Rebel Cheer Squad - A Get Even Series (2022) s01e05 Episode Script

Episode 5

Retracing X's steps.
Where do I start?
We need to figure out how X did it.
How they got the paint into the showers.
Guys, we're going to run out of time.
Doing this at break was a terrible idea.
It was your idea.
Well, why did you listen to me?
If I didn't listen to you, Grace, I'd
still be sticking cotton buds in my ears.
You need a distraction.
Talk about something else.
I think I like somebody.
Remember Jess?
She's cute.
I want to tell her, but
What if she doesn't even like me?
What if she does like me,
but I'm rubbish at kissing?
I've never kissed anyone before.
What's that even like?
Part of me just wants to get it over with.
You shouldn't think of it like that.
Your first kiss should feel beautiful.
[Rumi] Is that what it's like with Miles?
[Rumi] Clara, stop.
You're looking for a green pipe.
Got it.
Yep, that's definitely the right one.
It leads right into the boys' showers.
[whistle blows]
[rugby coach]
Okay, guys, let's wrap it up now!
I can see the locker room from here.
It feels very wrong.
Smells worse.
Guys, we're running out of time.
Is the caretaker done already?
No, but the boys are.
You need to get out of there.
[Ms. Carson] I've told you already.
Glitter is not acceptable for school.
Wash it off, please.
I can't go easy on you
just 'cause we're related.
[Sam] Auntie Heather, you're taking away
my ability to express myself.
Sam's coming in.
[indistinct chatter]
Wouldn't you be more comfortable
in the girls' locker room?
[boys snickering]
Bro, what's with you lately?
Oh, it's fine, Evan. See, since
Reece can't make his girlfriend happy,
he's decided to make everyone else
as miserable as he is.
[stomps foot]
[bell rings]
[Rumi] Is that the bell?
Clara, you need to get out.
But I haven't found anything.
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
People, all the people
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you
The beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
Who do we know that has asthma?
A lot of people, including the caretaker,
who's probably been down there.
He's practically 80.
I don't see him clambering around
some rickety walkways.
It still might not mean anything.
What if it doesn't belong to X?
What if it does?
Okay, we need
some sort of way of figuring out
who the inhaler belongs to.
It might not give us all the answers,
but we have to try.
Ah! Now's your chance. Go talk to her.
I can't.
This is a bad, bad idea.
I would not know about the joys
of bubble tea with that attitude.
Yeah, Rumi,
you're the best kind of weirdo.
And Jess is not blind.
Rumi! Rumi! Rumi! [laughs]
I'm going in. [sighs]
[both chanting] Rumi!
["Prelude from Suite No. 1" by Bach
I know you're there.
In or out?
Although I am out,
but actually not to everyone but to
Thanks again for coming
to the match on Saturday.
Maybe you can teach me
a few moves some time.
Only if you let me play your cello.
Why not now?
Oh. Eh [chuckles]
Lean that on your shoulder.
[Jess] Put your hand here.
Have a go.
[abrasive screech]
Stop being weird.
Sorry, I just really like looking at you.
No, no, no, I didn't mean it like that.
Well, what I meant
is you have a really nice laugh.
I really like your laugh.
I really like you. I Mm.
[clears throat]
I like you too.
Do you maybe want
to come over to mine sometime?
I told you I was staying in tonight.
You always come over
when I've got an empty house.
Fine, whatever.
[phone chimes]
Yeah ♪
Clara, you need to find a way
to get into the nurse's office.
I kept us moving ♪
At the beat of my heart ♪
Yes, Clara.
I don't feel too good.
You look fine, Clara.
Yeah ♪
Wish it was better ♪
Go to the nurse.
[Grace] Once Clara's inside,
we need to find a way
to get Nurse Belling outside.
[phone vibrates]
I've seen you here ♪
Stop and stare ♪
I don't care ♪
[nurse] Stay there, I won't be a minute.
Nurse Belling will go find the caretaker,
leaving plenty of time
to get the right file.
Wait, I lied ♪
Do you wanna know the truth? ♪
[alarm sounding]
It's all coming back to you ♪
What the hell am I to do? ♪
[phone vibrating]
Your phone is buzzing.
You think?
It's Reece, isn't it?
He is my boyfriend. He's allowed to call.
And you're allowed to answer,
but you're not.
Maybe it's because you don't like
the way he treats people.
- He fixed things with Evan.
- And now he's started on Sam.
I just I don't get what you see in him.
He was there for me when Mom left.
I would've been there for you
if you'd asked.
You were with Rumi and Grace.
I only had him.
Okay, but you should be with someone
because you want to,
not because you feel like you owe them.
Reece isn't the monster that you think.
He's just He's just acting like this
because he's scared of losing me.
Okay, maybe he's not a monster,
but you're not happy.
And I know you well enough to know that.
Look at you! Oh, you finally did it!
Your boyfriend inspired me.
How? Clara said he said something.
It doesn't matter.
The point is it feels good.
- And, uh, I look good.
- Ah! You look amazing!
I would kill for those legs.
[Miles] I thought we were meeting.
Or would you rather hang out
with an ugly schoolgirl?
[Sam] Sometimes I worry
about being myself at school.
But see, here's the thing.
Seeing you so angry and threatened
and flexing like a tragic Neanderthal
just makes it all worth it.
You should watch your mouth.
Or what? [laughs]
I could take you without breaking a sweat.
- Prove it.
- What are you doing?
I got this.
[crowd clamoring]
Reece. That is enough.
- My office now.
- [scoffs]
You've been warned about the dress code.
[Grace] This is what I'm talking about.
The bullies never get punished.
We need to add something
in a slogan for my campaign.
I don't think "Rugby meathead is
deeply insecure about another guy's legs"
would fit on a poster.
You promised you'd help.
Okay, how about this for a slogan?
Grace is bliss, I give her a kiss.
Vote for Grace,
the voice of the voiceless.
I heard you were looking for slogans.
Yeah, that's really good.
Poetic, but also reinforcing
my campaign against bullying.
Just goes to show
if you hit your head enough,
you, too, can create Shakespeare.
Wow. Detention for anyone
who looks different.
You do know for Christmas,
I'm getting you soap
that smells like dead rabbit.
My hands are tied, Sam.
Bannerman's just not that kind of school.
This uniform is barely containing
the multitude that is me.
- [sighs]
- [phone rings]
- I thought this school was changing.
- I wish.
You have to obey the rules.
- We all do.
- [phone beeps]
[phone chimes]
Forced heteronormativity. Yay!
Have you seen all these posts
on Anonymous Truth?
People are kicking off
about the uniform situation.
Oh, I don't blame them.
Where else
are they gonna talk about it?
Well, yeah, it's not like
the school are going to listen.
There are lot of names on here. Are we
supposed to just talk to all of them
and see if they've lost their inhaler?
Little sus, no?
Yeah, we might have to do
a tiny bit of stalking.
Get yours like an animal ♪
On the floor and you make me crawl ♪
You say you wanna get mean ♪
But you still can't handle
The way I roar ♪
Oops. My bad. So sorry.
Yeah, I'll make you fall ♪
Still roar like an animal ♪
I'll take you down ♪
It's creepy how good I am at stalking.
[sighs] Everyone on my list
has an inhaler.
On mine too.
But it has to be someone.
We're missing something.
How is it fair that Sam got in trouble
and you didn't?
- I didn't do anything.
- I was there. You started it.
Come to mine and we'll talk there.
Let's go.
I think we're done.
Come on, there's nothing there.
Okay, let's take a break then.
And you let it ruin ♪
But we all fail to plan ♪
Don't understand ♪
[clears throat]
You seem distracted.
What do you mean?
You're being so distant.
When I try to kiss you, you go all stiff.
Doesn't it feel weird to you?
Kissing. I mean
- What, am I a bad kisser or something?
- No.
I don't know.
Not like that.
Miles, you're my first kiss.
My only kiss.
I I don't know. It's just something
When we do it, it just feels off.
Doesn't feel off to me.
[Grace] Not off, just
Miles, you're one of my best friends.
You're like my brother.
If that's how you feel,
we shouldn't be together.
- I didn't mean it like that.
- Well
I just
I don't know. I just miss debating
with you on the way to school.
I miss you teasing me at lunch.
Everything now just feels so loaded.
I wish we could just
go back to being friends.
What if I don't want that?
What if I can't just be your friend?
[door opens]
[door closes]
Mom, Dad, this is Jess.
- Hi, Jess.
- Hey. Nice badge.
Siouxsie and the Banshees.
I shot Siouxsie and Stephen in Tokyo.
My first gig in the late '90s.
[whispers] Uh, I like them.
Jess, you're welcome to stay for dinner.
- Rumi, there's some mail for you.
- Oh.
- Mom! Don't hover!
- Sorry!
- What's this?
- It's my ballet school letter.
We were giving you your space,
but we know it's from the Royal.
It is.
[Dad] And?
I didn't get in.
What are you doing here?
Call it intuition,
but I thought you might need me.
I did it.
We broke up.
You were right.
Hold on.
- What was that?
- Don't start.
Did you just say I was right?
- Oh, say it one more time, please.
- I'm trying to be real here.
I just broke up with my best friend.
He was the person I talked to
about everything.
Who do I send cat memes to now?
Okay, fine, you can send me cat memes.
Just limit it to eight a day.
Are you gonna be okay?
I think so.
Is Reece?
Maybe. I mean, he knows
he's been lashing out at the wrong people,
so that's something.
Thank you
for being here and for the tough love.
- I think hell just froze over.
- Oh, shut up.
[Jess] This place is beautiful.
[phone clicking]
Oh, whoa. Uh
Oh God. You don't want to kiss me.
Not like this.
You need to build up to it.
I've been in my head about it.
I thought it'd be easier
if I got it out of the way.
- Romantic.
- No. Oh
It's fine.
Just take it slow.
I got a fire ♪
Can I change the music?
[Jess chuckles]
This says you did get into ballet school.
Why did you lie to your parents?
It's really important to them.
Sometimes I feel like they have
this version of me in their minds
and they like that version so much,
I want to be her for them,
even though I'm not.
Does that make sense?
I just got out
of a difficult relationship.
My girlfriend wasn't out to her family.
She made me lie for her.
I need to figure out how to tell them.
You know,
I literally can't disappoint anyone.
I get it, but I don't want
to lie to your parents.
You're not. I am.
But I feel like I'd be lying too,
sitting at dinner with this information.
I think I should go.
I didn't mean to ruin everything.
[door opens]
[door closes]
I can't believe
we did all that inhaler stalking
and we haven't gotten anywhere.
Grace? Any ideas?
We can't fix the inhaler thing,
so I was thinking about something
DGM could actually fix.
I think Miles and I broke up.
Rumi, we can't see you.
I messed things up with Jess.
What happened?
I tried to kiss her
and told a teensy little lie.
I told Miles I wanted
to just go back to being friends.
Okay. Wow, that's a lot to unpack.
What did you want to say? About DGM?
- Doesn't matter now.
- No, I could use the distraction.
So, you know
how even though Viola wasn't X,
didn't feel right to expose her?
What are you getting at?
If we're going to be DGM,
we need to be DGM.
What happened to Sam was unfair.
And we have the power to change things.
What did you have in mind?
Rise up from the dead
The land of the living ♪
No rest for the wicked
We working on the weekend ♪
We can, we can ♪
Fangs out
We spooky like the boogeyman ♪
Sharp-dressed killer
Star of the thriller ♪
Bad King Kong
Big as a gorilla ♪
Combat boots
You know we really, really ♪
Sweeping you out
With the dust, Cinderella ♪
We gonna keep moving ♪
We gonna keep moving ♪
Get busy ♪
Get busy ♪
Get busy ♪
Oh! So sorry. Let me help you.
G O A T, not D O A please ♪
Your B O way stinks
Yeah, get away, creep ♪
Sharp-dressed killer
Star of the thriller ♪
- [Ms. Carson] Assembly's in ten minutes.
- Yes, Ms. Carson.
Sweeping you out
With the dust, Cinderella ♪
Get busy ♪
La, la ♪
La, la, la, la ♪
La, la, la ♪
La, la, la, la ♪
Get busy ♪
You know me
I'mma put the fire on the gasoline ♪
Get busy ♪
What's going on?
The students are inside already.
They beat us here?
It's disappointing to see so many
of you not in proper school uniform.
I would like to discuss
some of the pranks
that have recently been going
on at our school.
I would like to assure every student
that if you are feeling upset or ignored,
my office is always open.
There are good ways
to get the attention you need.
Public disruption isn't
What is it?
Are you going to give all of us detention?
[girl] Okay! Yes, Sam!
[Ms. Carson] Quiet!
[whistle blows]
You've made your point.
The school may consider some concessions
when it comes to gendering our uniforms.
But we will wear those uniforms correctly.
Ties still go around the neck.
Shirts have to be done up.
And Beth,
lose the shades.
I guess we'll end here.
Oh, I'm in big trouble.
[indistinct chatter]
[girl] Bye.
You're running for president?
- Miles?
- My inhaler.
I think I've lost it.
Here. I need the blue one.
You need to go to the nurse.
She has a spare.
You should've got a better bed ♪
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
You should've got out of the red ♪
In the red, you're better off dead ♪
Deader than the red Dead Sea ♪
Promise it to me ♪
Promise me the sea ♪
People, all the people ♪
With big bellies banging bigger drums ♪
They beat down on you ♪
They beat the pulse into your shoes ♪
You should've got a better bed
Better for your head ♪
Better heads need shut-eye ♪
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