Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series (2022) s01e03 Episode Script

Episode 3

[chill pop music playing]
- I mean, moving to London would be cool.
- It would be so cool!
- All those theaters and galleries.
- Yeah
- [phone chimes]
- Oh, it's Mom.
Oh, like, seriously, I haven't
even been offered a place yet
- and she's already designing my dorm.
- Because she knows you'll get in!
Yeah, it's a no-brainer.
It just feels a bit scary,
moving to another city.
Hey, I was scared when I moved here.
Then I met you two.
Look at us now.
I won't have you two.
So Ms. Carson called my parents
and insisted the Tannoy announcement
was a prank.
[scoffs] That's my darling aunt for you,
with her nothing-to-see-here attitude.
I definitely don't want to leave
when someone at this school
- is threatening people.
- I just don't get it.
If Viola isn't the one
who hurt Leila, then who is?
[mysterious music playing]
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
People, all the people
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
High five.
What's the occasion?
I just found out
that Imperial's fly half won't be playing
for the rugby final!
It's always a bonus
when the star man is out with an injury.
[bell rings]
Clara, I'm so sorry,
I didn't mean it like that.
Actually, I'm planning
on sending him a gift.
Do you guys like flowers?
I mean, I wouldn't mind,
especially if they're sunflowers.
Stop talking!
Flowers are great.
[chuckles] Miles, you don't take history.
No, I, uh [clears throat]
I wanted to ask you something.
D Do you like bowling?
- Bowling?
- Yeah, no, I was thinking we could go.
- Don't think I've ever seen you bowl.
- [Miles] I'm pretty decent.
So, shall we go tomorrow?
- [Grace] Yeah, sure. Why not?
- Cool. It's a date.
- Okay.
- [Miles] Yeah?
Uh, awesome, I'll, uh
I'll text you later.
Um, you just agreed
to go on a date with Miles.
Uh, he's my friend.
Why would I go on a date with him?
Because he's cute and super smart.
[chuckles] Honestly, Grace, only you
would stumble into a date and not know.
[indistinct chatter]
Wow, Evan, how do you live like this?
You need a system of organization.
Books, folders
- Miscellaneous.
- Miscellaneous?!
I like it like this.
[mysterious music plays]
"Pull out of the rugby final,
Evan, or suffer the consequences"?
What is this?
I think it's a warning.
- Maybe you shouldn't play.
- I have to play. It's the final.
Come on, what's the worst
that could happen?
- [Grace] Is she okay to be back so soon?
- Yeah. She looks worse than I thought.
She's been quiet at home too,
which, under different circumstances,
would be awesome.
Things are about to get even worse.
[Rumi] Look, Leila and Evan's notes
are both typed on a typewriter.
So if we find out who sent this to Evan,
we can work out who tried to hurt Leila.
You like brownies, right?
I wanted to come see you at the hospital,
but I didn't know if it was a good idea.
She doesn't need
everyone fussing over her.
She's got me to do that.
- What was that about?
- I don't know.
But I'm going to find out.
- [bell rings]
- [teacher] Thanks a lot, guys.
Remember, science test tomorrow.
You seem confused.
'Cause you're smiling,
but you hated me this morning.
I'm not really a morning person.
Anyway, so you ready
for the big game on Saturday?
As ready as I can be.
I was thinking, um, captain
of the rugby team, that can't be easy.
Like, do you get along
with your teammates?
You know, Reece and
the other dude?
I'm just saying they're lucky
to have you. You're a nice guy.
Thanks, but you don't know me enough
to know if I'm nice.
Well, I think you're really nice.
Wait. Do you like me?
Is that what's happening?
- Are you trying to ask me out?
- Whoa!
Seriously? Can a girl not have
a conversation with a guy
- without him reading into it?
- Sorry. Sorry.
You were just weirding me out
with the nice-guy stuff.
- Maybe it's best we don't talk.
- Wait!
Would it be less weird
if I was asking you out?
I don't know what you mean.
What are you doing tomorrow?
Vote Bella, have a dynamite day.
- You can never have too many pens.
- [chuckles]
- Thank you.
- [Bella] Vote Bella.
Be sure to vote for Bella.
[Grace] How did things go with Evan?
Uh, we're going on a date.
- A date?
- [chuckles]
- For DGM purposes.
- Mm-hmm.
A perfect opportunity to find out
what I can, get Evan to open up.
Oh, also, you can ask him
if he knows anyone with a typewriter.
Yeah, because that's such a natural
thing to come up in conversation.
- [mimicking]
- [laughs]
Oh no. I've gotta go. Gotta go.
[Rumi exhales]
Seriously, is everyone
at this school an idiot?
- [exhales] Hey to you too.
- Makes you vom, right?
Uh [scoffs] Yeah.
- Proper lame.
- What's with abbreviating everything?
KMT. I I think.
- [Jess] Friends forever.
- [chuckles]
More like "friends until I get out of here
and find something better to do."
Hey, it happens.
I have friends
that are gonna last forever.
BFF of "BFF forever"?
Read it.
"Best friends forever
It's still sweet.
A second ago you thought it was lame.
Yeah, I mean, that's because you
said you were going to vom and
- It's the sentiment behind it!
- Listen, I get it.
You're the go-along girl.
What do you mean, the go-along girl?
You know, you go along with everything
'cause you're keen to impress
and don't want to upset anyone.
What are you doing on my board?
I was just
[coach] Girls?
- you know?
- Has anyone seen my folder?
Okay. What's going on?
[Leila] I think Clara's trying out
for flyer tomorrow.
You are?
I'd like to.
Well, that's good
I guess.
I better go find my folder.
Don't arch your back so much
and strengthen that right leg.
Impressive, right?
- It was your grandfather's.
- Cool.
Just out of curiosity,
where would I get one of these?
You want a typewriter?
You know it doesn't come with
predictive text or spell check, right?
Anyway, dinner's almost ready.
I'm making my special biryani!
Did you know the school
organizes a trip to Russia?
I don't want to go to Russia.
Well, who doesn't want to go to Russia?
It looks really cold.
Yeah, but once you're there,
it won't matter.
[Dad] Exactly.
You'll love it.
How do you know?
Honestly, I'm tired of being
the go-along girl.
For example, your special biryani,
not so special.
It tastes like
It tastes like feet.
It's not that bad, is it?
The trick is to mark the lid
in three places and connect the dots
for the perfect flick and voilà!
[chuckles] Yes!
Okay, now let me try it on you.
Uh, practice on yourself a bit more
before you can try me, yeah?
[coach] Right, team, listen up.
I've got some good news,
and I've got some bad news.
The good news is
we will find a point flyer today.
The bad news is we don't have
a point dancer to replace Viola,
so I'm going to have
to rework the routine.
- [squad groans]
- I know.
but unless somebody wants to try out,
there's nothing I can do.
I will.
What, you're serious?
I know all the routines.
I've been watching the team forever.
She is a trained ballet dancer.
Let's see what you can do.
Good luck.
Hear me, no one sees me, no one ♪
Hear me, no one sees me, no one ♪
I'm off the radar ♪
We make up everything ♪
We tell it as we want ♪
A reasonable substitute ♪
[both] Whoo!
I'm off the radar ♪
No one has ever nailed
standing tumbling on their first try.
- [laughing]
- Rumi, that was, uh
That was great.
Okay, point flyer.
Clara, Brooke, you ready?
I do better when you do better ♪
Oh, ya-ya-ya ♪
You do better when I do better ♪
- Oh, ya-ya-ya ♪
- Better as one, yeah, better together ♪
Oh, na-na-na ♪
'Cause I do better when you do better ♪
- Oh, ya ♪
- Rising up, we come together, yeah ♪
Taking center stage ♪
It's her time
Yeah, time for her to shine ♪
She be on her way ♪
Rising up, we come together, yeah ♪
Taking center stage ♪
It's her time
Yeah, time for her to shine ♪
She be on her way ♪
Watch out, watch out ♪
Watch out ♪
Watch out, watch out ♪
[coach] Well done, you two.
Okay, great work, Rumi.
Everyone say hello
to the new point dancer.
Really? Thank you so much!
And now, the position of point flyer
goes to
That was incredible.
Thanks! I can't believe it.
[Sam] Never seen you dance like that.
I'll go.
Before you say anything,
I don't want to talk about it.
[scoffs] Me neither.
I just want to know about this date
that you're going on with Evan.
Mm. Didn't think he was your type.
How would you know my type?
Anyway, he seems nice, so why not?
- What?
- No, you're right.
Evan's awesome. Everyone loves him.
I saw what happened yesterday.
Come on, I'm going on a date
with the guy. I deserve to know.
Last week,
Reece and Evan had an argument.
Reece was really angry.
- When?
- On our anniversary.
The night before the showcase.
- Before your accident?
- It was my fault.
Or I Reece really wanted it
to be just us two,
but I insisted on going
to Evan's house party.
I need to go meet Reece,
but I'll see you later.
Reece and Evan had an argument.
We need to get those two together
and find out exactly what's going on.
[upbeat music playing]
Move, shake, levitate ♪
Up close, in your face ♪
Move, shake, run the place ♪
Blueprint, originate ♪
Move, shake, levitate ♪
Don't try to imitate ♪
No brakes, run the place ♪
Blueprint, originate ♪
Levitate ♪
Levitate ♪
- Levitate ♪
- Down and around we go ♪
Bring it back round like a rodeo ♪
Looking real good
When you get this close ♪
Up, up, and away we go ♪
Up, down, and around we go ♪
No stopping the way I glow ♪
Looking at me shining
I'm sitting front row ♪
Run this, run this, run this ♪
[Grace] What if I trip
and slide down the bowling alley?
Worse, what if I throw the ball
in the opposite direction
and knock someone out?
That would be hilarious.
[gasps and laughs]
You're going to be fine.
Yeah, don't stress.
I've been watching some videos
on kissing and I took notes.
[clears throat]
You don't have to kiss him.
But if you do, don't wear lip gloss.
Too messy.
- [laughing]
- What time are you meeting Evan?
- What are you going to wear?
- I don't care. It's not a real date.
- So, you know what you need to do?
- Yes, ma'am.
But please remember
you've got a hot date to focus on.
I've got it.
Stay cute and stay on mission.
who's going to get your vote
for school president?
Bella Stevens.
Of course not!
Grace is one of my best friends.
Yeah, and she'd be a cool president.
[phone vibrates]
[phone vibrates]
Answer it.
It might be important.
- Hello?
- Hello. It's China Buffet.
- Yes?
- We've had a power cut, so
Power cut?
we're going to have
to cancel your reservation.
They've just canceled! What now?
Do you like pizza?
- What?
- Nothing.
You look beautiful.
Uh, you look
- the same.
- Thanks.
[Miles] Come on.
[indistinct chatter]
I've never seen this place so busy.
- There's nowhere to sit. Let's go.
- Wait! Leila and Reece are there.
What? No
Hey, guys.
Can we join you?
What do you mean, we?
[Grace laughs] Come on.
[Miles] You can do better.
- I can do better. Come on.
- [Miles] Let's get it.
It's been years and it's been months ♪
I still can't let go ♪
You've got to aim for this one now.
This is yours. This is yours to get.
Let's get it.
There's nothing left to fix ♪
[Miles] You've got it! I believe in you.
I can't cry off my eyeliner flicks ♪
Good shot, Ellington!
What's wrong?
I'm just not used to you being so nice.
[sighs] It's a compliment.
- It's strange.
- You're strange.
I'm not the one telling you
you look beautiful.
Fine, you look awful. Your gran
has a better dress sense than you.
I can't even argue with that. She does.
There's no point clinging
Onto something that didn't last ♪
- Uh! Fluke!
- Shut up!
Shall I pretend that I'm okay? ♪
I don't live here anymore ♪
I've learned my lesson
Now I'll let the dust settle ♪
[indistinct chatter]
Right, let's play a game.
Put your phones in the middle
and the first person to grab theirs
pays the bill.
I'm in.
Come on.
You've got something in your teeth.
Where's my mirror?
- Do you have one?
- No, sorry.
I'll go help her.
You guys talk
about match tactics or whatever.
The horse is in the barn.
Leila's coming.
[Rumi sobbing]
Are you all right?
Come on, talk.
[Rumi sobbing]
Is there someone I can get for you?
Sorry, I have to go.
Do something!
[Rumi sobs]
Can you hold my hand?
It's clean!
I said I'm sorry,
so, please, can we drop it?
[Reece] You knew it was our anniversary.
I just wanted it to be me and Leila,
and then you convinced her
to stay at your party.
[Evan] Convinced? I just said go easy.
Let her do what she wants.
Yeah, and how do you know
what she wants?
And why are you so concerned?
And what, do you fancy her or something?
- Are you serious?
- Well, there's something going on.
I know it.
What, buying her brownies,
asking to visit her in the hospital?
You're mad and I'm done here.
[Rumi] Thank you, you're so kind.
Sorry. I'm going to go. You coming?
Evan, wait.
- Coffee?
- Sorry, I can't.
I've got a box of PopSockets
to customize for the election.
Just pay someone to do it.
Uh, it's called a personal touch
and you could offer to help.
Yeah, as much as I'd love
to plaster "Vote Grace" everywhere,
- I'm not really good at, you know
- Hard work.
I can walk you home.
It's all right. I booked a car.
[phone chimes]
And it's here.
[phone ringing]
Um, actually,
I have to go to the bathroom.
- You should go.
- You sure? I can wait.
No, it's fine. I don't know
how long I'm going to be. Um
Um Not what I meant. [sighs]
- I'll talk to you later.
- All right. Bye.
[phone rings]
Guess what just happened.
Reece is X, I'm sure of it.
He thinks there's something
going on between Leila and Evan.
We need to tell Evan.
Tell him what? About Leila being drugged
or us stealing the CCTV?
He'll think we're crazy!
And you know what else I've realized?
Recently, I've spent
a hell of a lot of time in toilets.
Not fun.
Yeah, that sucks, uh, but hear me out.
If Reece drugged his own girlfriend,
imagine what he'll do to Evan.
I know it's late, but it turns out
I'm worried about you.
I think Reece wrote the note.
Reece? Why would he do that?
Do you know something I don't?
I'm just worried
that you're going to get hurt tomorrow.
You don't think I should play?
Actually, maybe you should.
So, what, you want me to get hurt?
[Grace] Of course not.
But if you play,
we might get to the truth.
[car approaching]
Are you listening ♪
Who's that?
[engine revs]
[glass shatters]
[dog barks]
Sometimes the roots can choose you ♪
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
You should've got out of the red ♪
In the red, you're better off dead ♪
Deader than the red Dead Sea ♪
Promise it to me ♪
Promise me the sea ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you ♪
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
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