly ever done anything Except raise your kids, look after you and your goddamn family.
[scoffs] I'm gonna be dead in my 40s.
No, you're not.
I want to stop treatment.
We're gonna get you better, sweetheart.
I promise.
I'm not getting better, Ray.
Sure you are.
You're just tired, that's all.
[gasps softly] I know how hard this has been for you.
No, you don't! No! You don't know.
This [voice breaking] This is some godless fucking bullshit, is what this is.
Are you fucking kidding me? Are you trying to figure out how many hours that you have got left to live? [crying] No.
[sniffles] [indistinct shouting] It's gonna get worse before it gets worse.
Let's go home, sweetheart.
Come on.
I want to feel good in my body before I die.
[sighs] [sniffles] I got to stop treatment.
Come on, Abs.
Take your skates off.
Let's go home.
You want me to do it for you? - Yeah.
- [smooches] [zipper opens] [sighs] Thank you.
[engine rumbling] [whirring] dramatic music [indistinct chatter, telephones ringing] [sighs] License plate or citation number? 2SAM564, please.
[keys clacking] [lock clicks] [clerk] You can't just park in front of a fire station.
Yeah, well, I figured that out.
[car alarm chirps] [engine turning over] [tires squealing] [grunts] All good? Yeah.
All right, what now? Find Tom Minor.
All right.
[door clanking closed, buzzer sounds] [indistinct chatter] Hey, kiddo.
[sighs] You all right? What the fuck is going on, Mick? It's just a little misunderstanding, is all.
He told me he threatened me with four consecutive life sentences.
He don't mean it.
Did you know he was gonna arrest me? No.
No, I did not.
He had pictures - from Nevada.
- I know.
You fucking know? I'm taking care of it.
- How, Mickey? - Don't worry about it, kiddo.
Just keep your head down.
I'll have you holding your little girl by tomorrow night, I promise you.
Just keep your head down.
[buzzer sounds] Fuck you, Mickey.
Trust me.
Fuck you! Ominous music [doorbell rings] Ray.
Your mother's expecting me.
Mom! She'll be down in a minute.
[man on television] Jack be nimble.
Jack be quick.
Jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting, and his pants ignited into flame.
[imitating Jack Torrance] All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy.
What? The Shining? Jack Nicholson, Shelley Duvall.
Yeah, sure.
I think Shelley Duvall is the perfect woman.
[smacks lips] Those teeth.
[chuckles] Yeah, Stanley Kubrick told everyone on the movie to ignore her and not eat lunch with her and to say terrible things about her so it would make her feel really lonely in the movie.
And it it worked.
- Is your mom - Wendy.
But Shelley had such a bad time that her hair fell out.
But I'd love her even if she was bald.
[Sam] Would you give us a moment, please? Thanks, George.
Everything? We should talk about my fee.
I thought Doug was taking care of you.
Landry gave me 20 grand for the drop.
No one said anything about Vicky Delgatti putting a gun to my head.
I see.
[inhales deeply] I'm gonna have a drink.
You want one? - Look, I didn't come here - Good.
[sighs] - I don't like tequila.
- No, whiskey.
Good Irish Catholic boy.
Somber music Have you been thinking about me? What? It's a simple question.
Have you been thinking about me? Yeah.
See, she she bit the button here.
She she always liked to bite off her buttons I asked her why, and she said it made her happy.
She was born with a lot of little teeth, and the very first time that I nursed her, she she bit me.
I knew at that moment that she was the perfect little angel beast.
Yes, I would like you to work for me from now on.
Whatever your fee is, I'll pay it.
[dog barking in the distance] - [doorbell rings] - Okay.
You're good.
[exhales deeply] Okay.
- Ahh.
- Oh, look who it is, Maria.
It's Carmen.
It's your best friend.
- Good morning, sweetheart.
- Oh, yeah.
I, uh I may be a little late.
We close at six, Mickey.
Thank you, sweetheart.
Say good-bye to Grandpa.
Say good-bye to Grandpa.
Hasta luego.
- Bye-bye, tootsie.
- See you later.
[gasps] El capitán.
Diga: "Hasta luego.
" Okay.
[indistinct chatter, dog barking in the distance] dramatic music [engine turning over] [indistinct chatter] [Punch] Hey! Look who's here.
Oh, my God.
You look great.
Look at that.
No shaking.
Oh, my God.
That's incredible.
It's like and there's that.
- Hi.
- Yo, what's up? - That's Amazing.
- Holy shit, you're a new man.
[chuckles] - Damon.
- What's up, Punch? Hey, I just want to let you know I really appreciate you and Hector letting me train here and all that.
Well, now we got to find out if you're hungry enough.
Oh, I'm hungry.
All right.
Let's see what you got.
[hip-hop music playing] Hey, I'm, uh I'm sorry things aren't going well with Maureen.
So, uh, let's talk about this new boy you're in love with.
Oh, well, uh, he can't come to dinner anymore.
- All right.
- So we're gonna go meet him.
Where? Sloan Kettering Hospital.
What? You'll see.
ominous music [door opens, closes] [car door opens, closes, engine turning over] [engine rumbling] So you're you're Bridget's dad's brother? Yeah.
And and you're from Boston, but now you live out in L.
Do you get do you get high? [coughing] Nah.
Feels weird.
[Smitty] Oh, oh.
[laughs] No, it's fine.
They're they're they're cool.
You're not afraid someone's gonna come in? You know it's funny, the the shit that I'm not afraid of anymore.
Well [laughing] Terry.
Fuck, just a small little bit, yeah? It's been a rough couple of days.
All right.
[inhales deeply] [inhales deeply] Oh, shit.
[coughing] - He's gonna be so wasted.
- No.
No, I'm not.
- Am I? - No, no, it will be fine, dude.
You're you're gonna be fine.
[Terry sighs] Oh, that's something.
I don't know why I did that.
It's because I have cancer.
- No.
- Yeah.
Yeah, maybe.
I got a lot of experience with cancer.
Is is that what all that is? No, no, I got Parkinson's.
There's that's, um, that's from the surgery for my shaking 'cause I used to shake like shit.
What? I didn't know they could do that.
That's incredible.
What the things that they can do.
I mean right? [sighs] Fuck, yeah.
Fuck, yeah.
This stuff makes you want a-a cigarette.
You don't smoke, do you? No, no.
Oh, good, 'cause it'll kill you.
[inhales deeply] [both laughing] [indistinct chatter] [man over PA] Attention, travelers Metro ten cards self-service kiosks are now available at this station for your convenience.
Metro ten card machines are located in the main lobby.
dramatic music Metrolink service to Oceanside now boarding at track six.
Metrolink service to Oceanside now boarding at track six.
[car horn honks, siren wails] [Conor] What are you gonna do about it? [Abby] I'm gonna love you and your sister, honey.
No, about the fucking cancer.
What are you gonna do to fix it? It can't be fixed, Conor.
[Bridget cries softly] No.
[sobbing] Where the party at? Nigga, this shit here is a cardiac I'm ill, but I ain't no hypochondriac I got an F-16, and I'm bombing that Ain't stop yet She wants a man, and I'm probably it Better ride me like a chariot I mean chariot, she got a oh, shit, yo [breathing heavily] Con, stop.
Stop, come on.
Come on.
[sobbing, breathing heavily] I'm so sorry, son.
She's not even gonna fight it.
- Con - Fucking bitch! Don't talk about your mother that way.
Fuck this.
And fuck you.
It's all right.
Come here.
Let me go.
[Ray] You're gonna be okay.
[cell phone ringing] - Yeah? - [Doug] I ask you to find my actress, and you fucking lie to my face.
- What are you talking about? - Oh, for Christ's sake.
Tell me she isn't in your apartment.
I'm coming to get her.
And I expect you'll be helpful when I arrive.
- [man] So what's up, Sandy? - I'm standing outside Sunset Tower, where Natalie James has been holed up since yesterday, bringing the production of the Waterfall series to a grinding halt.
What the fuck do they care? Landry's on his way.
I can get you out if you don't want to see him.
I do want to see him.
It's your call.
Everything is my call.
[Smitty] I never got into Zumba.
- [both laugh] - Oh, me neither.
I've always wanted to.
- Always - Terry knows.
Hey, I-I know you.
Jacob, right? Uh y-yeah, yeah.
Yeah, Emily.
Emily Chu.
We met before our surgeries.
[laughs] That that's right, yeah.
You look amazing.
- All your hair - Oh, yeah, yeah.
I mean, I thought I was That surgery was brutal, wasn't it? [laughs] I I-I-I never got the surgery.
I am so sorry.
No, it's it's okay.
You're gonna be f-fine.
You're in remission.
That's amazing.
I mean, I could I could barely recognize you.
So it worked.
Somber music [Emily] I'm sorry, Jacob.
I'm really sorry.
I'm gonna go talk to him.
I'll I'll see you in the room.
It's good to see you.
[exhales deeply] [PA beeps] [sighs] [telephone ringing in the distance] [Bridget sighs] Uncle Terry.
What the fuck did we do? We didn't know.
[sighs] That woman, Emily She's as healthy as a fucking horse.
I know.
I got to tell your dad.
- No! - He's got a right to know.
No, no, no.
What he needs to do is help Smitty.
[sighs] You can't tell him.
You can't tell him.
- Please don't tell him.
- Shh, shh, all right.
[Bridget crying] You can't tell him.
Dramatic music [car door opens, closes] [indistinct shouting] man speaking Spanish [grunts] [knock at door] [sighs] Hi.
Can we talk privately? No.
You can say whatever you want to say right here.
[sighs] I'm sorry.
I am.
Then leave your fucking wife.
Oh, God, Natalie.
You told me to have an abortion.
I'm sorry.
I fucking panicked.
I mean, I still have young children.
You understand that.
You're un-fucking-real.
I'm not doing your film.
We're talking about my life here the film? [scoffs] I mean, that's not even a decision you can make.
The fuck it's not.
I'm not making your film, and I'm having the baby.
No, here's what you're gonna do Take your hands off her.
Touch her again, and I break your fucking arm.
Understand? You don't know what you're doing.
Do you? [door closes] [exhales deeply] You okay? That was fucked up.
God, I'm so tired.
Why don't you go lie down for a bit? [indistinct chatter on TV] Will you watch TV with me? What? Is that weird? No.
It's fine.
[chatter continues on TV] [woman on TV] It doesn't mean you can borrow my car anytime you want, Mom.
Your eyesight's not what it used to be.
[woman on TV] My eyesight is fine.
I saw every hair on that little boy's head - before I hit him.
- [canned laughter] [Abby] Want to come play? Let's play the game and forget about everything.
Let me walk the dog.
[sighs] With a bottle of whiskey? I'm gonna walk the fucking dog, Abby.
[door opens, closes] [door closes] [Natalie] Do you have any pasta? Pasta? Yeah, pasta.
I don't know.
- Can I go look? - [cell phone ringing] - Sure.
[cell phone beeps] Yeah? Uh, so I found Tom.
Did you talk to him? I think you should come and meet me.
[cell phone beeps] Where are your pots? Under the sink.
I got to go.
[door opens] No money, no Oscar, no clothes.
Nothing's here.
Should we call anyone? No.
Leave him.
[cell phone ringing, beeps] - Yeah.
- [Ray] We need to talk.
- About what? - Not on the phone.
I'm in my office.
Where no doctors can relieve me If I'm buried 'neath the sod Where the angels won't receive me Let me go, boys, let me go, boys Let me go down in the mud [both] Where the river all runs dry Bury me at sea where no murdered ghosts mm, mm, mm Uncle Terry? - [sighs] - [church bells tolling] [whispering] Can we bring this in here? Sit down.
Will you pray with me? I'll pass.
Dramatic music I killed her.
No, you didn't.
She would've lived.
You don't know that.
She didn't want the surgery.
But she still would've lived.
You don't know that.
[sighs] I won't be a minute.
Tell me again.
It was an electrical cord in a motel room.
- Suicide? - Maybe.
- [knock at door] - Yes? What Oh, yeah.
Give me two minutes.
Well, thank you for coming by and telling me.
You didn't really have to do that.
You need to do something about Landry.
What are you talking about? Natalie James has a problem with him.
I know they're sleeping together.
He got her pregnant.
Well, it wouldn't be the first time in the history of Hollywood.
Told her to get an abortion, threatened her.
She wants to have the baby.
She's under contract.
She has to finish the picture.
You want her to finish the picture, I'd keep him away from that set.
He's the head of the studio.
I'd let her know you're on her side.
You seem to be very much on her side.
She's just a kid.
When you look at her, do you see just a kid? All right, well, consider it done.
She won't see him anymore.
I've got to get my phone call.
Thanks for coming.
[phone beeps] Howard, yes.
I did get the counter.
And, uh, we are far apart, I realize that.
I think we can work it out.
What? Yes, you'll get my counter in the morning.
It won't be very much higher, but You'll make it work.
[engine rumbling] [grunts] [brakes squeaking lightly] [car doors open, close] [man] Why we got to do this shit so far away, man? [Avi] Why do you complain all the time? You got the cash or what? - [man] Four kilos? - [Avi] Yeah, same as always.
- Wait.
What is that? - [siren wailing] - [car door opens] - [man] DEA agent! [man] DEA! Step away from the car! [gunshots] - [man] We got four guys.
- Fuck me! [gunfire, indistinct shouting] [man] Watch your six! [gunshots] [man] We got an agent down.
[man] Agent down! Agent down! [Avi] Fuck! [man] Agent down, we have an agent down.
man shouting in Spanish [gunshots] man shouting in Spanish Chinga Tu madre.
[gunfire continues] speaking Spanish [engine turning over] [music playing on TV] [door opens] I'm afraid I got some shells on your couch.
Don't worry about it.
You okay? - Sure.
- [liquid pouring] - Problems at work? - Yeah.
Problems with Doug? Ahh.
Come on.
Sit and watch this stupid movie with me.
[door closes] somber music The car crash.
[both moaning] [Ray grunts] Where'd you go? I took a walk.
You all right? Go to sleep.
I'll see you in the morning.
[Natalie] Am I making problems for you? What? I am making problems for you.
- No, you're not.
- So everything's fine? [romantic music playing on TV] You need to go back to work tomorrow.
No, I don't.
- I can't.
- I spoke to Sam Winslow today.
She's gonna keep Landry off the set.
I think you ought to do what she's asking.
No Landry? No Landry.
- See? - See what? I always win.
[sighs] [buzzer sounds] Shelley Duvall's "He Needs Me" And all at once, I knew, I knew at once I knew he needed me Until the day I die, I won't know why I knew he needed me - [door clanking open] - It could be fantasy Oh, oh Or maybe it's because He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me Oh, he needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me Da da da, da da da da Da da da da da Da da da, da da da da Da da da da da It's like a dime a dance, I'll take a chance I will because he needs me No one ever asked before, before Because they never needed me - [Man] But I do - But he does Maybe it's because he's so alone Maybe it's because he's never had a home He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me And if it turns out real Then love can turn the wheel Because he needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me Oh, he needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me He needs me, he needs me