Ray Donovan s05e07 Episode Script

If I Should Fall From Grace With God

1 [somber music] [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan [phone rings] - Bridge.
- I know you poisoned him.
You poisoned him so Mom could have his spot.
[Bridget] And now he's gonna die.
That surgery was brutal, wasn't it? I never got the surgery.
You're in remission.
- Yeah.
- So it worked.
- I killed her.
- No, you didn't.
- She would've lived.
- You don't know that.
She didn't want the surgery.
We got a little problem with Avi Rudin.
- We? - Yeah, we.
You were supposed to take care of things.
I'm not killing Avi, Frank.
Wallet, cell phone, and your fuckin' bag.
You guys oh! Uh! You had $1 million in your daughter's diaper bag? I know it sounds unusual, but look, [Bunchy] I was going to a big real estate transaction, okay? I don't know what arrangements you made with my son, but my services are included.
- So what do I owe you? - I've been getting some excellent feedback on this little film that I wrote.
Donovan, this is not how things work.
- You, let's go.
- Fuck are you talking about? You're coming with me.
Hey, Frank, you made your point.
- Let's let's talk this over.
- What's going on? Come on, let's go.
He threatened me with four consecutive life sentences.
I'm taking care of it.
[edgy music] [grunts] - [siren wailing] - [Avi] What is that? - [agent] DEA agent! - [agent] DEA! Step away from - [gunfire] - [indistinct shouting] [man] Watch your six! [gunfire] [man] We've gotta get the dough! [gunfire continues] [engine turns] [car engine revving] [tires screech] [panting] Ay, dios mio.
[tires screeching] [horn blaring] [tires screeching] [brakes squeal] [engine stops] Ay! [mutters] Oh! - [tire iron clangs] - [coughing] Ahh! [screams] Hey! [muffled yelling] [pounding on trunk, muffled yelling] [muffled yelling] [tense music] [continues pounding, yelling indistinctly] [muffled yelling continues] [edgy music] [wood slides, thuds] I've I've had a few, Father.
Is that all right? [priest] It won't be the first time someone's been drunk in confession.
I didn't say I was drunk.
I said I had a few.
Unburden yourself, my son.
[sighs] In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
My last confession was, uh, four months ago.
Tell me your sins.
My My brother's wife Yes? The thoughts I had and the things I done - My son? - Well, I didn't think that I needed to confess, 'cause I got shot and I nearly died.
But my sister-in-law her name was Abby.
And she got cancer.
And those those thoughts, they came back.
And the cancer got so bad that she wanted to kill herself.
Your sister-in-law Abby, did she take her own life? You always hurt the ones you love.
And the ones you love they always hurt you.
Are you worried about her soul? [Terry chuckles] Abby's in heaven, Father.
I know she is.
God does forgive.
It's my own soul I'm worried about.
[somber music] [door creaks open] I gotta tell your father what I done.
If Landry comes by, call me.
- And if he doesn't? - What? Come by.
Can I still call you? Come on, let me make you that dinner later I never got around to.
[Gustavo] Natalie, darling.
Missed you.
I was only gone a couple days.
- Couple days too many.
- [chuckles] We're going to turn you into a phoenix, a beautiful phoenix.
- [laughs] Hello, handsome.
- Hey, Gustavo.
Do you two know each other? I know everyone.
Now, come with me.
I'm gonna get you ready to be dead so that you can rise from the ashes.
- [Gustavo] Move, move.
- [woman] I'll see you - over there.
- [Natalie] Okay.
[Gustavo] Hold on.
We have enough black superheroes already, man.
No, that was the easy part.
Black superheroes are every day.
This is what I'm thinking.
Gay black superhero.
Hear me out.
Yeah, I know you like it.
You wanna know how I know? 'Cause I spoke to Landry already about it and he told you to like it.
What I wanna know Is he gonna make the shit? Okay.
Feel you.
We'll talk.
- [beep] - [chuckles] Easy peasy.
Daryll Donovan.
Right? Yeah, man.
What's good? Hey.
Antoine A'Shawn Anderson.
Jay's really excited about the project.
- What? - Yeah, I like it, too.
It's good.
Bank robbing.
Love of a dying child.
It's good shit, it's good shit.
- Four Leaf? - Mm-hmm.
Thing is Jay can't play a bank robber from Southie.
Ehh why not? It's been done a million times.
Yeah, we've seen that movie before, haven't we? Yeah, I I mean, I guess, right? Yeah, but don't you worry.
Jay is very sensitive to your father's creative thing and his intention.
Antoine, Mr.
Donovan, Jay is ready for you now.
Come on.
[Antoine] All right, get you some bu Let a nigga butter that.
Let a [hinges squeaking] [soft thud] [exhales deeply] You have breakfast? - No.
- [Jay] How 'bout - a butter coffee? - [Antoine] Oh, yes, please.
[Daryll] A what? Maia, three butter coffees, please.
Of course.
[door opens, closes] Mm, hm.
- You two met? - Yeah, outside.
Antoine gave you the lowdown? - No.
- [Antoine] I was actually just about to do that.
[chuckles] Harlem, 1970s.
Jay plays Michael Abdul Rahim.
Down on his luck father of four.
Just back from Nam.
Turns to bank robbing when his son gets in debt with a white mob boss.
But instead of paying off the mob with the white man's money, he murders them, one by one by one.
Keeps the cash.
Uses it to open a veteran hospital in Harlem.
[laughs] Wow.
I mean [laughs] It definitely sounds dope.
- Oh, it's dope.
- But, uh, you know, - that's not my father's story.
- Oh, Mickey gets - a "story by" credit.
- A what? Shared with Antoine.
Antoine writes it.
I'ma write that shit.
Look, Jay, uh, Mickey's not gonna go for it.
That's why we need a smart producer like yourself, Daryll.
Keep your father in line.
Make sure he's not a problem.
- A producer.
- There's always room in the boat for a man who can massage a problem.
Look, you tell your old man that's where it's at.
We'll put your name above the line.
And pay you accordingly.
- Huh.
- [laughs] Antoine, give me a sec with my man, please.
Yeah, sure! [chuckles] - Um, Mickey - That racist piece of shit.
He wrote the worst fuckin' script in history.
Now, my man Triple A cleaned it up, made it a Jay White picture.
We'll shoot it fast.
And your father's gonna give me those tapes, and we can all be on our way.
- Hey, look, Jay - Hey, you make him see the light, then we can all get out of this a little bit better than we was before.
You feel me? - You all right? - Yeah.
Your father's here.
- What's he want? - He didn't say.
What's up, Mick? They got Bunchy.
Who got Bunchy? Frank Barnes arrested him for that shit in Primm.
Ray, he came to me Barnes.
He came to me, asked me to to kill Avi.
What are you talking about? I tried to change his mind, I tried to Why would Barnes wanna kill Avi? The DEA, I think.
They got into business together, Avi and Barnes.
You stupid motherfucker.
- [sighs] - Barnes arrested Bunchy.
To force my hand, Ray.
To force my hand into killing him.
Where's Avi? I lost him.
There was a mix-up, and I lost him.
Every time, Mick.
Every fuckin' time.
I never meant to get Bunchy into nothing.
[sighs] [somber music] [sighs] Frank Barnes, please.
I need to talk.
All right.
I can meet you there.
I'll come with you.
No, you won't.
Stay right where you fuckin' are.
I wish it were me that was gone.
I wish I could trade myself for all of them.
Everyone I hurt.
What? [edgy music] [indistinct chatter] [man] I know, but break these guys up, all right? [indistinct chatter continues] Fuck you want? My money.
I ain't never seen your ugly ass in my entire blessed life.
Railhead Subs.
Yeah? Hm.
I prefer Hungry Harry's.
I'm not fucking around here.
No? You oughta try the Club Supreme.
I want my money from the robbery.
Robbery, huh? Hm.
Sorry, chief.
I'm in here for stealing copper wire.
You do not wanna fuck with me.
Why don't you step back, ginger? I don't know you or what the fuck you talking about.
- Stand up.
- [laughs] You big orangutan motherfucker.
- Now! - [guard] Hey! Knock it off.
Oh, sorry, Deputy.
Just had a little accident.
[guard] You, move to a different table.
Now! You heard the man.
[guard] You, pick that up.
[tense music] Fuckin' monkey boy.
[exhales] [mutters under breath] Pop.
The hell happened to you? Nothin'.
I been calling, I been textin'.
You might wanna get a shower, man.
You look like crap.
I had a long night.
I have some good news.
Oh, yeah? Oh, yeah.
Our boy, Jay White, loves Four Leaf.
- Oh, yeah? - Oh, yeah.
[chuckling] Oh, yeah, he's bringing in a top-notch writer to help spruce it up.
- Spruce it up? - You know, make it a Jay White picture.
See, that right there is just a concept to, uh, you know, help suit our guy.
Harlem? In the 1970s.
Mobsters, Nam vets, Afros.
Says here Michael's black.
What'd you expect? "Story by Mickey Donovan and Antoine A'Shawn Anderson.
" Yeah.
That guy right there's a real deal.
One of Hollywood's top writers.
[sighs] - Antoine A'Shawn.
- Mm-hmm.
Fuck him.
Jay White ain't making Michael into a black veteran in Harlem.
He's a Southie bank robber for fuck's sake.
Pop, what are you talking about? This could be huge! This is it.
Take me home, Daryll.
I gotta get some sleep.
Pop, we just landed Jay White! [old-timey music playing on stereo] So Mickey came crying to you to fix his problems, huh? Sit down, Frank.
[sighs] You should've come to me first.
You're soft on Avi.
You let my brother out, I'll take care of him.
I need Avi dead.
You're a piece of shit, Frank.
You know that? Avi was the one who stole the drugs in the first place, Ray.
You two been in business for months.
Yeah, yeah.
Either way, Avi's become a problem.
Last night, he murdered a DEA agent.
[softly] Yeah.
They catch him, it's just a matter of time before they connect him with me.
And I can't promise you that they won't connect me to you.
[dramatic tone] [old-timey music continues] I kill Avi You let Bunchy out.
That's the deal.
I want you to put my father away.
[whispers] What? I kill Avi you put Mickey away for Primm.
That's the deal.
[dark music] Where is he? Wanna tell me what's going on? Where's Avi, Lena? Why? Barnes wants him dead.
That's why.
He went to Mickey, but Mickey couldn't do it.
So he put Bunchy in prison.
Ah, fuck! Did you know he killed a DEA agent? - I gotta find him.
- Just fucking kill Frank, Ray! - I can't kill Frank.
- Then I can do it.
He's the head of the fucking FBI in Los Angeles.
[sighs] If Barnes doesn't take Avi out, the DEA will.
Bunchy's in prison, Lena.
He could be for the rest of his life.
This gets any worse, if Barnes goes down, we're all going down with him.
I just I think there are other ways to get this done.
He's already gone.
[sighs] Just tell me how to find him.
I need an address.
[dark music] Mickey, I'm telling you, okay, this could be one of the biggest things that can ever happen to you all right? A movie that you wrote starring Jay White.
I mean, okay, he moves it to Harlem.
All right, it's not the end of the world.
- It ain't set in Harlem.
- Pop, what's the difference? It's getting your film made, okay? By one of the biggest stars on the planet.
He ain't Michael, okay? Hell, I never did any business in Harlem.
And you never had a kid who needed a heart transplant, either.
It's fiction, Pop.
Harlem makes it different.
Yeah, well I bet ya if Michael was a drug dealer, you'd let Jay play him.
Right, 'cause that makes more sense.
The blacks, that was their trade.
A-are you fucking kidding me? The blacks sold the drugs, the guineas did the gambling and the porn, the guys from Southie robbed banks.
You were a coke dealer.
I'm not saying there weren't exceptions.
No, but it does sound like you're saying a black man can't rob a bank.
[exhales] You're twistin' my words.
[scoffs] You know, you're my father, but you are a fuckin' racist.
That's a joke.
Every woman I ever loved was black.
No, every pussy you ever wanted to fuck was black.
Same thing.
Who wants to be with a person you can't get hard for? You never saw my mother as an equal to Mary, did you? You had a real marriage, three real sons.
Huh? If I didn't go to jail, your mother wouldn't have had to marry that asshole.
[softly] Yeah.
At this point in time, Pop, I don't even give a shit.
What Get outta my car.
- Daryll - No.
You either respect me or you get the fuck out.
Bunchy's in jail.
What? He's in jail and it's my fuckin' fault.
I put him there.
[softly] God damn it, Mick.
I didn't do right by you.
By any of you kids.
I fucked it up.
But I got four sons, Daryll.
[hip-hop music playing on stereo] - Hey, Pie.
- Oh, you're back, Terrence.
- Yep.
- Ha.
we weren't expecting ya.
- Don't worry about it.
- Uh, I was just doin' the books here.
You're betting on the ponies.
So fuckin' what? Can you give me a minute? Uh, yeah, yeah.
[hip-hop continues in background] [phone rings] [sighs] - [ringing continues] - [beep] - Hey, Ter.
- I'm back from New York.
- [Ray] Yeah? - We need to talk.
- It's not a good time.
- When? I don't know, Terry.
- I'll try ya later.
- [phone beeps] [phone beeps] [boxing sounds in background] [light dramatic music] [lightly suspenseful music] [both grunting] [both grunting] [Ray groaning] [both grunting] - [Ray] Huh! - [Avi] Uhh! Ohh! Oh - Uh! - What'd you do? What'd you fuckin' do? Ohh! Oh! [sobbing] Ray [crying] I was in so much pain.
I got hooked.
The drugs [breathing hard] And I wasn't there for you when you needed me, when you needed me most.
I wasn't there.
No, I know, I know.
My mother [panting] The locker with the money.
Please, take care of my mother.
Get up.
What? Get the fuck up.
[dark music] [whispering] Ray's gonna kill Avi? Barnes is holding all the cards.
Jesus Christ, Pop.
Ah fuck.
So even if he lets Bunchy out, I mean, he's still got you over a barrel.
So what? You're okay with that? [sighs] No, no.
We gotta make sure Barnes gives you what he's got, then.
He's gotta let Bunchy out.
This is crazy, Mickey.
- Mick.
- [sighs] Mickey, you really think Ray would do that to Avi? Barnes lets Bunchy out, we go pay that motherfucker a visit.
I done enough damage, Daryll.
Can't keep hurting people.
You damn right you did damage.
But it's time to double down now, Pop.
Have you actually seen Pulsar 3? No, I'm serious.
Have you seen it? Yes, I've seen it.
If you would, you would know that the Kraavex, nay, all of the inhabitants of Coruleen 5, occupy a carbon-less atmosphere.
Ergo, their hemolymph their quote, unquote, blood is white.
- Not red.
- Of course, Gustavo.
So now I have to ask you now, Fernanda, are you learning disabled? It's okay if you are.
Just tell me.
My sister's learning disabled.
No, I'm not.
- [phone rings] - G [exhales] [phone beeps] Ray.
Twice in one day.
[chuckles] [Ray] I need a favor.
What is it? It's wonderful.
Very Michael Mann.
What is our mise en scène? - What? - What story are we telling? - Story? - Yeah.
Guy gets shot in the head and he dies.
[Mickey] There he is.
[light dramatic music] Here he comes.
- [engine starts] - Let's go.
[Mickey] Keep your distance.
Now, this is the blank gun.
You take this gun.
Pull the trigger when I tell you.
- Hey, Gustavo.
- Hello, lovely.
We are working, you interrupt.
So, uh, you will shoot.
You will get shot first in the stomach.
And there, you will take a step back.
And then, you will get shot in the chest and you will fall against this wall, here, with your eyes wide open, looking at this spot.
And you will look there with your eyes wide.
You'll say something like, "Please, God, spare me.
" Or, um, "You can kill me, but you can never take my soul.
" Whatever else feels right.
And then at this moment, Ray, you'll shoot him in the head, and his brains will explode everywhere.
There'll be blood and brain matter.
All right.
We got it.
And if you want, I can make one of his eyes pop out of his head.
No, I I think we're good with the the brain matter.
All right, very good.
We gotta run this back here.
That's your frame.
- Whenever you're ready.
- I'm ready.
Three, two Oh! Ah! Uh.
[thud] [indistinct chatter] Armed robbery, kidnapping and assault with a deadly weapon.
So? So I'll fuckin' ID you.
And all those people back at that Railhead will back me up.
[chuckles] All right.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Wait, wait.
Hey, we're cool, we're cool.
We're cool, we're cool.
Shit, bro.
Fuckin' relax.
I want my fuckin' money back.
If I remember correctly, you never gave up your PIN.
You made me get violent, which I hate to do.
Not my ATM, the diaper bag.
Fucking diaper bag? What diaper bag? The one you fuckin' stole.
Fuckin' Freddy.
Who? - How much was in there? - [bell rings] [guard] Back to your cells.
[dramatic music] [Lena] Avi.
Leave the car in Tijuana.
When you get to Mexico City, use that second passport to fly to Bogota.
Once you're in Colombia, you're on your own.
I know.
[somber music] I know.
I know.
These passports that we make, [chuckles] they're just, uh, they're like death certificates.
No one that we ever sent away ever lived to get there.
Don't ever come back, Avi.
I love you, Ray.
You're my brother.
I need you to know that I love you.
I know you love me, too.
[somber music continues] [gunshots] Jesus fuck! Where is he? Trunk of my car.
I want Bunchy out by midnight.
My father's parked across the street in a black Cadillac Don't fuckin' look, you moron.
He's with my brother Daryll.
I don't give a shit what you do to Mick.
But Daryll walks.
Are we clear? You sure you wanna do this? 'Cause once I charge him, there's no turning back, you understand.
Let him rot.
[light dramatic music] [phone ringing] [phone beeps] - Hey, Frank.
- I'm letting your kid out.
Yeah, well, thank God for that.
No, thank Ray.
You gonna give me my evidence from Nevada back? Meet me near Chinatown, at the corner of College and Spring.
And Mick, come alone or you ain't gettin' shit.
Avi's dead.
Ray killed him.
Let me drive.
I gotta meet up with that cocksucker and get my evidence back.
Damn, Avi.
There's only one way to destroy these demons and that's to bring them from your dreams and into my own.
It's a transference and requires perfect timing.
Both of us asleep.
If a demon crosses over, if it escapes from the dream world and into What's this about? Let's just say, no one is gonna get very much sleep.
Goes into people's dreams, fights their demons.
So it's paramount that you tell me everything you can remember.
[man] I don't wanna remember.
You want your money back, you don't wanna ID me.
You gonna fuckin' help me? Freddy, my partner, he handled the bags.
Motherfucker probably called in my warrant, too.
How do I find him? That diaper bag, how much was really in there? Enough.
Enough like a few grand? Or like a fuckload more? [sighs] [movie continues in background] What's your name? You ain't a fag, are you? Married.
Yeah, didn't think so.
What? Dime-bag.
'Cause nobody can pronounce Duquesne Baker.
You? People call me El Trebol.
What are you in for? Quadruple homicide.
Holy fuck.
El Trebol.
I like you.
Call you E.
for short.
- [guard] Brendan Donovan.
- Yeah? You're out.
What? Let's go.
That's a hell of a lawyer.
- Duquesne.
How do you spell it? - Huh? Your name.
Let's go.
- [man] I can't.
- [woman] You can.
You have to.
James, lives depend on this.
[keys clatter] [groans] [sighs] [soft dramatic music] First time I jumped For the first waterfall I was terrified.
Then I started to wanna do it.
There's something about being in the movies.
It takes all the fear away.
Things you wouldn't do in real life, you do it for the camera.
I would never take that jump.
But my character, she wants to.
And since she wants to, so do I.
I never said thank you for helping me.
[music swells] Oh.
[both breathing heavily] Oh! Ahh.
[phone rings] Hey, Ter.
I'm at the bar.
[Ray] What's up? I need to talk.
- It can't wait? - No.
What I've got to tell you cannot wait.
[tense music] [phone rings] - Hello? - Bunch, it's me.
Are you out? Where's Mick? Home, I think.
Yeah, I'm fine.
I was worried.
Uh, you got what you need? I'll talk to you later, Daryll.
Bunch, just want you to know I'm here for you, okay? [phone beeps] Prisoner's name is? Duquesne.
- He's out.
- Yeah.
[softly] He's out.
Get down.
Get the fuck down.
He sees you, I'm fucked.
Hey, Frank.
So you got what you asked for, huh? I did.
I'm gonna need those files from Nevada.
They're in my trunk.
Had some bad luck with trunks.
[Frank chuckles] I'm gonna need you to put your hands behind your back, Mick.
- What the fuck? - Put your hands - behind your back.
- What are you doing, Frank? You have the right to remain silent.
- This wasn't the deal.
- Anything you say - No, this wasn't the deal.
- Can and will be used against you in a court of law.
You have the right - to an attorney.
- Frank, use your fuckin' head.
I could sing, I could fuckin' sing.
Sing, you fuck! - Sing this, fucker! - [indistinct] asshole [gunshot] [dark music] Hoo.
[exhales] You killed him.
[breathlessly] Yeah He's the head of the FBI.
In New York, I, uh, I I met Bridget's new boyfriend, Smitty.
Yeah? Yeah, he's he's sick like like Abby was.
So? Ahh.
He introduced me to this woman called Emily Chu.
Emily Chu had the surgery.
She had the surgery that Abby needed.
So what? Well, you were right, Ray.
Emily lived.
She's still fuckin' alive.
[somber music] [whispers] Yeah.
[sighs] [sighs] You can't blame Bridget no more.
I gave Abby the drugs.
What? When Abby died, it was me that gave her the drugs.
The fuck you talking about? I was in the room helping her do it.
It was me.
[exhales sharply] [dark, heavy chords] [exhales, breathes hard] [Camper Van Beethoven's "Pictures of Matchstick Men"] [exhales] When I look up to the sky I see your eyes, a funny kind of yellow Rush home to bed, I soak my head I see your face underneath my pillow I wake next morning, tired, still yawning See your face looking through my window Pictures of matchstick men and you Images of matchstick men and you All's I ever see is them and you