Ray Donovan s05e11 Episode Script


1 somber music [Ray] Previously on Ray Donovan [Terry] Now you listen to me, Raymond.
You can't save everyone.
You can't.
It was what she fucking wanted.
It was her choice, not yours.
dramatic music You have to help him.
You have to.
[Bridget] I can't lose another person.
Not him.
He's all I've got.
I want you to put my father away.
What? I kill Avi.
You put Mickey away for Primm.
I'm gonna need you to put your hands - behind your back, Mick.
- What're you doing, Frank? Sing, you fuck! - Sing this, fucker! - What are you doing, asshole? [gunshot] You killed him.
He's the head of the FBI.
dramatic music Hey, fuck my wife too, bitch? [gunshots] Stealin' my shit - Drive, drive! - [gunshots] - [glass shatters] - Ah! You left the boy when he was 13, and now he's got a chance at the big time, you're coming out the woodwork.
I'm his father.
[Ray] I'm done.
Done with all of it.
I'm not.
[Sam] Doug and I had a deal.
I want you to kill him.
Fuck you.
[Australian accent] I am going to show you a miracle.
Now, the reason our little nifty miracle range is so incredible is Oh, you trust me, right, Sarah? [Australian accent] Buy a girl a drink first, Chef Dave.
[laughter] Ha ha ha.
No worries, love.
No funny business.
I want you to put your hand right on top of this cook-top.
Do I look stupid? No, no.
I think we should get someone from the audience.
- What do you guys think, yes? - Eh? [Sarah] Come on, then.
[Chef Dave] Someone from the audience.
Who shall we pick one victim? - Oh, I mean - Come on down! What about you, sir? - [Chef Dave] There he is.
- What? - [Sarah] To the left.
- [Chef Dave] Dashing.
- Who me? - [Sarah] Give him a round - of applause.
- [Chef Dave] Dashing young man.
All right.
I'd be happy to, doll.
- [Chef Dave] There he is.
- [Sarah] Come on down, darling.
On you go.
- [Ray-Mick, laughs] All right.
- [Chef Dave] There he is.
- [laughter] - Big fan, big fan.
- Rick Donovan.
- Thank you, thank you.
And you my love.
[crowd exclaiming] [woman] Again, we have four bracelets to choose from.
- [woman] We have - [Sarah] This reminds me - of my Uncle Tobiath - Ooh! When he used to molest me.
[Chef Dave] Oh! You know what time it is now! - [clown laughing] - circus music [Chef Dave] Hey, Uncle Tobiath! - circus music plays - [horn toots] [Chef Dave] There he is! Hidey-ho, neighbor.
[horn toots] [Chef Dave laughing] [Chef Dave] Uncle Tobiath! - [honk] - [audience] Oh! [squeak, squeak] [Chef Dave] Uncle Tobiath, what are you doing? Oh ha ha! Oh whoo! Oh, all right, yeah! Well [sighs] Ah Are you ready to try our little miracle device? Touch it.
[Sarah] Touch it! [Chef Dave] Put your hand right there.
Touch it, touch it! [Sarah] Touch it, touch it! - [rhythmic clapping] - [all chanting] Touch it, - touch it, touch it - [woman] Touch it! - [rhythmic clapping] - Touch it, touch it - touch it, touch it - [Sarah] Touch it - [Maureen] Ray.
- [rhythmic clapping] Ray.
Ray! - Get up.
- What? Bridget got arrested.
In New York? No, she's downtown.
[stammers] W-what happened? Bridget's in jail! What's goin' on? Assault with a firearm, Ray.
Attempted extortion.
Breaking and entering, false What the fuck are you talking about? Bridget.
I'm gonna keep her out of processing for a couple hours.
You need to get downtown.
Jesus Christ.
[background chatter] - How is she? - She's scared.
If this goes to shit, she could go to state prison for three years.
Any sign of Barnes? No, the guy disappeared.
[softly] Fuck.
[door closes] - [Bridget exhales] - You okay? Yeah.
All right.
Sit down.
Sweetheart, it's important you don't talk to anybody except Lee Drexler and Lena, all right? I know you're scared, but I'm gonna take care of this.
I promise I'm gonna get you out.
I'm not scared.
I didn't have a choice.
You know, he's gonna die.
Who's gonna die? Smitty.
Sweetheart, I want to talk to you about Look, I need you to get me to him, okay? I need to see him.
Can you do that? Can you get me to him right now, please? You gotta keep it together in here, Bridge.
It's important.
I'm fine.
Don't worry about me.
I'm gonna get you out.
I promise.
Hey I love you.
Okay, Pop, you've been to jail, all right? I haven't.
Like, and that DA? Yo, that nigga scares me, man.
Like, he he he's like a weird motherfucking cat, but a scary one.
Calm down.
I am calm, okay? How about you act nervous? Like, what are you doing over there? Are you choppin' up vegetables? The tomato is a fruit.
I I can't.
Settle down.
I'm making dinner for Linda.
Who? That hooker from the other night.
You're ma wait a minute, wait a minute.
Ain't your dick sore? It is, but, uh I can still be there for her.
[sucks teeth] - [chuckles softly] - [scoffs] Okay.
If there was a real problem, we'd be in jail.
We'll worry when we have to.
Have some.
Don't say I never gave you nothing.
It's hydroponic.
They grow it different.
They don't make it in the dirt.
[sucks teeth] It's scientific shit.
[Teresa] Steak for breakfast's gonna heal you up.
Does it hurt? Yeah, some.
I like it.
Yeah? Yeah.
It's gonna make a sexy scar.
You're not mad? Why? You got robbed at gunpoint.
No, I'm not mad.
You love me, right? [chuckles] Yeah, of course I do.
Why? I don't know.
I just missed you.
Well, we're here now, right? So how do you wanna do this? Bloody.
Bloody it is.
[meat sizzling] Excuse me, Dr.
Bergstein? I just need a minute of your time.
- I have a presentation.
- Yeah, I was hoping you could talk to the D.
, maybe have him drop the charges against my daughter.
- Absolutely not.
- She lost her mother this year.
You know that.
You know us.
And I'm sorry for her loss and yours.
Then help us.
Your daughter held me at gunpoint, Mr.
You need to take a closer look at what's really going on.
dramatic music [line trilling] [Frank] This is Frank Barnes.
Leave a message.
[beep] Coke and fries.
Thank you.
So what exactly is gonna happen? We're gonna get you outta here.
Then, when I leave this room, what's gonna happen? They have to book you.
Oh, God.
Hey, I've been through it a dozen times.
It's not that bad.
What am I gonna have to do? They're gonna take your picture and prints.
And they'll swab the inside of your mouth.
- I feel like an animal.
- Mm-mm.
[cup thunks down] That's what they want you to feel.
You'll be fine.
What else? Uh, they're gonna take your clothes, and they're gonna give you this they're like scrubs.
Are they gonna do a? Yeah.
It'll be fast.
I'm assuming they're gonna take you to general holding.
- [softly] Okay.
- Just keep your head down and stay quiet.
I'm guessing this is gonna be ten hours, total.
You can do ten hours, right? You can stand on your fucking head for ten hours.
[small laugh] Not a big deal.
And your dad's not gonna stop until he gets you out anyway.
I know.
We got you, all right? dark music Okay.
[exhales] What the fuck? Hey, Kyle.
dark music What do you want? Frank Barnes.
He's on assignment in Mexico.
Yeah? Call him.
We can't just call him.
Where is he, Kyle? You want me to have you arrested? Look at you.
Look at this place.
Is that a Zegna suit you're wearing there, Kyle? Huh? Four years with Frank, and you're living on the West side, huh? How do you explain that on an agent's salary? Look, the fucking guy's missing, all right? Department of Justice is looking at it, so everyone thinks it's a homicide investigation.
When's the last time you saw him? Four days ago.
tense music [woman] So which came first? An age-old question.
Now, this particular egg is not a special egg.
Although now that I've said that out loud, I feel a little guilty about it.
I'm sorry, my friend.
We're all unique in our own special ways.
I mean, I can't be made into a creamy béarnaise sauce, but you can.
That's good for you.
It's great for me [continues indistinctly] Jesus Christ, give me my fucking hat.
Get out of here, you fucking asshole.
Give me my fucking phone.
Give me the Fucking lunatic.
- [horn tooting] - Yeah.
That's a good way to fucking die, asshole.
Yeah, boy, ooh.
That's that speed.
Yo, D, D.
Yo, what happened to your face, man? - What the fuck's he doing here? - I flew him out.
I ain't know what was going on with you.
Yeah, why'd you do that? You haven't really been around, Terry.
You've been in and out.
Even that weekend in Vegas.
Vegas was a fucking year ago.
You still weren't there the night before my fight, though.
Look, man, my dad he's trying to be here for me.
Yeah? When were you trying to be there for him when he was homeless on the street corner selling fucking cigarettes? I was high or in jail.
But I'm a year and nine days sober.
Oh, whoop-de-fucking-do.
Trying to spend some time with my kid.
Can't we just have him be part of the team, Ter? If he's in, I'm out.
And all the money in this place here too that's out.
No, no, I'm not having that.
- Come on, Ter.
- I'm gonna go, D.
We'll get dinner later.
You're looking good, boy.
Protect that head.
I love you.
You're fucking cold.
So this is how it is now, huh? Yeah, this is how it is.
We start up again tonight at 6:00.
Two sessions a day.
Back to basics, back to regular.
No fucking deadbeats.
Just you and me, understood? Understood? Yeah.
Where's Mick? Hey, listen I'm glad you're here.
I know what I wanna do with my money.
Yeah? What do you wanna do with your money? I wanna buy the bar.
[sighs] No.
What do you mean, no? Is Mick here or not? [door opens] I'm right here.
What's the problem? Where's Frank Barnes? Well, the last time I knew, you were dealing with him.
Don't fucking lie to me.
What'd you do? Why do you need him so bad? Bridget.
Bridget? W-what's what's he got to do with Bridget? - She's in jail.
- What? What for? She stole a gun and went after some doctor.
I need Frank to fix it.
Well, you're gonna need a different plan.
Yeah? Why's that, Mickey? Raymond, that cocksucker tried to arrest me.
So did you kill him? Huh? Is that what happened? I can't go into the details, but, uh You can't get into details.
[chuckles] Your own fucking granddaughter's in jail, and you can't get into the fucking details? - Just calm just calm down.
- What'd you do? - Calm down.
- What'd you fucking do? You have to kill me, Raymond.
Oof! What'd you do, Mick? Give me some ice for this, will you? Shit.
[tires squealing] eerie music [phone rings] Yo.
Where are ya? [Daryll] Work.
Ray's gonna come looking for you.
For what? It's about Frank Barnes.
[Mickey] Bridget got into trouble.
Ray needs Barnes.
He thinks I killed him.
Well, why would he think that? Don't talk to him.
edgy music Bridge, they're gonna process you now.
Can you do me a favor? [speaking softly] What do you need? soft music Sit down.
Frank Barnes is missing.
You know anything about it? What if I do? Why don't you tell me? What do you think it means to be a man? Hmm? I always thought it meant you take care of your family.
You're in deep shit, aren't ya? You're in way over your head.
Why don't you tell me what happened.
Let me help.
Help how? Let me worry about that.
No, help how, Ray? I'd give 'em Avi.
Wait, I Th I thought Avi was dead.
He's not.
Tell me about Barnes.
[softly] I shot him.
He was he was gonna arrest Mickey, and I killed him, Ray.
All right.
[inhales, exhales] I'll take care of it.
Wait, w-what are you gonna do? Where's the body? Hey.
Y-you gotta give me your word that it's not gonna come back to touch us.
Where's the body, Daryll? I have to ask you a personal question.
Do you have a dad? - Yes.
- Okay, good.
Not everybody has a dad.
We cannot take that for granted.
Now what I want you to do is concentrate very clearly on your dad's first name.
Can you do that for me? - Yeah.
- Are you concentrating? - Yep.
- Good.
You, sir.
Would you participate with me real quick? - No.
- I just need you to do me a favor.
It's real easy.
Just take that piece of paper out of your mouth.
mysterious music Now is your dad's name Michael? [volunteer] No fucking way.
Are you fucking kidding me? That's crazy.
[laughing] - Wow.
- Thank you very much.
Thank you.
I'll be here all day.
I'll be here all week.
This is my job.
- Want a peanut? - No, I'm good.
- [chatter continues] - [phone chiming] - [Terry] Yeah.
- Uh, Terry? Uh Bridget needs a favor.
- No.
- The FBI's saying Frank Barnes has been on special assignment for the past four days.
He's not.
He's dead.
In over his head on a drug deal.
Why do you know that? I can tell you where the body is, and I can tell you who killed him.
My daughter got arrested.
I need the charges dropped.
What'd she do? Possession of a firearm.
Breaking and entering.
Aggravated assault.
[scoffs] You wanna bring me to Frank's body, we can do that at an appropriate time, and then we can talk about getting your daughter out.
Fuck you.
Hold on.
Get me the body, tell me who did it, and I'll let your daughter out.
And I'm gonna need a murder weapon, Ray.
All right, you can rinse.
[panting] [knocking on door] [knocking] - [groans] - [knocking] Give me a minute.
Hey, kid.
It's, uh it's weird that she'd go to LA and not even tell me.
Oh, it's a family thing.
She'll be in and out.
Well, what family thing? Wh It's a thing with her brother and his military school.
It's some honor thing they're giving him.
Um thank you.
I, uh, I-I don't know, but, um bu but thank you.
So somebody beat you up for some reason? Now you're here lying to a dying man, hmm? Does that help? [inhales, exhales] Well, it doesn't hurt.
Can I? [laughs] Yeah, of course.
[coughing] [coughing] Can I put on some music? Yeah.
She's okay though, right? Oh, yeah, yeah, she's fine.
gentle guitar music No, but then you burned her on her face too, then on her sides.
Yeah, that's right.
Then I burned her on her sides, but it's not like It's not like we didn't keep going back in And telling her, "Hey, hey, if you just tell us where the fucking car is" Right? [Terry] Bridget, uh, tracked down the cancer doctor.
music continues She she stole Ray's gun, her dad's gun, and she went to the doctor to try to make her do the operation on you, but she got arrested, and she's in jail in LA.
- Oh, fuck.
- Yeah.
Yeah, but don't worry, 'Cause Well, you remember how Ray he almost killed you to get Bridget's mom onto that cancer trial? - Yeah.
- Yeah, well, Ray loves Bridget even more.
So thousand bucks she'll be here with you tomorrow in this room.
Thousand bucks.
I can't believe she did that.
Yeah, a good woman? She changes everything.
I wish I was as lucky as you.
- You know what I mean.
- Yeah.
She didn't have to tell anybody that was us though.
She didn't.
- Dumb bitch.
- Dumb bitch.
Crying for her daddy.
Yeah, that's right.
Daddy, Daddy! [woman] I've lost my soul [gagging] Now the devil won't make a deal But there's a six foot hole Waiting for me In potter's field somber music Hey, Bunch.
[Bunchy] Hey, Mick.
What's going on with Bridge? Working on it.
Frank Barnes was a son of a bitch.
[Mickey] A cancer on this family.
So whatcha gonna do about Bridget? I said I'm working on it.
What did you do? [Ray] Giving 'em Avi.
[Mickey] Oh, Avi still with us? South America.
And you're framing him for murder.
She'll be out by the end of the day.
Just last night, I dreamt I was walking the dog at Fenway during the game, right in the field, and bam! Baseball hit me right in the face.
Right here too, right here.
- Yeah? - Ha.
You know who you looked like earlier? Who's that? My father.
Michael Donovan, senior.
[Mickey] I wish you'd met him.
Nine fingers.
Yeah, nine fingers.
[Mickey] Lost this one in a knife fight at age 11.
He was the meanest person I ever knew.
dark music Here's to your pop.
I gotta go.
Good night, son.
Good night, Mick.
[door closes] tense music [soft groaning, breathing hard] [siren wails] [phone buzzes] [Smitty whimpers, groans] [emergency vehicle radio chatter] Hey, can you take me to the airport? I need to get back to New York.
Let me take you in the morning.
You can either drive me, or I'm gonna get a lift.
It's your call.
If Abby was here, she'd want you to have it.
Oh, if Abby was here, she'd be fucking runnin' it.
You know what? Fuck it.
I mean, I liked the idea because you liked it, but really I'm relieved.
Lot of fucking work.
All right, me too.
- Yeah? - Yeah.
It's not important.
We'll find something else, right? Mm-hmm.
Only thing that's important is right here, right now.
What's the matter, baby? Mm I [sniffles] I have to tell you something.
What is it, baby? Hey, what is it? I slept with someone.
You what? [whispers] You what? What do you mean? [sniffling] On tour I slept with someone.
You slept with someone else? Are you fucking kidding me? Fucking Zorro Astuto? You fucking slept with the sly fox? I didn't know him.
It was just some guy that came to the show.
[crying] Just were you were you fucking drunk? I'm sorry.
You were gone for a few fucking days.
Just some guy who came to the show? I'm sorry, I fucked up.
I'm so sorry.
Are you fucking kidding me? I'm sorry! I'm sorry, I'm so sorry, Brendan.
- [baby crying] - Let me get her.
- No! - I'll get her, I'll get her.
- Please, no, please.
- Brendan, Brendan [baby crying] somber music [woman] Learn more about TSA pre-check at TSA.
Are you gonna tell me how you got hurt? I fell.
You fell? I fell.
[chuckles] All right, well, thank you.
Don't go.
I have to.
You hardly know the guy.
You you're right, and I'll never get to know him.
- Bridge.
- Because he's dying.
All right.
I'm sorry, okay? I'm [sighs] I'm sorry for everything.
For what you did.
Yeah, for what I did.
What's the fucking point, Bridge? - What? - Think about it.
You find a guy with the same cancer as your mom, you start dating him, I mean, come on, what's that about? I fell in love with him.
- Jesus.
- You don't have to do this.
You don't have to go through it all over again with someone you don't even know.
It's not your fault.
You think I don't fucking know that? - I - I love him, all right? You're not the only one who knows what fucking love is.
- Sweetheart - What i what is this, anyways? And since when do you have some kind of insight into the, like, human condition.
Are you fucking kidding me right now? - [knocking] - That's not what I - Drop off only.
- Back off.
- I'll loop around.
- No, I'm getting out.
- Don't! - We're not done yet.
Fine, all right, I want you to tell me that you didn't sleep with Natalie James when Mom was dying.
- Huh? - You heard me.
Where'd you get that? All right, if that's how you want to play this, fine.
I don't blame myself for what happened with Mom.
You shouldn't that's not Let me finish.
I don't blame Uncle Terry either.
I blame you.
I blame God, who's clearly a fucking prick.
And I blame you.
And you know what I'm gonna do now? I'm gonna go back to New York, to my boyfriend, to watch him die, and I'm gonna hold his hand while he dies because that is what a decent person does.
So you better stop the fucking car, or I'll get out while we're moving.
somber music [Mickey] All right.
Hey, you're gonna spoil your appetite.
[giggles] No, I won't.
Mm, mm, that is good, baby.
All right, come on, let's go.
- Soup's up.
- Huh? Knock that off.
Come on over.
Turn the television set off.
Oh, it's a good fight.
We're gonna have a nice little civilized meal here.
Yeah, a little family affair, huh? Like an Oreo cookie.
Oh, Jesus, here we go.
[laughs] Yeah, see he's sensitive because he's a racist.
- Oh, God.
- You two always talk like this? A little.
We say this, we say that.
- [knocking] - For my beautiful Who's that? - Let's see - [knocking] Here.
Just a a salesman probably.
[knocking] - Ignore it.
- No, Pop, let me get that.
[knocking] Is that enough for you? [Mickey] 'Cause you're a growing girl.
- [man] Open up! - Hello? - Police! - Oh, shit! - Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Step back! - Michael Donovan? - What the fuck? [yelling] What are you doing in my fucking house? What's the charge, you assholes? This is a country with fucking laws! - Call Ray.
- Come on, come on! [Mickey] Who the fuck are you? - [dogs barking] - [overlapping shouting] Fuck.
Close your eyes with what's not there Fade into you Strange you never knew - [click] - [music stops] [dog faintly barking] Sláinte.
You gave 'em Mick.
Ray, what did he ever do to you, huh? D-d-did he burn you with cigarettes? Did he beat you with a tree branch? Huh, what? [laughing] Where's the gun, Daryll? I ain't found it yet.
Oh, you didn't find it, okay.
Here's what's gonna happen.
You're gonna get me that gun.
Then you're gonna go down to Lost Hills sheriff station, and you're gonna tell them that Mickey Donovan shot Frank Barnes.
You're gonna tell them you know this because you saw it.
Then, you're gonna get back in your car, and you're gonna drive home, and you're gonna go to sleep.
It's that simple.
You follow me? I don't know what Mickey did to you But, whatever it was, [exhales] it sure as hell fucked you up.
[bubbling] somber music [gasps] [buzzer blares] [line trills] [woman] These are so elegant, so classic.
And again, you can dress them up or dress them down.
Now, rubies are the July birthstone, so Yeah? Hello there.
Hey, Mick, how are you? I'm using this one call from here.
Using it on you.
[Ray] Yeah? Can I ask you something? Sure.
Did you send Barnes to arrest me? Tell me.
Tell me the truth.
Of course I did.
That all you need, Mick? No, one more thing.
What's that? You fucked me for the last time.
I'm gonna get you, Raymond.
ominous music That's it, Donovan, let's go.
[woman] And that means six easy payments and any of these are coming home with you.
Now, I want to make sure that you guys see the emerald-cut ring again.
This one is very low in quantity When the real holds you down Wait, wait That don't sound right Just wait one second That don't sound right When the real holds you down You're supposed to drown, right? When the real holds you down You're supposed to drown, right? Wait, wait That don't sound right Just wait one second That don't I was high, and I was starting To lose focus And I stumbled in the water I was trippin', I was chokin' Saying I can't breathe Yeah, I can't breathe Started floatin' way out in the open 'Fore I knew it, I was driftin' In the middle of the ocean Saying I can't breathe Yeah, I can't breathe Started wailin', started flailin' I was splashing, waves crashing all around me Felt the passion of the water Saying I can't breathe Yeah, I can't breathe When the real holds you down You're supposed to drown, right? When the real holds you down You're supposed to drown, right? Wait, wait That don't sound right Just wait one second That don't sound right When the real holds you down You're supposed to drown, right? When the real holds you down