Ray Donovan s05e10 Episode Script

Bob the Builder

1 [RAY] Previously on Ray Donovan People as sad as us shouldn't live so high up.
That surgery was brutal, wasn't it? - I never got the surgery.
- You're in remission.
- Yeah.
- So it worked.
You can't blame Bridget no more.
When Abby died, it was me that gave her the drugs.
I was in the room helpin' her do it.
[THUD] So here's the deal: My movie will be made as Four Leaf, or those security tapes get leaked.
- [MICKEY] You understand me? - [JACKSON] I wanna believe what you're telling me Jay, that Mickey and Daryll Donovan turned this into a murder, and then they blackmailed you I wanna believe that.
- What is these? - One of these'll turn a grass snake into an anaconda.
Two tears in a bucket, motherfuck it.
[WOMEN GIGGLING, WHOOPING] edgy music [NATALIE] Do you wanna come in? [TERRY] No, I'm all right.
Will you give him these? He'll understand.
You want your money back.
You don't wanna ID me.
You gonna fuckin' help me? edgy music Hey! Fuck my wife too, bitch? - [GUNSHOT] - [ACID MAN] That's right! - [GUNSHOT] - Ooh! - What the fuck happened to you? - I got shot.
We gotta get you to a hospital.
No hospitals They're gonna ask questions, Terry.
He wants $2 million and your husband's Oscar.
She's gonna wanna see exactly what you got.
She knows what I got.
edgy music You give this to Tom with this message.
Find the thing you love the most and let it kill you.
No money, no Oscar, no clothes.
[SAM] Tell me again.
It was an electrical cord in a motel room.
- Suicide? - Maybe.
[SIREN WAILING] [POLICE RADIO CHATTER] Natalie? dramatic music [VOICES MUFFLED, ECHOING] somber music [NATALIE] Aah! No! [BOTH GRUNTING] Aah! Ah [STRAINED] He-elp Uhh uhh! somber music [MARTINEZ] Mr.
Donovan? You ready to go downtown? You can ride with me if you like.
I'll drive myself.
[MARTINEZ] That wasn't a question.
I'll have an officer bring you back after.
[SCOFFS] Go fuck yourself.
You don't want this exposure.
Go ahead and release it.
Natalie's dead.
We'll see who comes out on top.
Tom Minor.
What about Tom? He didn't kill himself.
Oh, I think he most certainly did.
Sam I know who did it.
And I know how much you paid them.
edgy music The Studio and the Network.
I want News.
Take it.
I want all of New York.
Pie! We're here! [TERRY] Pie! tense music - [PIE] What happened? - [TERRY] Just give me - a fuckin' hand, will ya? - [BUNCHY MOANS] Ohh ohh [PHONE RINGS] [EXHALES] Yeah? Ray, I am so sorry.
We're all heartbroken here.
It's just senseless.
Such a tragedy.
[SAM] Are you with the police? [INHALES, EXHALES] Yeah.
Have they questioned you officially? - No.
- [SAM] All right, listen, when they do, do not mention Doug Landry.
What? Don't mention Doug or his relationship with Natalie.
Is that clear? [SAM] Ray.
[BUNCHY BREATHING HARD] [EXHALES, PANTING] Can you fix it? I can stop the bleedin', but the bullet [GROANS, WHIMPERS] Ohh He's gonna need a real doctor.
[BUNCHY] No, no, no, no.
No doctors and no cops.
[GROANS] What about Raymond? Just stop the fuckin' bleedin', Pie.
[BUNCHY WHEEZES, MOANS] [INHALES, EXHALES] [MOANS] Ohh [BUNCHY BREATHING HARD] [MARTINEZ] So suspect Robert Heard gained entry into 807 Sunset Towers, that being your apartment, correct? Yeah.
And Natalie James was your guest there, invited in with your permission.
Donovan? [INHALES] Yeah.
- [EXHALES] - Miss James was your guest? Yeah.
She was.
And what was the nature of your relationship with Miss James? Um she was my client.
Do clients often stay in your apartment? She was pregnant.
I'm sorry? Natalie.
She was pregnant.
With Mr.
Heard's child? No.
somber music With yours? Doug Landry.
- Who? - [INHALES] [HEAVY SIGH] He's, um the president of Pacific Pictures.
He's the father.
[DOOR SLAMS] somber music continues [LOW CHATTER] [DR.
BERGSTEIN] With this surgical trial, it puts Sloan Kettering at the forefront of neural oncology.
Our results speak for themselves.
Patient number two.
Emily C.
, hours before her operation.
- Pictured here - [CROWD MURMURS] Three months post-op, in full remission, and expected to make a complete recovery.
[LINE RINGING] [PHONE CHIMES] Bunch? Ray, it's me.
Listen, Bunchy got shot.
- What? - He got shot in the shoulder.
There was some shit with a couple a guys.
He said they stole his settlement money.
- What are you talkin' about? - He needs a doctor, but he won't go to the hospital.
He's afraid of the cops.
220 West Avenue 26th.
I'll meet you there.
Mornin', Pop.
I got you some eggs, but they're probably cold by now.
[DARYLL] I'm starvin'.
You wore yourself out, huh? - What? - See, that's the difference between young dick and old dick.
Young dick is resilient.
Resilience is not my problem.
It's the pills that fuckin' hooker Linda gave me.
This thing's been up - been up all night.
- Pop! Everyone knows you ain't supposed to take that shit they sell at the gas station.
- What shit? - That fake Viagra.
The shit like Cock Maverick and Deep 9.
What was I fuckin' thinkin'? Linda told me it was called Triceratops 5.
It's the same thing, man.
Th-th-they got one called The Up Lifter.
They got a Lotta fuckin' ones.
- The Shape Shifter.
- Ten Inch Experience.
- The Elephant Gun.
- Magical Johnson.
Bob the Builder.
[BOTH LAUGHING] Oh, Jesus fuck.
It hurts.
Go jerk off.
I tried every fucking thing.
It's throbbin'.
It's throbbin' like hell.
You try alternating between hot and cold? Hot and cold.
That works? [MURMURING] I mean, it's a muscle Okay, big fella.
Let's get you some heat.
[SOFT GRUNT] A vet? [SIGHS] Hey, Bunch.
[WEAKLY] Hey, Ray.
Come on, let's get you taken care of.
[RAY] There you go.
- You all right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I'm all right.
LOPEZ] Count backward from 30, and you'll be asleep before you get to one.
Remember my seventh birthday? You two took me to the Public Garden.
I wanted to ride the duck boats.
They were swans.
But I spent all my birthday money gettin' those Klondike bars for each of us.
I remember.
[BUNCHY] I was crying and that sweet black lady with the red hair she let me ride for free.
[BUNCHY] That was a good day.
[DOG WHINING] [CLATTERING] He's gonna need a transfusion.
You know his blood type? Bunchy's A negative.
And you two? I'm B positive.
Ray's A negative.
You sure? Okay, Ray.
I'll get you set up in the waiting room.
solemn music [TERRY] You know Mom was B positive too? And Bridget was O negative.
When Mom got sick, she made me learn all these weird details about all of you.
Pop, how you makin' out? [BLOW DRYER STOPS] It's, uh it's crampin' up.
It's clenched like a fist.
Uh Y-yeah, I dunno, Pop.
I-it says that this this is a medical emergency.
and and it I mean, it mentions gangrene.
- Oh.
- Fuck me! Well, you gotta pay for the good times, I guess.
Ah shit.
What? I think you'd better drive me to Urgent Care.
Let me go get dressed.
Yeah, me too.
I'll put something on.
Hey, kid.
Ya all right? [WEAKLY] Yeah.
Jesus, what a mess.
Come on.
Let's take ya home.
I'm not goin' home.
What? I'm going to get my money.
Bunch I'm going to get my fuckin' money.
[SMALL LAUGH] - Help me? - You just had a bullet taken outta your shoulder, Bunch.
So fuckin' what? I'll be all right.
It's just money.
It's just money, Terry? [SMALL LAUGH] It's just money.
It's $1.
2 million.
You know how long I had to wait for that fuckin' money.
It's my fuckin' settlement money, Terry.
- I know.
- No! You don't know.
You fought 'em off.
I had to stand up in front of everybody and tell 'em what happened to me.
[BUNCHY] That money's, uh money's everything I got, fellas.
[SCOFFS, LAUGHS] It's the only thing I have to give my family a shot.
I can't fuckin' lose it.
Sure, Bunch.
Let's go.
- I'm comin' with ya.
- [RAY] No, you're not.
I'm his brother.
What the fuck's that got to do with it? [BUNCHY] Hey, what is it with you two? [SCOFFS] Fuck! You're both comin' with me or I'm goin' the fuck alone.
Well, funding isn't really the issue.
BERGSTEIN] What we really need is to get the FDA to fast-track round two and three.
We have had such success with round one that we wanna continue the momentum.
We found that if we can keep going, move on to another set of patients Hi.
I'm Bridget.
- Hello.
- Jake Smith is my boyfriend.
- [BRIDGET] Smitty.
- Oh, God, yes! Of course! How's he doing? Yeah.
You need to give him the surgery.
Bridget, as I was just telling my colleagues, the the trial is governed by strict protocols He's dying.
He'll be dead soon.
You and I need to make an appointment so that we can - discuss this in private.
- Ma make an appointment? He's dying! I like Smitty.
I really do.
Let's hope that he's still eligible and selected for the next round.
Selected? This isn't a fucking game! I know.
BERGSTEIN] I'm sorry.
There's nothing that I can do.
There is something you can do.
There's something she can fucking do! [SIGHS] 'Scuse me.
[TERRY] Yeah, hey, kid, I, uh, I managed to book the red-eye out tonight, so [STAMMERS] if you need anything, just gimme a call.
Um keep workin' with Punch.
Lights out at ten.
Steak and eggs for dinner, and go easy on the carbs.
soft music [DARYLL LAUGHS] Why do you keep carrying that thing around with you? What thing? Script.
It's Mister Lucky now.
Number one I gotta cover my dick with somethin'.
[DARRYL SNICKERING] [CONTINUES CHUCKLING] Number two I called Jay last night and, uh, I switched back.
I'm making Four Leaf.
Wait a minute, y-you Wait, you what? Real simple I told him the shit script ain't gonna fly.
We're doin' my script the way I wrote it.
End of story.
Pop, we have a good thing going on right now, okay? Why you gotta screw it up? Daryll, either get in line, or say sayonara to your big movie producing career.
Hey, fuck you, Mickey! No one fucks me.
I'm the one that's got the security tapes.
I tell Jay to make a movie about two pigs jerking off in January, he's gonna do it.
[QUIETLY] Oh, God! Pop, Pop, you took their money, okay? You agreed to do it.
I didn't cash the check, did I? But I'm gonna.
It's hardship pay for what they put me through.
[SIGHS] D-di-did you even read it? Mister Lucky? Huh? I mean, it's actually a damn good script, Pop.
I read e-fuckin'-nough.
It's a lie.
Look, let me Let me make it easy for ya.
It's it's like takin' a story about a a buncha dagos and, uh, filmin' it with spics.
Does that help? Uh hello, Mickey.
That's Scarface, ' Kay? Th-they moved to, uh, Miami with Cubans.
Ya know you're right.
I never thought of that.
Al Pacino's no spic.
- [SIGHING] - You're pretty clever about - this movie business shit.
What up, my guy? - Daryll, how's it goin'? - Oh, man, I'm good, man.
- [SMALL LAUGH] All good.
- [WOMAN] Mickey Donovan? - You ready? - Jay, ho-hold one second.
Pop, go do your thing.
I'ma be right here.
The Four Leaf.
Back me up.
Which way to the dick doctor? - [MICKEY] Huh? - [DARYLL] Hey Jay, my bad, man.
Uh you still there? - Yep.
- You know, me and my father was just talking about Triple A's script.
[LAUGHING] Man, yo, that shit is dope! Don't lie to me.
I got a call from your old man last night he threatened to release the tapes.
tense music Jay, let me let me just say, uh, I had no idea that my father was gonna play that card, okay? 'Cause I-I spoke to him, all right? We both we're fully committed to Mister Lucky.
- True story.
- Well, I appreciate that, but listen you and me gotta talk about this in person.
Make sure it doesn't happen again.
Uh, okay, cool.
Yeah, man, for sure.
My office.
[DARYLL] Uh, y-yeah, yeah, right now, uh No problem.
I'm on the way.
[RATTLING] You gonna tell me what happened to your nose? Yeah.
It don't matter, Bunch.
Ray hit ya? Why? - I said it don't matter.
- Fuck you, it don't matter! Your brother hit ya.
Why'd he hit ya? [EXHALES] 'Cause of Abby.
What about Abby? 'Cause [SIGHS] Bunch the night she died I took her home from the bar opening.
I helped her do it.
I was there.
With the pills.
I helped her do it, because she knew Ray wouldn't.
RUBINSTEIN] Therapeutic aspiration.
We'll inject the needle into the side of your penis and draw the blood directly from the cavernosa.
Aw, shit.
Why didn't I think of that? Let me ask you a question.
What goes on in Urgent Care stays in Urgent Care, right? Of course.
So why don't you, uh, lock that door, hop on, and take a ride? You're an interesting man.
I'm no prude.
It's never gonna be this big again.
We might as well take advantage of it.
I'm a married woman, Mr.
Well suit yourself.
There he goes.
[GROANS] Go Aw [RAY] Wait here.
Both of you.
[COCKS GUN] lightly suspenseful music [DOOR OPENS] tense music [UNHURRIED FOOTSTEPS] Jesus fucking Christ! What are you doin', Bunch? - It's my fuckin' money, Ray.
- Told you to stay in the car! I know this place! - I've been here before.
- All right, all right! [TERRY] What now? [BREATHING HARD] Let's toss the place and get outta here.
Where's Ray? I dunno.
- You keep lookin' here.
- All right.
Aah! Ohh-ohh-ah! [BOTH GROANING] Uhh aah! Aah! [CRACK] Ohh! dark music [FLIES BUZZING] tense music Feeling better, Mr.
Donovan? Yeah.
My pipe is drained.
Where's my son? - Your son? - Good-lookin' black fella, he was on the phone when I went in before? I'm pretty sure he left.
- Thanks, sweetie.
- Sure.
Coconut water.
So how is it? Ahh.
It's, uh, delicious.
- Thanks.
- [CHUCKLES] So We can make Four Leaf.
- Okay? - Jay, listen, okay? You can relax, all right? 'Cause me and you we on the same page.
All right? Mister Lucky is where it's at.
Okay? I mean, it's the bomb-dizzle for shizzle, man Shut the fuck up.
Now, we both know the only reason I'd make Four Leaf is 'cause your racist-ass father is blackmailing me.
Right? - [LOUDER] Right? - Yeah.
Which is fucking crazy, because Sensei's death was an accident! If you recall, I didn't want Mickey chopping him up, dumping him in the ocean like a piece of garbage.
I know.
- Do you? - Yeah.
Because I remember trying to call my lawyer and you ripping my fucking phone outta my hand, - threatening me.
- Okay, listen, Jay So how the fuck am I supposed to trust you? A'ight.
First of all, I'm s I'm sorry all right? But this right here is a situation that we can work out.
- I need your word, D.
- And I'm tellin' you, man.
Okay? I got you.
Those tapes will not see the light of day.
I put that on my mother.
You bet your ass they won't.
[JACKSON] Hi there, Daryll.
Jackson Holt, Los Angeles District Attorney.
- The fuck? - [JACKSON] No need to panic.
Just wanna talk see if you can't answer some questions about your father.
soft, dramatic music [KNOCK ON DOOR] - Doug? - Not now, Diane.
I'm sorry, this can't wait.
My name is Veronica Martinez with the LAPD.
- [DOOR CLOSES] - Yeah? I was wondering if you can answer some questions.
About? Your relationship with Natalie James.
[SIGHS] Sure.
How do you get a nun pregnant? Dress her up like a man.
Altar boy.
What? [SIGHS] How do you get a nun pregnant? You dress her up like an altar boy.
That's what I meant.
[BUNCHY] Teresa's back.
You know when Mom was still alive after we'd be fightin' and and I'd be cryin' and mopin' around or whatever? You know what she always said to me? Nobody in this world's gonna know you longer than your brothers and sister.
Nobody else in this life will know you from the day you were born until the day you die.
[QUIETLY] Don't forget that.
solemn music [BUNCHY] Hi.
[ENGINE TURNS] And did you have an appointment? No, but I'm the writer of Jay White's next motion picture.
All right, I'll call their offices.
Yeah, you do that.
[SIGHS] [GUARD] I have a gentleman here at Gate 1, Michael Donovan? There's no drive-on for him.
Uh, yeah, thank you.
[PHONE CHIMING] - Daryll? - [DARYLL] Where are you? I'm at the gate of the studio.
You're not stabbin' me in the back again, are ya? [DARYLL] You need to get outta here.
Just tell me what the hell is goin' on.
[DARYLL] Mick, get outta here.
[GUARD] I'm sorry, Mr.
Your request for a drive-on has been denied.
Denied? [GUARD] You can go ahead and circle around to exit.
What the hell is goin' on, Daryll? When Mom got sick you had to start protecting everyone, controlling everything.
And that's why I did what I did with Abby.
'Cause I knew you could never let her go.
Raymond? Ra Raymond! Stop, you fucking stubborn fuck! Come on.
What you did back there, killin' that guy doesn't change a thing, Terry.
[SOFT BUZZER] soft dramatic music You have to help him.
You have to.
Okay, how? - How what? - How are you gonna help him? You need to put the gun down first.
Sit down.
[PANTING LIGHTLY] You seem like a a nice girl, and knowing Smitty, I'm I'm guessing I'm guessing that I'm right.
dark music So, please, put the gun away.
Not until you agree.
Not until [SOBS] you tell me how.
[WHISPERS] I can't I can't lose another person.
[EXHALES] Not him.
He's all I've got.
I hear you.
I really do.
[SOBBING] Please please Do something.
I ca - I will.
I - [BRIDGET SOBS] Just [SHAKY BREATH] Just hand me the gun.
It's gonna be okay.
I promise.
Come on, sweetheart.
dark, emotional music [SOBBING] [GROANS] [CLICK] [TV TURNS ON] [WOMAN] I searched her credit history to see if that you know [MAN] What worries me about dense jungle is that it limits our visibility.
[WOMAN ONE] Look at that sparkle.
See how gorgeous this shines on Denise's skin.
[WOMAN TWO] And the pear-shaped sapphires, they are casual enough for everyday wear or sophisticated enough for a night on the town.
[WOMAN ONE] Mmm! I need a night on the town, girl! - Don't we all? - Absolutely stunning.
Now, if you feel like the pear-shaped sapphires are a little too dressy for you, we are offering item number - 47954 - [GROANS] This is our round sapphire, eye clean solid red diamond and white gold bracelet as well.
Again, you do have a choice of any of the four bracelets, all in white gold, which is my personal favorite.
dramatic music [OFFICER] Watch your legs.
, huh? And you were taped? Pop, look [SIGHING] Like like this this whole thing is just all messed up.
I been through worse.
Yeah, we shoulda never chopped Sensei up.
Risk, reward, Daryll.
And Jay knows it too.
He's just experiencing some growin' pains.
We'll make our picture.
And Jay will find his way through it, one way or another.
Pop, this this fucking D.
Holt, he He's got a hard-on for you, man.
He wanted me to wear a wire.
'Course he did.
Just remember no body, no crime.
No problem, right? It's not like we killed the poor bastard.
A big movie star did that.
And then he begged us to clean it up.
You wearin' a fuckin' wire, Daryll? What No! Gonna testify against me? Jesus, Mickey, no! Because I would never do that.
You're my flesh and blood.
And my producin' partner right? Right.
Hey, come here.
Come here.
dark music I said I'm not wearin' a wire, fucker! Good.
Go to bed.
Tomorrow things will look rosier.
[WOMAN ONE] Whether you want to feel like a movie star or maybe aha a princess [WOMAN TWO] Me! [LAUGHS] [WOMAN ONE] She is a princess such a princess.
[WOMAN LAUGHS] These bracelets are timeless.
[DOOR OPENS] They are regal.
Princess Diana had a sapphire in her engagement ring.
[WOMEN CONTINUE IN BACKGROUND] The fuck are you doing here? - More bracelets to choose - Hello, Ray.
[WOMAN CONTINUES ON TV] How'd you find me? Come on.
You look like you've had a rough day.
[WOMAN CONTINUES ON TV] What do you want? We need to talk.
- [RAY] What? - Like a monk.
[THUNK] I know what monastic means, for fuck's sake.
I thought you liked me.
- [SCOFFS] - [LIQUOR POURS] What, you think that's funny? [GROANS] [EXHALES] Why're you here? You walked into the police and named Landry just to spite me.
I'm not lyin' for him.
No, you're supposed to be lying for me.
Look Doug and I had a deal.
We had an understanding.
I'd already agreed to give him half.
Half of my company.
All my holdings film, television, the L.
offices, and now now he wants everything.
So what do you want from me? To start dark music I want you to kill him.
Fuck you.
Yesterday, you were more than willing to take care of anything for me.
Yeah, well, yesterday there wasn't a dead girl in my apartment.
Name your price.
I'm done.
Done with all of it.
- I'm not.
- What the hell's - that supposed to mean? - Exactly what I said.
I'm not done.
I gave you a job, Ray [SOFTLY] and I expect you to do it.
[WOMAN ONE] Princess Diana had a sapphire in her engagement ring, and, you know, Kate Middleton does as well.
Very, very pretty.
Again, we have four bracelets to choose from.
We are offering them on FlexPay tonight during the Sapphire Power Hour.
And if you spend more than $100 with us tonight, you are getting free shipping and handling.
Only 200 bracelets remain each - [GROANS] - Get on the phone.
Again, six easy payments of 69.
99, and they can be yours.
Operators are standing by, so make the call Again, we have four bracelets to choose from The Yawpers' "Doing it Right" playing She walks in and you make room You're never really ready But it's what you gotta do It'll all be over before too soon She walks in and you make room No silver-tongued man can inherit the earth It's the callus on your fingers Not the glory of birth You've put all of your faith In the wrong sense of worth No silver-tongued man Can inherit the earth Every man needs something to be But if he does it blindly, he's nothing to see The meanest, hardest, ugliest struggle Ah, doin' it right Hey Oh Now get it