Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series (2022) s01e04 Episode Script

Episode 4

Still no sign of Reece.
Have you got anything?
Vote for Grace?
A vote for Grace is a vote
for a better Bannerman.
Yep. Nothing here either.
Rumes, are you there?
Yeah, totally here!
I've been ready for ages!
We can hear you running.
Oh! Give me a break.
Not used to be here on a Saturday.
It's spooky quiet.
Your own thing ♪
Your own thing ♪
Okay. I'm actually here.
I can't see him either.
I hate that I talked Evan into this.
Don't stress.
You did the right thing.
And we're going to stop Reece
before he can get anywhere close
to hurting Evan.
Yep. We're going to catch him red-handed.
I've always wanted to say that.
Look deep on a new frontier ♪
No wave, no sounds, no quick steps
Decks or stacks ♪
Guys, we've got something.
What is it?
It's the car from last night.
It's here.
And guess who just got out of it?
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
People, all the people
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
I know it sucks
that you're missing your big day,
but I mean, it's only cheer.
What a dirt bag!
This puts a whole new spin
on toxic relationship.
I want to vomit.
Or at least get her away from him.
I've got to head.
Catch up later, yeah?
Rumes? You're up.
I see him.
Yeah, he's heading over
to the sports hall.
Clara, are you ready?
I got him.
He's gone into the boys' locker room.
I can't go in there.
So much for catching him in the act.
He's moving again.
He's got a water bottle.
It's just like with Leila.
He's going to put something
in Evan's water.
I'm gonna follow him.
Hey, Reece.
You all ready for the match?
Imperial do not stand a chance.
I will say it's good
to see you caring so much.
Well, a good vice captain
always picks up the slack.
That's what you taught me.
Come on,
we haven't got much time to go.
Walk with me.
I wanted to talk about the team.
I want to step up and be captain.
I'm ready.
Evan doesn't care nearly
as much as I do, Coach.
A real captain
works with their team, Reece.
He doesn't undermine them.
Did you hear that?
What happened?
Reece wants to be rugby captain.
It's all starting to make sense.
Sending them now.
Hey, Dad.
Have you got a minute?
Reece can't have just disappeared.
Okay, let's split up.
- What, again?
- Keep your AirPod in.
Let me know if you find him.
Great. More running.
About the, um
flyer decision.
Look, you know,
you're the best spotter on the team.
It's just,
after what's happened to Leila, um,
we can't lose that.
I know.
How's Brooke doing?
- Yeah, she's got it all marked out.
- And her stunts?
She's not tens
across the board just yet, but
- probably just
- A confidence thing.
- Yeah.
- Do you want me to have a word with her?
You know
Yeah, that would be a great help.
Thank you.
Don't worry about it, Dad.
Miles, what are you doing here?
I came to support you.
- That's a bit weird.
- No, it's not.
It's the natural progression
of what's happening here.
You saying it like that
definitely just made it weirder.
Okay, fine.
I won't say anything else, then.
I'm going to be in the crowd later
and I might even whoop.
I found him.
Get here now.
On my way.
Hey, you all right?
- Is something funny?
- Did you really join cheer?
Yeah. And what?
Well, isn't it just pompoms
and looking pretty?
No! Cheer is amazing.
It's athletic and creative
About trusting someone
to catch you if you fall?
If your string breaks, nobody dies.
And why do you get to be
the judge of all things cool?
Oh, they gave me that honor at birth.
Have you ever even seen cheer?
Like, in person?
I'm not sure I could survive
that level of organized fun.
Well, have fun being the coolest.
Oh, I will.
Sorry. Sorry. I did run.
Miles in school on a Saturday
feels very wrong.
Yeah, that might have something
to do with me.
Wait! What happened last night?
- Miles kissed me.
- What?!
And you're only telling us this now
because Why?
With the whole Evan situation,
it kind of slipped my mind.
Well, that's not a very encouraging sign.
- Have you talked to Miles about it?
- And say what? Thanks for the kiss.
- Good point.
- Okay, so how was the kiss,
on a scale
of good to amazing to mind-blowing?
I mean, it wasn't bad.
It was just unexpected.
So, that's our genius plan ruined.
Not so genius, after all.
Well, if he's not messing with the water,
what is he gonna do?
And how are we supposed to stop him?
We can't wait anymore.
I have to warn Evan.
Okay, so I'm kind of freaking out.
It was Reece's car last night.
- You sure?
- Yes, I'm sure.
- How?
- I saw a scratch.
It was fresh, like it had just happened.
What if he's more dangerous
than we've realized?
Come on, mate, let's go.
I'm going to go play rugby
with him right now.
That's a good crowd out there, people.
Wait, why is it so quiet?
Can I get a yell in here?
Go, Bannerman!
That's more like it. Okay.
Finish up warming up.
Clock's ticking.
I totally forgot.
Are your parents coming to watch?
Uh, nah, they're too busy.
Too busy?
What? Rumi, I've known you
for, like, a million years.
Your parents have never missed you
do ballet, not once.
Okay, maybe they're not here
because they didn't know
it was happening.
You didn't tell them you're performing?
I haven't told them
that I've joined, okay?
Clara, don't I look at me like that.
You know they wouldn't
let me do ballet and cheer.
Okay, let's get going, everyone.
And remember, big smiles. Yeah?
Let's have some fun out there.
Come on.
You'll be fine!
You've practiced so much,
I've got worn out watching you.
Hey, how you feeling?
Apparently, my stomach already
thinks it's been basket tossed,
but, otherwise
When you get out there,
that will all fade.
Focus on your technique and your timing.
You'll be great.
Let's go, Bannerman!
B A N N E R man! ♪
That spells Bannerman! ♪
B A N N E R man ♪
If she can't even hold a pompom,
how is she going to get on the pyramid?
So are you gonna tell me what you were
doing outside my house last night?
What are you talking about?
Okay, so I drove over.
I just wanted to talk
and I saw Grace was there.
Mate, you could've just texted me, man.
- What did you want to talk about?
- Leila.
- You're not serious! How can you still
- Come on, man.
Why are you trying to get involved?
You're trying so hard to interfere.
I didn't want you to blow it up with her.
I was trying to help.
Have we got a problem here, lads?
- No, Coach.
- Evan?
- Right, boys, come on. We've got this.
- Let's go. Let's go.
Let's show them what we've got. Come on!
Let's go! Come on!
After what happened to Leila,
I'm off my game.
Well, what happens
if we pull you out and someone
Move forward!
Yeah, Evan! I'm open!
I was right there!
Evan! A simple pass! Come on!
- Evan's off his game.
- Reece is messing with his head.
It's got to be.
Evan's not thinking straight,
so he's gonna be vulnerable.
- Vulnerable to what?
- I wish I knew.
All right, everyone,
we're not far off halftime.
Gather round! Bring it in! Come on!
Come on! Gather round!
I know it's sudden,
but Brooke and I have had a chat
and I've decided to make a change.
I want you to come in as point flyer.
Which means Brooke
will be rejoining the tumblers.
And, Grace, I want you as spotter.
- All right with that?
- Yes, Coach.
We've trained for this.
The game may not be going our way,
but we can still give the players
and the crowd
something to get excited about. Yeah?
- Yeah?
- Yeah!
- Are you ready?
- Yes, Coach!
That's what I'm talking about. Come on.
This is too big of a change.
I can talk to my dad and we can
Clara, I'm ready for this and so are you.
We're the best kind of weirdos, remember?
Come on. Come on.
Come on, lads!
Gather round. Quick, quick, quick!
Come on. Quick.
Okay, guys, it's time!
Come on, let's get out there.
Come on, team!
Let's show them what we're made of!
Are you ready? ♪
Go, go, go! You've got this!
Are you ready? ♪
Are you ready? ♪
You got that bad girl pose ♪
You got that swagger, girl ♪
You got that supersonic freeze
Back up, then do a twirl ♪
You got that freak unique ♪
You got that hella style ♪
You got that supersonic damn! ♪
Drop down, go get buckwild ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that supersonic pose ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that, you got that ♪
You got that supersonic pose ♪
Make the drum go bang, bang ♪
Go bang, bang, go bang, bang, girl
Make the drum go bang, bang  ♪
Go bang, bang ♪
Go bang, bang, girl ♪
Whoo! Whoo!
If I ever say I wanna be a flyer again,
just stop me, okay?
Clara, you are a tiny
but powerful being of awesomeness!
Your sister was right.
I should've trusted you.
Oh, go on!
Did you tell Dad to put me in as flyer?
Dad doesn't listen to me about anything.
But it might not have been all his idea.
I knew you could do it,
but don't even think
about stealing my spot!
All right? You can just keep it warm
for me until I'm ready.
You actually came?
I officially apologize.
That was whatever
the complete opposite of rubbish is.
You were really great out there.
Like, really, I was so nervous.
But I'm glad you came, Jess.
I'd better get back to it.
I'll see you around?
Dude, what are you doing?
Reece, just stay away from me.
You're our captain and you're
playing like you want us to lose.
Yeah, because of you.
This is all because of you.
- Get off me!
- I'm so done with you!
You leave me and my girlfriend alone.
You hear me?
All I've ever done is be your friend.
I'm sorry, Reece.
I didn't mean to. I just
Coach, you sub him off
or I send him off.
- Yeah, he's going.
- But, Coach!
Bench now.
Why does it feel like we failed?
At least Evan's okay.
Sort of okay, anyway.
Come on! There's one minute left.
Ref, how long?
Last play.
You're a bitter little man ♪
This I knew ♪
They think he's some sort of hero!
After everything he's been doing,
after everything he did to Leila.
It's okay if you don't want me
to be here right now.
Come on.
You were right.
Reece got what he wanted after all,
thanks to me.
No, it's because of me.
You should be there
with your team getting the trophy.
I mean, who cares about trophies?
You do.
I guess I have this tendency
to overthink things, sometimes.
It's better than me
underthinking everything.
Thanks, Grace, for trying.
At least all your limbs are still intact.
What was going to happen to my limbs?
Did I say something about your limbs?
Okay, come on, guys.
You were right. Evan was off his game.
You saved us out there.
It's your trophy.
I, um
Sorry, I, um
I'm not really very good at this.
But we wouldn't have even made
the final if it wasn't for Evan.
What is he doing?
You can believe what you want.
I don't have feelings for Leila.
I know.
I know.
Evan, I'm sorry.
None of this makes sense.
At least everyone survived, right?
Yeah, nothing bad happened.
Even if we did have to run
after Reece all day.
Well, if Reece isn't X, then who is?
Can you hear me?
I do hope you all enjoyed yourselves
watching your stupid, violent little game.
that this school seems to pride itself
- Evan.
- so much in.
I did try to warn Evan,
but if you're all so proud
of wearing the school colors,
then you're going to love this.
What?! Oh!
What is this stuff!
You're all gonna love this.
Who would do this?
You could stop this.
You're gonna love this.
You're gonna love this.
You're gonna love this.
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
You should've got out of the red ♪
In the red, you're better off dead ♪
Deader than the red Dead Sea ♪
Promise it to me ♪
Promise me the sea ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you ♪
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
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